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The Victoria Daily Times from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada • 12

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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VICTORIA DAILY TIMES, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1921 12 SCIENCE CAN NOW END CORNS rj Ei a KStU COMFORT WILL BE KEYNOTE OF lIEW FLM tim i um i.e....:.., v. r. i.v." ill i .1 'r. i sssW 1. M- 1 ill I I-4S dfo'l I-V-AV iiLmiii Capitol to Open To-morrow; Standardized Paramount Programme Planned With the opening of the New Capitol Theatre to-morrow evening Victoria will have possession of a de luxe pattern 'of edifice for the projection of leading pictures, in film-dom.

There are many theatres built for this purpose, but in the great majority the comfort of the patron has been sacrificed to the desire of seat-ingsas many as may be crammed into the house, with the new Capitol it ia otherwiwe. The architect, J. M. Jeffray, A.R.I.B.A., with' the assistant architect O. Rider Morris, have built a theatre that will feature the comfort of the patrons first, last and all the time.

Systematic discomfort has been very clearly avoided in the new theatre, and the builders, The Paramount Victoria Theatres on behalf of the Famous Players Canadian Corporation, controlling the Capitol Theatres throughout Canada, have added yet another edifice to their chain that will reflect great credit on their foresight and efficient management. That the Capitol Theatre here is an asset to the city will not be doubted when once seen. It is a handsome structure, on the Italian Renaissance style, with an interior that lifts it from the average of motion picture houje, into what would correspond to th grand opera edifice on the- legitimate stag That the quality of the films to be displayed here is vouched for by the management of the Paramount Company, and the retention of John M. Robertson, who for eight years has made such a success of the Dominion Theatre across the street from the new edifice. Mr.

RoBertson will work in conjunction with Ralph Ruffner, manager of the Vancouver Capitol in securing the best that can be got in the market of filmdom. Blending of Arts. The programme to be Inaugurated in the houses of the Famous Players Canadian Corporation. will be called Capitol Entertainment in future the trade slogan of the big amusement company. According to X.

Nathanson, managing director of the Famous Players Canadian Corporation, Capitol Entertainment Is a synchronizing or blending of all -'MX a -Jipniflammmiinmafwaa in. sr try Jm HOW NATURE MIMICS TO PROTECT LIFE NOW SHOWN AT MUSEUM 1 r. I IIS a '11 I 5 si BUMMER M0NTH8 BRING ASTHMA AND HAY FEVER. AND THESE DISTRESSING DISEASES NEED EFFEO" TIVE TREATMENT. WHEN BURNED EMITS AN AGREE ABLE SMOKE.

THE INHALING Of WHICH PROMPTLY ALLAYS IRRITATION. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU OF IT8 MERITS. aapnnnnnri the arts that make perfect entertainment. Under his banaer the finest motion- "pictures, including the famous Paramount, pictures, will be shown together with the best musio obtainable and entertainment by high-class artists. "Capitol Entertainment is in keeping with the up ward trend of the motion picture business," said Mr.

Nathanson. I have seen this new form of divertlse- ment coming for a long time, but our company was not in a position to present this standardized form of amusement to the public until most of our new theatres were complete. With large houses now in successful operation from coast to coast, it is possible, to strike out with what consider the finest lineup of attrac tions that has ever been offered to the Canadian public. "We mean to make Capitol Entertainment a guide post to the best, cleanest and most worthwhile amusement. We have cone to big ex pense to contract for the greatest photoplays on the market and many in course of production.

We are es tablishing our own studios in Toronto in which we will build our own special entertainment acts and re hearse our artists for prologues to the pictures and for special numbers. These acts will open In To- ronto or Montreal and will be sent Intact over the circuit. By this ar rangement the patrons of our west ern theatres will see the same big ahows as those who attend our houses in the east. Senor Otto Mo rando, widely known producer and instructor of music and dramatic art; Madame Morando and (John Arthur, director of music for all of our the atres, will have charge of the To- ronto 'studios. We already have booked a number of artists of world-wide popularity for appearance over the circuit.

Nothing will be omitted from our programme that we think will please our audience, but anything that savors of unfitness will have no place in Capitol Enter tainment," concluded Mr. Nathanson. 'I FRANK WILLIAMSON Of Sooke, Noted Lepidoptera Collector to 5 p.m. daily and 1 p.m. to p.m.

Sunday afternoons until the end of October. an interesting speech from Mrs. Har rison. who accomoanled the Wlnnl peg ladies. She explained that her swimmers had found the water of the Gorge very cold after the Indoor swimming bath that they are used to swimming in; and she hoped that next On Face and Hands.

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KETTLE Woolrldsa. tiAi'ivm, i ii in ii jwl i ay! i a ttf 111 i WEDMESMY EVEMMG, SEPTEMBER --7'. Curtain at 8 o'clock 900 Seats for the dedicatory performance will be placed on sale at. the Capitol Box Office Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, First come, first served. Kot more than six (6) to one person.

Capitol Prices Are i Logos, 60c. eneral Admission, 40c. Children's tickets will be on sale regularly beginning 15c. 3 r. riiiiliiiKCTHHmiiiiim; isters.

With an increase in members of oa and a quarter nillions it is difficult to see how fewer preachers can do the work. The largest body is, of course, the Meihodist Episcopal Church with 4,393,988 member, and the Methodist Episcopal South is next with 2.254,752 members. Two colored churches, the A.M.E., and the A.M.E, Zion come next, while Canadian comes fifth with 395,653 members. Is worth noting, however, that Canada is third in the Sunday-school list, with 393,063 scholars and 40,56 officers and teachers. Christian Guardian.

GREAT MUSICIANS AND RELIGION. Most great musicians have a religious side to their lives. Look at 'Haydn; when the idea ceased to flow how fervently he prayed. Red Mozart's letters -and observe his devotion to religion. Handel says that when he wrote "he was despised and rejected" he shed tears, and when he.

wrote the "Hallelujah Chorus" he thought he saw the heavens open and angels standlnsr around the throne of God. Think of gjod -s been done Jty the Mendelssohn' pure soul i lo refiecleil in his Thina of th3 aster Beett jceti, hu fcluiu.i;li he I I 8 1 CH DAVi 3 liiiiiiwi'iiiritViiiii A I UU time they came to Victoria that they will be here about two weeks before to get used to the water. She explained that all the swimmers had been very successful both In Winnipeg and Montreal and that even though they were not taking the titles back with them they had all very much enjoyed their trip to Victoria. Other speeches followed by Mr. V.

J. Dunn, secretary of the B. C. C. A.

S. and Mr. A. T. Weight, president of the Elks Swimming Club, at whose quarters the gala was held.


Burrill N. Shaw, who have been residents of Victoria, the last two years, are to-day quietly celebrating their fiftieth anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw are especially fortunate the heads of an unbroken family of eight children, four sons and four daughters, and four grandchildren.

Three of their children are in New Brunswick, one in Pasadena and four in Victoria- Both Mr. and Mrs. Bhaw I 9 Announcing -Of the "trekked" from tke State of New York to New Brunswick in 1759 and can claim Canadian citizenship without any likelihood of a dispute. Mrs. Shaw (nee Nevers) Is of French Huguenot stock which first settled in the American colonies and came as LoyaiiBts to Canada in 1785.

CANADIAN METHODISM MEMBERSHIP OF 400,000 PERSONS The statistics tor Methodism upon this continent have been completed for presentation to the Ecumenical Conference they show fairly satisfactory gain during the decade. These statistics cover both Canada and the United Stales and they embrace seventeen distinct branches of Methodists. The total number of ministers is 48,405, a decrease of 209. The membership is 8,664,827, an in-cre ase of 1,256,091. We have 1,256 churches, an Increase since 1911 of 3,812.

Sunday schools number 71.055, an Increase of while Sunday-school officers and teachers number 678.S51, an increase of 65.70o, and Snndav-school scholars number an Increase of 1.289.036. The peculiar item, is the decrease in min I Frank Williamson, noted student of lepidoptera, who has collected remarkable speciments from India, Australia, Ceylon, South America, Africa, Japan, Europe and other parts of the world, has lent his collection to the Provincial Museum. The collection, while on exhibition, is in charge of Frank Kermode, curator of the museum. "There has never been anything like this collection in this country," said Mr. Kermode to-day.

Mr. Williamson is now living at Sooke. Scientists who have examined the collection declare that the examples of protective mimicry in Mr. Williamson's collection should be studied by all persons interested in the way nature goes about protecting forms of life. In the collection is the dead-fly butterfly from India, which folds up with the shape, size and color of a dead leaf.

Even the veins of the leaf are imitated. Other butterflys are shown fmitat- ing the brilliancy of the flowers among whit they live. Some of the striking specimens come from Thibet Mr. Williamson has been studying the lepidoptera of the world for years, specializing on the similarity of species and geographic range. There, are 196 specimens in the collection.

They are mounted in Riker mounts and fill two cases on the becond floor. Although the Provincial Museum is for exhibition of flora and fauna of British Columbia, the Hon. J. D. Mac Lean, Provincial Secretary, welcomed this collection when the loan of it wus offered, Mr.

Kermode explained. "The collection is well worth seeing and should not be missed by anybody," Mr. Kermode went on. The museum is open from 9 SOCIAL EVENT FOLLOWS GALA Visiting Swimmers Found the Gorge Water Cold The dance hall at the Gorge Bridge was crowded with swimming enthusi asts on Saturday night, following the i Canadian championship gala which had been held in the afternoon. The visiting swimmers from Win nipeg and Vancouver were the guests of honor.

Professor Heaton's orchestra was in attendance and a snappy dance programme was arranged. The prizes which had been won at the gala were to the winners by Mayor Porter. George Warren, president of the B. C. section of the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association, thanked the committees who had worked for the success of the gala and introduced the Mayor.

His Worship, In giving the prizes, especially congratulated Miss Kathleen Wellburn and Miss Audry Griffin in bringing the two Dominion titles to Victoria, and expressed his pleasure in the success of the gala. His witty, remarks in presenting the prizes were much enjoyed and rounds of applause greeted every prize winner, fc'ouvenlr diplomas were given to all the competitors in the Dominion championship events, those receiving them including Mrs. Taunton, Miss R. Grlmnhaw, Miss II. Kest)-ler of Wlnnipeg.fand Miss Lyons and Miss Broadfoot of Vancouver.

The prize-giving was followed by r. not so ifien of -relist-ii liKov :4 tuekel ly. ward, to' de ah A'ica and 1 pe, wishing '3 mieht breath i it- lust FrWfty in the hope I' at' he wo'! I no. I. "i tV ia 'ii the day of fli re tir rction! can be.

sublime thari to nearer God than ether nd to diffuse here on mrth those godlike rays a motiif 'mortals, but what is ttint compared ilia er.niet ofall masters of harnunv ubove A great Italian In his sdvice to young musicians says: "The art you cultivate is holy and you must 'render your lives holy if you would be Its priests. Music Is the harmonious voice of creation, an echo of the invisible world, one note of the diving concord which the entire universe is some day to sound. Mav Cod speed the day when the nations of the world will speak this universal language, when man shall rt-dllsre that in the mind of God the various kinds of beauty, intellectual, moral and spiritual, must be are in very good health and appear quite as young as couple of middle age. While on this occasion they are not surrounded by their numerous friends, and are far from their intimates of a lifetime, yet considering themselves privileged to have at least four of their children with them on this occasion, they are quite cheerful and Mr. Shaw.

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