The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1950
Page 6
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SO (ARK.) COURfER N15WS Added Powers Given Inquiry Group In 'Red Check' of State Department WASHINGTON, Feb. 8. (AP) —I Democratic Senate leaden wound up today with even more authority than they had asked to Investigate charges by Senator McCarthy (R- Wts) that a Communist spy ring has been operating In the State Department. 'Republicans succeeded in getting the Democrats to accept several additions to the original Inquiry resolution. These additions would give the Inquiry group considerably more power. Senator Lucas (D-lll) said the Inquiry, to be made by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, will need a few days to start rolling. He said the Senate probably must put up »50,000 to finance it. Senator McMahon (D-Conn) was spoken of in Senate debate as the probable chairman of the foreign relations subgroup which will sift the charges. McCarthy Starts Inquiry McCarthy touched off tlie Inquiry hy a series of speeches at Republican meetings acrw-s the country, charging that card-carrying Communist Party workers are employed in the State Department, When McCarthy amplified his accusations on the Senate floor, Democratic Leader Lucas quickly called for a showdown by asking the imestigtlon by the Foreign Relations Commttltee. After hours of angry debate, Republicans got Lucas to accept these additions to hU Inquiry: 1. A directive to the Investigating group "to procure by subpoena" the secret government loyalty r 'and employment files of government employees facing charges. This was 'sponsored by Senator Ferguson (R- Mich). 2 A requirement by Senators Morse (R-Ore) and Saltonstall (R- Mass) for open public hearings on any formal charges of disloyally against any individual 1 ?. 3. An amendment by Ferguson which would extend the inquiry to past as well as present State Department employees. Reluctantly and after many opposing Democratic arguments Lucas accepted all of these provisions. He still indicated (hat President. Truman and other executive officials ol' the government may refuse to make confidential loyalty files »v«Uable to the Senate. They have refused to do so In the past on the theory that this might expose Jnethods of checking on Communists and subversives. Names Withheld Lucas-said McCarthy should get on the witness stand at a public hearing and disclose all his Information Including the sources. McCarthy replied: "Under no circumstances will I give 'the names of the state Department employes who helped *me get this information." -, - ' ' ' . ' To do so would cause them to be ftred, McCarthy said; adding that the sources had enabled him 1L to pierce the Truman curtain of secrecy." Senator Knowland (R-Calif) supported McCarthy, saying the main Issue was to determine whether the McCarthy charges are upheld by Star* Department files. He said there was no J reason to close up McCarthy's sources of Information. McCarthy said: "If the.President and the rest of his adminitiation will cooperate and supply the records the committee has been ordered to subpoena, then we will have a fruitful investigation. "I will guarantee that this Investigation, if properly handled and with cooperation trom the admlnis- tratjon, will turn up some Communists In the State Department." 'Crime Drive' Is Organized WASHINGTON, 'Feb. 23— (fFf—A permanent, organization has been set up to carry a nationwide campaign against crime. It, is a product of Attorney General McGrnth's )( w enforcement conference last week. Mayor Quigg Newton of Denver scaping; come the mows and he makes U like this. Boome ranging Dentures Pose Big Problem for Congressman By Ernfsl O. Wirren WASHINGTON, Feb. 23—(/T 1 ,— "I'm not guilty of subversive activities," Rep Collon (R-NH) is telling his constituents. "I'm just trying to get rid of my old dent- res." Cotton sencfs a weekly report to the voters in his district. Tills week it was a wistful report Indeed. "Old age." he observed, "creeps on apace and once more I am spending time in tlie deltisfs chair. The partial plates I have wearing no long suffice. "Monday I returned from been the dentist, despondent, and threw them into the wastebasket. "Tuesday I was called from the floor of the House and found two members of the capitol police wait- Ing for me. One of them with great ceremony handed me the old dentures." Cotton said that the more he thought about U. the more the incident worried him. "Can It be," he wondered, "that I too am under the cloud of suspicion that hangs over Washington, so that even my wastepapcr basket '^ being watched?" But that was nothing compared to the really big problem: "How," he askd his constituents, am I going to get rid of these dentures? Must I steal down to the Potomac River some dark and throw them in? night "Perhaps in do I shall be seized oy the minions of the law and accused of destroying 'pumpkin iwpers or other dangerous acliv- "If you read that your representative Is guilty of subversive act- he concluded, "don't believe t<, nFWI , Head hunting Is M |_ continued in the Balkan pcriin'sui up to 1912. Trepang, beche-de-mer, sea cucumber and sea sausage are some of the names given a variety of sea slug which Is considered a delicacy by some peoples. It's just like magic! Wifhoul lifting a finger . . . your wash day results are belter than ever! Sparkling clean! Almost like new! That's how your laundry looks when we return il to you! And at a minimum of cost. We call and deliver at your convenience! BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4418 Hunt Abandoned For B-36 Airmen VANCOUVER, B.C., Feb. 23—(31 —Ground for search was rive nirmen abandoned who para- blazing today chuted last week from B-36 air force bomber. The Royal Canadian Air Force announcing end of the search on heavily-timbered Princess Royal Island, said a high-speed launch, an three helicopters to pntrol the sea airplane and would continue and shorelines. The CJ. S. airmen were part of a crew of 17 which parachuted from the ice-coated burning B-36 shortly ""•" — -'-~- before midnight were rescued. Feb. 13. Twelve Kiwanions Hear Young Pianist Emily Damon. 12-year-old Dlythc- ville piano student, played three numbers for members of the Kiwanis Club nt the club's luncheon meeting nt Hotel Noble yesterday Emily, daughter of Mr. and Mrs' Emll Damon, played "Clare de Treat your COUGH INSIDE OUT! notified the justice Department yesterday that the group hart been completed with the appointment of five members representing leading state and local law enforcement agencies. Newton, who presided over the conference, heads a continuing executive committee. McGrath disclosed nt the same time that he has named s\x top government attorneys to work with the law enforcement group. The lh*t n ary t^ jrt nrl of agging, hxcktn? Klue-likepriletim which caitse* the tickJe. Take Rood, old Bell'sj Sy r u p; mud qutcVty the membranes your throat and ir* pour out estrn retlon.5 which tend lo fl aids cotiKhs- . Harm!,*, Veil M Cou h awa? ph!e K m o wonder KeH'o atnpi tfrUe. ftcr-cords. e^en relieves ciRsr- . Doctora pnacrihe the rvime m- Guarantee! to cwntaiu no dopf, ^^ to children. ««l a bottle of b Srmp today. Perjury Trial Goes to Jury Former Labor Leader Facet New Conviction On 'Communist Ties' By Richard p. Poiirn WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. (AP) — The second perjury trial of Harold Chrktoffel goes to the Jury today. The former Milwaukee labor leader Li accused of having lied In telling a House committee he never h«d any communist ties. With all the evidence In and the last arguments n>»de, only ire>truc- tloas from federal district Judge F. Dickinson Letts remained before the eight-woman, 'four-man panel ws.5 to begin ILs deliberations. Ttie case Involves Chrisloffel's testimony under oath before • House Labor group March 1, 1M7. The government says he did not tell (he truth at that time whet), he denied ever having any Communist affiliations. Convicted In 1918 Chrblo/fel wns • convicted In his first trial In 1948 and sentenced to a two to six year prison term. His attorney, O. John Rogge — a former assistant US. attorney general—won a reversal by the supreme Court last year on a technical point. Tlie high court upheld Rogge's contention (hat the government had not proved that at least 13 members—a quorum—of the M-member labor committee were present when Christoffel made his statement. In nearly four weeks of the present trial. chrLstoIfel has heard himself characterized as a Communist antl a liar—and as merely a militant union leader. Prank H. Patton. a special assistant atorney general, told the Jury Iii summing up the prosecution's case: j "The defendant had no logical i reason to lie to that committee. But | he had bee nliving a lite of deceit and deception and a life of double talk. He had been taught these things by communists. He was still a Communist worker and he wouldn't desert his pals." But Rogge shouted that Christoffel was the victim of a "giant conspiracy to get rid of an able trade Union leader." "Ganjed Up on Him" Rogge the management of the Allis-Chalmers plant in Milwaukee, the House labor Committee, and the prosecution/all had "ganged up ori him." Christoffel, now 38, was president of Local 248 UAW-OIO at the Allls- Chalmers plant from 1937 to 1944 when he aws inducted Into the army. When re returned in 194« he was made honorary president of the local. The union staged a three-month strike in the spring of 1941 prior to Germany's attack on Russia June 22, 1941. Government witnesses testified that Christoffel forced the strike as part of a Communist conspiracy tn halt production on equipment going into American warships. Two admitted former Communists, Louis P. Bttrfenz and Parrell Schnering, testified he had been a Communist Party member and had frequent meetings with party officials. 'Lion of Africa' Is tried Ago in ROME, Feb. 23. (£•,!—Marshal Rudolfo Grazianl, Fascism's- "LJon of Africa," went on trial for a second time lod»y on charges of aiding the Nazis. The ailing, 67-year-old soldier looked tired as he entered in* courtroom to face a tribunal of five generals and an admiral. He wore a berlbboned uniform without symbols of ranfc. Strong forces of police guarded the building—a barracks one* used by the Germans'to catch Italians picked up for fordid labor. Gra-ilaril Is changed with helping the Germans conscript labor as well with collaboration. . The veteran campaigner sat in a large wooden arm chair as the trial, began. The first part of the session »'as-devoted to the reading of a lengthy Indictment. Stafford Elected Head Of State Bank Group FORT SMITH, Ark., Feb. 23. (Jf, —John L. Stafford of Sprlmjdale has been elected chairman of a subdivision of the Arkansas Bankers Association. The election of Stafford as head of the association's Northwest Arkansas division climaxed the group's one-clay business se."'"*i '•---. terday. He succeeds Means Wilkinson of Greenwood, Other officers are: Clyde Hiatt, Charleston, vice chairman, and Tom Bill Rogers of Harrison, secretary-treasurer. The ancient Egyptians made Ice by filling shallow porous pans with water in the early evening and letting them freeze over night. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES A* we g*l older, i tress »rid »train, over- txertion, eJtceasive smoking or exposure to cold MjmetiiH«5 slows clown kidney funr- tinn. This may lead msnj folk* la complain of fiBKt;inB backechc, loss of pep and tnerzy. headaches and ditzineas. Getting up nIgrili or IreiiueiiL [)*»»«tces .ni»y result from minor bl&iMur irritations due la cold, (lampnesj or dietary Indiscretions. U your discomforts «r« due io theft* cuinea, don't wait, try Doan'i PHI* * mil.l diuretic. Used success fully by millions for over EO rears. While these jymjitoms ma/ often otherwise occur, it'j fcmazjni; how many lime* Dnan'ji friv* happy r*!i«f— help the IB miles of Udnejr ltib« »nd niter* rtuih out wajte. G*t DOAH'B FilU today ( Angel Falls. Venezuela, spurts from a cliff, more than a half a mile high. Lune," "Dark Eyes" and "Saber Dance." A film of the Ole Miss-University of Kentucky football game of last fall was also shown. Club President Tom A. Little, Jr., RADIO REPAIR All Work Guaranteed by Bonding Company Piano Tuning Expertly I)one With The Electronic Stroboconn Everything in Music at BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 Butane for Better Tractor Power! Tractor and Engine Performance at Us Best! More power, (ess repairs, less oil, less failures, longer life, no carbon or crank case dilution and sti 11 cheaper than any other motor fuel and better too. Have your present tractor and cotton pickers changed to butane power. Order your new tractor for butane or have it converted. Century gas equipment has proven better and cheaper in the long run, with balanced performance plus a safe and neat installation. Ask your tractor dealer about butane or contact us for detailed information. ' Weis Butane Gss Co, CENTURY DISTRIBUTORS There,, no better fuel for troctor. thor. Butane Gas. It i, better than best gasoline plus, "no tax problem." announced »t the me*tln« th»t Uw annual spring conference of Klwania Clubs of this district will be held in Psragould March 27. He tlio announced that the BlythevUle and Jonesbora clubs would hold an Inter- club meeting March 1. Graham Sudbury. of Blytheville, will addreai the meeting. Guests at yesterday's meeting Included Ramon Morton, Charles Moore, Ralph Blind. Fran* Wilsc-n, George Curry, B, B. Gooaman, Billy Phillips, Blan Heath, and Junior Klraniaris Jamei Caislay, Jr., and Ficd Childs, Jr. A IETTER LAUNOHY For Expert Laundry •^ '...'••* Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 NU-WA Look at all these Extras You get with Gold Medal / * WONKHFUt Fl.OU« FM K/U. SOUTHERN BISCUITS. Gold " *. . mly super „..,. everything you baltt. Malcra lieliciou* southern bi*. cuitn...fine teitured cakes...tender flaky paairie*. FIK CCTTOH SAS-NO PWNTNK. Gold Medal's 25, SO and 100 Ib. sacks half no printing on them —just • paper label which soaks off in 1 or 3 minutes. VALUABLE «LVnWMt COUPON. Coupons (nod on stum- ning "Queen rJeac" Pattern silverware—in Kenuio* Tudor P1at« by Oneida Commuoity SitvenmiUw. BETTY CMCU* COOWHS MILTS. New «*.? «cip«. far the bestand thriftiest eatin' treat*ever—developed by America's No. 1 food eipert, Betty Crocker. 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