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Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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B8 Thursday, May 12, 2005 ENTERTAINMENT TllEWiNDSORSrAR Mir.nATinu mm i Dnnniuvnnj: pTA Kingsville Charitable Repertory Players Fundraiser rANNE OF GREENlG AIHtKS tt MAY.1 2th, 13th 14th uu.cumI fe WUG rim JijaV 0 MIGRATION HAI i mm jfv J. 'iivVi; ill Tickets are available at Kingsville Office Pro 19 Main St. West, Kingsville or by calling (519)733-8357 Media Sponsor: Tl IE WINDSOR STAR BIG SCREEN: Jim Shaban, president and general manager of the Lakeshore Cinemas, poses In one of the 10 theatres in the Complex that Opens today. Star photo: Dan Janitse Low-key opening for theatres HMWWErtSmHVEIHWTKSm(fcra) ft SPECIAL ADVANCE SCREENING THUHS. MAY 19TH AT 12:01 AM 12:15 AM 4 12:30 AM.

Reg Enaagwiwm Starts Thuft May 19th at 3:30 4:00 4:15 630 7:00 7:15 30 10 00 ON SALE NOW! UCVM SCKAMM ft fn, Mon-Wed 3:35 4:20 6:35 7:20 9:35 1 0.20 Sal Sun 12 35 1 20 3:35 4:20 6:35 7:20 9:35 10:20 MONSTER SHAW tt Fit, Mon-Wed 3:40 3:55 6:40 6:55 9 40 955 Sat Sun 12:40 12:55 3:40 3:55 6:40 6:55 940 955 UNLEASHES 14 Fn, Mon-Wnd 4 05 7:05 1005: Sat I Sun 1:05 4-Q5 7:05 10:05 HOUSE OF WAX 1U Fn, Mon-Wnd 4:10 7:10 Sat f. Sun 1:10 4:10 7:10 1M0 UKOOM OF IKAVll ftmr.) 14A Fn, Mon-Wnd 3:45 6 45 9 45; Sat A Sun 12:45 3 45 6:45 945 HTlTMHKIirS SHU TO TW BALMY Tt Frt, Mon-Wtd 4:00 7:00 Sat i Sun 1:00 4:00 7:00 1000 EOL ITATE OF THE IHBM ft Fn, Mon-WDd 3 50 6 50 950; Sat i Sun 12:50 3:50 6 50 950 TK mWUfTHI Fit, Mon-Wed 3.30 6:30 9.30; Sat i Sun 12:30 3:30 6:30930 HOUSE Of WAX 1IA Friday at 6:50 WO Matlnw Salt Sun at 1:30 1 late Shows Ft! a Sat at 1110 ft Friday at 7:0049.10 Matinee Sati Sun at 1:40 4:10: Late Shows frti Sat at 11:15 UCXMB I tCREAMM ft Friday it 7:10 1 915, Matinee Sat Sun at 1:50 tate Shows frit. Sat tAttOMOFHUVUIfetanaf) 14A Friday at 6 45 4 925, Matinee Sat 4 Sun at 1:20 4 4 00 mAWAMEFtsoof rrajffTwsrre(h ri SUrtt Thursday May 19tti at 7:00 4 945 01t jectors, Dolby DTS sound and stadium-style seating. The 10 screens at Lakeshore Cinemas brings to 41 the number of movie screens in the Windsor area. There are also three more in Leamington.

But Shaban isn't concerned about theatre saturation. "Our biggest worry at this point," he said, "is whether we'll have enough (screens). There has been phenomenal growth in Lakeshore and Tecumseh." There has been a housing and commercial boom in the Manning Row area in the last two years. "I've never seen anything like this," Shaban said. There will be a grand opening of Lakeshore Cinemas in late June.

"We still have a few details to smooth out," Shaban said. The Interpreter and XXX: State of the Union. Developer Jim Shaban said the soft opening was crucial to accommodate Star Wars III, which opens at 12:01 a.m. on May 19 and is expected to be one of the summer blockbusters. A fundraiser for The Windsor Star's Raise a Reader campaign today will offer a bill of movies from 2004, including The Aviator, Meet the Fockers and Phantom of the Opera, for $2 plus a coupon.

Friday, the theatre's first-run schedule begins in earnest. The 10 theatres have a total seating capacity of 1,950, said Shaban. Regular admission price is $11.25 for adults and $6.75 for seniors and children up to 13 years old. There will be a reduced general admission fee of $6.75 for matinees and Tuesdays. All theatres are equipped with digital pro Lakeshore Cinemas ready for Star Wars By Ted Shaw star entertainment writer The force is with developers of the area's newest multiple-screen movie theatre.

Tecumseh's 10-screen Lakeshore Cinemas opens today without much hoopla so it can be up and running in time for next week's launch of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. There will be a fundraiser tonight, followed Friday by a full slate of first-run films, including Monster-In -Law, Kicking and Screaming, Kingdom of Heaven, Unleashed, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, House of Wax, Midnight movies thing of the past? Samuels said he was interested in Midnight Movies as a social and cultural phenomenon "at a time when there weren't that many DOORS OPEN FRI-SUN AT 1 1 AM OOOa OPdN MUN'THURS AT 2:43 PM places you could find units of commonality. r4j KINGDOM Of HEAVEN (NO PASSES) (HWCflWS) Because the '60s had been all about that. One of the things I felt about the '70s, living through it and teaching through it, was that a lot of that stuff disappeared. And I saw this as sort of a privileged space." That space has been gobbled up into a vora clous media that cc-opts everyone, no matter how outrageous Fear Factor has stunts that Frt-Sun 12:30 3:45 7:10 1020; Mon-Thurs 3:45 7:10 1020 KJNGOOM Of HEAVEN (NO PASSES) (14A) Frt-Sun 12:00 12:30 3:15 3:45 6:30 Mon-Thurs 3:15 3:45 6:307:10 9:50 1020 HOUSE Of WAX (18A) Frt-Sun 1:30 4:20 7:45 10.40; Mon-Thurs 4:20 7:45 10.40 FEVER PITCH Daity 6.45 920 (PC) AMTTYVUXE HORROR (14A) Frt-Sat 3:10 5:30 8:00 10.35; Sun 1:15 8:00 Mon-Thurs 5:30 8:00 1035 SAHARA Frt-Sun 12:10 320 6:40 Mon-Thurs 320 6:40 9:40 (PQ) INTERPRETER Frt-Sun 12:40 3:40 6:50 10:10, Mon-Thurs 3:40 6:50 XXX: STATE OF THE UNION (PQ) frt-Sat 12:35 1:10 4:10 70 ia.45: Sun 1:10 4:10 7:50 1045, Mon-Thurs 4:10750 10.45 HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY (PQ) Frt-Sun 1:00 1.40 4:00 4:30 7 7:40 10.00 1030; Mon-Thurs 40) 7:40 ICtO0 1030 THE PACIFIER Frt-Sun 120 3:50 7:05 9.30; Mon-Thurs 3:50 7:05 930 (Q) could make John Waters proud.

Samuels said you even see it in documentary, where film mouth hits such as El Topo, A. J. Jodorowsky's violent drama that prefigured the spaghetti western, and The Harder They Come, Perry Henzell's gritty drama that combined drugs, music and violence in a way that helped establish reggae music in North America. They all seemed to wind up at New York City's Elgin theatre, a landmark for cult. Samuels said that has also changed: today, a cinema isn't a niche location, it's a place where 16 movies are showing and people arrive for whatever might be playing at 7 p.m.

So while there are still "midnight movies" -even Cannes has some it's become a genre in terms of content rather than experience. "I was interested in a film experience that transcends the viewing of it," said Samuels, who taught film and culture at the University of Pennsylvania before becoming, variously a film critic, a music video director (including John Lennon's Imagine), and a documentary filmmaker. He's the third Canadian at the festival, along with Atom Egoyan and David Cro-nenberg, and like them, he's been in Cannes before: with his 1993 documentary Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography, and in 1987, when he taught a film studies course there. Continued From B7 "The most absurd and outrageous act will today become the centre of news and popular culture. goes from the extreme to the mainstream almost overnight.

So nothing maintains the power of a critique of the society" Midnight Movies, based on books by Samuels and by film critics J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum, says the genre ended in the 1970s. It was killed by several factors, eluding the rise of video; as Ebert notes in the film, there is nothing more pointless than sitting at home alone and watching Rocky Horror on video. This is especially true if the toaster is broken. Midnight movies, on the other hand, were gloriously low-budget things (Romero recounts how the movie's sound mix was won in a chess game) that established a sense of community.

The film recounts how a cult of underground audiences flocked to the films -most of which were witnessed through a haze of marijuana smoke in an experience based on ritual as well as cult status. "A circle had to be completed between the film and the audience perspective," Samuels said. The documentary also looks at word-of- makers such as Michael Moore have become the content of their own films. "It's not about the content It's about getting noticed," Samuels said of the new, all-inclu ROBOTS Frt-Sun 12:50 3:30: Mon-Thurs 3:30 (Q) A LOT LIKE LOVE (PQ) sive mainstream. The only place that doesn't happen is at a film festival.

There you can see movies that express true alternative views, Frt-Sun 1220 3:00 720 Mon-Thurs 3:00 720 10:05 "And the problem, as you know, is 50 per cent M0NSTEIMN4AW Sun 4:00 (PQ) of the films at a film festival nobody sees out side of the film festival," Samuels said. But 30 years after Pink Flamingos, as Samuels' movie points out, a Waters movie, Hairspray, has become a hit Broadway musi cal. Even in the age of irony, that's ironic. (DWtal)(14A) (DitfUI)(14A) (Digital) (18A) (WgitAflrro) 00440310 JBfaJjw. Air guitarists love competition (WgKal)(PQ) (Digital) (14A) (DlgltaQ(PQ) KINGDOM Of HEAVEN (no pan) Thurs 3:35 4:45 6:45 8:00 10:00 CRASH Thurs 3:45 7:10 9:45 HOUSE Of WAX Thurs 4:05 7:05 10:15 XXX: STATE Of THE UNION Thurs 3:40 6:40 9:25 10:10 INTERPRETER Thurs 3:30 6:30 6:55 9:30 9:55 THE AMTTYV1 LIE HORROR Thurs 4:15 7:15 9:40 SAHARA Thurs 3:50 6:50 9:50 FEVER PITCH Thurs 3:35 6:35 920 SIN CITY Thurs 4:00 7:00 10:05 GUESS WHOT Thurs 4:10 7:20 ROBOTS Thurs 3:55 (Digital) (PQ) (Digital) (ISA) (DlgKal)(PQ) (ngltal)(Q) Local A CHATlf 4 1 jtptm yam Inn nj The world peace motif is undercut somewhat by the fifth act in Quebec City A gas-mask wearing madman struts onto stage carrying a machete and severed limb.

Later, he decapitates a pretend bodyguard. Guitars are not allowed on stage, but bloody fake viscera is a prop that appears to fall well within the rules. More serious contestants like eventual winner Francois Mercier, a two-time champion In Quebec City, balance showmanship with some understanding of guitar, according to Canadian organizer Peter Feeney "You have to have such a true understanding of the guitar, you have to be so good, you don't even need one," Feeney said. "You have to be outgoing and a diehard rock-and-roller." Cote and Leplne aren't disappointed. "It's more about the chance to be an idiot on stage," Cote said.

"I love that" Continued From B7 A series of first-round competitions are taking place over the next several months across Canada, including Toronto, Victoria and Halifax. Dozens of countries now have national championships but Oulu, Finland, has been the world capital of air guitar since it first staged the world championships in 1996. The small city on the Finnish coast will again host the event in August In the name of promoting world peace. You can't shoot a gun while playing air guitar, the official website points out. Local organizer Simon Lacroix has been airing his guitar since the first competition was held in Quebec City in 2003.

"You gotta know the music but more importantly you've gotta love music," Lacroix said. "And you have to know when to give it some punch." CupsPtates CeraNarJrJni oaiioons a InuUntlnnS fej Gifts Centerpieces The Musical Celebrates 1. THE WINDSOR STAR "riganiino) 21stAnniversary 1. L7 Newiroom 256-5533 1 1 Fax 255-5515 mar Soup or Salad Penne Boseaiola Veal Shrimp "Everybody Cut Loose" After 4:30 p.m. and weekend 255-5743 Same great quality same gttat service Toll free Wrlt1o by Tom 8oow lyric by Dean PNcWort Additional Lyric by Erie Cmn, 8mmy Hgr, Kony Logflln and Jdn 8tmman SIS Adaption by Dn Pltchlord and Wnltar Bobbt Dlroctod by Karen Moaaman Produced by tpcM timngumnt with MH ThMMeaft Nay 27, 28, 29 and June 3, 4, The Capitol Theatra ft Arte Centra, Windsor, ON For Tlckata Call: 51 9-253-7729 We offer limclx specials too! Monday Nights are Jazz Nights 1-800-265- 5647 County 256-5533 ext.

500 County fax 255-5515 TThnnarlv Vpvlwirrl St Vrvslial Guitar 1 1 In A fnlp. '1 TllliWlNOSORSTAR -flare SSS? turday-trio Sunday ,1 flffifV, 254-704J 1 Club Riverside tv.

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