The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1950
Page 8
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"VAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVn.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION twiiy r«M p*r tin* tot taftertiOB. , Minimum CHAPR* *0e 1 tim« per Jin* )** 2 limes per Itne per d*T 12c 3 llmts r*r Mn« p« d»y •« • timed p*r line JXT dsj ...... 7c 11 ilmer ptr line per day ic Mnnin per Jine iWc Count tire RveraE* worrti to the lint Art ordered lor three or Mi times and •topped oernre expiration win tw charK- «O tor the number nt timer the »d •ppeara ana adjustment ni din mAde AU cJKssLMrd Advert)sing copy fUb- mitlfd oy pprsnnF residing out-Mde oi in* city must t>e accnrnpanlfd Dj" c»xti Rales may easily t>e computed from lb« • bnva tanJe Advertising order lot rcpulai l riser. t'.ons t*KfF tnc- otie lime table Nr> ipsponslblJlty will bp t.iXrn (or more than one mcnrrcct m.terilnn of *ny classified sci All ads are r*.sirlcied 10 their prop*-/ clajsincfltlnn style and tjp* T h * Courier News* reserve* tn* right to edit or reject *ny ad Notice We wish to rxprpss our slutrre thanks -to our frlcnits and neighbors 'or tholr kindness and sympathy rx- tended »s In our rcci-nt bpre:ivcmcnt The Ulley Family. 2:18 ph jg Apartment for Kent 1 unlur. rooms. Couple only 100 E Call after 4 p m. 17 pic 2X 3 room apartment. Unfurnished Private bmh As entrance Ccniplr only Phone 6122. 15 pic 20 3-room ana oath rurnlshed apt Gas equipment Electric refrlcerator Good furniture rh 3373 P Simon 1:31 ck tl Service* Alterations A> children'* sewing — Irs. E. H McCJme, SJO K Cherry, pli 4021. 2:13 pk 20 O ra rcl, Rn n d si cl own Ik5, d rl vcwiiys otirrd. Free c&llmaics, Concjctc tnlxcr to sent. Pli, 3963, 500 South 21st St. 2.J8 pk 3.-J INCOME TAX Do not wait until Uic last minute to file your return. Kile now and avoid rush. EBB H. CARSON at Joe Atkins Machine Shop Hwy. 61 South Phone 3142 After 6 p.m., 20-10 2-2 ck tt FURNITURE UPHOLSTERING OUALITY WORKMANSHIP PHOMM SKRVIOR THE HOUSE OP OHAHM 1JJAL 6190 1|21 ck tf AUTO AND KURNITURK 1XJAN3 Hrnmpi Hpistinal semct uenpra» frtnirHt-t Pnrchs5f Corp 1U6 ^nuth 5tb Phonr m'A MS ck H \VflKninc macniuc* repaired A ' ' iRKet uirUitTlll* Uaciilnf shop Ph a8 JliB ck ir Kortak FnilFljlng 14 nourp iwrvlcc STI.'CNS STC/U/O » ; 22 ck II Typewriter Mnttern ier»lc« Pb tlil nt» Cifr pk 311i50 3-room fur npt ^ hath ctose In OclUlta; paid. Ph. 3220 2,14 [>k 2;2I 3-room fur. spt. Private bath Elcc^ trie Stote. 535.00. 320 K. Second SI 2 16 pk 2|19 2-room fur. ape. bath. Ph. 4336. 2.16 ck 4-room untiir. apt. ana bath At Tarbro. Ph. J897. 2|16 pk • 2;23 One room furnished apart/ncnt J6 per week. Ph. 6213. J[is i>k 19 /uto Supp/ies ond Services For health — SEE REXAIR — Kree demonstrntlon Call 1835 2|l pk 3[t Don't enaanger your IKrolty with «»ultr tires— BUV LEE TinES OBAPMAN SERV1CB STATION M»m & Ul.lslnt, Phone 266S 12113 ek II TYPEWRITERS Hoyul smith C»rm,« »no Remlncton DON EDWARDS The I-ypwrlter Una 110 N Second St nnnnr For Sale, Misc. Tftbtcs and tfl.scs to be nEc^l In dry eoodj store. Ph. 2017. 2 : 17 pk 2r2li Florence fitl ne;t£rr with nil fHUn'", nntl lank. Ph. 29ao. 2 i 17 ph 2; 21 An outhouse. sly c 10' jt 2V.~svnlr<l In- sldp nnd out. Lnngsloii-MrWnnvs Co, teriJsterf-d nltick male cocker IHJIHW Mrs. N. o. Jerome. Ph 3101 2 : 10 ck 213 Iraclor stalk-cutlers, heavy stecle liairou's, front culliva- tors for Ford Tractors. Ph. Lu.xora Jliiciliine Shop, 4g.|| oi^<1511. 2-G pk 3-G One F 21) Farmall wltrTcalifrotoTiirid ireaklng ]j|ovv. Disc, power lirt Motor nd tires In good condition Ph 3ai7 2,14 pk 2 : 2I FOR SALE Cn/c rtnlng KOOd Business located in Bus Depot reason [or selling 111 henllh see Otis E Herd Union Bus Depot. Kennett. Mo. 2||5 pk 2:22 Car Special of die Week! 1941 Chevrolet 2-Door Sedan $50 MB KOIID TUIXlK $895 Good, dependable cur '•Jti I'l.V. FOItDOIl $795 new paint, radio, heater. '•I'J KOimt'OIJPK SI 295 CliiJ) Coupe, radio, healer, new while tires, plastic scat covers. See Our Selection of Used Cars Truck Special of the Week i 1941 Ford Pickup $OQC with Stock Rock %P 7^ '.'19 KOKI> TUDOR -115 A ck'iin lilde car '39 CFIKV. TUDOR $195 Radio, healer, sunshade M2AIKR. FOKDOR $7«5 radio, heater, seat covers, sunshade. A good buy. MO I'OIU) .V-I-TON $305 V-8 (ruck with slock rack, .I-speed transmission. '•Hi KOIU) PICK UP $7!)5 Ki.OOO art mil niiles, new pltinl. -IS DODGE PICKUP $S.lf> Ml FORD l'/ 2 -TON S-195 has new slake bed, a real clean truck. '•I7CIIKVROI.KTSB95 Call - over - Kngine with new motor. These represent our complete slock of used I rucks —lliey move fast because they're priced right. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Ask the G. I. Who Bought One John Lafarietta BIyUieville JOHN SAYS: "I am sure pleased with the 1912 Chevrolet I bought from Langston-JIcWaters last June. I haven't been out anything for repairs (hn car really runs fine. Veterans con make a small down payment on any one of the following cars and then pay the balance when you get your insurance refund. Buy from a G.I. recommended dealer! 1937 Forr) j-door Sedan (BO), a KOO A car...?2!)5, 1939 Dodge 2-(ioor in good condition. . .$325. the 1937 Ford Convertible. . .$225. 193S Buick Convertible.. .J250. 1937 Ford 2-door Sedan. . .$295. 193S Chrysler 4-door Sedan. . .$150. 1910 Ruicls 2-door Sedan for only $350. L cx «P lion ally clean car «,uip- healer. . .$ 195. ' v ra(lio * MK J with radio LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK COMPANY WalnuJ at Broadway Dial 555 for Service w W, y springer jrrscy helfrrs J veil. Sleelc Mo jih 10 K-3. 2:11 p'x 25 STATK CEU'FlFlKD DPL~78 COTTON SEED BURUETTE PLANTATION PHONE 782 1 2-13 ck tf USED TRACTOR -SPECIALS- 1948 Avery Tractor with power lift, lights, in perfect condition; has breaking plow, $4 "ITA disc harrow, planter, cultivator [ / Jy J—JOHN DEERE "H" with buster and cultivators, has new paint and runs $f^F , like new 0 / J ;— ALLIS-CHALMEKS Model "WC" with cultivator and breaking plow . . . new S tires, new paint, excellent condition New Draw Bar Type Harrows :$150 .Vcw draw tar harrows, 7 ft. fypc Inndem width willi 18 1"- f Kew Spike Tooth Harrows S55 Alt mrlal. IS-ft. lift type li^rrows for Ford aint |.'rrciiMiii Tractors. Can ;ilst> lit- I'un- vcrlcil to dniw liar tj-pe Irarlnrs Buy on Proof—Ask for a Demonstration Russell Phillips Tradqr Co. So. Highway 61 Phone 2171 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1 950 -—^^» ' ' ' - - - __ • Our home nt 1110 Willow. 3 forct- IK>.II •-). Hit ^c tip^inics, flour fur nurr. rcplat 1 * 1 . 4 lots. sli;u!e trt-cs. shrubbery i Jrult trr<-.< Ilcasonabtc Ctiarlcs riulii. nil. 256«. 2;I6 pk 21 '• lar ' ;c ltn - GlilU « Cornell. 2|13 pk Ark. j'tione 7G7. ' ">' owner » houso~on~ .1 nI«T size lot 5-rooms niid i,., lh ,„ lomJItlon. I.oralc.1 011 Adams St. eivR i°r| Se frL1m ljl " n fil North.' cVn »™. E. 'S S Aa" m ?!" L " n %!»°"*T,s COUNTRY HOUR CITY CONVRi\'IENCKS Twenty Rcre.s. fronting U. S, Hljrli- uay 61 South Home has three bedrooms, A: mojiem Ai beautiful bath and kitchen- N T K\V HRDUCED PRICE This week only. JOYNEK REALTY CO Pbone 4^46 ami 513 Nile 3205 12(13 ck 20 Fof Rent 1'riv.ite bcdroon 312?. Personal Tlitrty minute photostatlc U-STfcKN'S S'l'UOlO ItR-ck-tl 'I I- Loans Nice strawberry plants — Blnkemore ind Ambrosln Mrs J o Hnrnlih 1719 ,V. Chlcknsnwba 1'honu 3740 2i8 pic 3;S Used Tractors—All makes and models From 5775 up. Also several food, used combines. 61 Implement Co. N. Highway GI—Hi. 2H2 2-1 ck tf; 100% G. I. LOAN 5-room House and bath, on corner Int close to ne» hlEh school «lte Screened In back porch. gnra so 6n a coir Darn A good buy at $5.100 <>ood building with 4-room and rrath living qastrica In conncc- <n South Division Street Pr.ic- -- nc * » » meat bo., meat Want to buy u farm? We 511cor - mr « we*, traies. etc AIM it. Farm '10 acres up toi snme '""-nuure This building could He used ns n grocery store, restaurant or other business It's c i O so to the ne» public housing Bite. (lf B . steal-all lor sfi.700 ) MONEY to LOAN On City Property or Farm Lands CONWAY & HOUCHINS GLENCOE HOTKI. BI.DG. 1-T3 ck 2-13 "ISi'Ke plantation in Northeast A1:k;;.-an(l Southeast Mo. Sec us'for a farm loan. CATICS-WIGGS CO. . 115 So. 3rd St. Hlytlievillc, Ark. Ucorge w ' WIRI:S or w C Cite* Ph 2751 10i26 ck tl for Sole, Real fstate 3 chair barber simp with all futures .- supplies, nwsnaiou. This shop Is Call O^'RC'I '"""" KIXKI buslncr ' s - LUTUKK GH.VV IlKAt.TOIi Phono SI3 or «1S 1211 Enst Sycamore St niythevllle. ArkanMis pk 2.21 JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 2596 J.I ck tl Three bedroom Iioine. Floor n, ;tlc Ian. Venetian blinds, new wood (loons, hath and kitchen "7.7SO- By nn-ncr Phone B71. rnace hard- Price Money to L_oan Uo jou need a lonn to rnpali ot rr- notlel? No ottwn payment OD mort- :ago, no red tape FHA APPROVED RATES S(7 0 ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Lynch Building Ark Rooms Bedroom adjoining bath, In private no me. Man preferred. Ph. 2-130. 2jl7 pk 21 NEW Offers GU2NCOK weekly rate, l 4464 or s< "HOI-EL to permanent inanngcr i-M ck 2-20 Steam hen tccl bedroom si tl Joining bath. Phone 2209. Sfll w Ash St 2,3] pic 2,2J 2-bedroom's upstairs Ph Brclrnnm with Jcltrhm Comfortabls bedroom TRADE YOUR CAR iclvole^s Ph 1)25 pk 2,25 Plione Z^33 i;2< pk ^2^ close In Men only 310 W 1;24 pk 2.21 Nice bedroom, mnn only. Private entrance. 613 Walnut, ph. 21%. 2.18 pK 25 Private room. Phone 2675. : 213 pk a.lfl .Vice steam heated bedroom adjoining bath Men only 603 West Main, ph 1-21 ck tl or apartment I'h. 2;i7 pk 21 house. Smith Store. Arinorel I -mile our. Ph. 6C04. 2:17 pk 221 miles Modern 2-T>rdroom house. If: !OIU1] on Hiv.iiy 61. Ph 2275 2'16 ck 2]19 \Varenoii5e 30'x40 on rallrnsd Biding Midwest Dairy Products Ph 4447 llll« cfc tl FJash cameras re O'S'l'KEM'a STU1JIO all occasions fr'OR KENT Frozen Food lockern Jlsyloclf.i Highway 61 Phone 3172 8(23 ck u 3-room house with bath. KmTjIshTd ir unfurnished. Call 3630. 2.13 pk 22 For Sale, Cars and Trucks . Used C;irs—A11 makeiTand models. From $50 to ?1505 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy. 61 North—Ph. 2H2 -2-.I ck tf Call or Set CARL PAUL New PonUacs. New pickups Noble Gill Pontijic, Inc. Phone 4371 ATTENTION World War 2 Vets A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT WILL BUY ANY CAR, AND WE HAVE THE FINEST SELECTION OF USED CARS IN BLYTHEVILLE REST OF DOWN PAYMENT ON RETURN 'OF YOU* , G.I. INSURANCE. ALL CARS CARRY 30 IDA?* 1 19 IS Chevrolet Flcelline 2-ilonr Sedan •19.11 Buick Super -I -door Sedan, a steal $535 I'JJI 1'oiitiiic "8" 4-rtnor Sedan, a honey' $395 1037 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a nice family car S21<5 1937 1'lymoulh 2-door Sedan, special >95 10-16 Ford V-8 3/4-Ton Truck, slake body '$535 1039 Chevrolet , y t -Ton C ab & Chassis/ mo V orA , condition, li extra good tires... only 5395 A ' X S Jc K! h "• wl ' cel drlve> mighf - v 1917 Dodge 1-Ton Slake Truck, dual ms .nlernaUona, ,/,-Ton P,Kup 1035 Plymouth 2-door, runs good, only. . .579. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember. You Can Always a, ake . Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSOlf CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Wulnul Phone 578 Lost Lost, on Yurbiough roart, small black coriie bag. Kinder may keep money If will return personal bi;!oncin£s lii- cludiuy rcmov.ihle brld-icwork riease eall 3516 or 4907. Mrs. O. 'Anderson 2lH pk 2 ; 1S Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Asb tit GLENCOE HOTEL BUILUINO 48-ck-tl Clothes Designer Says Right Dress Important Wonted to Buy For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE service, csill or contact H B Shcphard. phone 2157. early morning, nnon or n!3ht 1-20 pk 2 20 One 4xS used FVcitch Pool table Ph. 587. 2 , 8 cl - 222 Highest pncc5 paid lot fHlrKENS- UUB Ash Street (Jrncery A- Market 41-1 W Asn 6;V cl „ Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals, picked up tree ut I charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Ulythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DF.AD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. UI2I ox 1.J1 i50 Real Estate . Farms — City Property LOANS If Ictcrestetl in Buying or selling Gee Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil E.-u-ls — Glencoc Bltlg. Ph G8G8 8:20 CK tl Salesman Wanted Outside Lire salesman. Experience preferred. Car neces- NOAH LUMBER CO. Now open for business. We cnn s:\ve you money on your bniltUn? needs our prices before yon buy CMI pive you lumber prices tiom mtll o job NOAH LUMBER CO Lesty Noah, owner •ilO 3. Secom! at. Jtlythp.vlllc. AT* Ph. B71Z or 6^74 Scay M»lt)r Co. offers you a (crrific lr;i<lc-in allnw- sincc on vtKir car when you a brand new 1950 riymuuIII or Chrysler. Or, if you prefer, we'll pay you cash Hie day you biing in your tar. Come down today! T.I.SEAY MOTOR Co. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phone 2122 Whether You're A Veteran or Not, You'll Find Shelton Still Offers the BEST DEAL IN TOWN! And thai means (be best any way you look at if! Considering Ihc price we'll allow for your car, the low prices of used cars, or (he easy payment lernis . . .Shelton will give you the fairest, squnrcsl deal in (own! SEE THESE CARS Chevrolet 2-door, blurk color, r;ulio, heater, and '50 license. in It Ford V-S 2-door, equipped with radio, heater anrl '50 license. 1!)I1 Mercury 2-door, has radio & healer. tni2 Dodge 2-door, hntli radio & healer. I!). 1 !!) Chevrolet 2-rioor, has '50 license. ..a litile rough I)lit n terrific bargain. lyiS I'lymoulh -l-dmir Sedan equipped with a good healer and sunshade. I a IS I'onliac .l-d(x>r, radio & heater. 1J117 Nash Ambassador 4-door Sedan equipped with heater and many other accessories. SHELTQN MOTOR COMPANY 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 U sary. Excellent opportunity for advancement. cry-Ward. Help Wanted S'ou know. Amazin "•cntj to rolks (Iwign and fit ,,, a kc the hardest stunts easier, he insists it's ^rong to put on as many gamicnts'ns possible, he says Lav crs of clothing should keep vou warm by insulation, umlcnvrar shirt, light sweater, ski sweater ski jacket form layers as rto two pairs of wool socks, shoes and s ki pants The properly dresEprt skier Is relaxed and after a skier is relaxed Improvement is inevitable " Pitard ays- WARNING ORDKR In Ihe Chantrry Conrf, rlilck.,- 5a«ba District, Mississi]ipi Cuiinlr, Arnansns. Meredith Polk, (Col), Pltf. »"S- Nn. 11.207 Annie Mac Polk (Col.), Dft. Tiie tlefcudant Annie MM Polk is hereby warned to appear within Wonted to Rent Unfurnl.shcd 3 or 4-room apartment or house with Butane or Propane Ras tanks. Permanent residents. No children. Call Mr. Nash at £63. 2 17 ck. tf ,.,._ vj thirty days In the court named lit M.ontgom-i tlle cn P' ion hereof and answer the 9 1 r, ,.lr on com l )!aint ° r l he plaintiff Meredith Z-Ib LR ZO p olk Dated this 2 rtay of Pebntary,>ii». Harvey Monts, CTwk By Anita Sykes, D. C. F. C. Douglas, attorney for plaintiff. 2,1-11-18-23 Come in ond see the new B.F. Goodrich Tractor Tire CLEATS if Extra traction. • Maximum cleaning. Smoother rule, _ Longer wear. YOU PAY NO MORI FOR EFO TRACTOR TIRtS THE BEST TRACTOR* TIRE DEAL IN TOWN DOWN Balance Next Fall Prices Are Right!

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