San Bernardino News from San Bernardino, California on June 6, 1918 · Page 2
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San Bernardino News from San Bernardino, California · Page 2

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1918
Page 2
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rzge i wo The News As An Advertising Medium Stands The Test, So Use Its, Columns And Secure Results iiiuriuajrrju'ic u, uxo Mtv Wll MXIMIH S tilltl. IK CAUS VVHOX-WIOK STIMKK . COXCG.O '.iupe 6. 'Blind" orders for a nation-wide strike of commercial telegraphers were Issued by International President 8. J. Kenen-kanjp today. t i. - ATTWtXSY JIAKKS, AnilKKSS Attorney G. L. Sanders of Los Angeles spoke at a thrift stamp meeting presided over by Mark B. Shaw last lTt. W. S, CLAR IJ KILI.KP, I.OS ANGRLES, June 6. Attempting to avoid running down a dog, Dr. W. S. Clark, prominent in . WASHINGTON, June 6.-n-Four hnndred thousand Americans will enter training camps this month. Xi: j. yDIJK..Juny, vtt.r-Snpr-i - WASIijXaTOX.'june 6--1, One,' hun-krant ipjsaJierktyw.Ji ptniigjjVl'ia j-drod and ighty-foor; sli anJ kouud-sonrkrout. : .i' ; ;:ed Amerlian soldiers were' sent. ' to , MCW V 9K, J ue .i. Ja mea w. ,Hart, IKi), and . Misrf Kite . Woif, IK,, were 'married, in the llrooklv.n bor- night. Captains and precinct work-' ctvic activities here, was killed when With a call for 2o(,000 drafted men The Long Island branch of the Na-itha United States from the American ottgn linll by ClferR James v. Scully of the license bureau. The bride's mother and sister were present and Mis Wolf gave her occupation as that of a manicurist." Mr. Hart, when seen later -at his home, refused to give any information concerning the romance. For era will meet at the office m the court jhis car was wrecked on I lie highway today, covering the closing days ofUional Pickle Packers' association, expeditionary forces during the house next Wednesday niKht. iat Compton. I he Qouth, Die tola! was brought above 3UO,IOO and calls expected this month will reach the 40il,uii0 llgure, convening -In grave session, decided week ending May Jl. tne wai ucpuu-on this and took a formal vote against ! went announced today. h KEVTRMf'K vi.-r :n i:v Iti:V. GII.I.MOR KKSIGXS WOKK Ifev. D. T. Clllmor. rector of St.'OATK SKT KOI! MOOXKV IK.VHI . WAUKRSUA. Wis., Juno . Grace Lu8k, school teacher murderer, remained iu her cell today, unsen-teoced. Until June IS she will lie under constant surveillance by three physicians, charged with determining trondtt1on of her mind. calling it. by any other name. .MORMON UIM.VUtY IS KMI'TIW John's Kpiscnpal church, has resigned, owing to the fact he leaves lor war work. . SAN FRANCISCO. J tin A 11. Au Liberty cabbage was whispered j around among the members as a good gust 23 was the dale fixed by Supc-;' rior Judge Griffin in a death warrant j in' the hands of the clerk of the court i - is est iniuled now. WASHINGTON, June . The ,.. 1, l...... I..., i..i .i... IKIUIIU1JT HI i uk .m..i iu.m. - : t.MSI.S TO WHAIt IMI'OIIMSI Tlie high school girls unauimonsly .t. , . . . in,,, 11,fe.ll, 1,111 ItWIlWUJ Udf; - , , II .If,, l.llultolu ed propose it, The Americanized i t'UIII, IIIIMIIII. .,,,,',,, j many yeans He was in me jewelry wheat, has been emptied iu response ft.UI.ROU C'OMIM.W tfinllilKr lu hl.l t I.n .vi. n ho ,i t nA I business, but gave it up lo become a real estate, broker, . lie retired sev ernl years ago. . ; Old papers for saloi 1 Oe per bundle, News office.' MM-.s si II itodav. for Iho execution of Thomas J. ' valrul In wimr..ll uuifotiu u:hich will against the suspicion of Teutonic or10 W? m. Ml? !wl mf-igin of .ho cabbngy compound. v ! 1 All A oi'uioiih are renmed to i give one-llfth of their harvest to the Tho thrifty housewife reads The church and the wheat thus obtained News ads for "bargains. f was 'stored aeaiilst want, i ' '! Southern Pacific- llatlrond companytjjoonev. filed suit against F. E. Wilson and : he a dark skirt and a white middy cents ' during the coming year. This is be-either i ing done In conjunction with the boys i who will wear cadet suits. Subscribe for The News, pet month; .telephones, jx phone. :." rental. Marshall Itugg and J. .M. Cadwell as I Subscribe lor 1'he News, 3 either hnndsnten. tor $438.84, for charges per monlh; on a oar of fruit shipped east. 'phone. telephones, 18fi, C .1010 Victory War Garden Dinner To Be Served To Entire City In Pioneer Park On June 21 All you can eat for 10 cents! Old man High Cost of Living is going to get an awful swat in San Bernardino on June 21. for on that evening a harvest home dinner will 1e served in Pioneer park under the auspices of the war garden committee, of which John Ralphs, Jr., is chairman, and All yon can eat for 10 cents! The whole city is Invited. The hour is 6 o'clock. You will have to bring your own cup and spoon, also your appetite. A huge stew will be made, a regular "mulligan." Incidentally, ice cream and ."side" dishes will be served. It will be a strictly informal affair and table manners mus-be left, at home. Displays of vegetables raised in (he victory garden contest will be exhibited and the prizes, in charge oJ Mrs. J. W, Barton's committee,' will he presented. Speakers on food conservation will be present anil interesting talks matje. It's going to be a real patriotic affair and a regular community gathering. Donations of vegetables for tho soup, or stew, will be acceptable and R K. Do Wolff, offices at .41 4 Third ; street, will receive them and see that they go into tho big pot. William Starke will be the chef and he is empowered to call his own aids, but ho will be careful uot to have too many cooks to spoil the broth. J.ocal business men will be drafted to help serve the dinner. A meeting of the -committee will bo held sometime next week to make further plans. The following committee chairmen were named: Tables, George H. Seager. Soup, William Starke. Corn, Manager Belloli of the II. O. Chaffee company. Relishes, F. K. Page. Sandwiches. Mrs. S. I. Stewart. Ice cream, C. R. LeRoy. Donations, P. L. UeWolf. Speakers, R. R. Stover. I (plfefvs SB storage ,! - - .... ul i :' SEEDS! STSit War Garden Hon for that.. . And Remember We Sell For Less A Good Garden Needs Rich Soil C V. M. HUMUS Is the Fertilizer That Makes Soil Rich" .Sold in Bags, finely pulverized for Lawn ;ind CJardeii use by In- depeiKieudent Feed and Fuel Co., 4l'S .Fourth street, at 2.00 pei; bap;, or at the f'aetorv, I. S. CHAPMAN & CO., Inc. Chapman Building 937-941 Third Street Pacific phone 210 Home phone 1661 TO HilLP V0U: 'HEIP Ft' CP YOURSELF U S. DEPT W FOOD W In' WAR therefore, do not let such things'as backaches, blisters scratches and cuts interfere with a successful Garden. We can fix these easily. We also sell sprays that kill bugs and insects. Fourth and E Sti Both Phones302 A half-acre garden, if cared for properly, will produce far more vegetables than the average family can consume during the maturing period of the crops. Only a small portion of a garden of this size should be devoted to those vegetables that must be used as soon as they reach maturity. It is advisable to devote the major portion of the space to those crops which if not needed at once may be kept for winter use. In fact, if the space is available the garden should be planned with the definite purpose of growing crops tor storage for winter use. Late beets, Into cabbage, carrots, celery, onions, parsnips, late potatoes sweet potatoes, salsify and late turnips may lie stored in their natural condition and if possible should be grown to the extent of the family needs for storage for winter use. Work (iawleii -All Season It is possible in nearly all sections jof the country to grow late beets, lale cabbage, laie potatoes aim iurinp u ground that has already produced a crop of lettuce, radishes, beans, early fore this crop is mature. Turnips may be sown between the rows of late corn and late bush beans. Late beets may be planted between the rows of late beans and will grow long after frost has killed the beans. Storage in (lie Home iiy utilizing every square foot of space in the garden a considerable quantity of vegetables may bo grown for storage for winter use. If no storage facilities exist in the home all the crops suitable for keeping may be stored In outdoor banks or pits. However, it Is not at nil difficult to provide storage facilities . in most homes, it being only necessary to make use of the cellar, the attic, a large closet, or other parts of the dwelling, depending upon thp character of the product to be stored. Reans. including the Limns, may be stored dry, and It. is advisable to grow lliom to as great an extent as possible for winter use. Limas and other polo beans may bo planted around the fence, it being possible in this way to produce considerable quantities of dried beans for winter use. fHELPVVINTHEWAR HELP FEED YOURSELF Ip5 OR AGaicyfeTtfRe ow THE HOE IS MIGHTIER MAN THE WORD A War Garden cannot be successful unless it is worked thoroughly and consist-antly and this cannot be done unless you have the garden tools. Nowhere In this city can you find a better assortment of garden topis than at our store at the present time. All of our goods are the products -of the leading manufacturers, priced moderately. San Bernardino Hardware Co. 329 Third Street !'Wifi'M;;i cgetiible Like These, t.iown In the summer and Stored I util Needed, Vary Winter Diet RAISE A GARDEN www -r rtnC5S-'M 5 " Don't wait until it is too late be .suit and Jry to liayo the, biggest and best garden this year (ban you have ever grown be a soldier of tlie soil. Don't waste seed. Remember, you will need Hoes, Rakes, Trowels, Spades, Forks and Shovels, Watering-pots, etc., and, we have them all. Geo. ML Cooley: Co 383 Third St. DO YOU EAT? peas, early potatoes, or some crop requiring a relatively short period for its maturity. Gardeners are inolln- led to neglect the opportunities for crop production in the garden after the first part of the season has passed and frequently space is allowed to lie idle that should be producing a crop of late potatoes, cabbage or turnips. In sections where the season is short it is possible to plant the late crops between the rows of early crops before the early crops are removed, thus gaining two or three weeks time. Late potatoes may be planted on ground from which early . peas or string beans have been removed. .. Late cabbage may be planted be tween the rows of early potatoes he- The pods should be allowed to remain on the vines until dry enough to rattle, should then be gathered, spread on the attic floor or in some other dry place, and when dry, shelled and stored in bags. ' Dependable War Garrteiv Seed can be 'purchased at the following San liernardino stores: 0. Meyer. Chaffee So., Independent Feed & Fuel Co., Art Hansen; Choice sets or plants can be had at the Independent Feed & Fuel Co., or from C. Meyer. Vegetable life "naturally thrives oetter in rich soil. Any soil may be enriched by the use of "C. V. M. Humus," a fertilizer sold by the I. S. f Chapman Company, San liernardino. J I have asked the above question for many years, but the seriousness with which I ask it now in entirely different. All the grocers on the continent cannot supply the United States with Food Stuffs unless they "help feed themselves" by planting, a War Garden. Do it now. Make a start. SEEDS For the WAR GARDEN All Kinds We can easily .satisfy you in regards to seeds, as we have them in large quantitiesand ail varieties. ' .ART HANSEN r 320 D Street. 338 Third Street A Sanitary Curled Hair Mattress The "llsSTG00D". is filled with fine quality all new Sanitary curled hair. 40 lbs. aw used in eaeii Mattress, and it is eneaserl in a ticking of the highest quality. ' ' f . ... Home Furniture Co. 2S "i o. You Must Time YoyrM Wm. A. Manson CLOCKS AND WATCHES ; rhei Is a PROPUIl TIME to water our guldens, him ib; vegetables and to watch out for worm and buns. Systematize yourself mid work hy riMK. 310 E Street CALL US FOR CORRECT TIME ' UM-rl HERE 15 PLENTY OF WORK!

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