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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California • Page 10

San Bernardino, California
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6AN HhtuAtiUlNJ UAiLi SUN, WEDxNESDAY, MARCH 24, iyzt STREET DEEDS Fellowship of rayer 111300.000 APARTWIENT IS PINED SIN SIM Tt DUlj LnUn Bible Reading ul Medit-ation Prepared by the rdratd CooncU of Gbnrohaa WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14 Hoover Stout Uniforms $3.50 OTHERS $2.98 Fine Porch Frocks ALL, SIZES (Ml Improvement in Urbita Can Now Go Ahead After Long Delays WE GIVE S. H. GREEN STAMPS Durbin Announces Project for New Building at Tenth and Wednesday, March 24. The Unfettered Spirit. Read Jn.

Text: 16:7. If I R0 not away, the Comforter will not come unto you. Meditation The Presence of the Spirit of God was promised to them In the upper room. What more could they have The Word had become flesh and dwelt among them. Slowly behind the veil of flesh they began to see dimly the Son of the Living God.

They heard Jesus' voice and saw his deeds but at first could not understand what he was. The Spirit was obscured and hampered In its revelation to them, because the hodv WILL HOUSE 46 FAMILIES Building Will Surround Old Spanish Garden; Plans Beina Drawn We've Generous Spring Stocks of Gloves, Purses and Fancy Umbrellas for Easter NEVER JUST BEFORE EASTER DAY-HAVE HARRIS' BEEN SO WELL SUPPLIED WITH SUITABLE Youthful Stylesf- Stout Women Never has the demand, by stout women, been so insistent upon the noint, of vouth fulnrss. as is uniformlv manifest today. We have WaS SO OhvlOn. Tt fimaHfnnt that the body die that the unfettered spirit nugnt nave tree access to all men.

Beyond this little company were millions he would bring to his fold to whom his bodilv nresenee could not come. "The Holv Snirlt is thrfnr run- resented as our advocate or counsel who suggests true reasoning to our minds, and true courses of action for our lives." Deeds which had traveled hundreds of miles up the Pacific coast and buck to give the city right-of-way for improvements In the I'r-bita district were received yesterday at city hall. Ucceipt of the documents marks the end of months of effort spent by tho city In attempting to get the work started. The deeds give the city sewer right-of-way across the southern portion of property belonging: to heirs of the old Mclntyre estate. They traveled hundreds of miles while obtaining the signatures of Stella Mclntyre and Alice T.

Mclntyre, of Santa Cruz; W. Mclntyre and Miola S. Mclntyre at Dos Palos. and Carrie G. Mclntyre and Walter Jl.

Perry, her huiband, of San Francisco. The deeds are In possession of S. C. I.awrence, bonding officer. Monday night they will be present-cd to the council and the work finally will be under way.

Sewers, sidewalks and curbs between Col-ton avenue and street have been delayed by the missing deed9. The sewer will connect with the proposed outfall, either leading to the Delta farms or a treatment plant. Mr. Lawrence yesterday was recording the following actions of the council on street improvement projects of Monday night: Final passage of the street superintendent's diagram and assessments on the improvement of Case street. Adoption of the city engineer's plans for sewer, pavement, sidewalks and curbs on Kalston avenue.

Adoption of the city engineer's plans for pavement on Reese street between St. Elmo and Mt. Vernon Prayer "Breathe on us. breath of God; not as the mighty rushing wind, lest the dlmlv bii.min- finf quenched; but with the quiet breath inai ran to name our smoui. derlne faith.

Snlrit of th t.u-. provided well with a very larg-e and comprehensive display of the mode as developed by notable designers, just the styles that will appeal to the larger than normal figure type; You should, by all means, choose while assortments are at their best. Frocks for Easter Sunday For Women of More Than Normal Development Ing God, Spirit of Jesus, Spirit who rnoospsi man mina tor Tiiy dwelling: Make Thyself known to us now." Amen. CUT 0 HOURS IMF OFF III Til mm Just for 0)e Day A VERY SPECIAL PRICE GROUPING ma Construction will tartfd within three months on a J300.000 apartment house at Tenth ond streets. This was announced ypstprdas' by U.

F. Durbin, president of the Pur-bin Piitlritnc corporation, which now has the California hotel at Fifth and streets under way. Exterior Will Be of Stucco The new structure will be three stories high and will run through from 13 street to Acacia. It will contain 46 apartments. Mr.

Durbin declared that the project Is being: financed himself. Independent of the Durbin Building corporation. Brick will be used In the walls of the building and plaster will be applied on the exteriors. Plans being: completed by Henry B. Pcntland, of Hollywood, call for mission type architecture.

The buildins will surround a patio. Cloisters and use of Spanish tile will be In keeping with the Spanish design. Old Trees To Be Retained "Preliminary plans will be here Tuesday," said Mr. Durbin. "If these are approved.

It will not be long before working: plans are prepared for contractors to work So as to retain palms and other trees that now stand on the street side of the lot which he has leased for 99 years from S. O. Ferguson, Mr. Durbin will have the new building set back 65 feet from street On the Acacia street side will be a garage large enough to accommodate 5 automobiles, with machine shop and wash racks Included. Above the garas will be quarters for the overseer, with laundry rooms In another part of the same unit.

Eighteen five-room apartments and IS four-room apartments are provided in the plans. In addition to these will be a large lobby at the street cnlrancp, with rooms for social events and dancing on the first floor. The fact that the apartments will be built around a courtyard and garden will give each of the apartments access to the out-of-doors either on the north and south or on the east and west. The jraiden is 66 feet and six Inches wide. The lot on which the building will bo erected is 145 feet and six inches by 300 feet.

Cloisters or wrought iron porches will surround Reduction to Be Made After Inauguration of Air Mail Under Carrier System avenue. Adoption of plans for the paving of St. Elmo street between Base Line and Fourteenth street. Adoption of plans for sewer, curbs and sidewalks on Fc-pulveda street between Ease Line You will certainly delight in the smartness of this lovely collection of frocks for Easter and the many days of Springtime. Lines are those fashion favors, and are so becoming to full figured women; skillfully designed to allow of fullness where needed.

There is a variety of fabrics as: GEORGETTE, FLAT CREPES, CANTON CREPES, NOVELTY PRINTS in Black, Navy, Cork, Bois and Eleventh. Final passage of the street su perintendent's diagram and assessments for raring of Seventh street between Mountain View and Arrowhead avenues. de Rose, Bluett and others. The lot at is priced so just lor Wednesday. Other dresses at tfoo.UU, And Here Are the Coats You Will Wear Girls Must Be Good for Next Six Months If Estella.

Farquhar and Eva Davis aren't good girls for at least six months, they will have 15 days in the county Jail to wish they had IP 24 .95 Reduction of nearly ti hours In the present time required In sending mail from San Bernardino to New Tork City will be made following the Inauguration of the air-mail plan under the carrier system In which the Western Air Express, from Los Angeles to Salt Lake, beginning April 1. will furnish the first lap In the cross-country airmail delivery. Because of the rapid mall train delivery between San Bernardino and Los Angeles, this city will re-celve almost equal benefits as compared to those of the terminal airmail points. It was stated by H. C.

Tense, superintendent of mails. The air-mail service will cut the time equally In both the east and westbound service. From San Bernardino to New Tork in 33 hours and 10 minutes is the proposed schedule and Is almost 68 hours less than the time now required. Fast mail train service to. New Tork from this city has taken four days and right hours, and between San Bernardino nnd Chicago, two days and 14 hours, according to Mr.

Fease. Th route choen by the Western Air Mall, one of the contract carriers In the link across the continent connecting with government lines in the middle west east, is almost Identical wih the Mormon trail and will follow th Union Pacific lines for much of the been. This was the reprimand handed down yesterday by Police Judge R. Bledsoe when the two young women were arraigned on a vagrancy charge. Having scolded the fair prison ers severely.

Judge Bledsoe ordered Up to 9 -50 In this price range of coats for large women are WEED CH ARMEENS, NOVELTY MIXTURES, SATINS and shown in colors of Tan, Gray, n. Rust. Navy. their release, warning them that if they are arrested again before six months have passed tliey will serve the buildin? on floors, eliminat ing all interior hallways. a 23-day sentence In jail.

A small basement will be built for Beautiful in their simplicity are these lovely coats for stout figures. There are expressions of the mode that will not fail to receive high praise from both their wearers and those with whom you may come in CLASSIFIED NEWS G3 K3 69 S3 K3 Kl K3 DO K) ca Cd Dfl CO ErQ E0 K3 KJ 03 Cd Dd Dd Dd Dd Dd Cd Dd Dd Dd Dd Cd Dd Cd Dd March "4. 192S Vol. 1, No. TTJI Black.

Touches of hand embroidery, a i i with Hare ettects, I straightlines and pleats I embellish them. We sug- 1 lm II contact. Tailoring details have been duly considered. These garments will serve their purpose abundantly. Here arc a few of the many hundreds of interesting and profitable offers appearing in today's Classified Section.

incinerator and heating plant. Each apartment will have automatic refrigeration and will he wired for radio and telephone. Wall lighting will be usei throughout. Walls will be soundproof. Floors will be of hardwood.

Casement windows, in cloisters of three, will be in each fipartment, overlooking both the Interior garden and the outside. Actual construction cost i estimated by Mr. Durbin to The remainder of the fnnnr) is furnished or unfurnished, according to the desires of tenants. "It Is my intention," said Mr. Durbin, "to give an Bernardino as fine an apartment house as is to be found in California.

There Is no question but that tt will be second to rone in Han Bernardino or. any neighboring city. There Is an opening for such a structure here, because San Bernardino needs a really fine building to provide living quarters for those who do not care to own their own hnnrr." gest your choosing now. Ida ski i fiw; Sturges Junior High Holds Play day Friday Annual playday will be held at the Sturees Junior High sehool on Friday, It is announced by Principal R. M.

Westovcr. It has been the custom heretofore to hold these exercises in connection with the May festival, but the change was mad for the purpose of creating more interest in each of the festivities. Athletic stunts and games will he in order on Friday at the junior high, under direction of the physical director and principal, the results of the year's work In these actlvi-ties being shown. Tarents of students are requested Fn SALE TVhl'e Holland Turkey guinea z5 snd Plymouth Kook cgas, for hatching. Corsets for Stouts Wc carry a very complete stock of splendid corsets for stout women, such as: Modart, (rnnt-lncod anil non-liicing Stylish stouts You thll no Trr.o Amorlcsn 1ady.

back-lacod riaydto Combination Brassiere Gowns for Stouts $140 to Gowns of muslin, crepe and batiste, hemstitched and lace trimmed. $1.49 to $4.25. Lonpr sleeved muslin gowns trimmed with pretty laces and embroidery, sizes 18-19-20, $1.25 to $2.25. Batiste (tep.lns, JI.S9. Cr'po J1.T9.

French Drawers of Batiste, Jl.fl. SALE OR TRADE Furn. and eae of C-rm, hotel. Kt loe. Big Income.

Consider clout-in Ineom property tint could rented while absent from city. San Bernardino-Del Rosa heme department of the farm bureau will meet today at 10 a. m. at the Del Uota school house. to attend the exercises if possible, 11 Want a House? See Class.

64. so that the improvements in pnys-'C'jI development may be noted. FCiR SALE tISOO first trust. 3 years. I pet quarterly, good peijrlty, north end resld'noc.

Practical Good-Looking Easter Hats TAINT and Taper tor. for tale, good bustr, making money, town 1 0.00" inhabitants, right plai-c for h'ist-It. or one who can contraet. S'll cheap, or trad for r-al estate. What have jou? "THE FAMOUS MEADOWBROOKS" $10 to $19.50 What could be more practical than to choose a new "MEADOWBROOK." They nrd liist.

such nrlplft snrli stvlps as anneal to nlumn women, for they arc sevcre- j(nn T'ETrSTT Cleva-iand, will take KM. household if REDUCED freight rates FOR SAIE r.oyal 1 peT rite', A-l rendition, fZi cash, a sacrifice. ly tailored affairs and modish in the extreme. As to color tones, showing White, tori sniiip rmbroidered and trimmed 14 1 4 VV Ul UWIIj -l VUOIy O.M ailU XVVJlj innv vai flowers. Do come in and see them.

NO. 1 PT.TT. On ASS AND LOVKIt Mljr4. S3e lb. I'rlvt h'tf, 100.001 vegetable and flower plants.

Easter 'Kerchiefs of Crepe de Chine 75c to $1.75 Each Dainty new and different styles in crepe de chine and sheer georgettes. Pretty hand-painted effects, as also embroidered and lace trimmed ones. FOR SALF Wicker extension tables and four chairs, writ-liiii dfk. davenport tabl, overstuffed davenport. PRINCESS SLIPS to Made purposely for the large women.

Come in Sateen in colors of Brown, Blue, Grey, Tan, also of Nainsook. ATHLETIC UNION SUITS $1.75. of high grade satin stripe batiste in sizes 18- BEKJNS POOL CAR SHIPPING PLAN SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY to havo affiliations in principal cities of United States and Canada. Our more than 30 years erpenence and oar thousands of satisfied customers are your BEST ASSURANCE OK SATISFACTION WITH BEKINS SERVICE. Local Agent HEAP HEAP TRANSFER 619 Court Street Phone 241-03 ATHENA KNIT UNION SUITS $1.50 AND $2.25.

Fine quality cut full size, low neck, sleeveless with band finish neck and arm-holes, tight or wide knee. Sizes 46-18-50. RAYON VESTS $1.25. Bodice top, self straps, reinforced under arms, size 46, pink only. GLOVE SILK BLOOMERS Heavy quality and with reinforced crotcli, Pink only.

up to 50. Women's Outsize 1 SALE JuRt finished E-rm. bungalow at IM9 Arrowhead. Tile bath, sink. Hardwood floors.

New colored kllchmi Hiid bath. Attractive breakfast nook. I'h 2 3 -5 ft. (all 4 7 L'Oth. J.

B. AlcxandT. Silk Hosiery A pure silk semi-fashioned hose with lisl heel, toe, and garter top. Come in Black, Brown, White, Biegc and Cream. An unusual value.

Full-fashioned heavy t.Uk hose at $2.15 pair. ATHLETIC UNION SUITS $1.50. Made of extra qualitV pajania check, built-up or camisole top. Tereemh', the are only a. rrv, vry f-w of the manv varied offers appearing In the Section today.

van 4 sto-rase 6g; Hollrwood Bmrlr Hllli Ton will enjoy reading lite ClacslR'-d ads and you enn profit as well by reading them. MOVIK fACKIN troif MMSMSMSMSMBHSMSMSMSMSSMSM I i UIA.1.

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