The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1950
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUAKY 21, 1050 BLYTHEVTI.LK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Democrats Caucus for Unity After GOP 'Business Victory' WASHINGTON. Feb 21—<fl>j_, Out-foxed by the Republicans on' one political Issue, Senate Democratic leaders tried to rally .their forces today behind an administration legislative program. Senator Lucas of Illinois, the party leader, called Democrats into a caucas (10 a.m. EST) after the Republicans came out on top In jflwt of political maneuvering ye.s- '^fftlny over establishment of a small business committee, With the help of 25 Democrats 30 Republicans pushed through a resolution by Senator Wherry of Nebraska, the GOP floor leader, to set up a special committee of \'A to handle small business problems, • Wherry and the GOP thus became the temporary champions of the small business men. Previously the Senate had voted down, 51 to 31, a similar proposal by Senator Murray 'D-Mont). The result, came because about a score of southern Demucrals stuck by Chairman Maybank <D- SC) of the Senate Banking Committee, who contended that his group should continue to handle small business mntUers. The Republicans joined with the southern Democrats to kill the Murray proposal. Lucas told reporters In advance of today's Democratic caucus that he wants to get early attior a House-approved bill tti increase the number ol displaced Europeans who could be admitted to this country. By agreement, the Senate .will vote at 4 p.m., ,EST, today on bill affecting the division of Colorado River water between Arizona and California. -Lucas then intends to bring back jk)re the Senate a measure in- JRsKsing cotton acreage allotments for this ycnr. "Attached to this is an amendment removing government price supports from potatoes until effective marketing controls can be pu in operation. Lucas proposed this brrause of the huge potato surplus. \Yherry said this measure woulc be disctisser! at a meeting of thi Senate Republican Policy Commit tee. The Republicans also were primni to inlk about moves to bring up a fair employment practices bill o some other civil righLs measure Wherry said. Lucas saici he hopes to get Sen fife action on the FEPC bill earlj next month. Police Report Crys In Yugoslav Zone TRIESTE, Free Territory, Feb. 2 —(>Pj—Trieste police said yesterday they ht'nrd grenade and machine gnu fire for more than an hour ant repeated cries or "help " comini from the Yugoslav zone Sunday *jfce said'they.-believed a 'Yuro SV*TV patrol ; hnd surprised a 'group of refugees trying to flee across th border into the American-British zone. Official Replaces Writer In Lecture Series The nenn of a Pennsylvania col- eee Is to speak nt the Mississippi County Library ill Osceola at a ). m. tomorrow, us the second in a erics of lectures on international •xffairs being sponsored by the Osce>la notary Club. The dean, a Mr. Miller, will be Hitch-hitting for Salmon Risk, loc- urcr and writrr. who cancelled his ippparance ycstcrdny because of llllCSS. Retired Army General Bunncr •'eller, psychological,warfare export, s to speak on March 14, and Ijouis J. Albert, historian and writer, will spi'ak April 4, to conclude the series. The speakers appear at the high school in the afternoon, and then speak at open meetings "1 night. Llfjyd Godlcy, president of the (otary Club, will introduce tin- speaker tomorrow night. RUINED BRUIN—The only one left to get a traffic ticket after this truck crashed a safety island in Chicago was a -100-pound, bear' chained inside tile vehicle. Patrolman Claude Connelly wos unable to find the truck's owner, so Bruin wenl to Ibc pound. Tribunal Rules on Missco Land Suits LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 21. (il'i— Tlicv Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday upheld Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro in one South Missis-. sippl County land equity case and reversed bis decision In another. Chancellor Cherry was upheld in his ruling that F. Johns was owner of a strip of land in Luxora approximately 18 inches wide and 200 feet long against the claim of J. R. Gathings. The chancellor also issued an injunction forbidding Gathings to trespass. The court, however, ruled that Chancellor Cherry erred in settling ownership of a disputed 3.4-focT strip of real estate in Osecola. The chancellor awarded the disputed strip to Sam Gattuso and others, but the supreme court said the preponderance of evidence showed Ihe .properly actually belonged to A. P. Barhani. Mcrdi Gras Near Climax in Mobile MOBILE. .Ma.. Feb. 21. M', Wo bile's Mardi Gras spirit burned it brightest and loudest today, bu the unbridled revelry sputters ou at midnight when Lent begins. The Order of Myths winds up tin parading tonight with a scries o fioast depicting the exotic mysti cism of the Far East in the "StrailBC Tales or Scheherazade." Madcap King Felix. Mobile's inon irch of merriment, and his cour jaraded through confetti-carpctec streets to receive the acclaim o thousands. Later h» joined his queen Jretty debutante Adele Ilorst ii front of the fashionable Athcl'stai Rumors Say Farley May Be-Candidate NEW; YpRK,'>eb. 21—W>—The New York Times -saici ye-sterday a "distinct and sizeable" movement is developing to have James A. Farley Can You Keep a Secret FROM YOURSELF? There isn't much you don't know about yourself. Yet, one of the most dangerous of all secrets is the one you keep.for yourself. Early tuberculosis usually has no symptoms of any kind. One out of every two adults in the U. S. is estimated to have tubercle bacilli in his system ... which might lead to active disease. Even if your health seems good, you are not safe from active TB. A chest X-ray, at least once a year, is the best way to play safe. Check Your Chest! Get an X-Ray run for governor of New York on the Democratic licket next fall. The Times also reports -a grouin feeling, among Republicans tha Gov. Thomas E. Dowcy again wi allow himself to be nominated by the Republicans for reelection, ' PAGE THREE Churchill Labels Atomic Talks Top Election Issue Mother of Three Has Baby Unassisted LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21. M«i—A woman trailed by three children tl four to seven walked fntn a 'Cc stntlon yesterdny. deposited a tiAs - e!-\vrnpped infant on the t;er- e<->nt's desk and said: "I've Jus rracl n bully." ' Mrs. Mnrv Alice Durnnt, 28. gave uirlli unassisted to l)!c child in her apfrtinent, then wnikcri two blocks tn the stalfoi! Prom tlicrp. an nin- bulniite took her to General Hospital. Atteiulnnts sairt both nre doing wall, although the baby at first wa in critical condition. Young Goliath Stops Attempted Hold-Up EAST CHICAGO, I lid. - (rt'i David Olah. n skinny kid of 13 looked like easy pickings. As crossed a dark alley a deep voice commanded: "Come here or I'll cul you into little pieces," "I'll give yon tlic money I have misler." David said meekly. .But as David got within range he lashed out—and hard—with right uncl let hand punches. The tough guy go aray from there fast— unssinly re- cnllins the fate that befell Cioliatl: Club. There will be a public masked bill: and other goings-on tonight unli the stroke of midnight, proclaim;, the solemnity of Lent. FIND CURB FOR MISERY DUE TO ASTHMA ATTACKS. RUSHED HEREI N«w ho])e for relief [rom us TEins is ECtii tJjday in reports of R riaHintiye formula which nc!j to relieve BUtlerctl with dread coUEhiny. chokinK, relief after ustna it. FROMETIN coals 13. hul consiilcrEnR result, this is not cxitfnsive. pen ected. 1 PROMETIN Wootls nrur; Store— UlylhcTille— Ma Orrlerj Killed. By William X. Galls LONDON, Feb. 21. (/]>>—Conserva-! Ive Leader Winston Churchill laims his call for hlyh-level talks •ith Russia on atomic control has >ssomcd into the outstanding ampaign Issue in [lie British elec- ions Thursday. Hut Prime Minister Clement All-. fe continues to base his Labor 'ally's appeal for re-election on lomestlc policy. lie Is standing on ils record and nsklng Ihe penplc or a new term to 'get you along the of the road" to recovery. Atllne mentioned briefly, however, lis own party's International policy is "trying to build up not only In his country but In the world the :incl of conditions that make for jcace " AJsu Vole on World Issues Scorning the views of his Labor 'arty opponents that the subject nl Wg power talks to end the cold var should not be niiscd at clee- ion time, the 75-year-old Churchill «i<l yesterday in Manchester that .he working classes should Ixj called .ninn lo vote on this as well ns ioji-estic issues. l!c said Ins original appeal last week at Eriinbvigh for an ntlcinpt it reiichlng lasting East-West set- lenient had "not- only, dominated :he election In Great Britain" but also Imd "rolled around the world 'ind may have created a new situation which, whatever happens. can- Hot make things worse and may possibly bring us nearer to our heart's desire." Attlec and Ills leading assoelales have not rejected outright the idea of -such talks but have contended generally that the attempts lo deal with IlL'ssJa should continue through the United Nations. Twice since the Edinburgh campaign speech, Churchill lias repeat- ed his plea and roared back nt labor charges (hat It Is Just a political stunt and "soap box diplomacy." Attlec, 1 In bringing his campaign to Us climax, has since sidestepped the Issue (o concentrate almost ex- cliisively on domestie matters. It Is obvious that the Tories have found nut u, c |,] B jiitcrnational issue with Us atomic threat to world peace 1ms Mrnck home In the hearts of many Britons. Src-ks Housewives' Vole Even so, however, tliev continue also lo aim campaign nrCmnents at Ihe heavily-taxed and ration- weary housewife, who may well be the deciding factor In the election. llol.h Churchill and Attloo have turned (o heavy wooing of those voters who haven't yet made up •ir minds. Both appear lo feel that everything | lils U(?on done In the campaign lo tighten well-dc- finecl lines around their solid supporters. Holh of their parties" have predicted the race will he ncck- rmd-nrclt. with the lame fringe of nndecldrd voters possibly turning the tide. They boll) will speak again later toiiny in (iielr own constituencies which are only a few miles apart in London's northern outskirts. U.S. Girls Challenge English Winner Of 515-Year-Old 'Race of Pancakes' Cost of operating a television receiver Is estimated to run two firths of a cent per clock hour where. the rnte for electric current Is two cents per kilowatt hour. By Akin J. Slelnttopf OLNKY. England, Pcb, 21. M*/ — Florence Callow, 18-year-old girl, of Olney became the champion pancake racer of England today. Hhe set up a fast time for the girls of Liberal, Kansas, who will try to beat her this afternoon. lllue-cyed. athletic, Miss Catlow, carrying a skillet in which she tossed a griddle cake with great dexterity, covered the 115-yard distance between the Bull Tavern and Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church In one minute, 10 and two-fifths seconds. She led two dozen competitors straggling in her wake. The race, ancient feature of Shrove Tuesday observances In England, was first run here 515 years ago. There have ten lapses, but modern Mines the women nnil girls of Olney revived the old custom. "It's an ancient tradition here" snid tile Rev. K. w. Collins, vicar of the chureh. "Now we are delighted to hear that It lias become n brand new tradition In faraway Liberal, Kansas." The rare took on an International aspect when the vicar received a chaUeiiRe from Liberal. He snapped II up, said lie would stake his fleet fooled Enullsh girls up against Liberal. Kansas, any old Shrove Tuesday. So there Was eareful timing with slop watches here ami Liberal Is challenged lo beat Mi?s Callow's time achievement later today. The vicar said he expects a trans- Atlantlc telephone call about 1 p.m. CST and that he awaits the results with utmost, confidence. > It was a bin day In Liberal, Kansas, where schools and many business liotise.'i closed for the daylong pancake festivities climaxed by the race.' Thirty women already have entered for the race, with a few more expected before the start at 11:55 a.m. CST. Kansas Governor Frank Carlson Is going to kiss the winner. Slacks or shorts are taboo for the contestants. Lumber Company Rebuilt HOPE, Ark., Feb. 21. (AP>—The Graydon Anthony Lumber Company plant, destroyed by fire last December, has been rebuilt at. a cost of between $100,000 and $125,000. Owner Graydon Anthony said production will start next week. "The mill employes 120 persons. Treat your COUGH INSIDE-OUT! 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