The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1931
Page 2
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PACK TWO BLYTHEV1LLE. '(ARfcy COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE Ij, 1931 Society Calendar , Thtrsdiy . . Mrs. H. A. Bmitii Is cntoUIn- iut |he Midweek. Bridge duo. Miss' Minute • -: Lee Joues will present, her piano pupils In a re- i-itnl al tne high school auailonum. Miss Glndys Bnrliam and Miss Marie Moon arc entertaining willi a bridge tea for Miss Hilda Holland, bride- elect. Friday The Sas Nak Ra Rock club will meet with Mrs. E. P. Btomeycr. The Dorcas Sunday school class 01 the First Baptist cuurch is meeting with Mrs. J., G.; Aihle'y al Ar- inorcl at 8 o'cjock. ''"' '" ' ' ' Society Sharpshooters , Tlicr* will, be a free story hour at the library at 10:30 o'clock for children Ironi 5 to 8 'years of age. Entertains dull, Guests.' Mrs. Rives Allen had the Malinee Bridge club meet with her Wednesday alter noon when slie also hud as her guests Mrs. Joe Clifton Watson of Caruthersville, Mo., Mrs, Ben Cooper and Mrs. Jesse M. white. The yellow and gren shades were 'emphasized In the lovely flowers winch adorned the living room with larkspur, sweet |»as and coreopsis the most pronlaeut blossoms, i?' v" There..Kcre : y^llow':fljbes for »lhc iced tea served with butterscotch pecan Ice cream sandwiches at Uie conclusion- of the contract bridge games. Mrs. Francis Carpenter' won'the club prize, a crystal bowl, and Handkerchiefs went to Mrs. Watson for honors among the guests. 9 IT • Cli-s Meets. Mrs. Roscoe Oration entertained members of the .New .Wednesday Bridge club yesterday. Guests lor the party were Miss Mildred Frazier of Wilson, Mrs. Joe D.' Halbach and Mrs/ .Ge'drgVMulr.,- ;In the bridge games 'Mrs. i 1 ". B. Joyner won.a soda ticket for the club prize and the guest prize, a double deck of cards, went to Miss Krazier, Jiousegucst of. Mrs, Kiley. B.-Jones. "• '• ' The hostess served, a..salad with sandwiches and iced tea, Vacation Bible School' Closfe. 1 .'•>':'. •»'-'. The Dally Vacation Bible school, in session" at"- ; the : First Baptist church fgr -the past two weeks will close tomorrow. The 200 'students handiwork ah'd"« lion program. in . an fntertaUr men I Frltfay evening. The 31 teachers and helpers have supervised wholesome recitation, handiwork, .and, Bjble study in the' morning sessions. Tberc has occn a daily., at tendance of'175.-- • Comiiiirherits Diughtrrv ; Mrs. V./G. Holland . entertained nine -guests.' 'Tor' 'a'dinner party last evening especially compllmcnu ing her ' daughter^' Hilda, whose marriage to- ; Howard- S. Caldwcll, -of Hot Springs,' wiit take place Saturday, morning. ,. ..-,' . . Pink, laver.dar, yellow and blue were blended in''the'lovely sweet- peas and nasturtiums which formed lhe> centerpiece lor-'the table and in the shower bouquets which adorned the living 'and dining rooms; ., f , A delicious menu was served li three courses. . :, .. The guests were:-'- Misses Marie Moon, Mary, Ciimniings, Marj Grace Hill, Mary Perrcll, Gladys Barham,- Kathryn * Great,. Vivian and Frances Holland. Osceola Society-^-Personal '.. • ? Circle No. 1 of the.Presbyterian Ladies Auxiliary entertained at the home of .its'chairman,i Mrs. W." J. BitsofNeWi Mostly Personal s enrpUcd.u-m u < :,thcir liwork ahT"fWa dcmonstra- They're more than fair archers; they're sharpshooters. When the Metropolitan Ardicry Association held Us open tournament at the Roekaway Hunt Club at Woodmere, Long Island, three of the entrants who appeared were these.young society women from Connecticut- ;Left lo right are, Miss Dorothy Duggan, of Greenwich; Mrs. A. Kear, - of' Bridgeport, and. Mls« Alice Duggan, of Greenwich. accompanied by ; Malory Harwell, returned today.from Bell Buckle, Tcnn., where tbjby at- tcixlett tlie graduation of Mallory Harwell from Webb school.''. After a'few days .visit at home Maljofy will return lo Bell Buckle, where he will', be n.counsellor In*.Webb, camp near that place this summer, •" v •'.'»• j • i . » • • . Mrs, L. D. Massey and children nnd'Mrs.'A. F. Bplcic arc »pend: Ing today In Memphis, :•; .'': Mr. nud Mrs. J. L. Ward-and daughter, Miss Agnes.Ward,'arc in Colorado Springs, arriving Tuesday for.;l^e,l8(st j stop of R series of visits to mountnln resorts from which hey expect to return in two weeks. They are members of n parly of Mutual Life Insurance reprcscnta- lyes to.whom Uie trip wns awarded for.excepftonal business proUui:- 1 ion daring the past year. Mr. Ward s district ; represibntntlve of the company., for the Memphis terrl- '.ory. ' '" Mrs. Oharlcs L. Shonlz and in- tnnl daughter, Mary Margaret,, of Loubville.-Ky.,'are guests of Mrs Shpntz' mother, Mrs. Margaret Hale Mrs! Shoritz will bc;rcinbered as Miss Eugenia Hale. Ford's New Hotel Will Be Ready About July 1 DETROIT. tUP)—The luxurious and' \iltra-modcrn hotel that rep- eiinti Henry Ford's ideals of ear- in hospitality extended to will soon be Matches that go out after a definite period after they have bcei lighted and self-extinguishing clg aret tips have been developed by Hie U. S. Bureau of Standards t lessen fire hazards. John Malian, who attends West- crn Military Academy ul Alton, III., uas returned home to spend llic summer with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Mahan. 1'aul H. P.osenthal and Welch Foster arc attending to business In St. Louis. Mrs. Tom Johnson of TJcrmott, slate president of the American Le- jion Auxiliary, Is at tlie Rosamond hospital nt El Dorado wliere she underwent an operation for appendicitis. Mrs. R. W. Gaskins Is a patient at Ihe Memphis Baptist hospital. D. R. Holland, of Ncwbern, Tenn., Is visiting his sons, V. G. Holland and A. B. Holland, having come for the wedding of "his granddaughter. Miss Hilda-Holland, to Howard S. Caldwcll. ' ', Miss Bobble Lee King Is spending toddy in' Dexter, Mo.,''-.with her sister, Mrs. .Hugh Nelson Thompson, and family. She was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Roy A, Dean and daughter, June Elaine, of t Momoc, La., who arc guests ol iMr. "and Mrs. Samuel F. Norrls. " '- : •. • Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Roger's and son. Nelson, of Newbcrn, Tenn., are guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. V. G. Holland and family. They, came especially for tlie wedding' of Miss Hilda Holland and Howard S. Caldwell wliich will take place Saturday. Among' the out of town guests who will attend the Holland-Cald- woll wedding Saturday are Miss Eunice Arnaud of Monefte, Mo., Joe Walker of Newport and Kent Klrby of Little Rock and Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Von have (is their guests for the wei Mr. and Mrs. John Bagby pf'.C"^ ton Plant, Ark.,'and Beecher riett-of Newbern, Tenn. Rives Allen, who. attended to bus-j Iness-iri-Jonesborb-thls week, wjll return hohie toinorjok. Mrs. M. T ( Olds'hus returned her home in Paris, Tenn., after, spending six weeks with her dauf filter, Mrs. Rushr Holltpetcr, a.i)d ler mother, Mrs'. : Nancy Sa'wyerS'pt Osccolii v.ho "has ; been critically- ill but who is noV better. ii.-':'-) : Mr- and Mrs. :'Rush Hollipetcr will have as' their guests for the week-cue) Mrs. Beiva Martin, of Little ;Rock, 'and Mrs. Mary. HiOj Mfmier, of Hot Springs. jThey,vf also visit Mrs. Nancy Sawyer Osceola.. .-."'•" Mrs. Emma .Moore,•."• of- Osceola; visited relatives here today. Mr.-and Mrs. T. J. Mahan have returned fro;n a visit in Lexington, Ky. Harold Baker has gone to his American"period . furniture, some; home 'in MorriUton, Ark., after Czech and Double Czech! y hc the public. VTrje.-'hoWl is the Dearborn acres of apiwinlcd with -108. roonjs, 13 [round;, .and perfectly [ucst rooms, coflee-shop and dln- ng room'. It will be 'used for the first time.July 1. , The- hotel is Just across the highway from Ford Airport, and 30 minutes from downtown Detroit, ft will be the scene of numerous par- tics and dinners which Trill precede the start of the seventh annual National Air Tour for the Edsel Ford reliability trophy/July i. All rooms arc furnished in early In maple and pine and others in mahogany. Tlie modern touch, Jiow- ever, comes 'witn the concealed radio, tub-shower baths, rending lamp, running ice water and electric clocks. Tennis courts and a golf course arc to be added let the hotel property later. As a result of a recent change hi its poslofficc service, Poland now has'a posloffice for every 6300 inhabitants. Driver jr., Wednesday with a silver tea. afternoon The tea table was exquisitely appointed with pink candelabra and low bowls of sweet peas in varying shades of pink. Guests on arrival were served with punch, and sandwiches, ton bons, coffee, individual cakes and-sherbert were served from the tea .table;.- '• , .' ;;-.-y 1 ... Mrs. Driver was assisted-In receiving by her mother-in-law, Mrs W. J. Driver ST. Proceeds of the tea will .augment the general fund of, the Auxiliary .circle, , The last meeting of the club year of the literary-, department of-the Osceola -Progressive club was held Tuesday ..afternoon when the mem oers enjoyed a picnic supper on th lawn of'Mrs. John While's horn north of Osceola following an at lernoon spent in the study of "Saf «!/••• a story of African cxplora .lion by Martin Johnson. The lewrn «-at led by Mrs. W. E Hunt with parU taken by Mcs d«mcs R, H. Jones,,-L..,S.Mi( chell, George EdringUai; G 'B Se- eraves and C. TB. Perfi n . Gucsts |H?r ^f^tte c' u b .-meters- present I*" w ? s ' W ' B ' ^"""ean, and || Vl Mrs. Margaret Hale of Osceola a-sd Mrs, Hate's daughter, Mrs. Charles .-,,;.. Snonu,of Louisville, Ky., who .Is ly.i,. her guest. Mrs, White was assisted BY WM..E. McKENNEY Sttrrelarv American Bridge League For the past few months we lave been reviewing the various ontract bidding'systems. Our lat- •r articles have been devoted to lie McKcnney system of contract bidding. A general summary of hts system is given below. ; Original Bids of One Original bid of one no trump hows two nnd one-half tricks or a colmt of 12, 13, 14 or 15 for first, ccond, thlrct or fourth hand rc- ipcclivcly, distributed in three nits. It generally denies a biddable four-card suit. Original suit bid of one shows at least two and one-half quick tricks. Original Bids of Two ,Jaw, daugbtcr-ln- ' ' Original bids of two no trump show all four suits stopped and Invite partner to go to three no trump with one trick. They do not deny a biddable four-card suit. Original suit bids of two are forcing bids and require partner to keep ihe bidding open until game Is arlvcrt at even though he holds a trickless hand. They .should not be made on a hand that has more than three losing cards. Original SnH Bids of Three Original suit bids of three show a hand that will probably go game with one incard in partiur's hand They do not need normal trump support and inform partner thai there is no desire to play the hand at no' trump. Original Silt Rid* of Four Original suit bids .of four arc preemptive bids denying defensive strength and? show a hand that will lake eight tricks with the suit named as trump. O«rc»Jlinj Opponent's Bid To double an opixment's • bid shows . three- and one-half quick tricks. '. Harwell and. Miss " '• pycrcBl'an opponent's suit bid c[..orit,,with one no trump does not necessarily show the opponent's suit sloped, but requires two and one-half quick tricks. Ov^rcnlllnc an opponent's bid with suit bid shows a biddable suit with one and-onc-half to two quick tricks. If partner litis bid and then the opponent puts in a suit bid and you now bid the opponent's suit—this would show no losers in that suit nnd normal support in partner's suit, with slam possibilities. When opponent opens'with a suit bid of one and yon make a jtnnp shift bid of one more than necessary—e. g. opponent bids one heart ind you bid two spades—this shows n hand ns strong as an original :orcing two bid. . Additional Features Four-card suits are bid ahead of five or six-card suits. Six-card suits arc bid ahead of five-card suits. With two'suits of' equal length the higher ranking suit is bid first Tlie one over one is vised as a forcing bid; e. B. you bid one heart, partner bids one spade. This is a forcing bid and requires the bidding to be kept open, but makes no promise for game. All jump shift bids arc forcing bids and require the bidding to be kept open until game is arrived at e. g. partner bids one heart am you bid three diamonds. This nov shows at least five to five and one half quick tricks in the two hand and both partners arc obligated tc keep thp bidding open until gam is arrived at. There Is one excep lion to. this rule, and that is f Jump shift bid where the one ovo one may be employed; c. p. part ncr bids one heart and you bid two spades. The two spad? bid simply shows a sis or seven-card spade suit and while It requires to bid again, it' makes no promise for game. It Is used exactly the sanvs as the bhe over one. Doliie Cantor, of Clariscialc, Miss., pent yesterday here enroilte to Cnrnthersvillc. Mo., for n. visit. Willie here Miss Cantor, who re- ently composed two musical num- jers, and Miss Bernstein, who is vidcly known as a pianist, broadcast over KLCN and will return Tuesday for; a second, broadcast. Elbcrt Huffman, who will grad- mte from Southwestern university it Memphis next year, has arrived ionic to spend the summer with ils parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. iultmon. Mrs. O. W. Jones and son, Horace/ of Ijyles, Tcnn., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Huffman for ten days. Mrs. Edith Bronti, who has been quite HI for tvvo weeks, is able to resume work at the McAdmns Beauty shop. isiting relatives of Mrs. Baker for «veral days. Mrs. Baker, who ns. before her marriage. Miss largarct Craig,- will join him later " ' that s'.aiul up and quite hide ti:eir faces. "In one part of th; country the brides wear white hair-ribbons,. afte: 1 Hie ceremony Elic-dtiing huir- riuboiis fur good to indicate th;ir new status. Rings Made Lcc:;lly • There always is a wedding ring, tliougn seldu:n an engagement ring. The wedding ring may b; inherited or may be made by Hie village sold- smith or silversmith. They usually arc simple, the plain. o!;1-fnf,!i:oncti witle bands of quite hcsvy material l>eing i:sed, for they arc a people !>.nd thin rings wear out. Ti-.c marriage ceremony lakes! place iu the church. Everybody .sings but the hi Uie. 3t-.c must staiul und cry or she won't be; inani;.! right! After tlie ceremony, the bride and groom climb into one of Uie wagons which has been decorated with Rowers, with evc-n U:L> Entertains for Guest -MANILA, enUi Kilned Wednesday I'.ousegaest, All:.— Mrs. E;! V;:Sx two tables of bvliije complimenting J.^r Miss Margarot. i'j of Luxova. Mrs. Luke Stuar*. \von tile high score prize and tlic c:n- soiation avard went lo Mrs. Claude Grain. It is raid '.hat llio ):iol!ci':v.-;i;e Nalicnale in FUELS is the largest library in Uie wevii!. It cciU-.iins mere than -l,0;jy,Ct>3 books and a va^t ccH'jction of ir.?.nubcr:j}U, liamphlets and other lilerature. Look Young With ^ Beautiful v.omen. horses' bridles all rescues and rib" I' 0 "- 1 ' 11 "' complexions, use MEUUO- bons. All the young folk of the j GLO ' tlle " ew wonderful F.x-:i;h village line up and hold ribSsss across the road. This is the ciisto;n ; K;-:-SS face powder. Purest nnd "! smoothest nowd'jr known. Stuys on n~the summer. Misses Gertrude . Bernstein and of matins the bridegroom p,iv a i lm ser. Mo flaky or pasty lajl:. No ransom lor his bride. AfiVh=! Krime ol Z rit - MELLO-GLO ;-,i'C- tosses them muuey thev all in- i veuli !cirse liDrcs aml " evcr - ; '-" li ' ib eluding the bride and Miiccroo'P 1 Dr fccLs dr l'- BIcntIs naturally vitti repair to the village inn tar where ! any ccm l' !e:;lon - Demand MKLLO- they ail drink tiie couple's i'.c?.!!!; i CLO ' —Any. 10 and where ihe bridegroom is arc- ,' senled with a cake baked in" the'| slinpe of a baby. He, in turn, pro- ! fonts it to "the bride and laughter end jokes, they -climb back into their c.irt and drive away lo liis home or the new litUe cottage that they will have alone. • Relax Tense "NERVES" Tills couple figured In one of the more fceially important weddings in Pistai'.j'i Czccho-Siovakia, recently. Note tlie magnificent hand-work on tlie bride's costume, as well as her heavy learner boots. The hair ribbon was removed after the ceremony to indicate her change of status. The groom wore the conventional embroidery. • * - • • • • Old Costumes Still Hold Sway in European Peasant Weddings Dates Set for Quarterly Teachers Examinations The regular quarterly t teachers' examination for Mississippi com\- ty frhools will be held at tiv; der lartmcnt of education in this city June 18 and 10. First American Steam Engine Given to Society BOSTON. (UP>—What Is believed to be the first miniature tteam engine built in America has come Into possession of the Society for the Preservation ol New EKgland Antiquities. The locomotive. b;:'.U In 162D. \u-, the gift of the Misses Carrie nnd Nellie 'Allen of this city, rx-siciird by Andrew J. 'Allen, their grandfather, and constructed by William T. James .of New York, the tiny engine created « sensallo:) here a the Mechanics' Exhibition of IPJT It is about three feet high, witi an 18-Inch gauge. Hospital Notes Mrs. W. 1>. Robertson, rily. \\as admitted to the niytheviHo hospital today. Howard McCain, city Mrs. S. W. Clare, and liiii Frank Clare, Manila, were diMv.iv^ed. By NEA,Sen ice PRAGUE, Czecho-Slovakia.—June weddings here ore much tlie same n their appointments and arrangements as June weddings .anywhere in America. B'.;t In the outlying riis- irlcls, the marriage ceremonies still are performed down through generations of peasants, with set rulos and regulations tnat must be respected.' The peasant bride, of course, is important. 13ut the bridegroom vies with her in the colorfulness of his costume. In one section, it Is the bridegroom and not the bride who hns the wedding bouquet. He wears U in his hat! A week before one of these village weddings, the bridegroom comes and formally asks the bride's parents for her hand. They . pretend to be quite unwilling. He j talks them into/ it, finally, whereupon they ask him point-blonk just how many horses, cows and fhcey he has. He. in turn, asks what, siz: purse she will bring him. For the bride Is in duly bound to furnish the fcallicrbrns and a sum of money In addition. together, a sort of "head-dress ]>cc." Costumes Handed Down The groom's Bedding bonquc-1 usually is made by some honored old woman of the vlllngc who hab the privilege of making all of lho:n that are needed iu a given season. They too are of artificial flo'-vcrs usually like tlie native field flowers that grow in abundance; could be picked with little effort Both the bride's wedding gown and the decorative wedding vest of the bridegroom often are inherited, sometimes being handed down for several generations. Both are ravishing in their high color. Blues in bright azure and lighter tones, scurlct and crimson reds, gold yellow, bright green, nil are used for Hie hand-work that adorns them. Materials ^T^m Sa^^.v'-'.v/^Sl for (he bride's gown j differ In various places, being anything frcm home-spun almost en- Tho sense of smell i:i bird'; is not 'very acute, although ;i-.cir or- Our following articles will belgans arc well develojKd. u j s devoted to interesting hands at " " auction and c&itract bridge. doubtful whether the sense of smell Is of much use to birds. Slic's Serenaded This arranged, the bridegroom's parents ti'-cn Invite the bride and her parents lo a farewell patty at their home. At this the bride is formally given away by her father. This is a signal for the friends of the bridegroom to gather oulside and when I'.c joins them, they break into song, serenading the bride. H is a sort of chivaree. only It takes place before the wedding On the day of the wedding. It Is an unlucky bride indeed who lets her husband spot her before she sees him. It means tbnl she will be a slave to him after mnrrin^c. To make sure Hint she will glimpy | him first. !\n elaborate scheme has I been worked out of hiding her I within the house and making her IKck out the window. Jus', before the wedding ceremony, the girl's friends adjust her head-dress, \\hich ofton is made ol artificial flowers, each flower made by a friend and trie entire headdress made up by them all working Loss of Sleep, Crankiness, Hcadachu, ffcir.-dgia, Indigestion and Fatigue are common results of over-work nnd nerve strain. ' JFiss Rulii Sheets, a charming Michigan school tracher says: "f have Infccn your Nerv- ine duri:icj my college work nnd when I get Kliose iicru- ens spells a/(cr n hnrd tldij's irec/iintf. I nm sciirfinr; uji; mother's Tinnic to you. Wilt you please send her a trial Relax- your tense nerves with the same reliable moclicine Miss Sheets found so effective. Get i( nt your drurj store. Large lottle $1.00 Small 2Jc. Money ixicfc if you are not satisfied. rsr AND RETUKN GOING—Leave 5:-!3 A. I Blyfiicville . Eimu.iy. RETURNING—LMV« Memphis a iate as 11:20 P. M.. s:i:nu day. ROUND TRIi> FARli From Blylheviile tircly covered with hand-made ticc \ ^«^^SS^^5^SS^^;;^iIi=- and embroidery lo still fattens and i even in some places old-fashioned i stiff crinolines. ! Some ot the bride's gowns have i tight bodices, full sleeves and full . skirls. Others have quite simple waists, with tall, stiff ruffs of lace \YaJpolc Electric Fans Simp Cleaned and Repaired I'h one 31-1 I BU!LO OP HEALTH AND PMS GO AWAY WOMEN who find thcmsr;]\v^ in a painful condition duo to ;i rundown blato oT hcnllh rhniild give Cardul ,1 (air fm- a rvi;*in.iL-Io Icnuth of t!:r,c. ns «U-I Mis. K. G. Holnelt, 1101 Jlaiol fit, IVvirk.inn, ^o.vii^, who Vtrites: "I was anxfujs 10 InillU niyfitlf up FQ I w.;\ I vr.jtoy and inko Interest in my \wr\r. I luul &urf(iv«l with sorouoss and a cor./laiit [vii'i In my pi.].*. .-•"•- niinluT tnM m--s i-i.c U.oi:t;iit T Kho:iM Irv O-.r-U:'. t?CvJ1 nfirr T (-ran taking It I i-mLrM .1-1 I;r.j i-tivcim nl. so I k*pt 0:3 :iri:il I h.i-t (:iVrn (line l^Ulrs. By Uiid i:i;if I wits fc^'lTV *-f> tnuuh Tx-ucr, iht pair, aii'l sorcnon5 wore 1 ^or.o." fold at drug stores rs n HELPS. WOMEN For the KJ of the Dodson iWJBS.-^nwW-S/J 111 ill I r fe>

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