Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 3, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 3
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fP^ Its Unreasonable to ask something for nothing, but when you buy SAMPLE us you are positively getting twice your moneys worth. no shoddy goods either. We have Samples are Money-Savers! Our stock is not confined to shoes. We also have a beautiiul line of 98c Men's life as a rock. tor them. or con™n)f", *2 aint to much $1,23 Ladies' finfi Uld wliOflS »ty- liKhtofuirjdmu.de to sell for $2.50. _ 48c Children's fin" kid nod flue finish would be l pap at 7;>c $2.98 98c Misses' white kid ujation slippers, price *2 confirm" .Regular; kid Hlippers ask $1.50 for 'em. others, Men's patent leather, ball or BOiusrcss. Uitzor. YM> orPlttln toeK.Other.-ui.sk iJtS^ EAST BOUXD SHIPMENTS. Despite the fact that the Pan Handle 'did a very poor through business out of Cbloafo laat week traffic in general was fairly good acd better than the preceding week. This is in part due to an iocreaaed local business especially during tb.8 latter part of the . : week. The falling off of through business was caused by the cutting of ,rates Indulged in by competing lines >ome of which doubled their regular ,ratlo. The entire Bhipmenti from Chicago amounted to 60,543 tone, 'against 57.123 tons for the previous week, and 85,316 tons forihe corresponding week of last year. The roads carried tonnage as follows: Mtoblgao Central, 6.379; Wabash, 9,025; Lake Shore, 7,031; Fort Wayne, 5,671; Pan Handle, 4,o97; Baltimore & Ohio, 3,119; Grand Trunk, 5019; Nickel Plate, 4.232; Erie, 10.177; Big Four, 1.769. Shipments were made of the following articles la tons: Flour 1,769; grain and mill stuffs, 2S.444; provisions, lard, etc., 11.492; dressed beef. 7,906; butter, 1,276; bides 1,132: lumber, 5,446; miscellaneous, 1,536. H. E. TKUAX, M. D. •Speolul attention (?lv«n to Nose, Lang, «nd Chronic Diseases. Office and Besliltince ov«r State National Bank. Hon»10tol2 . m., 2 to <l p. in., and 7 to 8 p. m. Us promptly nttendwi. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted, Cheap Cottages tfor Sale. Wanted f.ots iinl Acres for ante. Wanted Sm.ill Tnrm» For Sule. Wanwd Buslnesi Blocks For Salo, Wanted to Kxchnnce Karma for City Property. Wanted M«rclnindlsa to Tr ido for ywrus. DDRE3d .11. M. UOIIDON. Spry Block , Indiana. KROE^ER & STRA.1N, Undertakers and Emtmlmers, O13 Broadway. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IS KXTKA FISK. KIA'B AND ItKOAO I'OINTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. ij MPECU I.\VK!*TMKSIT SK Multiply Your Wealth! tlirongli rrtidlii^onr PIi\X OF S JLVTION ix CUKiTIKM. Our Illiwtrirwl Painphiias nnd Dully ilnrkti Lett«r umilwl froo on iippllcntion, rovciil th StxjiTt o; Qui. kly Accuml.aliiK GrAlns froin op«r« tlons In Wull Street. Ilsvo HeivaTdod Our I'utroiiM. Stocks. Bonds, «r;iln, Provision* »nd Cotton Jbonght mill sold for cusli or on it murgln ot 3 to #>c c*Bt. COMMISSION, 1-1C PER CENT. Writ* us and L«srn. Hlghent Roforence, ; TIitnbllshed 1SXS. JncorportttedlSSe. , nsolidated Stock and Produce Company. «0 Jiow, 52 Btoitd St NKTf YOHK Lt»Tgo Fi-ofliN * DR. F. M. BOZER'8 DENTAL PARLORS Over State National/ Bank, Logansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING. APRIL 3 Ben Flaher, the drugftUl, will we you money on paints. Cloth top, razor toe Oxfords, worth $2, for 98 cents—Olto. Special skirt «»ls today aad tomor row. Ask to lee our |5 skirl—Trade Palace. Ben Fliher, the druggist, has the agency for Uunyoo'a remedies. A full line always on hand. Dr. J. H. Shultz 1 rooms are open for the treatment of diseases of the note, ear and throat, 412 Fourth St. Today only, we offer 2d cent can TanCamp's baked beans in tomato sauce at 10 cents;' a 15o can 80—Foley. The noble council .of .'Royal 'Area' num will meet tonight at their hall corner of Fourth and Market streets. Gus Gloltz who has the contract for ke super-structure of the Streoker. Tabcr bulldlbg on Broadway, began work yesterday. Gentleman Correspondent Wan ted— Objibt matrimony. Muit.be of good family, fair, blue eyes, and must wear shoes bought of the Boston Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourlh St. IH It Fatel Did you evor stop »nd think how our lives are affected bj some seemingly tritllne circumstance? It Ifc amuslnp to think what mlfc'Qt h we occurred but for some more or less trlfllop circumstance. If tre nose of CleopatrB had been shorler the whole face of the earth would have been different. It Is said that a glass of wine too much changed tbe course of French history; many persons who have carelessly picked up a scrap of literature oo Dr. vVheeler'e Nerve VI- tali/er h»ve been cured of what they considered an incurable disease by its uso. C. S Chambers, Atlanta. Ill , was a sufferer from nervous prostration. A friend, who had knowledge of Dr. VVbeeierV Nerve Vitalixer, eave bira a small sample Its use stirred up now hope in hia mind; be used two full sized bottles and was cured— fatH directed this wonderful, rnedl- cluo to bis notice. Your file may be urglop your iittectioo to tba fame remedy, if you are troubled wiih nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleep- mantal depression, exhausted despondency nnd general For sale by Bon Fibber, the vitality, debility. Hoe ti'jw ltivi'5 ^xnn \\irii aa, »n<i soth, iso,";. OQ April 2d and 30ih, 1895, the Vandalla Hoe will sell excursion tick ets to points in the South and South- cast at ON'E KAKE KOUND TU11 1 . In addition to the above, round trip tickets will be sold to points in Arkan. sas and Texas on April 2d, ivt rate of one fare plus $2. Liberal limits and atop-over privileges allowed". For full particulars call on or address any Vandalla line ticket agent, or W. F. Brunner, Assistant General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. Excitement at Walton. At Walton last Saturday A. J. Taylor was aitackqd and put to flight by Mrs. Aaron Hurrell.. The trouble occurred at John Stagg's store and Mrs. Hurrell it Is laid claimed aa a juitlfioatl on ibat A. J. Taylor had carried letters from a youog man to Mrs. H*rrell's daughter. It was quite an exciting affair. How'x Thin! We oltarOns Hundred Dollars Reward for am COM ot Catarcn that oirm»t »e cured or Hall'i Catarrh Cut*. F. J. CHENET *• CO., Props.. Tolede, 0. We, th» unflerslitied, bate known F. J. Cheney forihalMt IS/faw, and b«lleve him pertec^lr ouilnen transaction* amd Bnan- dalUableto carry «at any obligation made by their IIM. WMTft Tstrix. Wkolejale DnigglsU, Toledo, 0, WAITING, KjiiHAH 4 MABTW, Wholewle Dng- Itit. ToMo, 0. Hull's Catarrh Ci» 18 t«*en Internally, acting directly op«n the blood ant mueout goitKes ot Woe 7fo ptr kottl* Sold by »11 TwUmonlalii tree. Arnica Salvo. The best salve In the world for outs bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup, tions, and positively cures piles, or ne pay required. It Is guaranteed to perfect satisfaction or money re. funded. Price 25.cents per box. Far sale by B. F. Keesllng. Vandalla liln» On April 2 and SO, 1895, home seeker's excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rate! to various points In the South Southwest. For rates, limit slop- mer prlvllges, etc., apply to J. C. EDGXWOBTH, Agt., Logansport, Ind. AM'CHforM m»l DepntleN. The lirti of townsf.ip assessors and their deputes is an follows: Etsl township—Assessor, A H Mo- Donald Deputies, C S Peckbam, Allen KlcbardHOn, W A ©smer, John Mlonemsn. Wils Berry, BCD Read, Thos Barrett, H H DoWolf, John Shunahan and M Mlnneman. Jackson — Assessor, H Fickle. Deputy, Jesse Fickle. N 0 bie—Assessor, J W Tlppett. Miami— Assessor, Wm Helvie. Tipton—Assessor, Harman Funk. Deputy, Daniel Boho. Washinctoo—Assessor, John Nov- Inper. Deputy, W Burlcet. Alaras—Assessor, D A Hopkins Deputy, Daniel Broker. Bethlehem — Assessor, Jerome Smith. Boone—AfEe-nor, W H Berkshire, Dsputy, -J H Clark Clay—Assessor. Jacob Morehart. Clinton—Assessor, C W Myers. Deputy, Frank Justice. Ha,rri*on—A?se*9or, D J Remlay. Deo'uty, Frank Tbreewitts Deer Creek—Assessor, Joseph Me- Closkoy. .Everybody Talking Al»i»ur. II. Everybody Is talking about the great froe offer of Dr. Greene's, the most successful speclal'tot in curlnfi- nsrvous and chronic diseases, and who dUoovered that wonderful medicine Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. He makes a specialty o treating patients through letter cor. respondence, and all who accept his offer are astonished at the marvelous success of tbls method. His office is at 85 West 14th St., New York City where he receives and carefully examines every letter sent to him by per- sois describing Vhelr casea and telling him their symptoms. After thoroughly studying each case he answers the letter, explaining th« cause of each symptom ani telling a sure way to get well and strong. He makes the pa tlants understand exactly what alls them and tells them all about their complaints, and all this la entirely free of charge They tave the expense of a trip to the city, -have no fee to pay, and have the benefit of the bait medl c»l advice and consultation. • Here is an opportunity for you to get well, reader, you can either accept or reject it. Which will you do? ®E&* Bomrd of Healtn—Xollee. In order to facilitate the collection of garbage, householders are hereby notified to look to the condition of their slop barrels' and garbage boxes. The ordinance provides that the bar. rels shall be water-tigh i and provided with a cover, and the garbage must be in a dry state. Water must not be thrown In the barrels Tin cans or any miscellaneous rubbish must be deposited in a box near the barrels containing the garbage. This is a reasonable demand,'and It Is expected that all citizens will comply as quickly ae possible for the sake of the public health and convenience. A. J HERRMANN, Prea. N. W. CADY. Seo'y. . Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is perm? nently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fiftr cent bottle. Xatlee. Orient Lodge No. : :272, F,& A. M., will meet in special session this (Wednesday) evening, 'April 3d, at? o'clock for work In the Master degree. FREIGHT RATE WAK. Trunk lines leading out of Chicago at present have a rate war on grain and other merchandise on their hands which, if it should continue for some time, can but end disastrously to a majority of them. It is said to have originated with tho Grand Trunk road which, in order to secure a large ci n- tract, cut the regular rate. The Michigan Central on hearing of this out a shade deeper and almost instantly the Wabasb,' Nickel Plate, and other lines were in the field to secure freight at any price. Grain contracts to the Atlantic seaboard have been shaded to 12 cents, .and it Is believed that some roads are making contracts at a 10 cent basis which wi.'l hardly pay train expenses. The Pennsylvania so far 4ias done but little in ibe matter, but it ia not at all probable that the management will stand idly by and see their competitors taking their patronage from them. Pan Handle engine 500 was jester, day seat to the Columbus shops to be rebuilt. Wilfred Keaton has been appointed superintendent of signals of tbe Rich- mono division of the Pan Handle. Division Superintendent Gould of tho Wabash has rettinrsd from an extended southern trip much improved in health. The Wnbash ia February earned, nft, §9 90S more than in February, 1894. and tbo increase for the eight months is $63,544. It is claimed that freight rates at Chicago and Kansas City, both east and west bound, are better maintained than at any time in years. Wm. Yergens has bsen appointed foreman of the Wabash round house at Andrews. He formerly had charge of agantrinthe erecting gang in the shops at Fort Wayne. Vandalla brakeman Harry Harris who lost a leg at South Bend B ome time ago continues to Improve In health and will be brought home as soon as his condition will permit. Pan Handle employes who have been at English Lake recently report an abundance of game. One of them returned home Sunday.night with as many ducks and snipe as he could conveniently carry. During the freight rush the Pan Handle hae leased several hundred freight oarsOfrorn the Eureka Trans portation company and the Northwest Dispatch. ' These cars have been .ordered to be returned home. A master mechanic on the Pennsylvania lines states that tho heavy, coarse whistle has been in use on the Pennsylvania lines since 1881, and passengers complain of ite harshness. For this reason the compaiy is adopting on all of its passenger locomotives the smooth chime whistle at considerable expense. The officials of the Pan Handle are pushing the Relief fund with much vigor just now and it is reported that not many. men. in the shops or on the road are unsupplled with policies in that concern. While It is entirely optional with the employes to take out policies it is nevertheless well known that in case of a layoff non-members are tbefirst to go every thing else belng- equaL On this condition the association has made wonderful gains In tbe ast few weeks. Detective Ben Applegate, of the Wabash railroad, arrested * Frank Marsh at Wabash yesterday, charg- ng him with an assault to murder. Che accused was taken before Justice Shorb and was held under bond a to the grand jury. Marsh was a fireman on the Wabash and ' was one of the trikers last summer. During the IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It will pay vou to be particular as to whose seeds you bay. We are now in the market wiih a full line of LandrethV seeds for the seaso'i of 1895, and I wish to say to tbe uardeners and others using seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may be a Htrle higher price then some other* they are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no other seeds eicept those grown by Landretti & Sons of Philadelphia our customers may rely on setting nothing but the very best. I believe that the cost of tbe'seeds is nothing compared to tbe crop, and when a person has tbe trouble to put out a garden, he t-hoald use nothing but the very best. We handled Landreih's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Logan.-port as well as rniMiy from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line of garden tools and fi«ld seeds Remember that the flrm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years In the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617, 623 Broadway. strike Engineer Kater, who took the place of a striker, was struck with a brick while bringing a pasfenger train in;o ihs city. The \V a bash cow clalois to have evidence to convict Marsh of throwing 1 tbe brick. A Kinsis City papar saya the Williams Pained Sleeping- Car company has been Ojrgnniz-id with a capital stock of $5,000,OOU to manufacture in tbttt cltv anew car, untquiiledin point of comfort, convenience aud elegance by any sleeping car Diiw In usu. Tne main feature of tft« no* car ie a bertb which disappears at the will of the passenger inioihe wall of ihe car and Is confined Hi i\ >-pac« «( or.n and pevtn-eiffhi.hs iucij<F. M«tirt«e* of air aro ti) r>e> uico, ,-rjd all bed cloth- log oiin ne p it re lockers underneath the §eat^ of nncb seiiiion. Tbe berths will DJ rcidd of hi.' el nnd aluminium The tonnage nystena of hauling freights on tte l j «.n Jisndle lines, introduced a few months ago bae provtd eo smi-ifnciory ihut ratings are at once to bo given engljies on al! divisions, lostt-ifl of HO eoffine hauling £0 many cars, rL'ffardless of weight of the contents of tbe car, It will hereafter haul so many tons. Tbe conductor o' the train Is to ascertain as early as possible, tho tonnage of all merchandise or freight of whatever description ID the trait!. The rating oMhe engine will vary with the clase, while tbe hauling capacity will vary over tho several divisions according to grades and other conditions, The transportation deparirosnl is now giving care ful attention, so that when ratings aro flaa! ; y agreed upon they will become a permanent feature. J. J. Turns'", superintendent of the Pitlsburg division, predicts that tbe economy of the tonnage system will become so appar ent that In a few years' lime all roads will be operated under it. An impression exists that employes in the car building department of rail roads are not as well paid as men in the same branch of service in private car works. Directly the reverse is the case. As a rule, railway companies pay their car builders more than do private companies.- For the carpenter work on tbe ordinary box car, such as the Ohio Falls car works built for the Pennsylvania company recent ly, tbe men were paid, It is stated, from 111 to $12, while at tbe Pennnyl vania Company's chops tbe men are allowed $20 for the same work. On this item alone there le a difference of $9 In the construction of the car, to say nothing of the difference In black' smith work and other labor on the car. An official of the road ia quoted aa saying that the building of the 1,000 ore and coal cars properly belongs to tho railroad company's •hop- but if outside parties want to do the work cheaper than the railway com paoy can do it they will doubtlees secure the contracts, The PHtsburg locomotive works, which has built all the new engines theVandaliat has purchased of late years, have just turned out two locomtlves for the Junction road the heaviest ever used on any road run. nlng out of Pittsburg, not excepting the Clasi X eogines in uee on the Piueburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago. The dimensions of these great machines are aa follows: Cylinders, 22x28 Inches; eight driving wheels, 44 inchei ID diameter; driving wheel base. U feet; total wheel bate, 23 feet; weight of engine, 160,000 pounds; weight on drivers, 14,000 pounds; boiler pressure, 160 pounds; diameter of boiler, smallest ring, 6 feet; fluea. 272 In number, 2J- Inches In diameter, 13 feet 6 inches long; firebox, 121 inches by 42} inches; stay bolts 1 inch in diameter, 4} inches from center to center; journal!,' 8} inches in diameter, 9 inches long; engine truck, two- wheel type, wheel*, 30 inches in diameter; engine truck journals, 10 inches long. Other arrangement! consist of an extension front, oil cups forged Solid to the drivers, two No. 10 monitor Injectors, two 16 inch headligbtf, -ttrel lurk, Jevel top, capacity 3,50* United Siaks gallons. J»«'nUl <>!' mi Old K<*ul«r. A B HlldeUriiQd of JetTi^on township, died Monday evening of la grippe, tie was 8-1 years old and one of tbe oldest settler.s of tbe coanvy. The funeral will take place al 10 o'clock a. m. today from the residence. It JUy Du al Huh for To«. Mr. Fred Miller, of Irvmj, 111,. writes that he had a severe kidnej trouble for many years, with sever* piling ID his back and also that his bladder was affected. Ho tried tcany so-called Kidney curort but without any good result. About a year ago h» began use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters -ti especially adapted to cure of all kid. ccy and liver troubles aotl often gives almost instant relief One trial will prove our statement. Price only 50o for large bottle. At B. F. Keeallng's drug store. Don't Tnlmcco Spit or Smoke Your Lift lw»y, is tbe truthful, startling titleot a book about No To BBC, the harmless, guaranteed tobacco habit euro that braces up nicotined nerves, eliminates tho nicotine poison, makes weak men gal Btrengtb, vigor and manhood. Yon run no physical or financial risk, as No-To-Bac is sold by 3. F. KeebHog under a guarantee to cure or money refunded. Book free. AddressSter-. ling Remedy Company New York and Chicago. Kafglits ill' tlic .ttm'O.bt<>5. The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Ueb , as follows: "After trying other medicines for what seemed to be a very obstinate cough in our two children wo tried Dr Klng'» New Discovery and at the end of two dav» tbe cough entirely left them. We will not, be without it hereafter at our experience proves that it cures where all other remedies fail,"—Signed F. W. Stevens. State Com. Why not give this great medicine a trial, as it is guaranteed and trial bottles art free at B. F.'Keeellng's drug store.- Regular size 50c and $1. A $2 dandy for 98 cente, has been submmitted by Otto in placa of tan, sold out Have YOD Kidney TronWe? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold br BEX FIHHBB. Druotet. CHICAGO, March 7,1894. DR. BrauMAir, CHICAGO. HY DEAKfllB—My attention was first called «• SAJf-JAX lart year lo the case ol C»ptaln J. Jl Broslos. •[ Terr* fiante, Ind., who was atUckM In this City with scat* nephrlU* and cyrttOi O§>- flanminllon ol the bladder and kldnen) ifhr prescribing the u«u»l remedies without av»ll SMH Jak was unvested, and th* Improvement was jw marked alter thonrai dose, mid a complete ca» IolJowed so speedllj, that I at once commenced in InTestlJKatlo:: of Its merits and hare ilnoe PK- scrlbed It In almost everj known tortn of Bdc bladder, urethril. vaginal and iwarthdl troabl followed li e->ch liutaocJ bj the happiest resoL A case ot cDoresL'tlnTOlactarr Bow ot urine) to my own family was very much Unproved br a f*w doses, and radlcallj cared In less than it w»r* Krom pracUcal experience In a nnmoer of bM ca»e8 of leaeorrhoea I am tree to sar that I h«i» found no remedj that \s «ioil to SAN JAJE. Aod while [have never before Riven a prots»- slonal Ujdorsement W a proprietary rerondj, I tw unhesitating)} and <lthout reserve that . od»- sWer dAN-.M.K a veritable boon to rmioanltf sut atterapplTlOKlttothesurebC proiwuloaal MB«. can sar m h conndence, It Is better than it u J»- commeDded to be. 1 shall cormnoe to prescnbe It In all esses at Kenlto-nrtnaiTorcalarrcal troubles. In prefBf- ence to al'other known reniodles. > B a NTRTJi TOWC, SiN J Ak can be telled ni>3« fnUraiid entlrslT. The delicious taste of (Us) medicine Is ilso In lit favor. In prencrlbUu it for children. lamMorawntuslnif S*N-J»K as «• Blteratlve In skin dlteasas. and In sever, lease* tf cbn nlc eczema have yielded no readily o Iti m- diifflicft that T sball continue to use It to sir cases, feeitajj confident that 1C will mew all indications In sach cafc-». Yoon stoc*relT. tim>. w. SXTDBII, IL D. *? BEN FISHER DRBGGIST V

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