The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 3, 1886 · Page 13
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 13

Brooklyn, New York
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Sunday, January 3, 1886
Page 13
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE - SUNDAY. JANUARY 3, 1886. 12 CORBIN'S NEW VENICE. A Valuable Grant of Land Under "Water Secured. Report of the Attorney General and State Engineer to the. State Commissioners Improvements at Manhattan Beaeh to Extern! to Shecpsheacl Hay. Special Correspondence of the Engle. Albany. January 1. 1886. Alioiit a yoar ago tlio Manhattan i'.eacli Improvement Company iimdo an apiilic. - n.lioit tioforo tlio E - tnto Land Commissioners for a (jrimt of lan J under tlio water at Hlieepsliead iiay. Tlio application was opposed by residents living In Hie vicinity of tlio bay. After several hearings tlio matter was referred to the Attorney General and State ICmrincer. They have made their roporl iavoriiiK t)l0 (,'rantinK of llio application with some modifications. It iu as follows: 'futiiv I'umwU&Utners of tin: Laibl (Iv'nv; SHIS fill the Till day of October, tlio papers In tlio above application were referred to tlio Attorney Onenil for liis opinion ns to their formal correctness, and on the IStli of October returnod by him with the following - opinion: ori'. - ci; or Tin: Attohnky crnkiuO A i.i; any. October 18. 1SS1.J To the. Ctimwisslmurt o(i;' I.aud Oiih'n: Sins In the matter of the application of tlio "Manhattan Heaeli linprovonieiit Comiiany, limited, for crant of land under waler at Cravesend, ro - fer' - ed to nio for inv opinion. 1 have to say: That your honorable Hoard - oiieluded to consider the application on iN merits, allhoimh the allidavits roouired by ihe rules of your Hoard are not all attached to tiie application. That the affidavit of twenty year' possession required by the rules of your Hoard shows lhat a small part of llio upland is owned by the applicants as tenants in common with olhcrn, hot as the oilier tenants in common do not reinnnstra'e against tho piautlnc of the applioarion, and as the amount of upland thus owned in common is inconsiderable, I do not think this of itself Is of sufficient moment to require a denial of the application. I find that Die papers and maps of the application in oilier rtpocls in ac. - ordaneo with tho rulei and requirements of yonr Hoard. 1, however, call youratleiiiion to ihe remonstraneo filed :i;:ainst tlio cranlinc. of the application and respectfully advise Ihe appointiii; of tho usual oominit'.oo to hear parties, eic, Yours respectfully, T). O'Himkn. Attorney General. On tho said ISth day of October said papers wcro referred lo the State i'.iiejiieer and Surveyor and were returned by him January 5tli with tho following communication: OFFICII OF TIIH STATE F.NIilNHKlt 1 A Nil SUHVKVO'l. Albany, N. Y.. January .". 1KH1. ) Tth? Hon. Cum, u ixnin nrr.i nf the .ami OjUce : GBNTI.KMEN I have made a personal examination of the. premises where a Kraut of land under wnier is applied for by the Manhattan lioacii Improvement Company (limited). The, examin. - .ti .11 I have made makes 11 quite elear to mv mind that the training of the application would' in no wise obstruct navigation. There are, however, remonstrances Hied opposing the I'raut, and 1 join with Ihe Aliorney General In a Tecomnienda'don that a committee be appoiutod to hoar and determine Ihe issues presented. Kespoetfully. : SWKKT, Siate Engineer and Surveyor. On the Mill of January, lSS.'i. pursuant to ihe recommendation of the foregoing communication and In accordance with tho practice of the Hoard, tho matter was thereupon referred to tho State Kugin - eer ami Attorney General, as a committee to hear panics and report, etc. Tho application is for the graining of acr'.aU lot of land below high water mark of Sheep - head Hay. in the 'I own of Graves - end, Kings t.'ouniv. :!IV acres in extent To the g. - amlng of this applicaliou there wcro liled three separate remonstrances, vi.. : 1. The William A. Kn.'.' - miui estate, by Charles CrooUe, chief engineer, prolcned against tho granting of the application on the ground lhat it would tend to lessen tlio valuo of the properly of faid ostale; that access 10, and navigation of, Sheeps - head l.ev would be greatly impeded thereby: that (lie applicants had not full title to tho uplands adjacent, and that the act of 1S."() gave tho Hoard of Land Commissioners jurisdiction over the haul around and adjacent to Long Island between high and low water marks only, and that as to so much of the proposed grant as extended below low water mark il had 110 Jurisdiction. . Abraham VitnilruM and Motm V. H. Wright, by Andrew C. Ciopsoy, their attornoy, protested against tlio granting of said application on various grounds set forth in their remonstrance Illed with i!io papers herewith, but as these objections have since been withdrawn it is not neodful to further consider them. :l. The Town of Gravesond, by Morris & l'oarsiill, attorneys of said town and tho inhabitants thereof, protested against the granting of the application, on the grounds: (a) That the title 10 the land abovo water sought 10 oe acquired is iu llio Town of Graveseud and not in the Stale, and therefore that tlio Hoard of Land Commissioners had no power to make the grant. (b) That if tliu applicaiiou were granted it would result in great injury to the navigation and fishing in said bay, and would greatly impair the valuo of ;he adjacent properly. ic) That if tho title of tho lands nailer water bo in ;Uo State, and the ronimissioiiers have jurisdiction, pel that they could not grant any laud lying outside md below the "bulkhead lines" established by tho commissioners appointed pursuant to the provisions 3f chapter 670 of Laws of 1MI.0 ; chapter 831 of Laws of IST'J, and chapter Ml of Laws of 1X71. After due notice given, the matter canio on for hearing before your committee on tlio third day of February. 1885, the appearances being as follows: .Mr. James Armstrong, for tho applicant: .Sir. Thomas A. l'earsall and Mr. George 11. I'Tsher, of counsel, for the town: Mr. II. H. Seharniaiin, Mr. Mortimer C. Karl, Mr. Alanson Treadv.ell, for certain residents; Mr. John V. .MoKane. for'i'ownof Graves - ond: Mr. Charles t'rooke, Air. A. II llattersby, for tho Kngeinan estate. The matter was adjourned from timo to lime, tho last hearing being co; uie i.'ith day of .May, 1885. and was Dually submitted and briers Hied August 'J.', IHS'i. I'pon the hearing the llrst objection urged by remonstrant counsel was that the allidavits of the county judge, supervisor and town clerk or of two assessors did not accompany the application according to the rules of your Hoard. It was contended by the applicants that an unreasonable and violent opposition was made to their applicaliou on local grounds, and iliey were therefore unable to got such affidavit, through no fault of their own. On tho other hand, tho remonstrants assorted that no diligent "(Tori had been made to get such affidavits; that County Judge Moore appointed a day for a hearing of applicants and reuioosirants to decide whether ho should give his ai'iidavit or not, and that tho applicants did not appear at that hearing, llowever this may bo, we take it that the object of tho allidavits of' tho local authorities is to inform the Hoard of Land Commissioners 01 the propriety of granting the apiilication when there Is no hearing before it ; but iu cases such as this, whore tho reasons for and against tho granting of the application are fully set forth and urged before tho Hoard or its committee, and the Hoard after such hearing decides for itself as to ihe advisability of tho grant, wo do not think tho omission to obtain such affidavit sutlieiont eauyo for the rejection of tho application: llio procuring of the allldavit bolng a rule of the Hoard and not a statutory requirement, wo think your Hoard have the power to waive a compliance therewith. The remonstrants further objected lo tho granting of the application ou tho ground that all the parties in interest not uniting in the application a grant issued thereon would be a nullity under the provisions of the act of IHoO. which reads that any gram made to any other than tho adjacent upland owner is void. In our opinion, whatever force there may bo in this objection applies lo the grant only and does not alTect the application. The grant, if issuo - J, will inure to the benefit of all the owners of the uplands, those making tho uppliealion as well as tho others, and if the part owners not Joining in the application partake of the bcnelil it would seem to obviate this objection. The remonstrants further objoel that tho Hoard of Land Commissioners has jurisdiction over land only between high and low water marks, Durrounding Long Island Sound, and that it has no power to grunt any laud beyond tho low water mark. It does not appear to us that It was tho intent of tho statute to place such limitation upon tho powers of tho Land Hoard, nur do wo think it can be fairly so construed. The part of the act in question reads, "The powers conferred on the Commls - ilonors of the Land Olllce " ' are horeby ox - tended to lands under water and between high and ow water mark in and adjacent to and surrounding Ixing Island," etc., the purpose of which was, we think. 10 confer jurisdiction upon the said Commissioners to grant as v.eil lauds below as abovo low water mark, whore the grant would not tutorfero with navigation. Yo are strengthened in this opinion from 1111 examination of tho records of grants made by this Hoard and iu predecessors in this vicinity, which show that the Land Hoard has invariably claimed and exercised this right. H is further objected by the remonstrants that the bulkhead cud pier linos established by the Commissioners, under the provision of chapter 070 of tho Laws of lHtiil, chapter 'Ml of tho Laws ot 18T - 'l and chapter 581 of the Laws of I8"f, aro "permanent exterior lines established by law" within the meaning and inienl of that part of tho Law of 1850 which reads: "Hut no grant under this aot shall extend beyond any porinanonl oxterior water lino established by law.'' and that tho Land Bourd has no power 10 issue a patent for so much of tho land applied for as extends beyond such "bulk head and pier linos. Chapter 070 of tho Laws of 18'i'J is entitled "An acl for the appointment of Commissioners to lay out a plan for roads and Btreots iirtho towns of Kings County.'' It provides that the (thou) Supervisors of tlio towns "of Kings County mentioned of which Graveseud is one - ), be appointed Commissioners 10 lay out a plan for streets and roads in said towns." Section ! makes it the duly of said Commissioners to "plan and lay out streets, roads and avouues In the said towns, conforming to the uvenuos and streets and plan of tlio City of Hrooklyn as now terminated at tho city lino, as nearly as may lie piuc - licablo and Judicious. They shall havo a map mado thereof as decided upon by thoni, and shall file tho same, when completed, in the otllco of the clerk of Kings County, and they shall place suitablo monuments to indicate the several localities. Section 5 gives said Commissioners oxclusivo power to lay out streets, avenues and public plucos " ' and all streets or avenues afterward openod shall be made to conform to such permanent lines and tho plans thereof. Chapter 37 of the Laws of 1873, referred to, is entitled "An Act supplemental to au act, entitled 'An net for the appointmont of commissioners to lay out a plau for roads una streets iu the toi'us of Kings County.' " Section 6 ol tho act is as follows: The said commissioners aro hereby authorized and empowered and designate on the maps to bo Illed by thorn the bulkhead and pier lines which are to form tho termination of the streets and avenues adopted and laid out by them along tlu of the district under their jurisdiction, on t.ravos - end am! Jamaica bavs, nnd they are abo authorized and empowered to lay out and map interior basin and bnlltlioud lines on the swamps uml low lanusol the said districts, and such pier, bulkhead and basin lines shall theroupon become a pari of said dis trict, 111 into manner with too lines 01 o.. avonuos.'1 .. , , , - .?iAf,... - f 1K7I Is entitled, "An act in relation to tiie Town Survey Commissioners of Kings County, and tor tin' preservation ottuo maps and monuments prepared and established uy them." Section 1 provides Unit 'be map provided for by tho rormor act shall tie bleu in mo tho Secretary of State and tho oilieo of Ihe nl llw, ('.iililti, Inv'mwl if til llio olliceottho t lerrf of the County, and a copy In each town clerk s oilieo, as provided by the former act, and provides that said map. among other designations, shall show tlio " bulkhead and pier lines. li'nr nmranl - In till, .il ,li,cl (on of tllO lUmOUStmiltS that the ferogo'.ng acts take away from the Com missioners of the Laud Olllce 1110 power 10 510111 n uiilti - ilth,,, ll,n (it,nlii!iiit. SUVSl 1. Sheepsliead Hay was not included within tho territory in which the Commissioners iieentioned in the. acs cited) wore empowered to erect bulkhead anil pier lines. ) That said CoimiiiHsionorn were authorized to es tablish terminal street bulkhead lines only, nnd not such permanent exterior water Hues as wore con - leniitliitcil tiv tho net nf 1K50. :;. 'I hat ll.o maps havo not been Illed as provided by law'. As to whether Sheonshead Bay was lncludod within the territory in which the Commissioners wero empowered to erect bulkhead and pier lines, and whether such maps wero Illed as roquirod by the act of 1S7 - I, tho evidence is conllicting and unsatisfactory, and for tho purposes of determining tills matter we do not consider it important, bolng clearly of the opinion that tho bulklioad and pier lines mentioned 111 said acts are 1101 anon " permanent oxterior water linos" as was contemplated by tlio act of 18.10. Tlio titles of tlio acts of lSliO, 1872 and 1S7 - I, as well as tho provisions ol such acts refer, it seems to us, to such piers and bulkheads as should determine the termination of the streets and arenuos laid out by the commission, aud could not have b?en Intend od to determine or locate the channol of the bay. They were rather interior than oxterior water linos. 1 ho act of 1851) war. intended, wo tako It, to prohibit the erection 01 any whurt or pier that suouiu eneroacu upon any channel marked out by 11 permanent water line, mtonded to dellue 11 and to prevent. 1110 encroachment upon, or obstruction of, navigable Winers. Nor do we think anything in liie acts mentioned shows an intention to divest the Hoard of Laud Commissioners of the jurisdiction of applica tions lor giants ot land under water, as would bo the case if the remonstrants were right in their con struction, wo have considored the testimony bearing upon tho effect that tho making and improving of the proposed grant would have updn tlio navigation and use of tho bay, aud aro of the opinion that its boundary along the shore of the bay should bo modified to conform to tho heavy bluo 11110 wo nave shown on map A, which accompanied the application. This change in tho plana submitted by the nntilicant will reduco tho area of land undor water asked for .'11.13 acres. Tho grant thus bounded would, wo bellofo, when Improved, aid tho Government idnn for improving this har bor w hich Is now In progress, by limiting tho tidal how, and would incidontnlly Increase its depth w hile leaving sufficient amplitude to the surface of the bav. Vi'e now come to tho consideration of the last and rjerhans most imuortant objection urged to this crant bv tho remonstrants, viz. : That tho title to llio laud under applied for Is in tho towu of Gravesonu and not 111 1110 Slate, anu mat, luureioro, the Hoard of Land ConimisBionors have no authority to make tho grant. This claim is based upon throo patents givou by colonial uovoriiors, as 101 - lows : Tho first, known as tho "Kloft patent,'' was glvon in llil5 by William Kioft, Governor Goneral, and grants unto .Moody, Hubbard, their associates, hoirs, successors and assigns, a certain quantity or parcel of laud, together with all tho havens, harbors, rivers, creeks, woodlands, marshes, nnd all other appurtenances thereunto belonghyx, Ac.,iVc. The sec ond was given 111 lbvo by Francis Lovoiace, uovoruor General, etc. It grants unto tho patentees undor tho former patent of 111 13 and thoir associates, the freeholders and inhabitants ot said town, all tho aforementioned quantity of laud, otc., "together with the inheritance of all Coney Island;" also, tho meadow land and upland not specllled in tho former patent, and confirms tho said former patent. The third patent was givon in 1U8I by Thomas Don - gun, and ij known as the " Dougau paieut;" it Is confirmatory of tho other patents. Tho remonstrants have cited a number of cases to support thoir claim that tho Hoard of Land Commissioners have no jurisdiction over tho land sought to be acquired by this applicaliou, for the reason that tho title to tlio sumo was vested iu tho Town of Gravos - end by these Colonial grants. In all thocasoB cited, however, the towns had exercised long continued acts of ownership and control over the lands in controversy, and this fact seems to havo entered largely into tho Judicial consideration aud determination. For instance, in liobbius vs. Ackerly, 111 X. Y., the Court, .Mr. Justice Miller, delivering the opinion, Buys: "Tho town had claimed this right (of ownership and control) from time Immemorial." In Hand vs. Nowtou, 92 Y. Y., it was found that tho town had assumed the right to oxor - ciso, and had actually exercised, acts of ownership and control over tho lands iu question since the time of tho Colonial grants In HiOO and ltVili. In tho present case It is substantially admitted that tho Towu of Graveseud had never exereised any acts of control over these lands under water until at or about tho time this application was made, when the town authorities leased a part of this laud for tho cultivation of oysters, fce. (Seo ovldonco of John Y. McKane, Supervisor of tho town, in minutes.) In the case of Trustees of Hrookhavon vs. Strong, 00 N. V., page 5ti, it was found that the town had claimod the right of ownership and control over iho water and lands under water iu question, and had successfully maintained that right when questioned or resisted, since tho time of tho grant, aud the learned Chief Justice in his opinion says: "The usage of tho parties ' ' was important to bo considered iu construing tho terms of tho grant.'' It is doubtful, therefore, whether tho cases cited are sudicieutly analogous to this case, ever to bo decisive, oven if their eltect wero the sainu a3 Is claimed by the remonstrants. Applicants also produco a deed, dated in 1877, (and before any of tho oyster leases are clatmod to havo been mado) from tho towu of Graveseud, through Its Commissioners of Common Huuds, directed lo make such grant, by tho veto of tho electors of said town, iu annual mooting assembled, to the New York and Manhattan Heaeh Kail - way Company. It is claimod that this deed conveyed all the right nnd title of tho town in and to those lauds. 'Ihe remonstrants also objected to tho granting of the application upon tho ground that its eifect would be to depreciate tho value of lands opposite it on Sheopshead Hay and to make it less desirable and leas salable for cottagors, etc. While not doubling that the residents and others urging this objeciion are thoroughly honest and candid in the testimony given by them, it yet seems to your commilieo thai their apprelionslons aro not well grounded. If the testimony ot tho engineers Is to be followed, and wo havo felt compelled to place conlldcnco iu what they had to say about tho eltect that this application and intended improvement would havo upon the work now iu progress by tho I nited Status Government for tho hottermcnt of the navigation of Sheepsliead Hay, etc., the filling In, and reclaiming of tueso low, swampy lands by the applicants, would tend rather to enhance than to depreciate tho marketable value of land In their vicinity. Wo are strengthened in this belief from the fact that when tho application on tho oilier bide of Ihe island by thoNow orkand Mauhatiau Heach Itallwny Company for grant of land under waler was under consideration by the Hoard of Land Commissioners tho objection by remonstrants was thou made that tho granting of that application would materially interloro with the importance of Coney Island as a Summur watering placo, depreciate the value of the lands iu tho vicinity and interfere with the oiijoymout of the population ot the cities of Now York and Brooklyn, who would otherwise resort there lor recreation and pleusuro. The objections of renionstrautB ill that caso ueem to us to havo been proven ill advised and groundless, and tho ad - Joining properly, instead of bolng depreciated, to have been enhanced in value. After a personal ex - amiitadon of the applicant's upland ami lands in the vicinity your coininivteo aro of the opinion that this objeciion is not sufficient ground for refusing the application. The application being ouo for " bonetlcial enjoyment," tho lands sought to bo acquired will havo to bo appraiaod under the direction of tho Controller, and tho value paid by ihe applicant before the patent will issue. The above and foregoing is a rathor full statement of the questions urged before your committee on tho hearing, with our opinion as to the weight to bo given to oacii. Wo may, porhaps, properly say in tills connection that the Stato has, so tar as we have examined, always claimed tho right to make grants iu that vicinity; ami thai, in opposition to tlio granting of tho application of tho New York and Manhatlau Heach Ituilway Company for grunt of land under water on the opposite side ot Couoy Island, lilod September "2, 1880, Homo of tho questions now relied upon by remonstrants, such as tho titlo of tho lands being iu tho towu, Ac., were thou urged before a committee of your Hoard by tho ro - moustrants to that application, and that tin., application was granted as prayed for. II uw Hoard mako tho grant asked for hero and tho applicant is not the "adjacent upland owner" within the moaning of tho statute, tho grant will he a nullity aud void. If the grant is made as askod for mid tho State has no title to or Jurisdiction over n,0 laud sought 10 be convoyod the applicants acpiiro nothing and the remonstrants aro iu no wise injured. It will, howover, give to applicants such color of titlo as will onnblo them, In tho proper proceeding, to havo tho matter adjudicated aud the - seiuowhat obscure and voxatious question of tho title to and Jurisdiction of these landB Dually decided by tho courts and tho rights of both applicants and remonstrants fully established nnd protected. Wo, therofore, respectfully advise that tho application bo grunted subject to the modification iinlicnted on the map, 113 mentioned abovo, and a quit claim patont Usuo. All of which is respectfully submittod. 1). O'Hihkn, Attorney General, ii. Swuut. Stato Jiuglnoor and Surveyor. Dated December 31, 1885. EOCKAWAY HKACIl IMl'KOVEMKXTS. At Kockaway Beach a now highway is being formed from bay to ocoati. It will be called Bond street. B. W. Hitchcock Is having a cottago erected on Bay View Park. Mrs. Mil Is having a Hat eroded, and Norman Allen Is building a lnrge tenement. .Mr. Wainwright. having returned from t10 uot Springs, is making arrangements to have three cottasos erected. AMUSEMENTS. CtOLONEL SINK'S PARK THEATER. I THE I.KAD1NG THKATKR OP BROOKLYN. FOtt SIX NIGHTS. WITH WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATINEES. ThomnniDfi'rBef this thoitor has loove to announce tha annual onirneemont of Mil. LAWRENCE KftH A RRR RRR EEE TTTTT WTTT 11 H AA R It R R 1! T T HUB A A RRR RRR EE T T It B AAA R R R RE T T RBB A A R R R It EEE T 1' AND HIS EXCELLENT COMPANY FOR SIX NIGHTS. WITH MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, BEGINNING MONDAY, January 4. REPERTOIRE: Change of Plny Nightly. MONDAY. RICHELIEU. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY ERANOEHOA DA RIMINI. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. YORICK'S LOVE nnd DAVID GARRICK. . I .MATINEE. 1 WEDNESDAY NIGHT, ) Diiulili, hili, Trfijiody and Ufimiidy. Mr. Bairetms Actor Yoriok mid Actor Garriok. THURSDAY, J HAMLET. FRIDAY. ' THE KING'S PLEASURE Double Bill, Two mid Comedies, THE WONDER, Mr. Hiirrett as Gringoiro and Don Felix. SATURDAY MATINEE, ' ERANCESCA DA RIMINI. SATURDAY NIGHT. JULIUS CESAR. NO ADVANCE IN PRICES Next woek - Mr. anil Mrs. GEOHG E KNIGHT, in OVER THE GARDEN W ALL. CADEMY OF MUSIC. BROOKLYN. AMERICAN OPERA SEASON. I THEODORE THOMAS Musical Director Beginning MONDAY EVENINgT January 11, 1838. First production in Brooklyn of Goetz's opera THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. THE NEW YORK CAST OV PRINCIPALS. THE UN RIVALED THOMAS ORCHESTRA. THE AMERICAN OPERA CHORUS OV 100. GRAND BALLET. HO DANCERS. Tlio elaborate Now York mine on scono. Other operns for enrly production aro: ORPHEUS AND EURYDIOE, Gluck. LOHENGRIN, Wacom'. TIIE MAGIC FLUTE, Moiart THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Nicolai. AND LAKME, Dolilios. NOTE Intending Boasen subscribers ore respectfully requested to make their selections before the single performance sale begins. The Brooklyn season will consist of ten performances in nil. Subscriptions will he received at F. II. CHANDLER'S. 172 Montague st, whore prospectuses and all information will be cheerfully fur - niKlio:!. ETROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE. SEASON WILL REOPEN ON MONDAY. January i, DIE MEISTEKSINGER. First Performance in This Country. MONDAY, January 4, "wednesdayT January 0, I , DIE ME1STERSINGER. I First purfonuauco in this country. I TANNHAUSER. FRIDAY, January 8, DIE MEISTERSINGER. SATURDAY, Januarv II. Grand MATINEE, QUEEN OF SHEBA. ZIPP'S CASIJiO. VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTS Every evening at 8 o'clock. Mile. M ART1NETTI and Miss LULU DELMAY. Admission to balcony, 15 cents. Orchestra lloor free, excopt Saturdays, 10 cents. AUCTION SAI,KS. SHERIFF'S SALE THOS. A. KEltRI - Ran, auctioneer, will Hell on MONDAY, January 4, at 11 o'clock, A. M., nt No. o DobovoiHost, nunr Broadway, Ji. D., a lot of fine solid Kold and plated jmvolry, old and Bilvor watchoB. clockH, iron nafe, Hhnw cases, etc. By order of CHAULES B. FARLEY, Sheriff. William Cunningham, Deputy. B. WENDKLL, AUCTIONEER, OF - tco 3G1 Fulton st. sella Mondiiy. 10.30 A. M., cor. . Kvok st and Bualiwick rv.. lariro. choice stnok nf rrn - coriuB, fixtures, horse, wagon, Ac, cotiHiiitinB of fino toon, cottons, sugars, and a largo stock of mixed and staple groceries. mTcole; auctioneer. BV COLK & MUIIPHY, City Salesrooms 379 Fulton st. and 1154 to 358 Adams st. WKDNKSDAY, JANUARY 6, AT 10:30 O'CLOCK. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Purlor Suits in Plush, Rep, Hiiir Cloth, etc.. Black Walnut and Paintod Chamber Suits, Bedsteads, Bedding, Dining Tables, Chairs, Lounges, Folding Beds, Marble Top Tables, Pic - turoH, Stoves, Hall Racks. Bureaus, Carpets, Diuing and Kitchen Uoodn, ate. R iOHAUT) V. HARNETT & CO., AUCTIONEERS, Will sell at auction WEDNESDAY, January fi, At IU o'clock noon, at the Real Estate Exchange and Auction Room, 50 to 05 Liborty st, New York, 152 Carroll st, near Ilenrv at, Brooklyn, substantial - 1 story and basement brick dwelling, with extensions; plot, 70x 100x75 roar; house, '2;)i5ltx extension 40 feet; possession immediate; sale positive. Maps at Auctioneers, No. 73 Liheriy st. INSUKANCE. jjjCJ - tl AA 1UO FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, 1117 MONTAGUE STREET, Hrooklyn. 194 BROADWAY, New York. JOHN H. MOTT, PresidIuTt Wu. H. Male. Vies President. :!'t 1 '' - i WlilKB Niohoi.9, Secretary. Mbbjutt Tuxtle, AMUrtmt Secretary. CONTINENTAL INSURANCE CO. CORNER COURT AND MONTAGUE STS. Rosnrvo fur reinsurance 1,953,0114.10 Resnrvo amplo for all other claims 449,58(1.00 Not surplua January 1, 1885 l,5;)r,,2'21.H3 Capital 1,000,000.0:) Oaah assoU $4,9SS.501.!rl H. II. LAMPORT, Prosiduot. K. C. MoonE, Vice Prasidont. Ovuue Pkcu. Suceid Vice President aud Secretary. O. EL DUT01IEE, Socratau Brooklyn Dopartmtnt. 70TNA INSURANCE COMPANY, lYli HAKTEORD, Conn. AGGREGATE AMOUNT OK ASSETS 9.054,610.a TOTAL. EXCEPT CAPITAL AND NET SURPLUS 1,801,428.48 JOINT STOCK CAPITAL PAID UP 4,000.000.00 SURPLUS MEYOND ALL LIABILITIES. . . . 3,193,182.13 lot!.., , 9,054,G10.W A. B. TUORN, Aseut, 20'J Moutagua M. mHE WILLIAMSBUROH CITY EIRE IN - JL SURANCE COMPANY OF BROOKLYN, N. Y. ABSTRACT OF STATEMENT, January 1. 1S85: Oipital $250,000.00 Reserved for reinsurance, Au 01,911.47 Net surplus 439,,2li9.02 Total assets 31,191,180.49 OFFICES: Cornor Broadway and First st, E. D., and 12 Court a - t, Brooklyn; 151) ltrn.ndwiiy. New York. EDMUND DRIGGS, Preaidont, N. W. Mfseiiot.k, Socrct.iry. K. II. Way, Assistant Secretary. W. H. liuoWN, Assistant - Secretary. A. W. (IttlOUX, Assistant Secretary. JESBK Watson, Jr.. Guneral Agent. TLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE OOMPAMT. NEW YORK. OFFICE: 51 WALL STREET. ORGANIZED 184Z INSURES AGAINST MARINE AND INLAND NAVIGATION RISKS, AND WILL ISSUE POLICIES MAKING LOSS PAYABLE IN ENGLAND. ASSETS FOR THE SECURITY OF ITS POLICIES ARE MORE THAN TEN MILLION DOLLARS. Tint profits nf the compan ravm - t to the assured, anil aro dividou annually upon the premiums torminatud during the year, certificate for which are issuod, bearing intoraat lu accordance with its charter. J. D. JONES, President. Os CHARLES DENNIS. Vice Pffaident. W. H. 11. MOORE. Second Vice Presidonlk A. A. RAVEN, l'hird Vice President. J. II. Chapman, S,M - rtnr.v. PHEOTX INSURANCE COMPAH1T, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y., INSURES AGAINST LOSS BY BTBB. STATEMENT: JANUARY 1, 1885. CAPITAL tn UNITED STATES BONDS. ...91,000,000.00 RESERVE FOR REINSURANCE, ETC. . . . . 2,70 ,439.07 NET SURPLUS (540,991.18 ASSETS OFFICES 9 - 3U30.2J PIIENIX BUILDING, COURT STREET; NO. 88 BROADWAY. BROOKLYN, E. D. CITY OF NEW YOUR: WESTERN UNION BUILDING, Broadway, c - .ru' - r Doystraot. OFFICERS: STEPHEN CROWBILL, President Philandeh Shaw, Secretary. William GiiARTznij, Assistant Suorotary. E. IlASLKnUHST, Secretary Brooklyn Department ALDEH S. CltoWELL, Manager Eastern Diatriot. jgEECHER & BENEDICT, CORNER OOURT AND MONTAGUE 8TBBBT& BROOKLYN; BRANCH OFFICE, 145 BROADWAY. NEW YORK. Special attention of tho insuring publla la invited to tha ratos and faeilities of thiB well known firm. HaTing been successfully established for nearly fifteen years, thoy aro favorably allied with luadiug inauranoo companies, and exclusively GENERAL AGENTS FOR BROOKLYN AND LONG ISLAND OF THE LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE IN8URAN0B COMPANY, OF ENGLAND; SUN FIRE OFFICE, OF LONDON, ENGLAND: WASHINGTON FIRE AND MARLNB INSURANCE COMPANY, OF BOSTON: FRANKLIN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Q PHILADELPHIA. Manufacturing and mercantile establishment, the own ra nnct nccunnntfl of urivatd dwellings, buildora and man. agcrs of estates will find it to their advantago to learn b? correspondence or personal intorview the tonne of pro posals to De eooitrea at una omce. Liberal arrangements mado iritb reliable. oaUHHa tuaere. AMUSEMENTS. BROOKLYN THEATER. H. O. MINER Proprietor and Manager MONDAY, January 4. WEDNESDAY and SAURDAY MATINEES First Appearance this Season, W. G. GILMORE'S GREAT BIG COMPANY In tho Famous Romantic i pectacular, entitled the DDD EF.B V V II I DDE V V II L D D EE V V II L DDE VV II L DDD EBB V II LLLL ' SSSSS SSSSQ SSS' A V V COO TTTTT It OOO NN N A A U U O O T II O O NN N AAUUO T HO ONNN AAA UUOO T HO ONNN A A UU OOO T. II OOO N NN Under the management of CHARLES II. YALE, Esq, MAGNIFICENCE OF SCENERY GORGEOUS COSTUMING. CATCHY MUSIO. SURPRISING SPECIALTIES. BEWITCHING BALLETS. INSTANTANEOUS TRANSFORMATIONS. Tho absolute cleanliness of motive, strong dramatic east, artistic action, faultless features.wonderlul mechanical effects pluco this company at tho HEAD AND FRONT OF ALL SPECTACULAR ORGANIZATIONS. The ontire performance producoa at an actual outlay of Twenty - two Thousand Dollars. THE GRAND ENGLISH BALLET TROUPE IN THE PADUOAII DRAGOONS. THE HOUSES OF THE HIPPODROME, THE CHINESE BELLS. THE DUDKS AND GRAND PEACOCK BALLETS. Threo Famous Premieres Mllo. ELOISE, Mile. SPINAPOURTE, Mile. ZANTILHUE; The Famous GARNEL Bros., J. B. DYLLYN, CARTER, the American Jap; The liurlesiiuo Traneeze, ALBERT MATIN ETTI ; Miss LOUISE DEMPSEY, And a Cumpany of SIXTY PEOPLE. TWO CAR LOADS OF SPECIAL SCENERY: Haunted Dell of Gigantic Mushrooms, Andoche Valley at Sunrise, The Haunted Castle of Aristole, The Mysterious Chamber, Tho Subterraneous Cavern of Reptiles, The Feast of the Lantt - rno, Tho Golden Palace of the Pasha. THIS YEAR GRANDER THAN EVER, And Acknowledged to be the Largest SPECTACULAR EVER PRODUCED. MONDAY, January 11, " LOST." AT THE BROOKLYN ROLLER SKATING RINK, MONDAY AND 1 UESDAY EVENINGS, ATTRACTIONS. WEDNESDAY EVENING O. 0. FULLER, Burlesque and Fancy Skater, on big wheels. Two separate acts. THURSDAY EVENING JOHN M. STOUT, of Mount Sterling, 111., Champion Star Bicycle Rider. SATURDAY EVENING PROFESSIONAL RACE. GRAND PRIZE FANCY DRESS AND COSTUME CARNIVAL. CARNIVAL. WEDNESDAY. Januarv 20, 81,000 IN COSTLY AND USEFUL PRIZES. Living Representation of Bartholdi's Statue, LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD, By Mile. LOUISE MURIO. GRAND HISTORICAL TABLEAUX, Illustrating a Famous Event in the History of ENGLAND AND AMERICA. THE GREAT TOWER OF LONDON. THE GREAT TOWER OF LONDON. ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY OF Miss JENNIE HOUGHTON, Queen of the Rink. Prof, M. L. RICH, Prince of Impersonators. KINGS COUNTY WHEELMEN, in their Groat Demon Drill. THE BROOKLYN SKA TING BRIGADE. DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT. SONS OF VETERANS' DRUM CORPS. Register your namos at onco in the manager's office. ADISON SQUARE GARDEN, Twonl.v.onv,.,,!!, ul nnlronnn nn. Snli.hln with the JAPANESE VILLAGE. ' Three receptions daily (Sundays excepted), 10 to 12, 1 to 5, 7 to 10. "TVTOVELTY THEATER, BROOKLYN, E. D. A7i Every evening and Saturday only Matinee. J. C. Duff's Standard Theater Company in the MIKADO. Noxt week Murray ,t Murphy in Our Irish Visitors. INSTKUCTION. A PRACTICAL DESIGNING FOR O WOMEN. THE MID YEAR TERM OF THE WOMAN'S INSTITUTE OF TECHNICAL DESIGN. 112 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. OpeiiH MONDAY, January 4, at 2 P. M. New classes in all departments form during tho week. SPECIAL ATTENTION CALLED to NORMAL CLASS fur TRAINING TEACHERS of ART INDUSTRIES for colleges and schools. Applicants for free classes will apply betweon hours of 1 and 2 P. M. For circulars address FLORENCE A. DENSMORE, Secrotary. fco'S TILL SUMMER VACATION; ?20 PER term BROWNE'S, tho only "actual business practice" college in ses&ion both day and evening UH - i and U0( Fulton st, upposite Johnson; twenty - sixth year; office up one lliirht; open Holiday week for visitors. Clever boys pushed rapidly; denip.nd for exports; backward lads and adults roceivo npecial and separate instruction in writing, arithmetic, bookkeeping correspondence, spelling, shorthand, etc. f FRENCH CLASSES ' AT THE BROOKLYN LIBRARY. Separate classes for TEACHERS who desire to pursue a serious and systematic course of study, will be organized on JANUARY 7, 1880, at a discount of 50 per cent, from tlio regular terms. Apply to the librarian. TJRYANT it STKATTON BUSINESS"COL" - fi LEGK, 40 Court at, oppnsito City Hall. Individual Instruction. Students may enter at any time. Quarturs dato I'rom the timo of commencing study. This is tho only institution in the city dovotod exclusively to Business Tr&iniDi;. Call or sond lor circular. O. OL AG HORN. PrinoipaL IMGHT'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Brooklyn. E. D.. Broadway, corner Bedford av. iim mrco.ti uviiiijiik tcnooi nn i,ima isianu, hi R1COPEN alter the holidays, MONDAY, January 4. Two huudiod and eighty - ono Btuduuts restored uiucu September 1. Thorough and practical instruction in academic and commercial studied, Hhorthand and typewriting. Dny and ovenin sen - dons. For catalogue uddroas HKNHY C. WliXUHT, Principal i?7 Tim largest school of shorthand on Loim Island is at "WRIGHT'S BUS1NKSS COLLEGE, Brooklyn, K. D Broadway, corner Bedford tiv. Classes every hour, day and evenniB, for beinncra und advanced students. Mun - aon's rtyntem. Two experienced lady teachers. Fitteen typewriters. RmitiKton and CaJiKraph instruction. Sit - liJitioii.s froe. For catalotjuo call or address HENRY C. WRIGHT, Principal. INSTRUCTION GIVEN ON THE PIANO by a young lady; terms $7 and $8 pr quarter, including use oi piano in lieatod room. Call at 2G2 Pearl street. SEKCIAI NOTICES. M SCHULZ & KRO., DEALERS IN FURNITURE, CARPETS, Ac, fi04 FULTON ST., NEAR BOND. Credit if desired. VALUABLE SPECIALTIES IN DRUGS, by JAMES QUEE. i!5U Fulton at. Crude petroleum capsules, so Hucressfully used by French and American physicians for bronchitis and consumption: copaiba capsules lor disorders of kidneys and bladder; medicated jujube tablnts for throat and voice. jpiPORTANT " TO EASTERN DISTRICT ADVERTISERS: rrrrn h keb T H HE T HHH KB T 11 M E X H II EUB ItlCB A GGO t, ItfCB It AA n O I, E KB A A O L EB K AAA G GO L K EBB A A GGO LLLLKE9 BBB RRR A NN N OOO H H B BR RAANNNCOH H BBB RRR A A N N N O HHH SB R R AAA S SNO OH M BB U IU AN NN OOC U U OOO FIT FFF II COO EKH OOF F HOOK O O FF FF HO EB OOF F IIOOE OOO F F It OOO BBB AT M BROADWAY, E. D. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR TUB DAILY WILL BE EEOEIVED UP TO 11:30 A. M AND FOR THE SUNDAY EDITION UNTIL 10 P. M., SATURDAYS, EWS DEPARTMENT, BRANCH OFFICE, WESTERN DISTRICT. NO. 8 BOERUM PLAOB, CORNER OF FULTON 8T, COPIES OF THE EAQLB CAN BE PROCURED UP TO 7 P. M. DAILY. BAOK NUMBERS SUPPLIED. AMUSEMENTS. T1KAND OPERA HOUSE. GGO RRRR A NN H DDDD AA N N N D D A A N N N D D A A N N N D D AAA N N N D D A A N N N U D OPERA HOUSE. OPERA HOUSE. O OR R G R R G GO RRRR G OR R G OR R GGO R R AN NN DDDD KNOWLES A MORRIS, LESSEES AND MANAGERS EVERY EVENING AND USUAL MATINEES, THE BRILLIANT YOUNG ACTRESS BELLA RRRR EREB R RE R RE RRRR EEE R R K R RE ;;; R R REEB IN THE NEW ROMANTIC DRAMA. BY MORGAN BATES AND ELWIN A. BARRON, A HN NM OO D IS KB W TTTT A It Nit H J1KNM O O U U NN N T AA II N N N MNNMO OU UNNN T AA IINNN M M M O O UU N NN T AAA II N N N M N M OO UU N NN T A A U N NN K K K K K K KK K K K K ... K K MONDAY. Janunry 11, HENRY OHANFRAU AS KIT, THE ARKANSAS TRAVELER. CADEMY OF MUSIC. A MM MM EEE RRR H OOO A Kit W A A MM MM 1! R R II O O AA NN N A A M MM M EE RRR HO A A N N N AAA MMMM.E R R II O 0 AAA N NN A A M M M EEE R R II COO A A a NN OOO PPP EEE RRR A O O P P E R R AA O O PPP EE RRR A A OOP E R R AAA OOO P EEE R R A A THEODORE THOMAS Mnsicnl Director Tho ninnacunuinf. huri tlio honor to unnounco that a sen - Bon of GRAND OPERA, siiiik in English by AMERICAN ARTISTS, will bo iiiaugiirutod on I MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 11, 1888. o . o Tlio sisRHon will consist of nine evtmiiiB performances nml one niatineii, covering the period between January 11 anil April 17, 1880. On the opening nigrlit will bo presentoil, for the first timo in Brooklyn. Goetr.'s opera, in four acts. THE TAMING OF THE SHREW. In the third act will be introduced A GRAND BALLET DIVERTISSEMENT. The music soloctod from Rubinstein's " BAL COSTUME." The ot her operas to bo given during the earlier part of tile kriihou are: ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE, Gluck. LOHENGRIN, Wagner. THE MAGIC FLUTE, Mozart. THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Nioolai, And LAKME, Dnlibes. Tlio Drincipal artists engaged for tho AMERICAN OPERA SEASON are: SOPRANOS. MEZZOS AND CONTRALTOS. Pauline L'AlIomund, Malildu Phillipps, Ileleno llastreiter, Matilde Muellenbaoh, Annis Montague, Sara Barton, Ohnrlotte Walker, Helen Dudley Oampbell Kato Bensberg and and Emmajuch. Jossie Bartlott Davis. TENORS. BARITONES. W. II. Fessanden, William H.Lee, diaries H. Thompson, Alonzo E. Stoddard Albert Paulot nnd and William Candidus. George Fox. BASSOS. W. II. Hamilton, John Howson John Gilbert, nnd Edward J. O'Mahony, Myron W. Whitney. rnNDIIf'TOKS (THEODORE THOMAS UUMJUUUKS (GUSTAV HINRICHS Stage Director WILLIAM HOCK Muster of tho Ballot MAMERT BIBEYRAN Master of tho Costnmwt ALFRED GODCHAUX THE ORCHESTRA. THE UNRIVALED THOMAS ORCHESTRA. THE CHORUS. ONE HUNDRED VOICES. THE BALLET, EIGHTY DANCERS, Including twelve male dancors and the adraucod pupils of tlio Ballot School of the Ainoricau School of Opera. PREMIERES, Theodore do Gillert, Kclicitn Carozzi, Bella Giccondio, Romiida Vio. SECONDAS, Bossi, Garni, Falvgi, Coralli. Tho MISE EN SCENE for eacli opera has been carefully studied, and, it is belioved, will leave nothing to ho desired. Every opera will bo strictly reproduced as givon in New York. NOTE Intending season subscribers aro respectfully ro - iuesto'l to make their solectoins boforo tho single performance sain begins. Tho Brooklyn season will consist of ten performances in all. Subscriptions will bo received at F. H. CHANDLER'S, 172 Montague st. where prospectuses and ail information will be choerfiitly lurnisliod. LTeevTXcaIiemy ok music. Every Evoniinr. Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. I AIN'T SAYING A WORD, AM 1 MESTAYER .t VAUGHN. "WE, US & CO." No - it Week THATCHER, PRIMROSE A WEST. "jgROOKLYN PHILHARMONIC. THEODORE THOMAS, Conductor. TWENTY - EIGHTH SEASON. SECOND ORCHESTRAL MATINEE, TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 3 P. M. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Admission 60 Cents, Reserved Seats 25 conts oxtr5 Tickets at CHANDLER'S, 172 Montague st. SAVINGS BAMtS, BROOKLYN SAVINGS BANK, DECEM - ber 'J8, 1883 Accounts of depositors with this bunk will be oredited on tlio first day of January. 188G. with interest (payable after tho llltll) at the ratu of THREE PER CENT, pur annum, on all sums that may boentitled thereto by law and rules of tho bank. By order of tho Board of trustees. JOH N AL L AT IM E RjC;ish i e r. SEVENTY - FIRST DIVIDEND SOUTH BROOKLYN SAVINGS INSTITUTION hereby givo notice tn ilep'VMi.cirs that interest fur th" six months ending December :llst inst., at the rate ol FOUR PER CENT, pi - r annum ou sums of $2,000 and under, and ONE PER CENT loss on the excess up to $:l,000, will bo paid on and alter January lf, 188(1. Deposits inane before tho 10th of January will draw interest from the 1st of January next. Duceuibor 31, 1885. F. H. TROWBRIDGE, Secretary. EAST BROOKLYN SAVINGS BANK, (543 Myrtle nv, corner FrnnUIin The triiHtoes of this bunk Imve declared the somi :umunl interest dividend ou all doposita entitled thereto, at the rnto of THREE AND ONE - HALF ('6) PER CENT, per nnnum on nil acenunt. - i not in ficess ot $l,O0IJ, and At tho rate ot THREE (:t) PER CENT, per annum on any excels of 31,000 up to and not exeoedinK 5g;),00U. Interest paynblo on nnd nt'tor Jjtnuary'ld. iiitpusitu made on or before January 10 draw interest Iroin January 1. DARWIN R. JAMES, Prosidont. Ecgenk F. Bakxes, Treasurer. DIME SAVINGS BANK OF BROOKLYN, corner Court and Remsen Bts, Brooklyn, N. Y., December 10, 188"i. The Trustees of this bank havo declared an interest dividend .it the rate of THREE PER CENT, per annum for six months ending December :il, 1885, on all sums entitled tliereto. not exceedingTHREE THOUSAND DOLLARS, payable on and after January 15, 188G. SEYMOUR L. HUSTED, Preaidont. JOHN W. HuntEH, Treasurer. B. H. Huntington, Secretary, jf ERMANIA " SA VINGSB ANTvKINGS K County, 375 Fulton st, opposite City Hall, Brooklyn, N. Y. The Hoard of Directors have declared a dividend at tho rate of FOUR (4) PER CENT, per annum on all dopositB up to Five Hundred Ci5(J0) Dollars and at tho rate of TI1REE (:1) PER CENT, per annum on the excess over Five Hundred ($500) Dollars, payable on and after January l!f. 1880. Deposits made on or before January 10 will draw interest from January 1, 18HC. F. A. SCHROEDER, President. II. Gkilino, Secretary. J. LKHItKNKltAUKS, TroHsurer. F. ICot'H. Cashier. CONEY ISLAND. JRIGHTON BEACH RAILWAY. Trains leavo Bedford station 0:45, 9:00, 11:00 A. M., 1:15, - iO, :t:30, 5:15, :30P. M., and Prospect Park station 5 minutes later. Sundays, as above, except the C:45 A. M. train. rf10NEY ISLAND. WEST BRIGHTON BEACH, BRIGHTON BEAOH, MANHATTAN BEACH. PROSPECT PARK AMD CONEY ISLAND RAILROAD. EXCURSION TICKETS. 25 CENTS. CHILDREN OVER 5 AND 1'NDKB 12 YEARS OF AGE. 15 CENTS. Childron under 5 years of age, FREE. TIME TABLE: Trains loavc Brooklyn Depot. Ninth ftr. and Trrantlttb st. (Greenwood). 6:30, 7:1)6, 'J:00 A. M. and hourly thereafter until 8:00 P. M. Trains leave West Brighton, 7:00, 8:05, 9:30 A. M, and hourly thereafter until 8:30 P. M. Trains run half hourly on Sundays and raae d&7 &f t nouns. ON SUNDAYS. First train leaves Brooklyn 11.00 A. M. First train leaves West Bricllton 0:30 A. M. 1 - lorso car routes direct to Brooklyn dBpot: Vsndcrbilt nnd Park av lino from Fulton and O&tharlB ferries and East River bridge; Jay, Smith and Ninth BS line: Adams st, Bucruiu place, Atlantic and Seventh ar line ; Boerum placo, Atlantic and Fifth avg acd Fifteant kl lino and Hamilton ar und Ninth st Una TKAV1EL,, 'I'KASPOU'irA'riOlV, Sec. Hteainboatti, JLL FARES REDUCED VIA STONINGTON LINE. INSIDE ROUTE. To Providence. S2.25: to Boston, 933.00. First class Steamers leave from new Pier 30, North River, one block above Canal St. at 4 :30 1. M. daily, except Sunday; a now train, with parlor cars (reclining chairs) botwoon steamer's landing and Boston without charge. F. W. POPPLE, (ienerai Passenger Agent. JgRlDGEPORT. Steamer ROSEDALE leaves pier 24 Eart Hirer at 3 daily luirty - hrst street. East River, 3:15 P.M. FARE 23 CENTS. - foj ORWIClfLINE" REDUCTION OF FARES TO ALL POINTS. Boston $3.00: Worcester $2.60. Steamers leavo Pier 40, North River, foot Watt st, noxt pior abovo Desbrosses st. Ferry, at 4:30 P. M., daily, ox cept Sundays. BostonTnewport. north and EAST, FALL RIVER LINE; heat Sound ronto. Maximum accommodations, minimum rates. From Pier 28, N. R., foot of Murray st. Now York, at 4:30 P. M. dailv. Sundays e' i - eoteil. Steamers BRISTOL and PROVIDENCE. Connection from Brooklyn by Annex Boat, foot of Fulton st. at 4 P. M. , BORDEN a. LOVELU GEORGE L. CONNOR, Asents. General Passenger Agent. ifStnON LINE UNITED STATES MAIL VJT STEAMERS, Bailinil from Pior No. 38 North River, foot pf King at. lor QUEENSTOWN and LIVERPOOL, afolloirs: AKiiON A Tuesday, Jan. 6. 4:00 P. M AU i bbiii 1 A Tuesday, Jan. 12, 9;3U P. hi Oabm passage. $00, $10 and $80. Intermediate $3,. Steerago from New Yorlr, $20. Prepaid steoroire to Now York, $15. GUION i CO., 29 Broadway, Neir Yortfc JOHN C. HENDERSON & SON. 311 Fulton it. WM MM OOO OOO MM MM O O O O M M M M O O o O M M M M O O o O M MM MO O o O M MM MO O o O M M M OOO OOO PPPP II NN M P P II NN N P P II N N N PPPP II N N N P II N N N P II N NN P II N NN AMUSEMENTS. CRITERION THEATER. FULTON STREET, near Grand avenue ceo rrr n irrrt eee rrr n 000 rrw w COR R II T E RRIIO ONNN O RRR II KB RRR II O ONNN E R R II O ONNN... EEE R R II OOO N NN ... O OR OOO R R II R II SISSON fc HILLIARD Loasoos and Managers. ONE WEEK ONLY, COMMENCING MONDAY, January , 1886, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY MATEJEES, The Young Amerioan Actor, Mr. J OOO H HSU B L JO OH H NN N L JO O HHHH N N N L J JO OH H N NN L JJJ OOO H H N NN LLLL ... BBB O O RRR L EEE n GGO H H BBUURRL E II G O II H BBB U U RRR L EE II G HHHH B B U U R RL F, II G GO H H BBB UU R R LLLL EEE II GGO H H Will appoar as Cherubini in tho Grand Romantic Drama, written oy the eminent dramatist, Oharles Gaylor, Esq., entitled THE BBB OOO II II KRH MM MM IT A NN It B BO OH HE M M M M II AA NNN BBB O O HHHH EK M MM M II A A NNN B BO OH HE MMMII AAA N KN. BBB OOO H HKEBM M 1IUA AN NN A Beautiful, Pure and Interesting Play, Well Acted by a carefully chosen company of talented actors. NEXT WEEK, Miss ESTELLE CLAYTON IN FAVETTE. gPECIAL. I CRITERION THEATER, I WEEK COMMENCING January 18, 188G, Debut ROBERT C. HILLIARD MR. In Frank Marshall's Colebrated Comedy, f FALSE SHAME. Sale of seats begins Monday, January 4. at 8 A. M. A GRAND CONCERT MATINEE With Humorus Recitations and Impersonations, Will bo given at the BROOKLYN THEATER, TUESDAY, January 12, 18811. at 2:15 P. M., FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE DAY NURSERY, Comioctod with tho Bureau of Charities. The following eminent artists havo volunteered and will gositivoly appoar: Miss Clara Louise Kellogg, Miss Hattio chrotor, Mibs Anna Winch, Mr. Harry S. Hilliard, Mr. Francis S. Powers, Mr. Henry E. Dixey, Mr. John A. Mackay, Mr. Robert Hilliard, Mr. Whitney Mockridge, Mr. Harry Rowe Shelley, Mr. Ivan Morawski. Reserved seats can be had at Chandler's, No. 172 Montague st, on and aftor January 4, price one dollar each. - - JNION SQUARE THEATER. Commencing Tuesday, January 5. MARGARET MATHER LEAH THE FORSAKEN. ?.Iatineo Saturday. Under ho iuananeuiont ot J. HILL. .13 7 DON'T MISS THE SECOND ANNUAL BAXL, (In aid of the Charitable Fund), VOLUNTEER FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, AT METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE. THIRTY - NINTH STREET ANU BROADWAY, TUESDAY EVENING. January 5, 1880. Tickets $2, admitting gentleman anil ladies. This is the only organization composed of all old flremon of Now York who give a ball for charitable purposes this Winter. Groat novelty in decorations, ancient tire apparatus, etc. JOHN DECKER, President. Jamzh B. TwiNGAY, Chairman, ) Jamks J. Fehhis, Secretary, ; Ball Committoe. Michakl Crank. Treasuror. TKAVEI,, TKANSPOKTATIOJi, fcc HtcnniHliipg. - HOOK'S TOURISTS TICKET OFFICE, J 261 BROADWAY, COR. WARREN ST. N. Y. Single iour'nov and excursion tickets to FLORIDA, NEW ORLEANS, HAVANA, BERMUDA, MEXICO and all Winter resorts. SPECIAL EXCURSION TO MEXICO, HAVANA and FLORIDA leaves JANUARY 8. See COOK'S EXCURSIONIST, with maps, published monthly; by mail for 10 conts. Address THOS. COOK & SON, 261 Broadway, New York. GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, COMPANY'S PIER, NO. 42, NORTH RIVER. Foot of Morton at. NORMANDIE, Franguel Wed., Dec. 30. C:00 A.M ST. LAURENT, do.Iousselin. . . .Wed.. Jan. 13, 10:00 A.M. CANADA deKersieblec Wed., Jan, 20, 5 A. M. Checks payable at aignt. In amounts to salt, on tbt Banque Trnnsatlantique, of Paris. LOUIS DE BEB1AN, Agent, No.6 Bowling Green, N.T, PENNER 4 RODGERS. 85 - 37 Court it, Brooklyn. TNMAN LINE. FOR OUKENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY OF CHESTER Saturday. Jan. . 4 P. M. Cll'V ur CHlCAuO Saturday. Jan. 10. 2 P. M. CITY OF RICHMOND Saturday. Jan. 23, 1 P. M. From Itiinau Pier, foot of Grand st. Jersey City. Cabin passage, $00, $80 and $100: intermediate, $36; steerage Irom Now York. $20; prepaid tickets, $15. PETER WRIGHT & SONS. General Agents. No. 1 Broadway, New York. JOHNC. HENDERSON SON. 344 Fultonst; or H. F. KOCH,44i Broadway, Brookiyn.E.D. NCHOR LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS, Stiliug weekly from New York for GLASGOW VIA LONDONDERRY Eithiopia, Jan. 10, 2 P. M.!Ciro - issia, Feb. 13, noon. Dovunui. Jan. 30, 2 P M.:Khi',oi. F.,1,. 2". 1 P. M. Cabin passage, $60 tn $80. Second class, asa Steerago outward, $20; prepaid, $16. urc,viV.r,,1!'V;s"E0 "r further information apply to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 Bowling Green, Nov York, or JOHN TAYLOR, 68 Court st, Brooklyn (opon SatUr - day evenings from 7 to a :30 o'clock), and 627 DeKalb ar. Dear ostrand. CHARLES H. BERRY, 144 Broadway, Wllliamsburgb. S' TATE LINE NEW YORK TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. BELFAST OB LONDONDERRY. PASSENGER STEAMSHIPS SAIL EVERY THURSDAY From Pier 42, North River, foot of Leroy st. Patspngnr accommodations unsurpassed. Cabin passage $30 and $40, according to location of stateroom. Steerage to and frum Europu ut lowest rates. Excursion tickets at reduced ratos. AUSTIN BALDWIN 4 CO.. Agonts, No. 63 Broadway. BERNARD BOOAN, Agent, 65 Court it, Brooklyn. Parculs forwarded to all parts ol Europe by Baldwin's Snropean Kxprasa. c "1UNARD LINE. VHE CUNARU STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED, BMw't, Ngw York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Harbor. FROM PIER 40 N. V.. NFW YORK SERVIA Saturday. Jan. 2,2:3(1P.M GALLIA Saturday, Jan. D, 7:tt0 A. M AURANIA Saturday, J an. 2 :00 P. M And ovory foilow.iii; aaturuay RATES OF PASSAGE: Cabin passage. jgOO, 4H0 or $11)0. KccordinR to accommodation. Intennudiat1 pnssagn, 35. Tickott to Paris, $22 additional. Return tickets on faf - ornblo terms. Steerage at very low ratea. Stoerngo tickets from Liverpool and Quoonstown aud all otuur ports of Europe at low - tat ruttiH. Through bills of lading given for Belfast, Glasgow, Ilavro. Antwerp and other ports on tho Cuntinent and for Mediterranean ports. For froieht and passao apply at tbo company's offices, No. 4 Buwlinir Green, Now York. VERNON H. BROWN & CO., Agents. For pnssage tickets from or for Kurono. drafts at lowest ratos and further information apply to T. H. HENDRICK - bON, No. 215 Atlantic av, noar Court st, wole agent for Br.ioltiyn. - r U V K ' ! ' ' - r - l - .vn K D NORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP LINE Now York. Southampton and Bremen. jw t - i.i T .1 rt U Hr rl..l.l.. tr...t T .. on II A M 'lUiUlI, nnt.i UBll, At - , ill,' nun. i?vi,.oii,iw,un.iu. Rhtnu, Sat.. i A. M.;Nockar,Sac..Jan. '2'A. 8 A.M. jjonau.sat.., z f. ai. i - un;r,vM.(jan.,i;ilJLl:auAtM FtmiT8 markfid sml fur Briiini'n direct. Raton of p.iNflir to Havre or Bremen. On ExpresK ateamors, 1st cabin, $S0. 8100 and 3129 2nd oahin, $60. On older steamers, 2nd oahin, $50. fitoorncoat lowest ratos; return tickots at reduced rate& Pier between Second and Third air, Hoboken, N. J. OKLR1CHS k CO.. No. 2 Bowline Green. N.T. fflTE STAR LINE. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, I'KUJt rina nwi.TM rtiVil - K. GERMANIC THURSDAY. Dec. 31, 7:00 A. M. CELTIC THURSDAY, Jan. 7, i 00 A. M. UK IT IV MO THU RSI) Y.Jan. 14, 11:90 A.M. ADRIATIC THURSDAY. Jan. 21. 5 :3U A. M. Cabin rates, $60, 880 and 3100. Steoraga tick eta, from New York. $20; from tho old country. $15: intermediate In Adriatic, $35. N. B. Theno steamers do not carry cattle, sheep or pigs. For paBaage tickets or drafts payablo on domand oTory - whore in England. Iroland, Scotlfiud, Sweden and Norway, fct. lowest rates, apply to V. ALDRIDGE. 12 Court st, and JOHN If. MORGAN, 85 Broadway. Williamsburgh. R - J. CORTIS. 3jfBroadway, Now York. CoaHtwlfio Steamers. N13 W YOKK AND CUBA MAIL STEAM SHIP COMPANY, I'OU HAVANA, ONLY WEEKLY LINK OF AMERICAN STEAMERS, From Pier 10, Eatit Uivor, 3 P. M. NEWPORT SATURDAY. January 2 SARATOGA SATURDAY, Januarys FOR NASSAU AND ST. JAGO. CIENFUEGOS THURSDAY. January 7 JAMES E. WARD & CO., Agonts. 113 Wall st, N. Y. ALIFAX, N. S., AND ST. JOHNS. N. F. RED OROSR LINE, Pier 3, N. R. S.S. PORTIA B.S.PORTIA Saturday, Jan. 9. at 3:01) P. M. Saturday. Jau. 23. at 3:00 P.M. New iron atflamerfl, eloKsntly fitted up and prorided mtli all modern tmproTomonts; cabin alnidsliip; excollout table: charminjr sconory: splendid llsliuic and auundauoo nf ahootlnc. Halifax, first cabin. $14. second $8: St. Johns, first cabin, 832, second, $17, including excellent table. BOWRINO 4 ARCHIBALD, agonts, 18 Broadway, N.Y. CHAitLKSTO.N. .SAVANNAH. FLORIDA AND THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST, Via CHARLESTON, S. C, at 3 P. M. From Pier '17, North Rivor, foot of Park ulaca. DELAWARE, Cant. Winnett Wed., Jan. G CITY OF COLUMBIA. Cant. Woodhull Sat.. Jan. 9 J AHltfi v. r Aim x, uu., akuhib. OR WILLIAM P. CLYDE & CO.. 35 Broadway. Via SAVANNAH. G at 3 P. M. From Pier 35. North River, foot of Surinjr St. TALLAHASSEE. Capt Fislior Tuus., Jan. 5 CITY Ol' AUGUSTA. Capt. NicKoraon Thurs., Jan. 7 CITY OF SAVANNAH, Capt. H. C. Dusgutt. Sat.. Jan. 9 H. YONGU, Ag.nt All tiiese steamers aro provided with first class passenger accommodations. Insurance 1 of ono par cent. Premium can bo collected at destination if insurance is ( footod by two o'clock at union oifice, or by throe o'clock at giers, on or before day of sailing ; othorwiuo it must bo paid y shipper. For turthor information aDnW to the nf tltn r. spectire lines as abovo, oftice on pier, or to W. H. RHETT, Genoral Agent, Great Southern Freight and Passeiucff Linus, union office, 317 Broadway. New York Oitv. TRAVEL, TRANSPORTATION, dec. Railroads. BROOKLYN ANNEX FOR JERSEY CITY. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. LEAVING FOOr OF FULTON STREET DAILY. A. M. 6:30,7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30.9:00,9:30.10:00, 10:38, 11:00,11:30, 12:00 A. M., 12:80, 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 8 :30, :00, :30. 5 :00, 5 :S0, 6 :00, 6 :30, 7 :00, 7 :30, 8:00, 8:80. 9:00,9:30,10:00.10:30,11:00. To Fall River and Boston boat, 4:00 P. M. Returning, leave Jersey Oity on arrival of aQ trains. Baggage cheoked and tiokets sold to all points. Aak foi Brooklyn ticket when returning to Brooklyn. IT. JANSEJB, SnporiBtaadsot. ERIE AND BROOKLYN ANNEX. FAKE TEN GENTS. Boats leave Bridge pier, foot of Fuiton st, for depotg of the New York, Lake Erio and Western Railroad and Philadelphia and Reading railroads, at Jersey Oity, as follows: a. m., i to:.o, iu:uu, rx:zu . ai.. jl:id,3::u,o:io,o:4j. 7:45.9:60,11:15. Sundays A. M.. 8:10 P. It. 6:15. 7:30. li:f)b. tTo Erie Depot only. M. E. STAPLES, Sup't Fairies. JEHIGH VALLEY RAILROAD. PASSENGER TRAINS Leave depot foot of Oortlandtand Desbrosses sta. at 8 :0b A.M., 1:00, SAO and 7:00 P.M. for Eaiton, Bethlehem, Allentown, Reading, Mauch Chunk, Glen Summit, Wilkesbarre, Towanda, Waverly, Ithaca, Geneva, Lyons, Buffalo and the West. Pullman through coaches run daily. Local trains at 7:00 A. M. and 6:40 P. M. for Eaa - ton, Bethlehem and Coplay. Trains loaving at 8:00 A .M., 1:00 and 3:40 P. M. connect for all points in Mahanoy and Hasleton ooal regions. Sunday train leaves tor Mauch Chunk and Haxloton. 8:00 A. M. General Eastern Office, 336 Broadway. K. B. BYLNGTON. G. P. A. ONG ISLANDRAILROAD. Trains leave FIr.tbush avenue Denot for the follorr. 1DK yotnui anu way stations: Gieonport, 9:15 A. M.; 3:25 P. M. Sag Harbor, 8:30 A. M. ;3:25 P. M.: Sundays, 8:55 A. M. Patohoguo, 8:30. 11:00 A. M. ; 3:25, 4:20, 5:20 P. M.; Sundays, 8:55 A. M. Babylon, f.:46, 8:30, 11:00 A.M.; 3:25, 4:20, 5:20, 0:00, 7:U0P. M. (12:10 night, Wednesdays and Saturdays only): 8undays,8:55 A. M.;fi:30P. M. Port Jefferson, 8:60 A. M. ; 4.20 P. M. ; Sundays, 8:55 A. M. Northport, Huntington, 8:60 A. M.: 4:20, 6:30 P. M.: Sundays, 8:55 A. M.; 6:30 P. M. West Door Park and Hicksville (8:50 Hicksville only), 9:15, 11:00 A. M.; 3:25, (4:20 Hicksville only), 5:20, (6:30 Hicksville only), 7:00 P. M., (12:10 night, Wednesdaysand Saturdays only) ; Sundays (8:55 A. M. ; 6:30 P. M. Hicksville only). Locust Valley, Glen Cove, 8:50, 11:00 A. M.; 2:00, 3:25. 4:20, 5:20, 6:30, 7:00 P. M. ; (12:10 night, Wednesdayaani Saturdays only); Sundays, 9:30 A. M. : 6:30 P.M. Far Rnokavay, 6 - 45, 8:30, 11:00 A. M. ; 1:00, 8:25, 4:20, 6:20, 6:00, 7:00, 8:10 P. M. ; 1 12: 10 night, Wednesdays am). Saturdays only); Sundays, 8:55, 11:25 A. M. 2:00,6:301 Garden City, Hempstead, 6:45, 8:50, 11 00 A. M. : 2:00, 3:25. 4:20, 5. - J0, 0:30, 7:00. 8;I0 P. M.; (12:10 night, Wed nesdays and ."Saturdays only) - Sundays, 8:55, (9:30 Garden Oity only) A. M. : 2 00, 6:30 P. M. SHEEPSHEAD BAY AND MANHATTAN BEAOH, 6:45,9:30 A.M.: 1:10. 3 20. 5:45 P. M. : (11:55 Saturday nights); Sundays. 9:30. 11:30 A. M. ; 2:20. 4:00 P. M. EST SHORE RAILROAD. N. Y n A ti n n n nn i AfifkoJlf.TONRUOTED AND FINEST ggUrEFAKsDURffi F0B BUSINBSS On and after Decomb r 13, 2885, trains will leave front West Forty - socond st station, New York, as follows: 11 trains leavo from now down tor n ata.ion, foot of Jay st, North River, iiO minutca earlier than tn.m foot of West Forty - second st. Dotroit and (Jnicago, 9;3Q A. M., ''G.OO, 8:10 P. M. slcoporH throuch. St. Louis. 6 00. 8:10 P. M. Slooporn throueh. Buffalo, Rocbestor, SuBponaion Bridge, Niagara Falls, "U:30. A. M.. - G:00, "8:10 P. M. Sleepers and parlor cars. Utica and Syracuse, U:30, 1I:'J0 A. 2d.. ti:00. '8:1U P. M. Highland, PoughlcePpBiaand CaUkill, W9:'3Q, 11:20 A. M. 3:55. 8 : 10. 1 1:40 P.M. Nowburgn, Kinston, Sauportieaand Albany, 9:S0, ll:'i0 A. M., 3:55, - (1:00, '8:10. "11:40 P. M. Saratoga, via Albany, 11 A. M.. fi :00 P. M. For Montreal and Canada East, fi:00P. M. Hamilton, London. ,(J:30 A. M., lOO, 8:10 P. M. Tcronto, 9 :30 A. M.. tC:00. "8:10 P. M. Baily. tDaily noept Saturday. Other trains daily oxcopt Sunday. For tickots, timo tables, parlor or Bleeping car accommodations, or information, apply at offices: Brooklyn, 4 Court at; Annex office, toot of Fulton nt; 838, 860 Fulton Ht, 7 DoKalb av, 215 Atlantic av; Williamsburgh, 107 Broadway; Greenpoint, 210 Manhattan av; New York City. 3fi3, 'JUi Broadway and West Shore Stations, foot of Went Forty - fuuond st and foot ot" Jav - st. North River. Westcott's exprotis will call for and chock BagKaRO from; hotels and rosidonces. Ordnrs can be left at ticket offices. HENRY MONKTT, 230 Broadway, N. Y., .vncrnl Pas - pneor Agent. NEW YOliK CENTRAL AND HUDSON RIVKR RAILROAD - Commenoinff Novembor29, 1885. Traina leavo Grand Central Depot: 8.00 A. M. Rochester and Montreal Express, with through drawing room cars to Rochester, St. Albans and Montreal. 960 A. M. Fast Limited Chicago EipreBS, with dinlne enrs. stooping ut Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Rochestor, Niagara Falls, BuiTa'o.J'lrie, Cleveland and Toledo. Ar - ri" ing at Chicago at i) :50 A. M. next day. 10:30 A.M. Chicago Express Drawing room cars to Car andaigua, Rochestor. Niagara Falls and Bulfalo. 1 J :00 A. M. Western New York and Northern, Express, witli drawing room cars. ;:":30 P. M. Albany. Troy and Utica Express. With drawing room card. Runs to Saratoga, Fort Kdward and Glm Falls on Saturdays only. G :Q) P. M. Cliicago and St. Louis Express, with sleep inr cars to Niagara Falls, Bulfalo, Cincinnati, Toledo. i. - troit, Chicago md St. Louis. f: :30 P. M. Express, with sleeping cars, to Syracuse and to Auburn road and to Saratoga ; also to Montreal. ' ;9:15 P. M. Pacific Exprons, with sleeping cars, for Rochester, Niagara Kalis, Buffalo, Clovolana, Toledo, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis: also to Watertown end Ogdenabnrg daily, except Saturday. 11:13 P. M. Night Expross fur the North and West, with sleeping carsfor Albany and Troy. For Garrison and West Point. 7:15, 8:00 and 11:00 A. M..'J:30, 3:30. 4:00. f:00. G:30 P. M. For Fishkill and Nnwburgh, 7:15, 8:00, 10:30 and 11:00 A. M., '2:30,8:30, - 4;IX), S:00 and G:30 P. M. For Fishkill only. "9:00 and 11 :l.r P. M. For Ponghkocpsie. 7:15. 8:00, 10:30 and 11 :00 A. M., 12:30, 3:30, "4:00, G:00 t:)0, (!:30, '9:15 and 11:15 P. M. For IUimobpck nnd Rondout. 8:00. 10:30 aud 11:00 A.M., 3:30, '4:00 and t:3() P. M. Tivoli and Sauger - tiHH. 8:00 and 11:00 A.M., '4:00 and fi:30P.M. Catnkill 3:00and 11:00 A. M.. 3:30 and 4:00 P. M. Hudson and Athens. 8:00. 10:30 and 11:00 A. M.. 3:30. '4:00, o':30 and 11:15 P. M. Coxsackie, H:00imd 11:00 A. M. andM:00 P.M. Albany. 8:00. '0;5O, 10:30 and 11:00 A. M. 3:30. 4:00, '6:00, 0:30. "9:15 and 11:15 P.M. Troy,8:00and 11:00 A. M.. 3:30, 4:00. f.;30 and 11:15 P. M. 'Theso trains run daily; all others daily except Sunday. For trains for intermediate stations see time table. Tiokots on snlo at Grand Central Dopot, 5 Bowline Grnon, 413 Broadway and at Westcott's Express offices, 3 Park placo. near Broadwny, 785 and 942 Broadway and 62 West Ono Hundred and Twonty - fifth st, New York; 333 Washington st. and 730 Fulton st, Brooklyn, and 79 Fourtla st, Williamsburgh. Accommodations in drawing room and sleeping cars can bo proourod at 333 Washington st, Brooklyn. Baggage called for and chocked from residenco. Brooklyn pissengers can reach Grand Central Depot la about thirty minutes by taking bridge cars and Third ar. Elovated Railrond. J. M. TOOCEV. D. M. KENDRICK, Genoral Superintendent. General Passenger Agent. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Lilt EAT TRUNK LINE AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE. ON AND AFTER DECEMBER 20, 1885, Trains loavo Now York, via Desbrossos and Oourtlandt streets ferries, as follows: Express for Hsrriaburg, Pittsburg and the West, with Pullman Palace cars attached. 9:00 A. M., 0:00, 7:00 and 8:00 P. M. daily. New York and Chicago Limited of Parlor. Dining, Smoking and Sleeping Cars at 9:00 A. M. overy day. For Wiiliamsport, Lock Haven, G'orry and Erio, at 8:00 P. M., connectinK at Corry for Titusville, Petroleum Center and the Oil Regions. For "Willianisport and Lock Haven, 9:00 A.M. Baltimore, "Washington nnd the South " Limited Washington Express" of Pullman Parlor Oars daily, except Sunday, 10:00 J M. Arrive at Washington 4:00, and ' tjondressionitl Limited Express" it.iily exept Sunday, at :l:4ll P. M., arrice at Washington 9:05 P. M. Regular at 6:20. 8:00 and 8:30 A. M., 1:00, iMI and 9:00 P. M. nnd 12:00 night. Sunday, ti : 15 A. M. and 4:00, 9:00 P. M 12:00 ni?ht. Fix Olil Point and Ndfolk, via New York, PhiladolDbia and Norfolk Railroad. 8:00 A. M. week days, 8:00 P. M. overy day; ia Baltimore, Bay Lino, week days, 1:00 P. At. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Express for Broad street Station, Philadelphia. 6:20, 7:20, 8:00,9:00, (9:00 md 10:00 A. M. limit - rtl. 11:00 A. .M , 1:00, 3:20. 4:00. ,:30, 6:00. 0:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 P.M. and 12:00 night. Accomm Intion, S:3l), 11:10 A. M and 4 - .40 P. M. Sunday, G:15, 9 ;00, (9:00 Limited) .and 10:00 A. SI., 4:00, 5:00, 6:UU, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 P. M. and 12:00 night. Trains loaving New York daily, except Sunday at 7:20, 9:00 and 11 : 10 A. M., 1 :00, 2:00. 4:00, 5:00 and 8:00 P. M. week days, and 0 P. M. Sundays, conneot at Trentoo for Camden. FOR ATLANTIC CITY. Express, except Sunilny, 1 ;00 P. M. FOR CAPE MAY. Express, excopt Sunday, 11:10 A. M. Boats of Brooklyn Annex connect with all through trains at Jersey City, affording a speedy and direct transfer for Brooklyn travel. Accommodation tor Trenton, 0:30 A. M. and 2:00 P. M. Long Branch, Bay Head junction, and intermediate Stations, via Railway nnd Amboy. 9:00 A. 31., 12:00 noon, 3:40 and 5:00 P. M. On Sunday 9:45 A. M. aud 5:00 P. M. do not stop at Asbury Park). Newark and Eliznlioth. 0:00. 0:30, 7:00, 7:40, 8:30. 9:00, 9:20, 10:10. 11:10 A. M 12:30, 1 iU0, 2:00. 2:30.3:00, 3:20, 4:00, 4:10, 4:40, 6:00, 5:10. 5:20, 5:30, 5:40, 5:60, 6:00, 6:10.0:30, 7:00, 7:10. 7:50. 8:30. 9:00. 10:00. 11:30 P.M.. and 12:00 night. Sunday, 6:15, 8:0(1. 9:00. 9:45. 10:00 aud 11:00 A. M., and 12:00 noon 1:00, 2:00, 3:00,4:00, 4:30,5:00,6:30 7:007:45. 8:30. 9. - .10. 10:011.11:00 P.M.. and 12:00 night. Newark only, 5:00, 6:40. 7:30. 8:2(1. 10:50 A . M.. 12:00 noon. 3:511, 4:30 'md 0:2(1 P. JI., weekdays. Sunday, 10:30 A. M., 6:45, 8:00 and 9:00 P. M. Railway. 6:00, t:30, 7:00. 7,20, 7:4(1. 8:00. 8:30. 9:00. 9:20, 10:10, 1 1 :10, A. M.,12 :00 noon, 12 :S. 1 :00. 2:00, 2 :30,3 :00, 3:20, 4:00, 4:10, 4:40, 5 :IH1, 6:10, 5:20. 5:30. 5:40. 5:50, 6:00.6:10. 6:30. 7 ;00. 7:40, 7:50. 8:30, 9:00. 10:00, 11:30 P. M., and 12:00 night. Sunday. 6:15, 8:00, 9:0(1. 9:45. 10:00 and 11:00 A. M.. and 12:00 noon, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00,4:00,4:30. 5:00. 5:45, 6:30. 7:00, 7:45, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30. 10:00, 11:00, P. M., and 12:00 night. Wondbridge, Perth Ainboy and Srmth Amboy, 6:00 and 10:10 A. M., 2:30, 5:30, 0:30 and 10.09 P. M. OnSuuday, 9:30 P. M. Now Brunswick, 6:20, 6:30. 7:20. 8:30, 9:20 and 11:10 A.M., 1:00, 2:00, 3:00.4:00,4:40, 6:00,6:00,7:00.9:00. 11:30 P.M., and 12:00 night. Sunday. 6:15, 9:00 and 10:00 A.M., 12:00 noon, 1:00.4:00,5:00,6,00,7:00,8:00, H:30. 9:00 P. M. and 12:00 night. East Millstone. 6:30 and 11:10 A. M.,3:00 and 4:40 P.M. Kingston and Rocky Hill. 8:30 A. M., 4 :40 P. M. Princeton. 6:30,8:30,11:10 A.M., 1:00, 2:00. 4:40, 5:00 and 7:00 P. M. Lambortville. 7:20 and 11:10 A. M.. 1:00, 3:20 and 5:00 P. M. Flomington, 7:20 and 11 :10 A. M., and 3:20 P. M. Phillinshurg aud Belvidoro, 7:20 and 11:10 A. M., 3:20 and 5:00 P. II. Trenton, Bordontown, Burlington and Camden, 7:20, 9:00 and 11:10 A.M., 1:00.2:00, 4:00, 5:00 and 8:00 V. M. Sunday, 6:00 P. M. iroonoia, i :u. n :iu a. ni., :uu ana o :uu i'. m. t arm - ingdalo and Suuan. 7;20and 11:10 A. M.. 4:00 P. M. Hightstown, t'einnerton ana Uamdon, 7:20 - .20 A.M., 5:00 P. M., via .Monmouth Junction. Trains arrive From Pittsburg, 7:30. 8:40 and 11:30 A. M. 6:65 and 9:35 P. M. daily. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:20, 6:50 A. M., 1:20, 3:20. 3:30,5:30.9:20 and 10:35 P. M. Sunday, 6:20, 6:50 A. M 3:20, 9:20 aud 10:3.1 P. M. From Philadelphia, 3:50, 6:20, 6:i0 7:i.0, 8 - 40, 9:20,9:30.10:40.11:30 A. M., 1 :20, 2 :00, 3:20, 3:30, 5:30. 6:20, 0:55, 7:20. 8:50, 9:20, 9:35 P. M. and 12:20 night. Sunday, 3:50, 6:20, 0:50. 7:30,8:40,11:35 A.M.. 3:20, 0:20 6:55. 9:20. 9:35 and 10::(6 P. M. Ticket officos, 849, 425 and 944 Broadway, No. 1 Astor Houso, nnd foot of Desbrosses and Cortland! streots:No 4 Court stroet and Brooklyn Annex Station, Foot of Fulton street, Brooklyn ; Bosch's Hotel, llobokeu; Station, Jersey City ; Emigrant Ticket Offico, No. 8 Battery place, and Castle Garden. Tho Now York Transfer Company will oall for and aheclt baccago from hotels and residences. CHAS. E. PUGH, J. R. WOOD, General Manager. General Paas'r Agent. COAL AND WOOD. rAVID MELICK, DEALER IN COAL AND WOOD. COAL AND WOOD. COAL AND WOOD. COAL AND WOOD. 111 MYRTLE AVENUE, ueu UHIDOE BTBSSfe

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