The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1952
Page 7
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temocratsNowMustBegin tig Task of Rebuilding »w AKTHtJB EDSON (For Jamn Mirlow WASHINGTON I* — The Demo. • U now must begin th* tremen- BOUB Job ot digging out from • slide that turned Into an avi- anche. Hot since 192B. when Herbert over licked Al Smith, has their olltlcal picture looked so bleak. ^Everywhere they/turn >they face "election results pUed up by 5en. Dwlght D. Eisenhower. What happens now? That's the question Gov. Adlal 5 Stevenson and National Demo- iratic Chairman Stephen A. Mitchill discussed in a week-end meeting in Springfield, m. The answers — K, indeed, they lad any answers—were not made lubllc. But 'it's obvious that with Frink- In D. Roosevelt dead and Harry 1. Truman retiring, a leader. the party ^ Stevenson slays on as head of the >arty, with the tough Job of trying o keep everyone pulling together It won't be easy. For one thing, le has b^en beaten al«a)s a card Inal sin in politics. For toother, he'soon steps back Into private life »nd will have no official post to help keep him and bis party In ttu spotlight By contrast, th» Republican picture Is rosy. In addition to the presidency, the GOP will control the Senate, the House and have 30 of the 48 governors. Yet It takes no particularly acute observer to spot. som« thorns among the roses. Expecting Mira«le« Many of those who voted for Eisenhower undoubtedly will expect him to perform miracles—at a time when problems press in on a president from all sides If they should become soon disenchanted, U could lead to n. Democratic Housejin the 1954 off-year election At almost all times, there's a tendency for the Ins to lose ground £o the outs In the years when no president is being elected. And the Republicans, with- only' two "more votes than the 213 needed to control Ihe House, have the barest of margins now Yankee' Newspaperman Taken •or Ride by Pair of Hooded Men TUPELO, M1S8. M?—Two hooded nen took a young North Dakota aewspaperrnan oh a wild ride Mon- night, slapped him, threatened llrri with a • razor and gave the I'yankee" until 6 p.m. today to "get of town." lity,Police Chief D. B. Crockett id the attack culminated a Beof. anonymous telephone calls 27-year-old Newell Anderson, circulation ': manager of the rupelo Journal. Publteher George McLean said the Woman Leaves ,000 to Cat $140, MARION, O. (/P)~A Marlon Trom- n left M*0,000 to', care for cats md bird!, her will disclosed today. Mrs. Olive Beatty, who died last Dct. 29, bequeathed the bulk of $75.000 estate for establishment of a non-profit corporation to lid c«ts, birds and other animals. Mrs. Beatty, known In Marion for «• »rt collection", left about (22.000 5 friends, neighbors and her *iwch. \ Her husband, who died •-January I/IBM, vat a shoe merchant and poHeetbr of antique). of th« Prlbllof Is. passed from control of Rusi that of the United States in DOUAt-WKE? THEN IT'S MAYTAG FOR YOW 129.95 Adams Appliance Co. Inc. threats began more than two weeks ago when Anderson .got an anonymous telephone call from a man ft ho fold the former Fargo N D, circulation manager "we'don't like foreigners coming in here and you'd better get out of town." Chief Crockett said "we've been working on this das and night" Policemen, have been guarding the Anderson home 24 hours a day. After a series of . harrassmente like smashing Anderson's car windshield i and pouring sugar In his'automo- bile engine. Crocket said he knciv of no Ku Klux Klan In the area and thought It was the work "of some cranks.' Anderson said he had not decided 'whether to.leave Tupelo, a city of 15,000 In the northeast corner of the state, "I have a good ]o» The people have been *onderful"o me And I don't want to leave but my wife Is about sick with worry and I'm scared too," he said RUB-A-DUB-DUB—And the three men In • "tub" ar« it lower right in this seldom-seen view of the Queen M»ry. The giant ship is in drydock at Southampton, England, for her annual overhaul, and the cleaning crews paddle around her, scrubbing down the hull as water in the drydock Is slowly lowered. OSCEOLANEWS Continued from Page t and Mrs. Jack Wilson won second. Church Circles Meet The two circles of the Pre bjte- rian church and the business, women's circle met Monday. Circle One met at the country home of Mrs, n. Ohlendorf with Mrs.-Harold Ohlendorf.. giving the Bible Study. Mrs. Boyd Whits had charge of the program; TVclve members . were present. During the social hour, Mrs.- Ohlendorf served a sandv ich plate and coffee Circle Tw.o met. at the home of Mrs A W Bow en with 11 present Mrs. .Ed Simmons" had Ihe Bible study.' Her subject wps "Are you laying hold on ' Christ as your 'crosomc A Baldwin-btult Acrosooic Piano ia your home will add a wealth of musical enjoyment It has beauty, stamina, and a tonal capacity aiQazing m so compact an instrument. See one . . . bear one . . , play one and you will have oo other piano* ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. / ; 208 Wesf Mam Phone 2071 j(, J W ADAMS, MET —Good Recondltinnpn Pianos— '/'. BEAUTIFUL GAS HEATER BUY! r .' • Exclusive period- furniture styled' PUO-THERM Chippendale 6AS HOME HEATER In Lu»hou» Wo(nul ftniitt DOWN mrvui n i PACKED WITH FAMOUS DUO-THERW PERFORMANCE FEATUltES! £™TV °r' T * r " e l"^ mt ^ E ' fl "i" ft«r-ffr Bfc« r -i.vU' : ' fnvt *" ? "' h " tfr0m u 'P«o?5«onfu«I.{OptioS«t«iui,..' _ yt>p *8"' . m«ni it ilight txtri co.t.) Exelniit't CemJorlStlectfr—tjnMlj • utomatic th«rmost»t t«ilor» ftrt (O. the weather. (Option*! r^uip. merit « slight extri cost.) : ~ tpproved- Contnl- R<w'»'»ir«7 , gaS| pji oli i, ea , ,,;,(, ;,„, .compict unit. E*]>">->*rgektauhamke-r4HJEci>*». .*" i < T -«''«nsf«rh«aiiohomefast«. Our Compfet* Sefeetion This Week.' foty T«mw,TooJ ADAMS APPLIANCE CO, Inc. 206-208 Wnt Main J. W. ADAMS, M 9 r. Phow 2071 , poser of new life?" Mrs Ed Wbiteside and Mrs Arthur Rogers ;ave the monthly Emphasis. During the social hour, the - hostess sened angel food cake and coffee The business women's circle met at the church »ith Miss Marjorle DoUc as hostess Mrs Jack Hook mieied the life of John Mott Ten were present Hot doughnuts and collet were served al the conclusion of the meeting Personals Louis George Ras in Detroit last neck on a business* trip Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wertz visited in Conwny oier the week end Mr and Mis Eddie Farro and children of Birmingham, Ala have moved to O'ceola to make th«ir future home Mrs* Farro, who is the daughter of Mr and Mrs D M Moore h the former Miss Bettye Jean Moore. Mr. and Mrs. - Andrew Florida, Mrs. -Corine Williams and Martha Ellen Williams were week end vis- ton !• m Lwte. ' BUrr vlU »rriv« over tti* toipend 10 rt.y, ,t horn. Mnf hli boot training In •Od-wmnur of ml, h« h« U-B aboard the rjsa St Paul, »nd fa now •Uttorwd hi Long Be«ch, Mr. and tin. Roy cox and d»u«h- tar, Atteo, ipent Thursday In BrinkUy, Kamjr L*« Hill, a former Osce- Hi»h School footbaU' star who attended Wnshlngton-Le'e «fter his »r«duation, I« entering th« Univer- aity of Arkirms. He spent Tuesday night with his parent*, Mr. and MM. Cunningham Hill, and was ariren to ravetteville Wednesday b» Jettle Dilver Mm sue Qulnn Wilson »M a hou«« (tuest over the »eek end in the home of Supt and Mrs H p Mann In Marlon, us guest of their daughter, Marv Sue Qiilnn » : i s complimented with a dance at 'the century club in Marion by her hostess Lt and Mrs Frank Perrin »lth their Infant daughter, Suzanne, arrived yesterday from Waldorf, Md., where Mm. Perrin has been resid- Ivery mellow drop... TOP KENTUCKY BOURBON STILL ONLY OB mt $4.86 4/5 Ql. 5 ,*„> -> t»iu«r Slum? loans* milSKr, < '.I irm\. IKE suet OISIIUINE covumion, n. with htr pwreta white 1A *wr- rln wu Krvlnf with th* Ibrinw Kor*m. H« r*turn*d to UM WA the latter•• part, of October. Mm J. L Campbell of Sparttn- burg, s. 0., is' * house ne«t In the hom« of th* Richard Crdtners. She la th* 'mother of Mrs. Oromer. Mls» Billl* Pain Sheddan and Mrs. Clyd* Buchanan »re patients in th* Baptlal Hospital In Memphis. Che«t«r'- Da'nhower wu dU- « ho«plur Suiutoy l ta jwoovwlnjf from his lllrtt h*» >o»i« on Bllzabeth street. Normal Weather S«en for State LITTLE RQCK t Bureau her* said i— The Weather yesterday that FAOB *«mp«r»ture» In Ark»n*a» for tb» n«»t five days will average near normal H gave the normal minimum for the period as 39-n, normal maximum 62-72. Little or no recipltation U fore. cast. It will be warmer today , n( j (a. morrow, cooler yrlday, and warmer again Sunday. Read Courier News Classified Ads. /In Extra ofProtect/on/ The football playei a face guard pro 1 measure of prot dition lo his ftec yourcarmaynec( margin. Thai's w Heavy Duly Prci Oil is made so it panes Ihe highest d-itions of car n for all makes of jusl ' safe eroui super safel Surpasses Highest Recommendations of U.S. Car Makers! guaranteed ft. Yes, Ihe guarantee behind Phillips 66 Heavy Dut) Premium Motor Oil is given to )ou m *nung . .on a lernfkale)uu receive from )our Phillips 66 Dealer when he refills jour crankcase vviih this great oil Use Phillips 66 Heavv DUIJ Premium Molor Oil for ten dajs, or up to 1,000 miles antlt{\ou arm I complete!) satisfied go lo any Phillips 66 Dealer and he will refill jour car's uanlcase with om other available oil jou want, at Phillips expense! Hovv do« Phillips dare make such a guarantee? Be cause Phillips 66 Heavj Duty Premium Molor Oil is so go^d n actuallv surpasses manufacturers' recommends lion' for all makes of tars' Get Phillips 66 Heavy Dul) Premium Molor Oil It's guaranteed to satisfy youl Of the three leading makes of trucks, ONLY DODGE gives you these extra values" When you buy a truck, you buy on facts and values. And the fact 13 of the three leading makes of trucks, only Dodge Job-RalfcT truck's gne^on tfit extra values listed belotvl Extra engine values for lower operating costs' E\tra chassis values for long life' Extra body values for more profitable hauling! ' CM a Truly Low-Cait Truck! Track costs are not just original price, but total costs, over the. lift Ql the truck. Stop by and see how Dodge's extra values cutsuch costs, boost hauling profits. These extra values prove that Dodge trucks are the least expensive, on a basij of real truck costs. Get the facts and you'll get a Dodgel -::- Extra ENGINE values! (~r>) - **•*• Truck Enginx of Ihe } leading truck C •TOT* ""anufacliirtrj, 10 issure >ou of Ihe m«t \^S profit iblt power [or the job. «^ Two Fu^ niton on all DcxJsi Vlob-Raled" kiccfcs; keep out din . . . and help assure t power. ' '-, : ' , ' ' OH InMi* irmdi Kdimtn! .nd (rolh. «iv« better lubriolmn, longer CTIUIM Uf», kwtr upkeep. ;• ,• \ **•*"!»•« O«n«i«l«i keeps battery chirswj even wtwn using elecuici) equiprotnt lit. netttr, wlri lights, rta : . r on ill models, tool! vslvt ,seatj . . . means longer, more trouble- free nJw ind K ,i life • , ronw-^, OB ill mfrm. S«vn oil, reducw upkeep, ketp. OF-1M « UANM« M*CTt, OMT OODO€ »rv« TOO THRI, AW MANY MOM, IXTM INOINI VALMfl -x-fahaCHAPvalues! Short.,) Turning Dlom*««f of the 3 leading makes mtans easier parking and hindlinj less lime jockeying into loading position. Jn4»p«mton< fording tVvlw on sll Dodx "lab Rated" truck* pves additional safety, noWs maximum Ipadi on «eep«t gtadei. CycMmnd Llnlnqi on an Do<Jgc hydraulio are molded, riveUeis. Give smooth, quiet !)opl . . . I«M lonier. - RM« Axl« Shofh on all modeli extra slienglh, long life. Dodge IrbcVs tit buiit to j»5t! FluM tMv» Av*4bM« on Vi-. W-, I-lon and goute-Van modeU. Gives smooth, •ved power, rrducet wear. OrMlow $h»<* Ak.wrWc, on M-, H-, I-toa models give smoother riding, piotect fragile totds, save wear o« iruck. er rat i UAMN« MAKR, emv MOOI arm TOU nu«, • At» MANY MOW, 1XT«A CHAIW VAlUtS) DODGE "^ft" TRUCKS -::-Exl«BOOy values! Mo»l Pick-Up Boditti of the 3 Jfaclinji makes. You can be sure of a Dodge pick-up lhat fits the job (o a "T". Moil Stake Bodies, loo. Stake ccnfcr scclion is hingeil for easy sfde loading. Loading height is •* unusually low. il JVton Pan»l Capacity, 155 cubic feel to rear of driver's ^ Jeat . . . plus greatest pay]oad of the 3 leading mfikesl Greot«i» Vitfon Area of the 3 leading makes. The big windshield and window- area increase visibility, .safety, ease of handling. * Front Parking Light*, in which SAE-approvcd directional lights can be instilled with out modifica- lion. Dodge means extri value! Wid««) S*ots of the 3 Ittdiag maVe* of trucks . . . 57" ... accommodate three husky men with plenty of elbov room. OF THt 3 ItADINO MAKES, OHVT DOOM GIVfS YOU THiM, AND WANT MOW, IXTVA IODT AND CAI VALUfS! Cwmh-todryfo BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Wolnut I, Fint • Phont 4422 VOt ilTTIt «OAOS AN* SAPII RI»IS SUPPORT PAR-f»ro/*cr A</* 4 uor« ffoodi • food <t**t

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