New-York Tribune from New York, New York on February 1, 1844 · Page 4
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, February 1, 1844
Page 4
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Freedom dt Slavery for Afric-Americans. To the Editor of The Tribune: Figures cannot be charged with fanaticism Like the everlasting hills, they give cold, silent evidence, unmoved by the clouds and shadows of whatever present may surround them. Let us see what they say of the vital statistics of the Slaves of the South of the South and of the Free Blacks of the North. There are one or two preliminary remarks necessary to enable us to judge of this matter: they relate to what sta? tists call the " disturbing influences." It is gen? erally assumed that the rigor of the Northern winter is more destructive to the Afric-Amcrican constitution than the milder influence of the South? ern clime. How much should be allowed for this, I am at a loss to sav : bv the late census, how? ever, the free colored population of the Northern and Southern States have nearly an equal per centage above 36 years of age not more than1 12 per cent being in favor of the South. But this ?mail per centage is more than balanced by the fa? cility with which colored men and women turn white at the North. The keen and practised eyes of Southern men can instantly detect the most remote admixture of African blood : and interest and pride urge them to exercise a rigid conserva? tism. But here at the North, the boundary line is less distinct: the colored white has merely to change his place of abode, cut his old associates, and courtesy will do the rest?he is a white. There in not a path in literature or science in our State, in which 1 could not point out very dis? tinguished colored men. Of one hundred boys who attended with me the N. Y. African Free School in 1826-7, I could name six now living all white. There is another ' disturbing influence." You have probably heard of the great Anglo-Saxon race, the Irish people and the Bcrsekirs. You have also heard of their indomitable energy which overwhelms all opposing obstacles?and races. During the last thirty years, the Northern States have been the scene of a silent struggle. The combatants have been, and are, on the one hand the great Anglo-Saxon race, and the Irish people and the Bcrsekirs (I have borrowed the name from Mr. Emerson) having in their possession 1 the arts of war and peace,' their numbers swelled by an immigration of 23,000 per year, which has fallen into rank and file by naturalization and enfran? chising laws?on the other hand, are the free black*, tuught to believe themselves naturally in? ferior, barely admitted to common-school instruc? tion, shut out from the temples of higher literature, and taunted with ignorance, barred from the jury bench and driven from what arc called churches, yet branded with impiety. This has been no trifling conflict. The Indian race have perished 10 a like encounter. It has severely tried the vi? tality of the free blacks, whilst the slaves of the South have had no such battle to fight in their struggle for bread. This should show the per centage of longevity in favor of the slaves, other things being equal. The Texan slave-trade, or migration, consisted chiefly of slaves under 36. The voluntary mig? ration to Canada of the runaway slaves (about 10,000) has also consisted, chiefly of a class of persons under 36 years of age. Both of these dis? turbing influences would throw the balance of longevity largely in favor of the slaves of the South ; for the medium ages being diminished, the extrcmea^should be greater. Longevity ia an admitted teat of relative con? dition. Take two classes of persons, equal in Iv other respects, and place them in like condition, Wk their longevity will be equal: place the same JS clusses of persons in different condition, and that W condition which yields less longevity will be the worse condition. By the census of 1840, it ap? pears that there are of frei: colored in the free stater, Main. Females. Affed 36 and under 55?16.1* per ct. 15.62 per ct. " 55 and under 100? 6.5 per ct. 7.1 per ct. slaves. , .? , Mal*s. Females. Aged 36 and under 55?11.65 per ct. 11.22 per ct. " 55*and under 100?4.11 per ct. 4. perct. that is to say : Fres colored of 36 and under 100?22.68 percent. Slaves of 36 and under 100?15.49 per cent, j Difference..7.19 Here we find that whilst 22.68 per cent, of the free black population of the North live beyond 36 years of age, only 15.49 per cent, of the slave? of the South pass that period of life; showing a dif? ference of 7.19 per cent, in favor of the longevity, i. e. of the condition of the free blacks. And as the only difference between these classes of popu? lation is, that the one is free and the other ensla? ved, it follows that slavery has actually destroyed at the very least 7.19 per cent, of the slave popu? lation. Had the slaves been in no worse condi? tion than the free blacks of the North, instead of numbering only 2,487,355 in June, 1840, they would have numbered 2,666,440, the difference, IT'O.OSS, having been Murdered by the sys? tem of slavery. What mockery it is for men to talk of the kindness of masters in taking care of aged slaves, when Death has relieved them of so large a share of the burden! Have not the North? ern States a right, in view of this awful fact, to call upon the South to emancipate her slaves so that she may 44do no murder?" If a hundred thousand dollars, sunk in the mire of repudiation, is sufficient cause for great and pious men to whine about, what rush of sympathy is sufficient? ly rapid, what language ia temperate,*which pleads lor the loss of a hundred thousand human lives, cut off in their prime, and blasted from all useful? ness ? This is no accidental result of a single census : by reference to Professor Tucker's very able work on the " Progress of population, &,c." (Press of Hunt's Merch Mag. N. Y.) it will be seen that in the census of 1820 and of 1830, the same per centage of the slave population, only 15 per cent. live beyond the age of 36 years, whilst the free black population has steadily improved its per centage beyond that period of life from 17 per cent, to 22.68 per cent. Here, then, is evidence from unprejudiced wit? nesses, that the Free Blacks of the North are nor worse off than the Slaves of the South ; and that the former have gradually improved in longevity; that is, in the comforts of life, since their emanci? pation. As a portion of these comibrts must be food and clothing, it is a fair inference that they are not worse fed, nor clothed than are the Slaves. Thero is corroborative evidence in the annals of this city. Dr. Niles states that in 1824, 5 and 6, the deaths among the Free Black population of this city was 1 ia 18.88. By the City Inspector's Keport for 1840,1 rind that the deaths of the same class wcreonly 1 m 32.16. Slavery was abolished, or terminated, in New-York in 1827 ; and a largo proportion of those who died in 1825, &.c. were Slaves recently emancipated. These facts prove that within fifteen years after it became a Free State, a portion of the Free Black population of New.York have improved the ratio of their mor? tality 13.28 per cent.?a fact without parallel in the history of any People. It is a prevalent opinion that Emancipation has made the Free blacks deaf, dumb, blind, idiots, insane, ?See. &e. The Southern Literary Messenger has quite a pretty theory on this sub. ject, based upon certain statements, announced as facta, in the Census of 1840. An editor at Buffalo, and subsequently Dr. Jarvis of Dorches? ter, Mass., have {demolished that theory by prov? ing that the statements announced in the Census were not facts. Those statements made Maine a very mad house, yet they contradict themselves in the following manner' In that State, sailh the Census of 1840: Tow?? Total col'd inhab. Col'd. insane. | Limerick.0 4 JLymiiigton.1 2 Scarboro.0 6 Poland.0 2 Dixiiuld.0 4 Calais.0 1 Total*.,.1 19 To make 19 crazy men out of one mam ig prcttv fair calculation even for " down cast. '? The Census is equally incorrect as to trie propor don of deaf, dumb, &c. Freedom has not made us mad; it has strengthened our minds by throw? ing us upon our own resources, and has bound uf to American Institutions with a tenacity wmcn nothing but death can overcome. TV-l??t^SbSE SMITH. New- York, Jan. 29. IBM. Sale, at the SS^^SSS^f^ 5.W0 -Jo.M| g V ,M do. 20, 5.000 do.% do Mohawk R.52 20.(:..0Oh.o.WO SB W do. Mi I?* So ? 97 ?00 do Harlem R. 48 I'm do'".'.".". -bVa 98 150 do do.121 Jo Zo do .... .. . .s3 97.' 550 do do .43* %SS do. &.S6 29 doUticaR.. 119 6 000lodianaBonds. 37 25 doPatersoaK....... 71i 3,000 City 5s, TO. 100, 50 do do.s6m , 0 50 shn Vicksburg Bk.... Si 1*5 do do . . ........ 724 410 do do. 81 25 do Nor. & Wor.R.. 34 150. do do., 9 100 do do. 34* 150 do do.20d 9 50 do do.?W 34i 100 do do.COd 8 2'. do do. 3U 100 do do........i3 81100 do 34* 3 do Bkof New-York .117 50 do do. ........b30 3!l IM do Mec.Bk.Asso... 96 15 do Syr. ic I gca... . 1j 80 do Farmers' Ln.3!* 5 do Baston ?tTrov. R, 104 225 do do.3H 50 do L Island R. m 75 do N. Am. Trust ... 151 50 do Heading ........ 47 20 do Firemen's Insu ... 107 ? second board. 510.000 Kent'y 6es.... b3 102 I 5.000 Illinois ..b3 40j 5,000 Ohio Ges, '60 . 98 '0 shrs State Bank .Shi 5,000 do.s30 98 112 do \icksburg Bk ... 9 5,000 do.b60 9Sij260 do do. 8? 3.0?0 Illinois.41 1 Public Stock Exchange-Jan, 31. 55,000 N. Y. 5is, '61. 101 125 shrs N. Am. Trust .1.3 151 ?1,000 U. S. Ges, '62 .. .h30 1131 ? 25 do do......... ? 15* 1 000 do.sl5 1131 12S do Farmers Ln . ..tu i t 1 !ooo do.s20 1131 50 do do.s3 311 1,000 Ohio 6*s,*G0 - F.d. 10 98 j 75 do do. 311 1,000 do.Keb 10 98* 50 do do . ... ..WO 311 do.F?b 10 981 225 do \ icksburg B .... 81 1 000 do.b3 93 200 do do.blO J 2,000 do.March 1 98?, 5 do tio. 9 1.000 do.I>15 98* 75 do do. fci 1,000 do.March 1 98,(125 do do.sJ 8] 1.000 do.s3 97r; 50 do do. 9s 1,000 do.971} 50 do do. b3 9 2,000 do. 08 50 do do.btw 9 2.000 do.sl5 971100 do do. 8? 3.000 Kentucky Ges.101 100 do do.. -- ? ? ? ?3 81 jViO do .*10 1011 50 do Mohawk R ..blm 5j 2/100 do!.bGO 102i| 50 do Patersou R.724 1.000 Illinois 6es, *70 . .slO 40t 25 do do.72? j 000 do .?15 40*} 25 do Stouington-blO 34* "25 do Hartem R.b3 43 50 do do. 43 25 do L Isl. R."45 73* 1,000 do.40* 6^)00 Ia. dol bds,25 ys .sl5 3?i 25 shrs N. Am. Ti. 151 25 do do. 16*' WINTER ARRANGE ; MENT.?Foe ALBANY, T'frgBggstea -Bridgeport and HoosatoniC *nd*EB?3SfcZa* tat.Western Railroads, daily. Sundays excepted. Passengers for Albany by this route will take t in new and elegant steamboat EUREKA, Capt. J L. h itch, which leaves New-York from the foot of Liberty-street, on lriUlv.?s DAY MORNING, at 6* o'clock, foi Bridgeport, tnence nv the Hous*touic And Western Railroads, without cliange ol cars or bat?a;? crates, to Albany, arriving same evening at 8 o'clock. Fare through $5. _ For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Li ben y-sr reatv [j a 19]_P.M. PERKl. Agent _ WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ? ?4NEW-YORK & BOSTON RAILROAD ___T33EBEiLlNE. via Norwich and Worcester. Tu The Steamboat NEW-HAVEN, ( apt, I. K. Dustan, will leave New-York, from Pier No. 1, North River, foot oi Bat? tery Place, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. . . JLiilroad Cars leave for Bostou immediately on th? arrival of the New-Haven at Norwich, whence |>assengers are lor warded without change of cars or baggage. ''Cr" The extension Railroad to the new Depot below .Nor? wich is now complete, obviating all obstruction by ice in the Thames River. For further information inquire at the Office on the Wharf, or of D. B. Allen, 39 Peck Slip. N. B.?All persons are lorbid trusting any one on account of said boat or owners._J 1 . a WINTER A R RAM (j E M ENTS lissrJtiSsvrSFOR KEY-PORT AND MIDDLETOWN ^2SEEE2JSaSiPOINT, touching at Seguine's fe)ock. Staten Island. On and after Monday, October 16th, the Steamer ROCKLAND, Cant. Crawfoid, will Wave Middletown Point, (tide permitting,) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 10* o'clock, Key-Port at 11 o'clock, and New-York, foot of Robin? son-street, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 11 o'clock. Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat to con? vey passengers to Freehold or any part of the country. ol7 ssmi. "ELlZAKETH-PORT~ AMD MEW JTf^K^JYORK FERRY COMPANY.-Wi.vter i25ES3!SS??ARhA.\c,kmk.nt.?Fare 121 Cents. The Steamboats WATER-WITCH and CINDERELLA Sly daily from Elizabeth-Port to New-York, touching at New righton and Port-Richmond, each trio, as follows: On and aftrr the 15th day of November, 134S, Leave Elizabcdi-Port: At 74 o'clock A. M. At 1 o'clock. P. M. On Sunday. At 8 o'clock A. M. and 3 P. M Leave New-York: At 101 o'clock A.M. At 4 o'clock, P. M. On Sl'nday, At 10 o'clock A. M.andli PM N. B.?Ptssengers for Westlield, Scotch Plains, Plaiufield, Bound-Brook, Somerviile, Easton aud Schoolev's Mountain, by the Elizabeth-town and Somervili* Railroad Cars, will leave New-York in the Si o'clock boat in the morning, and m the Hand 4 o'clock boats ia the afternoon. Passengers from the 81 o'clock boat will leave Somervilie in stages for E.uton and for Schooley'i Mountain on the arrival of the cars at JSomerville. The Horse Car will leave the front of the Union Hotel quar? ter of an hour previous to the departure of each boat. All baggage at the risk n<~ its owner. 1116 -ftSTATEN ISLAMD FERR V, loot 9_o( Whitehall-st.?The steamboat STAT? EN ISLANDER wdl leave New York and Staten Island on and after Octeber 2, as follows, until further notice j Leave New York 9?11?2?31?51. Staten Island 8?10?1?21?5. All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked, aud is at the risk of the owner thereof. s3fl NEW-YORK AML) ERIE RAIL? ROADS?WINTER ARRANGEMENT... 1813-14.? Fon I'asmenc.khs.?Only one train each way. On and after Monday, December 4, the Passenger Train will run daily, (Sundays excepted.) leaving New-York from the foot of Daane-atiftet at 8 o'clock, A. M. and Middletown at 7 o'clock, A. M. The Fare will be restored to the former rates, viz: between new-york AHD Middletown.. SI 75 j Goshen.SI 50 Way Fare m proportion. Stages for Milford, HoLtesdale, Carbondale, Binghampton, and Owego, will run from the Cars as heretofore on their ar rival at Middletown. FOR FREIGHT. The Barges will leave New-York on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock, P. M. The Cars will leave Mid? dletown at J o'clock, P. M. except on Saturdays, when they will start at 2 o'clock, aud lea\e Gothen at 3 o'clock, P. M. Freight received in New-York till 2| o'clock, P. M. H. C. SEYMOUR, Superintendent. For further information apply to ALEi. H. SCHULTZ, corner West and Du.'iuests. _jq] Z. "yTru^ MORRIS AN if ESSKX "hTl LRUAU. ESExgSg ? Winter Arrangement.?On and after Wedues -?raffiBc^ day, 1st November, the Cars on this Road will ?Bar afK? leave as follows: Leaw MorrUtown at a quarter af^er7 in the morning, and at 2 o'cioelf iu the afternoon. Leave New-York at 9 o'clock iu the morning, nud 3 iu the afternoon. Leave Newark at 10 o'clock in die morning, and 4 ia the af? ternoon. Passengers by the morning train to Morristown will arrive there at lli o'clock, where stages will be in readiness t?j con? vey them to Schooley's Mountain; Washington, Belvidere and Baston daily; to Snccasunna, Stanhope, Newton, Milford and Owego on Mondays, Wednesdays aud Fridays, and to Rockaway, Dover. Sputa aa<l Newton on Tuesdays, Thurs? days and Saturdays, each line returning the subsequent days. The stage for Boskine Ridge will lea^e every evening on die arrival afthe cars, and return the next morning in time for the first train lor New-York. Passengers gO to and from Jersey City without chaugiug cars. On leaving the city, the passengers will deposit their baggage in theear at the foot of Courtlaud-street, where an A?ent will tn? in attendance to receive it. Passengers from Morristown will arrive in Newark in time Jo take jnr morning and evening trains for Trenton and Phila? delphia, 1 his road haying been recently re-laid with the heaviest H Rail, ia now in complete ranning order, and offers acommot Uious and expeditious conveyance to and from New-York for passengers or freight. The ratw of commutation for passengers are S60 per annum to Morristown, Madison, or Chatham; 150 ta thi.Summit; SlU to M.llvdie. and $25 to Orange lasseugers are leguested to have dteu baggage marked nl_IRA POPP. Superintendent. MEW YORK AMD HARLE^RAU ROAD CO.-W1NTERARRANGEMENTS. .On "ad after Decenber 1st. 1843. die Canwil ?run in the following order: , *^T* t-?ty Hall Leave Wtllianu Bridge for Wilhams Bridge, f0r City Hall. iS^M:::\::-.::-.::v.-,SSA"M "?r.M.::.v.::::l%e-.^ 4 30 " . 6 00 " The Cry Hall and 27th stre-t Line will rnn as follows: BXOm iA. M. every 10 minutes through thr- day till 7 3c 1* V] n?; Extra Night Liu* will run as follows : Leave Citv Hdl !or 27th street at 8. ? 30. 9. 9 38. 10. 10 30 and ll-I mt? 27dt street lor City Hall at 7 30. 8. S 30. 9, 9 30, 10 and 10 JQ ' By order of the Board. I? _W. S. CARMAN. Secretary. DRAFTS OM EM?LANp, lRj - LAND.itc ?Tersous about remitting muc? . to their friends in the ' Old Couutrv1 tan be s'tj'piied with Drafts in sum* of*l, jl > s>.t3. ?5, ?10. ?20, ?50. or any amount, pa- t' b:t- on demand, without discount or aav other charge, at the N itional Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. Jas Bult, Son it Co., Bmker?. London. I. B^raexl & Co.. Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool^ Eastern Bank ol Scotland Greenock Banking Company. Sir William Forbes, Hunter' si Co., Scotland, and die branches in every post t#wn through? out England, Ireland, Scotland and W<de>, \>hich Drafts will be forwarded by the steamer BRITANNIA, which leaves Boston va the 1st February. Anj^ly to ^, W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their t??neral Passage Office. 43 Peck slip. cor. South-st V B.?AH Utter Irom the couurn- must enme noti pwd. "i^tONLY REtiDLAR LINE FUR MEW ORLEANS?Th? following fiist class ;>acketswill sad punctually ai advertised, weadier permuting, or pasaage free, viz : Tre MISSISSIPPI. Capt.HRIean,31stJan. Th? accommodarions of these ships tor cabin, second cabin aud sterile prtssengers, aresttrh as cannot fail to ensure every comfort trt |iRssengers during the voyage. The ships ofthis line ha\e now enmmenced their rvyulu trips, and vs ill sail punctually every fivr days throughout trie season. Passengers may, therefore, rely on not being deti:: Tlie price of passage being very low, those wishing to xk : berths in eidier of the above backrts, can dos- by apnlviuc to \V. fit J. T. TAPSc'oTT, At their Genwal Passage Office. 43 Peck slip, j*23 corner Soum etreet. TO LET?Workshops of various sizes ana b-st lighted of any in the city. Possession given im .rnediauly. Inquire of J. Locce. 31 Ann st. j?>20_lnL. T6~LET-A store and back room with counters, shelv.s, &c. for MVera] years occupied lor a ipablication and compo:.itor's office foi a v^eekb news Inquire o?"_LLocke, 31 Ann tu_ja.20 lm TO LET?A room, bed-room, pantry, clos? ets &c suitable for a small family. The ient until _the firstof May next S22 and $23. Possession giv-n i m med iately. Inquire of J. Locke. 31 Ann st. ja20jm_ FOR SALE?A Grist and Saw Mill, with 35 acres good Land, Water Pow^r, Store and Dwe line House and a variety of Fruit. T-rms easy. Apply SMITH, 85 Liberty st._d22 " FOR SALE?A valuable Farm ot 500 acres. l-ing on the battle-held at Monmouth. New-Jersay? TO"i3XCHANGE FOR CITY PROPER? TY?A two srory House and a Lot in Newark. IS .Jer? sey, with some goods and lauds. Apply W A. C. Smith. 85 Liberty street. _._nZQ . 70 LET?Th-" new and commodious _ hvr sto-V store with basement and nuder cellar, No. 11 ? Snruce-sneet. The building is w-II arranged for a Mercantile or Manufacturing business. wirJraflue; in the cel? lar for a steam engine. Apply to uEUiUih J.t KILN. jat;26 tf _IS) Last Broadway. MECHANICS, ATTENTION !?For sale cheap and on very easy terms, a snne. nice pine? in a _pleasant village on the Ohio River. The house is new and in good order?the lot is 75 by 205 deep. Apply to A. P. & J. C. Smith, 85 Liberty street._u20_lL " TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM.?A good three story house with marble mantels, situate in ?Brooklyn, L. 1. Rents for $300. The farm mnstbeon or near the Hudson River. A. P. &J. C. SMITH, d;n tf 85 Liberty st._ WRS?LE.OR E XCHAN C E FO R CIT Y PROPERTY?A handsome residence at Astoria, _ fronting the River, consisting of a House and one acre of ground, beautifully lain out. and stocked with fruit and ornamental trees, with stable, and all other conveniences, j >;[) i,T1 - _JOHN FIELD. No. 133 Graud-st. ?3^ FOR SALE-A cheap and pleasant ^Resi? dence, consisting of a house iu complete repair, and ^.Jt&s four lor-; of ground, situated on 123d street, about 150 feet '-ist. of the Eighth Avenue. Any person wishing to | ur chase tins Pro; erty can obtain it on accommodating t--rms by applying to the owner, DANIEL FRENl H. No. 166 Charles street; or on Messrs. St Smith, 53 Wall-street. jl9 lm* FOR SALE?At 'Willianwburgh, L. I. two ne.'it two story brick front Houses and Lots, situated _ on North Fourth st. between Third and Fouith streets and not over live minutes1 walk f rom Grand st Frrry.. Lot* 25 b*y 100; Houses 22 by 31 feet. Each house contains six rooms with fireplace, and four bedrooms, all well finished and in good order. They will be sold a bargain, and part of the purchase money can remain onb ?nd and mortgage. For terms appjyjo [ja-9 lm*] PETTY, 2',', Onfre st, N.Y. igiTO L E T A T WILL IA M S B LtR(tH, five new j*"rf~ 2 story and attic Houses, pleasantly situated on South, ji'iSL Third, between Third and Fourth sts., about equal dis? tance between the Grand and Peck Slip Ferries,finished in mod? ern style,with marble mantels and grates throughout,under cel? lars, court yards,?tc,calculated for genteel families. Pos session can be had immediately. Also a House now erecting on tlie corner of North-Sixth and Secotid streets, with eight lots of ground, will he finished bv 1st .March. Enquire of F. T. Luqneer, 105 Pearl street, N. Y., or at Kilgourit Ripley's lumber yard, foot of South Third street, where the keys may be had:_ia22 lm> Mr A KM ERS, "ME It CHANTS, AND ME? CHANICS LAND, LOAN AND EXCHANGE OFFICE.?At this office can be. foniid a xtreater variety ofproperty for sale or (or erchanga> than at any other office in thiscitv, With diagrams and descriptions of Karms, Mills, Factories, Water Power, Wild Lands. Houses, and Lots in almost every city and State in the Union; Loans made on goorl city security. Merchants or mechanics wishing to ex changegoodK or manufactured articles for good productive property, or for valuable wild lande, will find if to their inter? est to negotiate through this office. All business entrusted to onr care will meet with prompt attention; nl tf A. P. it J. ?'. SMITH, K Lit-rtv <t. _ ~J?&.TO LET?The three story House now fin PjjH ishing on tlip First Avenue, first ahova St. Mark's Lt'-^ia* Place. It ls finished throughout in th* bestand most modern style, plated furniture:, marble mantles, proton water, floors deafened, ami a good supply of closets and wardrobes. The situation is very pleasant, having a fire view of Tomp kins Square, Williamsburgh and the East River. Murphy's Eighth-street Stages pass the door every few minutes. To a good tenant itwill he let low. the balance of the present and the coming year; will be ready by the 5th of January. For farther particulars apply to GEO. A. JARV IS, d30 STu&Thtf_ 81 Front-street. FOR SALE?The extensive premises No. n 92 Fulton-st. between William and Gold:atreets. The ^"Aefti Lot is 25 feet 16 inches wide in front, gradually in? creasing to 29 feet in the rear, and 80 feet in depth. The front building, five stories high, fill the floors of which, above the basement; are deafened. The rear building is three stories high besides cellar andjattic, and floored with southern yellow pine. The: whole is built in the best manner and ofthebest ma? terials, is well lighted. and would b" appropriate for an exten? sive Printing and Publishing establishment. A large vault in front capable of securing from fire all the stereotype plates and other valuable property. If not sold he'ere the first of Febru? ary it will then be rented for the ensuing year. For further particulars inquire of JOHN RUTHVEN, ja! Ivs&3taw3w_ 205 Pearl-street. MOUSE AND LOT IN JERSEY CITY P?W FOR SALE.?That valuable and very pleasantly sit ?aeassVuatcd House and Lot on the southwest corner of Wash? ington and York streets, on the highest ground and in the centre of :h^ place, very^near the public square. From the upper stones there is a delightful prospect ol the North River, the City id'New-York av.d surrounding country. The House is 3 stoiies, built of brick, vt ith tin roof, about 8 or 10 years since, mostly by lays' work, under the superintendence of the owner,.with hard finished avails throughout, above the basement. The fust st-:ry is furnished w>tii Marble Mantels. Grates, Sliding Doors, and Painted Walls. Second story? Sliding Doors between the principal rooms and bed-rooms over the hall. Third story has 4 good rooms, 2 haying fire? places .-.rid three clos-ts. The basement and kitchen are very pleasant, with closets or pantries between. Vault under the street in from and a large brick cistern in the yard. The Lot is 25 feet( front on Washington and 50 feet deep on York strut. The House cost over $5.000 to build it. and is within three minutes walk of the ferry, which makes it a Very desir abl< residence for a person doing business in New-York For particulars apply to J. W. HIGGINS, j29 lm? 77 Dey st. N. Y. 10 HANDSOME FARMS TO EXCHANGE FOR GOODS, located near the New-York and Erie Railroad, with Houses, Barns, Orchards, Wood and Plough Laud. Price $20 per acre. Some Western lauds and some money would not be obiected to. Diagrams can be seen by applying to A. P. Ht J. C. Smith, 85 Liberty st. d!3tf rSJSff* 2-10 ACRES MICHIGAN LANDS and S5M 'HpwfCASH to exchange for aprodni five property near New -wi??York City. Also, $1000 m cash and a valuable piece of land adjoining the City of Chiego, Michigan, for a Finn iie.r New-York. Also to exchange, a handsome place of a few acres, located in a pleasant Eastern village, for asms*, neat Farm in New-Jersey. Applv to d 13 tf A. P. k-J. C. SMITH. 85 Liberty. FOK SALE OK EXC1! AN< > E?A FAKM of 35 acres, near the Hudson River.Westchester County, 22 miles from New-York City. Some money will be put with it for a House and Lot in this City. 1:20 ;( A. P. & J. C\ SMITH. 85 Liberty-st. ;4,iHX) ACKES MICHIGAN LANDS, 4D,(M)0 ?Pennsylvania,and 15,000 la Indiana improved and un .improved. Apply to A. P. & J. C. SMITH, n2fl tf_ 85 Libertv street. t FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH--400 'acres handsome Oak Opening Lands, beautifully locat? ed, takes r>?.id. and title perfect. Apply to A. P. St J. C. Smith, 85 Liberty street._n20 tf FOR EXCHANGE?A snug Farm contain? ing 100 acres of Land, good Honse, Barn, Oichaid. and FenCts; will take three-quarters iu Lands and out-quarter cash.. Apply to A. P. fit J. C. Smith, 85 Liberty street. n20 tf tSSQFARMS?FARMS FOB SALE?A valua ;?iiK'h!;, Wheat Farm of 273 acres, lying between the Cayu ?.-L*?,ga and Seneca Lakes, tan be exi hanged for Illinois land and money. Also, a Farm of 100 acres on the Cbenango nv?r and canal, for cash only. Aleo, inanv good Farms in New Jers< ?. . cpnt lining from 10 to 2t>) acres. Apply to A. P. J (' Smith. 85 Liberty street. n20 tf ^^S000 ACRES ILLINOIS LANDS FOR Sale $3jffor i xchangc? Lands, location and titles good. Bargains ?is? be had by applying to n20 tf A."P. it J. C. SMITH. 85 Liberty st. " FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.-A highly improved farm of 125 acres, with all the stock, crops >anu tools. The buildings are ample convenient, an : U tine order. It is a desirable and productive property, situated in S. Bruuswvck, N. Jersey. Diograms can be seen at the office of A. P. it J. C. SMITH, n20 tf_85 Liberty street. A SMALL FARM FOR SALE-Simated on the public road, about 2C0 yards from the Turnpike road to Flushing. 3 miles from Williamsburgh Verrv. and 2 miles from the village pfNewtown, centainuig twelve acres of land, which lies high and calculated for early vege? tables, Sec. Price, $1.200. It has a very handsome building spot, with choice grafted fruit. Also, It acres of asparagus. Stages pass neat the premises four times a day, to and from New-lork. Forparticulars,in?.uireof John Powell, near the premises, one mile from the Mast e'h Hotel, or J^IQ lm*_ROBERT WEBBER, ;67 Broadway. A FARM FOR SALE-Situated in the 5township ol H'ettfitld. Essex Coun.'yJVew Jersey.onr ?^mfle east ol Scotch Plains, on the road to Rahway.? Said :arm contains 32 acre* of highlv cultivated land, with i good dwelling House and Dim .ud other necessarvout build? ing;: an Apple Orchard, producing choice grafted fr?h; also raspberries, straw berries, currants aHd gcosherri-s, ->nd a 1 ir-'- ?. sspajagus. The pi ?c- is well supplied with wa u-r.which never fails. There is in grass about 12 acres. 6 in wood, j in wheat and rve, the ballance ir. tillage This farm will be sold cheap, as the present owD?r is about engaging in other business. Il not sold by the middle of March it wi'! then be l-t lor one or more years, h.qnire of J. S STOt 1 . M Dfx it. .New \ ork, or on the premises, near the Scot, h Plains Depot._ja25 lm* rVO IRON MASTERS.-i or sale, Mill Sites -*. 11) the inime.'i if,. hl,nrt,^ l -<n:_r_._, Z ^V,TT1,1u"::1'I-h^,0',d <1 Bituminous Coai and ; Ode Wta trheje such Coal and Or-are found tog-ther. ?? ? I.ASS?.T. Livil p.n^ineer NOTICE TO NEW FIRMS MERCHANTS ab?ut fstubhshiDg new firms rZ are jested to r^rrw the folloaeins C ARD" 1 he subscribers fwving n?eu ?(tahlwiV^.i "K. . * v years, and being practica? SI^d'^^^vta l'Ai.NTERS.vvoutdacquaint Mercian* ?d ot^^hat ttv have coucauded to reduce their CH\nnw^ Iftlr? 1 u\ A PR. CENT. BELOW M-,r f.eRic y < cm1, uu1> } Ss^MOR?Sl^E- bl' ?1k-m,tAhlu ^own -_1UJ .vassau st. near Ann. UOR SALE OR l^fE -.Thirty-two Lots ol ? Grennd at Harsum us. < N.J.) bounded by jf?JV Kvnnt. and Erie Hars.mas and Ssonth steeets, about one mil> f?n Jersey Citr. ioi parucukrs, ,nQnirt at No> 42 rhathilai. ,ttwt- d2 2m? i pi LEAP CLOTH LVG STORE -L.&B. SKEL L/LENGER, No. 60 Corthmdt-street. and corner of r ultoti -.rd Greenwich-street,, respectfully i:iform their friend*, and itranffers voting the city of New-York; that they are telUuc uli t:.eir Fall and Winter stock of Goods at very reduced pri eomposing a large assortment of clotii. piict cloth, plain md wave beav,r. sack and over coats of th" latest style, irian* on by the best wckmen; velvet, cloth, an.! fancy vests; cloth. ? - :mere, satin?t.satinet and tweeii pants; sloves, suJivmh-rs, r-r;ir^rtables. shirts, rknr.els, drawers, collars,bosoms, stc. \ jj _L. it b- S. also beg leave 10 inform their friends and , discerning public, that having engaged ex-.wrienced cutters, dies have on hand alway s a Urge assortment of Clotns. Las sim'ere. velvet and fancy Vestiugs. winch will be maoe to or Irr and warranted to fit. Mr. G. M. Scrimpeuoi superintend! -he Custom Department, CO Cortrtiandt street. 1 nose who wish to economize would do well to call ^Tore" going else? where. Every article warranted, and all orders .?tte-jded tp. . ^ Instructions in cutting given by G. M bcnmueo'.ir. ja,5 1m? L.ttl). SK ELL ENGER. Mj^HE undersigned, CIVIL ENOiNEEiiS, will JL make Surveys, Estimates of cost, and reports for Rail ways, Canals, Roads, Docks, Wharves, Sustaining Walls, Bridgescfevery description, with plans ind specifications, md when tsqnired, will superintend th< irexecution. They will measure and compute, cubical quantities of earth or rock, estimate the cost oi removing the same; they will sunevlan-1 and report on the best mode of rendering water power available, and of opening mines and quarries. They will make drawings and specifications of improvements in machines, ami aid inventors in procuring letters patent: the services of Dr. Thomas P. Jones have been secured for any business requiringjiersonal attendance at Washington; They will act as agents tor the sale of Letters Patvut. Also,of Mill*, Mines, Quarries, Machinery, Stc. Address either of the undersigned, at S 1 Merkhants' r.x change,New York EDWIN F. JOHNSON, ?lOfim* WILLIAM R C A SKY REWAKT) WILL P>E PA1? TO PROVE THE FOLLOWING AFFIDAVIT UNTRUE?JOHN THOMSON. 3c; Brnome-st.?SCRO? FULA.?Important Cure confirmed. New-York. Jm, 26th, 18<4. 0:i 'he Sih of January, I gave my affidavit tint an asto? nishing cure had been performed upon me by Doctor John Thomson, 343 Broome street, of a dreadful case of scrofula siit rluum, erysipelas, scald htad or lepr 'sy, all of which il had.been denominated. In said affidavit, 1 stared tliaclhai] been afflicted years, that I had employed 10 different Physi? cians, that 1 had taken H) bottles of Sana's Sarsai arilla and be twehn 4.0 and 50 bottles of Bristol's Sarsaparilia: That my hid tv.-nsinved ind d.-vsvd with poultices and ointment ut- ni?tely for li months. I aUo used !0 boxes of Dr. Whit ing' c< lebrated Extract of Dancus. I also used for 3 month: constantly, ? strong tea drii.k m i le of Burdock, yellow dock pricklyash and Sarsapariila. One phvsician I paid $64 aftei nn sttendance of five months; another attended me eijrhi months, but all of no use. My head was one solidscaleal over, winch I had to remove every 24 honts with soap-suds, oi the itching irritation or distress was intolerable. LbeJieve'J had all the compound miseries incident to erysipelas, scak head, salt rheum and scrofula. I have spared no pains or ex pense to cure this complaint. In i: yeaTS 1 have paid betweei SlGO and $600 without any benefit. It stuck to my stomac: the past season, thus filling up my measure of trouble am misery to the brim. My distress was beyond my description Almost in astare of despair, I called upon Dr. John Thomson on the 30th of December, 1813, an l he engaged to cure itb} contract, and on the 8th of January. 1814. ten dav< after, 1115 head was to all appearance well, and my general health bette than for three, years. I now renew my affidavit that thosi thus atllicted may know I am well. And I would say tp al afflicted with scrofula, erysipelas and all eruptions ol tin skin, to try the means 1 have tested and they will never regre it. I have sren several other persons who have been cured b\ Dr. Thomson, who were mduced to make the trial lroin seeini a statement of my cure. JAMES HASSON. 34 Moore-street. Sworn before me. this 26th Day of Jan. 1844. > " PETER PINCKNEY. Com of Deeds. J N. B.?Wanted at 343 Brootne stree1, such patients as find no relief from others. Dr. Thomson's Aiiti-Scorbut.ii Syrup.for scrofula nnd all eruptions of the skin. For si 1 only by himself at SI per bottle, or S10 per dozen, at No.1i: Broome-street, New-York,by JOHN THOMSON. j.a.H Iwd Itw*_ UOR COUGHS, AND COLLIS, CONSUMP JT TIONS, and all diseases and affections of the lungs chest, and tkroat-The VEGETABLE PULM0NAR1 BALSAM stands unrivaled. It has from 15 to. 18 years use and a sale of from 30 to 40,008 bottles a year, herum? a Stand ard Family Medicine throughout New England. It is use; by a great number of Physicians in their regular practice. J distinguished Physician says, " he regards itas a safe and v.-r convenient medicine.'' Another, "that it has justly acquire* a high reputation, and so far *3 he eau learn, Ins never disari pointed the reasonable expectations of those who havensei it." None genuine unless signed Sampson Reed, or Wm Jon'n Cutler, or both. For sale bv A. B. St D. Sands Drug gists, 79 Fulton stre~t, 273 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. Al so, sold by Druggists and Apothecaries generally In New York. Price 60 cents. j 13 I in PRINTERS AND HLNLERS WAREROOMr Nos. 29 and 31 Gold-street. New-York.?April, 1S43. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED.?The " HOE" Prim ing Pres3. Machine and Saw Manufactory, in consequesic 01 the addition of new and improved machinery to their works ind the reduction in tlir cost of miteruls and labor, are run bled greatly to reduce the prices of their Presses, and of I'rin ters'and Binders'materials generally ; as will be seen by thei newly printed Circular, to which they b~g leave to refer. This Establishment is still under the Personal superiuten dence of Richard M. Hoe and Robert Hoe, and, they assur their friends that notwithstanding the great reduction in prices all articles manufactured by this Establishment shall retail die high reputation which they have hitherto sustained. I will also be their constant endeavor to improve the Quality o thorn in every particular. They flatter themselves, also, tha their old friends will not only continue their favors, but tha Printers generally will appreciate their endeavors to furnisl tli - * t-rv best articles at barely remunerating prices. Ordeis from any part of the country for all articles in Printers or Binders,including Type, Ink, Paper, etc., will b executed with the greifest care and proxnpntude, and on th< best t->rms. Jobbing work and repairing will be done at the lowest pussi ble prices, with every attention and expedition. N. B.?All articles manufactured by this Establi_iimer will bestampod R. Ho" S( Co., so that persons from abroai may no: he imposed up:._ with spurious articles, made in imi tation of theirs. Printers of newspapers wiio publish this advertisement, w it! this note, ihre,? times before the first of july next, and send on of dieir papers tons, will be entided to payment of bil on hnving four times the amount <>t it. _a20 tf IN PURSUANCE <?f an order of the Surrogat? of the County of New-York, Notice is hereby given t< alj persons having claims ai-aiust Bryan ROssetter. lat" of th City of New-York, gentleman deceased, to present the sann witn the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at his store No 72 John-street, in the City of New-York, on or before tb 20th day of July neat. Diiei! New-York, the 17th day o January, iru. JOHN PARKT. Executor, fcc jiaiawGn IN ITHSIJANCE of an ordfT oi the Surrogat? of the County of New-York, notice is heieby given to al persons having claims against JOHN G. HICKS, late of th City of New-York, gentleman, deceased, to present th same, with the vouchers thereof; to the subscriber, at No 10j Waveiley Place, in the City of New-York, on or befori th?22d day of July next;?Dated New-York, die 17th day 0 January, 1814. BENJ. D. SILL I MAN, Executor. j.ilS law6m L.VV1NIA Illi KS, Executrix. +-.. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL LINE r^efZs OF PACKE rS.?To sail from New York on thi 3B_S?6th, and from Liverpool on the 21st of each month. From New York. From Liv'pl New ship ASHBURTON. Jf*pt'J $?^2! 1100 tons, Henry Hutdeston, 5 ^ J ^ New ship PATRICK HENRY. J J O^f ll 1000 tons, Jo*.C Delano. Hjg; { ffirf* Ship INDEPENDNCE, jj"?'f Sffpt-?J 800 tons, Ezra Nye, JfeJ K?y21 ShipGEO. WASHINGTON, (fce ? ij^lu 700 tons, Ambrose Burrows, N Feb 6 fMar*21 These ships are all of the first class, and commanded by able and experienced uavigators. The cabins iraelegandj furnished, and afford superior accommod-tious for passen eers. The. price of passage from New York to Liveipoolis SlOO. ami from Liverpool to New York ?26, including stores and bedding, without wines. Neither the Captain nor owners will be responsible for any 1-tters, parcels or packages, unless regular bills of lading art signed therefor. Apply dl GRJNNELL, MlNTURN & CO..78 Southst. TAPSCi.TT'S GKXEI.'AL E.MIOKA /*r^V TldN PASSAGE OFFICE. 13 Peck Slip. New lYork.?ARRANGEMENT FOR ism. Th< subscribeis beg to Cill die attention of their friends and the public generally to their sii(>eri'.>r arrangements foi bringing out Passengers from, and rernirtinc money to -til part, of ENGLAND. IRELAND,.SCOTLAND or WALES, in the magnificent Ships comprising the t h e nkw link of liverpool tack^ts, The ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, (new) 1250 :ons burthen, Capt. P. Woodbniis*. " SHERIDAN, 1000 tons, Capt A. S. Depey^ier, " ROCHESTER, louo tons, CapL John Button, ?? GARRICK, 1000tons, Cape Wm. Skiddy, " HOTTINuCER, nun tons, Capt. In Bursley. " ROSCI US, 1100 tons. Capt. Jwh? Collins. New " LIVERPOOL. 1160 tons. Capt. John Eldridge, " SIDDONS, 1000 tons. Capt E. B. Cobb. Sailing from Liverpool twice in each month,and the ITJflTEO li.m of liverpool packets, sailing four times in each month, are the ships which tnose whose passages may be en^'.a^ed with the iubscribers will come out in. and it is a well known fact that the above named packets are the most magnificent ships afloat,and the frequen? cy of tii-ir sailing (being every five days) prevents the possi? bility of passengers being unnecessarily detained in Liverpool. Regardless ol expense , and in order to meet the wants of the public.and the wishes of their friends, Mr.Wm.Tapscott. one< >f the firm, has gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for this country of such persons whose passages may be en? gaged with the subscribers, a fact, which, to those acquainted with Mr. W. T. is a sufficient guarantee thit they will re? ceive every artenden from him a_d be quickly and comforta blv dispatched. Passages direct from London, Bristol and New York. Also from Liverpool to New-Orleans, Mobile, Savan? nah. Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, rind the various ports of Bnti>h North America can at all times be en pared. Iu all ca^es where the parties sent for decline coming, die rus?age money is promptly refunded, without deduction ? Pass-a^'e Irom the various seajHjrLs of Ireland and Scotland to Liverpool can dso be secured. Tiie Regular Pscktts will continue to mn as follows, viz T-> and irom Londo*; on the 1st, 10th and 20di of each mouth To Liverpool on the Lst, 6th, 11th, 16di, 21st and 26th of eachi mouth. To N'Ew-OnLr.a.Ns,Mobile.sava.v^AHandCHARXESTo."? "SVeek 1V. B v an y of whicn passages can a: all ?mes be engaged at rea? sonable r-.le*.^ Those wishing to o!)_;in Drafts can be supplied with sums of ?1. ?3 ?6, ?!(). ?20. ?^0, _i6o, or <my amounr, pay? able oudemand, without discount. In Ireland?The National and Provincial Banks and Brancnes in ail the principal Towns in Ireland. In Scotland?The Eastern Bank of Scotland. Sir Wm. i- oroes Hunter at Co., and Branches iu all thepriucip-l towns in hcotl^id. In and Provincial Bank of England, I. Barnwi St Co Exchange and Discount Bank Liverpool. Messn. James Bult, Son at Co. Bankers, Loudou. and Branches in all the pnncip-al towns in England and Wales, Orders from the country- attended to per first packet. Farther particulars mad?? known on application (if bv let? ter, post paid.) to W. it J. T. TAPSCUTT. 43 Peck Sup. Corner Sooth sl New-York, or WM. TAPSCOTT. Liverpool^ DLATED CAKE BASKETS?The SubscTi^er in ?""rs r,">r ,a'e ;> ?plendid assortment of the ab*re gootl$ ? All new patterns, with rich, stiver mountings, at low prices "V lKi"_ALBERT BEACH. IU Chatham-st rJ4LVS'tTW'lllU' ?i:ci colored Con?n Weste and x<L Ba.e Rope wanted, in any quantity, for cash, at manu? facturers prices, by GAU N'T St DERRICK SON ja^0t>D1 15a Sondi-jtreet, near Peek slip. 1 vSBB3?SBSBSSBBBUBUKBUBBBSIS3HKSBUMBKtBKKUUBttU^ A.'fkice of thf. Receives or Txxv.s, > Old Alms-House, (P.irk.)> TAXES OF 1843?Pursuant to the 5th and 6th Sections of the 2d Article of the " Act for the Collection of Taxes In the City" of New-York; passed April I8tb, 1843 ; ublic notice is hereby given, that unless the Taxes now r~ maining unpaid shall be paid on or before the !5:h nay t?f , February next, an addition of one per ceLt will be charge upon all Taxes remaining unpaid on that day; and a farther addition ol one per cent, will be charged upon all Taxes re? maining unpaid on the 15th day of March next. The Taxe* are required to be paid in money current at the several Banks in this City. Office hours, fiom S A. M. til! 2 P. M. j2.i tMhl H. T. KIERSTED. Receiver fT-.xes CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public Notice is iieiebysiven to the owner or owners, occupantoroceui ants of all houses and lots, improved or unimproved lands, affected thereby, that the following assessments have been completed by the Assessors, and are lodged in the Street Commissioner's Office for examination by all persons interested, vtx : For Regulating and Paving 22>i street, between the 3d and Ith ave pues, and Flaggiug a space I feet wid* through the N. rth rlv sidewalks ofthesame, embracing lots ou both sides of 22d stre-t. between the 3d and Ith avenues, ou the West side of the 3d and on the East side of the 4th avenue, betas eeti2!st and 33d streets and On both sides of Lexington Avenue, between 21st and 23d streets. All persons whose interests are affected by the above-named Assessments, and who art opposed to the same, or either ot them, arc requested to present their objections, m writing, to the undersigned, at the Street Commissioner's Office, witJain thirty days from the date of t-is Notice. JOHN FW EN. Street Commissioner, and Chairman of the Assessors. Street Commissioner's Office, January 27rh, lsu. j27 10t COKPOKATION NOTICE?Public nntice is hereby given to the owner or owners, occupant or occu ' pants of all Houses and Lots improved or unimproved Lands, affectedthereby,that the following Assessments hive been completed by the Assessors, and are lodged in the Street Com missioner's Office for examination by all persons interested, viz: For fencing vacant lots in the.8th Ward, embracing lots i on the East sideof Washington street, between Gausevoort ? and Horatio streets, on the Westside of Greenwich street, bei tween Gansevoort and Horatio streets, on the South side of Gansevoort street, between Greenwich and Washington streets, ' and on the South side of Horatio street, between, Greenwich and Washitgton streets, ai d on the North side ol Jauestrrer, between Greenwich and Washington streets. Also, on the : South side of 14til street, between 6th and 7th avenues, and on the South side of 14th street, between Hudson street and 8th avenue, on the West side of 9th avenue, between 13th and 14th streets and on the North side of 11th streets; between 6th and ' "th ayenues. Also, on the North-sideof 13thstreet, beoveen . 8th and 9'.h avenues and on th- South >id- of tub street, be ' twee;, nth and irjth avenues. Also, on the South side ot Ham? mond street, between Washington and West streets, on the ' [Vorth side of Jane street, between 8th avenue and Hudson st. ! and on the West side ol Hudson street, between Charlesaud IVrry st. Also, in th-10th Ward on the West side ol Eldridge i street, between Delancyaud Broome streets, and on toe Last ' side of Forsyth street,between Delancy and Rivington streets. \ also in the 15th Ward on the South side of 13th street, be? tween Broadway and University Place, ou the North side o! llth st, between University Placeaud5th ivenueaud ontlseb. ' west corner of 10th street and 5:h avenue. Also, in the 16tn ! Waid on the South side of 15th street, between 8th and 9th avenues, on the North side of 17th Street, between 9th and 10th avennes, and ou the North side of 18th b< tween the 7th and ' and R:h avenues. Also, in the 17th VV an! on the South side of I 5th street, between the 1st ?nd 2.1 avenues.on the North side ol 1 10th street, between 2d and 3d avenues, and ou the South side [ of I Ith "treet, between the 2d and 3d avenues, and on the West aid-- of 3d avenue, between I3th and I Ith streets. I All persons whose interests are affected by the above.named , assessments, and who are opposed to the fame, or either ot , them, are requested to present their objections,mwriting, to . to the undersigned, at the Street Commissioner's Office, with j iu thirty days from the date of this not^-fl ^, ?Wg N Street Commissioner, and Chairman of Assessors. Street Commissioner's Office. January 25th. 184). j=f> _ r~lA0 MASONS?Scaled proposals will be r^ceiv X ed nr tlie Street Commissioner's office. Hall of Records, ,. uuril the 7th day of February next, to .bui Id a Drain in Lispe 3 nard st. from Church st. to the sewer in Chapel st. For further particulars, enquire at the Street Commission? er's office, where specifications may b<" obtained. JOHN EWEN, Street ( ommissiouer. Street Commissioner's Office. January 27. 1844; |29 I TVyfOJlISON'S VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL , JLvji. MEDICINES.?Caution to the People of. America.? - We hereby certify, that Messrs: FIKTI1 it HALL, of Frank I tin Square, New York, are our only GENERAL AGENTS \i for the United States of America; and that neither Hosn\ io v Shjjpheako Moat nor Gkoiiof. Ta vi.on, onr late Agents, II are in any way autherised to vend Muruo.fs Ve^euhl?. I V.t f versa] Medicines. As many imitations are in circulation, this 1 Caution becomes highly necessary. All persona selling oni . Medicines in the United States must have the authority ol the ? before-named Messrs. FiaTH St Hall. (Signed) MORlSON,MOAT&Co.,Hygeistt. ? British College of Health, New Road, London, Jan. UH3. The above caution, emanating from the "British College ol Health. London,'7 will be hailed with the warmest enthusi asm by the friends of the Hygeian System,,inasmuch as it tends to expose and oppose th* worthless counterfeits which . have been exteusively circulated by those who ;.re as destitute i of moral principle, as they are ignorant of the " healing art.' The invaluable medicines of the British College maybe ob ' tained in their original purity of several gentlemen who have . taken agencies in sevrafof the different States, whose names \ will be found in the "New York Courier and Enquirer."? They can be had also iu the original packages of the toilow ing sub-Agents, viz: . Messrs. Paul Pou X Co. W John st. " H. H. Schieffelin & Co. 104 and 106 John st. " J. C Whitmore, Esq. 45 South st. ?' Isaac Snell, 190 Greenwich st. i Peter Hampton, 190 Canal at., New York city. , Messrs. Post St Lewis, Jericho, L. I. R. D. Bardwell, Trey, New York. , Mrs. Goodliff, Utica. do Mr. W. Ii. Burtis, Rochester, do ? Messrs. Cornwall i*. Butler, Pokeepsie, N. ;. [ '? W..I. Styles. Rhinebeek, do t mi ti FRITH St HALL. General Aumm.l Franklin so-av. SCOTT'S VEGETABLE 'PILLS.?Mrs. old ham, aged 71 years, resididing Rth st. corner of South j and 1st, Williamsriurg, after 1G month,' intens.' suffering from j j Erysipilas in both legs, has been cured and i< rapidly improv . big ina'trength by the use of these Pills. Individuals also'in this City articled with Scrofula, T/ropsy iu the Head, Dys I- i>epsia, Liver Complaint. Inflammation on the Lungs, pain in e th- Breastand Sides, Influenza, Croup, ?tc. have been effects ] ally cured by them, and can be referred to. Sold in boxes at I2i cents each at Scott's Vegetable Pill Office,55 Canal-street; - also at E. G. L mgdon'a, 403 Broadway; G. B. Price. 300 ; Hudson-st.: H. S. Dunn, 114 3th Aveuue; J. Sla'?>/. -12 Divi 5 sion-st,N. York. B. McBrear, Fulton, corner ol High st., e Brooklyn. D. Smyth, 320 Broad st., Newark. S. V in g Schaacit, 44 South Marfcet-sereet, Albany. Keusdell it Gnl fin, 97 Congress-st. Troy. f Agents want'd. j!3 km* { TT>M. HKOWN'S COMPOUND HONES ET VV CANDY, MEDICATED-Within a few months ; ?.'i,500 pounds ha?e been sold afthia celebrated cough remedy. ] It :s no quack medicine, as its ingredients are known to nil j th it make ice of it, they being mentioned in the direction; which are boneset herb, elecampane root, root ot' s.juilL, root of liquorice,seneca ?nal-.e root, and many other roots and j herbs known to ?*e good for c*ughs, colds, phthisis, bronchi f tis. whooping cough, and all disc-ases of rhe lungs.sore throat Also it is in extensive u^e for clearing the voice for vocalists and public speakers. Tins Medicine Candy has gained a great reputation f or curing the above complaints. In cense ' quence of its extensive sale, it has caused many base counter ' feits to be offeied to the public, in consequence of winch the ; proprietor has his name stamped on the candy; alsoadirec tion will accompany the candy, when purchased at the rlrug ? gists. For sale only in Boston by Win. Bvown,e<81;Wash ii. ton street. In New York by A. B. it D. SANDS, No. 79 F h I ton st-, 77 East Broadway, 273 Broadway. ja!3 lm s EBRING'S RES'I'? 11 ATI V E CORD IAL. IS now universally admitted to be a certuin >l>ecilic for Dyspepsia, Nervous Affections, Weakness, Less of Appetite, Debility. 8tc. Physicians t)re3cnbe it to their pa? tients; gentlemen who have experienced tLa curative effects, gratefully recommend it; ladies have derived the greatest benefit from it? exhibition in nervous and other complaints; epic-uresare restoreil to their appetite; and the weak and feeble are made strong and vigorous. "Health, the poor man's riches ? ?the rich mauls bliss," has, through its influence, been ex . tended to all classes and conditions?mechanics aiyj manufan i turers, merchants and bankers, lawyers and divines, philoso i phera, poets.and planters, have all been cured by this medicine, as their ceitificates and recommendations satisfactorily prove, l e: thousands upon thousands remain who are daily suffering ? torture, both of" mind and body, from the above complaints;, when an infallable remedy is offered to them in the Restora? tive Cordial, which is'prepared by C. C. SEBRLNG.and sold at'his office No. 6 Murray street. i ' > ' m nocT. iioitsEini?'ri^s"' GERMAN COUGH DROPS. i DREPARED and sold wholesale by JOHN J. , J- DAVIS,, city of Hudson, Columbia county, N. Y.; and for sale iu this city at wh?lesale and retail by James S. Aspiwwall, i 86 William-str-^r-t, General Agent for this city: an 1 by most of the principal retail druggists in New York and Brooklyn. This is not a neto medicine. It has been known for years, and its h 'a?tig intluences have been felt bv thousands in the vicinity where it hasbeensold. But no effort has ever before be.u maoV to introduce it to the public at l-.rge hv means of the pre&=;. It has bren l*ft to woilt its way silently by its own intrinsic merits, and to depend for its celebrity upon actual experience and the wnv.derjul cures it ha, effected. The extent ol these, and th- high and just reputation which it has thui acquired, are manifest from hundreds of testimonials, Voluntarily furnished {to the proprietor by gentlemen of the medical profession arid others who have tried it. It is now, for the first time, advertised in the public journals, in order that \tz priceless benefits maybe made known, and enjoyed more widely by the afflicted who are suffvring without a knowledge of it? healing powers. Colds, Coughs. Asthma, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Croup, Worms, Hemorrage (or raising of blood), and the whole class of diseases affecting the breast and lungs, te-.iing to consuininion, and other kindred diseases, are controlled by it as by a charm. These complaints are of a most insidious character. They commence w ith a slight cold, or with some trifling ailment, whkh, being at first neglected, leads to in? flammation, and i lowly .advance step oy step antil the con? stitution gives way, and the victim is brongJjtto.Oiejyery verge of the grave. . No person who has any regard for rhe inestimable blessing of health should be without this mild, pleasant, safe, and yet powerful BALSAM. In thb climatet where shacges of weather ar- so suddt:n. and their effects so injurious, it is immensely important. A timely use of it has saved and will ?av- thou? sands from the pains ofprotracted iHness, from beds of lan? guishing, from wasted frames, debilitated constitutions, r.nd ev-n froin death itself. The tr if!i*g >um paid for a bottle of this extraordinary curative, his oir?n sav-d vast anms of money avhich must have bee?. paid for medical attendance during a long conrae of painful sickness. With alithetr wonderful and efficacious powers DR.Hot'iK Majt's Gebaiaw CotJQH Dnop.i are free from every ingredient of a debilitating or dangerous narure. They are a purely vegetable compound, and may be taken with entire safety in all kinuU of wiathrr and under all circumstances. The use of this luvalnabk medicine has also caused great improvement in the lieMth ol p-rsons constitutionally feeble, as irs effect is to impart toue and vigor to the system, while it in no instate weakens the patient- It acts as a mild healing expectorant and at ?he same time as a very jjentle tonic It is in short 'he healfng balm which restores health, strength, vig?r, e?as ?t:iBT, and cheerfulness to the w*dkeri^d frame and the des? ponding mind. It is the sign of triumph over sickness and Ra,ff??irmost oppressive forms. This is proved by the in.alliple testimony of thonsandi who have tried ; it may b proved by an who cnose to try it. Price 50 cents a bottle of 4 0'inces-_n213tawly lm ?THE CHEAPEST CASH TAILORING Es". CN i^ISHMENT IN NEW-YORK.-J. L. FRAN LIN 22t>i flowery. 3d door brlow Pnuce-?treet. Always on hand.a_wellselected stock of READY MADE CLOTH p ?. ot ropenorqu -li:/. at lower j.nce, than can bo furmshesl I D,V any other esubluhment in this city. Every description 0?' ! clothing manufactured to order by me, warranted to fit, ami I ,nn*r in tue most t u,'nionable style, unless otherwise ordered. Coats. I antaloons. Vests. Stocks. Co'lars, Bosoms, Shirts, Socks, Gloves, ^usnendefs, Handkerchiefs, Cravats, 5tc, at prices to suit the mojt economical. All gooda mu?t be paid for on delivery. ja30 1w? . ? sammkXBtsmmsmutamm commission paper WAREH??SP NO 43 JOHN-$TKEET 1TL1.IOT. BUR NAP & BABCOCK are cnn i-j -.ta-t!v ?applied with a large Bad general ?t,-. PAPERS, suited to all den-utmrnuofrh'; SS? " * Binders'and Trunk fcnb SkSw Sd Wrf h topers, etc &c ? ? ^rncj I ^r-maker, .applied with ail kind, of stock ^ PAKJSNTS; DON'T NLMLKCT Yui'Rfi? r reeu-Thowands ofchfld?, annually beconVdtafb i2t sequence of dischargeso matter from -LirV; v,,,COt* scarlet fcver, cold?,SuX SteTkc Now ,r ' -k v lll,!uc?i >>? theirduty, nJ procure ^^^SldS^A nse it as directed, tbeu children would K?' ? ifneglected, tue discharge cootianes vetv twlniIS ' ,: hearing gradually gets worse, and ffiv ?StTSPi' the ness^ensnea. Tin. i,raluab.e , r!?Vf IMPROVED CI?MCAL U^fr^2 OPODELDOC F?? . AND ANODVNK LINIMENT. OR the radical and permaiiem cure of goaiv atlectior.s ami rheumatic puns, indoierutamors .?.n2 tendons, braises cramps, strains,numbness ofthe^K. !?? ness or weakness ol the joints; nlso, pain in the br? r h or loins, pain and swelling is the fact, sore throat, mann, v. I his embaocauon is a rare and valuable comhmvA ? warm, snmulaht, and anodvue m;redi*i;ts, and wii'i k7.\ *) I it suj er.or to any of the Opodeldocs or Liniments her? invented lor any of the alHive-menticmrd maladies *_? n-,.,.,1 spplication to remove pain and uflamiiiatiaa 'mtil1' ficial effects are immediate arid certain; and ,? irSm_S pains or gouty affections, tts soodung a?,l amvirnr l-rorvrrT are manifeated soon ater its application. Price 2S?ntT^ Prepared and sold, w holesale and retail, by "~ DAVID SANDS k CO Apotliec Ines and ( hemuts, 77 r.a*t Broadwav. eo-aer \\\. ker-st.; 79 ivulton-st; aud273 Broadway,cor. ?'lnmb?r-it-e.'.' (Granite. Jamlding). jt6tm WASHINGTON ELlXlft.-A pure Ve?^ t ? Compound.? Nature $ Cod has secreted in ?ievre?. t ?mg.: im. sal- , sur- lud sp-.-lv remedies for all disei^T to search for and discover these, is a part ol man's ail.c^,' toil." This tsvll known asserth u of Dioscoridi s, one most profound ol .the ancient Philosophen; has recent another evudence or its trurh and wisdom, in the dittetervtf the Washington Elixir, which, for it* many virtues but b? called i (iou-send to the afflicted! It is only necessary to ?av of it, that hundreds of out best cittirtis can attest its aim.* magic i ower in thoroughly curing that most intolerable of ?n dise '.?es? - tCeriba substances, is. ol course, perfecdy simple and hannW though unequalled for the rapidity and visor with which r compels the stomach to perform the peculiar functions r*. rjMired in effecting a radical cure of the above mention^ diseases?one dose having, not infrequently, caused aryrnu. nenr cure. The Washington Elixir, in envelopes containing ide and precise directions for its use, may be obtained of D, E. M. GUION, 127 Bowery, cor. of Grand-st; and of 11. ^ Moss,'cor. Grand ind Cannon-sts.: J. Wendoeer, Hi Kigrgh Avenue; A. W. Gabauden, 31 Sixth Avenue; Dr. H. Lejjft; cot. Avenue D and 3d street; D H- Burtnett, corner 3d Atp inie and Rthstieet; Dr. H. A. Field, comer Broadway andlt? street; Guinness, 128 3d Avenue, corner ftth street; Ed. CW teney, corner Bowery and Broom* street; J. J. CoddiuRia 227 Hudson street; E. L. Cotton, 266 Bleecker-street: 01h^ Deromas & Co.;39 Chatham street: Dr. Wm, Cecil. Yorkn& A. L. Louusbury, Manhattanville; Dr. W. (i. Wood, F^' lern. il lu T O/'ENOE FOR COLD IN THE HKALU j~j Always safe and effectual. It insrautly relieves theia bility of bmthttm throuRh tlie ii(i>rrits, and the burning ttca tion of the pituitary membrane. N. D. It is also an apinr?; for Bronchitis&ud chionic hoarseness. m'>deaudw by J. & I. CODiMNGTGN. Druggists, :!27 Hudsonste? Spring. Sold, also, by Rushton &. Co.MIO Broadway?{ 10 Astor House; Jas. S. AspiuM all, 3^> William street; T. R Deforest, 12 Greenwich si ; Jas.'1 arrant, 266 Greenwich* and J. Meakim,511 Broadway. Price 26 cents a box. jalG Im* _ _ DEAD WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES JLV HAVE DONE.?Mr. DAY. boots nuker, Wo.? Ta> laryitreet, Brooklyn,.suffered greatly for eighteen monh with emaciation, debility sickness of the stonuch.losiofi^ petite, shooting pains in the bowel?, his stomach neglec'fdii ii . . very kind of food, except sugar. He had been ities Sal by /arious physicians and for two months by the profoMn 01 the University, and all to no purpose. On reading Dr. Sherman's Hook descriptive of the lynp toms of worms he thought they met his c^3e; s'< hr purchu*) a box of Sherman's Worm Lozenges. A few doses sroaghi away, >s he judged, about two quarts of worms, and outinb cimd him. A multitude Of similar cases might be m?ouoo ed wh-.-ie children and adults had suffered all DUt deith fror. WOrmi, and DOthlug gave relief but Sherman's Lozeign. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Wboopins Cough, and evenCoc sumption, are all sooner cured by Sherman's Cough Loir* ges than any other known remedy. Tin y allay the tickhrr in a few second?, 4111I enable those afflicted with the mrathir rassing cough., to sle--p v\in)le uighLs The Rev. Dr. Dttttu. Rev. Mr. DeForext,Rey. Dr. Eastmondand hundrt-d?uftki sands can artest to their happy virtues as Others can U)Ae efficacy of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, for headu he, paipW tation, lowness of spirits, sea ?ickne^s and latitude, (ser bodily or mental exertions, and forth- wonderful propertir of Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, which 1 osts but tZicsats, niid is a warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, sauor weakness in th breast, ?ide, btck, or any part of thewd,. Ask for >h 'rmau's Poor Man'? Plaster, and see that hbnuif and Ins fac simile with directions for use are on the back. Therear? a great many worthless imitations hawked abo?t and sold by unprincipled druggists. Remember to Ret Sher? man's Lozenges and Plasters and Truss?none others, orya will be d- ceived. Dr. Sherman's Warehouse, rs 106 Nassau street. Aipnt? 227 Hudson street comer Spring ; ISO Bowery corner apriag 7T East Broadway corner Market; 86 William street; HI.D; 1^9and 601 Broadway. In Brooklyn. Mrs. Hays, 139 Fultav and Mountain's Drugstore, 333 Fulton. Simsou coruerfr? pect and Jackson streets. In Jersey 1 ity, E. Randall, (rrocc In Mi wark, J. E Trippe, Broad street. Philidelpliia,Z*flw St Co., 3 Ledger Buildings. Uoston, Redding ic< 0.. 8Su> street. AI banv. A. Guthrie, ?! Stanwix Hall. Dr.Jame*A. Reed corner Gav and Saiati ga streets. Baltimore. Jon? & Cl 11k, Washington City. A Head, Charleston,S..C. ?.E Thomas, L47 ?laiu street, Cineiunari. L. M. BoycetChica? go. Andrew Oliver *t Co., New Orleans. D'Antlgauk Barry, Augusta D. Rohisou. Harrisburg. j.i22 lmDaW S U HIT RESTOK EU and INFLAM? MATION OK THE EYES CUREDBl THE ROMAN EYE BALSAM, a apt cifie Ointment for diseases of the eye.~Tliouian<li are suffering with weak eyes, or inlhmmstioa of the eyelids, so sev ere as to deprivenhem of all me enjoy? ments of life, and render existence ifself almoAt aburtheato tn?-m, when they rrnght in a very short tiuw be completely cured, and their eyes restored to their natural brightness, by using the celebrated Roman Eye Balsam. There is 110 articW pretiared that is so immediately certain to remove the piuwd inflammation from the eyelids and restore the sight. Any disease or weakness of the eve tint can be cured without jn o?e*ation will yield quickly to the specific effect of this ph a ml application. Many people have been restored to tight :>y a few applications of this valuable balsam, after otfvr means had failed to give them reli-f. 1:; small jars, priCf 2i cents. Prepared and sold oy DAVID SANDS & CO. Dragzh? and Chemists, 77 East Broadway, comer Markctst, Sold also by A. ?. et D. Sands, 79 FuIton-9t.; A. B. Sands k Co., 273 Broadway, corner Chambersstrset. j 16 Iro CLOVE A~N(JDYNE. Tooth-Ac he Drop?. AN IMMEDIATE AND t'KR FECT < :U RE.?Those who lute felt the painful throbbing i'nd exciuciating pangs of this disease shooting through their jaws with most tormenting P*,ie" verance, and, as is often the case, lu?e received but little sympathy "?a friends on such occasions, will m doubt be much pleased to know of a remedy that will never fad to tjuiet foievei the. unmercifulot fen tier. The Uove Anodyne is the best;of all tooth-ache remedies. It is immediate and certain in 1U effects, curing the most rn> lent tooth-ache Or pain in the gums in one minute. , Experience has proved that this anodyne composition win give immediate and permanent relief after the failure of errry nther remedy; it is pleasant to the taste and smelltwill not uj jure the teeth or v'iirns in any way, and afeW applicatioirt will entirely remove die pain ami norcneas from a decayed tooth,to that it may be filled and rendered 35 useful as ever. When trw pain proceeds from the face, or from r!;e gums around a tootta apparently sound, this application will give speedy relief vf rubbing a few drop; on the par' affected. Price 2.'>c?nte. For sale by DAVID SAN DS Jc 1 0. No. 77 East Broad way: ?) Fulton street, and 273 Broadway, comer Chambers st. Granite Buddings. *_jig 1 jap CHUKCH BELLS AND TOWN S CLOCKS.?The subscriber, who was awarded with a dmiorna at the New-V ork State Fair, 18<2 and 1813,/W the best toned Church lUil, \t no* prepared at his fournfry. at W< Troy, N. V. to furnish Bells of any weight, from 20 lbs. to 4000 lbs. made of the rv*t inaUr rials, and warranted to stand and tone such as to please. Fastens to them the improved cast iron yoke with movable arms. The increasing demands foi his I Is is the best.evi? dence that can 1?? give.11 of their excellence. To say nothing of other States, between, three i-.nd four hundred Church B*U* have hren furnished for different places m the State of New. York from his foundry. Ar-io, Leveling aud Surveying Instruments, Coprmr and B1 ass Castings. &c 0I6 tf_AN_DRE W M EN EELY-_ AM E HICA N^COOmT^tools and TOOLS m general for HOUSE and SHIP CARPENTERS, BUTCHERS, Stc. &c. can be obtained in all their variety at WHOL? SALE and RETAIL, at 3? FULTON-STREET. NEW YORK, of die most c<debni,?d manufacturers, (ujarrom>? Cast Steel,) such as ALBERTSON'S, CONGER'S, BARTON kSMITH'S, MORTON'S, GIFFORD'S, and other makers. Coopers' Doweling Bitts; do. Beck Irons; a do. TapandBung-boreni do. Leveling Planes; do. Vices; do. Compasses; do. Markinglrons.S??' AI-SO^ American Iron Bivets; Coopeis' Truss Hoops; do. Head and Slave Join ters; do. Stock Howells and Crosers; do. E races; NOTICE?Sufficient is it in answer to the advertisemen th..t appenra to contrary, diat we not only hare the Tools *f John Cokorr, 33 Attorney-street. New-York, for sale as hf re advertised, but we alvi have the genuine WAXRA^Tru Cast Steel John P. Co:tger'sj which we warrant m allr,fc ipects equal, if not superior, lo John Conger's. f . And as die said John Conger has manifested so much lew in; in relation to our selling Pools that are not his .roa*e. ? deem it but justice, for the infonnauou of the public, to s?v that the said John i.'onger leamed his trade with the tatner .01 said John P. Conger. And as for proof of the quality ol u,? Tools made by John P. Coneer, we have aBnndWC?^*? they do not require the name of John Conger, 33 Auonaej strver, to make them A liberal discount on edge tools, to merchsnts. n?ii.? The snhscribers are also Imcortkrs and OfcttERAL iv^ rr-s in ENGLISH, GERMAN and AMERICAN WARE, CUTLERY, 8tc, including a very EjfJ*^ AsioRTMEWT, which they offerto<?orNTRvMr.BCiM>Ti others at Maukkt Pricks. OS BORN & LIT" L*~ ' HiKLKS OsB01t?f, ?ttm Charles S. Little._JJz? "HORSE-SHOES^? Warranted superior ?Q every respect to any heretofore used, at abont thep ^ of the iron in bar. Ail douhu ?n this subject/tw ^ removed, .is by seudiug &> by mail or odierwise,1C"to sorted sizes, will immediately be forwaided? WJUT^jTrfd, suit the s<iction of country for which thay g^logj by applvimr ro the snbicribtr at the works, or ^ ? . St cS VSrrens, Hart St Lesley. J. C. Heartt & Jro^ Troy; Lew.s Behadict & Co., John Towusend, An??^ Piersons & CoM N>w-York; l.s.hartes Smith. Bn?to?^nia\or?. B. W. Jones, Philadelphia, and E. Piatt it Brother, BiJ?aiw?? where farther information may be had on die sumj-ci. . Troy Iron and Nail Factory- HENRY BUt">**\ aa21tf

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