The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COimiER NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1950 Yo« ond Your Income Tox: Using Form 1040-A— Revenue Collector Does Wor/c For You Under Form 1040-A (Editor's- Note; This Is the *• eighth af « stories explaining i who mast do what and how about ( his 1949 income tax return.) By James MarJow WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. fAP> — This explains the u^e of Form 1010-A In making your-1949 income tax return. Just answer the questions on the form and send it to the internal revenue collector, Don't send any money with it. Kc'H figure your' tax for you. If he finds you owe any money, . he'll notify you. You have 30 days after he notifies you to pay i;p. If he finds you have a refund due because too much tax w?s withheld from you. He'll send it to you. Do yo have any doubts whether you can use 1 Form 1040-A? Tills U the rule for using it: Rule fur IOIO-A Your total income in 194!) must have been under $5.000 and all of it—except for no more thiin $100 untaxed income in wages .Interest or dividends—must have been in wages or salary from which full tax . was withheld during the year. If you dont' fit that rule, even though your income was less than $5.000, you can't use Form 1040-A. You can use the 1040 Short Form where you find your own tax in a table on the back. - If your income was $5,00fl or more, no matter what kind of income, you can't use either form 1040-A or the 1040 Short Form. You can use only the 1040 long form and figure your own tax. Example: You had $4.9!HKS9 total Income. All but 5100 of it had been in wages or salary from which full tax was withheld. That other $100 was in untaxed wages, interest or dividends. You can use Form 1040-A but— If that other untaxed income— in wag BE, dividends or interest—had amounted to $10i, even though full tax was withheld from the rest of your Income, you couldn't use Form 1040-A. But, so long as the total Income was less than $5,000. you could use the 1040 Short Form. And, even though your income was under $5,000, if any of it came from things like rents, or fes or farming, you couldn't ILSC Form 1040-A. You'd have to use the 1040 short form. " Since—in order to use Fjrm 1940- A you most have had all, or nearly all, the .tax withheld from you In 1M9—you-.should have receipts from your boss showing just how much tax he withheld and turiiedjovcr to the; government. -' j Receipt for Withdrawing Everyone who had taxes withheld 1 should have such a receipt from his boss. It's called Form W-2, a withholding statement. Some people will have more thjyi one such receipt because they worked for more than one boss during the year, In sending in your filled-out Form 1040-A, you must attach a copy of each form W-2 given you by your boss or bosses, On form 1040A watch the questions about your being blind or Co in 1049. Be sure you make the correct check mark. Every person filing a return gets a 5600 exemption. But if he was' blind in 19-59, he gets an extra $600 exemption, and if he was 65 in 1349, he gets still another $GOQ exemption. And each person filing a return— if his svifc files jointly with htm, or If sue had no Income—gels a JCOO exemption for her, plus another $000 if she was blind In 1949. plus another $GOO if .she wus (35 in 194Q. (You get only a $600 lOfemption for a dependent and no extra SGOO because the dependent was blind or Go in 1949.) Be sure, though, that you list every person you can justly claim as a dependent. A dependent is a close relative who received more than half his support from you in 1919 and income, if he had any, was less than 53CO. The rest of the problem of filling out Fonn 1040-A Is i s[mi)le. And be sure—if you're making a joint husband-wife return—that both 'of you sign it. For more detailed explanations of the problems of deductions, exemptions, and husband-wife filing on Form 1040-A, sec previous stories in this series. (Tomorrow using the l&IO Short Form) Quakers Object To H-Bomb Order WASHINGTON, Feb. (AP) — A spokesman for the Quakers told senators today thst President Truman's decision to make the hydrogen bomb was "unwise and immoral." . He said the decision should not have been made until there had been "an exhaustive effort to build atomic peace." The witness was Samuel R. Livering of the Friends (Quakers) Committee of National Legislation.' Levering told a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee the great majority of Americans believe the United States should "now launch a great moral crusade for peace through international control and reduction of national armaments, and through generous use of 'our economic resources to improve work! living standards." Five Rescued From Ice Floe SEBEWAING. Mich,, Feb. 21. (/I 1 ) —FJVO Le ftencrinen stranded overnight on a Sagina Bay ice floe told yesterday how they kept, warm by huddling together in an Igloo they built and pacing a huge circle scratched In the snow. The five-who suffered no apparent ill effects from 14 hours in 12 degree temperatures—were rescued Sunday by a .ski-equipped air plane, SaL'inaw Day i.s part of Lake Huron. Pilot Franklin Hoffmeister, 27, :nnde five trips to the mile-long. nOQ-yanl wide ice cake in order to take 'horn off. They had been flown to the floe Saturday, but a sudden snowstorm prevented their return. Those rescued were Andrew Draschil, 22; John Drnschil, 25; Paul Schweitzer, 25; Robert Eiscn- tii^r, ^fc, and Knrl KiiuHnger, 23. All arc from the Sebcwaing vicinity. 'Cora! Sea' Given New Commander WASHINGTON. Feb. 21. (AP) — Capt. Frederick M. Trapncli, who contends thjLt three Navy Banshee fighters could destroy an air force B-36 bomber, hns bern given command of the 45,OCO-ton aircraft, carrier Coral Sea. Trapnell's transfer from commander of the naval air test center on the Fatuxent River to commanding officer of the Coral Sea was disclcfied by the navy yesterday. The Coral Sea is the Midway class, the navy's largest. Some 7,000 plant disease cause enough damage to he considered economically important. CIO Union Plans Housing Project CHICAGO, Feb. 21. (AP) — The CIO United Packinghouse Workers union snys it will build and help finance 1,000 new homes for Chicago's low-middle income famines. Union President Ralph Helstein said the project will cost 510.000,000 and \vill include a shopping center. Plans for the development he added, are to purchase 105 acres of vacant land at 47th Street and Cicero Avenue on the southwest sirle. The development will be known as Landis village in memory of Kc-nsaw Mountain Landis, II. newspaper columnist who died lasi year. Helstein said 400 of the homes will be sold to union members and that on those the union may advance all or part of the down payment. The other homes Kill be offered to any suitable buyer. SAVE MONEY On This Price Slashing Tire & Tube SALE FARMERS-TRUCK OPERATORS- CAR OWNERS: Check These Prices • TIRES • Quantity Description 2 3.30 \ C \ 1 I'ly r.:\. 5 G.OO x 1C x -I I'ly En. 1 0.50 x 10 x J Ply E :I . 2 G.50 x IB x G n>- rca. 2 7.50 x 16 x G Ply K;i. 1 7.50 x 18 x G Ply Ka. Z 7.50 x 20 x 10 Ily i: : i. 1 10 x 21 x 1 Ply |.;a. 1 10 x 28 x i Ply '. i; a . 4 10 x 3S x t I'ly K :I . 2 10 x S3 v B I'ly \;.\. 1 11 x 3S x C Ply j;-i. 9 II \- 3S x « Ply i; a . 2 12 x 36 x G rly Ka. 2 12 \ 3B x 6 Ply Ka. 5 12 x 38 x 6 Ply Ka. 2 12 x 38 x « Ply Ka. I 13 x 21 x B Ply i; a , 1 13 x 30 x G Ply ]- a . Price 5.3G 12.31 15.11 1S.7G 10.87 20.18 4S.57 37.31 31.01 47.-I5 48.96 53.50 11.77 55.05 05.22 C9.G3 78.20 53.13 83/18 • TUBES • Quantity Description is 10 15 20 Trice .fit r.a. 1'a. l.^l .1:3.1.78 Ka. 2.20 15 .................. La. 1.70 17 .................. i-u. i.ns Ka. 2.7,7 Kii.5.l!2 Ka. 3.R5 400 500 COO 650-700 x G:O-CGO x 750 x 15 7?.0 x 20 SCO x 24 S!.V!)00 x 21 .................. Ka. 8.17 10 x 28 ....................... Kn. 4.05 10 x 38 ....................... Ka. S.'O 11 x 28 ....................... Ka. 7.00 11 x 36 ....................... Ka. 7.12 Prices Include All Tax- Nothing Else to Pay! I)<m'( miss (his opportunity to save yourself some money! Frankly, we just hoiiKlil loo niiiny tires & tubes and we've got to move ( oul they go! All are nationally famous brands. . .guaranteed fj nc quality. However, quantities arc limiti.'d as the list shows, so be sure to conic early! ••^"'l. 312 SOUTH 2™ ST. Supreme Court Splits But Upholds Federal Search Without Warrant PHONE863 '•AGGRESSOR" SENTRY— Silhouetted against tha sky, an "Aggressor" soldier is recognized by the odd-shaped, crested helmet antJ sometimes by the. foreign nrins which he carries He is the U.S. Army's own private enemy. WASHINGTON. Feb. 21. W) —i Splitting 5 U) 3, tile Supreme Court yesterday uphekt the right of feder- nl ojiiccrs to search a~d seize without a warrant so long as the action ts part of a lawd'l arrest. The major opinion by Justice Minion, newest member of the tribunal, described the search of a New York ^tninp dealer's office as "reasonable" nucl in line with past decisions. But Justice Frankfurter dissented sharply .inri aimed an indirect slap at both Minion and J'isticc Clark, molhr. comparative newcomer to thn bench. Declaring the decision runs coun- ; ter to the Foi-rlh Amendment to ! the Constitution, which forbids unreasonable search and seizure, Frankfurter wrote: "Especially ought tills court not to recnforcc the instabilities of our day, b.v giving fair prouiui for the . belief that law is the expression of i chance—for instance, of rnexpected chail£e.< in tl?p court's composition and the contingencies in the choice of successors " Specifically, the tribunal an- "foods to Remain n Louisiana Area FERRIDAY, La,, Feb. 21-H/1V™ lood waters in East-central Louisina won't start falling for four r .six weeks, it was predicted yes- erday. Until then, thousands of persons will be denied use of their omes. Backwaters from four rivers—the ^tchafalaya, Black, Mississippi and ic Red—continue to rise slowly as ie streams themselves near crest- lage. The Red Cross estimated about .800 persons are homeless in -the arishes (counties) o f Avoyelles, Catahoula and concordla. proved the search of Albert J. Rab- Inowltz's one-room stamp sales office In New Vork City, The officers made the search after arresting RabSnowllz on a warrant chargln him with selling four altered postage stamps. While the officers had n warrant for his nr- rcst. they did not have a search warrant. Rabinowlt?. objected but the officers went ahead. The government charged that Rnbinowitz was implicated in a scheme to defraud stamp collectors by ceiflng stamps on which "overprints" had been forged. Overprints are scarce and thus have an extra value. Rabinou-iU was convicted In federal district covrt on both charges. He was ^iven a year's imprisonment on the stamp sale charge and was fined S1.000 on the charge of possessing altered stamps. Later the U.S. Circuit Court in New York dismissed the possession charge, holding the search was unlawful under the Constitution's ban aeninst unreasonable searches and seizures. Brownout Dims 'Greet White Way' McMath Names Attorney : or Tax Commission LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 21. OF) — Governor McMath today appointed -tenry Multis. Dumas, attorney for ,he Arkansas Tax Commission. Mullis succeeds Lloyd Henry of Augusta, who resigned Saturday. The new official -is a graduate of NEW YORK, Feb. 21. yi»>—The coal strik- has taken the glitter out of New York's "great white way." The bright lights were off last night in the fourth postwar brownout. Statewide restriction on electric slKns—part of an emergency program to conserve dwindling coal supplies—went into effect yesterday noon. But not until nightfall were the dismal effects fully noticeable. Police officials said that a midnight check showed the brownout almost 100 per cent effective in limes Square and other parts of mid town Manhattan, Unofficial surveys showed compliance was spotty in various other parts of the city. Broadway crowds—who have had periince with strict climouts in wartime and brownouts during strikes in vital mdusi.ries—appeared little affected by the new restriction. Violators of the curb on strong lighting are subject to a year In Jail and 5500 fine. At the start, po- I i ce issu c d wa r n! ngs. Al'.hou^h the big sisns were turned off, there were plenty of street lamps, traffic signals, nuto hcaif- lights and beams of light from bus! ness pla» es and offices to make pe destrian and nuto traffic safe. the University of Arkansas l school, where he was a classmate of McMath. Official Denies 'Intrusion' Ideas COLOMBO, Ceylon, Feb. 21. (/i 1 ) — The United States intends to avoid intruding in domestic affairs of the Asiatic nations it aids in the spinning of Communism, Ambassadnr- at-Large Philip C. Jessup said yesterday. Jesstip told a news conference [.here is no basis for a suspicion t the United States aims at building up a military alliance or a bloc o western-dominated Asiatic states. "That was not the intention veiled or otherwise, of Americai interest In Asia," Jessup said. American aid, he said, will bi given at the request of government, which need and ask for It, where ever Communism's menace hinder national aspirations. Tiny glass cups used years ago t measure out a penny's worth of jell beans or small candies In the corne store have become prized Items ft collectors of handmade America glassware. J~pc. Dinette Duncan Phyfc Style in Plastic-Chrome REGULARLY 79.95 REDUCED TO 69 • "Mother-oF-Peart" plastic table lop • Long-wearing Duron-upholstered chairs • Chrome-plated tubular steel legs • Opens to seat six comfortably! All Ihe beauty — Hie year-ofter-ycar service of dinelte groups selling for DOl- LARS more elsewhere ... yours at on amazingly low February Sale price! Gleaming chron-.e-plaled tubular sleeT frame and legs . . . tough, supple "Duran H oll-ploslic upholstery rcsisls scuffs, tears or peeling—wipes clean at the touch of a domp cloth! lominaled plastic top in a distinctive Mother-of-Peart pattern is resistant to heal, stains and acids. Padded contour-shaped chair seats and backs . . . your choice of fashion-n'gM color combinations! Million Dollar roject Asked Jy McClellan WASHINGTON, Feb. 21. 1,000,000,000 public improvement rogrgtn for this country ha.s l>cen ecommcnded by Senator McCloMan D-Ark). The Arkansas senator, in a stnte- jont, .said that the national pro- ram 'of n-ate:- resources dovclop- \ei\t is being slowed to a walk by eclera! expenditures for nonc.ien- inl services and excessive foreign Id. McClellnn, president of the Na- ional Rivers and Harbor.s Congress, ailed for n $50.000,000,000 program or irrigation, flood control, navi- at ion and ether projects of the ivers and harbors programs. He said (he 1351 federal budget ontnias no new recommendations or rivers and harbors and "If tills wticy i.s continued for another two ears" there Ls a chance the entire jro;;raiii "will be at a standstill." McClcltan .said the federal gov- •niiient should work on the inulti- llion dollar program during next 5 to 20 years. 1C8 Sa*e!v Ffee Steamer COPENHAGEN. Denmark, Feb. 21. Flames swept a little Danish steam- hip in fog-covered Kattegat Strait •esterday. driving 'ICS passengers no lifeboats for snfcty. All the passengers—traveling from Oslo. Norway, to Copenhagen, board the 3,038-ton Kronprlns Olav—were picked up safely a short ime later by a Swedish-American iner which answered the burning essel's distress call. A spokesman for the Kronprins Olav said all passengers were taken aboard the Swedish-American liner Stockholm, but a few were injured n abandoning ship. Although the sea was calm, fog lan-.nered the rescue work. Its the personal rccipa of us Wilkens —and we've been making whiskey 60 85 PROOF. 70V. GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. THE WILKEN FAMILY CO.. LAWRENCEBURG. IHD. IF YOU WANT TOP PERFORMANCE AT AMAZINGLY LOW COST THRIFT MODEL • AUTOMATIC THESE CREAT FEATURES MAKE VJ'rtlRLPQOL TODAY'S OUTSTANDING VALUE! Here's top washer performance nt your fingertips . . . with features you'd expect to find only in higher priced washers. Put nn end to washday drudgery. Whirlpool washes your clothes cleaner, faster, brighter than ever before. BUY ON WARDS CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN! ^ * ComplstelyAufomotlc. 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