The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1950 BLYTHEVTLIJ! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sunday Suppers Need Surprises Swiu Che«M Legs, Rom«quins, Sardines Among Rar* Di»h«s Looking for t delicaU. yet sub- »Untial surprise' for your Sunday rflBt suppers? Then fice toward Switzerland and listen to the way they use their wonderful cheese PAGE THIRTEEN Pooch Your Fish Like on Egg To Acquire Distincetive Ftovor (Serves *—J U«« *• a portion) Orie-ciuarter pound Swiss cheese, diced, IV pound Swiss cheese, grated, i egg,' 1 pint; of thick cream sauce,'sail : and pepper to taste. Mix cheese, slightly beaten egg and cream sauce together; add salt and pepper Lo taste. Put in refrigerator to set. When set, roll mixture Into long thin rolls about 1 Inch In diameter, cut Into finger- length slices. Roll in melted butler and then In bread crumbs. Pry in hot, deep (sit until golden brown. Switzerland Ramequins Bake a [laky pie dough in Individual ramequins. When cooked remove from rameQuins and cool. Mix together the following ingredients (recipe to fill one shell). One-half cup milk, ',', tablespoon flour. ',i pound Swiss cheese, ->i nf which is diced, V, of which is grated. 1 egg, slightly beaten, salt and pepper to taste. • Place backed shell back in rame- quin and pour the above mixture into it. Bake iti slow oven (275 degrees P.) for 15 minutes. Here's another delicacy to lift your Sunday supper party out of the ordinary: Casserole of Sardines (Makes Z wnrinjs—double recipe) (2 cans) for 4 cervinis) ain the oil from a 3};-ounce of Norwegian sardines. Place the sardines In a shallow casserole or 2 individual baking dishes. Spread with a rich prepared mustard. Let sland for about half an hour. (While a beverage is being mixed of half «nrt hplr tomato and sauerkraut juice with • dash of lemon juice.) Bake the sardines In a moderate oven (375 degrees F.1 for about 15 minutes. Decorate with chopped parsley, and lemon .wedges. Serve with ; Melb« Unit and the tomato juice drink - FOB FINK tATINC—Br«Ue* hiUlmi rfeaks take «o > flavor with bruiltd fruit. Delaware Offers Aid to the Cooks By Tested Recipes Thrift tn«t t»lM good-dial's what every homemakfr dreams of. Want the know-how? Well, use tested recipes, select only foods In plentiful supply and plan menus in advance. , Let's lake eggs, for example, and combine wllh ham. Both eggs and ham are plentiful. Plan tonitu row's imenii today, using this recipe, tested by Delaware .Extension Service: Scaliu|>ed Ens and Ham Six hard-cooked eggs, 2 cups white sauce (made' with 2 cups milk 4 tablespoons fat, 4 tablespoons flour), l^ciip chopped cooked ham, 1 cup bread crumbs, 4 (able- spoons melted butter., MoUten crumbs with butler. Into greased baking dish, put layers of crnmbA,. white sauce, chopped ham and sliced eggs. Repeat, cover top wilh crumbs, and brown in a moderate oven (350 degrees P.) Or this one tested by cooking experts of the Department of Agriculture: Ham an4 Kir Potato Saljd Add to 2 cups of potato salad, '« cup diced cooked imm and 4 ftimrtered liard-cooked eggs. Serve with tomalor wedges and to-sscd green salad. Kale, wonderfully valuable as food, always on the less cosily side, Is abundant ,iow. So plan a Danish Kale Soup for tomorrow's hot luncheon, using this recipe tested by Connecticut Extension Service: Ikanlsh Kale Soup (6 srrvlnts) Pour cups milk, 2 tablespoons fat (bacon or table, 1 medium! onion, finely cut, 3 medium potatoes, cooked and cubed.' >/S . to • H teaspoon salt, i c up rgw kale, broken into (l-iiicli pieces. Scald the milk in .lie top of n double boiler. Brown the-onion lightly in the [at. Add all the other ingredients to the mllic and cook over boiling water for arjuut 15 minutes or until the kale is tender. Meat Cookery fxpert Advises Broiling Steak Broiled stenks merit special cooking atlonHon-but tittle of It! According to ncba Stages, well known meal cookery expert, broiling slcnks .so they arc uniformly browned on the outside and cooked to the desired degree of tlonehess on the inside is quite a slinlc mnller. First of all it is tinporluiil where he Jlenk Is placed In the broiler. The correct distance from the heat s two lo three Inches depending on the thickness of the steak (1 inch steaks, 2 inches; 2-inch slcaks, inchcsh This will give- a moder- alc broiling temperature of about 350 degrees p. The second simple rule of broiling is dial the steak needs to be turned only once When the meat is nicely browned it Is cooked about half way through and then It is seasoned, turned on Ihc sc om! side and finished cooking. When thai side Is cooked, it I; seasoned and (lie steak is ready for Ihe meal platter and Immediate serving. England's King Henry III Is salcl to have chosrn a grain of corn from thn middle of the ear as llic slan- diird of weight. SLICED BACON Crisp, Tender, T«ty Serve H fof brealrfait, lunch or supper. MIMPHIl PACKIM* «• or quick- frozen, Is popularity on Ainer- Pisli, fresh •steadily gaining lean tables. Bui careful cooking is a must £or all fisli. Poaching is one of Ihe besl ways. Let's listen to James Beard, author of the attractive and informative new "The Fireside Oook Book' on the subject. He's an ace, with victuals. Wrap fish iti cheesecloth and tie Hie ends or losp them so that it will be easier to lift the cooked fish out of the pan and unroll it onlo a plate or plalter. The fun Is brought Just to Ihe boil in either salt water or • court- bouillon, then simmered very geiilly ooked. Ideal for cerlain fish bly salmon, which may then be .served either hot or cold. Use strained court-bouillon as' the 'base of a sniice or an aspic. Overcooking can ruin good fish. The flesh should be flaky and firm, never mushy. In poaching fillets or. -small piece? of fish, allow about 1 minute per ounce. Test with a toothpick. Court-Bouillon Trimmings of fish (hca.i, fins, bones, etc.), 1 cup red or white wine until c notably IN THE PROBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNY, ARKANSAS, CHICKASAWBA DISRICT Estate of Archie F.- Lovelace, deceased. Last address known: North Franklin St., Blythevilk. Arkansas. Date of death, February 4, 1950. The undersigned has been appointed administratrix of the above named decedent. All persons having claims agaiiist tj«Y estate must exhibit them, duly aWlienticated, to the undersigned within six month.'; from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and pre:hii!ed from any benefit In. the estate. : First notice published Feb. If 1950. Onie" May Lovelace, Executrix Address: North Franklin Street, Bjytheville, Arkansas Frank C. Douglas, attorney. 2]16-23-3|I or 1-4 cup wine vinegar, '2 quart.s v-aler, 1 medium onion sluck with 2 cloves, 6 peppercorns. 1-2 bay leaf. 1 1-4 tablespoons suit, 2 sprigs parsley, .pinch of thyme. • Obtain extra tiimmiiiijp,' If needed, at the-fish dealer's. Cover fish ' pieces with \valcr and add wine or , wine vinegar, onion, pc-p)K:rcorns, : bay leaf, salt, parsley and thyme.: Simmer 21) minutes. Strain and set ; aside until ready to use for the lush. I B*kdil r'illels, Pioneer Slyle ! (Serves 4) Two medium onions, 4 tablespoons butter, salt. 4 fish fillel.s, olive oil, pepper. 1-2 cup buttered crumbs, chopped. parsley, crumbled crisp baron. Slice onions very Ihin. Saute In butler until just transparent. -Salt to taste. Oil a shallow baking dish with olive oil. Arrange filleU on baking dish and sprinkle with salt and peppej-. Co«'er with the sauleed onions ami sprinkle with buttered crumbs. Bake in a hot oven (400 degrees P.) 12 to 15 mimiles or until fish is cooked. Sprinkle with parsley and bacon. Serve at once. Read Courier News Classified Arts Don't Just Salt it- CAREY NICKEL SAVER Auzzib Henry • .Grocery Manager STORE 309 North 6th Hiwoy 61 Joe Strickland ; ' • Meat Market Manager Nickels In Your Pocket At These Prices Fresh short .shank PICNIC HAMS 32 We kill and clean our FcLL DRESSED HENS ,35 Krash, lean PORK STEAK I.b. 39 C Kresh, lean PORK CHOPS 49 Joe Strickland's COUNTRY SAUSAGE 39 Sugar Cured BACON FUTCHES , h 15 Best jrrade, rind-on SLICED BACON ,,35 Good quality BEEF ROAST Lb. 49 Cored satoked BACON SKINS .... Lb. 1*2 12 1c Sogar < JOHLIACOR Lb. 19 Fresh COUNTRY EGGS , 32 Fresh, crisp CELERY hunch 5 Domino Pure CANE SUGAR 10 89 Sunshine Krispy CRACKERS l.b. box Armour, 1 Ib. can ' PORK & BEARS 5 49 Glendale CHEESE FOOD 2 , 69 All brands SWEET MILK Sun-Lite FLOUR M l.h. Sack II. S. No. I RED POTATOES 10 ,,33 Always right PET MILK 3 Tall Cans PEACHES COCA-COLA The Pause that Refreshes CASE Mountain grown Folger's Coffee Plantation Sliced PINEAPPLE No. 2 Can 25 ror DaKing • ^^ , ^ ^^ SNOWDRIFT 3-69 75' Domino Pure jm £^ ^^ ^^ CANE SUGAR]0-89 Top Kick ^^ jm ^^ DOG FOOD 3: 18 Soft Toilet Tissue iott loilet 1 issue m ^^ ^^ CHARMIN 4 Rolls 29 ( Krispy CRACKERS Ib. box 26c j\ll Fliivurs GUM 3 , () 10 C Hei] Knglish Brand SLICED BACON is. Krcsh DRESSED HENS ,„ 39 £ Fresh' DRESSED FRYERS Ib. Coimlry Style PORK SAUSAGE 5 Ibs. 98 Streak O' }.enn SALT MEAT All Meat BOLOGNA . Ib 39' Armour whole or lialf CURED KAM Ib. 49' Krcsh fish WHITING Liberty Cash Grocery'i RECIPE Of THE WEIK FOR BETTER NUTRITION Paltitlng the bot- tnni cellar -• step white can help to prevent falls. Tf nil steps are white, paint A black stripe on the bottom one. , V) rnpYiTirlr cut t fat Vt cuy l'*t Milk Roll crachcrs into fine crumbs. There »Kuuld be 1 [ /j cupi crumbi. fake out '/1 cup crumbs nnd »«v c Put larger run omit into bowl And mix wicli manlimaEIowi, d.icci nnd 'nun. Add milk; mix UnlJl no ilry crumbs rem.iiti. Slinpe into a roll 2'/j inchei thick. RoEi m rcu of crumbi. \Vrnp in iv.ixed pnpcr; itore in refrigrratoi .ihouc 6 kauri, or over night. Slice and icrv« with custard sauce, 'if J«tired. M«V,e« •I scrvmRi. You Will AVerfr PET MILK 3 CInihiini CRACKERS 29 M'MALLOWS 18 DATES lk ,25 VEGETABLES II. S. No. 1 RED POTATOES 10 U). .Mesh 29 rionna un.sp Iresh ^^ BLEACHED CELERY Slalk V Florida Crisp fresh Chief Brand OLEO \ Fisher 2 ,. ta 35 C Green Tops FRESH CARROTS Hunch Fi»K CT U.I«C.I,ro™to Ol/ | CHEESE 2 69 ICEBERG LETTUCE „... Q Va Assorted Flavors JELLO 3^.23' Select Fresh EGGS Dozen 33r £V ' i -,'('' ^ s, A¥,A^'

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