The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1950
Page 15
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1-HURSDAY, ; FEBRUARY : BLYTnEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS KKIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB No Deal WHAVIFrt? srr iw A CHAIR LIKETHATf *X)'D HAVE owe—vouR 7H' BACK.VOUR HATOJ AM ARM, ANQ -OUR OWW MA3OR/ iNe HADA SOFT, SPOT R>e LET MB HftMOSOMB CN6RCOAT/ VlCM- R6PAIR -ft3 *W LABORATORY WlTUOOT FOSWER ADO AMD A pseMievo OP M.Y UFE-SASIINS SAFETY PROSPCCT/ sioe- REFUNDS/ Wf ] IS (TOUR FAULT PEMTEO VCD THE / 5FRW& 6OT A COATS KM? A / LITTLE PREVIOUS WEEK/ .A Tj«S '/EAR.? 8ALKf AMD ey BREEZE HYT TWC RISWT . SAY I. AMD GRAB ALL TH& MARBLES/ WAIT A MINUTE, FELLAS. ^ TEll. YOU WHO.T. IF YOU REALLY WANT To I we'll. EVEN RE- RETURN 1HE GOATS--- ^ FUND HALF Of y?r™ ; /.. ..y^V YOUR DOLV3H / •*. T. M. Mo. y. I f«, •*. Snake in the Bed : SINGAPORE — OT— A python sought to lie down with a mtimcipal commissioner the other night arid died for his effrontery. Pat Johnson explained he normally goes to bed without putting on the light, but "this time .it was lucky 1 did, or I would have > had a nasty of a Chapter Win KUtt Co W risM 1950 • by NEA SEHVICI, INC. By Edwin Rutt "Now that we've got a new baby, you'll have to start acting more grown-up, like me, to. set him a good example!" TUB STOHVt AJfec n»c. IH- rt.ry k^^rt-larr '•* Marl*-! Hallf^k, M-riir r, In mtyittlfi^A »t Hritt by HirI«l' M kuHlisnd, Hrc»4. wh« U a uTnU-r. Our nl K ht »Jhe i*-«r- Klelf, hr Knlleck).- j,M>ll, advpied •••. cfl•Illtl1nC Hn*4 Ji»d» Hr«nl Miaiiri' »d irylHjc '• r«K. AUe* DHEIFIS l IlrciFni . , . Wtaf Mia ,1 \l \l\ tit.11 « tuHM. Ktiimm «« i Concrete Culvert Tile . Sizes ip to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Siz& .p to Si In. A^lnnulii Flood Gain Concrete SepUc Tanks Mela! Septic Tanks Sewer Tile BMt Pricej We DeliTCT A. H.WEBB Hijhw»y 61 at SLatc LbM Phone 714 msutANcv «ioim XSUBAMCI n'CHAM«C ft TtOCI MS. tXCHAMCC ,. WtA DISTRICT OPFTCX W. L. "BILL" WALKER District Agent 2H Isaac* Kldg., Phone MM R«s. Phone 2113 who ha* kaowm ktM nlHirr efcll*- boo4. And Ikr "I***! Mllcr lb* *»l*»d« Im Ihr h»ll*«M7, AII«-« •«»• hrntNFH *• Marlrl'x mrm — feral*** •Itll hf BnjccrM. OHC eT*«l»K Alir* l» left nlone >Md nhf de^ldf* •» • Hrcni r\i>|irn • rex hrr n»d tkrrr i« HO<kt«K («*r Alice t* 4* bwt W"d* ••!• th« xrv i TJRENT HALLECK waited quietly on the bench as Alice Pine shook out her hair. For once his eyes, gleaming in the half-light, did riot appear sardonic. Instead, they seemed troubled. "Sensible place to be tonight." He indicated the water. She. picked up her towel. ". thought you were out somewhere. He shrugged. "I did take _ drive. But I hadn't any place to go. So I parked down at the em of .the road and then"—he peere< at her suddenly—"was that you singing?" "Afraid so.'' She gave an embarrassed laugh. "If you call it singing when I can't carry a note.*" : : "I liked it," Brent said. : She glanced at him quickly. Bui .behind his pipe, his face was seri ous, A moment passed, with Bren puffing silently. Alice reached fo her robeV"Wcflf I Think I 'sleep now.* ; • He took the pipe from his mouth "Don't go just yet, Alice." "Why?" She was a little zled. His voice had been unusua Almost—well, .timid. "Because I'd like to talk to you -She hesitated, without under 'standing the hesitation. For da shej had studiously avoided Brei "I don't know if I should stay," I ie said doubUulry. "Muriel may e back. She may want me for ornething." He laughed. "You don't know e Garden Club. When those em ales get together, they're good or half the night. Besides, what Muriel is back? We could still «ilk, I suppose." All right" She sat down, ulled on her sandals. "But not for ong. What did you want to say 0 me?" » » » * •>RENT dropped down by her. "I - 1 -* want to tell you something, said slowly. "Then I'm going ask a favor. But 1 don't know ust how to do either. I'm afraid I'll sound like doublctalk to you. 1 "Naturally, I don't understand. Why can't you just speak out?" "This is one time when that's difficult. So I'll merely tell you even if it sounds trite, tbat the way a thing looks isn't necessarily he—the way if is," "That is doubletnlk," Alice said 'Well, 1 warned you. And that's about as clear as I can be." What's--worrying you, Brent?' she asked, pointblank. You, in a way," he said sur prisingly. "But if you're not wor •ying about anything, I'll skip i too." She thought she understood Brent was uncertain whether sh knew the truth about w^at bai Happened in the hallway. And h was probing to find out. ,. : Reme'mbermg, Alice felt a resurgence of her anger and disgus For a moment she was on the pom of accusing him; of pouring fort a torrent of blistering condemna tory words. Unwittingly Brent forestalled possible outburst by adding: "Yo won't understand this either. Ht I could use a little help about now Alice." Her eyes flashed to his. She wai isplcious of Brent Hnlleck. But, might, he seemed different. She ad never known him in this ibducd mood. Unconsciously, she *aned closer to him. 'I'll be very, glnd to help you, rent Any way I can." His fingers touched hers in the md, but went away immediately. Thanks. You can, maybe, for the est of th« time you're with lurtel." "There's' something you want ie to do?" x "Yes." He sat up, hugging his nees. "You've been wonderful o young Rick, Alice. I can't tell ou how much T appreciate it." • • • ' . 'OMING from Brent, this should ' have sounded insincere. Somehow it didn't. "But"that's been a pleasure,*. Alice said. "I'm crazy about the child." "Well, please go on being that way. I'm sorry I can't be more explicit. But sort of see., to him, will you?" "Certainly. But we all will, won't we?" 'No," said Brent. "I won't, most of the time. I've been dickering for a job, Alice, for some time. Mow it's come through. In Provi- Jence. That means I'll only b« here week-ends from now on." "But why a job?" she asked, In surprise. "Isn't your painting •'• full-lime job?" "Full-time, yes. But not fully compensated. Frankly, I haven't, done so well since the war. And now"—a determined nole came into his voice—"I've got 'to make money." "But what kind of a job. Brent?" "In Perkins and Grant, an advertising agency .up there,", he told her. "I'm to be an art director. Never did that before, but I'rn hoping to get away with iL" (To Be Continued) 'RISCIl.I.A'S I'Ol' What Kvery 'Husband Knows BY AL VERMEER bedfellow." He Killed the snake with a stick and brought the python to his office the next morning to prove it. RENT A CAR Drire Anywhera Yon Pltast Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch t« « inch, plain or r«nforced. AIM Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call as for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phont 6S1. SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planting seed to serve your needs Spring Oats, Alfalfa, Pasture iMixtures, Lespede/a Sudan and Other Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY Please call us or come in to see us for your spring planting requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 "It's alright this time, Mr. Morgan, but remember —7 in' the future / suggest you get your ,persona/-,'oor,j from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORA T/ON/' -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work Guaranteed For 12 Months I • NOW OPEN • Offering Complete Florislic'Service ricwcc MART Weddinj; & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty RONALD WEHLEK M. C. STII.F.i •ovlh Highway It Phone «W2 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaker Deafer" (RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 •ERE'S VOUR ^WHERE'S MY TOBACCO, DEAR! ) CHANGE f WELL..ER...BY THE .TIME I PAID THE PHONE BILL AND BOUGHT MEAT, IT WAS ALL GONE! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?. A LITTLE CAN OF ' NO WOf-iDcR ITS•> SO HARD TO SAVE MONEY...WITH YOU HAVING SUCH AN UY MICHAEL O'ftlALLEY and RALPH LANB SO YOU WANT TO IEARN ARE THOSE THE \ YK, CWRlSTO-\ OTHER T»KJ? /PHERSAYBROOK 1 AND IHfMANWHO RUNS HIS IATE FATHER'S ESTATE-- MAN6U.THEY MAKE ' DIFFICULT WPILS HE PRETENDS IGNOttAMCE. BUT ME CANNOT TOOL LANCE, THAT ftAAN AWNK3LS 15 A SKIER OF Q9USIDERABLE SKILL/ fl TO SK I, TOO, MR. FUN T? YOU A ARE THE THIRD NOVICE' CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER BUT ITS EISKV TTHANKSi BUT ITS QUITE PRWIUG THAT FftE IcfcPTAUj! THEKEl.TM THRU WTH ALONE, MISS ONlEfUVyoU! IF VOUIL DROP BY LfcTER,I'LL AMD SIJJCE I'UB HAD J >»Os—7 TAKE THOSE GO £ 0 M UT A w!sT TO '* i= "° =n ^^ ^ P" 0 ™™^ MVSEIF. I— THAUKS FDe LOADING IAV EQUIPMEMT, AM EAELV STftET TOMORROW.' WELL' rrt MICE TO set xxi ALMOST CHEERFUL ftSWMl lit WORK. FROW THESE SHOTS, TO FIUISH THE 6ERIftL...AWO 1'to OblTE OLD ENOUGHTOTieMEL MOHE! BUGS BUNNY Hig Shot Sylvester THERE'S &. R. SOOBLE, TH' \ BIS SHOT.' NOBOOV SEES J HIM WITHOUT Ar4 ^= APPOINTMF=NT/ ^ I'M HERE TO GIVE \l SO MISTER FJOOBLE HIS A RIGHT" PAILY SHOE SHINE, J IN, MISS.' _ PUSSVCAT / FOLLOW ME.' I SHALL PROVE MV ASSERTION' I, SYLVESTER PUSSYCAT; CAN SEE MISTER FJOOBLE WITHOUT APPOINTMENT/ THIS I GOTTA SEE/ TUSH, GUV'NOR/ Diriny No Catch BY V. T. HAMLIN '( WELL. .'X*! TOW D'YA THAT 7LD DINOSAUR... BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES BY EOGAR MARTIN 1 North 10th. I'hone 600]

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