Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 3, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 5
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THE-BEST-EVER-PRDDUCED-FOR- THE-MONEY- PERFECT-FITTING ONLY DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher IKEIVESAW LANDIS' TROUBLES. An Unfounded Ch«r«e Tfc«i He-'Gave Aw»y" H»ie Secret*. A special from Washington, D. C., to the Indianapolis News says: "Keneaaw M. Landie, private secretary of the Secretary of State, has occupied an embarraaiicg position for the past tew weeks. Recently leading newspapers of the country, notably in Chicago, have been printing, exclusively, important State Department newa In advance of, its being given out officially in the regular way. Tbe preee associations have protested against what was supposed to be a "leak" in the Department of State,and Secretary Gresbam ban made a show of investigating lo fix the responsl. billty upon the person guilty of giving tbe Information to the newspapers. Following the recent premature publication of the fact that Minister Ttmrston's recall had been demanded, Yon Certainly Did Not Read Onr Ad. Friday! You want to know hou we know? Youjwanfc to know how we know? We know you didri't read because we didn't sell the stuff! To be Continued TODAY ONLY. Save This Coupon _____ bares our of a New No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It names, and that will remind you of ihe necessity Spring Suit, Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned f your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, PErtRL STRBET TfllLORS. MONEY TO LOAN! ' THE DELEGATE'S REPORT. On ilortgnre?ecurJt£at'6, 7 im#S per cent. MOXKV TO J.OAN. On SfortKiiRfs Security and easy.Monthly payments. Consult J. T. COCKBURK [Hocins 2 and 3 Spry fcullcllnK. WANTED TO SELL •The North Street House on North street, between 5th and Cth street. Will be sold on reasonable terms. Address, MRS. CHAS, MABKLE, Hartford City, Ind. NEW HABSESS SHOP. I Lave moved my harness and saddlrry shop to C2G Twelfth street, where 1 will turn out the best goods for the leiist money. GEO, W. POSTER, DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING. APRIL ' Catsup 7 cents aboltlo at Foley's. McKeen'a stenmlaundry—good wor Today )3 your la&t chance to bu Otto's specialties advertised. D. E. Pry or is putting tho city 1 electric lights in his drug store. Onco tried always used, Ben Fisher' baking powder and extract of vanilla John H. Lux has bis new llmo kll on the South Slco completed and jcs terday put It In operation. Tho World Building, Loan & Invest mont Company of Indianapolis, ha organized a local board In the city. Thursday evening a new lodge, No 85, will be established by ihe Contl nental Fraternal Union ot Progres hall. Today 18 the last day for misses 1 kid shoes at 51) cents. Oito eays if more people would read advertisements they would be benefited. HoodV Sarsaparllln gives grent bod ily, norvu, mental and digestive strength, simply because It puriSes, vitalizes and enriches tho blood. Wanted — A. good girl for general house work. No washing, good wages. Must comu ,viih gnod recommendations. Call at No. 21C Eighth St. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING POWER MOST PERFECT MADE. : A pun G«p« Oeam c ' Tartar Powder. Fret fc« Ammonia, Alum c> -v\y other adult THE STANDARD- OftlielleceutMeetlncat Muncle of the WOIUUU'M Jtcllet'CoriiM. Mrs. R. E. Getty represented the W. R. C. of this city at the department convention at Muncle last week, and IjerjYeport is as follows: Tho twelfth department convention of the Woman's Relief Corps closed ! Friday at 9 a. m., alter a very successful session which was held In the new Christian church, and right royally were wo all entertained by the citizens of Muncle, who spered no pains to make beautiful tholr city and heartily welcome their guests. Tbo following-officers of tbe Stale department wore elected and installed at the close of Its session by the National President Mrs. Emma Wallace of Chicago. President—Mrs E J Crlsslor, Greonsburg-. S V Pres—Mrs Gertrude Mitchell, New Castle. J V Pros—Mrs Mattie Hobba, Salem. Secretary — JMiss Edith • Dickey, Greensburg. Treasurer—Miss Mattie Elliott Greensburg. Chaplain—Mrs Mary Lockwood Muncie. Inspector—Mrs Belle Ephlin, Tan gler. Counsellor—Mrs Nettle Ransford Indianapolis. Installing Officer—Mrs Mary D Travis, Crawfordsvillo. Executive Committee—Mrs Rose Pickering, Mlddletown; Mrs. M&ry Swalt, Richmond; Mrs Julia Smith South Bend; Mrs Lizzie Ebblnghouss Wabash, and ; Mrs Anna Raymond Shelby vlllo. Delegate-at large to the Nations Convention—Mrs Etta E Houk, West field. Alternate—Mrs Sarah Knight, An* derson Div. No. 2, Delegate to National Convention— Mrs Anna Twells, Logansport. Alternate—Mrs Marcissa Craig Lafayette. Tho convention has been one ol the most interesting 1 and successful ever held in the department. The pros- for next year are tho brightesi, and ihe meeting will be held at South Bend. >'or I lie Orffiiu Fund. A very pleasint entertainment was given last Monday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McNary laving for Us objvct the raising of money for tho organ fund of tho Fim resbyterlan church. Quite a sum was realized but not so large as would ave been had tho weather been more IcAsant. detectives were put to work Secretary of State to try to discover if some clerk in the department was not responsible for the publication. The matter reached a delicate point recently when', several Washington correspondents mode a protest to Secretary Gresham against Private Secretary Landis. Tbe alleged Chicago "scoops" on State Department news became so numerous that they irritated Mr. Cleveland also, aod he called Secretary Gresham to the White House and gravely discussed preven- tatlve measures. Mr. Clevelatd suggested the propriety of reorganizing the staff of clerks holding confidential positions in tbe Department of State. But thus far Secretary Gresham has taken no step in that direction. In the midst of all this Private Secretary Landis, It Is said, came very nearly voluntary resigning. The assurance of confidence given him by his chief and others In authority prevented him from taking such action. Mr. Landis is one of the most popular and obliging attaches of the State Department. He is a member of the Press Club, and also, by virtue of his office, is brought Into contact dally with newspaper men. But no person well acquainted with him suspects for an instant that in his zealtooblige ho has Inadvertently "given away" State secrets. Most of the '-'secrets" from the executive departments which find their way into the newspapers, get there through Senators and Congress, men, who, by virtue of their offices, become possessed of them. It la now definitely settled that such was the Thurston story. Teacher* Will VlHit Here. This afternoon the teachers on their way from Kokomo and Monticello to tbo meeting of the Teachert' Association at South Bend, will visit the Logansport schools. Tonight a party of fifty pedagogues from Lafay- otte aud other cities will be entertained at the high school building by the Lpgansport teachers. Misses' kid spring heel, patent tip worth $1.25 only 59c Ladies' kid Oxfords,patent tip shoes for 50c. Ladies' tan Oxfords and Nullifiers, hand turned, soft and flexible, worth $3 for $1.00 ~ 5OC&NTS ~ For unlaundried shirts, long and short bosom,assorted sieve lengths Wamasatta muslin, bosom lined with Butchers linen. Pure Linens Bosom, the regular dollar quality, as man as you want for 5Oc, 1 OTTO KRAUS SAYSgBE'S FROM LOGANSPORT. A VOIIIIK Man Vam^d Cnmeron WUo IVuM Am-stod ul ICuchoBlur on a A story comes from Rochester of n sensational capture of an alleged corn thief giving- his name as Cameron and his home as Loganeport, by . Joseph Conn, residing eooth of Fulion, George Walters, his nephew and constaDle James Burrows. It is said that Cameron was detected In the act of driving away from Conn's corn crib with a load of grain that he had DO lejral right to. After pursuing Cameron for some distance Conn, Walters and the con. stable overtook him dear Fletcher's Lake. Ho is said to kave "bluffed" the farmers with aa-evil looking shot gun, but when constable Burrows pulled & cylindrical persuader with a menacing click, and called on him to acknowledge that ho was at a disad vantage, he surrendered, and was taken before 'Squire Beck at Fulton. The petty stealing Is alleged to have been going on for some time. Oi the *ick Lint. Char.'ea Stoll Is ill with rbeuran- lism. Miss Minnie Steals of Long CHIT i? sick. Mrs. August B'.f/, of Hiph street i~ reported HI. P. W. Moore, who has been very ill, is reported much better. A soo of Monroe Dixon of High street, Is 6Rld to be sick. Mrs L Sihweler otUanal street h«8 been sick for several days. Mrs.J. B. Runkle of Royal Center, is 111 at tbe homo of John Fuller of the West Side. Mlse Ruth Stelmeon of the North Side, who baa been ill for several weeks, Is reported slowly recovering 1 . A. M. Barton Is again nblo to be around after being kept indoors two weeka by an Injury received In a full ]'Iren»'<I to Wed. James Lebo ' and Zattie Galloway. Charles D. Kirk and Rebecca A. Morgan. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. .Tu»tlt6' JjHerary Sncctn*. • The Chicago Evening Herald of last Saturday contained the following con. corning a young lady who formerly resided hero where she has many friends: "Miss Maibelle Justice of •160 Ashland Boulevard, hoa accepted the position of book reviewer on Gcday'a magazine, and will hereafter conduct the department recently vacated by John Haboortcn, the novelist. Miss Justice is the young. est person connected with a like department on any magazine. Siories and articles from her pen will app.'ar later. The Sodera Vftj Jommends Itself to the well-informed, o do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man. er and disagreeably aa well. To lennse the system and break up colds eadahchee and fevers without unpleas- nt after effects, use the delightful 11. uid laxative remedy, Syrup of Flge. A birthday surpriie was Monday ig ht perpetrated on W. C. South by bout 25 members of Canton Logan A Jlortio on Weoree Hlrtliatv George Hirslmw was painfully injured while shooing an unmanageable horse yesterday morning at tbe blacksmith shop of John Myers. Toe animal fell on Mr. Hlrstiaw's left leg, severely spraining the member and injuring him sothat ha will be kept indoors several woeke. HIej clluls Will .Meet. A meeting of wheelmen has been arranged for April 28tb at Peru, when riders from clubs at Wabash. Pejju, Huntlngton, Lafayette, KOKOOQO. Marlon Logansport and other cities will gather, and proceed to visit each of the cities represented, for pleasure only. JLcfc at the ParMt>na£e. Among the articles loftat iheBroad- way M. E. church and parsonage during conference week were an overcoat, a package of silk thread, a monogram scarf pin, three umbrellas, seven pairs of overshoes and a leather card case. A Plrannul JRvcrittion". A recepvioo was last night givca at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Gray in honor of the Rev, L. M. Schofield, wife and daughter of Hammond. It was a,n informal affair and many old 'riends of the well known pastor attended. .TTiisn Meeting of Itfason*. A ma?s tcettlog- of Masons will be held at (Meat hall Friday nigbt. Toe object of the meeti-g ia to diaauss plans for ths proposed Masonic Temple aad conditions under wbich there Is a possibility of its being erected. The School* Will be Cloned, Thursday and Friday the schools of jOgansport will be closed, and those eachers who desire will attend the State meeting at South Bend. - HmVB'-r-Itoat. Ed Smyser and Miss Alice Boat will; i married to^ay at Richmond. Both be young people are well known in • Ag ansport. '\ Regular meeting, of-ilia.city oouncllc oaight. At ttieOiHTU HOUKC. That standard drama, "The Black Fisg" wa9 given a pleasing presonta lion last night by the Huntley-Bixby company of players. The work of all the members of the cast was exceptionally even and unusually eood. Tbe attendance was fair. Misa Daisy Gregg was given a handsome center table. Some article of value will be -presented to someone in the audience eaca night of the engagement. An elegant parlor suit of furniture aleo be given away some night between this and Saturday night. Tonight, the company's own play, "The Lost Cause" a war drama, will be give i. Exchange ot Properly. 7 he property, corner of North and Fifth streets, owned by William Bevan hae been exchanged by him for a dwelling property owned by Dr. •J. B Ljnas on North street east- o Fourteenth street. The Bevan property was S2J-xH5 feet, and was valued at $8,000 William Uoliin Unix a, «»ood Tillne William Dolan is the inventor of *n automatic governor for his water wheels, and ' now has five wheels geaied and in running order at the city electric light works. The appa- ratu? ia eald to be giving satisfaction. Mectin;; cjf 1- xtructorM. Tomorrow the aooual meeting of the Indiana Teachers' Association will begin at South Bend, and continue three dajs. A thousand teachers are txpected to attend and Loganeport will "be represented. 1V1K Prcwenl n Flag. Tbe Woman's Christian Temperance Uaiou will make a national fisp and sendit to Dr. rianzell.io ba raised over one of tbe building? oft.be Freedman's Aid and Educational Society. In Honor of I heir " Mr ana Mrs Wm Curew of Linden avenue very pleat aatly entertained a company of friends in hi-aor of tbe return of the Rev M. A. H&rlan to the Wneailand street M. E church Jury Hrgta* Work. The grand ju-y bcgmn operations yesterday. It is made up as follows: Too* Died rich, Isatc Wild, Francli Baakjey, Wm Shanahan, Co** Han. The auditor's force Is at work on :t new set of transfer books. Our all wool serge skirt fer $5 can. not be beaten—Trade Palace. Otto's plain talk caught on. O no- half his specialties sold out yesterday. Natural gas bills for April now due and payable at the compimy's office on Pearl street. Go to the opera houss. A good comedy by a worthy company. Ooly 10, 20, 30 cents. Tbe potlt jury for the January term of the Cuso Circuit court co=t. the c'ounty $1,789 90. Dyer B. McConnell is cow to be found in '.be row office in tbe Thornton Baldwin building. \ Another present to be given away tonight at the opera house. Go, it may be the parlor furniture. The company playing at the opera bouse is by far the best ever teen cere ia repertoire. Go tonight. If you need money you can get it on personal or collateral security of E B Opershlner, 327 Fourth St. Tho Princes of the Orient will go to Marion In a short lime to institute a lodge of the Princes at .that city. Only 1C, 20, 30 cents to seethe best company ever seen in our city. A present given away tonight again. 'Squire Fender ruled yesterday that the a-sauit and battery of Nelson i Vayett on James Fickle was justifiable. Latest style of millinery at Lucy Krauss', 32L Pearl street. Watch for the spring opening the latter part of the week. Ihe Hospital Aid and Sewing society will meet this afternoon at tbe home of Mrs. Patrick McHale. No.. 308 North street, M. M. Hughes, who was given a ninety days'jail sentence for alleged malicious trespass, has been released on good behavior. Cashier W. C. Thomas Of the Logansport State, bank has purchased i be residence property of J D. S. Neeley at No. 1211 High street. Military Salato In Enrope. The military salute required in almost all civilized countries is nearly the same. Perhaps in Germany, however, the reflations are somewhat more stringent. A soldier on meeting the emperor his TO stand still, face about ami rcaiain with hand raised for from twelve to twenty paces before his majesty approaches, and for the same distance after he has passed. In Belgium an officer has to do the same thinfr for thu king and subalterns for generals, though ten paces only are required for tbe latter case. Soldiers cajTTinjr anything so- that their hands are quite occupied salute with their eyes—that is they turn their heads ia the direction of the person, coming- and French officers raise their caps LOCOMOTIVES AND E.NGiNEEF*Sv FllRt KUIIK UlU! SlOW KllMS, 11IKI IVcllllUI*- rit's of V.'trJoim l.ooomiHli't'K. it U'.Uus ubont an hour to jjut, stoaas onouirh on :in ordinary locomotive cn- fjinu U>start it, from colil water. Itisfc. familiar fact, that, tho water in tho boilers of stoani lire ensrinos in cities ifi kept hot while vhooujrincisstimdingf in the liousi' by u pipe connection with c- boiler in the cellar uudei'nealh; when the engine start.?, its own fire is lighted. Locomotive engines that ;ire, running' regularly .stand in the roundhouse itt the intervals between runs with their fires banked. The fires are kept cleaned, but. they. may not be hauled for weeks. The practice varies somewhat in this re- ; sped. On some roads fires aro haulec. • oneu a week, on other roads they ana kept up in engines for three or four weeks or more continuonsly. A locomotive engineer on one of the fastest runs out of New York says that. he has never seen nn engine that would . run as fust as he would like to ride. . No apprehension apparently is felt bjr v the engineer of a fast engine. Calmness is one of his most noticea- . ble traits; and if he worries at all it is because he has got a hot box, or -something has happened so that 3\e may.Jiot he able to make the time, and not' bo- cause bo is going through the air at fifty, sixty, seventy 7niles an hour. But it should be understood that none buS a man of perfect nerve is likely ."to reach the footboard of a fast eug-ine. There is not. :i vast difference between running at ni^ht and at day- Signal lig-hls at night u.ro plainer an/Jean be seen at a much greater distance ihao day signal«. The engineer must, of eoursc, keep constantly in iniiid where he is, 4?ut, he comes to know tho country just a.s a pilot knows his landmarks in i.he dark; and bo lias Uiis ad- vnntagv of the pilot that he ea.n't very well jrcti oul of the channel. Most en- triuecrs prefer day runs, because it seems inoru natural to work . in Hue daytime, and it is pleasautor. Almost all locomotive engineers prefer :L fast run to u slow one. The fust trains ure the blue ribbons of the road. Aside from the honor of running .a fast train, there is a very substantial advantage in the hours. If an engineer • simply stepped into his cab in tbe station and stepped out again on his return, al;nost any run might do well enough, but he doesn't do that,; he goes to the roundhouse before train timii and looks over the engine, und sees that it is in condition and properly supplied for tho run, and jntivory way reach", and he runs the engine to the station. All this takes time. On his return he runs the engine back to the roundhouse; this takes time, too, though not so much as the time spent before tl»& run; but tog-ether these periods adiS. materially to tbe length of the engl- • neer's hours. Taking these duties into account, the (rre.it .advantages of a fast run arc manifest; the shorter the time spent on the ro.vl, the shorter thetotaJ time. There is a common impression thaS no two locomotive engines work just alike, even though made from the same • patterns. A locomotive engineer of long experience says that tho impression is correct, lie says, by way of U- lustruLion. that two high-parade watches 1 of the same pattern, and supposed 1»be just alike, may not work the s;ime> way. One may not vary half a> minute'in six months and so be, practically,.*, perfect timekeeper, while the other may vary a minute in a month. It is so with engines; they do jiot work just alike. One may f>team and run bolter than the other. The slightest v;;rja~ tion in finish or adjustment might be sufficient to cause this. When the new engine has been run • a year or so it goes to the fchop 1.0 .be overhauled. With it coes a report ol the engineer who has rnn it on the engine's characteristics and perform a sce. If the engine has developed a:.:y defects they can usually' be renicdio'! 32. this overhauling, and it may be ihai. the engine comes out on the road ::^air as smart as a^' of them.—X. i". Sj;n. Th«* l>omc*iic Crufc. "You seem to have all tlje Jate novels. Jimson. What do you thin V <£. them?" "I haven't read them yet," answered Jimson, "my wife in reading- them to see if they arc fit for me."—Detroit Free Press. Irlib Town Threatened with DUBIJX, April 2,—A fire ia rmgingr in Tnan, county Galway, which threaten* the destruction of the town. The pla« •< to each other, but the privates do at • i» situated inland, and water in soffi- the privates in other armies do.—Lon- j eient quantity to cope with the fiamw * . . rti '^'j_''il : • : "• •: • -• .. " '• •' don Standard. i» not to bed :**«». *y .*•"]••*» •'{••• '- v, • '. ; s j '•.•."' '••''.' .'-•' .,•"'. -.-'•,, \ '•• •• *"•*•*• •*;'.'> ""• ••;•/• '-\- ..-v.; ••;.•••-• \ •;;'•.-•, .',• ••.' '.^'. "T ** lpl *'™T ll *1 , Y^> '* Tr*"r, ••"..' \ Ji-v - X-v -.,..••,.• ....;- .*"*";;*?!**?".'.•> :> • V '••'• ••'••' •••••; • •.'•• . • •- •; ,-'!§•" rr^r,

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