Times Colonist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on May 14, 1949 · 8
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Times Colonist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada · 8

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1949
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3 VHTOIM.V HUI.Y II V s.Vn'UhAY. M Y It. i iff-,' K JO f ",!; i llil--'.. ' Mrs. Addems' Tea Today Honors June Bride-Elect I Lis)-' , .1 . f v if VI ie. Irt T ; ..- . ! '.! t-ia.tl I'Cvr I t : l.J i ... r ! ii..i t : . vi , 1 1 1 Jin J;.e V. . . I v. !-a A ! I f : .i -,e t i I . .. I' r e 1 trf I ..... . - 1 t'lir lii.'j .rs. 1 ' -;r I.. ! n It 1 .,'.-:'r ft A Afi (U xAH h -' V U . ' '-."! ..r!S "I r.r 1 I O. - . t V . !i a v! , . i U ik i :o-., a -. . n I!. if if V flr-J I . ' i. Ut 1 i'H 1'iri'. rr Ma i!ev P.E.O. Chapter Formed In Ciiy IThisVcck a's rr;'rt f i t'.'k lit a v a a f Vr .r !i II A h- M .-'..;.! t-f O at At. I" J I I ' .l'f! ' .,,.. it 3 .r 1 ft". l' V U CA. V.r L rj liV f.r-t . ,!S Mi ft l'j 1 j dJ, JCir S: il! J'l.jrt . rr.i trtl v4 .!. t: cl It rf. !r( (if l i ir i 7 a V V Norfolk House Graduates Honored At Tea Hour Today : f At Mi ? S.;fM. -I," tin- An.- '. ! irg.tiit f. fit .! it x wt ? S I S 'rr K ' t ' ivr:: fr . v, Mr St! ft U.:u-t l'.s O fit i1 ;;,. j asi t 1 If 1 i.,-.. J.r a If l;r n ur,i..n. Si hc riUm, ft . n fi i huvtMl bv l-.r Continent Tour Planned, Visitor Welcomed Mrs, William liliv l It, with Mrs. J. P.. S.ily, intir, will Uae Vk toii.i no.t Saturday for Nr Vuik, ficm wlu-rr th will s.ul abiiard the Ss. Media for lingland. Follow in,;? a tour df tin" iiish Islt-s, in whih they will visit n-lativi-s and friends and Mrs. I-Illis will attend the I'M.nhurh Musical Fevtial, they will tour rn the continent, reiurnmy; to Vieturia the middle ct CktuU'r. While Mrs. Kllis is away her daiihter-indaw, Mrs. II irry V,. IZU, li ht. who arrived this week from Montreal, will stay in the F.llis home on Thorj 1'laer. Mrs. Harry tUHs, who Iris many friends in Victoria, is the former MiSs Jean Mad-uhlan, d a: ;h!er of Mrs. A. II. MacUichlan, S I i Newjorl Avenue. She has won fame dm in,; the past two years with publication of her book, "Fact? Fowder anJ CMr;w d- r," a series of ivminiscfncos of her days in war service overseas. Mrs. Naysmith Heads Toaitmistrejs Club Mn. Marjne N;t smiih was t;ccii'd prvM'leni a' ; niciiui of Victoria To.i'naMifsV t'iuli lii li at Cairo CotJw Ship, Other otfictrs. are vlti'-itresulent, Miss Const iikc Chrovv; socn'tar'. Mrs. M. K. Illfick; Irrasurer. Muss M.ir-Harct Harness. iMui Here First, New Citizens fWed In Morning Nuptial Mass 'l nc wt'dlin; tc'iein ;itM at 9 grwim. and uhT were T. Zrwit-I oVIock m;iN8 this morning at St. I koskl and Joseph Seller. Andrew's Callwlia with all tra- A wedding breakfast folUmcd Itlitionul beauty had an added i at. Mrs. Rogers' home, w here touch of sweetness tor it truly -narked the beginning ot new and Final plans for thf annual ban- , hnrpy era or the 1)lincipals, botn quel to Ive tidd at Cllde KnKlana Cue.t Hou.se May 31 at 7 were made. W.M.S. Auxiliaries' Rally On Tuesday A special spring rahy of senior, junior and evening auxiliaries of Women's Missionary Society will be held In IJelmont Avenue United Church, Tuesday at 8. Speaker will be Mrs. D. A. Girvin. Presbyterlal president, who will present important feature of the work. new Canadians from Poland, Miss Eugenila Dynowswa, . who was one of th-: first five girls to arrive in Victoria, and Lezack Kubica. Rev. Father Frank, a Polish priest, came from Vancouver especially to perform the wed- guests included members of the bridal party, also Mr. and Mrs. W. Motherwell, Mrs. V. Now at-nieh, Mrs. H. Zandliovich, Miss I. Rt scoby, Miss J. M. Clay. Miss C. Gardiner and Miss Aitken-head. Later guests were received at Seamen's Institute Hall. The newlyweds, who have both finished their required sericc. T E V: O PRINTED JERSEY DRESSES White and pastel grounds. 1429 DOUGLAS ding ceremonv for the couple, PMn 10 remain in viooria, ana who first met'in Victoria. bc at home at thelr aPart" The church altar was decorated i ment on Cook Street. with profusions of fragrant spring flowers. Miss Marguerete McKay was at the organ, and Mrs. W. Rogers, South Turner Street, with whom the bride had bein staying, sang "Ave Maria." Given in marriage by S. Tom-gyk, the bride wore a suit 'of turquoise blue with navy accessories. Turquoise blue roses fashioned her headdress and she carried a shower bouquet of pink roses and swainsona. Miss Pelagia Yalka was bridal attendant. She chose a light beige suit, brown accessories, pink roses in her hair, and earned a bouquet of carnations and snapdagrons. Bruce Palak attended the The Pubic is Cordially Invited to attend the Admiral's Annual Inspection and "AT HOME" oS The Royal Canadian Sea Cade) Corps "Rainbow" AT THE BARRACKS Foot of Robert Street (off Esquimau Road) on Sunday, May is, 1949 at 2 p.m. . FOR DISCRIMINATING WOMEN COATS - SUITS SWEATERS - SKIRTS FAMQVS MJRABEIXE 3-rLY KNITTING WOOL JJtCCiliSillt) w$ft Listen to Piccadilly Parade 12.15 Daily (Eicept Sunday) Over CJVI 1011 GOVERNMENT, Near Fort G 7333 Club Calendar Britannia Lodge, No. 21G, L.O. B.A., Orange Hall, 723 Courtney Street, Tuesday at 8 p.m. St. John's Evening Branch, Women's Auxiliary, Thursday at 8, guild room. Ladies' Auxiliary to St. Joseph's Villa, Tuesday at 3, in hospital; arrangements forfcridge and tea to be discussed. Junior Catholic Women's League, Monday at 8 p.m. at home of Miss Norah O'Connell, 627 Manchester Drive. Major John Ilebden Gillespie Chanter, I.O.D.E.. Tuesday at 8 p.m. at home of Mrs. D. Patterson, Lockhaven Drive ... St. Mary's Women's Guild, Tuesday at 2.30, church hall, Yale Street, Oak Bay. Sketch Club, Island Arts and Crafts Society, sketching at home of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Pinhorn, corner Quadra and Beckwith Streets, Monday afternoon. Members take Lake, Hill bus from Coach Lines depot at 1.05 or 2.20 to Beckwith terminus. Women's' Auxiliary to Britannia Branch, No. 7, Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L., Tuesday at 7.45 p.m., Britannia Hall, lblb Blan-shard Street . . . St. John's Afternoon Branch Women's Auxiliary, Tuesday at 2.30. Guest speaker, Mrs. S. G. Wilson, diocesan treasurer. I !..if , lll.s'i .1. wt:h lUiile la'.ij Mil l li ) A the t .il.r) at ni.iif f.r Ihe l.tl Mr. Sh-rwiM It. V,ji !-..:! and Mr. J. Arthur lt'u f ' I at the umi and itetir.2 at xni- icui v,i-ie Mi. A. t- t '. i Mi. (U-istiny Hoirt r, Mat-K lire I Wi-Nt snr.hou-., l'i ;:,: I'wig'fy and Mlti Shiiley P.inllncM Ilit.-mr f .-s' w-!n Mi,v t. j Aikin. head mei rv of Ni (oik j i louse Sclnml. with four inemU'r of thi yi-ai'ft tradu.itir.g rl.i.vs, ' Mis L'e. anne Gl itz, Mis Shrila John-on, Me-n l'er.r!ip Itiaide and Mi Shiiiiy Wimiculcy. OtJ'.t-i a!t'!i'li! wire Mrs, Juhn F.aivl.ty, Mis. Ken I'oosn'.an. Mrs. C. D. Buckle of S;dn.-y. N!r. David CarTiuha.-l, Ml. F. J. Child. Mr. J. Coulter. Mrv C. Field. Mis. W. Findley. Mrs. David Groos. Mrs. IVnnis Harris, Mis. John Hediry, Mrs. Urginald Klrk-Owcn. Mrs. Logan Mayhcw, Mrs. L';ic Meitalfe. Mrs. Krm-st Maule of Shawnig.in t-ike, Mrs. R. Mciuatt, Mrs. James Mills, Mrs. V. G. I'inhorn, Mrs. James Piddington. Mrs. Iw Williams, Misses Diana Arnisnn, Ruzette Baker, Joyce Buchanan, Betty Carr, Hilary Castle, Tim Castle, Desiree Davis, Nancy Grant, Valentine Harlock, Christine Humble, Meg Jones, Dianne Lee, Denise Mara, Jean McKcnie Grieve, Joy Munday, Joan Newton, Erica Peplcr, Patsy Phts, Eiiaeth i Ridewood, Nancy Shaw, Daphne1 Syson, Peter Williams, Care i Wyllie and Francess Watt. F UH ANNE I.UT. ' 1 ' " J V. L ' i . . .-'lit II. A .lollNSuN 1 i ' , w - - i J..? i is .(r:.(-t:! ' j; rt I I r n t) r ! t tr t.- r. H p ( r : c a -.-t (i'f i 1 t I y i y . . I M I V-fr e-J (' s ' i . S, s I ! . -. !-- l. it) i .;' Mi I. V , .,.. ta Vr n'virt.K.n'c ;;!. -.ti p.i'vi-. t-" Mi Ka'iei.nr !. ) r! A pi l-oi -n ft y- t -'rt ilnvia'"d l ! !:rir l!.e tt-4 UtV Vi iT!i!!r. .? l ! I rUfijVMsrr.l t.( l'i-.k en I A'l eii ran j-jii' lu:.; s t U'.y t-t I" e Ul'rV fl.it r.inS l y rr'Jl rjf, !rl at : iird Ivcny ri- '. J.. !- n,J y,:' Vr i?i iri 1-I a' l! e iitT.a Rrfrrvt.tf.rj!! V-!P HTSr-t ly ttsr l,in'i ". rhap'-r i I t .' Ir.jf Use Mtr-'.t'.lii tffrrc.ur.y a .x i-ll hm:r i tnltrd. Auxiliary Linen Shower At Y.M.C.A. 1-adirV AuiUarv 1a tl.e Y.M. C.A. will be hui:e'xii at u.e an nual linen di.tiwer Tintt viay irtan 3 to 5 In Vt r muril rm at Y.M C.A. President of the atixi t. ary. Mr. Iv.n.ii l McA He, wld te-nut guests. A musical precratn hai Ken arr.iPfied and iiu-iude Iluee two pi.mo nurakn by Marilyn and Janice P-ii-eon; Vivian and .Muriel irin.is.e, an.l ;.;aicoiPi ihimiiton and Jacqueline Sawyer. Viul;n solus will be gien by Patsy Si.nnot anil ViHiil tu'',ivtiin bv Peggy Packard and Inna MeCa!e. Afternoon tea will be sertd. Invited to preside at the urn are Mrs. R. W. Maybe. Mrs. Foretells June Wedding Date Mr. and Mrs. A, Warren S;r,ith. M'.' t'oa;r t!it, Victoria, announce the tnaire:r.eiit cf their ouni;er (!a-.!t;hter, Patricia P.m t j Mr. John Gordon "lteg-, 'ounet-r son of Mr. and !rs. It. M, l!ef;v, e. .i:s Mad iisnn Stmt, Victoria. The witUmi; will lake p!.uv nt St. John's Ch'.in h on June 1 1 at S p m. Mi-s Snuth w ill have her sister, Mrs. F. II (,'iiay, fvr matron of honor: Miss Mva-Und Hunter as I: i !i s:".;d. and her small nietv, I sla Anne Uray, as flower maid. Plan C; Mavtiine 1 ea To Assist P. E. George. Mrs. and Mis Kathleen T. II. Johns Agrew. mcer urrssintr oialion SiKinsoretl by five chapters of ; ihrough f.iei:,tu- at the R..yal the Oi ler of Eastern S;.tr. a 'Jutulee Hopiul. ' s PENELOPE r.RAtni-: -lili'.LEY A W UMEh SUEI' Miss Hilda Hesson Here P.-T.A. News HELEN STANDARD I ; rURNlTUSECO. Tillicum Nominations of officers will take place at a meeting of Tillicum P.-T.A. to be held Monday in the school auditorium at 8. Refreshments will be served. Members held a tea in the school auditorium recently and guests were received by the president, Mrs. G. Bird, assisted by Mrs. S. Hawkins. A musical program was presented with Mrs. M. Goodwin as soloist accompanied by Mrs. J. Gough. Tea was convened by Mrs. E. Underwood. Mrs. V. Lalonde, Mrs. F. Wright and Mrs. J. Howell were in charge of table decorations. Mrs. C. Chatfield and Mrs. D. Gardler were in charge of candy and home cooking stalls. Grade eight girls served tea. Miss Hilda Hesson, past presi-1 dent of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, and a former alderman of the city of Winnipeg, is .a visitor in Victoria tins week-end, staying at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Miss Hesson is traveling in western Canada at present as national director of the Women's Progressive Con- Miss Conine Earl, an arts student at University of B.C., is in the city to spend the next few months at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. Harvey, 3380 Cook Street. Mrs. M. E. Black left today for Seattle where she will represent the Victoria Toastmistress' Club in the District Toastmistress' Competition. She will be accompanied by Mrs. J. Downey and Miss M. Harness. Miss Georgina Milne, 3428 Davidson Avenue, who will be married May 23 to Mr. Walter Charles Batterham of Powell River, was guest of the fiance's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.. Batter-ham, at Powell River for a few days. Mrs. Sydney Phillips arrived from Medicine Hat, Alta., yesterday and is the guest of Mrs. Frank Michelin, Runnymede Ave. Mrs. Phillips is here to. attend the marriage of her daughter, Miss Anne "Nancy" Phillips, to Mr. Stanley Vivian, which takes place later htis month. Miss Phil lips has just returned from Van couver where for the past two months she has been on the staff of Vancouver General Hospital. servative Association of Canada and on Monday will be enter tained at a luncheon given in her honor by the local association in Lougheed's Banquet Hall. Mrs R. D. Harvey will receive the guests. Monday evening, mem bers of the executive of the Victoria Business and Professional Women's Club will entertain at dinner at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Miss Hesson's honor. Mrs. Alfred Cannichael, past president, provincial Council; Dr. Marian Sherman, nrpsident, Local Council of Women, and Miss G. Aitkenhead, national con vener of mental hygiene, will travel to Vancouver Sunday evening to attend sessions of the National Council of Women, convening there on Monday and continuing until Saturday. Mrs. R. J. Marshall, national presi- i dent, will preside at the meetings. Mrs. S. H. Vigor of West Vancouver is staying at Oak Bay Beach Hotel for several days, and has as her guest, Mrs. A. I. Swan of Arbroth, Scotland. Mrs. Swan plans to visit in Vancouver and in Ottawa before returning to Scotland in July. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Whitting- ham will be hosts at dinner this evening at their Cadbo'ro' Bay Road home, to honor Mr. and Mrs. Lome Campbell, who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Covers will be laid for 14 guests. Mr. John Ashworth, who left thi3 week for England, was entertained at a "bon voyage" party at the home of Ed Roberge, Douglas Street, by a group ol friends who included Misses Mary Hanely, Lois McCall, Lillian Midstone, June Walker, Carol Payne, Moya Martin. Barbara Patterson. Jacqueline Freer, and Messrs. Fred Baker, Dick Urton, Roderick Pearce, Bill Halev, Roy Lister and David Lawdess. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Beirnes, 2529 Vancouver Street, who were married April 23, 1899, in Parry Sound, Ont, celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary recently with a reception at the home of their daughter, Mrs. D, McFayden. Mr. and Mrs. Beirnes came to Victoria four years ago from Saskatchewan, where they homesteaded in 1903. They have 11 sons and daughters, and those living in Victoria are daughters Mrs. McFayden, Mrs. H. Girdier, and Mrs. N. Fuller, and sons Mr, Thomas and Mr. Harland Beirnes. Mrs. Christie Opens Auxiliary Tea Alderman Margaret Christie opened the Mothers' Day Tea. Wednesday, in the chibrooms. held by Ladies' Auxiliary, Victoria Unit No. 12, Army," Navy and Air Force Veterans. Mrs. M. Carver, president, presented Mrs. Christie with a corsage bouquet, and in turn Mrs. Christie presented corsages bouquets to the oldest mother. Mrs. M. Mclntyre and youngest mother, Mrs. Howard Taylor, who also celebrated her 21st birthday. Pupils of Miss Velda Wille, including Marilyn Carlovv, Carol Bateman, Lorn a Campbell, Mari lyn Ferguson, Myrna Smith, Alice Joy Carlow and Frank Car- j low, entertained and solos wee ! given by Mrs. S. Rocers and Miss P. McCague. Serviteurs were Mesilames W. McKay, D. Wood. M. O'Flynn, G. White. H. Hopwood, N." White-man, B. Batterson. In charge of fancy work and novelties was Miss M. Gillman; home cookimr. Mrs. B. Marshall; door receipts, Mrs. M. Bennett. Teacup readers were Mrs. M. Denholm and Mrs. W. Rathbone. Social convener was Mrs. D. Elliott. May time Tea w id Ih? held In the K. of P. Hall, Coimorant Street, next Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Nancy Hodges will officially open the affair at 2.30 and proceeds will be used to further work of the, Victoria O.E.S. Free Cancer Dressing Station. It was on Feb. H, 1917. that Sister Grace Shane, past worship ful grand matron of the Grand located at Nanaimo, Chapter of British Columbia and and Duncan. inre its o.'i'Ar.ua'aun. n.ore than 30.000 cancer dressings and pads from the Victoria station have been given free of charge to patients suffering with cancer, regardless of color race or creed, on medical recommendation. Mrs. D. Watson, 2.7 F.stevan Avenue, is in charge of this phase of the work. Other Order of Eastern Star cancer dressing stations are Ladysmith provincial director of the project, j met officers and representatives from each of the five chapters, to discuss the formation of a cancer dressing station in Victoria. The first workroom, obtained through Dr. Murray Anderson, was in the board of health room at the City Hall. At present the workroom is in the board room and auditorium at the Naval Veterans' Club on Broad Street, I where members of the five O.E.S. chapters meet each Thursday- afternoon to make dressings. These dressings are sterilized Mrs. Margaret Bland is convener of the MaytimeTea. There will be a home cooking stall and a musical program. A special guest will be Mrs. Grace Shane, w ho is coming from her home in Vancouver especially for the occasion. Cooking School All Next Week Final plans have been made for the cooking school sponsored by the Home Economics Associ ation in the Douglas Room at the Hudson's Bay Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sat urday next week from 2 until p.m. each day. Proceeds will be used for a scholarship to en courage Victoria College stu dents to continue their studies in home economics. Mrs. Mc- Phee of Vancouver is demonstra tor. Tickets may be obtained at the Hudson's Bay, main floor, or from members of the associ ation. St. John Ambulance St. John Ambulance Brigade and Nursing Divisions w ill again have a reserved space for the May Day Parade for citizens who will otherwise be unable to attend. Reservations may be made by calling G 5136 or calling at 715 'a View Street. j St. John Ambulance No. 65, i Thursday at 8. I Victoria Nursing Division No. I 61, Monday at 8. Mrs. Kidd, divi sional nurse, will lecture on home nursing. Denton Holmes Nursing Division No. 148, Wednesday at 8. Oak Bay Nursing Division No. 176, Tuesday at 8. A. J. Dallain Nursing Division No. 210, Friday at 8. Victoria Cadet Nursing Division No. 61c, Monday at 6.30. Denton Holmes Cadet Nursing Division No. 148c, Tuesday at 6.30. Oak Bay Cadet Nursing Division No. 176c, Friday at 3.45, at 2165 Oak Bay Avenue. sun DRESSES Vtth dnaclitbV Jackets or capes . . . bright and suit colors. Sizrs 11 to SO. 781 FORT Mothers Tea Members of Es quimau United Women's Auxili ary held a Mother's Day Tea in" the Douglas Room, Hudson's Bay Co. Musical selections were given by Mrs. R. Andrew and Mrs. W. Parry. A home cooking stall proved popular. "SOLARIUM at the Ki.i.aMi.iiM .iimuuii . nw " llii'll "lTil'fiirilJ11 '"' Wednesday, May 18 The entire proceeds of the Launderette on this day will go to the Junior League in aid ot the Solarium for crippled children. 843 YATES B2413 Miss Margaret Jane Macintosh, who has spent the past two years in England where she studied for k time at the Lon don School of Economics and also traveled extensively in the British Isles and on the Con tinent, is expected to arrive in Vancouver by air from England on Sunday morning. Lt.-Col. and Mrs. Macgregof Macintosh and their son, Ian. will meet their daughter in the mainland city and return with her to their home on Dennison Road. u sy kriien take time to enjoy W. A. JAMFSON COFrr.E CO. LTD. ;i5 BKOIGHTON ST.. VICTORIA I

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