The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 1952 ffcRTC.) COUHTER NEWS Stevenson vs .Ike: One Talks Of Farm, Other of St. Francis CHICAGO I/PI — Suppose It Is j by residence—Eisenhower in Kan- Adlai Stevenson vs. Dwight D. i sas, Stevenson in Illinois. Eisenhower in Ihe fin.ils for the Stevenson is 52. Eisenhower will presidency? be 62 in October. The prospect that the Demo- They are both of average stature, crats will nominate Stevenson is now being taken almost as a foregone conclusion in Chicago. , stocky, and partly bald. Each has more than an average share of And there is talk that the (hree other principal candidates — Sen. Estes Kefativer. Sen. Richard Russell and AvorelJ Harriman — .ire adding columns of delegates to see , what their combined total might I. be. In bhort, this "wide-open race" of three days ago now looks like a runaway. If Stevenson opposes Eisenhower, w-hen all this conventioneering is done, the American voter will be called upon to choose between tv.'O | that rare quality that quickly wins over people, all types of people. Ksch has a famous smile, a quick, springy step, electric ge.s- lures. They are both ureat anti yircless conversationalists, and they have, in common, inslant animation when an idea strikes fire. Stevenson's background is crowded with well-to-do people, many of them distinguished, many of them public servants, One was a vice president of the United Slates. One was an adviser to Lincoln. Eisenhower's forebearers were men who ore very *mtch alike in i simple people, strong, hard-bitten, pioneers in spirit, people who an- some ways, totally different in others. Both Burn In West Both are of the West by birth— Eisenhower in Texas. Stevenson in California—and of the great plains swered the call of the West in the century of American expansion and building. Thus. In his speech, Eisenhower uses the figures and anecdotes of the plains states nn,d the farms. Stevenson, the scholar, quotes from Tacitus and St. Francis. The governor works hard over a speech, writes innumerable drafts, comer, to the platform, finally wilh a polished tent — and then embroiders it with extemporaneous gems as he ROCS alnng. Eisenhower is best 'when he is speaking off the cuff. Neither is a professional politician. Neither came up from the El-ass roots, through Ihe ranks, lo the apex of the party. Stevenson is serving Ihe first term of his first elective office. Eisenhower has barely taken the plunpre toward an office. Hiss Is Refused 3rd Trial Appeal Judge Says 'No Newly Discovered Evidence' Shown NEW YORK Wl — Alper His? 1 appeal for a third trial -_ hasjrt largely on his conlenlinn (Hat he was a victim of fort-cry by typewriter — \vr\s denied yesterday in PAGE FIVE Text of Compromise Pledge On Democratic Loyalty Rule AIH CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION ••••••••••••••••••to*! LAST TIMES TONITE BUDDY NJTES 2 For Price of 1 "BEAVER VALLEY" Technicolor Jungle Feature —PLUS— [[HISTORIC WOMEN •* nurrmnn • HNECOlOil Also 2 Reel Comedy THURSDAY & FRIDAY Double Feature PATRICE WrMOREa »-. •* , IM Mr „ la Lrfa - ,„, ^ . _^ —PLUS— 11 Rtratx > ncnwt Cartoon & Comedy the permanent eonven- CHICACrO I/P) — Fol!o'.vin K Is the elusion In -omplete. text of the compromise i (ion rules: oyalty pledae provision which will "Be it further resolved, that the presented lo the Democratic 1 convention believes (n the National Convention today for in- Grow on Trial For 'Pushing' War in Diary FT. MEADE, Md. t/P) — Mrf). Gen. Robert W. Grow, former military attache at the U. S. Embassy in Moscow, went on trial before eight generals toriay on charges of Improperly writing classified intor-j ,, matlon In private records and fail-1 ig to safeguard such data. | The 56-year-old neneral's diary reportedly \vns photographed by Russian agents while Grow was In Frankfurt, Germany, in March, 1951, The Russians put alleged ex- cerpls Into wide circulation for propaganda purposes. They quoted his diary as containing such statements as: "War! As soon as possible! Now! "We must learn that in this war it is fair to hit below the belt," American principles of majority rule. No delegate shall be seated unless lie shall give assurance to the Credentials Committee of the convention that he will exert every honorable means available to him in any official capacity he may have. Search Goes On for Ship's Passengers COPENHAGEN, Dnrunark M>, — Ships anrt aircraft scoured tl4h narrow irafers between Denmark and Swerien today warchiric lor )fl |ias- scilKers and crewmen missing from the capsized l.KHMon Danish freighter Portland. Heavy fens hampered the miera- tio;is. The Portland went down lasi nisht In the Kattecst - the strait brlN'een Dpntn.-irk and Sweden. Maritime sources herei speculated that fhe may have struck n floating World War II mine. Three ere\v metnliers uere rescued hy the C. ernmn freighter Nruenrie. 'lliree women [Msseirfrers and n remaining 15 crewmen were listed as mlssine. Federal District Court. Of the convicted perjurer's mo- lion, Federal Judge Hpnry W. Ooririard wrote in his opinion: "There Is no newly discovered evidence which would justify the conclusion that, i! it were present- cil to a jury, il Would probably result in a verdict of acquliui." Hiss. 47, one-time high State Be-, pariincnt official, was convicted at! nis second trial in January, 1050. I Sweet-smelling heliotrope WHS m- An initial trial the previous year! troduced into Europe from Peru f.llried with Ihe Jury deadlocked, j almost 200 years ago, Immediately He now is serving a five-year becoming popular, term at Lewisburg, Pa.. Federal Prison. The indictment against Hiss said he lied lo a federal grand jury j Hiss attorneys had submitted no when lie testified he never envc I proof to support the "defendant', Stale I)i-)iartmcin secrets in Whil- taker Chambers, a former Cunl- munist .spy r,tii^ cour.c, u^ ^ World War II. At his seniencing 2'i years aRo. Hiss told Gortdnrd thai he was "confident that in Ihe future all the facts will be brought out lo show how whiltaker Chambers was able to carry out forgery by typewriter." Norman Thomas Shows His 'K' Badge in Chicago CHICAffO MV- Norman Thnmav six times Soclnlls! party nominee [ for President, displayed lml;ty a new i.ypi> barter which' lurned up at I llir- Democratic National CoJivrn-j tifut. i Thomas, \vhn is here ns a reporter reprcsejitinc sevci-.i! newspapers, said the red. white and blue-sirip- ed hadce lettered IAK \va* clven him by a friend K-ith this explanation, "The lelters stand lor "I am cott- fuscri,' "Tlie 'K' shows how real!}' con- fllsrrt T am." NOTICf! I Notice Is hereby civen that Ihe: understen»d has filer! with Ihe 1 Commissioner of Revenue; of the | Slate of Arkansas [or permit to sell! and dispense brer at mail on thej premiMs de-scribed as So. Kim. fily- theville. Mississippi County. The imrirrsli;ncri stales thai, he Is n citi/en of Arkan-a.s, of eonti moral fharactrr. thnt he Jjas nr\rr bcrn convicted of a fcLivnv or other rrii:i<*' Involving moral nin'itudr 1 ; (hat no license to ;-oll hnrr bv the unrl^i 1 - stcned has lieen rrvikeri within l.vr years Inst past; aiuf thHt tlu 1 uu;i^r- signed has iifvci' Sicrn t'on'.'ictcd ;>i violating the ls'.vs of this state, or any o'hcr sute, relative to the sala of alroholir liquors. Application is for permit to bs Issued for operation beginning on the 1st rinv of Au2. 1DS2, and to expire on the 30 day of. June. W53. T. K. Knn ? . Applicant Sut»rrilwd and sworn to befora me thi.i 18 day of July. 1K2. Oscar Alexander. Nolary Publlo My Commission expires: S-12-S3. \vriier and other "new evidence." Goriflnrd said yeslerdaj* (hat th« to provirie that Ihe nominee.** of the convention for President and vice president, through their names or those of electors pledged to them, appear on the election ballot under the heading, names or designation of the Democratic party. Such assurance shall be given by the chairman of each delegation, nnd shall not be binding upon those delegates so signify lo the Credentials Committee of the convention pior to Its report to this convention, and for this convention only such assurance shall_not be in contravention of existing law of the state of (he instructions of the state Democratic governing body." Last January, months after Hiss bad gone io prison and the U. S. upreme Court had declined to re- iew the case. Hiss' attorneys lade the bid for the new 'rial on rounds of Ihe allegedly faked type- iupjxisition . . . Chambers constructed the aliened duplicate typewriter from the typewritten rharnclerR in the Hiss letters, or that il was done lor him by some Communist friends." The typenvriter was entered ns evidence at the two trials. Chambers produced documents and testified they wore copies of government papers made [or the Soviet RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WED.-THURS. "FABIOL.A" Michele Morgan Henri Virlal FRIDAY "GOLD FEVER" John Calvert. Ralph Morgan Elevator Man Called a 'GOP' CHICAGO l/n — Elevator operators have more than their share of lips and downs at the .(am-pack- cd Conrad Hilton, the Democratic convention hotel. A portly lady got one foot. In an already filled elevator h«t. night, then had to withdraw nt the insistence of the operator. She withdrew, but not wordlessly. "Republican!" she shouted. WARNING ORDF.H Tn Ihe Chancery Court. Chirka- sawbj Hlslrfct, MUslisippI County, ArkansaK. Sterling Gordon. Ptf. vs. No. 13,117 Shirley Louise Gordon. Dft. The defendant, Shirley Louise Gordon, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty rinys In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Sterling Gordon. Dated this 15th day of July, 1952 Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykcs. D.C. Bill Rader. attorney for pit. James M. Gardner, attorney Ad Litem. 7,16-23-80-8,6 /£ fa/ft ! /oo/ He PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE • And a smart Pop you've got! He koowj that for all around performance with economy Phillips 66 is the gasoline to jtei! It's patktd with Hi-Tesi energy! The Hi-Test element* in Phillips 66 Gasoline assure smooth performance- PhiUips 66 fires and evenly . . . provides easy starting and lively acceferx- cion^ And you tavt gasoline becAus« Phillips, 66 burns so efficiently/ Along with all this, Phillips 66 Ga,<o- ine is controlled according in the season. Summer, winter, spring or fall—it's right for your car! Get it xt a station where you see che familiar orange anil black Phillips ffi shield. IUWHCATE FOR SAFETY EVERY 1,000 MIIES spy rim* on the typewriter by Hiss and his wife. Chester T. Lane, Hiss' attorney. said he would deride whether to appca! Goddard's decision after readinc Ihe opinion. W1CD.-THUHS. JUIA' 211-21 'Deadline, U.S.A." —with— Humphrey Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community CiMitei" - MANILA, ARK. Matinees S.'U. & Sun. I'lionc 58 WKD.-TIIUKS. "JUST THSS ONCE" Peter 1.,'twfonl rain AY "BROKEN ARROW" James Slowurl (i::i() p.m. Show Starts lit Dusk. 2 Shows Kvcry Nile. LAST TIMES TONITE Dollar Niles C.'ti'lonri for ?L On -toon & Comedy THURSDAY & FRIDAY MGM's stiffing adventure WESTWARD YHE WOMEN ROBERT TAYLOR '(IF.MSE IHRCEIJ Cartoon & Comedv New CMC Morfsl f?0-!>awfreJ br H» tcmational ne»- "302" goiojme vnfve-ln- neorf 1*5 f».p. engine. Also avaffoijfs at GASOUNE '/, TO 30 TONS DIESEL 7 >/, TO 35 TONS WPS IH I/P TO A HAIf-TOW US5 WffGttr HfRf I F you use gasoline-powered tractors in the 45,000 GCW class, here's big news. This new CMC Scries -170 will haul more pay load than any other vehicle of its rating wilh comparable standard equipment— up lo wore than a hall-ton than somel That's because GMC has found new ways to take dead weight out of truck design by advanced engineering. One example is CMC's sensational new "302" valvc-in-hcad engine that delivers 145 h.p. at 3200 r.p.rn. It weighs less than other engines of equal power hy as much as 500 Ihs. ^ict it's the highest-compression gasoline trvick engine ever built — gives you extra mileage from regular luelt Come in. Compare them —in power, in pay load, in rugged long-life construction-against all the rest! 1 hen check the price and you'll agree: nowhere else will so little buy so much in a 3- to 4Vi-ton truck. HORNER-WILSON M HERE'S YOUR PAY-Off ON A GhK 470 UP W A HAlf-ION MOM PAY IQAD HfRf Same trelfht-iarinf in cab-s?fr-t>i;irif 309 East Main Street Telephone 2056 oc a u»J Iructc with yovr GMC <hal«r

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