The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1950
Page 11
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'' TURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1950 BLtTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE ELEVEN A DIST<W6UISH£D VlSTTOR, A MB. CEV: PEECHWOC.THV HE'S A V06LL-TO-DO M, ASOLVT TOrJO, AMD HE'S •'WOULDN'T LOOKS AS rJOTTV AS FALLS OfJ Icy H/ALK.S: WHY MOTHERS (SET GRAV FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER How About a WhisUet 5-DAY SERVICE ffREIFIS Vleel llrcifiu ... . Wear Kt JMl « HUM)! KTTNrmil kM tTfTf Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMtHS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free ot charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. NOAH LUMBER CO. Now open for business. We c»n W»TC you money on your building needs Get our prices before you buy- Can also give you lumber prices from r to Job NOAH LUMBER CO. Lesty Noah, owner <10 S. Second St. niythcviiie. ArK. Ph. 6712 or 6974 Loons MONEY to LOAN On City Property or £t Farm Lands CONWAY &' HOUCHINS GLENCOE HOTEL BI.DG. 1-13 ck 2-13 Money to Loan L»o you cB«d • IORTI in r«p>lr m re model? No down payment on naort- gage, no red t»p«. FHA APPROVED RATES 4% fc *SK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor rnone auw Lynch BultrtlnR tilTtheTlIlt Ark ! Concrete Culvert Tile Site* «p to If hi. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sixes np 1« 84 tn. Antomitic Flood Gate* Concrete Seplic Tinlta Metal Seplir Tanks Sewer Tile A. H. WEBB II it SUtr 114 «*o«r fA«M««5 MllXAMCI DCMAMM I im. RCNAMM 5aL-« tii'/A Safety f'ithoui Sacrificing PrMectuii, N.1 I SM^, ^ DISTRICT \V. I,. "HI1.1," WALKER Distrirt Hgtut »« Isaacs IIWj., Ph*n« M9* RfS rbone ?1IS £nd of a Chapter By Edwin Rutt r <^rr+< >«o • % HCA SMVKI, INC THK STORYi A Mr* XII AS Molly Tremaine paused in rcciling the history oi the Halleck family, Alice asked: "Was Brenl's brother Bill the father of Rick—the little boy Brent and Muriel adopted?" "Yes. Bill was the one that was killed three years ago in a plane crash. And old Jordan Halleck was Brent's father, and he wasn't worth a continental. Drank like a fish. But Jordan inherited the house on the Point and a few acres. Everything else had been dissipated by the time he grew ,up." • "So Brent inherited from Jordan?" "No, he didn't. As I say, Jordan was no good. Wouldn't work, but gave himself the airs oi a country squire. And it caught up with Ihim." Molly finished the sandwich, lit a cigareL "Brent must -have been about 13 years old when Jn's father bad to sell the Poin 'and the old house\with it. The old man took > licking too. It was one of those really old houses, big as a country club and rambling al over. But it was a white elephant Still, the buyer didn't care. Ht was a New York stockbroker with TX>ts of money." "Which he lost in the depres sion?" Alice guessed, Molly shook her head. "The; said he actually mnde money dur ing those dark days. But tus wife ed, there weren't any children, ncl 1 suppose he lost interest. nyhow. he went back to New ^ork. But he put a [arn.islic price n ttie place. So fantastic thai, for cars, nobody would touch U. And here il stood, going to rack and uin." "Where had the Hallcr.ks gone?" "Hartford. Jordan look a job n a factory there and eventually lied. 1 don't know what Brent and Bill did all thai lime. Mailer of act. I never saw Bill again. But Brent came back!" "Yes?" Privately. Alice was ashamed of her avid interest in Brent's history. Feeling as she did about him, it seemed totally unwarranted. •TTE reappeared here some time after Pearl Harbor," Molly continued. "All tricked out in a captain's uniform and handsome as all get out. And some of up tried to be decent to him. To Muriel :oo. They'd just been married. But Brent was scarcely civil. They stayed at Tolliver Inn and Brent left after three weeks. While he was here, though, he bought the Point back. Rackety old house and alt." 'Even at the crazy price?" 'According to rumor. Brent seems to have reached for it. He'd have had to. Land values were^up and the Point's desirable." "Then what?" "Brent went back to war. And left Muriel—she was just beginning her writing- -in that barn of a house. But he did get her a servant-" "Sounds grim even with a servant" Alice envisioned two women rattling around in a barracks- like building on the lonely Point "Must have been. But Muriel was a brick. She went at her writing hammer and tongs. . Put it over, too, in no time." "Brent came home on his leaves, I suppose?" Alirc said. "HumphJ" Molly snorted. "He did once or twice early in the war. But they sent him to the PaHfic. We dirin'l"—she squinted—"see hide nor hair of Mienl linllock until Die war had been over more tlian a year. You see. he got him- felt transferred to some outfit in the JnpnncFe occupation. He didn'l waist to come home, if you ask im." Alice frowned. "1 can't imagine why." "Who can? He Anally got his discharge after Bill orifJ his wife ve:e killed, and there wasn't anybody else to take charge of their ittlc boy. Rick. I'll say (or Brent hat he did his duty there." • * • A LICE wanted to ask where Molly had gotten this informa- ion. But the question seemed un- mpoi'tam. And. doublles^, in this small community a person's life was an open hook. "Meanwhile." said Molly, "Mue) mnde us like her. She took an interest in everything. Red ^ross. Woman's Club and heaven s what. And still found time for her work. Also, to tear down that old eyesore and put up n decent house, as soon as you could ;et building materials again. Al tier own expense too." "Then the present house is rcni- ly Muriel's?" Alice remembered that stormy scene when Sloan had started to cut down the apple tree over Brent's objections and at Muriel's orders. But even at that time, she remembered. Brent had said, insistently, that "the land and what's on it is mine." The apple tree was his, then, but his stubborn attitude about allowing it to be cut down seemed somewhat childish to Alice. "Every stick and stone of rt. And that's about the size of it. Brent came back from the war. the youngster came, and there they are. But what Brent contributes, 1 wouldn't know." "Well, he works constantly," Alice said, a little defensively perhaps. Molly sniffed again. "You mean he wanders around with his painting paraphernalia. Brent couldn't work seriously and still hobnob half his time with that drunken Chuck Wisner." (To Be Continued) Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 w Asn at ULENCOI HOTBL BU1LUINO 418-ck-tl Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS IT interested tn Buying or selling »e* Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe B]dg. Ph 6868 For So/e, Cart and Trucks Used Cars—All makes and models. From ?50 to f!595 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy. 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck tf SPRING PLANTING SEED We have for sale planting seed to serve your needs. Spring Oafs, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures, Lcspede/a, Sudan and Other Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY Please call us or come in to see us for your spring planting requirements. Biytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 C«U or 8e« CARL PAUL New Pontlnca. New Pickup* N'oble Gill Pontiac, Inc. Fhone «37I RENT A CAR l>riT« Anywhtr* !•>• Pfeu* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guarantee*! For 12 Months 1 531 North 10th. I'hone 6001 NOW OPEN Offering Complete Fktristic Service Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specially RONALD WKHLKK M C. STILC8 Pnulh Hi s hw>J il FOR SALE Concrete «lTtrt». It Inch U W inch, plain of miiforc^ A1» Concrete ItiiMing Klocka chelp- er than lumbrr for barns, rhichen hs»rs, 9*m^ hmnrt, 'trninl houses. («Ml sheds. We deliTer Call n lor fret estimate. OSCEOLA TILE «, CULVERT CO. PtlMW Wl. Chamblin Sales Co • Sales & Service • "Your friendly Stud»bak 9r Dealer" [RAILROAD & ASH PHONE GET THAT.' sue OOESN'r EVEN r i'W ALIVE ANY MOCE/ ... - SHOULD MUSEUM/ t*IOW WHAT Do roc. VOU.OLD PAL, OLD LEMD YOU MY DFAREST POSSESSION—- FOR A NOMINAL SUM, MATCH/ u REALUV TMIMK "I GO lS Rlfr VvltLMAice / WHV- I'tt. TVIt GlRL'i 6O / INQUDING A CLUB IN THE DEAL—AT NO EXTBA COfft 1»M «Y Nf« 5t»VICr IMC T. M. fltO. U. I FAT. Off Come on down, it's only the Joneses—you don't have to doll up for them!" PRISCIU.A'S I>OI Spanking- for Himself RY AI, VERMEKR HAiEL, I HOPE ^«U DIDN'T LISTEN TO THOSE SOAP AGAIN TODAY OH, I HEARD A _ FEW WHILE \ WAS •S \-^ IRONING! HONESTLY HAZEL, T DON'T SEE HOW THAT -STUFF CAN INTEREST A NORMAL, INTELLIGENT. f WELL! AREN'T VOU SO1NS TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED? ItV M1CHARL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANE HAVE YOU NfTHIS IS /WY MAIDfN V DON'T DONE MUCH \ WDYAOE ON THE / WORRY, VIC. SKIING, J BARREL-STAVES, LANCE WILL MR.FLINT? A MISS SWEDEN. \SOON FIX INSTRUCTOR HERB AT FttRADISE so -lou WAN r YYSS, LONCE, wt DO. WITHER of TO LEARN TO US KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT IT SKI, OO YDU7/WI Wt'BE EAGER TO LEARN CAPTAIN EASY Musi You (!o' BY LESLIE TURNER ...SO J't* SLIGHTLY UNEMPLOYED TILL MS BOSS COOLS OFF.HIS5 CUVLER. NO DOURT WU fEELHIGHTVGUILTV I REMEWBER YOUR V V6s. M r*U)OIUS .TUFF MOW, IU IOT3 O> \ JH6 OTH6B MAGAZINES'. WESTERN STOEIES MOiTLy — I OUT WEST. AKD HEY! OIDVOU3AY / THAT 8RIN3S W AEE LEfWiWG ^- iDonnieul TOWN ? IAJ5T8E MAILED FEIDA.V BEFORE I LEAVE TOWN I TOMORROW CAPTMM?.. WORK JOO, I MEAW! WHY, THAT IOOKS UKE ME-' BUGS HUNN\ THIS STL VER RADIATOR WARM / WHAT'S TH' TWOUBLE? UNLAV, DOC.' I'LL BE RIGHT BACK / M HUWWV, I'VE BEEN HTHEN THIS STUF=F WAITING OUT! OU5MTA Be HERE TEN / THAWEP OUT ENOUGH T'POUR ANY SECOND, NOW. Oop H;is a Hunch BY V. T. HAM1.IN 7^5 TH' TROUBLE/WHAT'S ^ SVITH GADGETS... / IMPORTANT ALWAYS HAY- / ABCTJT SPVINS £ SYHEN ITS I ON OSCAf ,TO A VACATION EM.' BOOTS AND HKR IIUDDIKS »Y EDGAR MAKTIM

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