The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 7
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••M1ESUAY, JULY 83, 19S1 BLYT1IEVILI.E (ARK.) COUR1EK Branded at 'Fein' — McMath Says Three of Opponents Have Underworld Connections Gov. Bid McMath, who first gained the political spotlight as the foe of organized crime, last night charged that thre« of his four opponents In the Democratic gubernatorial race had underworld connections. The opponents—Rep. Boyd Tackett, Ally. Gen. Ike Murry and Jack Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cotton Open High Low close Oct 3663 3614 3682 3513 Dec 3642 3654 3641 3652 Mar 3937 3844 3631 3644 May 3616 3629 3616 3629 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 36W 3071 3651 3668 Dec 3640 3650 3637 3648 Jlor. ' 3635 3635 3B2B 3640 Msj 3612 3623 3612 3GJ3 Soybeans High Jly 3.33 Scp 3.03'i Kov ,. 2.S8 1 .;. Jan 2.90 1 ; Mar 2.91'; Low Close 329'., 333 3.00 3.01H 2.86% 2.81". 2.89'i 2.90U New York Stocks A T and T Amer. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola nen. Electric Gen. Motors Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Int. Harvester J. C. Penney Republic Steel Radio ,.. Socoliy Vacuum ........ Sludebaker Standard of N. J Texas Corp Spars U. S. Steel So. Pac .. 153 3-4 .. 57 1-4 .. 46 .. 51 3-8 .. 78 1-4 .. Ill 5-8 .. 62 .. 57 7-8 . . 64.3-8 . . IS 5-8 .. 33 5-8 .. 69 1-4 .. 42 .. 26 7-8 .. 31 1-8 .. 33 .. 80 3-8 .. SB 1-1 .. 57 .1-8 .. 58 1-4 .. 82 3-4 Holt—promptly branded tht governor's charges false. McMath spoke at the courthouse square in Jonesbaro, the home o( his fourth opponent. Judge Francis Cheery. He did not mention Cherry. The governor, who is seeking nomination lo a third term, did not refer lo any of the other candidates by name, but Identified them by lilies. He charged that "(he congressman came lo me when I was running for prosecuting attorney of Garland enmity fin 194S) and as a conlact man for the underworld tiled to get me to withdraw. Voting Record Attacked McMath also attacked the congressman's voting record in the House, charging liiat he "had voted consistently with ihe Hepub- Itcons" nnd was the only Democrat to vote against (he Mine Safety Bill Tackett replied In a telephone conversation with a reporter thai McMaln's charge.? were an "tm- iniligated falsehood." The Nashville Congressman, quipping (hat "Sid is so scared he thinks .'-PFT, means ' Urd ' *»' e ni« from lackelf," said "I never represented the underworld in my life and he (McMath) knows It." Tackett snld that he assisted In the defense of U 0 Mclaughlin arch foe of McMalh in Garland County on a charge of briberv- but only afler he had been assured by McMalh that it would be alright Gambling Recalled . J-fkett , sald tllal gambling establishments "had operated wide- open in Hot Springs since McMath has been governor and everybody In Arkansas knows It," n vJ'Vi"* " n * nolller opponent, AICMR h said "another candidate now attorney general -when he was a member of the legislature, was assigned lo an investigating committee to delve into gambling In Hot Springs. He came back with a report that those gamblers were fine, people and doing a service to the people of Arkansas." Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. Ui—(USDA)—Hogs G.OOO opened active; Tveighta 180 ibs up fully 25 higher, spot.-? lower; part advanced lots; lighter kinds steady to strong; £,ows steady lo 25 higher; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs linsoried for grade 23.00-23.25; mostly 23.1523.25 early but little above 23.00 late; packers top 22.75, but getting very few; choice 230-250 Ibs 22.5023.15; scattering 280-300 Ibs 21.0022.25; choice 150-110 Ibs 20.25-21.76; 120-140 Iba 18.00-19.50; sows 400 Ibs down 19.00-19.75; heavier sows^-lg.TO; boars 11.00-14.00. Cattla 2,600. ciilvei 800; trading opening- very slow; not enough steers sold to test trend; few light weight yearlings and heifers barely steady; cows opened about steady but very slow; bulls opened steady but kinds grading below commercial under severe pressure; vealers 1.00 lower; small lots good to »ver- • S« choice eteer and heifer yearlings 28.00-33.50; small lot choic« and prime mixed yearlings 34,00: few commercial to low good steers and heifers 24.00-28.00; utility end commercial cowg • 18.75-21,25, DEMOCRATS (Continued from Page 1) nomination. *> If he stuck by that attitude — 'and party veterans had their way on their proposed Stevenson-Southerner ticket — trie second place might go either to Sen. JoVvn Sperts- mfln or Sen. William Fulbright ot Arkansas. Two Still Fijthllnit Backers of Sen. Eslcs Kefauver of Tennessee Bnd Avercll Harrl- man. other aspirants for the presidential nomination, were not giving up their fights despite the Increasing Stevenson boom. There were reports they were Jointly planning strategy but James Roosevelt, a Kefauver .supporter, denied to a news conference that the Ke/auver and Harriman forces had teamed up in a "Stop Stevenson" movement. "I rton't think it is a Qiie.slion of slopping anybody at tbis particular po!nt," Roosevelt said. Kefauver himself spoke out against what he called a "synthetic draft." and said delegates don't know how Stevenson stands on the issues of ihe day. TRUMAN (Continued from Page 1) said to be in the thick ot the Truman has said repeatedly that ht> proposed In have 'his choice nindc known by his alternate when 'he l.-.linr casts his vote on the fir-t ballot. Hemilnss said Truman's first rho:cc,glven lo Gavin In a .letter is no longer the man he now !•' us to endorse. Hemiines de- nuced from the President's !nn- xungre Dial he originally planned lo vole for Vice President Barkley, who withdrew from th« contest Monday night. McMath also repeated his crltl- ism ot the attorney general for iling to Investigate what the B ov- ernor cstls an oil Industry consplr- a» nX Baso!ille » rl<: ™ '" Ar- Murry "Hoesn't Know" Atty. Gen. Murrj- said In MC- Gehee "I don't know what he'. talking about." " On that first thing, I s j gncd „ lajon y report of the legislative wnmittee in 1S37 to the effect that Hot Springs ought to be cleaned up ADout the oil companies. Mr •ah^am^t^S^S^ ng on gasoline, but he knows th'^t my office has conducted a thorough Investigation ot the matter " McMath made reference to t he 3-ltme atlorney general who has since run more races and lost them Mian I can remember. He Is re- ceiving the wholehearted support from those very gambling groups that Del.essups Morrison is running out of New Orleans." Holt, reached by telephone In Hope, replied that "McMalh can be expected to slart any kind of false and malicious propaganda In a feeble effort lo again fool the detent, cittwms of Arkansas." The Little Rock attorney, who IK making his second race for governor, said McMalll's charge was « '•willful and malicious nilsstate- nictit of Ihe trulh." Earlier last night, Tackett said in a speech at Harrison that he would accept a challenge from Judge Cherry to debate the campaign Issues on the judge's radio talka- thon. Shocks Hit California For 3rd Day TEHACHAPI. Calif. «V-F O r the third day earthquake shocks continued in Southern California iv'tli a fairly s'.rong one coming early tins morning and lasting for about 20 seconds in this devastated community. Fireman Robert Opely 6 ai.1 this one was ihe strongest shock since the big one Monday morn!n» Hint leit 11 dead In Tehachapi and iam- age estimated at 2« million dollars. More bricks were shaken down from wrecked buildings and dishes were broken. In the Los Angeles area this last tremor lasted about 15 seconds and a'as widely felt throughout the area. At Bakersfleld the sheriffs office reported (he quake was "probably the strongest" since the main shock. It rattled windows but no further damage was reported. "People are getting pretty used to them." said a deputy. ''They don't pet excited anymore." Army Takes Over Egypt Government BKIRUT, Lebanon W)—The Egyptian state broadcasting station an- nouiiced today that the Army has taksn over Egypt's government in a coup ri'slnl tinder the leadership of Mohameri Niiguib, described us commanding general of Hie Cairo district. An Associated Press dl.-uatch from Tel Aviv, Israel, reported a .similar broadcast from the i-Vyp- tlnn capital. A communique-, heard on a broadcast monitored here, snld the Army had taken over the government due to a prevailing stale of corruption The coup came only n day after independent, leader Nntjiiib Hilaly Pasha had formed a new government, Egypt's lift), 1,, S 1 X „,„„,!,., I'he Cairo broadcast heard In lei Aviv, quoting n military proclamation, jiairt a IniBc-Sfiile t mr ge was being carried out in order t'o end ••Instability and corruption in •••R.vpt." It added ibat all arrested would be brought to trial. TEXAS (Continued from Page 1) and the next day." He made his comment in announcing that the President's usual Thursday press conference wouli! not be held for the fourth straight week. He safd the President would devote the time to a "give 'em hell" speech for the Democratic convention. Short wouldn't even verify assertions by Sen. Hennings (D-Mo) that Truman had Indicated In « telephone conversation yesterday he would let the Missouri delegation know his nominee choice sometime 1 Iflday. Truce Talk Lasts Only 7 Minutes MUNSAN. Korea W,-Dead!o,-ked armistice nesotiiHors debated :|-e prisoner exchange issue in s?c ':-et for only seven minutes todny A broadcast presented a Bloomy picture of chalire.s for eir'v settlement. Another closed door session Is scheduled at Pauniunjnm for 11 a.m. tomorrow 8 p.m. Wednesday CST, Red China's Pclping radio said •provocations by the American side oulfiide the Panmnnjom conference lent have ilirruvu nn ominous shadow over world policy." The Communist broadcast said the "adventurist policy" of military pressure by American generals shows they have no .sincere desire for an early peace in Korea. Legion Auxiliary To Seek Members The American Legion Auxiliary will launch, a membership campaign Thursday with a city-wide house-to-house canvass to seek new members. Five teams of Auxiliary members will bcsin the house-to-house drive at I p.m. The membership drive itself is scheduled to last about a week, according to Mrs. Speck McGregor, Auxiliary president. Mrs. McGregor said women eligible to become members of the Auxiliary include wives, sisters and mothers of veterans of World War I. World War II and the Korean War. The brightness of the full moon is about 8,000 billion billion can- diepower. BALLOTING (Conlimied from Page 1) to your ballot. Tills number, the "X" you mark niter names of candidates you vote for and the Initials of an election Judtje on (lie back ot the ballot are (he only markings thai can appear on the ballot aside from the printed mailer. If yon mark an "X" beside (he names of more than one candl- diile In any one rare or place any other marking on (hi- bnljot your ballot becomes minified. If you HOiMpntlv mark your ballot wronq, fold It ami present II to an election olfldal who will void It and issue you another. After you've marked your bnl- lot, tear otf the numbered stub There will be l«o ballot boxes at the polling nlac-e. in one. you place your folded hallol. In die other, ymi deposit the numbered stub. Do not sign your ballot. IF VOII ate In doubt nbonl any phase of the balloUing prarndure, ask one of the election Judges.' liy law. he Is reonirer) lo assist yon bill Is prohibited from tcll- iiil? you which candidate (o vote for. And. of course, you can cast onlv one vole. Tills yon must, do vo'irself; no one can vote for yon. Polling hours are set bv law. Polls must open hv 8 a.m. and close promnllv nt 6:30 p.m. vot- hi(* can he dnue only between these hours After the polls close, election officials must beuin coimt- ine the votes and continue until thev are finished. When tlicy finish coiintliiR the votes, election officials must make three certificates showing the Vote In each race. One certificate Is posted at the nolling place, one Is sent Immediately to the county clerk and the third lo the. secretary of tile Democratic Centra) Committee in the county. • • • THE BOX containing the orlij- Innl ballots must be delivered lo some person designated by the County Committee. In Mlsjisslnpl County, the eotmtv clerk's offices in Blythcville and Osccoln ar« designated to receive the ballot boxes. The bo.ves containing; the ballot stubs sre turned over to the county treasurer. These boxes nre kept locked and are not opened unless there Is an election dispute which would recinire n check on Ihe validity of some of the. votes cast. Following next Tuesday's election, the County Democratic Committee will meet no later than the succeeding Friday to canvass the returns and certify the results as official. Any election contest or challenge b handled by the Committee. Official results of the election must be certified to the state Democratic Committee no later than noon on the Monday following the voting. Unofficial returns, which seldom differ by more than a few votes from official returns, will be known by the next day and will be published in the Courier News. Read Courier News Classified Ads. PAGE Did You Know That TOM GENTRY Is The ONLY Candidate For Attorney General Who Is Admitted To Practice Before The Supreme Court of The United States? One of the important duties of office is to represent the Siale of Arkansas in any action in (he highest court in the land, and TOM GENTRY is experienced »nd most capable of taking full charge o f anv cas , without having (o employ outside assistance. Did You Know That- T f°,V GiE , N ' l ; RY was "«t <o Protest the applicaUon ol the telephone company's petition for an increase in lelcphone rates in some 87 cities in Arkansas and was Chairman of the City Attorneys commit- W?b SUCCCSsr ""- v wo " lhe fj gW for lower pho,,« COMPARE- The Record of TOM RKNTKY, With 1! Years Of hvpenence As a Practicing Allorney, 5 Years As Lifj Attorney of Uttle flock. A Capable and O,n- scientions Servant Anxious to Work For Your Own Interests and Good Government. «ru«n Elect TOM GENTRY ATTORNEY GENERAL of Arkansas Political Adv. I'aid for B , W . T . ll.lli,. Camp»i s n l>lr cr lor Sf evenson Waits Off-Stage . As Star of 7952 Draft-Drama CHICAGO Ml — Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson walled off-stage lodny while the draft drama In which he built up toward a ot his strength— now favorite sons ntid is the stor climax. There were Increasing signs that Ihe Democratic convention Intends <o nominate htm for President. And there was growing support for him among delegates who are convinced lie will accent the lop place on the parly's national llckcl. Hut the Illinois governor, outwardly unruffled by the spotlight wjiicli lie repeatedly tried to due*, was minding his official business. Stevenson, svho has Insisted lie wants oiiiy lo run for re-election as governor, planned to go lo his Chit; ngo office today to handle routine stale mailers nml look over hia mall, An aide reported between 200 and 300 telegrams had piled up 1 -since Hiuiwison spnke nt the opm-1 In!; convpiillun siwslon Monday -im] appearance that iourhcd oft >mI ovallon ami set ninny c tel< g itts to chanting,"We want Stevenson." "he governor spent most ol yes(delay iti Ills office. Then be re- for two hours in Ihe n slful privacy ol the Hacfiuel Club, lie spent (lie evoniiiK watching the convention on television. While he silt before the TV set a commentator wound nu a report of Democratic developments this way: "AdMt E. Stevenson has pretty definitely tossed his hat into the ling." Stevenson said nothing. The boom was growing, meanwhile, in hotels, caucus rooms and at Uie Convention Hall. For example: New Jersey tossed 32 votes in tbo Stevenson hopper. A check of Illinois delegates at a caucus showed there were at last home slate votes ready to be for (he governor. Stevenson vaulted lo third place In the latcsl Associated Press lab- illation with a total of US delegate votes. Political hanaicappers fig- ured much committed nti others— won't show up until the second ballot. Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee and Sen. Kichard Russell of Georgia. sroreljoant was 262 and ICli respectively. leading the AI 1 votes 3 Ark-Mo Employes Attend Meter School Three niyihei'llle men, employees of Arkansas-Missouri Power company here, participated In the second annual Electric Meter School hold at Mississippi state College- last week. Howard n. Brsbnre. I,. A. Doiij.'h- erty and Finis M. Hiirdy were 6 Legionnaires Honored Here Special ceremonies honormj jnt post members were conducted laat night at the regular meeting of D»4 Cason Post 24 of vhe American Le- Cited (or outstanding nervics on committee projecis were Rosco« Crafton and James Nier«hcimer War Memorial Arena project on athletic committee; Jim atoval! welfare work on wei/are commit-' tee; Ed Rice, Ployd White and Wad* Jeffries, membership building ind active participation in all post, work on membership committee. RIbcrt Johnson was appointed Jud?e advocate for the post and ii was announced that Ed Rice hai been selected lo represent the Rioup at (he annum state executive board meeting in Little nock July 51. the meet, company „' " I i G I I,ulllJIM(|.y tllljl repic.«entnlivi>s attending out trie South which included power ployees from through- r Durot-s Aliirliel At An Kiirly Ag« Mid-South Duroc Show & Sale MONDAY, JULY 28 SHOW—I0:00 a.m.—-35 Bred Gilts—30 Boars & Gilr$ SALE—7:00 p.m. Shelby County Penal Knrm, Memphis, Tenn Be on hand lo lake a.lranlaee of these R0 od bred gilts >nd «|.rli,g boars and B ill s tl, nt lvm i e consigned by «,,„" of tb. oulstandlne Duroc breeder* in tills area. Far further inform. Ho. ln,ul» of WaiJac. B,,.n. a.,t. of Livestock a th.pTn.i ICE-CUBE MAKER C REO. 1.95 • kt rdeotM wuily - M CUSTOMER // Hoi tvtrylhingl Thor Automatic WASHER d-= Only KELVINATOR GIVES YOU MORE • 3MB. 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