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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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VICTORIA DAILY TIMES, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1924 IN iioman Meal Teddy Bears and Dolly Dimples Patterns, simple to make A-up. Get one of those and a large pkg. of Roman Meal for" FAIRYTALE IS LOUGHEED MISS SOCIAL AND PERSONAL Solar or Happy Vale Sliced Pineapple, reg. 35c tin for 23 or 5 for Jell-o, 3 pkgs. 25 Golden State Asparagus, St.

James Pure Pastry Spice, tin III CALGARY Ginger Punch, large bottle, res. 60c for 35f Quaker Sweet Wrinkle Peat, large tin 20 Curtis Ripe rcg. 60o tin lor ....37 Rogers' Golden Syrup, 5 -lb. Uu Baker's Dot Chocolate, -lb. bar 20 3aker's Premium Unsweetened Chocolate.

4-lb. bar 21 Baker's Cocoa. H-lt- tin 23 Crosse BUckwell's Plum Puddings, reg. 75c tin. Very special at Shelled Almonds, reg.

55c lb. for 45 Sun-Maid Seeded or Seedless Raisins, large 2 for 25 Christie Chocolate Graham Biscuits, reg. 60c lb. for 45 Beechnut Gum, 2 pkts. for 5 I cJlivays ivhen Fresh-made Chocolate Newton Biscuits, reg.

50c lb. for, per lb Most delicious confection jVjjJERSEY CREAM SODAS Fresh Cranberries, lb 30 Caliphat Dates, reg. 23c box for 20 Chestnuts, lb .35 Mixed Nuts, lb .25 Nice Sweet Oranges, 2 dozen for New California Layer Figs, lb. 23t Roasted Peanuts, lb 15 Nice California Prunes, 2 25 Government Creamery Butter, per lb. or 3 lbs.

1.17 Finest Alberta Butter, per. lb. or 3 lbs. $1.25 Peanut Butter, lb 18? Ripe Olives, lb 35? Reception Hams, mild cured, Whole or half, per lb 30? rm wot mm Ml BSteffl rim Reasonable Prices on Local Turkeys, Geese, Capon, Roasting Chicken, Boiling Fowls, and No. 1 Quality Steer Beef 1 1 1 i tt vn ifc v.rfv n.

i i m', i Finest Local Turkeys, per lb. 50? and 45? Fancy Capon, from 5 to 6 lbs. each, per lb. 50? Local Geese, average 1014 each, per lb. 35? Nice Roasting Chickens, from 4 to 5 lbs.

each, per 38? Boiling Fowls, from 4 to 7 lbs. each, per lb 25? Averaging 3 lbs. each, per lb. 23? Fresh-made Pork Sausage Meat, the thing for stuffing the turkey, per lb.aalt) Week-End H. O.

KIRKHAM LTD. Dull care goes into his shell about Saturday noon and everyone is happy. Whether at the home, the club, the house party or on a trip, Moir's week-end package is entitled to the greeting: "Enter Joy, at left, Just bounteous five-pound assortment of the best hofiolates Moirs make nut and fruit centres, the richest creams, fondants and jellies. A sure week-end joy-bringer for children" from nine to Jake home Moir's Week-end package to-day. Always fresh.

1 A.TE-:5iiil' (Grocery Phones. 178 and 179 r- a ecoi 612 SATURDAY, OLDEST FORM OF "Once Upon a Time Land" Still Holds Sway in Hearts of Children The significance of folk-tales, myths and fairy stories "was dealt witti in interesting vein by Mis Bol-lert. Dean of Women, at the Univer sity of British Columbia, at the opening of the University Extension lecture series at Victoria College last night. Miss Bollert traced the first mention of fairies in England back to the days of Chaucer, and their subsequent re-appearance in the prose and poety of that country in varied forms. There were no less than 350 different versions of Cinderella.

The folklore story. was the first form of novel, a wonderful story with almost inevitably happy ending. It had a value to students of social and antiquarian customs, and was in material for those who saw in the early writings the development of the human mind. Ireland, stated the speaker, was rich in fairy tales, each with a locale and carefully preserved chain of events. Other countries each had their folklore tales: Mythology showed the influence of imaginative tales in the earlier days, and supplied a great deal to the study of -those times.

Fairytales, concluded the spectator, still held sway over the minds of children and were as popular to-day as ever. In most instances they had a happy ending, and where otherwise, their fairytale was inclined to be ill-received by children. "The fairy-tale land was very wonderful, peopled by magicians and wizards, ogres, giants, evil and good fairies, Fortunatus, Puss in Boots. T.itfle Red and the Beanstalk, a wonderful land in which to live if one' got Into trouble, fo-there was the little old woman In whom one could confide vnd who turned Into a fairy with a wand to banish them all away. It was the Once-upon-a-time Land," concluded the speaker.

Dean Qualnton presided. The lec ture was well attended and a hearty vote of thanks was tendered to Misf Bollert for her Interesting address. Traveled. iThird-clasSito Take Situation "With -Montreal Family A Serbian princess of royal blood who embarked recently at Liverpool for Canada in the Montcalm took her place at the dining; table with the emigrants in the third class saloon. Her name is Princess Mara Laz-arovich Ilerebel Jarvich, and she is traveling as a thlrd-class just like an ordinary emigrant.

The princess is twenty four years of age and is going to Montreal to a situation as children's governess. GUILD FOR SAILORS Ladies Raised $148.51 by Successful Trafalgar Day Bazaar; Packages For Lighthouses TVia roirnliir mnnlhlv of the Ladies' Guild for Con-naught Institute, was held on Thursday afternoon, the president, Mrs. Alice in the chair. Tn i-cnlv lotto fmm. the Council of Women, the members of the guild pledged their hdpport to Miss Sara Spencer and Mrs.

Graves should they stand for election to office in the forthcoming municipal contest. Plans for the celebration cf the birthday of the guild on November 20 were made, and Mrs. E. S. Thomson and Mrs.

Snowden were chosen conveners tor the, silver toa and shower for the lighthouses, which will mark the day as Informer years. A report by tne treasurer sno the proceeds of the bazaar on Trafalgar Day to be $148.51, and the thanks of the president and the bazaar committee were expressed to Mrs. B. McMicking and the stallholders and all the friends who assisted and attended. Mrs.

A. Thomson and Mrs. sayer offered to take the convenership of the boxes to be sent to lighthouses, mrnior Hnv for the Dackinsr to be appointed when ail members of the guild will nave tne opportunity ui assisting. Ai-Hiia taa heln? served. Mrs.

Sayer exhibited the neat brass plate which has been prepares unuer ncr direction to adorn the door of the in Memorial Hall. The in- f-rintlon is as follows: "Furnished r2niM for ftailors B. F.S Society, in memory of our sailors. 1914-1918." A PIMPLY SKIN Apply Sulphur as Told When Your Skin Breaks Out Any breaking out of the skin on face. neck, arms or body is over come quickest by applying Mentho Sulphur.

The pimples seem to dry up and go away, declares a noted skin specialist. Nothing has ever been found to take the place of sulphur as a pimple remover. It is harmless and inexpen sive. Just ask any druggist for small Jar of Rowles Mentho-Sulphur and use it like cold cream. tAdvLj POPULAR MOVE SERBIAN PRINCESS NURSERY GOVERNESS NEEDS ULPHUR Miss Ethel Rhodes of Victoria Is visiting Mr.

and Mrs. R. Cheshyre Janion in Vancouver. -f -t- -J Mr. Clay Porter of the Porter Idaho Mine, Stewart, arrived' in the city to-day from the North.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Halller are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter at the Provjncial Jubilees Hospital on November 3. Capt. and Mrs.

F. W. Baker, late of Happy Valley, returned to Shanghai with their two children by the liner Empress of Australia. Miss Peggy Pearce left yesterday afternoon for Calgary, where she will spend a few weeks visiting with her parents. -t- Mrs.

Clawson, Arnot Avenlje, is leaving to-morrow to spend the week-end In Seattle as the guest of Mrs. McKelvey. -T- -t- -r( Miss K. Jones, who has been spending some days with Capt. and Mrs.

Baker In Victoria, lias returned to Happy Valley. T- T- H- Mr. Ernest Day of the Marine Department, Prince Rupert, has been transferred to Victoria, and with Mrs. Day arrived in the city this morning. Mrs.

E. H. Griffiths of Oscar Street and Miss McKenney are leaving tomorrow to spend the week-end in Vancouver as the guest of their brother-in-law, Mr. A. E.

Bull. Mrs. A. C. Burdick is spending a few days in Vancouver and "was among the guests at a mah jong party given by Mrs.

C. W. Frazee on Wednesday afternoon. "Mr. and Mrs.

James Talt of 2518 Fernwood Road are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter at St. Joseph's Hospital on October 29. Their many friends in Victoria, where they formerly resided, will be interested to learn of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lougheed of Vancouver on Tuesday, November 4.

Mrs. C. W. Bradshaw and Mis3 Alexe Bradshaw, Albany Road, left this afternoon for Vancouver, where they will spend the week-end as the guests of Dr. and Mrs.

Albinus Clarke, Burnaby Street. -f Mrs. A. M. Monks of Cameron Lake was a passenger aboard the liner Empress of Australia last night, sailing for Kuala Lumpur, in the Federated Malay States, where she will spend some time and remain almost indefinitely, she said.

She plane to visit in Kuala Lumpur for a year at least. Miss Merle C. Hall of the C.P.R. Publicity Bureau, Vancouver, and Miss Dorothy Bell, who Js on extended leave of absence' from her duties as editor of the women's department of Maclean's Magazine, Toronto, arrived in the city yesterday afternoon on the liner Empress of Australia from Vancouver. -f- Yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs.

Burke-Roche, Pem-berton Road, a delightful address was given by Mrs. L. Adams Beck before a most appreciative audience of about fifty. The subject chosen was Akbar. this being one of the series of fortnightly talks on the Moguls by Mrs.

Adams Beck. Sir George and Lady Foster are now on their way back to England. Prior to leaving South Africa, Lady Foster was on a sporting trip up the Zambesi with a party of friends, Including Major and Mrs. Davison, Col. Whltelaw, Miss Dundas-Graham and Captain Malise Graham.

The party shot one crocodile, one hippopotamus and some smaller game. -(- Miss Innes Bodwell entertained at two tables of mah Jong at her home on Rockland Avenue yesterday after noon in honor of Miss Kathleen Far-rell of Vancouver. Those present included Mrs. L. W.

S. Cockburn, Mrs. Macdonald, Miss "Tinker" Jones, Mrs. Ker, Mrs. Gillespie, Miss Maud Humphreys, Miss Gwyneth Lemon.

The prettily appointed tea table was presided over by Mrs. Norman Rant. Among the passengers on the Em press of Australia leaving yesterday for the Orient were the Kight Kev. Bishpp White of Honan, Ir. and Mrs.

Neville Bradley. M.S.C.C, en route to Yunanfu. southern China, and Miss Loretta Shaw. B.A., CM returning to Osaka, Japan, to the poor school of which she has been loaned by her society. Miss Shaw made a tour of Vancouver Island de- TO-MORROW'S HOROSCOPE By Cenevicve Kemble SATURDAY, NOVMBER 8 Although a.

degree of liveliness is presaged on the testimony of this day's sidereal operation. It may be somewhat hampered by menacing situations both in business and all other affairs. In the domestic and social circle there may be anxiety sorrow or disappointment. This may be due to treachery, betrayal or subtle attack, as the sinister Neptune rules, in evil aspect with Luna and Venus. It would be advisable to use extreme caution in the.

signing of all letters, writings or documents; Those whose birthday it is are under a rule that may bring sorrow or disappointment during the year unless they use extreme care against treachery, misrepresentation, fraud or deception. Sign papers cautiously. Also keep the health and that of the family in order. A child born on this day will require very early training, discipline and good example as it may he predisposed to take life easily, carelessly and with strong leaning to pleasure. Uverlmr at various points.

Mrsl Lauderdale and many other friends were at the uuun. io wisn me missionary party bon voyage. -t- Mr. and Mrs. W.

H. Davles entertained about thirty guests at a most enjoyable dance at their residence, "Plneholm." Burlelth, last night. Most of the ladies attended in quaint but charming fancy dress. The music was supplied by Clarence Holder's Bluebird Orchestra who, by request, played several numbers given at the Press Club ball. Tho members oi the orchestra, A If.

Food, Arthur Holt, Frank Hall and the leader, Clarence Holder, gave solo numbers which were muoh appreciated. Delightful refreshments were provided during the evening. Mah Jong and the new cross-word puzzle game were played bv the non-dancers. A waltzing contest with Clarence Holder as referee was staged and was won by Mrs. W.

H. Davles and Mr. F. J. Merriman.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Al. Davles, Miss Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs.

J. Merriman, the Misses Grace Temple, Margaret Glover, Grace Hoffman, Ericksori, Pollard, Green, Marjorle Wiffin, Mobley, Tytler, Messrs. W. Woolsley, Alf. Food, Clarence Holder, Arthur Holt, Frank Hall, G.

Rickenson, E. Moore. Austin Flinton, W. Huxtable, A. Nex.

A. Davies, J. Davles and others. SIDNEY Mrs. SimlHfer ban returned hnma after a visit of several weeks to the LnriDoo and on her way back spent a few days in Victoria, -5- -f- Mrs.

Stevenson of Vancouver has returned home after spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Sisson, All Bay. -f- -t- Mrs. Gowen of Victoria spent a few days with Mr.

and Mrs. McKay. The regular monthly meeting of the North Saanlch' Women's Institute was held at the home of Mrs. Deacon, AH Bay. There was a very large attendance.

The president, Mrs. Deacon, was in the chair. The secretary, Mm. Jeffries, read the minutes, which were adopted. The treasurer, Mrs.

Clarke, presented the 1 financial report, which showed a good balance. It was decided to send a cheque of $10 to the crippled children's fund. It was arranged to hold a special meeting in Wesley Hall on Saturday evening at 7 o'clock to meet the park trustees about the Memorial Mrs. French of Victoria then gave a very interesting talk on "Rabbits," and Bhowed some very handsome exhibits. Tea was served later by Mrs.

Deacon, assisted by Mrs. Phelp, after which a candy demonstration was given by Mrs. Deacon, which was greatly appreciated by the members. The Sidney Social Club held their usual weekly card party In Matthews' Hall on Wednesday evening. Military five hundred was played, six tables 'being occupied.

Winners of the first prizes were Mrs. Gilman, Mrs. Harvey, Mf, Smith and Mr. Mc-Auley. Winners of the highest bid were Mrs.

McAuley and Mr. Crossley. The hostesses for the evening were Mrs. Harvey and Miss R. Matthews.

MRS. J. S. PLASKETT IS ELECTED PRESIDENT ALEXANDRA CLUB The annual meeting of the Alexandra Club was held in tho club rooms, Pemberton Building on Tuesday with a good attendance. The following officers and executive committee were, elected for the year: President, Mrs.

J. S. Plaskett; first vice-president. Miss Josephine Crease; second vice-president, Mrs. J.

E. Tmbach; honorary secretary. Miss Lottie Bowron; honorary treasurer, Mrs. H. J.

Pendray; honorary librarian. Miss Eleanor Bate The executive included Mrs. Parker Hibben, Mrs. Alice Thomson, Mrs. Ellison, Mrs.

Longstaffe, Mrs. A. E. Todd, Mrs. Tyrell Godman, Mrs.

R. Stewart, Mrs. Hyndman, Mrs. Beaumont Boggs, Miss Alma Russell, Miss May Macrae, Miss E. F.

Mara. Both the reports of the secretary and treasurer showed the healthy condition of the club. Miss Bate, who has been acting as librarian for some little time, reported that she was adding new books to the and hoped soon to have it an even more attractive feature of the club. During the past year the Alexandra. Club has affiliated with the Halycon Club of London, England, and mem bers who are visiting England are now' privileged to enjoy the advantages of this club.

WAS DEFEATED KSH, MRS. BERTRAND RUSSELL wife of the famous Liberal writer, campaigned vigorously but was defeated in the British elections. She was defeated in the same district which her husband has three times sought to carry. tit; I'M 3 38c Nice New Currants, Ground Almonds, pkg. 20 arid 40f Market Day Seedless Raisins, pkg.

45? Glace Cherries, lb 50 39c Queen Olives, large fruit and useful quart Jar, reg. $1.35 for 98 Patterkrisp Chocolate, reg. 50c lb. for 35 Corn Cobs or Johnny Steaks, 3 for 10 30c Red Emperor Grapes, 2 lbs 35 Fancy Lemons, doz 30 Smyna Layer Figs, lb 25? Spanish Table Raisins, pkg. ...35 37c Large Fresh Cocoanuts, 25 New Brazil Nuts, lb 25? Delicious Apples, 3 lbs 28? Small Plain Back Bacon, about i lbs.

each, per lb 32? Smoked Cottage Rolls, lb 20? Sweet Pickled Cottage Rolls, lb. 19? Pure Lard, lb. or 3 lbs. 60? Mild Cheese, lb 26? Reception Mincemeat, the best homemade style, per lb 20? Choice Sirloin Roasts, from 3 lbs. up, per lb 23? Buttock Roasts, lean and tender, per lb 18? Rump Roasts, cut any style, per lb 17? Sirloin Tip Roasts, very nice flavor, per lb.

22? and 19? Rolled Prime Ribs, without bone, per lb. 27? and 23? Fresh Beef Hearts, each Fresh Chopped Suet, per lb 18c Fort St ITI cat irJhf Provision Dtp! 6520 NOVEMBER 8: lanksgiving Offerings Presbyterian Ladies' Aid. The Ladies' Aid Society of First Fresby- i terian Church at their meeting on Wednesday afternoon decided to hold their annual Antumn function in the church hall on Saturday afternoon, December S. Tho young ladies will assist by having charge of severkl stalls, such as fancy work, novelties and candy. There will also be home-cooking, aprons, a memory stall, as well as delightful orchestral music and afternoon tea.

St. Columba Bazaar. Mrs. J. D.

MacLean has kindly consented to open the Autumn bazaar of St. Columba Church, Oak Bay. to be held in tho Sunday schoolrooms, Wednesday, -'November 12. It will be opened promptly at 2 o'clock, Mrs. Mac-Lean will also name the beautiful doll donated by Mrs.

Sarah Mallory, and dressed by Mrs. Jeffrey Craig. i Get Your Copy of "La Golondrina" (The Swallow) This beautiful old Mexican Waltz is piayea ry iaul Ashe exactly as jwu uiu expect a umwtck RECORD to be played, which means perfectly This the Prettiest Wait of the Season Phone 3443 KENT'S 641 Yates Street PHONOGRAPH STORE BflAKKt Daughter of Sir James Loug heed a Frequent Visitor Here Calgary, Nov. 7. A marriage of wide interest took place here on Tuesday at high noon when Dorothy Isabella, only daughter of Sir James and Lndy Lougheed, of Calgary, became the bride of Nolen L.

Hussey, eon of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Hussey, of St.

Louis. The Right Reverend Bishop Pink-ham, of Calgary, performed the ceremony, -which took place quietly in the Pro-Cathedral of the Redeemer, only the immediate relatives being present. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, is one of the most popular members of the younger get in Calgary and was lovely in a Worth model of cocoa brown crepe, embroidered in beige, with wide bands of stone marten, with which she wore a wrap of copper brown, collared and cuffed with stone marten. Her small hat was of brown duvetyn, with applique of brown and gold and a narrow band of stone marten and her bouquet orchids and lily of the valley. Her only ornaments were an exquisite pearl and diamond pendant, the gift of her mother, and a flexible diamond bracelet, the gift of the groom.

Miss Helen Hussey, sister of the groom, and the only bridesmaid, was smartly gowned in a frock of Alice blue French crepe with matching hat. Her corsage was of violets and lily of the valley. Mr. Douglas Lougheed, youngest brother of the bride, was the groomsman. During the ceremony, "At Dawning" was played' eofty' by Claude Hughes, organist of the Pro-Cathedral.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held at "Eeaulieu," the beautiful home of the bride's parents, where a profusion of Russell rosea added their loveliness to the reception rooms. One hundred and fifty guests assembled to offer their congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom. Lady Lougheed, Mrs. Hussey and Mrs. J.

P. Kennedy received with the bridal party, Lady Lougheed wearing a graceful gown of black canton, heavily beaded and small black hat, her corsage being of lilies of the valley and orchids Mrs. Hussey chose a smart ensemble costume of wood-brown satin with matching hat and Bilver fox fur. Her corsage was of violets and pink roses. Mrs.

Kennedy was smartly gowned in black with black hat and corsage of orchids. Slender vases holding Russell roses, and tall branching candelabra with pink candles graced the exquisitely appointed tables, which was centred with the bride cake. Later Mr. and Mrs. Hussey left for the east where the honeymoon will be spent, and plan to go on to New York, Hot Springs and Sulphur Springs, Virginia, and Washington, before proceeding to St.

Louis, where they will reside. GEORGE BLACK TO ADDRESS CLUB Women's Canadian Club to Hear Illustrated. Travelogue on Yukon Mrs. George Black, F.R.G.S., wife of the Federal member for the Yukon Territory, will, give her illustrated travelogue on the Yukon before the Women's Canadian Club on Tuesday, November 18. To enable Mrs.

Black to show her magnificent collection of 100 colored slides, the meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Auditorium, and members are requested to make note of this change of meeting place. Mrs. Black is an accomplished speaker, whose services have been much in demand during her sojourn in Ottawa. She is spending a few weeks at the coast, visiting friends in Vancouver, and will come over from the Mainland City to address the club. The two junior Canadian clubs of tho city, that of St.

George's School and Uppingham House School, will be the guests of the club at tho lecture. Blue and Gold, Scarlet and Gold and Nurses Uniform at Empress Hotel Lieutenant-Governor Will Of ficially Open Brilliant Function The committee In charge of the Poppy Ball has now received definite information regarding the arrival of His Honor Lieut-Governor Walter C. Nichol. His Honor will arrive at the Em press Hotel on Armistice night about 9.30 o'clock, attended by a large party and will officially open the ball with a few remarks suitable to the occasion. The function promises to he un usually brilliant as a note of color will be introduced by the blue and gold uniforms of the naval officers and scarlet and gold of the military.

The event, being in aid of the hos pitals, the attedance of nurses is expected to be quite representative. Many of them will attend in uniform. It Is expected that as the session is in progress the attendance of mem bers of the House will be large. i Many of them have already pronj'icd their support to me rail. IS ALL READY FOR POPPY BALL TURKEYS, GEESE, DUCKS AND CHICKENS Everything for the table fresh from the farm.

The best display ever produced at the Market Our Prices Are the Lowest for Fresh Produce Park your car at the rear of Market, Fisgard to save crowding Sold in your HAREM LIFE PARADISE COMPARED TO WHITE SLAVEJRYIN AMERICA TTamntnn rnf Kn' 7. Madame Vonifidine, wife of a former Russian Consul-General at Constantinople, addressed members of the Women's Canadian Club yesterday and gave an account of the white slave traffic in Turkey. Life in the harem was a paradise, she said, compared to the life of a girl sold into wnue slavery. One of the greatest marKets lor these girls is in America, she declared. rki.rrh Rajaar The ladies of' the Hampshire Road and Belmont Avenue Churches are joining iurces tnt.

a hauaar tn he held on Saturday, December 6, at 1423 Douglas Street. The ladies have been sewing sieaauy for some time and will be prepared to show a good line of plain sewing, as well as many beautiful articles suitable for Christmas gifts. Sal On Saturdav. nv a.m. and 12 noon the Ladies' Aid of the Esquimau Methodist Church wjll ..1.

noia a nome courius a-, wn, nmctrv. corner of Con stance Avenue and" Esquimau Road. "Joy-Bringer' Neighbourhood 113 TRUSSES A perfect fitting Truss should fib snugly, causing 4io pain er If you require Truss we guarantee you a perfect fit or refund your money. MacFarlane Drug Co. Corner Douglas nd Johnso i ithtn am FLUFF BUGS No matter how old and threadbare your carpets may be, we can reweave them into attractive and durable new rugs at a nominal price and any size.

i CARPETERIA CO. 921 Fort Street Phone 1453 AsV for new reduced prices Correct Shoes for Fall MUTRIE SON'S 1203 DOUGLAS STREET Street BE SURE YOU ATTEND THE ATTRACTIVE Y.W.C.A. Membership Sale of Plain and Fancy Needlework Home Cooking. Candy, Fish Fond and Afternoon Tea, at 1210 Douglas Woolworth Block, Saturday, Nov. 8.

at 2 p.m. Wellington Nut Largest in the City LUMP COAL SLACK COAL Richard Hall Sons 1232 Government Street Phone 83 Cutoofii t'all and art Your la nation lor Otir FREE DANCE Broken Lies in Women's Patent Suede mnrt Kid St raps from TEORNE'S SEOE STORE IS Vat Mnvrt w.k for the Sho OutMd You'll likely want two of these dresses Our new cloth dresses arc so Paris- ienne and so low priced that many of our best customers want two. You can buy two for only a little more than you would pay for one -elsewhere. See them to-mcrrow. Leaders in Style and Value 707 Yates.

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