The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1952
Page 11
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f W EL'S tfcjjAT, NOT. 18,1991 " i 1LTTKFYILLB fAWCT CUimiER IfBWt W/IQ'J on Korea Issue Demos or GOP? By ARTHUR EDSON ' (For JAMES M AH LOW) ' , WASHINGTON Ifh-As the presidential campaign moved into Its final weeks, the Republicans m«de the Korean War their No', i issue. Democratic blundering, the Republicans said, led to — and prolonged—the w«r, "I shall go to Koiea," D'wight' D. Eisenhower said, and seek an early and honorable end to the tenting. ™ A cheap attempt lo play politics with peace, the Democrats replied. Who was right and who was wrong isn't so important now. What is important is this: x Thq No. 1 issue now turns into the No. 1 problem for'the hew "administration. And the battle lines in Korea, and the political battle lines' in the United Nations, are so drawn that neither eide seems in position t score a convincing, break-through. The diplomatic stalemate has been illustrated again Ihlg'week in arguments before the United Nations. Dispute Over Prisoners The dispute now Is over the 121,000 prisoneis of war held by the U.K. forces. Should these prisoners of war be turned over to the North Koreans even If (hoy dori't-.want to go? (It • should be remembered that even if this problem Is settled there's no guarantee that another won't bob up immediately to take It-j place ) Andrei Y. Vishinsky, Soviet foreign mlrister, gave his country's :ofl-slated view Monday. It was. yes, they must be turned back. Rubsia,' he said, will not budge on this issue. ^Yesterday Anthony Eden, British foreign secretary, gave his country's oft staled view It was, no, the prisoners of war should have • choice. "Alter an armistice," Eden said, "a prisoner of war may not be either forcibly detained or forcibly repatriated " Prime Minister AVinston Church- Ill, speaking in london, came up with a.more vivid picture. "It would, be "dishonor," Church 111 said, "to send thousands of helpless prisoners of war % back by force to be massacred by the Chinese government, which has actually rid itself of two millions of Its own people." The U N ijtalemite Wdb emphasized further bv the resignation of Trygye Lie, its secretary general Lie long had been m the Soviet doghouse because he called Ihe North Korean m\asion a Communist aggression, ' He Saul he hoped his rcsi^nat would help the UN. sa\e the peace. But since the TJ. S., Russia, Britain Prance and Nationalist China must agree on a'successbr—at a time when they haven't been able to agree on the time of day - Lie's hope looks like'sMong stibt bet Whether Eisenhower will pick up anything. in Korea that m»y leid •;o » solution of his No. 1 problem remains', to be seen. But the man on the spot..G«n. James A. Van', Fleet, commander of the Eighth Army In Korea/has said he's sure the trip will .help :he president-elect. 200 Nabbed In Thailand As Plotters BANGKOK, Thailand W) — Thai police have arrested more than 200 persons 'suspected of plotting to overthrow the government and establish a communist regime. Police said the Red network infiltrated the army, navy, air force, police, government offices, and even the national assembly. Raids on two Chinese «hop» turned up caches of Russian weapons, .an Illegal radio transmitter, quantities of propaganda and cases of a Russian drug believed to Be poison. Police Gen Phao Srlyanond, deputy, minister of the Interior...said the Communist ring was headed Dy Kularb Saipiadlt, a leading Bangkok Journalist whose wi/e Is employed in the Russian legation here. It was not reported whether Kularb was arrested. Kularb Is a leader of the left wing "peace" movement. He is also a leader of the leftist ne»smen who iiave taken oier the Press Association o! Thailand, known for its virulent pro-Communist stories. Sheridan Pastor Heads Baptists LITTLE ROCK UP) — The Her. Hollis Purtle of Sheridan is the new president of the Arkansas Mlsslbn'- ary Baptist Association. The group, which opened Its 1- day convention here \esterdav also elected 'Ihe Rei Jewell McCrack- m of Jonesboro, vice president, the Rev. Julian I Anders ol Little Rock' Mce president and the Rev c C Bishop of Caldwell and the' Rev J G Murray of Fordjce, clerks, Cuba. General Election. Set HAVANA, Cuba W) - Dictator- President Fulgenclo Batista la t night ordered Cuban general elections for'November, 1953 It mill oe the first balloting since he seufed power In an army-backed revolution last March: Batista hts not announeec whether he will be a presidentla canmdafe Most observers take~-1 for granted he will run. Ntw YOU MKMKMM HJLtHOK onto 554 471 MS New German Town Being Built As Home for HA id's New Army 1*41 Both thn Dems •«« th* GOP tried h»rd to win thU six >Ut« politic*) plum , worth US electoral vote*. Abov» N«wiehart shows how the; (and In 'the 1948 and ' 1«S2 presidential election!. Tb* f GOP total climbed 7.1 per cent u General Eisenhower toe* 55.8 per cent of th* total VoU in this area. »T GEORGE BOITLTWOOD MOENCHEN - GLADBACH, Germany I*—A brand-new town, with over 5,000 inhabitants, Is being >ullt near here as new headquarters of the Northern Army Group, which Includes British, Belgian and Dutch divisions and the Second Ailed Tactical Air Force, fchose fighter and light bomber squadrons come from Ihe same three nations The small British naval conim'and which runs the assault landing craft on the Rhine jind small naval units In the Noith lOennan ports *1>0 will be housed there. Staff officers from the three na- .Ions and the three services—land sea and air—will work together as a single team. Bulldoreis are dealing foiest In Ihe suburban area and road build- Ing has begun. The project, slated (o be completed by Apiil 1954, will cost about 34 million dollars. It will be paid for out of occupation costs already provided by the German taxpayers Japs Seeking Parole of U War Prisoners TORY O(*V-Japan's foreign office revealed today it has" uked ten World War n Allied natlona to parole the IS remaining Japuhese major war criminals this month. • The 12, serving leniences in Suf —o Prison, Tokyo, are the remainder of 25 major war criminals convicted at the International War Crimes Tribunal of the FVr East In 1948. In sdditon to the 12 still in prt son, «even^ were han'ged In 1848, five died of aicknejw, and one was released at the .end of his seven yeai sentence. The 12 for whom Noiember parole has been asked Include tno foimer war ministers and a former ambassador to Nail Germany. UPSET STOMACH You'll feel better quick when fon take BIZ-PEP Pink Mix- lure. You'll be delighted with the fast relief from heartburn, aane*. and distress caused .'by «rer-eatln'|r r mnd drinking. Gniranieed <o completely satisfy or your money tack! BIZ-PEP PAGE ELEVEN Tb» project I* to integrate Uw varioua service headquarters, now •cattered through a series o( small towM In IWestphalta. Th« people ot the lilUe West- phaUan towns, especially the health resort*'of Bad Oeynhausea, Bad eilsea and Bid Saliuflen, are delighted the military at last Is going. JThey want U> get back their re<juUiOoned hotels, bath houses, theater* and sports grounds. Bad Oeynhauaen, once the fashionable playground of the Kaiser's court particularly resented the long military,! occupation. i But the disclosure that ihe move ft as being nude to a position west of the Rhine caused adverse German commit that Ihe Allies were "retreating"'and preparing to give up all Germany east of the river in-case of Rus.-.inn attack British staff offieeis soy that was a wiong Inference. The present headquarters,' only 100 miles from the Iron Curtain, is in front of most o.f the troops under Its command.H ta military --nimu, th« stuff ;s«ys, to have the Joint army-air command of three artey corps and 1,100 aircraft ao far forward. "The new town win cover an" area 214 miles long a&out three quarters of K mile wide As it Is some seven mllea from the city center, it will be completely self-contained with shops, a theater, sports grounds, a swimming pool, two churches and a schoolfor 800'chil- dren. Over 700 bungalow-type houses are being built for families of officers and men slalloned at the headquarters, as well as bachelor quarters for officer* and banacka for soldiers, sailors and airmen. A hostel for 1,000 German employes Is to be built and the planners hope that the German authorises «ill also put up houses nearby for married employes. « Atrpoft Get* Float VANCOUVER,. Canada (f, — A $«0000 seaplane float has-been built at Vancouver International Airport to accommodate British Columbia's crou)ng seaplane traffic. The float can berth 45 planes at one time. So. California Gripped by 'Worst' Smog RIVERSIDE, Cslif W-Southern California's most prolonged ' selge of smot :•— five straight weclcs — has cost farmers Iron) San DJego lo yentura halt a million dollars In crop damage, a plant pathologist reported today, . Dr. John T. Middle ton, in charge o! mir pollution research at the University of California's Citrus Experiment Blation here, said Ihe loss Is equal to that reported for the entire previous year. Studies made In recent months show'.thai more than a score of vegetable crops are harmed by srhog, Dr. Mlddlcton said. Among ' those hardest hit were spinach, lettuce, beets, alfalfa, celery, barley and oats. Dr. MlddleUm said his studies Indicate damage to leafy vegetable crops results from "reaction products rexuHlng (rojii the union of 07X>ne with unsaturated hydrocar- Girl Scouting Gets a Praise MEMPHIS «•) _ Girl Scout to*. ers told yesterday they must >e* themselves as 'builders for tomorrow and succeeding tomorrows " Marguerite Hall ot New York, ul- dressing the opening session of ih* 3-day Dixie Regional Conference of the oirl scouts of America, warned or programs emphasizing only fun and ''"PPy eroup experience! slanted at the present. The convention ends tomorrow. boils." ' The hydrocarbons apparent!? emanate from the various operation! of the petroleum Industry besln- nlng with the refining process »nd terminating with the use of »»so- llne In the Individual automobile* he said ' Dry Eczema Itch Quick, lotting relief—,km soothed ond softened with Oil-rich* Resinol OINTMENT-' Busy man's pause When vrork is long and time is short, pause and enjoy a Coke. Work refreshed. •om.» H.r AUTNOHITT o, TNI toc*.«oi« to* P « M T IT • COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF ILYTHIVILLl O na, IM COCA A Plea to All Americans of All Faiths! Read these important "Crusade For Freedom" Messages from 3 Noted Religious Leaders . . . i4 'And ye shatt know the truth and the truth thuTl make youfree'-ihe^e words of Jesus are a sreat source of hope and inspiration to captive churches and nations. Radio Free Europe is keeping alive the spirit of freedom among the victims of the Communist imperialism ,It is not only a privilege but it is a duty for all of us '-Protestants, Catholics Orthodox and Jews-to support wholeheartedly the cause of liberty and democracy in captive countries which ig being espou'sed by the 1052 Crusade for Freedom. 55 ^ // / ii Having lived "and fought against the Godless terror »f th« ComMa. T" ists behind the Iron Curtajn, I know how they use the'wespona at n*t* \ ' and lies and torture to' gain control of the hearts and minds of men. Ove» ' ' Radio Free Europe, on which I am privileged to broadcast to wy imprisoned countrymen, the spirit of hope and freedom is kept alive. Through the Crusade for Freedom all Americans can support the can*- paign of Truth against Communism. *n t ,f O,, / o/ r*« Null. Comm /«• • tnt Ui We, together with onr fellow Americana of all faiths and races, are deeply grateful to the Almighty for the great«8t measure of freedom we enjoy here in America, We jofa »« liberty-loving men and women throughout the worM in a prayer for t new dawn when freedom will be jrranted to those people of all faiths now imprisoned by the Communist* behind the Iron Curtain. The Crusade for Freedom is fighting for this new day and I heartily urge all Americans to support ite goals, f) FREEDOM-GRAM _ DO. YOU USTEN TO RADIO FREE EUROPE? i HOPE YOU DO, FOR I AM ONE OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO HAS VOLUNTARILY CONTRIBUTED TO BUILD THESE STATIONS, WHICH BRING TRUTH TO YOU WHO ARE DEPRIVED OF IT. IN AMERICA MILLIONS REGULARLY PRAY FOR AN UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN OUR PEOPLES PLEASE ADD YOUR PRAYERS TO OURS. SURELY OUR COMMON FAITH IN GOD IS THE PLACE WHERE HOPE ' FOR "FREEDOM BEGINS. I AM A {«« (Z^*^»'x<&fcy / S<«-^*»__ BARItJ JinfOK *. KKA^TRV ' SUPPORT THI CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM THESE 1 WAYS! 1. Tonr contributions to Crusade for Freedom are urgently needed ta contina* »nd wp.nd the opcr.t,on!i of Radio Kree.Eur.ope and Radio Free Asia-station, that are dmly beaming the truth through the Iron Curtain. These broadcast, lire exposing- the true /«« of conimunism and helping to win the cold war. a. TheCrusade also needs your signature on tho Freedom-Gram (shown abort) BO Ih.t II may be «nt, *long millipnj of ,thcrs, to the'rrisoners of Com^" messagt Oftlopcantl -««^"^««-- 1 ' • ' "* } ^ Help Truth Fight Communism ... Give to the CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM] *a *n A. p«wc MMtt by BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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