Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 25, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1896
Page 8
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.. i WONDERFUL STATES RIGHTS Governor Matthews Revives the Doctrine Remnant Clearing 5ale Now in Full Do Not Fail to Attend THE GOLDEN RULE And Qoes Altgeld One Better in Showing Disrespect. For Federal Authority and Federal Courts. To The Ladies This '.a the seasoa of the yftar when •Sue unpleasant .but necessary work of louse-cleanly claims the attention of the housekeeper ana not a little depends on the appearance of your lace .eurtnlus as poorly done-upcurtalui spoil jho effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We have experienced belj> in this class of work who do nothing else and we KTJOW we can gavo'you perfect satisfaction. We arc nlso making- a specialty this year at laundering shirt waists, being the •only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will -appreciate your patronage. 'Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one that Is a fcser. Why run an/ risk when you con 5ave your wliccl insured against theft it a very nominal figure and get its vnl- TK when stolen? Insure at once and be en the eafe side. Pnnctnred Tires Repaired From this date on for 35 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co \VAYS OF MAK1NC MON15V. The Ni'-w Yi'i'k S' 11L cnmin'rates tin: vai'lo'r.is ways of -making money: If ci nun: taki-s a piow ul' sti'ol worth tlfu-wi coins :u'.d uiaki'S of :;. watch springs worl'.i iflUO, th:ir. -s Alii. 1; I K . takes a piwe of iiiipcr v/ovl'.i two mius ami wniiv on it a [loL'iu that sell* ir $50. that is genius, If a niitn takes a farm wi>rih ?"> an ai-ri; a.iul by his Inbor.aiut knowledge imis It iu heaiit again aiu! ir.akus it worth .S-0 am am-. Uus .is w<ir:c. 1C a man lakes a liamaicr worl'.i nlx- ty irnis aiul iti n d;:y's il-'e i>!' it i'iii'!i# •SI.:'..", that's lisiril work. ll' a ina.il buys ;i yearling at :t trotting sale for *ir>0 fhaf. m its tlnw-ycar-oltl forjii (U-vi-lops aliiltty to make a mile •ini 2:OU'/i gait, "hat M Judgment. If :i niiiu buys a silver mine ho lias never .<ivn and if. makes him a millionaire, that's luck. If a''inain buy* 1 iianrtlclu today for ¥^0 and sells it tomontnv for $3.(!0, tlia.t's buiS'.ne.ss. But when a government takes fit'ly- ttnvo cents worth of silver auri coins i,r into a cart-w.lioel ;vnd says legislatively that it is 100 cents, or a dollar, and pays it out as such -to its creditors, that Is not finance but highway robbery. Arc You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lota you would like to exchange for a business tbatwillgivn big returns? at 703 flichigan Avenue. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. THE SHOOTING TOURNEY. Lafayette Courier: Tlie average yes- terJay' we.ru, of a very high order. Young Evcnsiou. shooting under tho manic of Uactk 1 , missed only four targets out of 145. Dinston, o£ Wnijliing- U>n, Ind.,'11 out of the same number; Liiicll caiuo tlii-rd, missing 13. Beck :md Hill, of Iiidiampolis, 1-i each: Thomas and Stipp 13 eucli-; Piirtington 17, and Whitney Thompson 18. A squad consisting of Beck, Pivrtiug- ton Tripp. P:vrry of Indianapolis: Eber- solr, Ntsw. Albany, Ind., and Kid Tlic-mas of Logansport, holds the sqiwd record for the day, killing 174 birds out of ISO, at unknown angles. Last summer one of our grandchildren was sick with a severe bowel trouble Our doctor's remedies bad failed, then we tried Chamberlain's Colic,'cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which gave very speedy relief. We regard it as -the best medicine ever put on the market for bowel camplalnts-Mrs, E. G. Gregory, Frederlckstown, Mo. This certainly is the best medicine ever put on the market for dysentery, summer complaint, colic and cholera infan- tum In children. It never falls to give prompt relief when used in reasonable nie find the plain printed directions re followed. Many mothers have ex- ressed their sincere gratitude for the tires it has effected. For sale by B, IT. voesllng, druggist. Greatest Discovert or the 19th Century. Dr. league's DEDICATED McdlcllUHl Air For the Cure ol Catarrh, Aitthmn anil all Pulmonary Diseases, It lias no equal for Skkund Nervous HMI!- h'cue, 1,000.000 people die annuBlly from tne above named diseases. WDJ saner and ttl«. when Medicated Air 18 guaranteed to care rou. ••Moated Air itnd Drnj; Co. Richmond, Ind., U, S..A. It li the best remedy on earth for La Ori»pe. It will give immediate relief 2na will effect a cure where all other «M«Ues fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. KOTICE SISTERHOOD OF FOE ESTERS. , There will be. a call meeting of th( Sisterhood of Forcatciw at the residence «? Mrs. Earl Stewart 408 Canal street SU'ttmlay July 23, at 3 o'clock p. ro Bxismess of jiinp'orlauce to transact. full .attendance Js earnestly, desired S>- order of the W. P. ' MRS. A. N. LARUE, Sec. AVAS FROM CASS COUNTY. Kewa-uiia Herald: Albeit Gaby, oC suss county, was arrested and brought >ofoi-e Squire Huley at this place on complaint of John Kuesy for gettjng on -i tear at a dunce held fit Keesy's ionic near Grass Crook Saturday night uul carrying concealed -weapons which scorn to have played a prominent part n the affray at that rime. The defendant appeared, ptend sniity » nd was Mied $10 and costs amounting iu all to Thoughts From the Intellect of the People's Leader. -Tlu; Ainci-tcjili l»L-i![ilL' huld l.!ii:*(i'Jall- cial huiifir of our guvi'-ru.mi!ut ;ti sacn;il as our Hair; aud'can lie rolled upon tu guard it w!:h -tin- sime slet'pk'S.s vlgil- ilillW. "Not cuiiHi.'iif with the maugiiratiuu of Mio ruimnis pulicy \vliidi -has brought down I.U.: wages of tliL- laliorcr-aml MIL- [ii'ico of far.ni iirodii'its. iv# advucaieA u'ow I'ffur a. ucw iiOliiT w.lilcli will dim- iuish tlnu valiiL' 0:f rlie monoyiu wliicli wagis! and w\.ws are paid "Oivr ti'Oivl.ili; i.* not with tun di;iractw oC tliu niiaaey that wu have, bin with tbe thmit ti> ilcba.su It, We liavo Lho siimv L-uLMvucy'that we lia.d in ISO'J,. guod I'liL- world 'Jvcr. tuid itnauestiouwl by any iieopk 1 . • Tliuii. too, 'we had un- fXiini-L>leil credit-ami prosperity. "The platform'adopted by the .Btipu-b- Ik-au natioutil convention' has received my can-'fnl cdusidei-atlou, 1 and has my uuiiimliiicd approv:iX. It is a matter o-£ jfratiiitutiou to me,, an I nan sure It must be to you. aud KepuMicaiis overywhfre aud to all our people, that.Che-expres- S.ICDLI* of it:* declaration of princiiiksf-arc; go direct, ciear aud ouu&uatLc. Tli.uy are too plain.- and positive ro _ieave any., danve for slo-ubt or ((.uastlon as to tluiir purport aud meaiiJu,g. • • •• : "The employment of tlic idle 1 money wo already have, im gaiitful pursultis. win.put evary idle: ma« in the country, at work, and wlieov there- Is work there isj wases, and when-tlhore are work and wages, there are consumers w-ho cou.vti- stute the beat market for the products of our soil. "Tihe money of the United States,, ana evory kind and form of.-it, .-wnetner or paper, silver or gold, in-ust 'be as good as the best in tlic world. It must not only be ciiTi-'cart at -its full face value at homo but it must be counted at par In any nnd every commweial tenter of" ttie globe. "What wo want is a sou-ad policy, financial :md Industrial, wMeih will-give courage and. ..confidence to all, 'for when tli-a't -is done the"money now employed, because of fear for the future and hick -of confidence in -investment. will quickly appear in the channels of trade. ' ' • "Our creed ombriiccs.au honest dollar, an'' untarnished .national credit, adequate revenues fox the uses of tlie government, protection to labor and industry, preservation- of the -homo market, arid reciprocity which will;extend our foreign markets. ; "Rcceirt orcnts -Qiave imposed the patrtotlc-iieoplo of this country a responslUUltj-: and. u dutj' greater than any since the civil -niir. Then it was a .strnjiglo to preserve t.hc goremrnent of HOW WAS IT DONE? A Kansas editor offers a silk skirt waist, a ready made essay and a box of KUTO to the Wgh school girl who first sends a correct, solution to the following problem: A man pnrcnnseCl groceries to tlie amount of thlrty-fouir cents. When ho came to pay for tho goods lie had only a dolhir bUl, a tli,ree"cent piece and a two cent piece,. The store keeper had a half dollar and a quarter, Tuey ap- peidcd to a bystander bnt lie only had two dl-rnes and a penny. After some perplexity the cliause was made to the satisfaction of all.—Ex. the United States; now dt Is a struggle to preserve the'financial -honor of tlie sovornimont ot Bio United Slates. Then, it was a contest to save the union; now it is a contest-to save.spotless Its credit. Then seetion--.was"a frayed against section;'now men of all sections can unite, and will unite, to rebuke the- repudiation of our obligations-and the debasement of our currency." • Iiulianapolis, .Inly 14.—Special.-Cun- .sideral.ilu convmcn:t was occasioned today by the action of Governor Matthews in the annexation matter. The candidacy of the .Governor for Senator to succeed Voorh'ei's lias made it necessary that he should appeal ro the elements now in control of the Democratic parry. I-n line with This the Governor has assumed an attitude of defiance toward the Federal•coutMs by advising the atiflio'rilii-s ol.' Uaminoud ro go ahead with the collection of taxes in cerlaiu annexed territory, rejtardliss of the do- cisiou of flic Federal Court of Appeals reversin-g a decision o!' Hit lower court, iu v-hii-h a iiill-ftu- an injunction has bewi denied. T!ic Governor wrote his letter in reply to one from Thomas 11. Mor.r. Mayor of Ila-fiimoiid. in which the- latter: appealed (o him for assist.- ante iu tlie way of force iu upholding rho in'iivei- and dignily of Hie State. In h.is lertcr to the Governor. Mayor Motr, of Hammond, recites those facts: laFi-bratiry, 1:803. U\P CMincU of Ham- niftiid anncxoil certain trrritory. some of -which was owned by Caroline M. Foivyt.he. Mrs. Forsythe resisted the annexation, and was defeated in Hi'. 1 la to Circuit crmrt and Indiana Supreme court. She liion applied for an injunction in (ho Unived Srakvs District court: of Indiana, arid the bill was dismissed for warn of equity. She appealed to the United -States Gi-rcult Court, of Appeals am'f .T-ud'gc Broods reversed the lower court, wit In instructions to grant, (lie injunction. There are numerous residents in the territory, who, being residents of Indiana—5Jns. Forsyte- resides in Illinois—are- fiouuG by (he decision of the.State courts. The Mayor continues; "Which .master shall we serve? The question- is local and political, arid arises upon the-construction- of an.Indlatna stature. I am advised by lire City. Attorney (hat the Supremo court of t'li'is State has the power to construe onr own- statures, and that Its judgments are bindlus and conelusive upon all who are w'iftin its jnri'salicrion. Tlv." Federal denies rfiis proposition aud has- ovurturned the .T-cision of i'Ue Suprome- coiii-'t oCtlite'Staro upon this-local politl- Cinl-qmisfiou-a-t the suit or one who was within- the .-Hirisiirctioii of tftc Supreme court-and bound fiy its decfsion, if the- decisroii has-any Cilndlnff power at-all. It i's flit' 1 desire and purpose of the city .authorities to respect and enforce the.- judsment-:0f the State courts, but if they undertake it, there win clotiyiess be a coiiflictlug amtority. The Federal court will treat as contempt any attempt to override its decree. If this question can only lie settled by a resort to force, ir might as well be settled at one time as another, a-nd, as Mayor of the city.ii-appeal to yon for assistance In enforcing 7 the jwJgmcnt.of the court? of our own State. The question Is one of vital importance to the dignity and power of tho-Stutc. It the judgments of the courts-of this State arc subject to collateral review by the Federal coin-Is, let it be Uno-wu and we will take our place ,In- the galaxy of States, not as a .sovereignly, but as a servile dependency. You are charged with the duty of executing the law a;nd enforcing the rights of the State; and in, that character 1 earnestly appeal to you for assistance in the present emergency; 1 In speaklu? of tlie situation to a Tour- .u.,,1 reporter yesterday, the Governor said; "The Federal courts have of recent years.been reaching out and gathering toitlicmsolves jurisdiction Iu matters that are within the province of the states alone. I tlitak this tendency should be restricted. The decision o£ OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated fand carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4- and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots— 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds"]- 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants We In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY* FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; MOUNT WILL SPEAK. Candidate for Governor at the Rink Friday, August 7, The l. ; r,<jn. .Tajnos A. Mount. KepuMi- c:iu candidate for Governor, will bu here Friday. August 7th. anil will address the eltistens of Cnss and adjOiiv.i!,-' •vouutles iii'Uic afternoon of uiat day at t,iie Broadway rink. Besides ibis emi- Htiut speaker, who IMS a Stale reputation as a sou ml re-.isoner and a logical thinker, besides kaviMg marked ability in framing his argume-ute into straightforward English, there will be oilier able speakers, good music and a rousing good Republican time. Remember the -date aud placo. Friday afternoon, August "tli. at the Broadway rink, !/>- ga-nsport, lud. Everyone sliould hear Mr.. Mount. A FLOATING FORH SEEN. Naked Body of a Boy, Drowned in theWabash. Yesterday a l' teriioo.ii about 1:30 o'clock the dead body o£ a boy was seen floating down the Wabnsli river at a point just below ttic bridge which leads to Kiddle's island Xlie body was first seen by Henry Webster, step-son of R. KadabaugU, and also by.Mrs. Will Ra- dabausn. They say that the body was .nude ami evidently that of a boy from 10 to li years old. Tlie police wera notified immediately and Harry McMtt- lea started down the riverju. a boat 10 try to secure the floater, but was unable to catch sight of ir owing to the speed with winch it went down stream. Officer Curt Smith and several other men went down' the river in boggles, but were unable to see anything of die body It Is protaible- that the body will be found some place down the river. It was reported that the body seen was that of a boy 12 years of ase. who was drowned yesterday morning four miles this side of Fern. Hilton 'has accepted a position with! Al Mcrrltt, .the ..Eastern^ plumber. •WOULD CAUSE A PANIC. At Ackley,- Iowa, -a'.sfcort time ago, .Bryan was-,maktag a, speech, on free coinage. Miv-Fieasante, of that place, asked him this .Question: ."Mr. Bryan,-.will'the 'free coinage ot silver at .the ratio of10 to 1 cause a business depression and a panic, as Secretary .Carttele and, other great financiers 'predilct?'f.. • ' ' .• '••••' Mr. Bryan'promptly, answered. "Tes, Jn lay opinion, It would nave that .tendency. But if a man Is sick there is no use putting off 'giving. hiin-hU medicine and letting;him got'worse: I think It wlU cause a panic, but the country is -in a deplorable, condition .and it will take extreme .measures to restore. It to.a { condition.of.prosperity." ' .'. .. -- Judge AVoods practically ignored our Supremo court and I Have advised tho Hammond authorities to proceed in the collection^' taxes as tliougb. tbcre had been no dictum in the Federal court I do not-know what steps tho Federal court is .likely to take in the matter, and individually I am indifferent. I think it to time,'that their encroachments should be. firmly resisted." ' ' ..RACE POSTPONED. The match, race between tho horses owned bj-Pat Graney and W. 0. Welch, which-was. to Have keen run yesterday, was postponed- on account of a wet track. Messrs.. Welch .and ur.aney called at The Journal office yesterday and decided that If 'the conditions are fit the race" will be run next Thursday, .Tuily 31, Both Mr. Granoj- .and Mr. Welch are anxious to win the race, and as they will drive their own Horses, it may be expected that there will be-some •excitement. . . Felix Hollingswortn of Grover. III. writes the Chief of Police that lie ha, a runaway boy stopping at his liouse who belongs In this dry. The lad gave tho mi mo oC Louie Ingraham. is about ten years old: wore a dark pair oC cot ton pants and checked gingham waist several scar* on lite head. Has bcen there about three weeks. Mr. Boilings worth tliinUs the boy'* mother lives here, though the boy himself says his parents are both dead. James W. Wisely of Royal Center lia a mmtaturo cotton plantation nourish ing in his garden. The seed was sen him by a friend in Georgia and last Feb ruary he planted them In a bed la th house aud as the weather grow warme tlwy were re-planted in the garden. Th plants aw now in bloom and Mr. Wist ly has a promise of a small.cotton crop The Board of Police Commissioner held a meeting last night to conside the matter of tiro appointment of a Hi mane officer. A number of those in terested Jn Humane work appeared fore the Board and gave tncir reason why they thought such an officer should be appointed. • Jay Fuller, a business man, of Detroit, writes the Chief of Police that his SOB, Ernest Fuller, aged 10, has run away from homo and it is thought is hoadedin this direction. .•••;•.-.. WHAT, XEVERJ NEVER permit your clothes to become seedy -and sour, you n.re not companionable. NEVER wear high heels; they ara unnatural and produce rnauy nervous disorders. NEVER buy shoes from any one other than Pilling; he has the best. NEVER try to peep at the- engine when it is in motion; it may be your last peep. NEVER miss Filling's special sales; e will RIVC you money. NEVER use too much' perfumery; on may Tx? mistaken for a cologne actory. NEVER pay five and six dollars for tan shoes when Pilling has them for 2.0S. NEVER sacrifice health, propriety, and comfort for any sBly fasWon. NEVER fail to remember the fore-, going facts and do not be so foolish as o believe that you are tiie exception; hat you can buy shoes just as cheap omen-here else, for Pilling has the best and cheapest. 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. WHAT ONE BOY COSTS. A boy is ail expensive luxury. Sometimes a father is not certain after all hot a sou is a good investment. There is a man in a uelghlwring town vho opentd; an. account with his oldest »ou when lie was born and kept i-t faithfully, cuargl-np him with every cent laid out on Ms account, except his joard while at home. The boy was cwonty-om} not long ago and his father icarly paralyzed him by imidiug him a Mil for $1,007.00, being the, amount he paid out to keep him alive and reason- ibly nappy.. Of course the father will not force collection so far as to foreclose on the property, but it was an eye opener for the young man. He had no idea ho had been bought at such a price. SHE STILL HOLDS FORTH. Fountain City Enterprise: Mrs. John Allen of SedaJin, who is now violently iiwa.uc, was a regular attendant at the MewhoTi meeting aud was very enthusiastic in all things. In. giving her "experience" she at one time talked for over an hour. After she had lost her mind a committee of ladies waJtod upon Mrs Mershon amd asked her to discontinue her nwettugs. vWdi have been goto on- for three weeks. This she refused to do. It was tlien suggested that she be denied the use of the church, but it was found tlwit this could not be done as It tws to bo used by any religious denomination by the terms of the deed when -not being used by tJie Methodist people. Mr.?. Mershon will continue to preach the gospel at Sedalia. . SOLD ?20 IN A RAG BAG. Rochester Sentinel: One of Fulton county's model citizens is Reuben SteJn- ingcr, who lives peacefully find comfortably on ills-farm near' Germany ford, on the Tippocanoe. Reuben Is not n capitalist but he always keeps a small reserve -fund on band and he keeps It out. of reach of pilferers. Last week lie had twenty dollars In currency and as he didn't caw to carry It witli hire he Wd it at tho' Iwttotn of a rag bag. While he was out about the farm a MS buyer came along ; and purchased the contents of the rag bag. Just flulnk of lt.'$5 and $8 Ian shoes ?£9S at Otto's- Straw hats, halt off, all marked in plain figures.

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