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Santa Cruz Evening News from Santa Cruz, California • Page 9

Santa Cruz Evening News from Santa Cruz, California • Page 9

Santa Cruz, California
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Country Correspondence News Features Sports Vol. 45 No. 118 SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 1930 Fourteen Pages SECOND SECTION Pages 9 to 14 Legion Members And Drum Corps Go to Monterey SCHOOL WORK EXHIBITED III BOULDER CREEK DENSE FOG -J CAUSES SHIPS TO GO ASHORE SITE PICKED TO BUILD NEW SOQUELBANK Racket PFarefare Flares Up A gain In Gotham Theaters But Not or Long GUILD PIONEERS AN IMPORTANT TURGENEV TRANSLATION SAN FRANCISCO, March 29. Two ships went aground in the The News' Special Servlcel SOQUEL, March 29. The location of the new bank of which The News' Special Service BOULDER CREEK, March 29.

Thursday evening in 'the high school gymnasium and in the dense fog that blanketed the cen Officers of Santa Cruz post of the American Legion, and the en. tire drum corps, will attend tonight the district meeting in Monterey. In addition a number of members of the post and of its auxiliary are planning to be present to take part in the evening's entertainment and to see the parade. Drum corps from Watsonviile, San Jose and Hollister will also H. A.

Wright is to he cashier and didly and tragically handling a Clayton Wright assistant cashier. grammar school, the school exhibit wngnnnnori if tho mihlln I BY GILBERT SWAX NBA Service Writer NEW YORK, March 29. Just role of the "Fata Morgana" vari-lhas been selected and building The rooms were tastefully decor ety. That is to say, she falls in operatior.3 will begin immedl- tral California coast last night. Inside the Golden Gate the ner schooner Claremont, watery logged and sinking rapidly, was beached by her skipper off Crissy Field, after crashing into a submerged rock near Point Bonlta.

On the Monterey coast, 110 miles south of San Francisco, the as it began to look as if all the stage gangsters had retired from ated with ferns and huckleberry, and plants secured in the nearby love with a young music teacher, ately. retained to intsruct her child. Shei The bu'lding wilt be erected woods. Each room had its auota of the drama of private life, the is many, many years older than on what was a part of the Odd; be present to take part In the quiet Lenten season found target exhibits, from the first grade to the lad, who has a sweetheart his Fellows lot, using the east wall own age. The conflict between the of the I.

O. O. F. three story older and the younger woman pro-ibuilding as the connecting wall. Japanese tanker, Rhine Maru, the highest.

The exhibition showed the work done (by the pupils and teachers from reading, writing and arith practice resumed on half a dozen fronts. Cops were slain and crooks were slain and toughx guys were slain until the theater's mortality rate vides the tragic duel in the back The building as planned will be was abandoned by her crew, when ground. she lost her bearings and ran full steam into the rugged, rock- metic to the arts and botany and There is very much more than appears in this dramatic conflict parade. The officers of the Santa Cruz post will take part in the business session. Another frature will be the all day Legionnaire golf tournament at Monterey tomorrow, in which a team from Santa Cruz made up of Crf.Hain Cy Perkins, Hymie Abrams, Giles Adrian and F.

L. Collins will play. The drum corps will meet at Legion headquarters to start at 6 o'clock tonight. commercial subjects. The art and woodworking de lor Turgenev wrote so ilengthy a play about this subject that it had partments showed work ranging from piano benches, picture to be chopped and chopped to keep it from equalling such records as frames and cabinets to hand work were set by "Strange Interlude rose alarmingly.

It got so you couldn't tell where and when you'd see gents and gentesses being taken for a ride. Even the floors of those picturesque lunch wagons ran red with blood that had not dripped from fresh hamburger. Fortunately, the shooting is not likely to continue long. The two opuses, "This Man's Town" and "Penny wherein things on such delicate things as bureau sets and jewel cases. The wild flower exhibit attracted a great and "Back to Methuselah." Once some years ago, when the Moscow Art Theater was visiting New deal of attention.

The teachers were present to explain the ex York, it was to have been includ Sno-Ko Signs Big Contract to Sell dotted shore below Point Sur light. Two steamers, the Humboldt and the H. M. Storey, both near the Rhine Maru when her first SOS flashed over the air, were reported standing by. At 11:55 m.

the steamer Humboldt reported that the entire crew of fifty of the Rhine Marti had been transferred to the Humboldt, which was proceeding ta San Francisco. Both ships crashed into tha rocks at approximately the sam time 7 o'clock. Immediately th air wag full of SOS. All land broadcasting stations were silenced, as wireless stations and down the coast sought to ed in their repertoire but for one strictly Spanish style of architecture and is to be completed and opened for business by July 1. Remodels tJroeery Oscar Rushton has completely rearranged his cash grocery store on Soquel avenue, opposite the postotfice.

Several new Dayton display tables have been added, the counters have been so placed, and other equipment of up to date "onvenienoes added, making of it a self-help store. In the election of school trustee Mrs. Laura Rawson was inspector, Mrs. Lora Maddock judge, and Mrs. Charlotte Nelson clerk.

The regular monthly meeting of the local W. C. T. U. will be held at the home of Mrs.

Rebecca Vetterle Tuesday, April! 1. The new state minutes have arrived and some time will be given to studying them. H- "If S4W lilt 'J I 8Sx a ir are roughest, do not seem headed In Middle West reason or another it was not included. So the Guild again plays its cellent role of pioneer in the thea hibits and assited in making -the evening a pleasurable affair. Mrs.

George D. Gordon, assisted by Miss Lillian Durkee, Miss Johanna Ufkess, Miss Verla Van-dever, Miss Elsie Pesenti served fruit punch and cookies. Dancing was enjoyed to the radio. for great success. The former, by the way, marks the appearance of George Jessel ter, and with Shaw's "The Apple as a theatrical producer.

Had his Cart" and starts wind' lunch wagon saga been patterned more carefully on Hemingwav's ing up its current year far better The Golden State Creamery in than it started B. E. Haughner, vce-president of Sno-Ko, has returned to the head office of the company In San Francisco from an extended tour of the east and middle west where a contract covering the states has just been let where the ice-shaving machine' is to be sold stalled an electric ice cream re-i tense and horror stirring, "The pick up the calls for help. Killers," there might be another There is, incidentally, in the cast again, the superlative Dudley frigerator in the Woodard store on Friday. story to tell.

Even at that, with snappier direction and better ac Digges, back again from Holly NOVEL LETTER BOX Many Guests wood, where he played the French Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Morgan entertained at prison official in "Condemned second in large ntv Fred J- Newbauer has been appointed manager of the Chica Mrs. Nina Sheppa vice-president of the cards at their home in Riverdale LEIPZIG, March 29. A new" letter box had made its appearance on city streets here.

To mail a letter it is placed In an opening and then coins of the value of the stamps required are placed in met Thursday afternoon in San on having as their guests, and Upon the playbills of the week go district. The branch will Ta Cruz with other officers as a Mrs. L. York, Mr. and Mrs.

George there is John McCormack In his first sound picture, "Song O' My committee to arrange the pro-) Thanes, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ken- fourteen middle west and south nith and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Heart." It is a tender, slender.

tors, it might have had a very good chance. However, ham an' eggs and hamburger are tossed about before the nostrils of the audience. "Penny Arcade," the locale of which is just what the title suggests, offers novelty of setting and some rather crisp comedy along with its racketeering plot. It's one of those stories of the widow lady who runs an arcade and has to bring up a pretty daughter and a couple of sons in this atmosphere. The racket provided for them.

The let. Iters are then automatically (stamped inside the box and it is quietly romantic, often heart gram for the annual convention of these three counties, which will be held in Santa Cruz April 22 and 23. Sandstrome, from Sacramento as gnests. The guests stayed over Atlantic states. Albert Pick, Barth and company of Chicago, one of the largest distributing organizations, haa hp'pn nnnninreri inhhara fnr ready for the mall carriers.

i night, driving to the Big Basin in breaking picture wherein the great tenor appears in a evele of some eleven songs. And when he the morning and leaving in the School Field Day The program being prepared in the east. of sings it makes little difference Bermuda ships quantities Easter lilies to New York. for the annual school field day whether or not there a pic to be held upon the campus oi ture. evening for the Yosemite and Los Angeles region.

Homer Miller, who has been spending a week or so in Los Angeles was in town greeting friends yesterday. Mark Thomas came from Wal murder is staged in one of the the Soquel-Capitola school Fri Almost equal in Importance to HATS concessions and the daughter is McCormack's premiere is the ex One of the Theater Guild's prize actresses is lt a Xnziinovn, above, who is appearing in "A Month in the Country." day, April 25, beginning at 9 o'clock. AVHITE SPOTS If your table has white spots on it, you can remove them by polishing with kerosene, with oil and turpentine or with oil and alcohol. placed In the position of having traordinary improvement which to turn her brother over to the Mrs. Mabel Wallace is spend appears to have come over the sound producing machines.

Never police to save a sweetheart who Is Guild circle of drama lovers, the ing the week in San Mateo with relatives, and where her husband, nut Creek on Thursday for several days stay with friends in For Ladles and Gents, Felts and Straws, cleaned and remodeled, latest Spring style. Superior workmanship. NATIONAL HAT WORKS 320 Pacific, opp. Grayatone Hotel being framed. Floyd Wallace, has been employ est Park on the Basin road Us subscription productions staged before the season ends, has brought over a translation of a Turgenev drama which never before has been produced in Ameri has there been such perfect synchronization and reproduction in a Manhattan sound theatre.

Somehow, the gadgets have been ar ed for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Newlin of the F. It.

Waltl and family are occupying their new home at 26 Sylvar street. And now that you've seen how the stage styles are turning at the fag end of the season, we'll Mesdames Robert Desmond, Summit Service Station on the Basin road on Thursday enter exotic and exquisite Nazimova, who one season back was doing a superb job for Eva Le Gallienne's repertoire organization. There was a disagreement and Nazimova walked out or perhaps it was the other way around. ranged to produce a much softer Walter Noble, Ida Izant, Kate Fletcher and Minnie Parrish at get down to the more serious busi tained Mr. and Mrs.

Loren Kraig ca and has had but one English and smoother presentation of the voice. And fortunately, with a Dr. and Mrs. Roy Thurston, of production in London. tended the Flower Lovers' club Wednesday evening, where a most helpful lecture was given ness.

The theatre Guild, galloping along at a lively pace to get all of It's titled, "A Day in the Coun voice like McCormack's to get the Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E)khorn try," and it introduces to the At any rate, here she is splen-j benefit by Mr.

Conner on the use of A New Ambulance to Serve SANTA CRUZ spray in controlling insect pesis. of New York and Mr. and Mrs. George Hadley of Florida. Gives Family Dinner Miss Wilner Whitner gave a Mrs.

James Taylor and children $21,402 DAMAGES ASKED FOR MINOR have been called to Vacaville by the illness of Mrs. Taylor's moth family dinner at the home of her father. John Whitner, Thursday er, Mrs, Newport. Suit for $21,402 damages on behalf of Fred Miller, a minor, Stockton Guests Mr. and Mrs.

L. C. Patterson evening In honor of her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Everett for injuries In an automobile (nee Venus Buck) of Stockton Powell, and son, before the move were guests for a day in the home i of Mrs.

Ivy Rushton Ross and her husband at Sea Cliff Park. Double Bill In Kiddies Matinee Is On Today At Unique Vitaphone 'Chasing Rainbows' Song Dance Hit At Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Webb of and motorcycle collision, has been filed by E. L.

Armstrong, his guardian, through Ritten-house and Snyder. Ernest. Craghill, driver of the automobile in the crash, which occurred at Soquel and Ocean View avenues on April 10, 1929, is named as defendant. It is alleged that Miller suffered a broken leg and bruises and San Francisco were recent visitors in the home ct the former's uncle, John Webb. New Santa Cruz Ralph Faneuf of Los Angeles As a special attraction for the "kiddies matinee" today, at the Unique Vitaphone theater, a big double bill is offered, featuring Bessie Love and Charlie King called on Soquel acquaintances Thui day.

play together again in "Chasing Anita Brown, a member of the third grade of school, has gone nm fv I Rainbows," an original story for Metro Goldwyn Mayer by Bess Meredyth, which opened last night Tom Mix and his wonder horse. Tony, In a thrilling western drama, entitled "The to San Francisco with her par Heaven" has been seen and heard that Melville Brown has turned in a real directorial achievement in this production which has as its theme song the lilting love lyric "Someone." Brown and Miss O'Neil are surrounded by a capable supporting cast including Clyde Cook, Albert Contl, Blanche Friderici, Joseph Cawthorn, J. Barney Sherry and numerous others. There is much comedy throughout the settings alternate between a rooming to the Big Basin for the summer. Everett is one of the deputy wardens at the state Redwood Park.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Garrison were Santa Cruz visitors Friday. Mr. and Mrs.

George L. Woodard were visited yesterday by Mr. and Mrs. James Knowles, Mr. and Mrs.

Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Royland, of Maine, friends of Mr. Woodard's when he lived in the east. Mrs.

Ruth Ball, Miss June Williams and Elihu Huntington acted as officers of the school tlon board yesterday. Elihu Huntington is doing carpenter work in the Grant Cash and Carry store. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Newman and Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Newman are enjoying a vacation at their home on the Basin road. W. S. Rodgers reports his wife is rapidly improving, at Mission sanatorium.

at the New Santa Cruz theater. ents, where she has entered school. Kiddies and adults alike wil. That should be welcome news to those who have seen this couple in find whole-hearted enjoyment in the countless stunts in which Tom! The Broadway Melody." CLEAN MATTRESSES Use your vacuum cleaner to participates in the new FBO feature. These thrills include Tom's "Chasing Rainbows" is a back keep your mattresses immaculate stage story with real human in courageous ride on the wings of ly clean.

These should be done an airplane, the pilot of which terest, and it is doubtful if there is another pair of players on the night stand to one-night stand. There is singing and dancing in this picture, and plenty of comedy to keep things going at a fast clip The exigencies of life in a road show provide an excellent and novel background for both the comic and tragic aspects of the moving story. Charles Riesner, a famous character as well as a' splendid director, who is thoroughly familiar with this aspect of theatrical life, directed the production for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This is a picture that will delight every class of "Efficient Service" Special Rates on Long Trips Day or Night Service PHONE 750 SANTA CRUZ AMBULANCE L. PERRIGO, Owner 181 Elm St.

or 4 Vine St. house in New York, a music pub seeks to shake him off by dare regularly, just like your rugs and living room upholstery. Cinema Coast who can handle a devil stunting; his fight to keep lishing house and a broadcast station. vehicle of this kind with such finesse and artistry as these two. possession of a mysterious white mule, the only living being which WINDOW SASHES You should oil your window Miss Love plays a performer In a The great actress, Lillian was once presented with a knows the way to a hidden mine; and his fistic encounters with a road show whose love affair with sashes with linseed oil after a gang of desperadoes who secretly a fellow player, Charlie King, pro gresses backstage, in cheap board winter of dry heat.

To keep them in perfect condition they should gift from an admirer, the best product of his factory a gold-trimmed coffin. are a band of narcotic smugglers. ing houses and en route from one ltheater-goer3. The second feature, "Jazz be oiled each month. SAYS DAUGHTER OF JACK LONDON IS TOO LITERARY Heaven," a dramatic musical film with a theme that is a far departure from the conventional motion picture, shows today.

It is a Radio Pictures all-talking production starring John Mack Brown and LULUMN Sally O'Neil. OAKLAND, March 29. (iP) Joan London Malamuth, daughter of the late Jack London, was sued for divorce here yesterday by Charles Malamuth, assistant professor of Slavic languages at the University of California. Malamuth's DrinciDal complaint Critics agree wherever "Jazz her father's footsteps, writing, to cooking meals. LOS ANGELES El tSL ffj A Rough Landing On the Beach At Monterey in 1870.

The) box of books and papers broke open, the will was lost and the history of the title was changed. This happened just 60 yearn ago, yet Is part of the record today. We discovered it a few days ago in examining the title for the present purchaser. The latter knows nothing and need know nothing of the history of the title he Is acquiring. He escrowed his transaction with this Company and thus secured absolute pi'otectiim.

We safeguard your titles. Santa Cruz County Title Co. SELLS OWN COFFIN LONDON, March 29. Some 40 years ago L. Foster of Tebworth, Beds, bought a coffin for himself.

He kept this under his bed because he thought he was going to die of quinsy. But he recovered and as he has enjoyed good health ever since, he recently sold the coffin. He made a nice profit on the sale. cJom.vowr rdLcLuo Announcement C. E.

Canfield and Son, Realtors and In-surors, announce the purchase of the general fire and casualty insurance business of the Dake Title Company of Santa Cruz. Hereafter all renewals and information affecting policies of the following companies will be taken care of at 103 Pacific Ave. Commercial Union, AEtna Fire, Maryland Casualty, Home Underwriters of New York, Great American, Columbia Casualty and Union Fire Insurance Co. Convenience Comfort (Hospitality You will ippreritte die excellent service and moderate rates. The city's most centrally located hotel.

One block from Pershing Square convenient to all leading shops, theatres, financial institutions and electric depots for all resorts. Garage adjoining. AU Ourjidi Rooou EjA With Bsth OmFiimi S2.H0, $3. S4 Two Pononi (3.50. ti Vntxctlltd Food Friendly Price! FkANS.

Siumon, Director Motel Gavoy Sixth Grand sounds Jush a.s good 6L3 the day you bought i WeUJ got good ra.dio.incL ge resJ Service mm. Herb Coats IF ITS RADIO '-SEE HERB 19 Walnut Ave. PHONE 132 (ESS1 Title Insurance Building Cooper Street Telephone 2000 Ml.

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