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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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in of I to in I on VICTORIA DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1930 ESTABLISHED 18854 A Week-end Special $18 Porpus Hide BOOTI 10 and 12-inch top, for men. ABSOLUTELY WATERPROOF FOR $10 A PAIR Guarantee With Every Pair. Maynard's Shoe Store 040 Yates St. Phone 1239 WHERE MOST PEOPLE TRADE- Thousands of the Same People our Cabs regularly 1 because they are the best at LOWEST RATES Safety Cab Co. Phone 8800 Offers many very attractive sites QUEENSWOOD to frontage natural commanding surroundings a with magnifi.

sea cent view of Haro Straits. 18 is in close prosimity to the centre of the eity: about 15, to 20 minutes by motor. is le subdivided into parcels from two to five acres. water. electrie1 light and power and telephone.

Apply to Swinerton Musgrave Ltd. Girdwood Co. Ltd. Or Any Member of the Real Estate Board The death occurred yesterday Isabelle Victoria Webber, wife Will diam Webber, of Booke Lake, aged twenty-three years, The late Stre. Webber was born Victoria and was the only duaghter of Albert Lloyd Webber, of 82 Burnside Road.

She survived by her husband, her father and one brother. The will be funeral held from Hayward's BC. Funeral on Friday afternoon at 1.45 Chapel clock. OBITUARY The funeral of Mrs. Margaret Bolseth took place from Hayward's 1.C.

seral Chapel yesterday afternoon. Her. F. P. Chadwick officiating.

Canon The hymns sung were "Nearer. Sty God. to Thee" and "Abide With Me. Many friends were present and a large number of beautiful floral offerings covered the casket and hearse. The were: H.

J. Beale, J. M. pallbearers Smith. E.

V. Tuson. Sac Pearson, L. A. Gale and Lindsay.

The Ten 11. laid to set in Itoyal Oak mains were Burial Park. funeral of Philip Turner Dark. The who passed away at the Itoyal Jubilee Hospital last Thursday, took place year terday afternoon, proceeding from Sands Funeral Chapel at 3.50 o'clock at 3 o'clock services were coltand Cathedral by ducted at Christ Church Dean C. 8.

Quainton and Rev. Canon Beauty Electric Washers Phone 8817 Pall Showing Displayed Let Us Value Your Old Washer Phone for Demonstration 1600 DOUGLAS STREET HOMES Furnished on Easy Terms Standard Furniture 719 Yates Wood $4.00 Per Cord Load C.O.D, Lemon Gonnason Co. LIMITED Phone 77 2324 Government St. 735 YATE VICTORIA'S POPULAR WOMENSS STORE 12 PAYMENT SERVICE CASH PRICES MOSCO removes WARTS. CALLOUSES CORNS, AND The wonder remedy, 50c Jar.

For sale by Fawcett's Drug Store, King's and Douglas Shotbolt's Drug Store, Johnson St. STEWART. THE SHOE MAN. 1221 Douglas Street ECZEMA Psoriasis and All Skin Diseases TAKE OUR HERBAL REMEDIES Descriptive pamphlets on LOss of Manhood and Disorders of Men. on Ills of Women.

on Skin and Blood Diseases. also one on Herbal Treatment of Chronie Diseases, advice. In plain envelope, free by mail. Open hours, 2 to 6 and 7 to 8. Thurs.

Fridays only, The English Herbal Dispensary Ltd. 1350 Davie Vancouver. 8.0. Canada's Only Qualified Herbalists NEWS IN BRIEF When he pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing a fire truck, V. E.

or was fined 610 in City Police Court this The semiannual meeting of the Victoria Amateur Athletic Union will be held in the 1.30 4 root fire in an old house near the corner of Blanchard and Fort was quickly extinguished by the fire at 980 o'clock this Reeve William Crouch and the lets Couneil will In Thursday evening at a al the Regal Oak Municipal Hail, preceding the fires council meeting of the year. Pleading guilty to charges park. in a prohibited area on the side of Blanchard Street north of View Street, Haynes and J. Potts were each fined 60 in City Police Court this morning. Jaines Nose, charged with the theft of from Bert Beales and Robert Lure, was arraigned in City Police Cours this morning and remanded until Thursday through the request of his counsel, P.

d. Wails. staff sergeant Robert Owen of the Provincial Police has returned from Chiergo after identifying a Chinese held there as Wong Wane who is ale leged to have jumped bail here after being convicted on a narcotie charge, The man will be extradited. The regular general meeting of the Tuberculous Section Canadian Legion. BESt.

will be night held in the club Law Chambers, 501 Bastion Street. 7.30 o'clock. bers are requested to please note change of time. The eity will lay five-foot sidewalk on the south side el crete North Park Street, for a distance of 120 feet east from Cook Street, it was decided by the City Council last night. Property owners affected are to their share of the cost.

The works committee of the City Council last night authorized F. M. Preston, eity engineer, to proceed with the installation of an sewer on Seaview Avenue, at a cost of $1.160. The work was to give service to a new home, 16 was stated. The investment of $1.000 of sinking funds, through the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the Royal Financial Corporation, Victoria elty tures, yield 5.40 per cent, was ale by the City Council fast night, on recommendation by its finance come mitten, The Illustetsed lecture to have been given this week by Afajor P.

V. Longe staff at the Victoria Connaught men's Institute in aid the funds of of the Guild for Sailors tias been postponed until Wednesday, January 20. The City Connell ratified the sale of lot on the north aide of Gorge Road, near Harriet Road. 10 local buyer last night, for the sum of 8700 cash. The demolition of 722 Catherine Street, an old athletic hall, and a disused jam factory on Douglas Street were mended, both being city-owned.

Presenting an annual report on the Old Men's ifome to the City Council tast night, C. Havard stated there were forty-two residenta at the Home, twenty -seven of whom were pensioners. Progress had been made in the 1m- provement of the premites during the year closed, it was stated, and thanks were due to the public for many kindly sets. Lee Chee. Lee Gim Tow.

Tee Mee Dow. Lee You Kwong. Lee Foo Chong and Lew Gong Lee. Chinese. were charged in City Police Court this morning with assault on Gee NI Sang and Gin Pong as the outcome of -the fracas at meeting of the Chinese Nationalist League Sunday night.

They were remanded till Friday. All are out on 8250 bail. of $1,400 for estension of greenhouse space at Beacon Hill Park was asked for by Alderman John A. Worthington, new chairman of the parka committee, before the City cil last night. The work, if it were to be done, should be commenced AL once.

he stated. The council tabled the request for its estimates committee to consider Wednesday. An advance of the usual monthly grants to the Friendly Help Society, the Ida Street Refuge Home, the Y.W. C.A, and the Aid Society was authorized by the City Council lass night. Suspension of the usual grant to the Children's Aid Home, proposed by the finance committee, was tabled, pending 1 further conference with the authorities at the Home as to fire menace and the care of thirty-six children now resident there.

Building permit control of bungalow courts and auto camps came in for some discussion by the City Council last night, on the rejection by a committee of an auto camp proposed for site on Quadra Street, near Market Street, permit for which has been asked for by W. F. Towell. Bungalow camps, properly maintained, were a tourist traction, said Alderman James Adam. Improperly built, or not well cared for.

they became the seed of slum districts, contributed Aiderman E. S. Woodward. The council tabled the issue pending a report by its zoning committee. Six thousand three hundred and soventy-one are lamps were in service for the city last year, Mat Hutchison, chief city electrican, reported to the City Council last night.

The are lights burned average of 10 hours 25 minues daily, at a power cost of $15,835. In the cluster light system, the light had been increased on one-third of the standards, with a noticable difference in street lighting. Cost of cluster operation bad been $8.703 for power and maintenance, Mr. Hutchison reported. Extensions had been installed to cluster standards on Douglas and Humbolt Streets, and improved lighting could be carried further on the present plant capacity, concluded his annual report, TENDERS RECEIVED Tenders for the erection of the unit and the kitchen block of the Essondale Mental Pospital were opened yesterday by Eon.

W. A. MeKenzie, acting Minister of Public Works, in the absence of Hon. N. S.

Lougheed, Pacific Engineers Limited. who are the contractors for the main building were the lowest tenderers. The bids were 18 follows: Smith Brothers Wilson. $719,900: Dominion Construction Company, Hodgson. King Marble, Carter.

Halls. Aidinger Company. Northern Construction Company de J. W. Stewart, Pacific Engineers Limited, $679,000.

Bush Fire In Saanich Burns Twenty Acres Fire raged Hiervely, ever acre of she 014 west Rasmich Besd and gaged the efforts of fore was subdued at 1.30 chis after after a fight of nearly three The blasa originated when Lyle to en ale farm. into the 884 the fire quickly get of central. Chid Police Rankle and the fire department we neighbors, wand fir boughs sweeps check the fire, properties Sewell and Harold pion wee saved bring in great danger. LONGER DRESS WINNING OUT STYLISTS SAY First of Spring Fashion Exnerts Arrive Here With Mannequins Dresses to Be Down to Top of Slipper; Women Are Taking to Them Deftalte reminder in the midst of the cool weather, that spring and summer are in the offing. was brought to Victoria today with the arrival at the Emprem Hotel of the fint el the warm weather clothes stylists from Montreal with the mannequins.

B. Mendelssohn. who is one the best known authorities Western Canada on the trend women's fashions and to anticipating what women will be considering the chle thing three to ale montha from now, broke in on the Victoria style trade with the latest from Parts and New York, via Montreal. Str. delssohn was rapturous about the grace and beauty of the new style dresses women will be seen in for this year, at least.

new street and afternoon dresses all come down to four to inches from the ground." explained Stile. C. Feet, his mannequin. demonstrates what's what in fashions, "That is the proper length this year. The short, knee-length skirta are all past.

As for the divine evening gowns, the most beautiful come down to below the top of the slipper. WOMEN ACCEPT THEM women taking to the new long dresses? Most decidedly they are, pecially for the evening. New York, Chicago and Montreal, the three chief etyle centres on this continent, have gone over en manse to the long skirt and the rest of the country naturally follows their lead." Another fashion expert who arrived here to-day from Montreal and is stag ing style demonstrations at the press Hotel for the trade la R. Milton. He has brought two mannequins with him.

Mile. P. Hutchins and Mile. Moray, who are of contrasting types of beauty to match the various styles and shades of dresses and gowns which are being shown here. DEATH CALLS CAPT.

YATES AT NANAIMO" Pioneer Sea Captain and Pilot of B.C. Coast Passes Was Ten Years Master on Victoria- -Nanaimo Run Special to The Times Nanaimo, Jan. The death curred in Nanaimo Hospital yesterday afternoon of one of Nanaimo's most prominent citizens in the person of Capt. Albert Francis Yates, age seventy-eight years. Stricken with a falal flincas, Capt.

Yates was removed to the hospital about a week ago, but despite every care he gradually sank. The late Capt. Yates is survived by the widow and a daughter. Ethel, at home. and one son, Arthur Yates, of the Government Fisheries bost VanIdis.

He leaves three grandchildren and one slater, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones of Vancouver, and two brothers. Rev. C. F.

Yates of Yale, B.O., and Capt. Montague Yates of London, England. Private funeral services will be held from the home at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Following this the remains will be conveyed to St. Paul's Church, where burial services will be conducted by Canon Hitchcox.

the cortege. then proceeding to the family naimo Cemetery, where interment will take place under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge. YOUNG CAPTAIN Born on July 4, 1852, nt Charlottetown, P.E.I.. Capt. Yates attended the Prince of Wales College there and had command of a ship at the age of nineteen years.

For ten years he was in the const trade on the Ss. Costa Rica, later the Ss. Bristol, which plied between Victoria and Nanaimo in the Klondike gold rush days. In 1900 he was appointed Nanaimo pilot and was an active pilot up to two years ago, at which time he gave up piloting but continued survey work, representing Lloyds. He niso represented the San Francisco Underwriters' Association and was harbormaster here.

After retiring from active sea service he turned his attention to civic 80- tivities and was one of the originators of the first white laundry to be started in Nanaimo and acted as president of it for several years. He Was past master of Doric Lodge, A.F. A.M., and was also a Royal Arch Mason, Keystone Chapter, No. 8. MEN ON MARS STAR EXPERT IS BoOR.

I. A. Pearce of Astrophysical Observatory Tells Kiwanians of Solar System Mars and Venus Present Necessary Conditions For Life life on some of the planets of the solar was the central motif of an Mantrated dress by de 4. Praire ef the Astros physical Observatory betwe the Kiwanis Club this afternoon at the Hotel, Craphie Lions were explained by Mr. ale purpose being to enable the Nie wanises judge for themselves as to the possibility of life Sating en the other worlds the solar agaigi.

The Feel bulk of the and its overwhelming dominance of the solar was shown by comparative pictures. of the moon were given. with a diagram of the theory of its origin by breaking away from the carti: The planet Mercury was scorched up, and incapable of supporting life, while Venus conditions which would support life. having oxygen. water, vapor and a rotation which was nos understand because of its cloud envelope, said the speaker.

LIGHTER THAN WATER Planets of the larger type such Jupiter, ware not coralensed ciently, being of the density similar to water. Saturn was even lighter and would float on water. the rings being composed of multitude of little worlds. Far distant Uranus and Neptune were little known. Unlike Jupiter and the Farth.

Uranus was tilted sharply. the poles being the hottest areas. Ail the big worlds rotated at nigh speed and had temperatures hundreds degrees below the point where life was possible. Discussing Mr. Pearce sold are almost convinced there is life Mars" and told of the growth and wane of snow caps, the presence of mountains and the daily rotation in twenty- four hours.

11a seasons were twice as lone as those of the Earth. because it was more distant from the sun and took two years to complate circuit. Vegetation was certain en Mars and the marks formed were nels, the smallest thing which could be detected by the largess telescopes, being sixty miles wide. was known to flush great arras Stetting of the snow cape of ally with blue, water, surging towards the equatorial sone, "if the prople are there we can be aura that there will be nO question of international disputes They must conserve their atmosphere, which is disappearing." Mr. Pearce said.

"Lowe in his works maintained the Martians used the annual snow Ines to irrigate their agricultural lands. Mars was very much like the Earth in its possession of conditions sary to support life. "Afost of the astronomers are now convinced that Mars is inhabited by race of, very intelligent, people. Whether they hare five or six fingers is immaterial. Personally, 1 am tatied Mars la Mr.

Pearce said. In conclusion, he presented views of star galaxies, and told how leading astronomers were sharply divided into two camps. one side supporting the view that the solar aystem was unique and the other belleving that similar planetary groups existed. Raymond Ballard, a boy singer, rendered two selections, accompanied by Mrs. Clifford Warn.

REVIEW OPIUM SEIZURE FROM EMPRESS LINER Stuart Henderson, For Lee Kim, Disputes Alleged Possession of Drug The seizure of forty-four tins of opium by officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver hotel corridor in August last is the subject under review by the Appeal Court in the continuation to-day of argument In the consolidated appeals by the defendants in Rex ve. Lee Kim. Mah Poy, Henry Chan and Charlie Him. The appellants, four Victoria Chinose, are seeking a review of convictions on charge of possession of opium, and sentences of two years the penitentiary, with a fine of $300, passed on each by Magistrate Shaw in police court proceedings at Vancouver. An imposing array of counsel la sembled for the hearing.

which entered on its second day to-day. with H. S. Wood. K.C., for the Federal Minister of Health; W.

M. MacKay, for the Attorney-General of J. W. de K.C., for Mah Poy: W. C.

Moresby, K.C. for Charles' Sam: H. Castilion for Henry and Stuart Henderson for Lee Kim. Resuming argument this morning, Stuart Henderson stated the alleged offence was said to have occurred as the Empress of France lay nt her berth at Vancouver, two days prior to her sailing time for transpacific voyage, At midnight a transfer of opium was said to have taken place through the porthole of the vessel to men in a rowboat alongside. The actual ratzure was said to have followed new day in a hotel corridor at Vancouver, when officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police made several arrests.

He would argue that possession of the drug, as alleged, did not apply to Lee Kim, nor generally to others in the party of four arrested by the police for the affair. Mr. Henderson with citations from the Canada Customs Act and other statutes, dealing with contraband imports. Thousands of Victor Records 39c5 for Each Three $1 This is the biggest piece of news for Vietrola owners in many months. Thousands of wonderful records-all formerly The each.

Now .390 Or 3 for The entire catalogue of other 75e records, now 65c-and we allow an additional credit for every used Vietor record you bring in exchange. Weed out your old them in to-day. BROS. (VICTORIA.) LTE 1110 Douglas Street W. o.

Stocken. The widow and many friends were in attendance and tiful flowers covered the casket. Horan. Kean. O.

Knight, F. O. Stock. Whitlaw and R. New berry, all meme bers of Post No.

18 T. V. Section dan 1 acted as pallbearers, and the remains were laid to rest in the family plot at Hoss Bay Cemetery, The funeral of the late Madame Mathilde de Bertin, who passed away Monday morning at 8t. Joseph's Hose pital, will take place to-morrow 8008. proceeding from the Sands Funeral Chapel at 1.50 cretack and at 2 o'clock services will be conducted at St.

Andrew's Cathedral by Rev. Father W. G. Smith. The remains will be laid to rest in Bay Cemetery, Funeral services will be conducted Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Sands Funeral Chapel over the remains of Miss Ethel Beatrice Locke, who passed away last Baturday at the itoyal Jubilee Hospital.

Rev. F. C. Chapman will officiate and the remains will be laid to rest in the Royal Oak Burial Park. The funeral of Mrs.

Margaret Mills Horton took place yesterday afternoon from the Thomson Funeral Home, ceding to 81. Mary's Church, Oak Bay, where Rev. Canon Nunns officiated. Many friends attended and the casket and hearse were covered with beausiful floral offerings, showing the ea. teem in which Are.

Horton was held by all who knew her. The hymn sung was "Jesus, Lover of Sty Soul." The following acted as pallbearers: D. D. Muir, Dr. W.

N. Russell, P. 1. Bamford. Thomas Bemford, Robert Russell and James Stewart.

Interment was in the family plot at Ross Bay Cemetery, Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon over the late Afre. Catherine Mclaren, who passed away in this city on Monday afternoon. The cortege left McCall Funeral Home and proceeded to the First Baptist Church, where Rev. A. J.

Vincent conducted the Impressive service. The hymns "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "Rock of Ages" were sung. and Mrs. Robert McIntosh sang a the hymn "Safe in the Arms of Jesus." Oliver Stout officiated at the organ. Among the many friends attending the services were members of the Kumtuks Club, of which Miss Kate McLaren is dent and in which organization the late Mrs.

McLaren took a keen interest. The floral tributes were unustially beautiful and numerous. Interment was in the family plot at Ross Bay Cemetery. The following acted as pallbearers: W. Taylor, R.

Calder, R. D. McCaw, E. M. Brown, A.

Galbraith and Capt, J. C. Foote, deacons of the Pirst Baptist Church. The remains of William Whitehouse were laid to rest in Ross Bay Cemetery yesterday afternoon, the funeral taking place from Hayward's B.C. Funeral Chapel at 3 o'clock.

Rev. E. W. P. Carter officiated in the presence of 8 large gathering of sympathising friends.

The hymns sung were God. Our Help in Aces and "Nearer, My God. to Thee." Numerous beautiful floral destens were received and placed on the casket and hearse. The pallbearers were C. M.

Tickle, G. Rawlin8. P. Bruce, C. McBride, H.

WILson, kinson and E. Leckle. The funeral of Francis Irvine, infant of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Irvine, took son place this morning from the residence, Admiral's Road.

Esquimalt, Rev. Father Wood officiated and interment was in the Songhees cemetery. Alex. Thomas, Dave. Fallardeau, Harry Dick and Frank Albany were the pallbearers.

REDUCED PRICES ON LACC MAZDA LAMPS 15-watt 25-watt 40-watt 60-watt 100-watt. Buy them by the carton and save money. MURPHY ELECTRIC Co. 722 Yates St. H.

FORRESTI IS SENTENCED TO SERVE YEAR Judge Lampman Holds That False Pretense Used to Secure Funds Henry C. H. Hall, K.C., Announces Appeal Is Being Considered John Haddow Forrest was tenced to one year's Imprisonment en consiction before Judge tamp man in County Court to-day, at the close of trial on a charge of ohtaining $100 by false pretense from John William Goes. Henry C. Hall, K.C.

counsel for the prisoner, said an appeal on grounds of mixed fact and law, was under considers. tion. W. C. Moresby, K.C, and C.

Lowe appeared for the Crown. In passing sentence. Judge Lampman said he had come to the ston that the defendant must have known he had made use of false pretense in his representations in regard to the ejector pump inventions. He was not satiated, either, that the defendant had done all that could have been done to protect the interesta of those who subscribed to the syndicate organized locally to push the plan, continued His Lordship. "I certainly don't think this case for suspended sentence.

You collected well over $2,000, which, as far see. has been frittered away needlessly, You will be sentenced to one year's imprisonment," said Judge Lampmon. Argument between counsel as to the procedure to be followed in application for a certificate of leave to appeal was adjourned until notice of appeal had been filed. Forrest, who has a wife and two young children at Vancouver, was led away by an officer of the Provincial Police. AIR TRAVELERS Aerial travelers on planes of the Alaska- Airways of B.C.

this morning were: From Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Mittens, Mrs.

C. Rope and Mrs. C. Hodd. To Seattle, D.

Cotton. Miss: C. V. Pilles, Miss D. Cherry and.

Davis. Mr. Davis flew here from Seattle yesterday afternoon. A. Aitken Gray, Ex-Western Scot, Dies on Mainland A.

Aitken Gray, city solicitor of North Vancouver, and well known in Victoria, where he enlisted with the 67th Battalion, Western Scots, died last night, He according 'was to word received here to-day. commissioned 88 machine gun officer and went to the 75th Battalion in France, Later he became adjutant. He won the Military Cross and was badly wounded Amiens. From the wounds received there he never fully recovered. his return from the war, he studied law and became a member of the firm of Tupper and Bull in Vancouver, until appointed to the North Vancouver office.

He is survived by his wife, who is the daughter of Capt. Archibald of the Ss. Empress of Russia. Mr. Gray had many friends in Victoria, especially among returned men.

who will be represented at the funeral in Vancouver on Thursday' by Major Christie, William Young and others. That Chilly Room! Needs a RADIANT HEATER Connects to any lamp socket. are priced at 84.40 and up. See Our Dieplay at 1121 Douglas Street. cor.

View. Hawkins Hayward Electrical Quality and Service Store Phone 643 NO WATER? Phone W. T. Lawrie, 2930, or G. Minty, 1575 You Will be Thawed ELECTRICALLY at Short Notice Canadian Anti-vivisection Society 315 SAYWARD VICTORIA, B.C.

have Cone great harm to the profession such experiments never have succeeded and never can: and they have, as in the cases of Koch. Pasteur and Lister, not only hindered tree prosress but have covered our profession with -Prof. Lawson Tail, former vivisector, and one of Ensland's most famous aureeons. Overnight Entries at Agua Caliente Pirat race- -Six furlongs: Lotta Bother. 105 Minturn 107 Dudu 110 Sun Coat 110 Shasta Night 110 Ilston Whittier 107 Port Captain 115 Aspin Again 112 Bunker Hills 112 Madam Valeria 115 Engineer Day 112 Chard 112 (Kamueln 120 Our Friend 107 Argue Second race -Mile and one-sixteenth.

108 101 Klyl 113 Russell Gardner 111 Mary Beverly 111 Pegasus 111 Hill and kill 105 Alloy 111 Juniors Nurse 99 Battle On 111 War Salam Alice Lorraine 00 Sapodilla 103 Loule Forecaster Wright 108 106 Loves Orb 07 Doc McMahon 101 Lampasas 109 Third race--Seven furlongs. Amelia May 103 108 Carrillon 105 Mise West 105 Patricia McKeon 08 Son of Volta 102 Inez 102 Manager Seth 105 Easter Seth 106 Fourth race--Six furlongs: Told You 104 Will Bank 107 Conciliation 107 HI, the Deck 107 Thrace 110 King Bank 113 Henry Horner 113 Zest 107 Badgerface 107 Dolly Bay, 105 Carlos Maid 105 Caravan 107 Point. Loma 107 Blackspot 103 Tin Soldier 108 Saddle Skirts 102 Love Charm 103 Perrona Seth 105 Fifth race- Mile and Dr Wilson 109 Edistoe 103 Fire Brigade 100 Scots Grey 109 Negopoli 107 Bisth race- Six furlongs: Pat 113 Shasta. Rose 103 Paragraph 105 Fortunate Girl 103 Kit Carson 105 Kulaman 114 Crotion 112 Home James 101 Morsun Sevauth race---Mile and ons-sixteenth: Olive Dexter Ramona G. 10.

Enthusiastic 103 Billy Basil Golden Sweep Marengo 103 Paul Hirtensteln Duck fu Fair Girl 101 Lannie 101 Judgment for $106, and a dismissal of a counterclaim, was the declaloit given by Judge Lompman in County Court to-day in the action of E. Ci Balley versus the R. A. Green Lumber Company, damage claim following a motor collision et Burnside and Orillin Street 011 November last. P.

R. Leighton appeared for the plaintiff. and P. J. Sinnott for the defendant.

Your Feet Buntons, Fallen Arches. Weak. Aching Feet. Free examination. Stobart Elda.

Phone 587 Yates St. B.C. FOOT HOSPITAL 30.

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