The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1950
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THREB School Teachers Face $150-$200SalaryCut In Arkansas Next Year LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 21. (U'i—Arkansas school teachers face a salaiy •Jfcpf from $150 to 5^00 each next year. W State Education Commissioner A. B. Bonds, Jr.. said today that declining tax collections indicate a reduction ot atwut $1.500,000 lu state itmris ror.educational purixxscs in llic 1350-51 school year. He added that the anticipated re-* duction threatens 1 teacher salary reduction of from $150 to 5200. "We have promised teachers that salaries would be the last item to be reduced." he said, "but the outlook is not good." County school supemsors met \vtth education department officials today to consider,a new formula for reducing state transportation aid U> local districts by $400.000. Bonds said that in an elToii to prevent or minimize salary cuts, the department is "reworking our aid formulas to muke them more equitable on a basis of need rather than on a lint head basis." He reported that tlie decline in st".le funds would be partially offset by fax Increases voted by most local districts last yeas 1 . That increase is estimated to \K alxnit $2.000,000. You and Your Income Tax: 1040 Short Form— Couples Making Under $5000 Can Save by Filing Jointly '•We Inaugurated a voluntary cutback this year," the commissioner said, "by asking the districts to try to save five per cent, and we are endeavoring lo save 10 per cent on our operations." •> But in tlie fiscal year beginning next July 1, he said it will be a "cold, flat proposition; It looks now like a 15 lo 20 per cent reduction." The department's appropriation lists $13.500,000 for teacher salary aid next year, and Bonds said it might drop as low as $10.800.000. The common school apportionment appropriation is $7.000.000 and that may fall to $5,600,000. He said the situation results from the fact that revenues have not continued to Increase at the anticipated rate. (l.'dilor's Note: Tfals is tlie nlnlh of 1! stories explaining HIIU niust du what and how about his 1949 income tax return.) By James Mai-low WASHINGTON, Feb. 22—W 1 )— Can you use the 1040 Short Form in filing your 1949 income tax return? You can, if your income was under $5,000. And it makes no difference where your income came from,' or what kind, or whether taxes were withheld from It during Hie year. (Actually, mosi o( the under$5.000 'people who, had full tax withheld from tlie'ir income use 1040-A. discussed yesterday and in Parents Boiled by Bethany Blue-Laws After Board Bars 'Kissing Students' BETHANY, Okla.. Feb. 22. f/Ti— Heated issues over rules governing high school students in tins ••blue- lawcd" town boiled over toward a pledged district court sl'it against sJjfcio] officials today. (JPiiairman W. E. Blcakley of a citizens' committee said his group will carry Us fight to court after a "Ingnly unsatisfactory session with the school board last night. He .said five school bnard members, superintendent Harry Edwards and principal Mrs. Alonzo N -rwooti will be named in the suit. The committee of parents was organized to support a walkout Friday of 30 st'.-tlents who described school regulations as too strict. Bethany, a town of 2.500 just west of Oklahoma Cily, adheres to the principle of "no cigarettes, no 3.2 beer (only legali/cd alcoholic beverage in Oklahoma no wearing of shorts by women "'id no kissing in public. 1 l-'ive Suspended Five student leaders were suspended indefinitely Monday. They returned to school yesterday but said they wore told to leave. The walkout was preceded Thurs- ] i day ni?lit by a kissing Incident at coronation ot the school's "basket,-) ball sweetheart." Students In the' walkout said thev took that course in fear of 'Hinishment for the kiss- Ilia by-play. . , . ,«Bie school board heard charges olW'rhe committee behind closed doors. Only Blenkley. Attorney Free! I L. Sikes and three other committee members were permitted to attend. About 20 other parents sat out tlie meeting while two uniformed po.iceiuen lingered in the corridor. Renorters questions to a prenared • statement of the board would not be answered. \ Blcakley. said the committee's mnbr demand was "that the Bethany Church of Mazarine immedialc- Iv terminate its dominance of the Bethany public schools. The spokesman said other demands included immediate dismissal of the principal, the rUht of anpeal of students dismissed from school, revision of the school snorts prosram, termination of tlie school -discipline into private lives of students and proncr recognition of the student council. Bleakley sai-J the board categorically denied everything the committee proposed. Tile board statement salci: "It is tnre that Bethany is the site of a Nnzarene college (Belhany-Pcniel) and that ninny of the town are of that faith. It Is far from the fact that this college or the Nazarcne jjKirch dominates the policies of PR public schools." /"Five different church denominations are represented by the II members of tile high school faculty, and neither the superintendent nor the chairman of the Parent Teachers Assoi-iuiioi) are members of the Na/.i'iene church." School board members refusn-1 to (ell reporters their church affiliation. previous stories.) Use l*rep;q|rd Table When you use the short form you do not fi«urc your own tax but find it. already figured for you, in the taWe on Page 4. If your Income was S5.000 or more 5-011 cannot use tlie 1040 Shoii Form. You must use the 1040 Long Form and figure your tax. Form 1040 is really one form of four p:tscs. When used by. the I undei -$5,000 people, who find their tax In the table on page 4. it is called the Short Form. ! i When it Is used by the $5.000-or- ovcr people—who figure their own tax on page 3—it is called the IXHH; Form. Although its' easier ror tlie under-$5.000 people to use the 1040 but the other didn't, they cannot lose by filing jointly on the 1040 Short Form, provided their total income was under $!>,«'). In such a case they'd lose money by not filing jointly on that form. The reason: Under law, when a couple files Jointly, each claims "»lf the income, even though one had none of It. Tills throws each half into a lower tax bracket. Joint, mini; Example Example:- Jones' Income was S-18,000, his wife had none, If he files alone, his lax is 5544. If his wife files jointly with him the tax on the couple is $514. You can see how that works yourself on page 4 in the columns opposite an income or $4,800. When a couple's total Income Is under $5,000, but each had some of that income, in most .cases they will save money by filing jointly on the 1040 Short Form. But this will not be true In 100 per cent of the cases. So such a couple should check II tax table carefully to see whether they will snve by fillnst Jointly separately on tile 1040 Short Form Then there is the problem for married couples where both had "ncomc. total income was -under Employment Drops in State In January LITTLE nOCK, Feb. 22. M') — No]) - agricultural employment in Aikiinsas during January was '2Ti.- OUO, a decline of 8,300 from January a year afio. The Arkansas Employment Security Division's report yesterday also shows employment 15,100 under tlie December total of 280,000, [he high point in 19-19. Assistant Administrator Roland Hlielton said a shorter work \veek in many industries caused a slight drop In average weekly pay for manufacturing industries, w h 11 e hourly earnings in manufacturing Industries showed a one cent in- crciise. over December. He also reported that unemployment insurance payments In January were $747.920 as compared to 5736,504 in December, and thai Arkansas employes hired 4.521 non- asricultural workers through local employment offices In January. • Worried British Eye Winged Omen ot War LONDON, Keb. 22. Off)—Supersti- tious Britons were worried today because millions of wuxwings, birds usually only found In Arctic areas, have Invaded this country. In Hie old days, the arrival of wnxwlngs In mild wenlher WM regarded as an omen of war, death or the plague. Read Courier New* Classified Adj Celebrations of Halloween - arc believed to be derived from ceremonies of th Druids. With the Courts Chancery 1 Tanzy Hall vs. Charles Raymond Hall, suit for divorce. Barbara S pence vs. Johnnie Spence, suit for divorce. J. C. Sheltou vs. Tre.'sic llola- wny Shelotn. Louise Hill Paul vs. Carl G. t'aul. suit for divorce. I H. H. Aikeu ct at vs. Ruben nukes' ct al, suit to retrieve possession of i Lot -I Block 1 of the H. R: Aifccn zied Subdivision of s 2 of the SE 4 of. 1040 Short Form, some of them—those _ with ustisujl deductablc cxnenscs— i will have money by using the Long Form. That's because anvone usintT the Short Form get.s without asking— it's already allowed for in the tax table 011 Page 4—a deduction of about. 10 per cent for personal expenses like hospital bills, charitable contributions, taxes and so on But—suppose a person's deductions \vere actually more than 10 percent or his income. He'll lose money in using the Short Form I since there's no place for him to i claim more than lo per cent Therefore, the smart thing for him to do is to use the 140 Long I Form. There ho will have to figure j his own tax and itemi/e all the deductions he claims, but he can claim them in full. Husbands and wives may be ptiz- ' about filing jointly on the Short Form, one thing Section 15-15N-11E, by foreclosure, •certain: If one of them had income NAGGING... STABBING RHEUMATIC OF PAIN Thai's because wonderful, scientific C- 2223 contains lhe famous, beneficial herb "Black Snake-Root". And MISERY PAIN or: SCIATICA SIMPLE HEUBALCIA LUMBAGO it v s"'csnccfaily IODIZED to ipccd up the Siilicylntc Action that makes it penetrate tissues bettor, give you fast, effective pain relict. Purchnsc pr-cc ot first bottle linrfc if not satisfied. Don't wait! Get C-2223 today. 02223 p»ES(ftlf>llON rm WUff FOR •HfiUMATIC PAIN RADIO REPAIR All Work Guaranteed by Bonding Company Pieno Tuning Kxpevlly Done With Th* Klec(ronic Slrohoconn Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE •07 K. Main TH. 811 85,000, and one of them wants to isc (he Long Form in order to itemize his deductions which were more than the 10 per cent allowed with the Short Form. , n such a case can one use the long Form and Itemize to get more than 10 per cent while the other files separately on the Short Form. taking the 10 per cent deduction allowed him in the table? No. When one uses the Lone i Form '- " ' - .- - use the Long Form and both have to itemize. If husband and wife have combined income of $5.000 or more, although the Individual Income of I each was under $5.000. they can file separately on the 1040 short form but not jointly. They can file jointly on the Long Form, Unit will give them the benefit of spllt- tini; their income to reduce their tax. 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