The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1931
Page 3
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____ ? I 'X™K\'JI'. 1 -!:'- ..( AK NKWS Sonaloi- Who Wont for Hears Returns to Washington With Cnbs for the Zoo Jlnyli Socicly — Personal Ave Ahead of Senn- lovs as Pvospeclivc Presidential Candidates. HY WASHINGTON'.—You don't havs j (o wonder why the govci-nors au> .stepping out ahead of the .senators as prcjidPnlial prospccls. Firs!, just lake a 1'cok at the Senale an:l then consider the general political situation as regards the presidency. Where .senators are available us pir.sideritlal possibilities '.he situation dcesn't fit them and where situations are available they dcn't lit any-senators. The Senate has been iu session most of the time since the lt)28 election: Thnsc of i'.s members v:ho were regarded as possibilities before Ihe last session have s-jtn their chances dim. No new .|X><si- hili'.ics -have arisen r.inor.'g 'them, the conference of governors in ^iiana; met for a couple of dr.ys 1 out of it emerged more insistently than ever such names a.s Governors Roosevelt of-New York I'i.ichnt of Pennsylvania, Ritchie of Maryland and Whife of Ohio. Situation in Senate As far as Republican senators are concerned the regulars -are al 1 tied up' from the start wi;h the knowledge that the parly is going to reno:ninate Presidr-nl Hoovtr. Any opposition he gets for renomi- natlon must come from among the ant i-administration progressives none of .whom would stand a chance nl the convention. Even if it wcrc- othorwise it would be pretty hard to gel beyond Morrow of New Jersey and find a good candidate among the regulars. Yon can hardly imagine any of the more prominent leaders—such as Fcss of Ohio. Watson of Indiana. Smoot of Utah. Reed of Pennsylvania, Bingham of Connecticut, Jones of Washington. Moses o! Hampshire—being chosen to head Ihe ticket. If geography doesn't handicap them it's something else. So after looking at the Senate and the .situation you conclude that Morrow Is handy in the unlikely event that Hoover becomes unavailable—and that's about all. rinchnfs Chances ^Several Progressive s e n a tors <^s.Sl be (Iclij'nlcd to ran if they .Ininght they had the least chano; of nomination or of election in n ;hreo-parly fi;jht. But such men as Borah of Idaho, Morris of Nebraska and Johnson of California have no illusions, about [hat. Apparently they will be content to let. iMiicho! -arry the progressive banner in opposing Hoover for the nomination. Pinchol has plenty of money and .oves a fight. He is such a dashing campaigner that he will ba a great iight roaring around the country -n Rcoseveltian fashion, irritatini; Hoover and perhaps picking up a •onple of hundred delegates or ever, nore before he gets through. Only in astonishing upheaval in pn'itics •oiild bring about his nomination. There is some suggestion that lie night, later run on a third parly icket. If li« does he probably will inrt the Democratic chances bv Rawing oif a large anti-HoDver -ole. if not. assuming that he has ampaigned fov nomination. !h? eneral effect of his efforts will te :armful to the Republicans in the nain campaign. Democratic senators realize that :oosevelt continues out in front for heir presidential nominalion, but hey are in no better shape (h he Republicans when it comes to Ifcring him an opponent. U has ecome axibmatically safe to ignore .-.e southern members, among whom nly Hull of Tennessee and Robin>n of Arkansas stand out as real mber. That leaves Walsh of lontana. who is dry and Catholic unavailable on both counts: ;r of New York, barred by n birth, and Bulkley of Ohio, tilkley. although he is newly clcct- I and has failed since coming here i develop bis publicity possibili- e.s, is the one Democratic senator horn the lightning might conccir- )ly strike in case a dark horsD ins out at the Democratic eonven- on. You hear him mentioned ong with Ritchie. White. Newton • Baker and Owen D. Young. Driver Grove I The Rev. Ed Williams of fane Ink will conduct church servl-ts Drhor Orovc. Sunday. I Mr. and Mrs. n. M." Alexander 1 Leachvillc were guest* of Mr.s I audc Jmira Monday and Tuesday I last vert. (Mrs. Georgia ami Kthel Swain 1-ro giirsis of Mrs. Maude Sprhi- Jv Tuesday afternoon. l-Mrs. Ben Gardner of Blythoville l^nsactrrt biisiness here." Timrs- 1 v. I diaries and Walter Boles visited I Memphis a few days of last I Mrs. H. D. ShaneyfeH of Hair loon. ai:d Mrs. Rillie Horton of l : achvillr were Bursts of Mr.s. 1 Hide SpiiiKer. Sunday. J Mr. and Mr.-. Claude Jones and |.orty Alexander spent Saturday jilt with ll'.c-ir parents at Leach- I Mr. «ind Mrs. Bill Robertson and liitiren visited Mr. and Mrs. Bud al Lone 05k, Saturday. i,nd Mrs. Paftord White Saturday night with Mrs. • —>' Russell. »Irs. Zel> Gaincs visited his son, j ffnrrt. Rundnv, ll WASHINGTON, D. C.—Dear with jnator Frederick Hale of Maine „..., for a moment, friends, and hear' tiirned the story ol the three benrs. i i;-, w -/ ! Keener News Notes ;f^ ( ! Mr and.M.T^Vplgi'havpL" .returned to Kdser iiit,. f u visit 1 ''; i'.vltl, M,- K pij, cs ml)l j 1(1 |. ,,, cabot. I ,. w - ls s'«» '« "* prct-j «•:>«. ,niio I'CCClV' V? f ''' - Jpiiviicy. church Mondav cvenini! ! M r"' >l Ml M !;' }w Wllli;1 "' s «»d 1-1.__ i^Hl^TA^ ™ v^T" '"° l "' C " '° Wl " Short Wave Sen -Will Hero's I'ertlaml-or maybe It's Mi« ftrgo. cr Martha Hiclunlscn- citjcvin; u luiirlii-3ii serve:l liy .Sonafnr Hale uf Maine. Thsy bear 11 were out for bear—n n d :y got. Their second Kodiak The play, "Aunt Jerusha on the Win-put!!," was ptvcn at the hl^h school Tuesday evening under the I i auspices or the Ladies Aid of the'. JMelhodLsi church svjs well attend-< led. Music was furnlslicd bv Hie i MI,. \ f . , tliiyli band. ' | r , M.iri.iirrt I The Workers Council mcl nl the '" j OaplLsl chureli Monday cvc-nlnij i,Mr" j for reuular monlhly meeting. Twelve ' j teachers were piesenl. and plans for , a better Sunday school wtre dis- 1 cussed. A Children's Day program was , given at the Methodist church Sun| duy mornini;. ; Al. n!ir)::iu-ltr. of Port3i;evil!i.>! i Darkowiu Sunday. Victor Craig of Memphis arrive; 1 I Tuesday for a visit with relative: • here. ; •"'• v '•"' Willlm i Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Pollock n! j 31 ", 1 ""! .""' Klc '- 11 - 1 ! Cnmpbc'll, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs."" K. L. White of Gideon were gucs'.'; of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Uunklin Sunday. Mrs. A. O. Allen hud as her yuesi this week Mrs. Lenny Hunkjrlor;! of Memphis. Mr. and Mr.s. Leonard I.eller ol Oran, Mo., were dinner yui-sts ol Mr. and Mrs. Lyn Lefler Sundnv. Miss Lunda Mae Hastings returned lo her home at Sfnath Monday after visiting with friends ln-r» for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kolin motored to Kcnnett Sunday for n visit with relatives. Uon Chism visited nalton Gors and Thelnia Woods al Keiinett Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wright and daughter motored to Cotlcmwood Point for a visit with Mr.s, Frank Llpiis Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Uicicii 1 niackard (li-PH t,M f ici,irn,"! >0n rr l im Gulf' .,' 1W ',, 1 V y 1l! { ai "'-- ll:i I'orl M':-s «•!-,.,-„ tiii'v illniited h, I vl| f" il! :' "'iniiv Rrajlu-l^n c-a-ins^iu'ci^" Ork l^ 1 ,,;^ ^'^ar? ,, , , linblnson vLsltoi '- alul I lo i:»h. of HIP will or!li Lw Ark., .liu'i I Unemployed Miners Operate Own Mines lllh JIH-JI;.: Williams, nick Wntsi.n :in,| chuilcs Nlchuls nt- lemli'il ti; L . ijum excursion 'it ll-\r-! v. "fid I-.IM Monday evmiiig. i 1|( . N Mi-.. Uirenr- Perils of f.epanlo i and '•lien: II:-.- » ri -k end wllii Miss'for JOf'l.fN, MIL. lUl'i — Shallow imiii'.-. In the Til-State lend nncl ehurcli IHMI'.I''" 0 ''''Ms. <iniT oonnhlL'ix-tt worlh- )!•!«. in iioiiu; worked iiBiiln ns l.'ilviiio ventures by mlnurs thrown nut of llii-lr jcbs by tin Ekron News Notes Contact Young Explorer!% „--„„ mlllm „, lh? Jnp . [lin diMrht iii'i' making their llv- ... Tlielt pai'r ', M«. Fi-«l'Mnso!i.-wds-tiic-giKst" 1 ri'lMce the route of of Mrs: Tom Hurt Saturday nlfjlu,' Messrs. Harvey Harggll. Fred Masou, Tom Hart, Olcn Cox, Roy Hart mid Uaylou Mason S|»nl Saturday night, en Island 27, * Mr. and Mrs..W. C, Slona were Kiiesis of B. L. Teuton) and family in Twenty Nine Siimlay. Hiuvey Hiirgcll imd ns his BHO.II Friday his ..father, John Haraelt.-of niylhcvllle. Ostha Bragg was the guest of Loulic Morgan Sunday. Clayton Harlsfleld nmi family snout Sunday ut Gosnell wllh relatives. .^ii, "arvpy Hnrgctt and fnmily spent H, e l fiimdiy afternoon nl Dell wllh ,i-ii_j friends. , ' I 'Miss Mary Mangum waX the guest , of Miss Cany Diiliey on Twsmy ' I Nine Sunday. have bmi abandoned'- Kince. tion .vveinl years «KO. t . -•-. .-•".. whore Ihcy I will ,!>;i lelutivcs for two weeks Mis. H. ||. Unblnson was a Mem- Ijefuie In- sills ccinmiind under lioldi!dt;r of Hi ivlll bu' .'.ecunrl in • CaiUaln !>.'Sininid i Safe for Sleepers en wen; in - .viili n B u.'-ol '" rT- ..... -l" t>r - * m 1)p «l«lW'rt I on?" hie (nitini' and short irom MA'IKO. C-.ilif is dty lutomls wlnd.ius, in yarci, or iwulus nrnr II P. M. 'Omiru-r ;iov;s Wanl Ads Pay. 666 OR TABLETS Iti-llrits a llml.-icliv nr. Ncyraltia 'In :iU in!nu(ts, ch«ks a (.'old tKe llri.t day, and clicclis Milnria In three duys. , (ilili Sitlvc for Italy's Cold bottle, though whether it is Portland. Miss Fargo, or Martha R:eh- aidscn who is shown here at the bottle, we wouldn't like to sav. All three or them are doing their yui- ator saw her as he and his rom- paninns were chusgin^ along Lake Karluk in a Tlie boat was swung in to the shore. He fired, and killed Mrs. Dear. and ...IU.^LL J"Jin.c\ilLll ; have returned from Omaha; 111 j where Ihey visited for a few- weeks 1 temlt.. Sunday, Mrs. M. home where inob 5 ju. c,. Kol'rass .returned Sunday from Dyer. Tonn she has been visiting Mr^ Inngriim. Don't Rasp Your throat With Harsh Irritants the senator that thev me iloir.g -very nicely in Washington. !|i!ii- content over their boliles of milk. To understand all about it go back to March when Senator Hale went on a hunting trip to Alaska With him were Seth w. Richardson, Assistant Attorney General, and Samuel Stern, Fargo. N. D.. business man. . swcateis. taken out of the wild i country with difficulty and put on a boat for the slates. The Senator acted ns nursemaid. He fed 'cm from a bottle, tucked them in and made theni : comfortable. Like any youngsters i they weren't \vcll behaved. They ! fought over Ihe botllc. nut they eventually reached Washington Luxora Society—Persona] Clear Lake Farm Mrs. Mary Jones has returned lo hrr home after spending two weeks ! with her parents Mr. and Mrs | E|)encer Ellis. | Mrs. Charlie Taylor and (hugh- ' tcr. Margin, spent Sunday with iMissc.s Virginia and Dcnn Gnynor ] Mr. mid Mrs. G. H. Ralph atid j children spent Sunday with Mr land Airs. Emerson Euens. I Mr. and Mr.s. W. O. Powers were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Isom Rich- j ardson. Sunday. •Ulth ill's. Charlie Taylor. ' ' Mirses Meredith Graham. Mnr- i Mrs. John Richardson and chil- Mrs. Howard Bow™ wns a Ve-n- fm Cl , R , !c! "" ls - . M;ible George, I dren were guests of Mrs. John phis visitor, ifundav m ° tCTed l ° Osccolri ' Sma ^~ ! Manley ' Slm{l!> y afternoon. Mi- i.-,i MIX <5 ','c -IL • >|!1S - N - °- a " rkp llns returned I Mr - G!ICS namfco spent the week in. *i .n J.lli. o. J. rtmUIl lllOlOr- -n lin,- !,.-,..*„ nt T^.. *( ,., - . Pll/l U'ittl life i,.r.lhr,,- o* fl Mr. ai-.d Mrs. S. ed to Memphis, S; ^ ~ i-.nv.. «i >I = L unri uti iuil, 'I' J : Mrs. J. S. Dilleliiinty of Slythc- i Burk- and Mrs. Burke ' ' I ville was the guest of Mrs. R. T. Mr . a]ld Mra . n . w . Thweal and ! XK\V CA'fi;i!l'II.t,AR Mi:.MHER ^f^. John D. llit;htowei' returned Monday from FayetteviMe. Ark., v.'hcr; lie -.vas a .student at University of Arkansas this past term. daughter. Dixie were Blytheville visitors. Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. Win. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Dare Richards and Margaret and Jane Richards spent Wednesday in CnruthersviSle, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vol'mer were Blytheville visitors. Monday. Mr.s. Rose Goldberg and claugh- ; !'jventh member of the famous mi (ernaiional Caterpillar Club has | just enrolled, lie is Lieutenant i : R.iorn Gi;slav Ujuegren of Ihe! 1 Koya! Swedish Tir Force, who sav- ' i ed his life in a parachulo white his machine crashed Lieutenant i Bjiiggreu was testing a new train-i ing p!:sne al the Barbaryd Field. ' Discovers Body of Man Long Missing SYRACUSE. N. Y., (UP)—A dog. is credited heiv? with discovery cf the body of Frank Sacco, 76. Prank DeForcst was fishing on the bunk of Chitlcnango Creek with his dog, Sporl. Fishing was poor, and DeFores; threw a stick ncrow the crock for Ihe dog. Sport relumed with a handkerchief. An investigation disclosed the body of the aged man. who had been miss- ' ing several months. Ho was believed to have fallen in the creek while fishing. Double Votes Tomorrow VOTE FOR ONE OF THESE Martha Robinson, Blytheville Maurine Branson, Blyihcville Evelyn Harwell, Klfilhevillc Alberta Elliott, BlijtheviUc Marion Burns, BlylheviUe Ruth Whitworlh, BhithcvUle Vivian Dilluhunly, Blytheville liuth Butt, Blytheville. Margaret Cross. Blytheville Carolyn Pride, Blytheville Althea Edwards, Blyihevillc Margaret Milner, Blytheville Elizabeth Martin, Dell Rosa Lou Cook, Luxora Dorothy Gideon, Wilson Orinc Hulchens, Manila Mary DeWeese, Hayti Virginia Burton, Cavuthersville Frances Bar ham, Osceola AT ONE OF THESE STORES Gillen Furniture Co. Borinn's Drue/ Store The liootcry Central Shoe Store Hubbard Hardware Co. Hubbard Tire & Battery Co. New York Store Guard Jewelry Store Barnes Nu-Wa Cleaners New Mead Clothina Co. New Dixie Store Co. Ark-Hi o Power Co. Phillips Motor Co. 777 Service Station McMullin's Cash Grocery Elois Beauty Shop "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Everyone has an Adam's Appta— •very man—every woman has one. Touch your Adam's Apple with your finger. Toil are actually touching your larynx—this Is your voice box-it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat—your vocal chords. . • "TOASTING"expelscertalnharsh Irritants present in ajl raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE—th* modern cigarette. We sell these expelled irritants to manufacturers of chemical compounds. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why, the "TOASTING" Process includes the useof Ultra Violet Rays.LUCKY STRIKE —made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop—THEN—"IT'S TOASTED"—an extra, secret and ex- elusive heating process. It is this process that expels these harsh irritants. No wonder 20,679 American physicians have stated LUCKIES to be lest irritating. No wonder LUCKIES are always kind to your throat. And so wo say "Consider your Adam's Apple." Be careful in your choice of cigarettes. Dane* Orchci- Ira, ci«ryTira. nny, Thursday ana Saturday cucnins over N. B. C. n«(. oasted" Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows-Heat Purifies UlTSHt Protection •.ogqinst irritation-against, cough

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