The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1950 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COimiER NEWS Evidence Indicates Truman Is Against Peace Conference Bjr John M. Hijhlomr f WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. </P) — Evidence plied up today, that the Truman administration Is dead set gainst seeking an atomic peace onference with Russia at this time. President Truman himself , warning that the nation must. not be misled by Die vain lope of finding quick and easy so- ii'lons" for. the world's difficulties —of which tile atomic arms race is one ol the greatest,. Instead, the President declared in speech honoring George Wash- iiBton yesterday,that tr* United Slates and other democracies must stick to the "hard path" of build- ng , up the strength !bf the free world in Its struggle with Com- munisin. • Conference Denounced f'ht vice chairman of the Senate- House Atomic Energy Committee. Rep. Durham <D-NC), meanwhile directly attacked the idea of itomie conference with the Soviet Union. In a speech for the North Carolina Democratic Club here last nii;ht. he declared: N "The pressure which Is building up for a conference ot sonic sort with tlie Foviet Union, opinion, is dangerous; it would immediately place us In a position of despair and defeatism." Durham thus appeared to take a position in conflict with Senator McMahon (D-Conii),' the comrnli- tce chairman. McMnhon, has advocated that Die United States undertake: a $50,000.000.000 program of foreign aid, including benefits to Russia, an early for^ntrol ol atomic energy. as a bold effort to obtain international agreement or fjt iam specified that he was expressing a personal opinion. Nevertheless, what he said closely parallels the known opinion held by lop State Department officials and possibly Mr. Truman himself. This view is that'there is no prospect now that Russia and the western powers could agree on a system of armament controls and in- ternation inspection of atomic plants, Including H-bomb factories Mrri Would Fail They therefore are convinced that l conference would result In failure and that this might Increase the dangers of \var In the world by building up a sense of despair and hopelessness among people everywhere. The Idea that the'chances for agreement at this time are almos non-existent was challenged yesterday .by H former official of the American embassy In Moscow. Brig. Gen. Russell E. Randall, retired air force officer -who was an attache in Moscow from September « Portageville News By Mrs. Kaymonrt Toombs 1 Phone t'i» ' i ••'•'. • • l Donhk H'eddinr Miss Betty' Duke became the bride of Bob Curitan and Miss Vera Clark became the bride of Emmet Thatcher in a double wedding at the Presbyterian Church in Piggolt, Ark,, Thursday. Mrs. Curilan is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. lien Duke of Portageville and Mi. Curitan Is the son of Mrs. Ruby Curitan of Porlngevillc. Mrs. Thatcher is the daughter of C. c. Clark aiirt Mrs. Bertie Clark of Porlngcville and Mr. Thatcher Is the son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hogan Thatcher ot Jaywayc. Mo. Mr. anil Mrs. Curilan will make their home at 407 Baker, Street Iiere while Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher will move to Arkansas. James Cole Services Uriel Funeral services for James Albert Cole wore conducted Saturday In the Micota Baptist church by tlie Rev. Leroy Jones. Interment was in Mnple Cemc- te r y with tlie Jimmy O.sburn Funeral Home hi charger Bnrn In 1920 in Braggadocio, he was killed in an automobile accident Thursday. Students on Air Numbers by the Portaecvllle'High School band, boys double quartet, boys anil girls glee clubs, and the mixed chorus will be heard today or tomorrow over radio station KBOA. Kcimelt. Tlie groups recorded their selections last week and are entering in competition with bands and, choral groups of 20 other schools of Northeast. Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. Social \otes Mrs. C. C. Fuller, Mrs. Lee Janett. Mrs. Bernard Recker and May Whittlcdge attended the women's retreat last week at the convent of Our Lady of the Cenacle in St. Louis. Mrs. Bernard DeLIsle. Mrs. E. R. Largent and Mrs. Gertrude Williford were guests Wednesday afternoon when Mrs. Orovcr Mcalte entertained her bridge club. Prizes were won by Mrs. Margaret DeLisle, Mrs. Mcatte and Mrs. Ber- . mrd DeLIsle. Mrs. J. H Workman was hostevi to her bridge club and one giicst Mis. Margaret Casey, when she en- terlalncri Friday morning. Prizes al bridge were won by Mrs Workman Mrs. Hubert Mllem, Mrs Ben Sega and Mrs. Matilda Cavanai'gh. Mrs. I. L. Zohiier entertained al noon Sunday with n dinner honoring her mother. Mrs S J Workman, ol Holland, on Mrs' Workman's vgth birthday. Tl)osc attending incmued Mr. and Mrs. Workman and Mr. and Mrs~ S. V. Workman and son. Sammy, uf Holland; Mr. mid Mrs. John Azblll of KKCO and Miss Beth Summers of Neosho, Mo Billy ,!nc Doiiclass celebrated his llth blrifrtay Saturday when his mother, Mrs. ]. K. Douglass, entertained with a party. Various games were played on the lawn after which refreshments were served. Alaska Hunt Sees Eighth Air Accident NORTHWAY. Alaska, Feb. 23- (ff'j— The eight.!) a ir accident in exercise Swcctbriar was recorded yesterday. One man was injured when an nCAF Dakota transport crashed Hi miles south of whitehorse, Y. T. Five other crew members and 1; passengers escaped Injury. The plane's wireless operator suffered a- fractured jaw. No other details of the crash were released It was disclosed that of the 80- odd II. S. -Canadian arcraft Involved in the. 11-day exercise, 10 per cent have been involved in accidents. Meanwhile, ground troops prepared quietly for today's final action around this Alaskan air strip In 22 -below -zero weather. A number of military leaders including Canda's defense ministei LOS. ANOKLES, Feb. 23M.-T5- Youre Hying along at iimpty hundred miles an hour—so fast you .'an't hear your engine. Something happens. The plane ilarU to disintegrate at supersonic speed and if you don't want to disintegrate with It you've got to get out fast. Bu* how? Balling out of a ship going 800 or 000 miles an hour you'd, be sliced by the slipstream" like a knlfeculs baloney. Even if you got of the plane alive, you'd freeze and suffocate in the high, rare air. ' t It's a problem that's been worrying aviation men ever since nluncx started Roing faster nnd higher (nan the earth-bound eye can sec. The Navy, finally, believes It has the solution., fts bureau of nrco- nnutics has developed nn "ejection cockpit capsule" whlc-Ji can be hurled away from n plane iti an 1948 to July 19-19, said he/believes Brook Claxton arrived in the tin* chances for an understanding ercise area yesterday. ex- with the Russians now are getting tietter than they have ever been since, the cold war started. 1 Claxton's party included the U.S. ambassador to Ottawa, Laurence Steinhardt. Navy Men Develop 'Capsule' For Jet Fighter Escapes emergency. The capsule Is pressur- Iwd nnd Insulated so that the I'ilot may breathe and slay warni while a parachute gently drops the cnpsulc (o earth. The breakaway cockpit will be "tent tested late this year at lie naval ordinance, last station in In.vokern, Calif. Preliminary tests indicate it Is "completely practical," the bureau says. fl works (his way: The pilot pulls' a release lever. A Jct-propulsl'/n device blasts Ihe capsule free ot the fiiselngc-to which It is clamped. Three stabilizing fins sprlnj; "1'en nnrt_ prevent the pod-shaped unit from tumbling end over end. A fiimll parachute open automatically and pulls the main 'chuU> Into action. If the capsule lands on the wiiicr, It floats. I! also Is wiulpncd with survival gear and rations. Passenger filled When Seof Ejector Fails in Explosion of Jet Fighter .MANHATTAN BRACH Fcb 23. (Al')—A new jet Wciv up or disintegrated Calif., flghter- the air yesterday, killing one man, Injuring another.and setting off an oil refinery fire that raged for hour.s. De-act is Arthur Tin-ton, aircraft technician, Rcdondo-Beach. He was riding in the plane wllii Charles Tucker, 30, La Cresccnta, the pilot. Tucker was thrown clear of the plane by his ejector seat, and was found dangling In his parachute ill a tree, Tucker sulfercd arm and leg fractures. Turton's body was round in the plane's wreckage, which fell near a reservoir ol oil nnd set it afire. Turton's scat also was fitted with an ejector device, but It was not operated. Both men were employes of Northrop Aircraft inc., builders of the plane, one of the new XF-89 Scorpions'. A company spokesman said the right hand engine area of the plane had been burning for several minutes before the crash. Some witnesses said the plane seemed to explode. The spokesman said that could not be immediately determined. The control system was burned through, he said, and the sudden twisting of the speeding plane may have caused it to disintegrate. Top speed of {lie crnft, a jet-powered version of the Black Widow- night fighter, is listed <it more than GOO miles an hour. The fiery debris ignited some 20,COO barrels of oil, a refinery spokesman snid, but the blaze was quickly brought under control. Smoke rose 5,000 feet into the air. Tucker had flown the craft from Kdwards Air Force Base for a test at the Northrop Plant at nearby Hawthorne. Hollywood Gontlnntc] from Page * Kcally, I have simple tastes." Elizabeth, ] ihdik, Is more beautiful off screen than on. I'm "still not sure whether Hint standby fireman was on the set to watch the candles or the fire In Elizabeth's eyi-s. M-O-M prulicts 'father of the BrMc" ivlll !, c ih,. i^i eemtdy of I he year. Sample dialog: Kllziilielli tills her father that she Is engaged and would like to be married, Tracy asks; "What does ho do for a living?" All Elizabeth CIU i O ff er j s . ..j] 0 makes something," Later Tracy announces to his wife (Joan Dennett): "Our daughter wants to be married to a fellow who makes something. But I don't know what ho makes or what lie makes making Nnil-l'rnfessluniil I can also reiwrt coaay a specialist's verdict on Marilyn Maxwell's bubble dance In the Clnrk Gable picture, "Key to the city," "Ilurdly cln^ic stripping," Yvettc Dare saUI. Yvottc, sloe-eyed and curvy, currently is peeliiij; at Larry Potter's Supper Club in Hollywood! She said she didn't wish to seem cjvercritica) In Marilyn's case.'However, she snlil, "There is just so much you can do with balloons." Marilyn, according tu -YveUe, "failed (o achieve the spiritual teo- OPPOSES "WINNIE"-I,abor Party candidate opposing Winston Churchill in the VVoodford Essex, constituency in the British election Feb. 23 is Seymour Hill, above. Hill, 33, j., a journeyman printer. Thoo>»ndi have b««n helped by this fa moo* health water. Not a lam- liit. Try it for tb.-next /ew wtfia .. . mt* how it "tiay help you. A4 Yew Doctor Afe* MOUMTAM VU1JET MIMIRJIL WATER Crosslown Whiskey Shop 109 So. Gome On-Let's All Go Down to The KIWANIS PANCAKE BREAKFAST Friday - February 24 6:00 to 11:00 in the Morning at BIyfheviile e Ail You Can Eat For Only THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY THE FOLLOWING FIRMS: ' Blythcvillc Motor Co, 1 Meyers Bakery > Johnny Mart, Realtor ' Motor Supply Co. ALL RECEIPTS GO TO THE UNDERPRiVlLEGED CHILDREN'S FUND Remember Tomorrow Morning 6:00 to 11:00 ** 1 !; '!" "•"use withdrawn quit- US'. Uiat is Ihe hallmark ot ••pte •tripping." She said; "Marilyn had p, b«it not nrt." Barbara Stanwyck Is rated by Yvcttc as (lie film queen who should liavc won an Oscar from the National strippers' Association for her role of a girl \vlio stripped clown to Gypsy Rose Lcc pluk In "Lady o! Burlesque." • '•There," said Yvettc, "was superb acting. There was something barbai-lc in her abandon." * • » Joan Bennett and Marlene nie- Irlcli nix- Hollywood's mast glamorous sraiKliuotliers. How about, cull- Ing them "Blamorgrams." Gene Tlcrncy and Cleg CussinI PAGE NINE • • —• • Plarrd their first Kene U^ihcr te "Where Hit Sidewalk lot*,* OU. as x lark, Is playing' hlrrmtU t fusiiiun desi;ner. Gene campltiwvi- nl him saylnj: "Your Kttui wu qulle natural, dcv." "Yes,"' said Oleg, "I wa« able to synchronize the chattering of mf teeth wllh my dialog." There Is a relation between lh« • humidity In a room and the m»- ' tcnal ol which the room's wall* »r» made. The fundamental thing heating engineers must determine U» make proper installations ij how • fast moisture can be .transmitted, through the side-wall material. A new Instrument h»s ben designed for measuring this vapor transmission. Cull for Vour Key i» .Kentucky Ho.ipHalily Connoisseurs who really appreciate fine lioiirbon 'prefer the djj- linclive flavor, rlistiUcil and aged into OLD FITZGERALD hy genu- inosoiirnineli imxhoils since 1870. To discover the key to bourbon satisfaction, call for OLD F1T2. OLD FASHKWEB.. siiizii-wiitu BiswuiY louiiviiii, «r. MASHKEmucKY STBA1GHT toUEBON WHISKEY . TOO HtOOE FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone 3646awl2525 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All Typ« Except C»ncw) Clinic SH Main, Rljlbevflte. Ark. NOW! Save Money with Expert WOODWORK MACHINE SHOP Four rorn]ileft satisfaction promised <• "cldinj;, millwork. rahluel bulldimr. furniture repair . . .-'and all related work. If In doubt, Just call 2011. Barksdaie Mfg. Co. Sourh Broadway Phone 2911 COY GOODSON cnn do the job well. . .contract work, wiring, appliance repair. BLAN HEATH CO. PHONE 828 ALLEN PLATING COMPANY P.O. Box 8 Phone 4188^ r Blytherille, Ark.

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