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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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a a a VICTORIA DAILY TIMES. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 19, 1924 5 Personal driving licenses, to be issued for the first time in B.C. in new year, are now being made to the order of the Provincial Motor License office and will be ready for issuance shortly. The licenses will cost a dollar and must be applied for in person.

The co-operation motorists is sought by the department to avoid the delay in securing license plates due to a last-minute rush of owners. Motor license plates for 1925 are now ready for issuance, though they may not be placed on cars until January 1. Applicants are asked secure their 1925 number plates now, so as to avoid congestion and delay at the beginning of the new year. Motorists are reminded that the engine number is a necessary item of information that must be given to secure number plates. MOTORISTS URGED TO SECURE MOTOR LICENSE PLATES Driving Licenses to be Issued Shortly, But 1925 Plates Now Ready IRISH LEAGUE SOCIETY MAKES TREATY PROTEST Free State Citizens Want the Anglo- Irish Pact Given Registration Dublin, Dec.

Irish League of Nations Society has sent to the Secretary: Federation General of of League the Internations Societies a protest against the British note objecting to registration with the League of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. The protest declares the British move detracts from the position of the League and Ireland's membership in it. It asserts that failure to register the treaty would have been virtually a repudiation by the Free State of the League conven- ant. NOTES EXCHANGED There has also been an interchange of communications between the League and Free State Government on the subject. Desmond Fitzgerald, Free State Foreign Minister, replying to a question in the Dail today, said the Free State Government had received a communication from the secretariat of the League of Nations Tuesday referring to the British note with regard to Article 18 of the covenant and stating the British view.

The Free State Governhad replied that its opinion differed from the British, and it has so informed the Government in London. The question was the interpretation of. Article 18, providing for the registration of international treaties, and Mr. Fitzgerald said he had no doubt the Free State's opinion was do accurate but that the League of Nations as a whole was alone qualified to make a decision. PRIZES AWARDED IN MAP CONTEST The Canadian Puget Sound Lumber Company this morning announced the winners of its map drawing competition for students at school in Victoria, the results of which are as follows: STUDENTS OVER TWELVE YEARS First prize--Ernest Harris, 3027 Fifth Street.

Second prize -Donald James Maclaurin, 1632 Belmont Avenue. STUDENT UNDER TWELVE YEARS First prize- -Kathleen Swayne, 645 Battery Street. Second prize- Andy Reid, 1053 St. David Street. OTHER PRIZES Eleven other prizes were awarded: Jock McKie, 331 Phoenix Place; Alec Maclaurin, 1632 Belmont Catherine Roberts, 1119 Johnson Street; Robert Armstrong, 1738 Ross Street: Minnie Dove, 1054 Pandora Avenue; Albert Wilson, 1224 Johnson Street; Victor Cooley, 419 Quebec Street; Ronald Hothama, 1026 Pemberton Road; Charles Bell, 908 King's Road; Synnore McLaren, 1112 McKenzie Street; Gwenyth Forbes, 362 Sunset Avenue.

Toronto Appeal in Teapot Dome Case Toronto, Dec. Notice appeal from the recent decision of Mr. Justice Riddell with regard to the appearance of H. S. Osler, K.C., to give evidence in connection with the Teapot Dome case has been served upon a local legal firm acting as solicitors for the United States Government.

The judgment directed Mr. Osler and others to attend for examination in connection with the action by the United States Government against the Mammoth Oil Company and the Sinclair oil interests. The order was made on motion to commit Mr. Osler for alleged contempt in failing to answer certain questions on a previous appearance before the commissioners. McCOY DENIES MURDER Los Angeles, Dec.

McCoy, ex-pugilist, on trial here for the murder of Mrs. Theresa Mors last August, took the witness to-day in his own behalf and denied brokenly that he had killeed declaring he had loved her, and dramatically gave his version of her death. He said it was City Temple -The business Ladies' Club and Ladies' Aid of the City Temple will hold a sale of work at 1417 Douglas Street Monday, December 22. There will be stalls for fancy work, aprons, plain sewing, candy and novelties. Tea will be served during the afternoon.

Anyone wishing to make donations may leave same at store any time Saturday afternoon or early Monday. ESTABLISHED 1885 Christmas Gifts Boots and Skates at Closing-out Prices Slippers of All Kinds GIVE SHOE SCRIP Ladies' Hosiery Boys' New Crepe Sole Boots and Oxfords MAYNARD'S SHOE STORE 649 Yates Street Phone 1232 WHERE MOST PEOPLE TRADE Give Cutlery From Brown's Quitting Sale Large variety of high grade Pocket Knives, Table Cutlery, Carvers, Scissors, all greatly reduced in price. Pocket Knives, including IXL, Table Forks, regular per half doz. Ellens, Fenton's, Baker's and $7.50 for other reputable brands. Tea Spoons, regular half doz.

Regular 50c for $3.75 for ..82.85 Regular 65c for Dessert Spoons, regular half doz. Regular $1.50 for $6.75 for Regular $1.75 for Table Spoons, regular! half doz. Regular $3.00 for $2.15 $5.85 Stag Handle Carving Sets, regu- Community Par Platelar $3.00 for Tea Spoons, regular half doz. White Handle Carving Sets, $2.25 for regular $3.50 for Soup Spoons, regular Fenton's Stainless Knives, regu- $4.00 for lar half doz. $5.75 for $4.25 Butter Spreaders, regular half Fancy Box Butler's Stainless doz.

$3.00 for $1.95 Knives, half doz. dessert, half Table Knives, regular half doz. doz. table, regular $27.00 for $5.25 for $15.00 Olive Spoon, reg. $2.00 for $1.75 Stainless Nickel Forks, half Baby Spoon, reg.

65c reg. $2.90 for English Knife, Fork and Spoon Stainless Nickel Tea Spoons, half for children, reg. $1.00 for 870 doz. $1.75 for. $1.05 Rogers' 1847 Pickle Fork, reg.

Stainless Nickel Dessert Spoons, $1.50 for Sheffield Steel Knives with white half doz. $2.65 for $2.10 handles, $4.50 for reg. Stainless Nickel Table Spoons, Nut Cracks and Picks, regular regular half doz. $3.00 for $2.40 75c for Rogers' 1847 Silverware- Bread Saws, regular 50c for Dessert Forks, regular per half Nail Scissors, Razors, Hair Clipdoz. $6.75 for $5.25 pers, all reduced.

R. A. BROWN Co. Hardware, Crockery, Paint Douglas and Johnson SWEATERS A Slipover or Cardigan will meet with his or her approval as a gift The Real Scotch Sports Wear GORDON ELLIS LTD. Men's 1106 Furnishings Douglas and Street Sports Wear.

WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR Sash, Door and Millwork Quality guaranteed. LEIGH'S MILLS, LTD. Phone 397 302 David St. THIS CHESTERFIELD $98.50 Our own make, fully guaranteed. Chairs to match $42.50 each.

Terms arranged without interest. STANDARD FURNITURE 711 Yates Street PRODUCERS ROCK GRAVEL Ltd. Sand and Gravel for all purposes, graded and washed with fresh water Largest Capacity, in Canada 1902 Store St. Phone 305 Quitting Sale My Entire Stock of JEWELRY At Cost Price and Less WRIST WATCHES 18k. goid, regular price $60.00, for $40.00 14k.

gold, regular price $40.00, for Gold Filled, regular price $15.00, for $9.00 E. ANDERNACH 1306 Government Street (Opposite Columbia Theatre) NEWS IN BRIEF Bids will be received up to January 12 for the issue of extension securities for the city of Victoria, to take care of an issue of $275,000 maturing at that time. Formal notice is gazetted of the appointment of Joseph A. Pearce, of this city, as assistant astronomer at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory here. A military 500 and dance under the auspices of the Cedar Hill Lawn Bowling Club will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the Conservative rooms, Campbell Building.

Miss Lawson, of the Friendly Help Association, wishes to thank the anonymous donor for a generous gift of $50 delivered through the mail this morning at the headquarters, Market Building. It is very doubtful at present time if the east wing of the Jubilee Hospital will be for opening in the middle of January, as was anticipated last month. The occasion is the difficulty in securing certain fittings and furniture which had been expected to be delivered earlier. The number of unemployed registrations at the City Hall is 625, not 734, as reported to Premier Oliver according to the statements at demonstration in the House on Wednesday afternoon. Of these men seventy-nine have been employed at some time or other by the city, and thirty-six are actually so employed.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sargent left on the afternoon boat to-day for Seattle, where they intend to spend the weekend.

There they expect to meet their son Hartley, who is on his way home for the Christmas holidays. Mr. Hartley Sargent is now in his second year as principal of the superior school at Waldo, East Kootenay, Hunters organizing a search for the coyote, "Fifi," marauding in Saanich, were disappointed this n.orning by the absence of snow. With the aid of dogs it is hoped to track animal that has taken a heavy toll of sheep in the Uplands and neighboring districts. Snow would make the work of the hunters easier, "Fifi" cscaped from a showman's cage at the Willows during the Fall Fair.

What the establishment of the moving picture industry means to city was explained by Dr. John T. Thompson Hollywood to an audience that attended a private showing of the film at the Chamber of Commerce auditorium last night. Dr. Thompson has made a proposal which calls for the subscribing of $10,000 worth of stock to start the industry in Victoria.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce and one or two representatives of the City Council were present at last night's meeting. Local members of the Canadian Historical Association, whose president, Lawrence J. Burpee, of Ottawa, was a visitor here this Summer, have just received the copy of the annual report. It contains some very interesting articles in English and French in connection with Canadian history, some quaint pictures of Montreal 100 years ago. Dr.

Harlan I. Smith, who has been engaged in spework in the Bella Coola district for several Summers, contributes an article on "The End of Alexander Mackenzie's Trip to the Pacific." The newly- -organized Esquimalt Municipal Voters' Association held its first social gathering on Wednesday, in the form of Christmas tree and entertainment for the kiddies in the afternoon, closing with a dance for the grown-ups in the evening. Three hundred kiddies of the district were the guests of the association in the afternoon, receiving gifts from Claus as well as a sit-down supper. Dancing in the evening continued from 8 o'clock until midnight to the strains of Thorpe's orchestra. Both events were staged in the Rex Theatre.

Lieut. -Colonel L. M. Cosgrave, Trade Commissioner to China, has conferred with many of the manufacturers of British Columbia and importers interested in Oriental markets during his stay in Victoria. Arrangements were being made for the commissioner to address a meeting of those interested in the Oriental market, in addition "to the Chamber of Commerce directors' meeting, where his time was limited.

but the holiday season made it impossible to carry out the plan. The colonel will leave for the Orient tomorrow. Wiring permits have been issued as follows: 1114 Government Street, alterations: 831 Yates Street, additions; 610 View Street, sign; Gladstone Avenue, electric range; 1315 Stanley Avenue, additions; 819 Broughton Street, additions: 717 Johnson Street, repairs; 1449 Denman Street, new wiring; 1514 Gladstone Avenue, electric range; 1050 Douglas Street, temporary decorations; 622 Street, temporary light additions: 1328 Government Street, temporary light additions; 1909 Cook Street, additions: 646 Fort Street, repairs; and 630 Fort Street, temporary light additions. Owing to the difficulty of portation no more bales of clothing will be sent to the Save the Children Fund. Arrangements have been made and subscriptions received whereby the warm clothing already received can be sent forward direct Winning Approval The smoothness and satisfaction with which a funeral is conducted reflects upon the skill and sympathetic understanding of the funeral director.

He is constantly striving to win approval. We are proud that every funeral conducted by us adds to the immeasurable good-will and prestige that we now enjoy. Thomson Funeral Home 1625 Quadra Street Phone 498 Night or Day Commander Brabant Will Take Charge of Esquimalt Dockyard Ottawa, Dec. 19, Commander Massey Golden of the British Admiralty is expected in Canada shortly to ta up the position of senior naval officer at Halifax. succeeds Commander Brabant, R.N., transferred to Esquimalt.

Commander C. T. Beard, who has been in charge of the Esquimalt naval base for the last two years, is expected to get his transfer in February. It is quite probable that he will be civen a post in England. HOUSE UNANIMOUSLY DEMANDS OLD- -AGE PENSIONS IN CANADA The Legislature went on record unanimously last night as favoring a Federal scheme of old- -age pensions.

Hon. William Sloan's resolution on the question carried opposition after Thomas Labor, Fernie, without. had strongly supported it, He pointed out that many countries had old- -age legislation, while in different parts of the United States the plan was followed. The Fernie member asked the Minister to seek the aid of other provinces of Canada in pressing Ottawa to establish old-age pensions. to headquarters in England.

The committee wish to thank the generous donors who have responded so promptly to this appeal, and would urge that all contributions for the future be made in cash. The need is still urgent, and money will be received- by Mrs. Schofield or the Synod Office, Memorial Hall. It is expected that Miss Knight, Canadian secretary for the fund, who spent the Summer in Greece and knows the conditions, will be in Victoria tovards the end of January. NOVELTIES AT VIEW STREET STORE Charming and Unusual Gifts From Paris and East at Macey-Abell's Since the well-known firm of Macey-Abell, Limited, enlarged its premises on View Street, it has become known as the centre at which may be found the latest expressions of the art of makers of novelties, writing accessories and bric-a-brac.

And the term "art" is not misapplied, for anyone seeing the charming examples produced by the manufacturers of these wares cannot fail to appreciate that an artist had a hand' in their creation. With the Christmas season here, the firm had made special efforts to cater to the demand for something different, and has succeeded in securing some of the very latest novelties made by New York and other Eastern firms, as well as a number direct from Paris, many of which are exclusive to this store in Victoria. What could make a more charming gift than the novel bridge and mah jong favors, markers and pencils. For the bridge hostess there is a clever and amusing series of "booby" prizes, which would make the winner envied by all the other players. Favors and tally cards are unusually attractive, some taking the form of bouquets from which ladies gentlemen draw dainty flowers, while another is in shape of a miniature puppet show, the hidden puppets forming the tallies.

of a different nature but equally desirous as gifts are the pictures to suit all tastes, from the charming little colored engraving to the water color or oils sketch, colored print or French aquatint, all at prices onethird to one- less than usual. Then there a bewildering array of china and porcelain novelties, swing photo frames, always SO useful, to say nothing of a wonderful collection of every variety of Christmas decoration. A delightful gift to a family would be decorations and favors for the Christmas table, complete to caps and horns. For the business man's gift, there are splendid office or library accessories in the way of desk sets, including blotters, writing utensils and inkstands, and some most atractive and useful smokers' stands, either in brass or wood. Of Christmas cards and calendars, of course, the firm has a huge stock, varying from gay to sentimental, and to suit all purses.

But a personal visit to the store will more than repay the harassed brother or father, sweetheart or wife who is looking a novel gift at a reasonable price. OBITUARY The death took place yesterday at 1810 Government Street of Dong Jock, forty-five years, and a resident of age this city for the past fifteen years. The funeral will take place on Sunday. December 20, at 2 o'clock, from the Sands Funera 1 Chapel. The usual Chinese rites will be carried out and interment will be made in the Chinese Cemetery.

There passed away at an early hour this morning Mrs. Elizabeth Ward, beloved wife of Mr. Jesse Ward, 1520 Amelia Street. She was fifty-nine years of age and was born in Huddersteld, Yorkshire, England, and had been a resident of this city for the past thirty years. She leaves to mourn her loss, besides her husband, three sisters and one brother in England.

The remains are reposing at the B.C. Funeral Parlors where services will be held on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment will take place in the family plot at hoss Bay. The funeral of the late Mrs. Jennie S.

Tufts took place yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from her late residence, proceeding to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, where service was conf ducted by the Rev. 'Dr. Clay. There was a large attendance of friends, and many beautiful floral designs covered the casket and hearse.

The solo, "Crossing the Bar, was rendered by Mrs. J. Longfield. The following acted as pallbearers: Messrs. D.

McLean, W. M. Lawrence, A. E. Robertson, F.

A. Sinclair, A. R. Tufts and J. G.

Simpson. Interment was made in the family plot at Ross Bay Cemetery. it will pay you to see the choicest Christmas Fruits and Nuts. A. T.

Weight, Fruit Specialist. Government 1103 Douglas nr, Fort. Phone 2627 Street Market. We deliver. Would'nt You be pleased to have Santa Claus bring you a Radiola For Christmas? See the Radiola display at the Hawkins Hayward Electrical Quality and Service Stores Distributors 1607 Douglas opp.

City Hall Phonc 643 Gifts that the Whole Family Will Enjoy Terms to Suit the Convenience of Everyone--Tremendous Selection You will never regret having obeyed that impulse to give the home folks a phonograph or a radiola set for Christmas. You will give them something that all can enjoy- -something that will give years of pleasure. This store provides a helpful service in choosing musical gifts; it affords the biggest stock in Western Canada to choose from and it has convenient payment plans for everyone. The Genuine Victrola Every style of Vietrola is here, from the latest nursery model to the newest Console style with removable panel for your Radio set. See the VICTROLA Special Nursery Model in cream enamel and decorated with nursery pictures.

Sold with six nursery rhyme selections. Price $27.25. Terms, $1.00 per week. size VICTROLA table model Style with VIII, six the 10-inch popular records, large 12 design VICTROLA in a choice Model of 210. walnut Handsome or mahogany.

Console Complete with six records, 12 selections of selections of your own choosing. Price your own choosing. Price $139.50. Terms, $72.00. Terms, $5.00 per month.

$10.00 per month. NEW STYLE Columbia Grafonolas COLUMBIA, one of the greatest phonograph COLUMBIA, the Console model which has values obtainable to-day is the upright cabi- swept into popularity from coast to coast. net model Columbia Grafonola, style X.2. with six records, 12 selections of Complete with six records, 12 selections of Complete choosing. Price $89.50.

Terms, your own choosing. Price $104.50. your own $5.00 per month. Terms, $7.50 per month. The Gerhard Heintzman Phonograph A phonograph model by the same master craftsmen who make the celebrated Gerhard Heintzman piano.

See this magnificent, Console model- hear it play. Complete with six records, 12 selections of your own choosing. Price $174.50. Terms, $10.00 per month. A PORTABLE PHONOGRAPH in The The favorite.

made England. Westinghouse It packs up like a small handbag and is easily portable. With six records--twelve month. selections. Price $49.50.

Terms $5.00 per Every type of genuine Radiola Westinghouse Radiola is NAN here for your selection and expert Radio men are at your service to help you make a satisfactory and head phones. Price $80.00 choice. See these favorite models: RADIOLA four W.D, 11 Radiotrons A RADIOLA REGENOFLEX-With four W.D. 11 Radiotrons. Price $208.00 RADIOLA -With six A-V 199 Radiotrons.

No aerial required. Price $282.00 Store Open Saturday Evening and Every Evening Until Christmas No batteries required. Ideal radio set for the boy. lar price $10.50. Special at.

$6.50 Gives Style The RADIO new "Special." wonderful CLEARANCE Martin results. Regular Crystal SPECIAL! Style $6.50. Radio "Big To Four." Receiving Regu- $5.00 Set. NAN FLETCHER BROS. (Victoria) Limited Radio Station CFCT, "Everything in Music.

1110 Douglas Street NAN French Ivory We have received our Christmas stock. Every piece guaranteed. A small deposit will hold any article. Hall's Drug Store 1304 Douglas St. Phone 201 GOOD FIR WOOD $4.00 Per Cord Load LEMON, GONNASON CO.

LIMITED Phone 77. 2324 Government St. DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN BLACKMAIL TRIAL Cambridge, Dec. -Victor Albert Searles, Boston artist, paid William J. Corcoran $50,000 and said that he had "fixed it up" after a raid on the Searles apartment, Mrs.

Abraham Levy, formerly Eleanor Bartes, testified yesterday in the trial of Corcoran, former District Attorney of Middlesex County, and five co-defendants on charges of conspiring to extort $50,000 from Searles. A conversation overheard by Mrs. Levy in a Boston law office, stating that John McCormick was made to pay $100,000 to avoid publicity was read into the record in the form of an affidavit introduced by the defence. There was nothing in the affidavit to indicate the residence or profession of 'McCormick. Mrs.

Blanche Paul and Mrs. Levy, alleged lures of a Boston blackmail ring, pleaded guilty when indicted in the Searles cease. According to -the charge, -the alleged conspiracy to extort was based on raid by supposed police officers of a Back Bay apartment in August, 1920. To Lovers of MusicWe take pleasure in introducing to you our new sheet music department. If you are interested we will be pleased with any patronage you extend to us.

We carry. a good line of popular song hits: Standard Songs, Scotch, Irish and English Song Folios Also instrumental tutors and dance folios. MUSIC MAKES GOOD PRESENTS Some of the latest hits-" All Alone," "Nightingale," "She Loves Me," "Charley My and "Too Tired." Apex Agency 1609 Douglas Street (Near the Hudson's Bay) FOR RESULTS USE TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS.

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