The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 11, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXV1I1—NO. 14 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANU SOUTirEAST MISSOURI NEWS Blytheville Courier, __D)ytlievIUe Herald, Blylberill* Dally News SEE OIITf- PLflCESJN TUP So;nc of World's Least Traveled Areas on Famous Flyers Route. WASHINGTON. Jun» 11 ,UP)_ Charles A . Lindbergh .here lo attend n luncheon in his honor, told the United !>r.?ss loday "it is very likely" his [light to the ..orient will be over (he "northwest route." lie said plans are still indefinite r:iid It would b? "several weeks" before he could set a definite date ft.t his departure. nv IIKRYI. MILI.KII MIA'Service Writer When Colonel and Mrs. Chalks A. Lindbergh .turn the nose of (heir fleet monoplanu westward over the Paciiic they will embark 0:1 a lour to straiiBe,out-of-the-way places such as few travelers have ever seen First lo greet the conqueror of thc Atlantic and his flying wife after they leave ihe mainland near Alaska will be Ihe short, swarthy, long-haired huniers and fisheimen of the Aleutian Island, the "land bridge" linking America and Asia. Ages ago. it is believed, primitive men from far off Asia came across ihese islands lo plant Ihe race that later became the American Indians.' Here, on Unalaska island, scientists [ a few years ago found mummies of four Stone Age inhabitants. <in.1 dug up an i ancient village. The Lindberghs will look down on reindeer, sheep, foxes, fishing boats, huniers. a few vegetable gur- ews . ---------------- UajCT. _ IHATIIKVII, I, K, ARKANSAS, THUItSDAY, ,IU.\fi II, l!):l| What Lincly Will See Whr.ii Ho V lies Across Pacifil HOME HliTION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS fl . • .... .- 0 ~ 0 — . Pl/*|fi;. (tens, herbage, grass and flowers. ___ _ but virtually no trees. j The natives are of the Esqui-j ^ T mauan family, but differ greatly \ I H from tho Eskimos of the mainland. My, having adopted a more modern | style of dress and mode of life. I They arc plump, with short necks.! black eyes and hair. The islands 1 are pan of the U. S. Territory ofj Alaska. • [ '- K K#^W3rSrn xi, *<KMf i P#~&r*\\ «u \ ^rs.^i^M^^M ! #5? aB ^¥l& (r&Y**?** at some at pomis e, roue fo good I ' "" n ' Sl " l "'" "»»"'« — route experiences good weather times il may be neccs.iarv for h Fog Ls always likely as the warm • maj i.y Will .Rclurn Edison Assures N. E. L. A. ATLANTIC CUT. N. J., June -11. (DPI—Thomas A, Kdlson, Inventor. s|>eaklii|{ by telephone from his winter home al Porl Nfeyers. Fla, lo- ttay [old delrgaies lo ihe Nalonal Rleclrlc I.lRht A«o<lalion convention llujt "I havo seen history repeal ItMlf njjaln mill again; I imve seen depression."; In. business, and nlwnys America has tome out slrnimor and more prosperous." Ills brief speech wns nniolined In tbe convention hall and nrpiukusl m-er Hi" imlloiial radio chain bv Ihe- N. D. C. ' STFFIF PBFffl » »< W w urther L'tigation Proh- in Contest With N W. Holm. »f ..... control of (he will Si°ele BY C1IAKI.KS MI'I'CHKU. Thc Weather Bureau has nc... teen able to give very encouraging - : ways information to- aviators about pros- jKclive flights across the northern; Pacific. Thc weather is not and Pipclcss Or^an Will Get Radio Tryout Siniilay • Leavinn the Aleutians, the shortest water jump 10 the Asiatic mainland Ls 350 miles. This would lake Ihe flyers to the Russian peninsula of.Kamchatka..laud mosquitoes and scarcely anv roads. Tile iieople in Kamchatka are :-:hort. muscular, with narrow eyes* river here v.ns and high cheek bones- Some live | amid elaborate Huge White River Struc- i D re al Clarendon Formally Dedicated Today. CLARENDON. Al'!'_. June 11 (LlP.i — Arkansas' new $1.900.000 st^ie highway bridge spanning the Whitf dedicated today ceremonies at in underground houses. Do» sleds i tended by upwards of 15,000 p-.'r- provlde much of the transportation, sens. The bridge, including the approaches, is over four miles lonr:. and the main span is TOO feet U. S. Senator. Joseph T. or IHarvey Purnell. crowned Elizabeth Baleman • of Clarendon queen of the ope Dwlghi .W. lli.lMJtliis afterncon with 14 planes piir-1 clre f rlral ° lUput is c <"'"«trd di-j'.vork of pipes will be finished be- larg«- licipating. Th" queen's ball will |re , y ° l ™ ' ra "smitler instead of! fore actual construction opens. Anbe held tonight. Cllmale is severe in winter and ::nowdrifls ha'.e been seen even in -June. Russians. Chinese. Japanese and n few Americans mingle here. At Bering island, oif the cast coast, are fisheries 'controlled by Anicrl- i-ans. Fur sealing is an ini]x>rtant industry, but has declined in ic- mit years. One species of satnio'.i provides food, clothes ami boots for the natives. The highest aclivc volciino in Ihe old world. Kluchevskaya feel), is situated Iwre. Rocks .,..„.. than ships were once seen hurled from one of its craters. One river, formed bv ]>r«t springs, is navigable for two miles. Boals frequently capsize in the maelstrom where the principal river. Kamdmtka, meets the sea. Rains are heavy from June to August and coastal fogs are- prevalent in this season Temperature in the southern part rises to a'jout 51 degrees in summer. If Hie Lindberghs decide to fly next, to Japan, they nil) paw t/vcr the string of 32 Kmite islands, many of which are surrounded by n network of seaweed. Birds abound lure. On one island is a mountain around whose base sulphur bubbles up in large quantities, and numerous hot springs are found. There also is a boiling lake. Dense forests are lo be seen and bears are numerous. From Ihe Kuriles it is only a short. Jump to Ihe large islands which make up Japan's mainland. H the Lindberghs desire to sie | more of Soviet Russia after reach-! British commander in ing Ihe Kamchatka peninsula they naval forces in China had re- NEW YORK, June 11. (UP)-All organ without- pipes which produces music by transforming clictrlclty inlo sound will be demonstrated in a radio broadcast Sunday, according to thc M. B. C. The new machine, described by engineers as the most'perfect mechanical musical insirnment ever bade, is Preliminaries Are Underway and Construction . Will Begin Soon. ' ' ' J. P.; Rleknrd of the Volt?. struciion company of Memphis, who FLASHES NASHVILLE, June II. (l!l')_ .•Inijieachmcnl proceedings n;n!ml Gnvrrnnr Henry Horlon ar'r not a dtad Issue. Krpresrntalivr C'. P. J. Mount) jr.; Shrlby connly, (old Mir house nf representatives today in an »np«l f nr rontinua- . j lion of the general audit beinj j j made of state affairs. fT.EPARE FOK STIUKB VIOLENCE IUIIK. u. O. ictlllillu! tJUSCjjM 1. u t> Robinson was the main speaker ! men " s Ol controlling from an organ av.d followine Ills'address Govern-! key " oal ' d llle frequency and Ihe overtones Captain Ranger is able (o duplicate the sound ol almost any . n-i-J.VHi ILIOH ILIlltUL- _T\ L. "I "J "* .'tl-IIIJIHIO. >1 1IV I VI/M Wflf.' the invention of Captain wl " supervise the building of the I sTFimpVvii i.? n T Richard H. Ran»er. Newark. N J , j ^' l ™r system hi tlie newly organized <„,„, J.,7 ',7 , ~" June "' inventor. The principle involved 15 j Sewer ^District No. Three, assisted! „„ ~* nr * i). ,j„_'.".. " tC T S similar io--an alternating current • — "•"• which causes a loud speaker t,-> hum or sing, giving forth a musical note according, to the frequency of the ciirrenl. By devising instrument- and. produce ranjins kfllmll 141 U1L UjJUIIUI^- IJVilKIH W f -...._...., Blackwocd.- elmlrnian - : of the' slate!™ " llslu wlli *l»r to B full orgsn highway commission, delivered l!ic i ™ lts ' . dedicators- address. rhc P'Pelcss organ needs no ini- An air circus was lo be held ."°^°»? f o r broadcasting since Ihe jcleciru'al output is " " by E. J. Heaton. resident engineer, is engaged in work, preliminary lo Ihe opening of actual construction on the sewer line. It was 'reported today that the Vollx. Construction comnanv has i leased the \Vondcr. pity-Cnal ysrds | a: Railroad' and 'Cherry .sireets I from E.'P. Fry. as' Ihe base nt era lions for ihe work here. Applications (or jobs on the ro;,- slruction crows .have already bc?un lourine in bill ll'e preliminary work of Ir.yini; out the route for 11: wrrc suorn .in as driiuly Ehcrifls. furnislicd pnis, uniforms and tear gas tuttay as frars of vin- lence ir.rrcaseil amors strikers in c'astcni Ohio CM| fields. Cabot Planter Found Slain, Money Untouched j CABOT. Ark-. June II -.UP) — Officers loday were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death 1 of Lee A. Edwards, promin- en'. planter, whose badly beaten body war, discovered in a wooded section near hfre last night. ! Edwards family brfran a search! fcr him aller he failed to cornel home aflcr conducting business at Cabot. Hi:; puue and watch were found en his person. Officers believe he was the victim of an unknown enemy. ^ proximalely 37.000 feet of pipe will ,be laid. Iwo.pumping stations nnd i I •< disposal plant built in ihe con-' jslruction of the system. Conference Looked For When Stimson and Henderson Meet In Berlin. BERLIN, June 11. (UP)—A three DT FOR BLYTHEVILLE Committee Will Fix Ob- ieclives for Joint Effort by Civic Organisations. A start on the drafting o f a lone time program for the development of Blytheville was made at a meeting l.isl ni e ht of coiiiiniuses from the Chamber of Commerce, the Rolary and Lions clubs the American Lei-ion and tly. Veterans of Foreign Wars. Dennlle ob;?ctlves arc to adorned, and an efforl will made to enlist the cootwration of all citizens, as well as that of the various civic organizations,- toward their attainment. Following a 'general discussion of community needs and of methods bv which they may be met last night's meeting authorized the appointment of a committee of six. representing the flvc'-orgnnlzatons. which will draft a. program and submit It to the chamber of commerce board nnd Mo-C. n. . Comoress •••••• for Ihe nrcsenl muter a. decision ycslordav h« [i, r cnin . ( of mmcnls nl S|irlnefl(.|il.'Mo.. In the mil brought analnst Hw.son bv N w. 'Irlni of Caruthrisvlte. ' ' Hanson had annealed to (he i>rln»lleld comt from an order of he Pe:.ilscot circuit court naming ')- P. Hamlolph receiver for the '-'• concern on liel'm's applied- Ste-jlc 'Ilie court of said (hit --- •• "|-*>- i.i.i -m HI | |»-||, the action should nm have been brnuqht In Ihr; name of N \v Helm, but should have been instituted in tiio name of thc board nf directors of the company Helm contended that with fifty ,,„- C( , nl of thi! stock he had the right to elect a board of directors, against which board Hanson" vnt^d the other fifty per cent of the slock Kcnson contended that Helm could not elect a board of directors with fifty nor cenl of ihe stock against which K; had voted the olhcr fifty ocr cent. The court or appeals pointed om in ils opinion the way and manner In which this (uiesllon could be selllcil. Tilts opinion leaves Mr Hanson in full control of the StteW Compress Company, at least foi the present, but attorneys for Ihe plaintiff say thai a new action be brought Immediately lo settle th_' question. _ C. C. Ha the defendant I years n resident of Memphis. Tenn. Blackwood, Norwood and Ponder to Attend Fish Fry Dwlghl Blackwood, chairman of the slate highway commission. Hal W. Norwood, state atorney general and 3-rw^r- =^^^m - The program committee, which , wil. commence its work at a meet- A.oecl Barfield Farmer Victim of Pneumonia Attack, es Held ' Former Pemiscot Officer CARUTHERSVILLE, ui-.ii.uiii, uimi: 11. \tj/'j—rt inrce MJ *-umiiit:iH-r? us worK at a meel- C .cornered conference on war'debts »«P "t the city hall tonight, con-DUBS and reparations amon? the United I s| sls of C. A. Cunningham, John . f\tt* SlntPS Ilrilliii <ITW| r?n,-,t.n..,. SllVrler Prr/l Wnrrnn Mn^rtnn r-i.lw Funeral services were held this No. 8. of Pemiscot county has filed suit in Cir- c.ul Court to recover 50.707 81 which the dislricl alleges was paid out of Ihe Milking fund of tbe district illegally and unlawfully. Thc suit Ls against Isaac McKay. »••>•' i *m- auti ta ugilllJM ISllEIC i\lCK.T.V morning for William P. Martin. 03- former county treasurer and Tlie' year-old farmer, who succumbed to Fidelity nnd Deposit company of- pneumonia at his home near Bar- 'Maryland, which furnished his of" Men Entombed in Sunken ! Submarine Are tnis momn Elnnvood cemetery. can fly across the Eea of Okholsi; direct -to a or Siberian [,-orl instead ol turning souihward on a less dangerous flight along the Kurtlef. At any rale, they will visil some of the world's leas! known and scarcely traveled arras. Masonic Officers' Will Name Officers Tonight There will be the annual election ot officers for the Chicltasawba lodge. F..nnd A. M.. tonight, 1:30 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. . LONDON. June 11 lUPI—The Tne deceased is survived by his admiralty announced tcday the' «'!*>«-. Mrs. Callie Martin, two chief of. brolhl>|ls - Jo " nnd Jolln Martin: two sisters. Mrs. Alma Lou-ring of T.ux- ora. Mrs. Lillian Meyers of Kansas City, Kniif.: five daughters, Mrs. l>orted th?re was no truth in a report that any men entombed in.the sunken submarine Poseidon were I E!r ' e Sawyer of Hnrrisburg. Mrs. -"-- ' alive. The aircraft carrier Hermes has reported il received no external lappini Maggie Unews of Memphis. Mrs. Matlie Webb and Mrs. Bee Martin of Blytheville. and one soon. cumulating ° r of land sales for Slates. Great Britain ami Germany (luring the forthcoming visit of Secretary of Slale Henry L. Stimson. was anticipated in government quarters today. Arthur Henderson. British foreign secretary, will arrive in Berlin about the same time Colonel Slim- son reaches the German capital, it was learned. He and Premier J. Ramsay MacDonald of Britain were Invited to Berlin for further conversations on Germany's problems. The presence here of bo'.h Henderson and Stimson. it was indicated. inevitably will lead to a states- ;rs con- Snyder, Fred Warren, Horace Gulp, C. (X Smith and Hoscoe Crafton. Members of the general committee present at last night's meeting were C. R. Babcock, E. B. Lyman, Roscoe Crafton. C. G. Smith and John Waterman of llie Chamber Clay Henderson raiaomm sloner. will also be a guest. Knlght, a vice-president of the organization. Roland Green is treasurer of the organization and chairman of the H«,.,.., .. C_ . PL financial committee. Members nnd 11OUS C On t3St tn?lTy .. Commerce. Russell Phillips, E.j associate members of the organiz- D. Olllen and Horace Culp of thejalion are urged lo assist In prc Rotnry club. Jeff Roland. Victor Bray, Trod Warren and Max B. Reid of the Lions club John Snyder and O. W. Copiwlge of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, nnd Neill Reed, Dr. A. M. Washburti and C. A. Cunningham of the American Legion. delinquent drainage taxes in Ihe dislricl. The suit was. filed by Sharon J. Pate, attorney for all of thc drainage dWrict.s in thc county which arc under (he control and man-! agreement of thc county court. The case will be tried at the July term of Court which will have ils first day July 20th. sunken craft. ca no rci>iy 10 .-..........,„., U iu ujiu syoii. . on Ihe hull of i William Martin of Blvthcville. ! Hearse Pinch-Hitting Expect Inspector Monday to View Hospital Sites A representative of the United Slates Veterans Bureau will probably bo here Monday to inspect available sites for thc $750,000 vet- jerans hospital which Is lo be built- m Arkansas, according to Informa- I was in charge of funeral arrangc- [ ir.ents. Leave Sunday cerning reparations and war debts. Hudson New President of Lions Club at Manila MANILA. Ark—Raymond Hudson, newly elected president of the Manila Lions club, will take office ; al Ihe club's nex; meeting Tlmrs- |day. June 18. Hudson, who Is an Deputies Shoot Strike Sympathizers, Arrested PITTSBURGH. June 11. lUPI — f(}r lo Justice McKnlght. HlilimEM Starr Faithful Visited Fran- j conia Surgeon Before '-i Her Murder. ''.3. NEW YORK, June' 11. (UPi— "''. Disirlct Atltorncy Elvln N. Edwards.'^ hivcMleatjiur .lite murder of .Starf.-'"-' Falthruil. 25. wliose body wns wasli-'^' i-d asbore-on Long Island Monilav. ' : -j late today ordered ci ?matlon of 'he dead ulrl's body postponed. TI>-> body had been removed from Rock- , villc to a crematory where friends '•:'• had gathered for.funeral services. LIVEHPOOL, England. June ll. (I 1 ; 1 )—Dr. o. Jameson Cnrr, ship's sunteon nf the Pi-anconia. and Can- ^t lain Robert Irving "of th'e Prnn?- conia have been ordered lo.Lon- •-'•-. don lo confer vllh Cuimrd ofllclals, •» II was rsiiorled today. .' • "•'. Miss Starr Falthfull. New York -Iris, believed lo have been mnr- ,. dcrrd. was said lo liavc vislled .Dr. • •'•'• Can's cabin before (lie ship sailed '•''•& ftom New York May 29. shortly .bc'-" : '""' i ore-her death. Ciinard'ofllclals"ln. London, denied knowledge of lhe';-u: w'lerculiouls of Carr nnd IrylngY : ?.| who are on leave because the Fran- 1 . : : conia Is bclnij reconditioned. •"'"• •;-. Two Suspects Soujht- . -,'^.i NEW YORK—Starr Falthfull. the .-! Oreenivlch Village girl who follow- A cd Ihe primrose and cocktill .trail ;'.:' to dealh In Ihe sonrty shallows.ot '•'• Long Beach. L. L, was murdered .': bv two men whose description..;-will' ' be sent out to the police with'a '..£ rcaiicsl for. their arrest. District •' v Attorney Elvln N. Edwards of Nas- .'••:' sau county, announced here. . • 'f Th names of .the jUoi^usiiccls '*< were nol reycalsd. ' 1 j j '.' \ i.- '•- '.''•-. An auloiisy revealed"that Ihe 22- .'.-'; year-old auburn haired beauty had been bcalen severely and Ihen .held .-' under syalsr until .drowned, prob- :'•-" ably near Long Beach where thc • - bady was found Monday. "•' : Was Put Off Ship - -..-'.{ Cmiccrning the report that Mis?' ' : Falthfull was put.oft the-steamer '- ; Fiancoula a'fter It had reached ihe ; .V upper bay on Way 29 while she wns .'•:• hi, an -intoxicated . condition, - Mr - -, Fallhfull sakl: •• "Stnrr left t.oine that dav abdut : •< D. ill, saying she was going lo ths • liner to sny good-bye -to. friends" '•'•'. She got back home at 5:30 and - . was not intoxicated. She told us she •' ~. w. iiiK^uji, me utricnuani in •"• *'"* ""•uAii.-iu.t.'u. one toui ua she the cause was for n number of '""' llnt1 two drinks on the lx»t" Nevertheless, uoltce arc - certain . . , and for some lime president Sll >rr was .the girl who was put off of the city club of Memphis and '""-e Franconia. Ihe owner of Hansonhnrst. Cooter Negrn Sentenced in Manslaughter Case COOTER, Mo.-Odell Wolf. Cooter negro, was meted out n two year prison sentence on a chnr?o Henry Wood and Lloyd Lewis of near Cooler entered pleas of guilty connection nnd Lewis, three Slain Nurse Strangled Medical Examiner Says NEWPORT. R. I.. June 111 (UP) —Nothing other than a human hand could have caused the three discoloration; found on the neck of Vcrna, E. Russell. 20. student nurse, after the bruised body was discovered beside a Itnc In Tiver- Stdtc troops pstroled the mininu I ton - modlo!>1 «""»'"« Charles H. • - ^ Bryan testified Uxlay. Rcsiimln; the witness Ihe trial of Elliott R Hathaway, son of Damaged by Flames A vacant house at 100 East Cher- I ry street, rental property of J. T. 'Alford, was damaged to the value of approximately $1,000 by fire, of an unknown origin about 2 o'clock this morning. The loss was cov-, ered by insurance. Policemen noticed the scent of smoke In the air for some time before the fire was finally discovered. A (hick pall of smoke him? over tie business district when (he origin of the blaze was finally discovered and flremen reached the. For Ambulance Startles A NAPLES. June 11. (UP)— Pedes-1 Irlans were startled when they ob-' served a motor hearse proceeding ••long ihe street with a man's body ::w!de and not In a coffin. It was later explained the hear;e hud struck the man Injuring him aud , - tion received by J. Mcll Brooks, ° r " 10 <~l'»nibcr of com- has been seckine of- --. - fers of sites which it Is belteved might be acejplable, and hopes to have at least one and possibly mere in shope for submission. O. P. Moss, c, A. Cunningham and No-Ill Reod have been appointed to a chamber of " — •"« •- --.«,j.«^, \fi k,vitiiuuii.t. (.uinnniee • !)« had b-rn placed in the he,irs E ]to proMnt niythcvlllo's aavanlagts lo be taken lo a hoji lo thc bureau representative. • Chinese Minister to Resign Capital Post WASHINGTON. June 11. <UP>— Chinese Minister to the Uniled Slates Cliao Chu YVu has tendered his resignation to thc Nanking government, it was learned today." Tl-.e minister .will call at the While House bfcore noon to'say goodbye lo President Hoover. An official announcement and explanation ol his action will be made al (he legation later. district here today after t!:ree syin pathizers with the strike al the Kinloch mine near New Kensington were wounded by sheriffs deputies when a crowd stoned a truck load of strike breakers. , The two deputies were held on j charges of inciting a riot, pointing ----------- . — - -on WfSrM-n SnAaL-mn Trin hvo ycars , on Western Speaking irip other new officers are A. D. Bree- firearms and felonious shoolins. - ' (ten. secretary, Kendall Berry, first cits legislator, who is charged with strangling the girl: Br. Bryan slated his autopsy revealed the victim could have died only from strangulation. WASHINGTON', June II (UP)- Presldcnt Hoover will board a special train at. Orang?. Va.. Sunday .night to begin n western speakin? trip. It was announced at the White House. Arrangements call for hi? arrival In Ir.dianapolis for *l:s first stopping phce late onday afternoon. Peru Government Acts to End Revolt Threat LIMA, Peni, June 11. 'UP)—The j Junta governing Peru decreed a succ ;state If mililon. «*, -i P«fl. in the country :nal peace was Jr a rovolutlon- authorllics an- r •••. . njiounccd they had the situation mi j dor control. vice-president, W. O. Green, sec ond vice-president. W. T. Coats. Lion tamer. W. L. Thompson, tail twister, and Lee nosonaevg. C. W. Tipton and Eph Hoaard. 'directors. Mississippian Perishes in Fire at Jackson, Tenn JACKSON. Tenn.. June 11. (UP) '-Trapped on the second floor of a rooming house William A Lynch. Round Lake, Miss., was burned to death today. •Firemen round the man's body °rt th,6:Hoor, indicating he made a mule attempt lo escape when other foomers' called (o him tliat the place wis on fire. He was about •» ^ears old. Illinois Guard Officers Killed in Plane Crash WALBRIDGE, O.. June 11. (UP) —Two men were killed and one Injured today when a small monoplane from Chicago crashed near here. The dead men are Captain C. F. Kuhsus and Captain M. M. Rubner, of the Illinois national guard. piloting the ship for Thomas s. White, contractor. Ihe third pas' senger and ot ihe plane. AH three ware national guard members. Captain Rubncr was killed instantly and Captain Kuhsus died 'at 12:30 o'clock at a local hos- pltal. White was only sllghtlv injured. scene. Firemen succeeded In checking stand ati lhe nam " but "ot before the house "Pinky" nnti bccn considerably damaged. nky Massachus Missing Rockefeller Niece Found, Is Safe LYNNFIELD, Mass.. 'June 11 (UP)—After she had been reported missing last night Miss Ruth Aidrich, 19, niece of John D. Rockefeller, jr., was found today safe and sound at the home of a school chum here. Her father Edward B. Aldrich of Warwick, R, L. came here for her later and she left with him. Aidrich said tbe report of her disappearance was due to a misunderstanding. • Acts of Last Assembly Became Effective Today LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Approximately 200 acts' passed by thc 1931 Geeral Assembly became effective last midnight, the end of the 90th day after adjournment. The acts becoming effective loday are those which did not carry an emergency clause and became operative as soon as they were signed by the governor. European countries still. governed by kings are: Great Brilaln, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Yugoslavia. Roumania, Bulgaria, llaly. Albania and JIuneary. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, thundershowers tonight and Friday. . According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips. Jr., the maximum temperalure here yts- Urday was 92 degrees and the minimum, 73 degrees,.-partly cloudy Today the maximum temperatur* was 84 degrees and the minimum, 62 dejr«.», partly cloudy.

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