The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 23, 1896 · Page 11
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 11

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1896
Page 11
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': - ':Ky: - ;:: - THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGl,EKSUKr AY. AUGUST 23. 1896. 11 NEWS FROM THE SUBURBS, Important Street Improvements in the Twenty - sixth Ward WILL, BE COMPLETED ON TIME, Much Interest Shown by the Residents in the "Work Now Being Done Under the Supervision of the Park Department Briok Used as Pavement on Pennsylvania Avenue Small Yachts . to Race. The Improvements now being made in the TVenty - slxCh ward, under the direction ot the park department, are proceeding in a very satisfactory manner and unless something unforeseen occurs to prevent the work on Eastern parkway, Glemmore and Pennsyl - , vania avenues will be completed at and possibly before the time specified in the contracts. The work has thus far proceeded successfully and rapidly without a hitch of any kind and those interested In the work, including Commissioner "Woodruff, are highly pleased with the results attained. The ward will soon be able to show some of the best work of street builders and unless all signs lail that on Pennsylvania avenue, a practical experiment, will attract the attention of those favoring brick as a pavement. It Is here that the contractor has endeavored to show his best work and If possible aid in obliterating the prejudioe shown by many residents of the city to the use of brick in the streets. The paving 'on Pennsylvania avenue, one block of Tunica has been completed, extends from Jamaica avenue to Belmont avenue, a distance of a(bout twency - eight thousand feet. This does not Include the intersections of other streets, which at a later date may he Improved by the cc - operation with the city works department. Brick pavement will also be laid on Bushwick avenue, from Jamaica avenue to the granite block pavement now laid In order to connect the eastern district with tihe new outlet to Long Island, Glen - moire avenue. Work hers was begun at Jamaiiea avenue and Is proceeding in a sout'herly direction toward Belmont avenue. As stated, one block is afrready completed and another will he finished to - morrow night. The curb is eet throughout the distance, the grading Is about completed and the foundation of concrete In position to Liberty avenue, on Pennsylvania avenue. On Bushwick avenue workmen are now en gaged in grading and setting curbing. The latter work will be completed this week. Contractor Magulre, wlao has Che contract for the Pennsylvania and Bushwick avenue work, expects to have 'the work completed in another month, and before that on Glen - more avenue. Mr. Maguire was seen thi6 morning and questtoned concerning the work. He said: "The work Is proceeding nicely and I expect to have itie Work completed before that on Glenmore, and until that time there . will be little use for Pennsylvania, except for local traffic. I think this work will remove the prejudice ci some people against the use of brick pavement. The - work here Is of the best, the brick of an excellent quality, and they are being put down wlth - every care. "We have Ave Inspectors, one tOT every bricklayer who throws out any brick that appears at all imperfect. Then 1 have a man who goes over the street after the bricks are laid and rolled" and before being cemented, and remoes every brick that shows any imperfection. At the beginning we found quite a number of bricks thait we had to reject; something like 8,000 out of about 100,000. This of course is expected by the manufacturers. The bricks have not arrived quite as rapidly as I would like, although no delay has 'been occasioned. The bricks are manufactured, on the Hudson and are known as the Catsklll. I Wke to have all the brick on the spot when I begin work, but here It was impossible as the manufacturers are supplying Albany with '5.000,000 and at the same time are making shipments here." Explaining how the work 'Is done, Contractor Maguire said: "The road bed is twelve inches in thickness and has a nine Inch crown. First, a six Inch concrete Is laid, and over this sand two Inches in depth is spread. The bricks are then laid on edge. They are then thoroughly rolled with a ,flve ton steam roller, until there Is no give to them. Over this Is 8pread a coating of thin cement, which nils very crevice and joins the whole mass. This is allowed four days to harden and then the treet In ready for use. A million and a half of brick will he used in the work. It has required about' - eighty - five men to grade and lay the foundation for tho brick, while but flvo men are necessary to lay the brick. "We set grade a foot below the curb. Considerable time was consumed in carting the earth removed to the New Lots road, a distance of a .mile and a half, which was specified In the contract. About 12,000 yardJ were removed." The work cut asphalting, for which William" - Kelly has the contract, from Ashford street to Alabama avenue, Is progressing rapidly now, although some delay was occasioned by eewer connections not being made promptly. No work has been done on the block from Ashiford to Warwick street and none will be done until alter the other part ot the avenue is completed, on account of the avenue being - torn up xo. put In a main. From Warwick to Vermont street the work Is completed and by another week the work will be finished, if the weather is favorable. It has been a little difficult to estafblish the grade, on account of the old curb, which was not in line. The asphalt is 'being laid over the. granite blocks With which the avenue was paved. Over these blocks Is spread a binder of broken stone and on this Is the asphalt laid. The now paving, the fin:', to be seen in the Twonty - slxth ward, attracts much attention from young and old alike. Crowds have gathered on the street and'1 watched the work proceed, while at night whole families used the street as a sort of picnic ground. All the residents along the line of the improvement are highly pleased with the work, and moro, perhaps, when they consider that no special assessment will ho made on them to pay for the work. The largest contract of any and the one requiring the most work is In the hands of Contractor Thomas F. Byrnes. His work extends on Glenmore avenue from Alabama to Stone avenue. Eastern parkway to the Boulevard, and from Ashiford stroet to Eldert lane, whore the new avenue is really the connecting link 'between Kings and Queens counties. Tho contract for the whole amounts to $192, - 000. The work hero Is proceeding rapidly and will be completed oni time. The Una Is araded tho cunb set and the gutters paved. The work on the lower section, that from Alabama evonuo to the boulevard, will be completed by 6eptenvber i, when the force of workmen will Join those at work on the upper section, between Ashford street' and Eldart lane. Of the lower section the work is completed to Rockaway avenue. Throe hundred and fifty men, Including pavers, cutters and laborers, arc now employed on tho work and this force will be reduced to one hundred and twenty - five men within a mouth, so that It can be een that there Is no douibt about the completion of tho work. In time for the parade, October 1. Mr. Rhoden'beck, who is' Inspector for the park department on this work, said to - day that Deputy Commissioner Palmer went over the now avenue this week and expressed himself as highly pleased with the work. Forty - six teams, eight carts and two steam rollers are at work on the avenue. SMALL YACHTS TO RACE. The annual pennant race of tho Pleasant Point Yacht club will be sailed Sunday, August 30. Twenty yachts havo entered and an exciting race will probalbly bo sailed, as there Is considerable rivalry among the yachtsmen. Tho start, a flying one, is to be made at 12 o'clock. The course to be sailed Is from an imaginary lino oft Pleasant Point to a stake boat anchored off Waterman's bar, one mile south of the breakwater, and return, twice over the course. SPIRO BOUGHT A DIAMOND. Z. Splro, a dry goods merchant of Belmont and Watklns streets, went to New York yesterday to Invest In a diamond. According to his story he entered a pawnbroker's shop on Walker streot and bargained for a gem to cost $206. 'He paid $50 cash and gave a check for $150. He .afterward learned that the stone was not - worth near what be paid for It and hurried to itho Twenty - sixth Ward bank to stop payment on 'tho check. Five' minutes y ;i - f $l :r - :7 V::' - :' ; - after he arrived at the bank the - pawnbroker appeared and presented the check. Spiro and the pawnbroker met on the street, had a rather heated discussion and finally settled the matter by the latter refunding the check and cash for the diamond and Splro paying him $10 In cash, which he was very anxious to do in order to settle a bad bargain. BELLONI FEARS FOR HIS LIFE. To - morrow morning four Bach Beach Italians. L .Tabolacclo, a barber ot Bay Nineteenth street, Francisco Michineno, a shoemaker of Eighteenth avenue, D. Michele, also shoemaker on Eighteenth avenue, and W. M. Allegrettl, a tailor on Benson avenue, will be arraigned In tne New Utrecht police court before Judge Rhodes on the complaint ot Peter Bellonl, a shoemakeV on Eighteenth avenue. Bellonl told Justice Rhodes that the. four have conspired to take his life, and that he is living in constant dread. In his complaint Bellonl says that the four men approached an employe of his and asked him to leave tne door open some night that they might enter and kill his employer. Bellonl professes not to know why the men have designs on his life other than the sjjaemakers apprehended are jealous that h"bpened his shop in such close proximity to theirs. There are three shops within 100 feet of each other on Eighteenth avenue, and Bellonl was the last to establish himself there. There always has been bad blood between the famlles of the competing cobblers. The women have aired their troubles in the street as well as In the court room. There has not been an outbreak In many months now and the latest turn has thrown the Italian residents in a state of excitement. Bellonl Is a married man with a large family. He cannot speak English and his 10 year old son acts as his interpreter. KEW SALVAGE CORPS STATION. It Will Be Located on Stagg Street and Equipped in the Most Approved Manner. On December 16, 1895, the first station ot the Fire Insurance Salvage corps of Brooklyn was opened at 172 Pacific street, the building being an old one remodeled for the purpose. The establishment of the corps in Brooklyn was regarded as In the nature of an experiment, although In New York such an institution has been in existence for about forty years. But a few weeks only were necessary to demonstrate the efficiency of the company at station No. 1 and the fact that no mistake was made when the system of Insurance salvage was introduced in Brooklyn. The organization is composed of the insurance companies of Brooklyn and New York doing business on this side ot the river and was incorporated on June 14, 1895. The 77 SALVAGE OORIPS STATION . To be Erected on Stags Street, - in the Eastern District. association is supported by an assessment on each insurance company of not .more than 2 per cent, of the premiums collected in Brooklyn. The present boundary of the district covered by the first station is officially given as follows: Beginning at the city line and DeKalb avenue, and extending along said avenue to Broadway, and then extending further west on DeKalb avenue to Washington avenue, and then extending southerly on "Washington, avenue to Atlantic avenue, and then extending southerly on Underhlll avenue to the Eastern parkway, and then extending westerly to Prospect park plaza, and then extending southerly on Ninth avenue to Ninth street, and then extending on Ninth street westerly to Gowanus canal, following the westerly bank of Gowanus canal to New York bay, and then following the shore line to Newtown creek to its head, and then to the city line to point of beginning, covering both sides of said streets, avenues and places above named. In this district, covering about half of the older city of twenty - eight wards, the most heavily Insured properties are located and Its territory has been shown to be too large for one company to cover. To make It possible to protect this district properly a second station was decided upon and last week contracts were awarded for a new building at id totagg street, to De erected on plans drawn by Architect R. L. Daus. This station will be known as No. 2 and will cover the eastern part of the district, which will be extended toward Greenpoint. There will be two buildings, the front for the wagons and apparatus and the men's quarters, and the rear for stables and preparation rooms. The main or front building will have a frontacre of 25 feet and a depth of 63 feet and will be three stories In height. In tho basement will be the heating apparatus and workrooms. The first floor will contain, near tho en trance, a platform with all necessary elec trical apparatus and telephone service, bringing the 'station in direct communication with the fire department headquarters. There will be four stalls for horses and the remainder of the floor will be open for the wagons, which, like a fire engine, are in readiness for business at all times. On the second floor the captain's and lieutenant's rooms are in the front and the rear room, 44 feet long, will be the' men's dormitory, containing fifteen beds and lockers. The third floor is divided into a sitting room for the men and a large room In the rear to be used exclusively for the hanging and preparing of covers used in protecting goods at fires. In the rear of the lot, and separated from the main buSlding, will be a two story stable, the first floor containing box stalls and the second a hay loft, and also a small isolated room, about 10 feet wide and 25 feet long, In which the largo covers used by the corps will be prepared. The material for the buildings wIHl be brick, with terra cotta trimmings. Station No. 1. on Pacific street. Is under command of Captain John J. Cashman, jr., who came to Brooklyn after a long servlco in tho salvage corps of Now York. His staff consists ot a lieutenant, a sergeant and seven men as a permanent force and an auxiliarly force of fifteen men, who report in details of five each night in turn. The company is In fine discipline and has been of great assistance at many fires. Several small fires In the immediate neighborhod have been put out by the company before the fire department has had an engine on the scene. Tho men are not ,conflned to tho. mere saving of goods, but their equipment Is replete with every labor saving device that experience has suggested. The insurance companies associated In the Brooklyn salvage corps, whicla is under the general management of William" T. Lane, tho treasurer, have without exception expressed their satisfaction with tho work thus far done and already some talk is heard among them of tho establishing of a third station to cover tho upper wards of i tho city. Tho directors and officers of the corps aro: George M. Colt, prosldent; Hugo Schumann, vice president: Britten C. Thorn, secretary; William T; Lane, treasurer; B. O. Ackerman, George 'W. Burchell, James M. Hodges, Lindley Murray, rilyL, , m mm M Jr. ; Prank T. " Stlnson, Edward E. Pearce, E. B. Magnus, Marshall S. Drlggs, John A. Dc - Groot, George A. Stanton. BLUE COATS MAKE MERRY. On Thursday afternoon tho officers of the second platoon. Port Hamiltontytation house, enjoyed a dinner at the Brooklyn house on Fourth avenue. It was a subscription affair, and it was got up to promote the friendly feeling among tho men. Roundsman Fitzgerald was at its head, and the arrangements were left entirely In his hands. From 2 until 5:30 o'clock the men and their half dozen invited guests owned the house. A compressed air rifle was the weapon used to hold a shooting contest, which proved highly amusing. Acting Captain Zwlngmau turned out to be the best shot and first honors. In the shape of a large hastily made boquet ot flowers, were presented to him. Dinner was served at 4 o'clock, and at 6 o'clock all the men were back In the station and ready for duty. Those present were Sergeant William Zwlngman, Roundsman Fitzgerald, John Taylor, Foreman Rutty of the Fort Hamilton engine house, Thomas Murray, John Brannan, Felix McGin - niss, Felix McCarthy, James Carey, John Burns, J. McMahon, David Taylor, Frank Bos - man, George Nolan and Ralph Nugent. SURPRISED BY HER FRIENDS. ' A surprise party was given last night to Miss Carrie Nichols of Woodlawn, on the occasion of her 17th birthday. The house was decorated with Japanese lanterns outside, while inside it was crowded with young people. Dancing was followed by refreshments and games. Miss Nichols received many handsome and useful presents. Among the guests were: Miss Mamie Tuttle, Miss Alice Butcliffe. Thomas Love, Miss Maud Kem ble, Frank Bearing. Prank P. Stiek, Miss Sarah Carter. Miss Ethel White. Charles Bowman, Miss Olivo Whalen. Hobert Wilson, Johu HlUis. Mis Annie Vosn. Miss Pauline Rellly. Miss Helen V. Ollber, Edwin Martin. Miss Minnie Walsh. Edward Walsh, Frank Voss, Edwin Nichols, George White. TWENTY - SIXTH WARD BRIEFS. Mrs. E. L. Sharrott is spending the summer in Richmond county. The Rev. Mr. Pendleton Is enjoying a vacation at Lenox. Mass. The Rev. R. W. Jones has returned from his vacation. Mrs. George D. Thome is visiting friends in Mabbetsvllle N. Y. Miss Annie Cannon and Miss Hattle Conley are summering at Lake George. Mrs. T. G. Stagg. Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Stagg are sojourning at Lenox, Mass. Mrs. William H. Smith is at Fair Oaks, N. T.. for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. S. W. North and son Charles are at Mount Washington N. H., for the balance of the season. Mrs. A. P. Putnam and daughter are spending three weeks in the Catskllls. Charles Bentsch will extend his stay In the Cats - kills for two weeks. H. P. Brocketsby is at East Rockaway. Ernest and Miss Grace Holliston are at Stanhope, N. J., for a visit of several weeks. Miss Alvaretta Hudson is making a month's visit with relatives at Mount Vernon. Mrs. Muir and Miss A. Van Keuren are enjoying a two weeks' stay In Orange county, N. J. Charles W. Smith and Edward A. Richards will tour Long Island on their bicycles. C. ' J. Nelson is at Saratoga for a six week's vacation. P. F. Reeve starts to - morrow for a trip through Maine. Miss Mabel Mapes Is at Albany for a visit with relatives. BITTEN BY A BEAR. Emil Belfils, a young Arab attached to the Egyptian encampment at Bergen Beach was badly bitten by a bear belonging to the show yesterday afternoon. He took the beast to the board walk to make It dance. The bear was In an ugly humor and refused to perform. When Belfils poked the bear in the ribs with a heavy stick the animal, with a savage growl, went for the Arab's leg and bit a piece out of it. The injured man was removed to the Kings County hospital. WINDSOR TERRACE TALK. ' The first 'annual afternoon soil of the Young People's union of the Twelfth street Reformed church was held yesterday afternoon to Oakdale grave on the Hudson. Special services are being held to - day In the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary1 on Fort Hamilton avenue In honor of the patronal feast day of the church. A Nassau electric car on Church avenue yesterday afternoon" - ran over and killed a valuable Newfoundland dog belonging to John Walters of Avenue A. ; A successful apron and coke sale was Tield Friday night by the children of Miss May Arthur's Sunday . school class of the Church of the Holy Apostles in a vacant store at 26 Adams place. Revival services were' held Friday night in the Methodist Episcopal ctiurch. on Prospect avenue, by. the Rev. Henry E. Aston, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Johnson of Brooklyn. The Rev. Dr. John Pllktasaon. formerly a pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, will preach to - night in the - Lenox road M. E. church of Flatbush. The children of Mr. Mawnton of 18 Adams place raised over 57 for the Junior, republic by selling candles and lemonade In front of their residence last week. , Eagles may now be bought at the news stand, which has been erected on Coney Island avenue, near Vanderbllt street; also at Cooney's drug store, on Vanderbllt and East Fifth streets. The Rev. Mr. Aston will preach as usual in the Methodist Episcopal church to - night. A NEW TROLLEY ROAD. The East Broadway electric road; a branch of the Nassau system connecting Flatbush with Canarsie in a direct line, was opened to traffls yesterday afternoon. The run from Flatbush to Canarsie on the new line Is made In about twenty minutes, and when the road gets into thorough working order it will occupy even less time than that. From Thirty - ninth street - ferry to Canarsie is now not much mere than half an hour's ride. PARKVILLE CHAT. Henry Bosner of Avenue I is at Lynn, Mass., where he Is the guest of his brother, Alfred Bosner. The Rev. Lemuel Richardson and family are in Connecticut on a two weeks' vacation. Miss Bliss of Jersey Cfty has been for the past few days the guest of her aunt, Mrs. J. Held, of Washington avenue, ParkvlHe. Framk Johns of East Eleventh street is away at the Adirondack mountains on a two weeks' vacation. Miss May AUeson of South Brooklyn is spending a week with Miss Annie Wilson of Bast Third street. Henry Hood of Foster avenue is at Niagara Falls spending a month's vacation. Miss Minnie Moore of Avenue J has taken to the wheel. Frank Ritchie of Elmwood avenue, with his family, has gone to Paris. Franco, to live. William Shehan of Anbury Park Is visiting at the home of Martin McCauley of Avenue H. JameB Crawley has returned from New Haven, Conn. James Shaughnessy is at Croton, N. Y., on a week's outing. Miss Frances Newman Is summering at Long Branch. Gustave Ladd of the Parkway will leave on Tuesday for Bermuda, where he will spend the winter. Charles Adams of Avenue G. while laying shingles on the roof ot his house, hit his left thumb with the hammer, crushing the bone. John Williamson of East Third street has returned from a trip through Massachusetts with his two daughters. RODE, DANCED AND FEASTED. A pleasant . evening was spent by those who attended the trolley party given by tho Elwood Social club of the Twenty - ninth ward last night. The party left Flatbush avenue and Mai bone street at 8:30 o'clock, in an illuminated car and they were accompanied by a band of eight pieces. After visiting North beach. Coney Island, Fort Hamilton and Bergen beaoh, they stopped at Ulmer park, whiero refreshments were served and a dance followed. Among those who participated In the festivities were: Thomas Sturgls, Mr. and Mrs. George Mcintosh, Frederick Lund. Miss Alice Lund. John L. Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Clare, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gllmour. Charles Bryan, Miss Katie O'Reilly, Henry'Hender.' - on, Alfred Stack. Miss AJice Stack, Frank Parwell, Mr. and Mrs. Shaughnessy, Mrs. John Clare. Mr. and MrB. James Reeves. Mr. and Mrs. I'hllllp IIlgglnK, Miss Madeline Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs. Frank De Lafleld, Miss May Jolm - son, Mrs. Elo M. Smi'th, Frank Mulvaney, Miss Clara Jenkins and Charles Rowan. HIS BONDSMEN WILL SETTLE. IHchmond Hill. L. I., August 22 A report which had gained considerable currency in the town to tho effect that ox - FostmaBier Jacob Van Wickleu, who was remove by Inspector Beaver on - - Friday, had been arrested because his bondsmen refused to mnko good his deficiency, was found upon investigation by an Eagle reporter to bo untrue. Ho has not boon arrested, and it is said his bontli - mon will sottlo as soon as tho exaot deficiency is mnclo known. Inapector Beaver hus bilnncod the books and will ascertnin tho exact doticit on Monday. Mr. Van Wicklon is a Democrat, and was appointed by President Cleveland throe years ago. Mr. Baldwin, who is temporarily in charge, although a Republican, is quite likely to bo continued until - tho expiration of Mr. Van Wioklen'B term, as no Demoorats have yot manifested n desire for the place J" ABOUT BR00KMJ PEOPLE The Rev. Dr. John Rhey Thompson, pastor of the Noutrond avenue M. E. church, is in the Whiite mountains at Bethlehem, N. H., where he will remain until the llrst frost in October. Mr. James N. Brown and family of Jefferson avenue are at Stormville, on the Hudson. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Y. Peek ore spending the summer at their cottage on the banks of tho Hudson. Mr. and Mrs. Stone of 100 Qulncy street aro spending the summer at Keyport,. N. Y., and will visit northern resorts during September. Mr. and yira. Seivwright are spending the present month at Digby, Nova Scotia. Mmc. Helen Malgllle of Washington avenue and Miss Isabella G. Herrles of Hancock street have returned home from a pleasant trip to Dlgby, Nova Scotia. Miss Isabella Davis Carter and Miss Marie Thornton and sister, who were of the same party, returned yesterday. Mr. William Clark of Lewis avenue is visiting friends at Springfield, Mass. Mrs. John Herries of Clifton place is visiting her old home In Lyme, Conn. Miss Sadie M. Clark of Lewis avenue has gone to Mountalnvllle, N. Y., for two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Cartney of Lexington avenue Is at Shelter Island. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Yerbury, organist of St. Bartholomew's church. Is at Bloomlngburg, Sullivan county. Dr. Thompson of Adelphi street Is at Saratoga, after spending Beveral weeks In England, from which country he returned a few days since. The doctor had a particularly agreeable stay in London. Miss Camp of Lafayette avenue is recreating at Pomfret, Conn. Mr. Carl Bray, who has been spending his vacation at the White mountains, has been 111 ever since the early part of July from the cifecta of a strain received while playing tennis. H1b case has been a serious one, but now promises to yield to treatment. Miss palsy Elliott, daughter of Dr. Elliott, of Clinton' avenue, has been one ot the Cambridge students in nhe health course', given in July and August. Miss Edith Hodgson of Pacific street has been at Cambridge thiB summer, taking the course of physical culture there, which Is In such high repute with the public. Dr. Elliott of Clinton avenue is taking a vacation in the region of Puget sound. The Misses Grace and Jessie Blank'.ey and Schuyler Blankley of Lefferts place are at tht Frontenac, Thousand Islands. Mrs. Frederick Peacock and Miss Bertha C. Peacock of Cambridge place are at the Red Lion Inn, at Stockbrldge, Moss. "Mr. Lewis gfloore, organist and choirmaster of Dr. Meredith's church, Is spending his vacation awheel. He makes fine runs, being something of a scorcher, and uses the pedals of his machine with the same ease that he displays upon the pedals of his big organ in his church. Mrs. Moore Is also a cyclist. A few days since the professor and his wife went on their tandem to Patchogue in a very short time. From thence thjey wheeled to Bay Shore, where they have a contingent of cottage friends. Mr. and Mrs. Moore are thinking of taking a wheel trip to Troy and from thence to Saratoga and Lake George. This makes a delightful cycle excursion. Miss Knight, soprano of Dr. Meredith's church, is spending her vacation in Maine. Mr. and Mrs. James Newberry of McDonough street aro summering at the Highlands. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Marvin of McDonough street are rusticating at Loch Sheldrake, Sullivan county, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Murray of (Balnbrldge street ore at Lake George. Mrs. J. B. Lowitz of McDonough street is at Loch Sheldrake. Sullivan county, N. Y. Mrs. William Hewer of Hancock street Is among the Brooklynltes who are enjoying Bay Shore this season. Mrs. J. C. Clarke of Bedford place entertained Mr. Harry Christ, the new Kansas baritone, on Monday evening. Mr. Christ has been singing with much success in New York at the Church of AH Angels, also at Christ church. He Is an artist of considerable merit as well as a vocalist and his water colors are sympathetically handled. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Conklin of Macon street and Mrs. Winslow are settled in their cottage at Bay Shore. Mrs. Waikley ot McDonough street is summering at Berlin, N. Y. Mr. Distlehurst of the Dudley Buck quartet is at Elberon each Sunday singing in the choir of a prominent church there. Mr. and Mrs. William Crelghton are at Loch Arbor, Lang Branch, at their cottage. Mrs. L. L. Goodell. soprano of the Church of the Reformation, is staying at Worcester, Mass. Mrs. Petritt of McDonough street Is summering at Lake Hopotcong. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sullivan and Arthur Sullivan of Prospect place ore guests of Mr. E. L. Spike at Patchogue, L. I. Mrs. Ernest Hirsh of Hancock street. Miss Alice Hlrsh and others of the family are summering on Long Island. Mrs. Dr. Edson Spaulding Chick of Gates avenue is at Long Branclj. Dr. Cantrell of McDonough street Is spending some time with his club at its summer home on an Island in the St. Lawrence. This club, which has for members some young artists and clever professional men, owns a picturesque isle in the river Just mentioned and the camp has been much celebrated In song and story. There Is talk of building a house boat for the club, which will then be one of the best equipped organizations of Its kind hailing from Brooklyn. Professor Dr. L. H. Frledburg. Henry Llebmann, Fred N. Longe and Mrs. Margaret Muller sailed for Hamburg on the steamship Augusta Victoria on Thursday, the I3th lnst. Frank R. Koehler, Professor and Mrs. W. L. Montague sailed foi Hamburg on the steamship Fuerst Bismarck last Thursday. Mrs. E. E. Bliss of Qulncy street. Miss Maud Bliss and Master Wlnfleld and Clarence Bliss are at the Rlvcrvlew house, Sowllton, Orange county, N. Y. Mrs. Morgan Robertson and daughters, Florence and Ethel, of Carlton avenue, are at the Sound View house, Greenport, L. I. Mrs. H. C. Conrady and daughter, Madelane, of 317 Stuyvesarat avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. C. S. King of 55S Macon street are at Hotel Fulton, White Lake. Sullivan county. Mrs. and Miss Svenson of St. Marks avenue are at White lake, N. Y. Mrs. Coger, Miss Coger and Miss Minnie Coger of WillougWby avenue are at the Madison, As - bury Park, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Eldel of 7 - 47 Putnam avenue are at tho beautiful Shlnnecock Bay house, Good Ground, L. I. Mrs. Edward E. Southwell and Mies Edith E. Southwell of Jefferson. avenue are at the Glen - wood house, Delaware Water Gap. Mrs. M. I j. Clark and daughters of Greene avenue are at Hlne house, Codro, N. Y. Miss Florence B. Ray of 1,045 Bedford avenue is in Minneapolis and will return In the fall. Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Clark of Greene avenue are at Lake St. Catharine, Poultney. Vt., where tho doctor is taking a much needed rest. Mr. and Mrs. John Friel and daughter of 369 Franklin avenue and Miss Hattie Matthews of 8S7 Dean street are at Shokun, Ulster county. Miss Lizzie Long of Prospect place Is at Lake Mahopac. N. Y. - . The Misses Josephine and May Phelps of 176 Halsey streot are enjoying themselves during the warm spell at Shelter Island with a host of Brooklyn friends. Mr. and Mrs. Miller of Brooklyn are summering at the Lake house. Bomoseen. Vt. Miss Edith H. Mason and Miss Florence E. Mc - Conn have spent a 'delightful vacation at White Lake. Sullivan county, N. ,Y. Mr. and Mrs. A. Schoenaker and Master Joseph Schoenacker of 71 Douglass street are at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Carroll, Frances C Florence C. and Baby Ruth of North Portland avenue are at Ulster county, N. Y. Mrs. Isaac S. Forster and Master Theodore Pors - ter are at the Grlniley farm, at Greenfield, In Ulster county. Miss Nellie E. Grlmley is also ttvnv. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Sharp of Sixth avenue left Schroon Lake last Thursday after two weeks' stay, on a ten days' coaching trip. Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Brown and daughters, Florence G., Grace S., Lillian E. and Daisy Isa - belle, of Dean street are at Lake Mohegon, Westchester county, N. Y. Miss Mary Thalen of Bridge street Is at the Blue RUlge mountains. Mrs. W. Thompson and son. Arthur, of the cathedral choir at Garden City, are at Patchogue, L. I. Mr. Fred H. Bagnall of 31 Fourth avenue Is at White Like. Sullivan county. The Misses Lillian and Florence Mott of 730 Jefferson avenua and Mr. A. R. Fullcrton ot 593 Madison, street are at Orient, L. I. Wesley C. Bush, commissioner of building, Mrs. - Bush and - their son left last Wednesday for Boston, where they took the outside route to TEETH PLATES A SPECIALTY. FULL GUM SET. Dr. J. Maude Rankin, Mgr. LADY UKADUATE Philadelphia Dental College. Cement 50c. up Silver and Alloy 50c. to $1.50 Pure Platina $2.00 Platina and Gold $3.00 to $5.00 We Use Only the Best Materials. THE WORLD DENTAL ASSOCIATION, 366 SIXTH AVENUE, Bet. 22d and 23d Sts, NEW YORK. Hours, 8 to 8. ' Sundays, 9 to 6. Nova Scotia, from whenca, after a two weeks' tour ot the country, they will return home. The Misses L,. Looser, T. Ritzheimer. A. Wolff and I.. Hoffmann have Join - id friends at the Far View house. Norrowburg, Sullivan county. Miss Hattle J. Mott ot Gates avenue and Miss Laura A. Smith of Franklin avenue are at Say - vllle. L. I. Miss Millie Rhodes of Halsey street will be with her mother for the remainder of the summer at Mount Tabor. N. J. Mr. F. W. Green, the Misses L. A. and Ada Green, and niece, Mies Alice Johnson, of 351A Fourteenth street, are at South Durham, Greene county, N. T. George D. Beyea. Miss Katherlne Lou Hller. Leslie Daniels, Miss Anna Hller and Miss Bessie Claxton. also Miss Vietta Hller and Arthur Hoffman of the Booth Dramatic society, are at the West Shore house. White Lake, Sullivan county. Miss Edla S. Taylor of Leonard street, and Miss Hattle Smith of Milton street are at Asbury Park. Mme. Smyth of 170 Schermerhorn street, who sailed for Europe on the 1st. on the La Bourgogne, will remain in Paris until the middle of September. Miss Esther E. Leaventy of Johnson street is the guest of Mies Florence Langdon, Madison avenue. Providence, R. I. Mr. Joseph H. Gardiner and family of 170 Schermerhorn street, will remain until the end of September at the Deyoe house, Westklll mountains, j Miss Margaret Condon of Lynn Mass., Is the guest of Miss Mamie O'Donitell of South Green - Capcaln T. M. Smyth, U. S. N. : Miss Helen Mooney and Miss Margaret Crotty are at Huestis house, Saratoga Springs. Messrs. Gus and Herman Blumenau are In the Ad irondacks. field, who Is at present stopping In this city. Miss Condon Is well known throughout the East as one of the most accomplished actresses on the stage. She will return home shortly accompanied by Miss O'Donnell, who will afterward visit Boston. Mrs. Theresa Reardon and her two daughters. Julia and May M., also Miss McGlvney and Miss Tessie DxTvson, ore at Bull's Head. Mrs. George Mason, Miss Marguerite Mason. Masters George and Arthur Mason and Miss M. Ducey ore at the Sheldon hotel. Ocean Grove. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Wilkinson of Pacific street and family are at Summit, N. J., for the summer. Mrs. Charles T. Austin and daughters. Ella and Gladys, of Hancock street, are at the Cona - shaugh Spring house, Pike county, Penn. Mr. and Mrs. Judah B. "Voorhees are at Atlantic City. Mrs. Ella Collins of Monroe street are at Summit, N. J. Mr. William Adams of Gates avenue and his nTeces, the Misses Mattle M. Wright and Grace A. Muns, returned home from England on the steamship Paris on Friday night. They hod a ten days' stay on the other side, on their - way back captured an Ice berg 100 feet high and 200 feet long. Mrs. Henry Whiton. Ernest S. Whiton, Henry Titus Hodgklns and C. Frasw ore at the Vermont, Sea Girt. N. J. Mr. and Mrs. William Scott are at the Prospect, Lake avenue, Asbury Park. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Elliott and daughter of 340 Franklin avenue are at Maple Lawn cottage, Bound Brook. N. J., for a few weeks. The Misses Alice Heeg. LUlie Marshall, Marie Llddall and Lilly Warren Smith are at Spring - town, Ulster county, N. T. Mr. J. E. Golden of 240 Franklin avenue Is at Maple Lawn. Bound Brook, N. J., spending a few days. 1 Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Breed. Miss I Breed. Mr. and Mrs. John C. R. Eastman, Charles R. Eddcy, Henry V. Palmer and L. M. Palmer are at Poland Springs, Me. Mrs. M. A. Voorhles and Miss Carrie Voorhies of Cumberland street, Mrs. 15. Mllligan and Miss Ida Mllligan of Classon avenue are at Belmar, N. J. Mr. S, V. White, Mrs. White. Mrs. H. B. Beecher. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Richardson and three daughters, Mr. and Mrs. SouiUiard and son. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Armstrong, Mr. H. Armstrong, Mrs. George Morse. Mr. and Mrs, Bates and two eous. Mrs. Sayrc. the Misses Sayre. Mr. and Mrs. Merwln R - ushmore. the Misses Rush - more. Mr. J. Rushmore, Mr., and Mrs. Wyethe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hayden and family. Professor Ely of Vassar college and sister and a number of other Brooklyn people are at Haines Falls, Twilight Park. Greene county. Mr.and Mrs. W. R. Adick - s and Henry Burnell Taber of Brooklyn are at Elliott's hotel and Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Salt of Brooklyn are at the Mount Moosilafcee house, Watervllle, X. H. Miss Ena Is at the Farragut and Mr. and Mrs. Irving T. Smith and family are at the Sea View, Rye Beach, X. H. Mrs. S. G. Young, Miss Young and Miss Harriet Bickford are at Partridge Lake cottage, at Lisbon. N. H. E. W. West to at the Senter house, Center Harbor. X. II. Miss M. P. Bcgue is at the Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vt. Mrs. A. D. Napier and M1ss Napier are at the Flume house, N, H. At the Proflle house have arrived Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Raymond and Miss Raymond and Mrs. R. G. Packard. The Rev. and Mrs. N. R. Bass and H. Mason are at the Map!, at Littleton, N. H. Miss M. M. Ham is at the Ravine house, Randolph, N. H. At the Waumbeck, down In Jefferson, are Miss G. Post and W. S. Perry. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dodge. Miss Helen Dodge, Frank T. Dodge and Lyndon Dodge are at Randolph for tflie season. Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Brewster of 126 Lefferts place are on a trip which will last about three weeks. In which they will stop at Newport. Nar - ragansett Pier, Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, St. Johns and Halifax. On thvlr return they will spend some days In Boston, reaching home early in September. Samuel A. Wood. ex - Fire Commissioner Chester B. Ltfuwrence of Clinton avenue, with Mr. C. H. Tlebout and Theodore A. Knapp. left last Tuesday evening on a protracted Ashing and bear hunting tour via Montreal, Quebec, Roberval and St. Johns lake, crossing the lake to the north of the river Perlboneo, whre they take canoes and proceed up about twM hundred miles, then landing, go into the wiklemes - 3 ami camp out for about two weeks, returning home about the middle of September. Miss Susie Hughes. Miss Julia Mahon and Miss Ledwlna Flaherty ore at the Buckley, Liberty, Sullivan county. X. Y. Miss Sarah E. Taws and sister. Mrs. Clara Broughton of Jay street, are at PattersonVillo, Mohawk valley. Miss Mabel L. Dlsbrow of 604 McDonough street and her cousin. Miss Minnie Van Vorick of 143 Chauncey street, are at Ocean Grove. Mrs. J. RolUston still continues very ill at her home on Jeffereon avenue. She went to Florida last January for three months and while there was taken 111 and continued so during her entire stay in the South. Six months ago an operation Iras performed and her life wo then dluaircd Directly Opposite Ehrich's. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. WITHOUT BEST TEETH $5.00 UP. GUARANTEED FIVE YEARS. Pnre Gold $1.00 up White Enamel $2.00 up Crowns Gold $5.00 up Porcelain and Piatina $5.00 up of. She recovered and was thought to be improving, when again stricken during the great heat two weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Rothstein. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brucher, Mrs. A. Brown. Mrs. J. Kelly, Miss Q. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. V. Tofllen and Mr. and Mrs. F. Dahm are at the Ryerson cottage. Greenwood Lake. N. Y. The Mlspea Elma and Liura Mott of C - atet - avenue have gone to visit Mr. and Mrs. Woodin at their country home. Pawling. Dutchess county Miss Gertrude Conran and brother. Mr. Charles S. Conran and family, are at the Oxford, Avon - by - the - Sea, N. J. The Misses Ella and Evelyn Evans of 371 Wav - erly avenue are at Elmwood hall, Saratoga Springs. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Miller of 353 Monroe street will start on a trip to Buffalo, Chicago and St. Paul, etc., on Wednesday. Mr. D. G. Harriman is at Chebeague Island, Casco bay. Mo., which he pronounces the loveliest, quietest, coziest and most restful place on the American coast. Mrs. Sidney Wel - ton. wife of the Rev. Sidney Welton, formerly pastor of the Centennial Baptist church, and her three children, are at Digby N. S. Miss Arrow - smith of Degraw street is the guest of her brother, the Rev. Harold Arrow - smith, at Lenox. Mass. The young rector has Just been settled over the parish, latej, - vacated by the Rev. William Grosvenor. Among the Brooklynltes at the Denman house. Sea Cliff, are Miss Annie Williams. Miss Dally, Miss Fltzpatrlck, T. V. Brennan. Miss Anna D. Graff. Miss Lucy Loyd, Miss Margaret Kennedy and Irving L Baker. Mr. Andrew J. Nutting of South Oxford street, accompanied by his two daughters. Miss Mae and Miss Agnes, together with his nephew. Mr. George C. Lockwood, and Mrs. Ltckwood of Norwalk. Conn., arrived on Friday on the steamer Lucania Mr. Nutting and party enjoyed their three months' trip, seeing many places and scenes not heretofore visited by them. The trip on the Lu - cania both going and coming was very pleasant. Miss Maggie L. White of Clermont avenue is spending the summer at Jamesport. L. I. Brooklyn people are enjoying the summer at Green - wood Lake, distributed as follows: At the Brandon house Mr. and Mrs. Jarvls. Mrs. John J. V.'illiams an - d sons, James Warner. Miss T. B. Warner, Miss Warner, Miss Edkh Pockcroft, R. Cockcroft. O. G. Burnap. Howard J. Wood. At the Windemare house: Robert Uhl - mann. O. Mace, H. Hasen. A. G. McAIlester. Henry GeCmadner, Louis Graft, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Speh, Miss Emily Mertz, Miss Lillian Mertz, Carl Mertz. Charles Green, Adolph Korn - ther, F. Osterta?, Joseph H. Deskan, Mrs. Deskan. Miss Moore, M. B. Fritshler. V.. D. Bleeker. T. Cramer, J. Cramer, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, B. J. Cuddy and Master Cuddy. At the Linden house: John Kt - phe. Valley house: H. J. Stcmdlin. P. H. Carrlgan and family. Mrs. Francis E. H. Coffln. At xhe Lakeside: G. H. Valentine. At the San Carlos: H. D. Turner, W. J. Turner. At Willow Point: E. P. KIMar. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Perry. At Warwick Woodlands: Mr. and Mrs. Koehler. F. C. Walker and family, John Miller. W. Bardenberger, C. J. Lievert. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Crossman of Bensonhurst. At John Brawn's hotel: W. F. Voss, A. A. Gold - waite. TV. F. Racer. H. F. Racer, W. G. Chapln. L. G. Chapln, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Racer, Mrs. Hallsberg. Thomas King. Alonzo Schwartz. Miss Ida Schwartz. At Waterstone cotage: Mr. and Mrs. w. H. Roroalne, ;r. : Mr. and Mrs. Bunce. Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Coffln. E. H. Libby and family, Mrs. Garloek. At Roe cottage: Mr. and Mrs. J. Glaesford. Miss Jennie Glassford, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sample. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Pendleton. Mr. and Mrs.. Listen and the Misses Listen. At Grand View cottage: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Macon, Mr. Harry Macon. Mrs. MLjeon, the Re - . A. Stewart Walsh. Mrs. H. A. Walsh. Charles Walsh. Gladys Walsh, Edith Hoyt, Miss L. Mandel. Kothrj - n Haginmiller. Mrs. Gillette. Misses Florence and Grace Gillette, William P. Field, Frederick Richard. William Harhison. The Rev. Herbert 32. Hutchins. son of the Rev. Hiram Hutchins. formerly pastor ot the Bedford avenue Baptist church, is spending his honeymoon in Digby, Nova Scotia. The young bridegroom is In charge of a church at Paw - tucket, R. I. A singular coincidence Is that another Brooklyn reverend of the same surname is also on his wedding trip, this one being the Rev. William J. Hutchins. pastor of the Bedford Presbyterian church, at Dean street and Xos - trand avenue. Charles F. Brandt will spend two weeks at Amherst, N. H. Mr. Joseph Loughlln of Clinton street will spend a few weeks at Barryvllle, N. Y. and go Ashing In the Adirondacks. Lillian S. Marshall and a party of friends are at Mr. McMurdy's River View cottage. In the Catskllls. Mr. Joslah White and son, Fred, of Columbia heights, are enjoying life on Mountain Hill, Xar - ragansett. Mrs. Nettie I. Grampp. sister - in - law of Sheriff William J. Buttling, is stopping at the Tower Hill hotel. Narragansett Pier. Miss Farrell of the Toung Women's Christian association is summering at Monhegon island, off the southeast coast of Maine. Miss Sharp of tne Young Women's Christian association Is the guest of Mrs. D. G. McEwen, president of the Packer alumnae, at Wildwood, her home, an island in the St. Lawrence. Mrs. E. Le Moult is a fearless equestrienne at Sea Cliff and enjoys many a canter on the downs and along the bluffs. Mrs. S. W. Lockwood of Qulncy street and Mrs. V. W. Many and two children of Rogers avenue, accompanied by their brother. Mr. Angus Wright, are spending a few weeks at Berwick, Pa. Mrs. Ostrander has been spending the summer at Pine Grove Springs, N. H. She expects to leave about September 1 for Niagara and Buffalo. J. E. Stohr and daughters, the Misses Addle and Edna: Mrs. S. A. Beaaohi and William Llyod have just returned from G. Worth's Silver Maple house, Peconic, after spending two weeks. The following Brooklynltes registered at the Fort William Henry last w - eek: John II. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Maxston. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Lerner. Mr nn.i r r AnQin a.t E. A. Brown. William T. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Mathews. Miss Mabel Mathews, i Mrs. Robert Dixon of Berkeley place, lately returned from Europe, will spend the month of September at Saratoga and Niagara Falls. Captain T. M. Smyth. U. S. N., and his nieces, Miss Helen Mnonev nnd Mta lhrM.t r.,. are registered at the Huestis house. Saratoga w - nere tney wm remain until September 1. Joseph H. Gardiner nnrl finnHv aw, n - t Tv... house, Westklll mountains, where they wlllre - imim until wcioner l. Mrs. T. M. Smith or 170 Schermerhorn Ftreet soiled for Europe August 1 on I,a Burgogne and will remain In Paris until the middle of September. o The housa occupied by Petrarch when he was an exile at Vaucluse, Provence, has been found. It has been partly destroyed by Are but the foundations are all there. Now we suggest that some one write a sonnet on It, jEAMS STflfflPARUof fERIT ; Tfye BI88EST SIoe HQQSB iR tftf WORLD "WILL PLACE ON SALE MONDAY Ladies' Black Cloth Tai!ormade a err BICYCLE LEGGIN at CAUTIOX. Having no agencies or brancli stores, my shoes can. be purchased only at uay establishment. A. J. CAMMEYER, 6th Av, cor. 20th St, N. Y. BATH BEACH. i Bath Beach, L. I., August 22 The cooler weather of the past week did not seem to retard . the arrival of fresh guests at the beaoh. All the large hotels and boarding houses are crowded to their doors. Hotel Arg - yle has its full comple - mer.t of guests and there was a new form of amusement for them when the roof garden' lost : - its charms. All attention was paid to the bowling alleys. A women's club has been formed, with, Mrs. Alice Campbell Chism as captain. Som of the other members include Mrs. Zahn, Mrs. Moorehead and Mrs. Davis, who are experts with the heavy wooden sphere. A tournament Is to be played this week. The roof garden attractions have been transferred to the large assembly room of the hotel, where the programme will . continue, unless another warm spell comes. Some of the recent arrivals are: L. Ross. Mrs. Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hosenbaum. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Frankford, W. A Reynolds, W. T. Thompson, P. A. McCabe, Mrs. Slmmonds, C. G. Adams, Miss Well, Mrs. T. Goodwin. Miss Rlnry.Miss Parker, Miss L.. Louise Tooker. Jacob Morris, M. Heyman, Miss :Hen - d ricks. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Sinclair. W. J. T - efft, W. Slattery. J. H. Haffner, Ernest Burgdorf, Jumes Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. James G. Fletcher, A. J. Wheeler. Laurltz Laurttzer, J. B. M.: Michaels, Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Graham. T. Haln, Harry Cameron, M. Schle - ltz. J. S. Lea, Wi' - L. Sutton, John A. De Groot. C. B. Bradley, Mr. Collins. Mrs. C. Wilson. Miss Wilson. C. H. Ahreri, Abe Dahlwan. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hernsteln, George Higlns. Mr. Baldwin. Miss L. Blngyette, Mr. Washburne. Mrs. M. J. Shea, Miss Mary Shea, ' Miss MarguerRe Shea, Miss Franoes Shea, . Mr. . and Mrs. Mack. L. V. de Abad, Mr. and . Mrs.';. Berg, E. Ledeling. Miss Foots. Charles T. Smith, Miss Hammond, J. Henry Work, F. J. W. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pn. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Hanna Housman, Mr. - Mr. J. 'vr. R - i - . - m - l. " The Fort Lowry hotel bowllnjr alleys were - also - - kept constantly In use durmff the cool .nights. . Guests from the Wllllmre. Kath'een villa; Holly - wood and Bollnghroke were invited to - the" alleys and there were friendly mafKfies every - night In the week. Some of the recent . - jrrlvals at the Fort ' Lowry hoUl are Mrs. M. E. Hyland. Miss A. Thomas. Loyd Baker. Herbert W. Morse. Miso Hendrlckson. H. L. flaas. T. R. Younpr, D. F. Verdenal. J. W. Hicks. Mr. and Mrs. EL C. Perry, Howard R. Smith. H. R. Gllmartl - n. Alfred - WU - : marth. J. F. Ling. M. A. Kase.S. C. Leonard, ' Panlel Adams. Mrs. T. O. Richards. Miss S. "C. Chllds, Charles Lelcht. Miss Gretta Jones. Com - mndore and Mrs. A. L. Tiox. Miss Anna L. Box, Miss Rose Rothschild. Miss Rose Goldstein, Mrs. S. J. Fullcrton. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Culver, Miss Gene - . - leve Culver. Frances Trevelyan. Mrs. MJ. ' Laska. Miss Ahrensdorf. N. R. Van O'Llnda, Frnnk C. Hoyt. Miss Florence N. Box. H. A. Miles. Mr. and Mrs. F. Van Nest. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lelcht. C. Lelcht. L. J. Perrigo, J. S. Blake, Matilda von Ramdohr. Miss Daisy von Ramdohr, Mrs. J. M. McLaughlin. Mr. and Mrs. William Smallwood, Masters Delaphaln, Julian Small - wood. Miss Grace Smallwood. S. R. Tobln, W. L. Ellas. Charles G. Schramm. P. C. Hearne. George B. Stesllnir. R. McLaughlin. N. B. Burrell, Herbert F. Daggett. BALL AT THE EDGEMERE; Edgemere, L. I., August 22 The second annual ball of the Edgemere hotel took place to - night. Mr. Arthur Lamson managed the affair. More than cue thousand invitations . were issued to all the prominent cottagers of Lawrence. Far Rockaway, In wood, Ar - : verne and Cedarhurst. The mammoth Edge - mere dining hall was handsomely decorated and brilliantly lighted for the occasion and the music was furnished by Professor Hassell Brinks. A large number of Brooklyn women attended and their toilets were generally admired. FLATBUSH NOTES. Mrs. J. Gardner Pollard of Wlnthrop street and her r - on, Walter D. Pollard, are sojourning at Hill Top farm. Hopkir.ton, R. I. Isaac B. Lockwood Is making extensive alteration In his house at the corner of Avenue F and Melrose avenue. Mr. and Mrs. William Ritchie of Newklrk avenue have succumbed to the fascination of ths bicycle. Adrian V. Suydam will probably be selected for captain of the Cortelyou club bowling team. Mrs. Sit. Clair of East Broadway and Miss Winnie of Lenox road have returned home from the Catskllls. Sidney Moore of Church lane has gone to Nosh - - vllle. Conn. .'''. Miss lona Case of Lenox road Is spending a few weeks at Isllp, L. I. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Richard Steele of Clarkson strest will shortly remove to Rhode Island. Mr. and Mrs. A. Williamson are the guests ot ' Mr. and Mrs. E. M.. Parker of J2S Flatbush - avenue. Dr. George B. Dowllng expects to move into his new home, now in progress cf construction on Avenue A, near Flatbush avenue, ait the end o September. Mrs. W. C. Blokeman. the wife of the pastor of the Lenox road M. E. church, has Joined her hus - .band In the Catskllls, where - he is spending bis .vacation. ... The Rev - J ' X. W. Couch, former pastor of tho Lenox road M. E. church, is visiting friends in Canada. .. Sunday School Superintendent George W. Mc - Chesney . and Mrs. McChesney have - gone to. . the Catskllls for a two weeks' sojourn. ROW AT BERGEN BEACH. Douglas Carre - ll of 473 Seventeenth streat was arrested at Bergen Beach last night for raising a disturbance. It is alleged that he assaulted Frederic Schrell of 206 Woodblno sireot. Justice Stears. in the Flatbush police court this morning, fined Carroll for intoxication and postponed the hearing of the assault case until Monday. FREEPORT GLEANINGS. S. R. Smith's new yacht. Mardls, arrived at Randall & Miller's dock. She will probably soil in the Hempstead Bay Yacht club races. The members and friends of the Epworth leatrue of the Methodist Episcopal church held their annual beach party yesterday. Jere. E. Brown, and family axe spending a few weeks at Newburgh. Frank Snedeker and family have returned from visiting friends in Hempstead. Joseph Titus of East Willlston Is spending a few days at the residence of Mr. Silas Williams. Miss Etta McMullen of Brooklyn Is enjoying her vacation at the residence or H. Asa Nichols. THE HERRICK CUP CONTEST.! : Easthampton, L. I., August 22 The Herrick cup tennis contest at the Maidstone club ws finished yesterday afternoon. The entries were Larkln, Taylor, Draper and Skidmors. Tho scores of the playing is as follows: Stidmore beat Draper fi 2, 6 0, 6 0. Larkin beat Taylor 61, 57. 02, 10. C 0. In the finals, Skidmore beat Larkln 3 6, 61, Ci. . Sltidmore then plavd Waldron, the holdor of tho : cup, and larkin CI, 6 2,4 6. 60. - 'Waldron had won the cud twice and ' now V Skidmore wins it for' tho second time. The) player winning it three, times becomes It :; owner. .

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