The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1950
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1950 Marine Silent On '47 Slaying Father's Death It Family Secret For Two Yean •KESCOTT, Ariz., Feb. 23. (a>i— A^BT^year-old Marine, held for Michigan authorities In the 1947 slaying of his father, refused today to discuss the death. Carson W. James, a Marine Corp sergeant, was arrested yesterday near Ash Pork. Ariz. Michigan officers said the slay- Ing of Slanley James, the father, had been a family secret for two years. YOUHB James agreed to waive extradition arid return to Michigan. Murder charges are expected to be filed. The elder James, 54, was kilted utter a Thanksgiving nay fnmily p-uty. The crime was not known by officials :intil yesterday wliou Mrs. Muriel Hockensmilh. young Jnmes' sister, lolci police of the slaying to -ease her conscience. Bones of the dead man were dug lip Tuesday night. They had been buried beneath a cowshed. The family reportedly pledged never to reveal the killing. Younjr James was taken into custody without resistance. Sheriff Frank Porter recognized his automobile license number, which had b^eii sent out on a statewide pickup .order. t A .38 caliber revolver, a .45 caliber automatic and ammunition for both guns were found in his car. He has ret\sed to make any statement concerning his arrest and the kill- inif of his father, ^Porliac. Mich., Sheriff Claire L.Jfcubbell said members of the James family gnve the following version of the killing. After the Thanksgiving reunion Young James went to Clawson Mich., lo spend the night with his father. There was not room for him at the Pontiac home. The next morning James returned to tell the family he had killed bis father during a struggle for a gin He said they had argued. The bodj was buried and the secret 'pact made. Rainfall Slack Aids Louisiana Refugee Move " FERRIDAY. La., Feb. 23. W— Slackening rainfall in the east- cenlral Louisiana Hood area facilitated refugee movement today. Two days of scattered rainfall brought as much as three Inches of wajfc in some places in the 1,000,000 acrW already covered with back' waters ranging up to six feet It depth. Late yesterday, though, tin weather bureau said, the'precipita- tion seemed to be tapering off and no rain was forecast for today. But river forecasters said the heavy local rains would raise th. flood-choked Black River anottie six inches. The Black River run through (he heart of the main Inundated area. The Black, along with the Red and Mississippi rivers, ha been backing up water In 11 par- fshes (counties). Some 10.000 persons have been driven from their homes, and the Red Cross expected the number of refugees' to mount to 12,000. Red Cross officials said In sonib areas, It probably will be June 1 before evacuees can return to their homes. Many of them are farmers, who will miss the spring planting. ATOMIC SANDWICH MAN— The ancient sandwich man has succumbed to the atomic age and donned Ihis robot costume to put a new clank in modern advertising, the robot, powered by a mere man inside, made its debut on Tokyo's Ginza Street. Action Again Called for on Potato Prices WASHINGTON. Feb. 23— (/!>)— Senate leaders tried again today to get action on a cotton acreage bill which also would halt price supports for potatoes. h The bill originally was scheduled for a vote early "this week. But with the exception of a brief flurry of debate Monday. It has received scant attenlion. The House has approved a bill revising cotton and peanut acreages set. up by a 194!) act. The Senate Agriculture Committee discarded the peanut acreage boost, cut the amount, of the House cotton Increase, and added a controversail rider intended to prevent future potato surpluses. This amendment would eliminate all federal price supports for ixjta- toes not planted at the time of the bill's enactine'nt. unless the crop was brought under strict marketing quotas to discourage overproduction. Democratic Leader Lucas (III), who sponsored tliat provision, said taxpayers have paid out S4SO.ODO.Ooo fr>r surplus polatoes under the farm support program since the war. . Senator Wherry (R-Neb) has offered io halt all potato imports when there Is a surplus in this country, or. when potatoes are under marketing agreements. Short Week Backfires LONDON, Feb. 23. liFi— For nine months 90 London Street cleaners battled for a five-day work week. Recently they got it. Today they asked for permission to work five and a half flays. They Sunday and Monday February 26 and 27 flu* Added Attractions Newly Published Cook Book Helps Cooking Pressure Seller ways to coolc" vegetables Is ila-sys Dig-lime, news In the kitchen. That's why I again tall aUen- llon to Marian Tracy's new act cook .book— "Cooking Under Pressure." Here are a few reasons for my enthusiasm: > Acorn Squuh With Maple Syrup and Butter (Serves 4) Two ncorn squashes, \'^ cup wa- ler. msple syrup, butler salt, pepper. Cut the squash in two. Scrape put (lie seeds. Place on the rack I" tne pressure pan cupslde down. Add '•? cup waler. Cook under 15 Pounds pressure « minutes. Reduce the pressure quickly. Put the squash on an ovenproof platter. Put nl least a teaspoon of butter and one of maple syrup in each cup. Add salt and pepper. If you have lime, bake the squash in * medium ovcn a bou(, y a m [ nU (f S thong!, this | s „„[ necessary Menu: Broiled Canadian bacon, acorn stiuash with maple syrup and biiller. salad (lettuce torn Into small pieces, bunch of parsley, chopped and Trench dressing— ',4 olive oil, = lemon juke, salt and pepper), Karllc bread coffee. . I-«ks In Chicken Broth (Serves 4) One large bunch leeks. '/, cup chicken broth. 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon chopped tarragon leaves PH ™rf !'^ V ""' ear - salt ' " e PP cr Mil off the green tops of the leeks leaving about IK inches of green on the while part. Wash well to re- SnT, "'T, 1Urk " lg Braflls °« sall d- Quarter the leete «,«j cook under 15 pounds pressure for 3 minutes in he chicken broth. Reduce pressure nstrmlly Arid bl|Uer * r '™£ Pe " Per to the broth n *h ,, e in which the leeks were cooked Menu: Broiled veal chops, leeks, baked potato, salad (wnlcrcress{ ™ c Mclba toast ' " eme Doctorate Loans Made At Wittenberg College SPRINGFIELD, o. -IV,- Wittenberg college's Board of Directors has established grants-ln-aid to help promising vo , mg , acult bers finance work on their doctor- Tlie college's annual budget will henceforth include J2.500 for these f™' 11 ?' *' hl ' h «»1 be made available to instructors as interest-free loans. These loans will be canceled ViJi .f 1 "? ° f instructors who earn their doctorates and remain with the college for fire years thereafter Ked Tape Address SIERRA MADRB, Calif. -«V- The government l s building » poet office at what should be 309 Sie>ra Madre St. But the number on the building will be 303 •• Inspectator William Lees explain- ea that officials erroneously listed the address as 303 when they mailed approval of the new site. "We decided it would be simpler to change the building number than risk government red tape by insisting that the government change the number on its records," he said. said their wives were making them do Household chores on Saturday morning. _^ _BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE FIVE SCRAP FROM THE STRATOSPHERE - This small, rusty electrical device, railed a "switchelle," has soared 250 miles above -..„„. u ,_. *,.»., I.U..LU a a I* iiLiicnu, iias siAai cu iuu nines auovc the earth—higher than any other man-made article. Shown by Mrs. Dolores Mohlmann of Schenectady, N. Y.. the switched* wai a part of the two-stage rocket (model ot which Mrs. Mohlmann also holds) which set a new altitude record in February, 1949: Scientists formerly believed the record-setting rocket disintegrated when it re-entered the earth's atmosphere. The badly-smashed but almost- intact swilchette was found recently at the proving ground at White Sands, N. M. House Session Gets a Bit Dull After the First Eight Roll Calls By Arthur Eilwn WASHINGTON, Feb. 23. (AP) — It was a great day in the House yesterday—for retired train callers and officials of the know-your- own-Congrcssman league. Over and over again, the roll of the 435 House members was called. "Abbilt . . . Abernethy . . . Addonizio," the clerk would begin. Thirty minutes laler he would wind up with, "Yates . . . Young Zablocki." The galleries were full, packed with pocple hired by the report a fuss over civil rights was brewing. But Ihere Is more lhan one way to fight legislatively, in the House the process was to dema'nd another roll call, to see if a quorum was present or to see if it wasn't time U> knock off work and go home. Since each roll call takes around 30 minutes .this can get a trifle on the dull side, for everyone except possibly those mentioned In paragraph one of this item. Congressmen spent their time in varying ways. Rep. Albert Engel (R-Mich) read a newspaper. Rep. Judd (R-Minn) sat at H tnble. busily doing his homework. Rep. Rankln (D-Miss) pulled reflectively at his car. Rep. Blemiller (D-Wis) munched candy. Some visited. Some just sat there. And practically all yawned. This will show you how dull things got: During one roll call Rep. Dawson (D-ni), one of the two Ne;;rcc5 In the house, absent-mindedly voted, In effect, against civil rights legislation. I'e caught himself Just In time, hastily switched his vote. A laugh was had by all, including Dnwsqii. I had planned to give a report on the civil rights debate, but, thoroughly numbed by the whole business, I totlered away around nightfall, before the House even got started on Ihe bill Itself. Dill, after eight, .roll calk I can give you a firsl-hand, non-partisan viewpoint: When you've heard one roll call, you've, heard them all. Police Search For Prisoners MEMPHIS, Feb. 23. («•>— Police arc searching the Memphis area today for four Shelby County penal farm prisoners who'escaped from • work detail yesterday. Commissioner Rudolph Jones said Ihe four men were working In a 20-man group In Ihe area when they escaped. Lcroy Harvey. 21, of Marlon, Ark., was one of them, Jones said. Jones said four guards were armed but no shots were fired. Head Courier News Classified Ads 6WH1WTC! CATARRH 9AHI 119 SUFFERERS P1ND CURt Pod MISfRY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION. SUmY RUSHED HEREt KeHcf »t !fu( from tortur* of «iniM, catKrrh, and hay (ever due to n»»»l CORK**. lion U Men today in ret>nrU of MUCCM* with • formula which tiw Ihe powwt to rvAact nM*t. conB«l[on, Men »r.H wr>m*n wilti aKonUinfT li/iu* hefti!ach«, clogged noatrila. **r«che, hawkins BTII! inrnfntr misery tell ol b] M >«<4 [«litf iflrr ininn it. KUlRONOI. cwite 13.00. but rnnsMerinv rnulla, th» U not •xpcnFive, nmounU lo only pcnnEa p*r <lnre, k"LOHON'OI> (cmlion. u*« only u » ru£ Store — Killed. PHONE 2668 FREE Delivery GAY'S CITY SUPER MARKET 109-111 West Main Phone 2668 Fat, lender, HOME- DRESSED HENS ,39 Cut the way you want it cut! CHUCK ROAST m; 49 C Home made pure PORK SAUSAGE ,,35 Good sail meal STREAK O 1 LEAN ,,15 Gold Hand SLICED BACON ,,39 Fresh COUNTRY EGGS 39 C 5 Ibs. of Sugar Free! Famous Godchaux Pure White Granulated Sugar with EVERY PURCHASE of SOUTHERN DAISY FLOUR We Guarantee Satisfaction with This Fin* Flour Lge. Box, Famous TIDE (( DUZ for 4 separate cello packages PRINCESS CRACKEIS , , 25 Ambassador TOILET TISSUE 2,, 15 All delicious flavors JELLO Jackson , UNA BEAK No. 1 cans • DONT FORGET YOUR Bog Glow, 1 Ib. can C'BEHT SABCE 2 ,„ 19' CHtST X-«AY • Students and their parents were Interviewed bj- board members during n long session. The parents snirt (lit board did ol ask for apologies and would accept tlie re-admlsslon "without compromise." Meanwhile. Attorney Pved l>. Sikes, iciiiesenliufr * citizens committee, worked overtime In preparation of lagal papers for district court suit to oust the Bethany School Board, superintendent and principal. w K. Bleakley. Committee chairman said Ihe suit "will charge -:hool officials with Incompetence ml permitting a religious sect (Nsznrene) to dominate policies." The dispute started after 16- year - old Charlotte Me Lulu w a s kissed while being crowned basketball queen. Public kissing Is taboo In Bethany. The school hoard, h, re-admitllng the students, said: '•Suspension has been lifted for inose who agreed to return, to cooperate willingly, and to nblde by regulation*. All others will be admitted on the same basis." Students returning are: Jay stra- dcr. is. president of the walkout group; Paul Witherspoon, 1C vice president; Robert Hale, 10, nnd Jcnnell Ellnrd, 16. Actress Recuperates HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 23. (/T)_.Ann Solheru is recuperating today from an operation on her neck, tier rioc- '.or removed a tumor from the thy- '/CissiVT Students Re-Admitted To School After Suspension BETHANY, okla., Feu. W—<rt-)—*• Four Bcllinny high school stucienls, suspended after a walkout and 1 "queen kissing" incident last week, were free to return to school today. The school board lifted the ban imposed by Superintendent Harry Mwards at n meeting last night. Troin Derailed By Rock Slide PIEDMONT, Mo., Feb. 23. (at The Missouri Pacific Railroad's fast Texas to St. Louis passenger train No. « was derailed last night when n rock'slide fell In a cut just south of Gnds Hill and Ihe train smashed Into It. No one was injured although both units of Ihe rtlescl locomotive and * storage luggage care were derailed. Qads Hill Is about 120 miles south of St. I,o«is. Other Missouri Pacific trains between Poplar Dluff and St. l.ouls were rerouted over Ihe Belmont nnd Cairo branches of the railroad from Bismarck to Poplar Bluff. A spokesman for the division superintendent said today the track probably will not be cleared until curly lonljjlil. J. P. Carroll of SI.'Louis, was engineer of the train and Jess Lovelace of I'oplar Bluff was fireman W. C. Mlssejr of De Solo was conductor. Asmara Gripped By New Violence ASMARA, Eritrea, Feb. 23. (jy)_ Arson and looting broke out again today in Moslem-Christian feuding which has gripped Asmara'i nativ* quarter since Monday. Police are reported lo have made 150 arrests in the past two dayi ia na rifort to check the vlolend* which already has resulted In 30 dealhs nnd at least 130 wounded. The rioting .was prccipilated by (he slaying of a Moslem minor of- llclal Monday. Hollywood Revives The 'Charleston' HOLIA'WOOn, Feb. 23. (/!')—The Charleston, H rhythmic form of exercise which passed as a dance step In the 1020s, Is being revived In Hollywood. A Sunset strip nightclub Is pack- Ing them in with a Charleston contest. Among the participants have been Gloria Swanson, Kirk Douglas, June Wyman, Cornell Wilde, Gall Patrick, Ginger Rogers. Greg Banker, Ijcnnls O'Keete, Vera Blind Aim Miller. iios|)ltnl several days.' Read Courier News Classified Ada AH humming birds are native* of America, not originating In the Kastern hemisphere. BLVTHE.VIL.LCs ONLY ALL WHITE TMrATDF • 2 Big Hits FORT APACHE HOUSEWIVES CHECK THESE FOOD SPECIALS! 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