The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 8, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Teachers Lukewarm To Cherry's 'Other Problems' Viewpoint LITTLE ROCK W — Gov.-elect Francis Cherry received a luke- rece ptlon from Ark oroas •6NOG AS A BUG—The heavy !«tole being modeled, above, is |on« of the hits of the Parisian twlnter Fashion season. This ver- tion, designed by Schiaparelli, is luhioned In wide mohair. Parl- tiana are also said to hnve gone **buftgy" about unusual costume Jewelry, such as the giant |Ck»da which adorns the stole. SOUTHERNER (Contmued from Page I) Carolina and Arkansas as str.tes where they may have a chance to build Republican strength. They are not too hopeful about Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina. . v ,. Elsenhower's friends already are looking ahead to his expected reelection contest four years from now/Some of them argue that unless he keeps the South In the forefront during the Interim, he cannot hope to have anv such Dixie support in 1956. These strategists remember what happened lo Herbert Hoover In 1932 alter he broke the South wide open in 1028 in the •battle.with Alfred E. Smith. Significantly, perhaps, Elsenhow- er picked Dixie for, his brief vacation. But his slay In Augusta, Qa., seemed lo Involve almost as much voit RS play. In an exchange of messages-with President Trumqn yesterday, Eisenhower said he will send some of his representatives to Ihe State »nd Defense Department immediately, as suggested by Truman. Truman Asked Conference Truman already had asked for • man to sit In with the budget planners and there were reports York stale superintendent of bunks here that Elllotl Bell, frmer New under Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, might be chosen for that role. Any »uch designation would whip up speculation around Bell ns a possible choice for secretary of the Treasury. Truman's new message went to Elsenhower after the outgoing President met with his Cabinet for the first time since the election. Ally. Oen. James McGrancry told newsmen the session was devoted to discussion of how to make the transition to n Republican administration as smooth as possible'. McOranery said that, while HID Cabinet didn't talk about the election, he thought the issue had been settled mostly on the basis of Eisenhower's personal popularity nnrt was not a repudiation of the Dem- 6"c"rntic party. Although McGranery said Truman did not discuss the election with his Cabinet, the President did express his views to Sen. Bcnton (D-Conn) during a half-hour meeting at the White House yeslenlay. "The President felt ' we (the Democrats) could have been a little better organized, but that It wouldn't have made an appreciable difference in the outcome, Bcnfon told reporters after the meeting, adding: "The President pointed out that Oov. Adlai Stevenson polled more votes than he, Henry Wallace nnd J. Strom Thurmond got In 1948 combined." Benton himself wns defeated for re-election although he drew 54,000 more voles than in his winning campaign two years ngo. teachers yesterday when ha told Jwm that while- public education the state's number one problem, :t'» not the only one facing his ncomlng administration. Somo 7,000 delegates k> the annual Arkansas Education Association convention here applauded Cherry's- remarks only once—when he said teacher salaries are too low and the "situation must be remedied." "We have public schools because we want to educate our children," .he governor-elect said, "nol because we want to give Jote to those who like to teach school." He urged the teachers to "approach our people from the standpoint of doing something for their children, not for us," "If we do this. If we show them their children are suffering, we'll ;et something done," he added. Cites Income Hike Cherry noted that Arkansu Is Isted among the state* showing Die greatest Increase in per capita Income since 1940. He termed It a •gratifying comparison" that the average salary for teachers "hnn kept pace with the state per cap- la Income." "But In spite of Uiis fact we lave not done enough and our average salaries, nnd also our per capita Income, are next to the lowest In the United Stales. This situation must be remedied," he said. It was this statement that drew applause. The majority of Cherry's speech was devoted to an appeal for a revision of Arkansas' tax structure. Without outlining specific changes 10 might propose, the Jonesboro Judge who becomes governor Jan. 1 jald "the assessed value of property 111 Arkansas has Increased about nine per cent In [ho past 20 years, . this is not in keeping with our progress." Dr. John Tyler Caldwcll, University of Arkansas president, also addressed the closing session of the '.wo-clay AEA convention. TEEN-ACE BALLERINA- Mary Ellen Terry, at 18, is the featured ballerina on the Scott Music Hall television show, which originate! in New York. The lovely, red-haired dancer says that she'd not be n premiere danseuse at such an age if she . were with a ballet company. News of Men In the Service Elmer A. Simpson, aviation chief machinist's mats. U8N, »oii of Mr. and Mrs. Wadew Simpson of Dell, U serving with Fighter Squadron 11 aboard the aircraft carrier UES Kearcarge. Th« Kearsarge is with Task Force 7T operating off the east coast of Korea, Donald E. McOuire, USN, son of MM, Lucllie Lowerus of Luxora, recently attained a rating of engine- man third class, while serving with Utility Squad Three at the U.S. Naval Air Station, San Ysfdro. Calif. Obituary Pvt. Jlinmle D. Kramer, son of Mrs. August Kramer of Senath, Mo., recently arrived in Korea where he Is serving with the Second Infantry Division. Kramer, a rifleman, formerly was stationed ab Fort Riley, Kan». LACKLAND TRAINEE'—Jackie Bourland, n, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Carter of Luxora, Is completing his Air Force basic airmen indoctrination course at Lackland Ah- Force Base, San Antonio, Tex. Pfc. Claudle A. Brown, son of Mrs. M. M. Brown of Kennctt, Mo., serving as a mechanic in Battery C of the 69th Field Artillery Battalion, 25th Infantry Division In Korea, recently spent a five-day vacation from Korea on n rest and recuperation leave In Jnpan. Two LeachviUe men, Franklin D. Poe, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and- > Mrs. Jerry N. Poe, and Claude D. Rojier, fireman, USN, son of Mrs. Claude D. Roper, were aboard the >altleshlp USS Iowa when it arrived In Long Beach, Calif.. Nov. 5, after seven months service with Carrier Task Force n off the east cost of Korea. DEMOCRATS (Continued from Page I) file and bring about a lie vole, Vice President Darklcy could tip the scales against the Republicans at the outset of the session. But aficr Jan. when Vice 'Voice' Reads Letter Despite Reid 'Jamming' NEW YORK I,P1 — The Voice of America overcame Soviet radio nminlng today to broadcast (o the Russian people an open letter' by ornier Ambassador George F. Kcnnan defending American troops against Communist slander. The broadcast of Kennnn's letter bcg<m at Intervals yesterday and continued.loday In all the. Iron eur- tahvtojigiies...'•'.' : , A Voice .of America spokesman said the Russians were jamming the broadcasts as they do all free world programs. But he added (hat i "saturation technique" was being used to overcome Ihe jamming. Kennnn's letter Is an answer to an anonymous letter received nt (he American embassy in Moscow last August. The Russian letter nc- cuscd Western troops of an "nx- Iremcly low level of discipline" and oast aspersions on tbeir morals nnd bravery. The Russian letter, signed "Soviet People," asked for n reply "in the pages of the Soviet press." EISENHOWER (Continued from Pnge 1) i\fy wife joins me In sending you. as well ns Mrs. Elsenhower, our most warm congratulations. Vincent Aurlol. Eisenhower answered: "My grateful lhanks for the warm cordiality of your telegram. Mrs. Eisenhower nnrt I treasure our friendship with you timl Madame Auriol nnd we sincerely hope that liic coming year will sec an ever growing strength of Ihe traditional nffccllon that Joins the French nnd American peoples. With best wishes. Dwight D. Eisenhower." Elsenhower planned another attack today tin Ihe National Golf Club course, where, so far, he has been running into rough going. He played 18 holes ns a part of n foursome yesterday nnd came home "emphatically not happy." The club professional, Ed Budley, who nave that report, said Eisenhower turned In a card of 93 and shot par golf on only four holes. He was one stroke over par on 10 others and two over on the remaining four. Cliff Roberts and William E. Robinson of New York, personal friends of the general, were the other members of tha foursome. President-elect Richard Nixon will take of/Ice, he coulrl reverse Barkley's vole and give control to the Republicans. The party lhat controls the organization of the Senate gains the chairmanship of committees and other leadership posts that are the key to guMing the legislative program. Morse has repeatedly refused to sny what he will do, bill his vote on Senate organization would be of llltlc Importance In Ihe absence of n fight for control by the Democrats Iloey, Hunt, and Fulbright all look Ihe position In separate Interviews that 11 would be pointless for (lie Democrats to put up n scrap for power lhat could'be held little more than two weeks. They also fmta :t would be poor politics, (hat It would be bctler to let the- Republicans nssumc control nnd responsibility in view , of their election sweep. The Democrats, however, will :iavc lo choose a floor leader to replaejjJScn. Ernest McFarland of Avlzon.a",I"dcfcate.d in Tuesday's election/'-' Indications nre that Sen. Richard B. Russell of Georgia can have Ihe post it he wanls It. This was true two years ngo, but ho wns unwilling to lake, it then. A source in a position to know but unwilling to be quoted snld Russell docs not want the job no\v but might ncccpl it. Russell is the leader of Southern Democratic senators nnd their position has been.strengthened by the defeat in the election of Demo crallo senators In other parls of Ihe country. Fulbright said he would "like very much" lo see Russell become the Democratic floor lender — n sentiment echoed by Hoey. If Russell would not take It. Hocy said he would like to see the post go to Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson Texas, now the party whip or assistant lender. Others who have been mentioned for the leadership post Includes Seualors Hill of Alabama, Kerr of Oklahoma. Monroncy of Oklahoma. Kefauvcr of Tennessee and Fnl- brlRht. Hunt expressed no preference for u new Democratic floor leader hut said, "Whoever he Is, he must be n one hundred per cent Democrat." Gerald D. Reagan> USN, of Bly- Jieville, was scheduled to return to Long Beach, Calif., Nov. 2, aboard the anti-aircraft cruiser USS Ju- nenu from the Korean combat rone. The Juncnu hns been engaged In offshore bombardment of troop installations in 'North Korea. Mack D. Hay, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey S. Hay of Blytheville. is stationed with the U.S. Navnl Communication Station, on Guam. He has been assigned to ( 'R" cli- AHOARD USS YARNAIX — Charles L. Shepherd, son of Mrs. Thelma Sherrod, 519 Park, has been transferred from the USS Juneau to the USS Yarnall, now cruising off the China shore. vision which maintains all trans- porlaliori equipment for the station. James W. Hargrove, pipefitter third class, USN, son of Mrs. Alice Hargrove of Le.ichvllle, Rt. 1, was serving aboard the radar picket destroyer USS Perkins when it was recently designated the first ship to receive Korean "combat pay" for action during July. Watchmakers Time Convention MILWAUKEE (/!>)—The Wlscon- . ._. sin Watchmakers Association start- nnd $2.000 for expenses before the' ert and wound up a state conven- DISBARMENT (Continued from Page 1) ably would spend between $1,500 case was settled. Prosecutor H. G. Partlow. Deputy Proscciilor Howard Maycs nnd Circuit Judge Charles W. Light told the court of conferences with Writ- sltt concerning the JACKSON CASE. Partlow snld Jackson was allowed lo plead gllllly lo a chnrjre of assault with intent to rape following a conference, on Whllsttl.'s request, with Circuit Judge Znl B. Harrison. The older Jackson subsequently was sentenced lo IS years in prison on the charge. Another case, concerning Cosmo Wilson, serving a prison term fnr Incest, wns aired in testimony earlier yesterday. Wilson, brought here for Whilsltt's trial, said the attorney vvns appointed to defend htm by Circuit Judge Harrison. He snlcl he Ktgnel over an inheritance he thought he \vns slated to receive from his father's estate. Wilson also testified thai because he refused to hire a second attorney on Whitsltt's request, he was forced lo wait three extra months before his cose wns henrd. He claimed the attorney told him he'd j "get rick" the day Wilson's Irhl . wns scheduled to open. If he didn't I hire WMtsitt's. Inw partner, Aririm Cowman. Colemnn sn'd on Ihe day of Wilson's trial. Whltsltt told him he was ill and went hime. The partner testified that the attorney, however, kept nn appointment with another client later In the afternoon. Wilson's trial wns noslponcd from Frbrifnr.v until May. Coleman said their partnership as dissolved Sept. 1. lost. The trial resumed today. tion all In one day 'on a recent Sunday. They elected officers henrd technical talks, watched "watch" movies and held a dance Tile whole program went olf like clockwork. A feature attraction was a watch exhibited by a Swiss group that, was 20 times as large as an ordinary watch. Philip Kissell Dies of Illness Formerly Served With U.S. Engineer* Philip Kissell, 81, ot Huffman, died last night at Walls Hospital after an Illness of one year. Since his retirement from active service with (he U.S. Engineers in 1942, Mr. Kissell, who came here from Evansville, Tnd. In 1910, hud been engaged In farming extensive land-holdings in the Huffman community. At one time, he also operated a ferry across (he Mississippi River into Tennessee. Services will he conducted at 10 a.m. Monday at Holt Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Byron Epps officiating. Burial will be at Walnut Grove Cemetery, HIpley, Tenn. Survivors Include his wife, Mrs. Minnie Kissell; one son, Turner Kissell; four daughters, Mrs. Ol- Ife Fletcher of West Memphis. Mrs. Art Franks of St. Louis, Mrs. Pinley Flowers and Mrs. H. P. Harrison, both of Dlylheville; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Charles Cassidy and a sister, Mrs. Liza Porsythe, both of Blyllie- vllle; nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Rites Tomorrow For Wreck Victim Final rites for J. L, Barber of Blytheville. Rt. 4, who died of injuries suffered in an automobile accident Wednesday, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Services will be in New Liberty Baptist Church and will be conducted by the pastor, the Rev. Oscar Patterson. Cobb Funeral Home officials said today burial probably will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Mrs. Jane Kincade Dies in W. Virginia Mrs. Jane Kincade, mother of Mrs. Cary Grimmltt nnd Mrs. Lola Culbertson, both of Blytheville died this, morning at her home In Elk Ridge, W. Va. Services will 1 be conducted Jfon- (iay afternoon at Elk Ridge. Rosenberg in Korea .SEOUL (fP) — Assistant Secretary of Defense Anna Rosenberg arrived at Eighth Army headquarters tonight from her'second tour of the Korean baltlefront and visits to military Installations and hospitals Negro Deaths Johnnie Lee Wiley Services for Johnnie Lee Wiley, 48, who died Wednesday at her home near Luxora, will be conducted at 1 p.m. Sunday at Mt. Israel Baptist Church at Hightower by Rev. Settles, pastor. Burial will be in Hishtower Cemetery with Caston Funeral Home in charge. Survivors Include her husband, Herman Wiley; three sons and three daughters. Courts CIUXCERY; The following divorce decrees have been filed: Velmn Harper and L. H. Harper; nobble Brown nnd Jack Brown, H 13. Hack anc! Mamye rather Hack. Read Courier News Classified Ads. RITZ THEATER MANILA, ARK. SUNDAY, MONDAY & TUESDAY THIS YEAR'S All NEHTTARZAN THRIUIR! WStH W,t o* TN. Ol.umfrl Tarzans Savage . Fury 6 v LEX BARKER • DOWTHi HWT M1WC KIIOWB . CMDtn Mmi rmnr CMIIIM for the COURIER NEWS UPSET STOMACH You'll feel betler ruiick when you l.ilce BIZ-PEP Pink Mis-, lure. You'll he delighted with Ihe fast relief from heartburn, nausea, anri distress caused by over-eating and drinking. Guaranteed lo completely satisfy or your money buck! BIZ-PEP m Osceola, cai BILLY BEALE, 567-M NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Sliilinccs Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 SATURDAY "NIGHT STAGE TOGALVESTON' Gene Aufry SAT. OWL, SHOW "ZAMBA" Jon Hall SUN - MON 'Horizons West' Robert Ryan Julia Adams TUESDAY 'Going to Town' T.nm & .Miner Jclgium Has Deficit BRUSSELS f/p) —Belgium's trad' deficit for September was $14,685, 000. Belgium Imported 3,<00,545 tons o food.s that month for. a value S2C8,645,9BO. Exp'orls reached a to tal of 4193,900,300. MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:0 Always a Double Feature SATURDAY 2 Cartoons SAT. LATE SHOW Starts U:30 ANCIENT MARINER STILL BECKONS-This old liehthouseT which once welcomed home ships at sea. now helps to beckon home ships that ride the airwaves. 'Located at Mayport, ' Fla., • wires from its long-imused lamp housing aid operation of naval radar tower, the "lighthouse" ot (he sky lanes left. H-BOMB (Continued from Page 1) search," a reference to the intense leat of a hydrogen explosion. Presumably, a small, experimental amount of hydrogen was used then." Government Denies HONOLULU (/!•>— Two military publfc information officers today said they had no knowledge of any bomb explosion in the Pacific area. The Los Angeles Examiner today carried what it termed the "first eyewitness account of a hydrogen bomb explosion at Eniwetok." It quoted from a letter written to a Los Angeles resident by one who purportedly described the explosion. ' Capt. Harry Cross at Pacific Fleet headquarters said he knew nothing of the tests except that they were scheduled for this fall. Maj: Douglas.Mitchell at the Army's Pacific headquarters said If the tests had taken place, "it's complete news to me." He stressed that any information would have to come from the Atomic Energy Commission in Washington. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY 'DEAD MAN'S GOLD" . Lash I.aRue and "Fuzzy" St. John SAT. OWL SHOW "THE BODY SNATCH ER" Boris Karloff " Bela Lugosi = YOUR FRIENDLY THEA1KE ^ WHERE HAPPINESS COSTS SO LITTLE BOXOFFICB OPENS 6:45 P.M. WEEKDAYS OPENS: 1:30 P.M. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS SUNDAY & MONDAY Plus Carfoon SERIAL: Roar of Iron Horse SUN - MON Double Feature — Phis 2a Cartoon & Shorts those Laughable, Bog-Faces/ TQM EWELL HARVEY LEMBECK-MARI BLAHCHARD •MIRICHARD LONG- PALMER LEE....

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