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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 5

Brooklyn, New York
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Sunday, December 18, 1881
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uy,Fl i II ii niirr I nnimiTlfl AND MTTSIOAL, - " " ..n of aMomaIni6t, i h - i. (.ntntmi AirvUoli . ..W "".Tfj aw iKiamjaillbinl I JL WITH SUPPLEMENT. SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 18, 1881. EVENTS IN BROOKLYN. Summary of tlic Week's Local News. Monday, December 12. - The Bethel ship Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Church, was dodi - oatad on Sunday. Th. church Is on the corner of I resl Mead, e how ion mu - . - - - - Th9 of tho daughter and sister Julia C. memory around and cost $16,000. Blahopa set 'Apae - useway has bean completed from tower to tower of tho Brooklyn Bridge, and workmen are pass - lng back and forth between tho two cities on it. - John VanNoatrand, of this city, died at Lake wood, where h. had gone for the beaoflt of his health. A motion was made before the General - orm .of tho Supremo Court, by the attorney of the Brooklyn ,ad Hallway Company, to modify the r po of th commissioners so as to allow the company to ' then to confirm the report as inod.fiou. ih o com Mloners reported against the road. The matter waa postponed uut.l another term of tho court. John Baker, old of Brooklyn, died at . ... . ...mlilnn f'nUtlCll the aao of 75 years. He sat - uie ago o , M a mem. Chamber uearjy i ori.y .. - - . - At tho time of his death bor of the Btate Legislature, lie Mechanics' Insurauco Coui - lie was president ,:!or In the Coney Maud llailroad, pany, and was a dire. In toe Peoples' 0 a Company and lu the liu KaUi Gas - The Beard of Aldermen held a regular maetin and reoolraa a communication from Controller Soulier apd resolution appropriating $15,000 for the purpose of enabling him to employ expert accountants to irn - prove the manner of keeping the accounts of the arrear of taxoa and assessmenU. He will employ twenty experts at $150 each, and tho work will be com - Pl,ted by the iirst day of February. The board adopted tU& resolution. Tuesday, December IS - A. special moelw Of the truateesof th. East Biter Bridge was hold cm Monday, and addresses by several Na w lork members epposed to th. passage of freight trammer S. bridge, among others by Mayor Grace ana Hon. R. R iit, A financial statement was made by the president and chief engineer. - A conference of the charitable workers of Brook - l,a waa held in t tie hall Of the Long Island Historical MMUt, under tho auspice, of the Brooklyn Bureau of Charmes. were made by President Whit., Mayor .loot Low, Mr. Beeoh.r and others. The Board of Control was olected for tho ensuing year. - Right Roy. Bishop John Longhliu urged tho Mayor to veto the Calvor scheme on the ground that he $100,000 worth of property on the proposed route which b. represented would be greatly damaged if wore p..h nf 'rtermen procured the Grand . Street M.thodist Protestant Church building for Justice Kenua's new court room. The basement of the huron will b3 leased as a l.cture room by .he trusteod. - Tbo total roceipt. on account of the taxes of 1831 ro about $3,000,000. - The total amount received by tho KcgiEtrar of Arrears for arrears of taxes, assessments, during the - weekending December 10 wa. $ti,730.11. Tho work of the Police Department for the year has boon reported, and it shows a steady improvement under General Jourdan - managemout. With the exception ot the removal of ex - Captalu Johu Klloy and the appointment of Detective Folk to the command of the Tnelftn Precinct, thore have Iwon no Important ohaugoa lu the penomut of tho daring tho year. VJIDNES3AT. December 14 A special meeting of the Board of Education was held in response to call signed by a number of the members, for tho purpose of electing a Superintendent of Puulle Instruction The propriety of calling a special moeting was . doubted by Mr. Doaae, who movod tUit the board adjourn The motion was oarrled. A potltion wa. received by the board signed by a number of loading cit - ltens of the city, protesting against uuduo baste in the . neleotloo of auperintendent and associate superlntend - Q - Tbo Board tf Supervisors affirmed the action ot tho Bllasville Bridge Committee In the discharge of Bngluoer MoDonougn. The Arrears Commissioners held a meeting and . ward petitioners for relief under the new law. President Booth presided. The Central Democratto Association held a meeting in Jefferaon Hall and adoptod a resolution inviting a oonferenoo with the Democratic General Committee, and In caw of failure that tho Central Association pro - ooad with reorganization alone. The Kings County Republican General Commlttoo of 1881 held lta final meeting Tuesday evening, and transacted conaiderablo business. A resolution ws adopted requesting President Arthur to reappoint yo.tm6or Molaer. Letters of thanks were received from tho secretaries of Mrs. Garfield nud President Arthur thanking tho committee for the memorial reso - lntions paaaed by it. - Hon. Thaddeus Crane Banks, business manager of amu York . Forrest and Stnam, died at bis resi - . denoe in Brooklyn to - day in hi. sixty - second year. t. v w.lsh. whoso oonvlction of the murder of Barbara Oronenthal was affirmed on Monday by the . aeneral Term of the Supreme Court, was sentenced by . Chief Justico Barnard to oo uuKUU j - - The caeo fa to be taken to the Court of Appeals. Cuarlos Beokar, the convicted forger of the 1,000 trano notes of the Bank of France, was .entenced by Judge Moore to the King. County Penitentiary for six ,0.7. and six mouths. Application li to be made for stay of proceedings pending an appeal to the General Term. Thursdat, December 15 The special in - TUtlgatiug committee of the Board of Supervisors, appointed to Investigate ex - Keeper Hbovlln'a admluis - trattonof affairs! of the P.nilentiary, hold a meeting at that building Wednesday afternoon. Figures were glveu Which indicated remarkable discrepancies between the number of prisoners actually In the institution and the number credited to it. The thirty - flrst annuBl donation party and fair at i tbe Oraham Iustitnto was opened Wednesday;evenlng and waa well attended. There aro seventy old ladles in the institution. A aubsorlptlon has been Inaugurated by the Grand Army posts of the EaBtern District for General Abram Dally, oommander of the War Veteran's Association of 1811, who is in want. He is 88 yea" old, and the alxty - flfth anniversary of his marriage ocaurs next Wednesday. It is proposed to oelebrate the event by a gift of a, purse of money to tho aged couple, both of whom are too old to work. Miss Sarah Bedmond, of 111 Reid avenue, died eruciaenly of heart disease while attending a party laat avening. Chief of Police Campbell haa received a number of Utter, from tho Woat asking for a description and in - formation concerning George W. Stuart, the abscond - . log ex - secretary of the Board of Education. Friday, December 16 Tho report of the Health Commissioner show, a total of 14,027 death. lor the twolve month, ending November 1. Tula 1. tho highest number reported since lam. Tho Arrears Commission has not yet filled the vacancy caused by tbo death of Andrew Cunningham. The position will most probably be giveu to an Eastern . District man. Assoond meeting of the Shovlin - Groon Inv.sti - aatlnK Committee was hold at the Penitentiary. Doeu - menu wero submitted showing commitment, which were hot filled up, and others upon which the names of the justices were forged. Ono lnRtanc was men - tlonad of prisouor who sent a substitute to servo in hLi behalf. Tho reception of to3timony rogardlug commitments was closed. Tax Co'.lootor Tanner gives in his annual report the fact that the sum of $6,831,313.90 was received durlnK the year for taxes. Jacob V. B. Martense, ex - Supervisor ot the Town of Flalbiish, and one of tho host known cilizons of tho town, died this morning la his 67th year. He leavos widow and three ohlldren, Deputy County Clork Georga G. Barnard has been aubpenaed to go to Washington to appear at the Gnl teau trial with the offlolal record, of the dlvorco oh tatned against th. assassin in the Supreme Court in . this county in 1872. Satobday, December 17 Tho report of the Registrar of Arrears for the year was sent to tha Mayor to - day. Tho total amount roeolved from De - oember 1, 18S0, to November 30, 1831, was $2,975,961.93, and with the collection, of the present month the amount is JJ23,784.49. The Mayor ha. vetoed tho aldermaulo resolution .granting to tbo Brooklyn Elevated Hallway Company the right to construct, maintain and operate a railway. He opprovod the Culver scheme which gives a fran - ahleo to tho Culver or East Rlvor Bridge and Oonoy Island 8toam Company. Mayor elect Low ha appointed Mr. Franklin Al Ion htii private .eoretary. Mr. Allen wa. formerly asor.tsry of tho American Bilk Association, and re side, at present in New York. Mr. Austin Corbln has bought the Litchfield prop exty at Babylon upon which he will erect a new botel at a cost of 150,000. The Board of Education has reported to the Mayor that the total amount of .11 the expenditures for school buildings and lands belonging to the board Is five mil llona and tTtonty - ntne tuousand five hundred dollars. Toe Mlarios of toacbors for 1881 waa $703,35. 00, and the itwt of tuitioupor papil was $M50. There ro 30,000 children of the city who roocive their education ill ita parochial school.; 3,023 children are educat.d In fourtooa orpUon asylum, and Industrial schools aupportod by .religions societies and private besevo. tenee. Sarah Nolan, aged 18 yean, of No. 103 North aayenth afreet,' waa run over and killed by on. of the largo wagons Of H; Clausen & Son., brewers, of Hew Xork, , A uafiled thief wb.0 triad to enter the residence of Ir. J, Vn llarllng'ton, of 160 Dufflold atreot, ou Thurs Oil afternoon, returned Friday, and on tho servant'i apposrlng at the basement lit answer to tho bell threw vitriol - In ter face. Forty - four permits to oroot new buildings wero .granted (luring the week by the Commissioner of .Buildings. M. JOHH'H COM.EOK TUMIiS. The pupils of St. Johu's College wero ex jtmlnod on Friday. Tho Rev. Fathor riuukolt gave as a prixo a uandsomo slod, aftor delivering an eloquont ad dress. Brother Bruno, l'rofeesor utininiings mm iir, MoGeoghegaD, lilts of Bt. Mary's Collego, San Fran clsoo, alto moos appropriate auurwuro, iiilllHTWT r ,,, at s .mail n. pwt I . m.. w - - nip - irtWwT,fA.' 1 1J DRA - ATIO AND' BUSIOAli Brooklyn ParK XUeater The numbar of light operas with whioh the publlo has M entertained of lata U .resting phenomena of the present season. Doubt - L, the .uccaS8lntW. counts of the Engli. isaUre must be held responsible A mora ogreoable form of itt.ment, however, it would be t to son - eolve.audh. - oethe policy Of ont rtV "i. New York ia looking oat for these musical attreo ton, and steadily adhering to thorn ctnuot bo 'WgMy Braised. From Franca wo bave already bad several, the best and moat popular of all being the works of the composer Audrao, whose " Ollrotte" was the first of .odes which, If the standard 1. maintained cannot be too long. The Bijou Theater lu Now xork has dona - teat service to the country by mounting and cast " i. - ..nnr BS IV Ti lug these operas ll. HUGH a .. - - end when the cru.h ha. come public approval, in transferring them to a larger no . was the course pursued wil l ; ,U not .ess brilliant successor the Mcl o - former bronoht to the . M rtua,Ue, r - tcr,,rt;: . ,,.' s easily the peer of Mr. llowson'. Captain d ,? " ,,, and the Wf.'.ia of KM Searle rank, with ue reigning Olivette, Miss I. ' gratifying to find that tue first regular production of the "Mascotte" in Brooklyn, will bo given by tue original company which gave the opera vffality in Now York, and which has now played the picco 208 times in tho United States, always to brimming bouses. Aa to the chorus, tho scenery, the costumes and so on, It ia only necessary to ssy that they will to - morrow eveuiug at the Park, .. iioat. while the cast spoaks fur itself: uv ... . . - rj..,...... t ... r. I Pnllnkn llrtmmilO Illl.l Mini., TV J. ii. (Jouly i;mui Seiuni - Purafauto M .tt juuu orauu lid. Chaptuan G. M. I'almor " J.T. OrKTen ' lCd. Morris .Mis liouiso Sonrlo O - juvt Ohysieiaa HUlL li. LllO JlllbCUlll. - - V 7, iUin wt Wi.,.4tl rtautflitP of I'nnCQ L.OMUKO . . ... MlS3 .M lJ "Ml V.Mins SjaloKirwin Anttna Puola iV'tro Ano!o Luitfi Marco...... .. Carlo Tiiulo Tito Bfippj Uoltu AlpUouao..... .... Mui liinio Mttiu '.Miss Utuirxie Uucia ... MUs Kiiith Kvurho ...Miss Rosa Marlou ..Miss BlftQCO .Miss Deli Burker Miss Moliie Powora .Mibs Pearl livertio " .Miss Lilly Waltors Toasant I5oy. Vase i. .14iss Olara Bowles Hnvcrly's Urooklya Theater. Wheu llossrs. Itobsoii nud Crane formod a dronintic copartnership, anybody who had seou them apart could have foretold the success of tholr venture. Admirable comedians, both, of utterly dlfforent schools of acting, thov constituted, as tbny continue to do, a , v,.. - ..i, ii,",. n,aoks" of tho theatrical road could uot hope to pass. Their scheme has been entirely successful. After exhausting such plays as made a double comic eVmeut necessary, tboyset to work to , build P laj , .,.in. where each should sustain a part ot equal interest with the other, and by so doing move than quadrupled the fun that each alone could ti, raiinnu merriment of tho farce comedy, our Bachelors," which tliey have boou playing Bt Haveriy's Brooklyn Theator for tbe past week, has i,.,t andiBucos lu roars of laughter. The man agement have taken race, howovor, that they shall not leave this city until they havo made sldo aches opidemio, and consequently the twe comedians and tholr capital comody company remain for eight performancoe more. Tho piece lu which thoy will bo seeu this week is one f i,t nd cartalnlv In many respeots tho best Ucm comoaj oi Its kind on the boards, if lncosBant ... ..r.. .....1 TTlBla" Will laughter Is a tost oi merit, - oiuiiu bo ulven al! through the week, with the following cast: .. ... . u... !. !. - . ! uutler Miarp, o. inu .... . smart Robson DuntL.1i'l'V,lV,'Vi - 'V'r;oii, tliu prosiitive . ....... ..f ,,.illi.,ns. v.aululE to 0;. ii bull or t...... .. t ,. - ..,rr..:,iiv fura " ll'.lt" O! tall". Wra. H. Crane Caiitain l.ejiin iCmrion. U. b. A .Mr. .lu.'ii; l'uiiibjrttin, a buar Knttlf, .1 hull ;uid iiot - - l clerk Iiev. Pert j - Uusliti, a bur,; Harroj Singe, hrokor ;:lia nui'tlfiir a. a. L,inmaii Karrv Alurddith ...johu Mavblo Tli'.io. N. Rolierta ..V. li. Ambrose Mrs. LUf. l,u iiuii. iviuu... mi, vain am! iory dropsy Muriim rombertuu. HliyiKiajd OiiUj Peniberl:tn .... . Sir,; Dull who 1'ai. Dullatom 's lis Alisi Alice Robson liiar of Mi - B Adelo Waters .Mrs. Mary Myers Kellie Flat. l)nlljto;io'3 ilimgtitur Miib orjoe U. Thome Hyde .V BoHninii' TUeutor. An inviting holiday bill is offered by Messrs. Uyde & Bohman at tholr handsome aud commodious theater for the ourrout week, with no less thau twenty - one stars. Jeppo and Fanny Dalauo in their flirtation and musical sketches, George Wood iu Ethiopian acts, the four Bolsset brothers in ground and horizontal bar athletics, Williams and Sully in tho "Ethiopian Picnic," Professor Parkor with hie niarvcl - ou. troupe of trained dogs, Kelly and O'Brien, the "Four In Hand" song and dauco team, Halleu and Hart In Billy the Tailor," the Ryaus aud others will supply all tbe amiisomeut that can reasouably bt orowded into one performance. StanttarU I'lieaier, At the Standard Theater a treat will be given tho Brooklyn pnblio li) tho return to tho looal Htage of Mr. Frank ll'iohe who, togother with the stock company will support tho will known author and actor, Mr. C. W. Barry, iu a new and iiuusatioual drama entitled " Broken Fetters." Tho piece deals with a great cxprofs robbery and will be Dot off wlfhnew sconery and appointments. Donnelly and Drew, Miss Daisy Norwood, the Maxwells and others will supply the specialty interlude. Grand Opera Hoitve. " A Celebrated Case" has uot by any means lost its popularity, aud will, no doubt, draw large sudieucea during the prssont woek at tho Grand Opera House, where, with new sconery aud costumes and the original music, It will be played by Crosson'a combination. i.l i..MAn,iia nifiiiflnrM" Abroad. Messrs. Hyde & Behmar - have eevoral excel - lent companies on the roa, all thriving as lnuch as tka m&naeess could possibly aesire. ine orgamzaiiuu whose specialty is tbe laughablo farce, " Muldoon's Blunders," appears to have bton especially woll received. Last week the organiiatlon played lu Detroit to large houaos, and tho press notices lndicato that thoy wero received with enthusiasm and completely captivated the olty. Novelty Tlieater. Mr. Robert Griffin Morris' play in four acta entitled "Old Shipmates," will bo produoeit at tue novelty Theater oa Monday night uost. This is a comedy drama iu lour acta, and Introduces a lot of quoint New Bedford peoplo to New York aud Brooklyn in a very pleasant and tomditust love Btory. Tbo comedy is furnished by the characterization and untoward inci dents and the methods by whioh tho tntorest is sus tained are easy and legitimate. This le the general Tordict of Ihi pvoas of citios In which "Old bhlpmates," ha. boon played. Mr. Frank Mordaiiut has Deen re markably successful in the principal part, that of cap - fain llnrlim Wcatfierjagn. la tact both piece and actor have beon triumphant during tho Fall ond rogu - lar season. Tbo fun is continuous and contagious. I.cs HujrucuotK. The opera season in Brooklyn has, so far, boon entirely successful, and ha. given the utmost nleaaure to thousands of our most cultivated citizens. It is, therefore, with a feeling of keen regrot that they will learn that, with the performance or "Los Hugue nots," Meyerbaar'a masterpiece, on Thursday evening, tho sea.on of opera for 1881 will end. A sooonu aoasou will probably bogiu in Maroh, but, for many weeks to come, Brooklyn must be content to do without its fa vorite entertainment. Colonel Mapleson and tho local manager, Mr. David Taylor, have determined to put 'Les HuBuenols"on the stage with a wealth of acces sory matter ln;coatumo, soonory and chorus boflttlng tho work and the occasion, and the public may Judge from tha cast how eicellent will be tho representation. On account of the length of tho work, tho curtain will fall ofter the grand duo in tho fourth act. The oast la : Ranul di N'angis Sijrnor ltavelll 11 l.'outo (li ixovurs II Conto d; b'an Bris.... .....bignor Xlol ruento . . .Gnlaasi TnrAuufii Signor Riualdinl Signor L'osta Signor Orazr.i Signor Monti Signor Novara Mllo. Lelia Lanri Sllle. Kmma Juch Ml'o. Valerga Mile. Paolina Rossini llo Ki t '. Do (Josse Maurevert Marcello Urbano Margherita di Valois... Datna d'Ouoro Valentin D'Oyly carte's "Patlouce" Company. Among tho attractions billed to appear shortly at tho Academy of Music la "Patlouce," by a company nnder the managemout of Messrs. (Joiniy ana Barton, the gontlomou who flrBt produced "Olivctta.1, They eeud to this office a card from Mr. D'Oyly Carte stating, that theirs is the only company authorized by Messrs. Oilbort aud Sullivan to play the opora outsiuo of Now York, and that tho ecouory and costumes aro reproduction, of those used In London. Second IMiilburiuouic Concert. To those whose good fortune it was to lis ten to tbo second concert of the riiilharmouio Socloty at the Academy last evening and thoy wero many, the house being crowded a moat delightful aud, In every way, thoroughly onjoyable performance . was vouchsafed. The programme has so recently been considered in detail in this column that othor than a reforonce to lta beauties is uncallod for at this writing. No more complete and pleasurablo porformance of the "Ilhenieb Symphony" of Schumann, the first number of the selection, could be asked, marked ai It waa by all tha grace aud finish which is characteristic of the Inenmnarable orchestra of the .oclety. Tho .cenes from Gluck's "Alceste," In which Signor Oalassl, MIsssb Schell and Winant and the Philharmonic cho. ms took part, introduced tho latter most happily to a concert audience for tbe first time this Reason. Its performance showed marked Improvement over the rehearsal of tbe prevloui aftornoon, precision of attack having given place to the aomewhat nervous hesitancy of tho forinor occasion, and the niolo volcoi having been roiulorced In number, the parts were tnoro evenly balanced. Both In this number and the intensely trying festival music of the "(juoen of Sheba" selection, which concluded the ooncert, the chorus commended Itself to critical appreciation. Signor Ga iassl's noble voice was heard to excellent ad vantage in the aria, " Die Frist latj um, from Wagner's " Flying Dutchman," which he delivered with a vigor and spirit which awakened the utmost enthusiasm. The gem of the concert, however, after the delioious string Quartet of Beethoven, to which we have before alluded, and which was delightfully played by the oroheitra, was tho "Btatrlce and Benedick" duo of Berlioz, tflven by Ml.s Bcholl and Miss Win.nt.wlth a giaoe of expression and delicacy of nbraslnit. calling for the warmest commendation. The audience was as appreciative as It was large, Mr, Thomas was in hi. bappkat mood, and la.t night's eon'cert will long be remembered as one of tho most notable In the history ot the Fhllhannonlo Society. An Imposinir Cliurcli Choir It will be remembered that when the vacation season lu tho churches eame round Mr. A. 0. Caswell, the brilliant organist and musical director of St. Stephen's church, took a bnof trip to Kuropo, combining business with pleasure. While in Porls ho studied uudor M. WIdor, tho organist of tho grand old churoh ot St. Sulpioe, tho musical system there in vogue, and having loarned It thoroughly roturned to Brooklyn with a full deliiiiulnatlon to do no lens for St. Stephen's aud the worshipers lu that favorite temple. After dls - ausslons with Fathor O'Reilly, who entered into the plan with all the earnestness and zest With which he I proteoutes evory improvement, he proceeded quietly to j organize aWolr of thirty men and twenty boys. This j admirable innovation suecaoded perfoo'tly. Tho choir, 1 which la exceptionally strong aud trained, evidently under a waster, 1 situated bthlud the high Har, with i - ' ,;xrT ! ' i " i ii llll - ITlTsnrllT 111 1111111 ai - iiii.mniii m 1 1 ' "' alnglug the ' WJ 1 lm, at wper8. 0n Chriet - iSiSrtt ta Maggie Mitchell and Mr Charles 0. I - ookwood, who are Btill renumbered at St Stephen's, will take tho nolo num. barn. The leadorB of the choir are, on the Oospel ildt, Mr. O. Frank Smith, and on the Eplstlo side, Mr. Doasert. A Brooklyn Debutante In Florence. Tho positiou which Brooklyn ooouptea in tbe world of muslo 1. such that any addition to tho already long Hat of eminent vocalists from this olty I worthy of notice. The lateat aohlovement by a fair fellow oltizan 1. that of Mlas Eulalla RUIey, whose family Uvoln Seoond plaoe. Before ehe wont abroad she waa for aoine yaara a resident hero and sang at St. Paul's Church lu New York. Her musio teacher, Professor v m - o fhi oltv. deolaros that nbo has tho lo'rol'lest voice ho ever hoard, and that In the not dis tant future her talents and vocal gilts wiiimaaou.r eminent. Her debut as Jtost'ia m Sevlllo," waBtnado early In November, at tne niooum Thoator, Florenoe. Tho looal papers, extraota from which havo beeu eonl to thw city, ope&s. oi uor anco in terrna of glowing oulogy, remarkable even for tha olty of euporlative, critical admiration. Bunnell's IttUDOUm. Tim Iloman students have made such a de - olded .uccoss that they have boon retained at this Institution another week. The new feature for thla week conslstB or the nonpareil colored Troubadours, xuey art said to bo oxcollont singers, and have but recently returned trom a soven year.' trip abroad. They aro well educated, and tholr voices, in addition to posse.. - ing much natural harmony, have boon cultivated so that they fully understand how to draw upon tho vooal organs to produce tho best results. The oth.r attrac tions aro equally aa good a. usual, iuu room to question that every visitor will reoelvo tho full value of tho amount investod for admission. A HEW OROAH OX THE HILL. Tha new orcan which has been in course of erection for a week or two past In the Nostrand ave nue M. E. Ohuroh, of whioh tho Rev. Ueorgo u,. iweu is pastor, is now oompleted and ready to bo used to - day. In building thla instrument, Rouben Mid - mor h Son, of thla olty, have combiuod tho greatoet varloty of useful effects possible, proauciug u eocond to none other on the Hill, In a rich and sympa - thotic tone. It contains 1,078 pipes and 34 .tops, com - . flut h.rmonio. forming a perfect imitation of the orchestral fluto; bourdou treble and baBs, open and doublo dlopaaon Btops, dulclana, metoaia, irum - vi.,!i,.n eornot. vloloncollo, coruopean, gnmba. nl,n'n and bassoon, with various othor stops, averaging about fifty pipes to each. The framework of this organ Is highly ornamental aud artlstlo in aosign, by Panlte Bros., architects, of Nostrand avonue M. E. Church. Jaboz Burns, organist, 18 aipemuu to - day, a ootnett.t to lead tho singing. Rev. George E. Roed, pastor, Is mooting with desorved success in this, his new field, having a aougrogalloa Oi nearly one thousand persons at eaoh ssrvlce. CIUBITi. A View oi tuo Orcanhscd BlotUOlW Ot BclloTintr the Poor. To the EiW.t of tht Brooklyn Eagti : On bohftlf of the many worthy poor in our city, allow me to protest against tbe aotiou of the uiauegers of the so callod ABSOuiation for Improving the cSndition of the Poor, as reported in a lote issue of vour napor. - 1 refer to their resolution of not only re - rnsiug any 'rollof to tho Buttering ones, applying to thorn personally, but trying, through the modium of the miblio prosa, to induce those whoso hearts might soften to the appeal for immediate help to turn from their doors tho hunger sick or disease worn applicant to the tender mercies of a dry bones built publlo charily, where tho saorod mlnutla of their private livs must be laid bare, and tholr uamea, ocmgMon, antecedents, etc., etc., registered, by an offlolal, for future reference. Pity the man who, with wife and ...wCntnf fnnil and Are. ho uuablo to procure either, enmmouiiig up tho little apark of courage remaining (aud it requires courage), pulling the thin collar ,'of his threadbare ooat up round his taco, fearing to be seen by any who once knew blm. Willi a "Wife, darling, bear up uutil I return," leaving his poor dwelling in search of aid for his loved one., fix eaaks the neighborhood of the brown stone homoB of the wealthy, church going, inorol lecture attending members of the community, whoro surely charity must dwell. After many attompts to bring himself to ring, and with a gulp to keop down his quick beating, but Btill proud heart, he timidly approaches the door and iu low and bashful tones, and with averted face 1m - nloies tho help ho BO much needB. If his fortune has led him to tho homo of one of those who belong to the "eoctoty " or one who has been infiuoncod by their peculiar notion, of charity, ho will hoar : "My good man, yon ebould not soek assistance, you. should work, rather than bog ; I would put in coal, split wood, do auvthlnc there should bo no paupers iu thla eonntry ; or It must bo your own fault you aro so nuieb reduced. One of your appoaiauce oould certaiuly not havo fa Ion .... ,... ,.r!,l Aimaa on vour DBl't." "Well, If what you say Ib true it i a sad case ; I sympathize with you - really the ways of Providence are mys terious," "your who very iu ( nut .u . . ...... i h..n . .win. vmi hilt ulio needs food more wilt euuu uu, j , , ,, T than medicine ; of course, a. usual. Well, I will give you r.n order on tho aocloty. A poison will be sont to inveotizato your oaso. If he roportB favorably you may n nt ti, nminclation buildinc : 'tis an bumble affair now.but we will eoon have a handsome one.and bo put on record Then if everything is saiiaiaoiory wo win siat you. Vou want to know what your family will do , n. ,.,on,,.hil i m sure, mv cood man. I oannot n v,. .nanr tn hn vflrv unreasonable. I do not olve anything to any one (on principle), and It would lower you very much in your own estimation were you to receive anything tn this manner. We know Lnoh butter than vou. what you require. Now cood night, xoy man. Don't detain me longer. You should be very grateful this night at tbe proBpoct Ob what does this sort of thing mean 1 Improve the condition of tho poor I Can a man, a father, see his wife and little one. starve before bis eyes while all this red tapo is unwound ? Will be not take any risks to supply their wants? Can ho havo any feelings of love to bis fellow man, who, knowing his dire distress J&f&lS and having tnomeani nw o i fT aert a rocord of his past life, or oertifloate of charao. ter? No. The want was immodiata aud so was the assistance glvou. Lot these managers try and put Ibemaelvos in the poor man'B place. It them suppose (but bow o.n i they) having fallen Into poverty, with loving and suffering wlfo aud children dying before their oyes, no friends to help: no human aid or kindly voice to oheer, forsaken and alone. How would they fool if, having subduod the heart to bog, thoy would bo referred to a publlo eharlty. May Qod opon tholr eyes to what chsrtty reallv moans and instruct thom to uso the moanB which He has given them to the real benefit of tho poor He has left in thoir caro aud uot to mako any broader phylacteries. Do not refuse tbe cry of the sufferer nor put him off till a more convenient season. Holp tho man (and with a kind word, too,) when be hungers, that he can turn to God and thank Him, and feol that even he, poor as ho is, is not forgotten by the all seeing ono. Better be deceived many tlmon than that one deserving one flhould suffer. Remember that those to wnonimucn, is glvon much will bo required. THE IltOOUOIS BALL. Last Tuesday evening the Iroquois Sooial Club gave its annual Invitation ball at Eugono's Hall, nri n verv nniovablo time was passed. The officers of tho asBOoiation aro : William Harrington, presidontj J. Callahan, vice president ; G. Wheeler, secretary ; M. Morris, treasurer and W. Lawlor, sergeant ot arms. LAND LEAGUE MEETING. A meeting of the Laud League of the Sixth and Twelfth warda will be held this evening, at Tern - peranoe Hall, Hamilton avenue, near Hicks street, and addresses will be made by Messrs. W. E. 8. Falos, Oeneral Martin T. McMahou, Senator elect James Fitzgerald, of New York, aud James F. O'SullIvan. The most beautiful place to spend an hour Is in the roinodeledandrearrangodbasemontof Wechslee AnitAHAM. Hlogant art goods, in magnihcent variety, surpassing in oxhibit anything ever soen in this olty. Pa - ties deBirinp! the Stjhday Kagxs loft at thnir r..ic1oncM can Bood tkoir aadreass. to ui oflioe, end they will bo given tothe carrier who serves the Baoi iu Ikeirdistrict. Ladies in quest of Holiday presents will be surprised to soo the beautiful goods exhibited m tne uaae - mont of Wkchsi - ib Auiuuam's establishment, now more beautiful thau over. Thb largest and choicest assortment of use ful and ornamental articles suitablo for holiday prosonU evor exhibited, all at our well known low prices, r, K. Iiohton i, Co., Fulton and Smith sto. The greatest display of Holiday goods ever seen in Brooklyn now exhibitoo at Wecusler adba. ham's. The establishment of Messrs. Ovinoton BnoTnnns, Fulton and Clark eta, will remain open to tbo yublio every evening until Christinas. A maqnificp.nt display of art furniture,, bisques and lateBt foreign and domestic novelties of every description in the newly refitted and rearranged basement at Wecusler & Abraham's. Do not fail to call at S. Weoslhe & Bro'b., No.. 303 and a95 Fulton et, and examlno thoir 810 ladles' suit, in all colors. 250 Best Black Nap Beavers, tho Berlin, the best shapB out. This .pooial lot will be soldstiBl.wS each on Monday. H. M. Baum, 131 Myrtle av, between Bridge and Dutfiold st's. Our Wamsutta Dbess Shirts with bosoms three lily, made of heavy Irish linon, and reinforcod. are guaranteed to be the best ovorofforod at the price. Ready made, witli different longtli oleoves to oacn sizo necu, six for"; to order, six for 87.50. UabuinQ MANOFACruiUNCl Co., 476 Fulton st. No Cbbistmab table should be without a bottle of Angostura Bitters, tha world renowned ap imtizor of oiauisito flavor. Beware of countorfoits. Ask your grocer for the genuine article, manufactured by Dr, J. G. B. SiEOgivr A Sons. Thk Pbinossb A new style of front piece A large and lino assortment of switches in gray, blond and all shades at moderato prices. Wigs, half wigs and touoeos. Kophalia and botauio cream todross and pretorvo the hair and provont It from tailing out. The largest and oldest establishment in Brooklyn. W. Metklsri, iucooe sor to W. R. Cameron, 827 Fulton st. Skal sacques and dolmans. Still greater reductions In genuine Alaska, London dyed soaiaacuucj and dolmans: S105 BaOQUOI to Bl'iJ ; BJlWsaeauoS t03t 800 saoaue. to 8155: S231 sacquoa to $175, and higher cost tho same relative reductions. 8M dolmans reduced to 8105; 350 dolmans to 8375 j $370 aolmans to 290. Weoubleb A AUbaham. Pabties looking for furniture for tho holl days .hould not fail to call on Jons Wood 17 to 161 Fnl ton st, corner Orange, and examine hi. large and hand' some stock, suitable for holiday piesonls. LtiioQES, Faionce ware, Sisque figures, Bar berliue, Katomeda crackle and Bohemian ware, real bronze. vas, curios and rioh art furniture In tho romodolod base' ment of Wr.CHBi.Elt A Auiuiiam'h oxtenslv. oalabllsh' mont. Toe Brookliw Eaole Job Printiko Offiob prepared to do every description of printing in the high entstvloot the art at vory low prices. Call and get esti mates. Papor ruling, book and pamphlet binding, electro - typing, Ac Silk fur lined garments, ! inch Riborinu squirrel circulars reduced from H to S3S, $.M circulars to 47; JOS circulars to 450. Fur linoil dolmans, hair trimmed, 'reduced from 9J15 lo $IS. Dolmans, - l! inolii.a loiiK. hair tnoim.Ml, reduced from 47'J to "5. WK'jHiii.i A AUUAIIAM. The following list of Inventow for whioh letters patent haw baan graritefl ta , rwldenM or Brooklyn during the week, enolqg December 13, 1881, Is furnished for the Eaqlb by the Pheulx patent office, 16 Court street, . . . Inventors. no. " r"f";t Abbott, Philips Tlllfr....... 250.6 0,008 230.780 250,835 350,901. 450,124 250,8:3 250,10 250,48 350.T71 19,803 jisraou, Airraa. y,""' , Oblsholm. J. W Oartruok Dunn, J. Pari. Fire esoape. ........... , Oorman, asowaru. . . o""'; v . Gray, Gonzales Sunshado bat Green, Nannio O.... Skirt adiustor Mnrphy, Wm. J Game table Young, Jefferaon Jr Horse boot DKBIUHS. Oviagton, Edward J, Pitehsr HANSON PLAOE it. E. CHPBOH. A mnninaland literary .entertainment will be and given under the auspices of the Men's First Gospel Temperance Onion la the looture room of the Han - son Place M, E. Church, next Thursday evening. An address oy Ror. Dr. Peok, pastor, win ue ioi - lowod with flinging by Miss Starkey, if r. Foster L. Backus, and Mr. and Mrs Drysdsio. prooooue m the ontortalnment are to bo devoted to tho purohase of a new organ. CADIZ I'AHP. Aii elaotion of offloera took plaoe in Cadiz Camp, No. 63, 1. O. 0. F., at their headquarters, in the Sixteenth Ward, on Friday. The result was as follows : Horman D. Duls, high patriarch ; Frederlok Gerhke, high priest; William B. Hentze, senior warden ; Jaoob Lang, junior warden; M. uongstior, eo.rowij , Biri, treasurer. Justice Klehl was eleoted eproaonta - tivs to the State enoampment, with A. Helaler as alternate. JuBtlco Klehl waa also olected trustee. ALLEGED BUBO t AH ABKBSTKD. Henry G. Hankin, a sailor, who has no fixed residence while ashore, waa arreBtod Friday on a charge of burglary. Henry Vobs, tho stepfathor of tho prisoner, is tho complainant, and alleges that Hankin entered his house, at No. 782 Third avenue, on Fri. day afternoon, during the temporary absence of tbo v.miiv. ,nd atole somo articles of olothlug and a Bilver watoh, valued at $45. Hankin was arraigned before Justice Bergen, and hold for examination. FIRE IN JKFFKBSOM STBEET. Afire broke out in tha two story frame dwolling, No. 804 Jefferaon street, at o'clook yesterday morning. The owner and oooupant, Mr. Charles Rumpt, gave an alarm. The engines promptly responded, and the fire was extinguished. Loss, $200. Fully insured in the Continental Fire Insurance Com - pany" DIED A VERS In Brooklyn, on Thursday evonini, December 15Aaftef a long and painful Illness, WE.feNntu t loven wire oi usoruu . - - " j ihn fTmoral Relativos and fnonds are invited to attend too funeral from tho Brooklyn Tabornaole, Hobormerhorn st, at 12. 4j BANKS - Wednesasv, December 14. THADDEI7S OnANB Banks, asod 5a years, 1 1 months and 0 days. The funeral will be hold horn his late residenoo, 453 La - fayette av, on Sundy, tho 18th mat., at I P. M. BltOWN - Ou Deuomber 14, after a short illness, Edmund A. BnowN, ogod 58 years. - tap M Funeral services on Monday, lath jnst., at b r. m. , rnmains "ill be convwad to the Rural Cemetery at White Plains, Wostohoster County, for intorineiit. BUTLER At 28!) Jay st, uecemoor i, .oji, daughter of George W. and Kate M. Butler. Funeral private. OLARK - On Friday morning, Deosmber 18, BENJAMIN MiMr"f aemAvmbo hold athis lato residencB No. on"rwh . ni Mondav. tho lth inst., at 1 o'clock, P. M. DOUQIiAS - RntBroil into rest, yesterday morning, at nasty, consonipi.o., ... "V, "V .rW mu. In hr4th llouglai ouu uauijiiiiii u. . J . Punaral from bor lato residence, 218 Washinston et Mon. day, at i O'ciocn, tr. iu. ivom.". .nn,r..iiv ifi to attend. ir.rrnnvOn Wedneadav. the 30th ult.. on board the stearasliip City ot Mortda, oorainK from Vera Crus to new Orlean" Oolonel Gkokok Rot Oliddon. of 58 Cheever plaoe, in too oist year o 1113 agu. GRAFlr On Deceinuor i.i, at tue u. v - ents. .7.1 DoKalb av, Lii.a May, youngest aaugnter oi George and laabolla Grail, agod a years ana mouta.. li'nnpral nrivate. IIISYWARD - At his residence in this city, 458 Decatur K on lliu - omnfir !). m niuuro uu.u - iwiiw, . wS?.5??f?.., V..M ..haSt. Stenhen - P. H. Church, corner of jefforson st. and Patehen av, on Sunday, tul8thinit.,at 1 o'clock P.M. Intormont in the liver - 8 The member, of Crystal Lodge. No 2.588, Knights o Honor, are hereby aummoned to meet at their lodge rooms, cotnor Troy av. and Fulton st, on Sunday, the 18th lust., at re., of sister lodges "fj" JOHH E. Burnett, Reporter. LAMAROHB - In Brooklyn, Thursday, Decembor 15, aii!iWM1i Mary, Star of tbe Sea. Court and Nelapn nt, on Monday. tho . tli inst.. at iu o ciocb, t. m. nnt tn us. flfl tlowfirfl. Societe BKI.OE DF. BiENFAISANCE The members of the sooiotyare invited to attond the funetjil semceof VH 'Shff t 10 "a. thTchurch oi St. Mary Star of the Hea, Court aad Nelson ,.,. Rt Miiiv's Hospital for WoMES - The Trustees of thollosoltal oroinvltod to attend the funeral service oi thoirlate Vice Prosidont. Mr. 11. T. Lamauche, which will bo held at the Ohnroh of St. Mary. Star of the Soa, on Monday next, at 10 o'clock A. M. palrtnt. ivT - v rJ - - Ia MARTKKSE - On Fridoy morningC Decembor 10, Jaood V. li. Maktkkse. in tho 57tb year of hia ago. Relatives aud friends are iiivitod to attend the funeral from lna lato residence. Flatbush, on Monday. December lBth inst,, at 2 o'olook P. M. Ploaso omit ilowore. PF.OK - On Friday, Docembur in, F.liza feos, wue or (.i ,nTn h PrS? M 'Mom the lato wunam u. i - eca, agou u .bm,. Oitl.tivpa anrl frinnris are ronoclfltlly tne lunorai irom iuo muiuur.oi '., f m iifnn n..inl. hnlnon Fifth and Sixth avs. at 3 P. M., Mon - day. 10th inst. Ploaso omit - lowers. " - - "" - - - - ..",, , . SOUDKR - WATSON - On Friday, the 18th inst,, Mrs, Louisa Soudeb. Watson, aged 78 yoars. Funeral from St. Stephen's P. K. Ohurch, corner JefTer. eon at and Patehen av. on Sunday, Dooomber 18, at i l'.Bl. IPhiladolphis papers please copy. vnvSuddenlv. of congestion of the lungs. W. A. VOY, aged 159 years, 5 months. , ... . Rolativoa and friends respectfully invited toxttanal ru - neral from his late residence, 302 Court st, Sunday, December 18. at 2 P. M. walk EH On Friday. Deoomosr i, - hahua - i - . - - .rwi, in thiR7th VA.rnf hriura. fnvited to attend o funor.'l. on .Sunday. Docembor la.lrom her lata re.i - dence, 'J Douglass st, at2 o'oloolt. suarp. OBITIIABY. 4T A MEETINU Olf Xillfi BOAitu TRUSTEES OF THK WIDOWS' AND ORPHANS' ;D OF TUB OITY OF BROOKLYN, W. D. (lata Volunteer Fire Department), bold at their room on Sat urday ovening, December 17, 1BS1, the lollowing resolu tions wore uuuyiou. . . . . ,u - iit,A wi url ,..,. ranaXmaA tha .nil tntnllienco that tne 1 f A .llU 1 rf,in1ran Hr,n In l.h nriniB Of life SOd usofulnoss. our worthy brother member and associate, MH1HAKL KltNni'.A. wuo was lor ira vi - o.. v oais u member of this board, and for niany years a mem ber and omcer or tue iuwj vu,uuo, o,,... - , . . 1 Resolved, mac we t - sopiy a, " , departure from among us oi uo earnest tnena ana trustwortni , V ri? ,, for many years sorely atllicted, honestly and faithfully per formed nis auty as a meraoBr oi ,u2 . ..,.. a .pi, - ;n In'a fak inr off tho meiilbiirs of this board and of the late Volunteer Fire Department nave to mourn tbo 1ob of a most worthy inomlior. Hosolveo, mat we roBpectmuj wuuo. .3 their sad boroavoroont aim amicuou ou, omio Resolved, That a copy of thi foregoing, duly authenti - aatnd. be forwarded to tho tamily of the doeeaaed, and published in tuo xuiookivkm aul,b. Tl MnN AMI RA. tt F. CAMPBELL, Committee. TUOS. A. KISRRIGAN, rt IJ i7m IJ" ' ' JOHN 'COURTNEY, Prosidont, 8AMOEL BOWDEN, Secretary SPEC1AI, NOTICES. 1 OHN F. IAVIE.S; B .inRHITB ANIl RFTA II.KIt OF TA1LOR8' TRIMMINGS, MIMTABY LIVERY, AND ALL KINDS OF BUTTONS. 452 GOLD ST., WEAK FULl'ON, Junction of DoKalb av. A RTIFIOIAL TKKTH. liood and reliable work, skillful treatment and reason able pnariies. .. , Dlt. llartPnn, tuo oia oauiiiioa mi,uu, Three door, from Fulton st, throe blocks from Olty Hall. D1 YaM ON I) LACK PINS. EARRINGS and studs from S1J up. Ladies' com tein wmuinis watches from S'J.1"' i eentlemen's auto 840 up. An elecanl aljinlc of fine iowelry. Milvor and platod waro.ot Bpecially low prices for the holiday, at OliOKG - O. HUH Al Ubt' 4U1 Vitllnn St. TVTONB KQUAL TO THE JAVA COFFEE X roastea, grouna anu bo:u uy LO0K1TT & HONS, At. I.l,n,r fi?n iltorn.. 55D Fulton st, 50 Atlantic av, Fulton at, corner Orange, 183 Myrtle av. DeKalb av, corner Nostrand. A Y DEN & STaWOOI), MinirriAnTiiHiNii .mwKLRRS AND WATOHMAKKRS. - Or. FULTON ST, ... The cheapest place in tho olty to buy reliable Holiday r reaoniB oi uiamonui, naiuum uiuuvnai.. Factory, US and B7 Nassau st, Mew York. IRDS AND CAGES FOR THK HOLIDAYS. M15NSE ASSORTMENT. .. it. til, ,.,,n,i An 1 1 . , tv i OAGRS FROM GT, CENTS UP. AT DRKWS, 171 I'UJ.TON HTltKKT. M ATBUIALS FOU WAX FLOWBUSJ AND OIUYO - i DRAWING. C. W. KBENAN. Fulton, corner Jay. . EAL ON - X EARRINGS. MOUNTED IN SOI,ID 1 KAKAi UVLU. vnn mi r.n iiPWARn. Also, a full assortment of onyi neoltlaoni, lockets, loee uim, sleeve huttons. studs, Ao. Open ovening ui December. HART BROS, ai3 and 31.1 Fulton t. oorner Johnon. HORDES, CARKIAOBS. etc LIGHT ROAD WAGON WANTED, with or without top, Incooaworamroraer, at a Address,VII.LlAM OLARK.750 Broadway., I rOUNTRY BOARD FOR HORSES, BEST j oare, foea ana attention; terms roaaonanie; reior - ences Iirst class. F. B. SMITH, Olarkson at, Flatbush, h. I. CJUPERIOR HORSES FOR THE ROAD, Kt carnaae or ooupo ror sale at ins 1'ort ureono place: also, a first claas road wason and a Brackett A Tuttle open waeon, with pole and .halt.. A1? BLACK TROTTER FOR SALE ; 17 1 - 2 hnnrtn. hich. 7 vBunt old. sound and kind, trot in z : i. - ): also, nne ; also, nne pacer, 16 hands high, W years old, paco in 2:40; this ia a handsome horse several uanadian uomea. I cheap. Uoulorard Stables, 321 Park place, near Olasaon av, F. 1HNB, proprietor. A CANADIAN CHUNKY PONY, ALSO black horse tor sale; suitable for butcher, baker, grocer or any business ; 8 - - r aud $55 : must be sold for want of uao, or will trade tor wagon and harness j they are kind near Sands, top floor. in BUlJEie OT UUUUIM IIUIUOIIS. nauoillDU, IW, im L vuu ot, A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR SALE ; XL bay Iiotbo 5 years old, ia ninaa nign ; can trox, ciosq to - i - .50 ; Brewster, of Broome st, N. Y., toy wagon ; only in bay horse 5 years old, IS hinds high ; can trot close UHO OU - HttObim; ui.ifiiniiiu - iiv a - n - stiii oii ji 8600. Oan be seen nt R. R. BKNNKTT'S stable, x8 lireono av. s LEIGHS. SLEIGHS. SLEIGHS. a ln,vn nnd nlnirant. R.snTtmnt of Portland Outlem. Trotters, Tub Comforts, Albanya, Oppenhoiuier Jump Boats ; alao two, tour and six seat Albany and Portland m'"M - J. OURLBY. (Jornor of State st, and Boerum place. LOST AND FOCHB. LOST 85 REWARD FEMALE GRAY - hound. Return to PIOKFORD, 11 Nassau St. 1 OST - 1J5 REWARD DECEMBER 15, A I i .nri lot nttnnfl. ffnlnor frnm Ninth St. and Fifth iVin Ninth st. oar to HaAilftn ferry. Apply at 401 Wash. injtonat.N. - . ui urt aai'UUUAH, aauurauun, . . i " . . nl,m r in or near Loeaer1, a smalt black enameiea i.ays goi - l KOiri nnnting ease vva'i - h. uoerai rewara pam uj . J. OH - lt - ara Place. OUT LEFT IN SOUTH FI5RRY WAIT - l ir room, Brooklyn, on Saturday, 17th in.t., at 8:15 A. M., an old OASH BOOK, wrapped In brown naper : of no value nut to aoveriisar. rinuor pieaaw uuluj, ngir. . TICK SAH1UU, mii uergen at. OST ON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14. in ffoinir from BVanklin av throuch Fulton st and ir : . i. a ;i . ih. .,ni WATOH, hunting cose, blook anainoled. stem winging Alliberal roword will be paid upon return to W. O. HIOK.8 l,iu niton st; LEAGUE MEETING BRANCH i v.. 4 airil. .in 'r - uMiril, nrflKl wl l bi d x nub in mooting on SUNDAY F.VKNINO, at 8 o'clook, at TMM - PHKANOR HALL, Hamilton av, near Ulaks St. Ad - drnssua will bo inido by t.'ounsolor K. H. FALKS. of tills f:,.nHr.i martin T MpMAllON ana Senator olBot JAMES FITZOHIIALD, of Now York JAMKS V. O'SULLIVAN. Prosidont. HnwAim Haydf.h. Socrotary. I RANCH It) . TlUSH L AN D LEAGUE, B "fi inolnding I'liird and Tenth Wards, will hold Its rogu - j'rinocMliK TO - DAY (Sunday), iu OASKY'S HAIi., at s o'clook. Irish ronidonle in tuo above wards who have nut attenttuil thoce t'nostiniis ara oxpoctort ltobopro.pnt lo - dAy. 0, B. TOltMKY, Pre.idont, var aiKn - HLP - TmBUB.ri a Hirmwi, a . - a - enoe and nerjry. taa new atttefprUn liberal Bar. B.M.H.D..oi. - .a""7 - 7 - , ,,,,,, WANTKD LADiisa flu YuunuAusxi - BTRUOTlor? oB W SWWn at, Brooklyn; 8 Park Row. (few York. , . WAWTBP BIB!aia,WAIjat. AKTBD - BRIOKMA80NS rNON SO - olety mea.rnetplSU th av. andFoartaenth St. nnrseai and Beamsneipe.. vtt a wrrin qTTTT ATION AS A NURSE VV. forohUdren.bya,w Amerloap wom: lekhjd tanoe ia in"he ntry. Address K. U., Kagla offlca. Obani bermaWauWt'eMos, fcc. WANTBD - SITUATION TO DO UP - .tjiinTwork - is a good ironer; willing to niakahar. aaKgenJauaefal Wsloep home. ArM. 73 Main Cooicb, waMnejwana iron era. WANTKD SITUATION A SCO O K, washer and Ironer, by a respectable young Swedish feaue.. m r a nb "iTT nriy . - ir WANTE1D SIT U A x iwi 1. kj uuuiv, wash and iron or as laundress ia a private family, bv a respeotsble colored girl 1 can furnish reterenoe. Ap. ply at an rnnoo st. GenerainojasjeworU. ANTED SITUATION TO DO OBN - aral housework, by a strong competent girl having hwV,l) raforanee not atralQ w) wora. KwrijU 1 - MENT f BUHBAU.' 203 South Oxford st. Ladies suited at short notloe. - rV a xrrrrSTrtnfATlOlf TO DO GBN - W eral housework In a small family, by a reapeotable vouni girl: is a good plain cook and .xoollent washer and young giii. 10 B ' f noBa tQm nrflSflnt nmnbror. cood city references from present omplpyor. , at Union st, between Fifth and Sixth ironer; nu goo,. Call for two days avonuos. ANTED::::TUATION - TO DO GEN - l,i,nwork in asmnll family or a. houMkeeper, bv arospoctabls middle sued wiaow: ia a good cook washer and irono r ; wishes to take her daughter, 9 years of age with har ; has good city retorenoes. Oall for two day. at MO Bridge at, in tho tancy storo Hr ANTED Sll'UA"" - IV xrxn W iii.i homework, in a small family, by a rospoota. 1,1 - Jnnng Tiorninn irirl: or as onambermaid and waitress; wScitv refePreM Call for two days at 28 Forty. first st. . WANTED - SITUATIOWS MALE8. WANTED - SITU A - iy - as w aii c,x In a Drivato family or restaurant. Call on Monday at BORBIIL'S market. I0uimionst. 7ANTED SITUATION IN A HOTEL, WW nralfturant. bv a vounir man: under' stands bartending and waiting on table; willing to mako lumsell osem.l : naa a ,m "ii - IKiiV,i, 5."C.tV iV Frenoh. uau or aoureBa . . WAN'i'EP - MABIES. WANTED BABi - ft ttari7iAi . . .!! " SsSr TrMJlwi! TT worn , SXJe nrso at u vnu hvv. - . W arlTEB - WISIHre, Bll. ANTED WASHING BY A RE - spooUble woman, by the day. Please oall tor two days at 855 Paclfio st. . XJSJ ANTED - WASHING - TO GO OUT BY WW .... ,ab, wnnhimr - liome: has oltv references. Mrs. RUMF ' V lw u7. V.'J:" ,r i,o QBn. ...... Iln. l.nhlr 'UUUl, no. D..UUU. room. . A1D WASHING BY A YOUNG woman, work by tbo day ; is good washer and iron - er, neat and competent. Please cab for two days at No. 7 Porry place, betweon Bedford sndNostrand avs, top floor, back room. , . ANTED WORK BY A RESPECT A - bio colored woman ; washing and ironing by tho month or doon or week, or would Imo a few gentlomen . nf dnva' wnrk: can five ffood rof - washing, or would PloosecaTor address, .320 Gold it, near John - eronoo. Bon. WAirrEP - PK''l' - m PHAE ANTED - DRESSMAKING - B A dressmaker, a few more engagements to go out by tho day. Pleaso call atatis Atlantic av, tmra uen. ANTED ENGINEER A PRAGi'l - cal onEinoor wislieB a situation at moderate wages. Address KMUlMKau, I'.agio om.o. 15rANTl - D KOUS - tJsl A truai - W :. i.n,inanr,i,r in a vridovrer's family, or would go as lady's companion, enuor .,... u.yr . 'it roferenoea. Apply lorthreo day, at 87 Eleventh St. S.Bj WANTED DllESSIHAKIJNti A llb. ish dressmaker would like a fow more customers ; will go out by the day or tako work home ; suits made from 4toS8. Address D. J.. 13 Wllloughbyav. W ANTED DK KSSM A KING A FIRST mftntB to co out by tbo day, in or outof the city; oattmg ... HraiDmslrar WrtlllQ 11 lift B. IQVT more - IIK - Ktt' and fitting a specialty; terms, 8l.SU a day. AaareBS m. Box lo, p.agie oraco, W7 ANTED ORGANIST Bx ST. fAUbb T V Episcopal Church, Flatbush: one accustomed to tl.n R,i(l nua lilied to train a choir; salary must be moderate. - Apply by letter to Rev. J. W. BRADIN, Jit. Flatbush. WAtVTED PAKTS OI HOWSIM. TTTTT WW ,l nAir.lilmr)innrt urifli nrivnt - family and within walking distance of ;ferrios. three or four rooms, suitable for housekeeping: modern conveniences, for young mor - riod couple; no children. Address giving full particulars ond amount of vent, B. 8., Kogle ollico. ,ArfTS - ROQn - - rlKNIHED. WANTED KOUMJ - - ita a n f ' , i.NUi., i.nif iiur'R ivnllfintr distance of rulton Ferry. In any respeotsble locality, two or throe rooms, furnished for light housekeeping. Address, with terms which must be low, ECONOMIST, Eagle office. STANTED R O O iT FURN1SHBD YT Two furniahed rooms in Brooklyn, or a smalr house or plrtof house, furnished, in country, for Winter, for or part ot nouse, lunuaneo, in couuvrjr. ui . r Cr T .,,.;CT h...iUui fa and one ohi t: ref ,o - .ouj.i. i fcY - .r.. - .. . tTf erenoes; stato price and particulars. otnoe.; V ANTED REAL. ESTATE. ANTED LOTS CORNER LOTS, 75 vim tn , n r fact.nlT, muat be wel locstea unrl onnvenient to forries. Address CORNER LOTS. P. O. Box 1,40. New York. WANTED - MISCEM'AWEOIIS. T AKTRII - LADIKK' AN ) GENTLE Vff ni. na1. nrf lnlliino nnH flATDfltS. for which will pay ISO per oent. more than any othor aatiat All order, for l - go of.amjU Jota MUi4l i?& mx?i tended to. Oal on or addrtST MTSL MAUN, 405 Hudson rtli. av, ono door from u.mtpn St. . T ST. PAUL'S M. E. MIHHIOJX, VAjN Tlmnt at. linLVfnn Kinff una fcttllltVan K67. M. A. fnnxir rv r n.n.ii.nt nf Vii. rivr ThMfilncripnl KAminarr. DDI I Xi,U.J.tV aetiA - iau ui ',? : - - B' - - i will preacn i u - uai, uvtu iuuiuiuii uu - to ,,. - J COPAL UHUIlOIl, corner of Henry st. ReT. JOHN K. UOOKMAN. P. D., pastor, will preach on hUMJA. UOOKMAN. D. D. nrninir nK 10:30 and II mnrnin. nK IDr.lO and in too ovemnff a. :.ju o oiook. ana dayaohoal at 2:30 P. M, fiOrtDe) tumDorancB moetine this (auafty ovouw cordially invited. fyaturdayl oveuina at 7 :30 o'clock. Seats freo. Strangers T 1 7 PwUKKNR AV.. UWUAL MEETING . TIIF.RDAY. at It o'clock. Gospel tttrnporfliico addreaa TNrAV KVKNING. by Miss GKKKNWOOD, at tho OH UKU11 UI 1 Hr. UUVfiflAni iuuiiHraiwii3ii, vitw wour Pnrlr ntripn Temnorimco meetinc for men Thurtt - fly evonini: at 7:30 o'clook at V27 Franklin av. near - . I a i... ilnivfnrrl Mot.littr'a inunMnfr ftririnv. at A o'clock at 127 Franklin av. Those rafletmR undor the auspices oi tne lemporanuo umon on inn nin, t, HRO( 1,44" vices TO - I T". - a n , ir r M 1 f LV . I J 1 PTl Tl 1 1 Wt HOflKLYN REt'ORMETTPRESBYTER' h f)l'T71)H a)' Hvnrson SI. find Lfllavottoav bor DAY(Sabbnth) t 10:30 A. M. ond. 4 P. M., by .TCllHTtRl) ODN GRKGATIOJNAL, fi niiirtii'ii pMilln st. oaat of Bedford avPreacbinx TO - DAY bv Rov. A. R. THOMPSON. D. D.. at 10:3U A. ill., anu uy tun laitiut, ,.u,, uu.... 1 Kit, LI. 11., nt I X . in. uuqmi bijuuui o . u. - FIIITif!H OK THE MEDIATOR. OR , . l. 1,'ultnn at. Rnv. .1. W. SPARKS JX, ui - ;. f,,r FIIIinTH SIINDAV IN ADVKNT lw oolobra'ion 7:30 A. M. ; morning prayer, 10: choral litany, sermon and high oolobration, 1U:3U; choral vespers, 7:30 P. M. All Boats IroB; "IIiINTON HTRKJ - T IK r,,Sli Y T HIKIAIN V , ninmnil. Rnv. Dr. VAN DYKR. Dostor bervico at II o'clock A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Iu the evening Dr. Van Dyke will, by spociai reuuesr, repoat iuo discourse on unirlnai o:n reconuiy uruacucu m a cuursu on popular theoloRy whioh he is now delivering. rLASSON AV. PKBSB YTEKIAN CHURCH, OJjiBson bt. corner Monroe at Preacliinji on SAhBATH, Docember 18, by tho pastor. Rev. l. K. wt?a7.u - i rt ft Nrc r.A at umu a. m. ana :u r. m. : also, preachinc at DUI - YKA MISSION, Clermont av, near Atiantto. av, ai t r. in. IIRST KEFOKMBD BUTCH CHURCH. 1 .loralemon at, near City Hall - Rev. D. N. VANDEK - VKKH, pastor, wul preaoh in this cnuroh TO - UAV, at 10 :.iu and i o - oioc.. o - ramt - ra uiu.i.uj iutiiou. IjMRST BAPTIST OHURCH 1.1 PIERRE - 1" Dont.treet, corner ot Clinton Preichinj; TO:DAY 67 the pastor, Kov. J. B. THOMAS. D. D., at 10:30 A. M. - t. in p M RKhhath sohool and adult Bible alaases at 2:45 P. M. All cordially waloome. (Seat, free. iRAOE METHODIST EPISCOPAL Ij'ItUn. - 'Il, OU)ni - VMW. uomi UOT - IIVU IWJ. GKORUK P. MAINS, pastor, (rill preach at 3;3t P.M. only. Sunje - t, "Some Hobberiea that ' are Koing on in JjrOOKIyn. ouuuay buiiwi av j i.njoi iiitwiiui frou - neaaay evening at . .uyiuii - uum.i muteu, XI ANSON PLACE BAPTIST CHURCH, fi corner Portland v, Rev. H, M. G ALTjAHKR, pastor, preach TO - DAY (Sunday, December 18), morning and evening. Services commence at 10:30 A.M. and 7 - 3oP. M. Prayer and cooforence meeting Friday even - All are coraiany weiouuieu. H OLY TRINITY CHAPEL, DUFPIELD .r Mvrtln iiv. Ror. WILLIAM SHORT, nantor Tn.nAV (Sunday) at 10:30 o'olook A. M. and 7 - HOP M. Seals free. Sunday school at 3 P. M. Postponed election of Ohuroh Wotlc Committee on Wednesday erening. INDEPENDENT CATHOLIC SAVIOUR OHUROH, Bridge et, near Myrtle'air. Rev. ,T.If. ale. NAMEB, paator. will preaoh this kvmnihu, at 7:30. Union Social Meeting at 3:30. Her. Father DKKINo ol nonara. n. u , wm iuu iumuji u, - ;n. T - t. .tihieot - . "What the Irish Need." Brinx Moody ond Sankey hymn boots. T - ANES M. B. CHURCH, REV. I. SIM - a I moNS. oa.tor - PreaohlnK TO - DAY at 10:30 AM by Rev. A. H. WTATT.and at 7:30 P. M. by the paator : theme, "Law and Grace." Young people's prayer .ervico at8:3ur. m - a AEAYETTE AV. CHURCH, REV. DR. f ni!YIDR :will preaoh TO.DAY, morning, and intne ovening will give tho next ol Bis leoturoa on Bible Lands Subject: "Oliios and Its Kartnqnakea, Patmos and KnhMiia." Seats lor strangers. ATAROY AV. BAPTIST CHURCH, COU - VI " ar,nv. t Rov. H. O. PBNTE008T. nastor. wlipreaoh .TO - DAY. ominf and evening. Sunday sonooi mu ttuui - w.'."" , . - v4 . - free ana everybody cordially welcome. IDDLB REFORMED CHURCH, HAR - ri.on .t. near Oourt Rev. Dr. INUBRSOLL, pastor, wiirnroaoh. 8orvloes ot 10:30 and 7 :3U o'clock. Subject uv. - VlNfi: "Exnerionoes and Imnrosaionn in Krot including an Acoount of Some of tho Wonders of tbo Great Pyramid . . URltAN CHURCH (CONGREGATIONAL) Lafayette and Maroy avs. Services at 10:30 A. and7 - 30P. M. Freaoning uy nev. bamuki, uuij - OORD. Sunday School at aiw r. di. rrayer meeting Friday ovening. ; . . ST PAUL'S M. E. MISSION, VAN Brunt st. botween King and 8ulliyan, Rev. WILLIAM BUHT aator Preaching TO - DAY. at 10:30 A. M., president of Drew'theologleal Seminary. AUwo coin O T. STEPHEN a P: El UUUHUH, JEr - tT5 fenon St. and HWiaiH. fi,:1; .r - Vuitfa,,,Vi reotor. - Bev. U' - a&Kyj ROFT. of Ohriat Ohuroh. villi preaoh in tue VUO vn." NO. Servioes at 10 :30 A. M. and '. - 30 P. M. Subioet for morning.' ins liaptiem oi we." Kvoning, " Tnl stron - hold ofbonfesslon.'' Services 10:30 A. M, and 7 - .30 P M. Strangers are cordially welcome. . t mABERNAOLE BAPTIST CHURCH, s m3fPw - 5oT - ffiSSt. "Tho Prc"IVKW7 ovaning, 7 - W,' Bubeet, 'The h'k fiwfisk5 f "5f'c ',? I . - - , dlally invitedj ana on - imoiuiw h .. . TTNITY OHAPEL.". O L A 8 SON AV, U near Lsfferfs plao - Morrjlpg service at 10:30 ; sermon - vtBe ator7 Rev. S. H. OAMP: sunJeot,"Oan a Creed, leu Tohureh ivV! "V fSnday achMiaia o'olook P. M.rsoata free. All ara cordially invited. . WESTMINSTER PRESBYT BRIAN . Vf OHDROH. earn.r OlintOn st.snd Rrst ' Baoe - Thj. ff: zsti tS. mtfK&Si'ak win - a . ssiona of Patmos," received in a recent visit. A. pressions IQASONIC. ILLGROVE LODGE, NO. 540, P. AND A. M. - Bretbren: You aro hereby summoned to attend the annual oommunicatlon of the lodge at thonr rooms, corner of Myrtle and Kont ova. on MONDAY P.VICNING, Deeomber 19. 1B81. at 7 :30 P. M. Buaine.s - Klootlon of offioors, payment of duss and amendment to oyiawa. iir , r, Ult - itun IT . illl. - iAuii a , u4aat, J. 11. QtFFOBD, Secretary. ' ITIBETINOS. H T IDOWS" AND ORPHANS' FUND. W. V? D. Tho mcmbor. of tho Board of Trustees will .. al llini.. riinm In Ilia h.iinmmiL of thn flltv Hall: TO DAY, al 13:3(1 o'clook sharp, to attend tuo funeral of MM11AR1. KKNN1SDY, lata member ol the board. By ordr of the board, BAHU - L uunuun. oooniary. ' HOARDING - - ' : i'6AllDPI,BA8AN!p SINGIB BOOMfid newly tarntsiiea, at iw uommoia neiguw. OABD - FUtiNISHBD BOOMS0?d LflT, to ona or two aentlemen. w th or Without board. No Hoy t st, first floor. ' ,r OARD - 150 OlilNTON ST, NEAR L.1V - JT ingston Large, pleasant rooms, farnuhad or uafur - nlihed ; also, a hall room. OARD TWO LARGE ROOMS WITH or without board, in a private family da Mercy av, near DeKalb ; single gentlemen preferred. Address Hi. A. ts.t ltagie ornoe. T OARD TWO LiAKUJS UOIMJN1SUT1WU JJ rooms on third floor.with hot and oold water and large oTosots i southern exposure ; Iqoation conventout to forries i nrnnfla orohsnged. 341 Union Bt. OARDPLEABANT, SUNWY ROOMS, ... j .11 a. - nnmrnrfa - rArtna frnm Hfi trt First placp. - TO OARD SECOND STORY ROOM WITH U board; botai irflntlemen roomims ; hot and cold water; heated; aultablo for two wming together, or a married couple i : also ao. a for single gantlomon. Oall at 137 Cllntca St. oommodation for single gani With board, a JT Jargo handsomely furnished front rooro,ith pot .and cold water and closet; in convenient and d,T'rah fj?' tion: few minutes' walk Iroin Wall St. and South feme.. 350 Henry st. near Amity. ROARD - 532 BEDFORD AV, NEAR DE - JT Kalb - Two larce, rooms, nicolylurDijhodi Seated: running wator : exoellont tahlo; home comforts, suitable for four single gentlemen or two gontlemon ana their wivus ; convenient to all cars; terms reasonable. lOARD - TWO LARGE AND SMALL J3 rooms, very comfortably furnished; table oxeellont; Ciation between two Knee of cars, and within five minutes walk ot tho City Hall; terms reasonable. Apply at 39 Wyokoff st. . liOARD - NO. 196 WARREN ST, NEAR 13 Olinton - A lady owning hor houso will let, with first class board and attendsnoe, a seoond story .ajiore room, southern exposure, nowly oarpoted and papered ; also two hall rooms on third door; all th. iaiprovomonts; conven ient to cars and lernoa; reterenoes, BOARD - PLEASAMT HyUAxtxS tiviunx for gentleman and wife, and rooms for single gentlemen, withTlrBt flaw board ; half a square from street om lines, and fifteen minutes from ferrios; references er - ohangeo. no. 10 ijawronuo OARD A PLEASANT, NICELY FUR - ni.hari nmmrB room to let. with board, to one or two aiugl inglo gentlemen or gentleman and wife ; twenty rmnutos rom ferries : five minutes' walk from Tabernacle. 77 1 ort from ferries Greene plaoe. BOARD A NICK, LAKU. xnnvi story front room, with or without hall room adjoining, .uitable for lady and gentleman, or two single gentle - en: house and table first olass; one minute's walk to oars, to all ferries twenty minutes' ndo. 00 Sixth av, near Flatbush av. . .. TLOARD - NO. 96 STATE ST, FIRST 3 door from Henry Large back parlor, with extension, aoltable for a family or gentlemen wiiliiiRto room together, and two pleasant hall rooms, with excellent tabla board ana gooa attonuanoe; ra ubiw w iiw. w.. - ; table ooaraers tasen. . BOARD 11G HENRY ST AH 15.TKA largo second Btory front room, southern exposure ; hot and oold wator. steam heat and grate tire: lurmshed or unfurnished; oonnooting room if dosirod: also largo ana small rooms on third floor ; water and heat ; noar fe rriea : terms reasonable. "TJOARD - OIS THE HILL A PLEASANT B mn.v. aornnri ilnnr f M rniflflflfl Or Unflir - iTiflhod. suitable for ainglo gentlemen or gentleman and wire; also, itrga nan room ou tmru UUUi: Doauro; tonns reasonable; reforencae oxebangea: tame boatdQ.B deaired. No. 13 WiUoughby av, near Cumber. In,,l at Board at no. 93 johnson bt, ten m .i. i. rmm irn (nti. i nr.narina ana iron i.,vn af,,,Hrn mom nn second floor, modern im - - provements, hi - ntod and with gas: suitable for gentleman and wife or Binglo gentlemon ; terms $ 1 1 per waelc Also a largo front hall room, second floor, Buitablo for one or two ine rentlemon : terms, $10 for two or SB for one : highly roiioootable neighborhood and a home for aesiranie per BOARS TIA'TED. OARD WANTED BOARD AND A 9 partly inrnisnoa room, inr , Kmn..,u, . ,h Ir., - . ri..ia fnii!v nroforrod. Address, atatiufl fall pqrtiomarB. a. - .. dui p. ttaio mm BOARD WANTKD IN XJtiBi viuinni of Prospect Park, either two rooms on socond story, or front room on seoond story and one on tmra story, witu board for gentleman ana two laums . . uo.j. . - .o.g.." - - - Ill ha Von. Address, stating! terms, M. J., EaRle office. . rniTRrJISHEb ROOM FliONT BASE - J? ment for housekeeping, with or without hall room; $7 weekly, aoi umuonHt,noariiai.iu,i. IUKisTSHED ROOMS LARGE FROJS T 1 room or hall bodroom, neatly furnished, convenient ; to all lines of cars: terms low; retorenoes exchanged. Ap ply at 32 Third av. JnnTRNiSHED ROOMS - TO I.ET - ICE - ' ly furnisued rooms in a strictly private family, no ildron: Bontlomen only; st. flvo niinutos from City Hall ; rereronce strictly required and given. An dress L. K., Kagle oltico. BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH. - n mil. hoard, two connectine rooms, suitablo for ono or two gentlemen ; house occupied by s small family of adu Is : tho Tjost of reference givon ond required. Address uv Duffiold st. fiSURNlSHED ROOMS TO LET THREE nr tar nicelv furnishod moms, with hot and cold water, hoat and aaa, oonvoniont to Fulton ana Hamilton ferries: terms moderate. Apply at 342 Ninth st, between Fifth and Siith av.. . TO I,E17 HOUSES. TO rooi LET - HOUSE - (T WO FLOORS) it Waahinirtod av. ond Borcrn st: two linos Of cars; root to n. mnmi: new: well auapieu mi uouiuiuM , v eood tenant 835 per montn. Aloo, largn store ana coi or, suitable for any business, with largo now stable.. . Also, new house: eight rooms; adjoining samo, on Wnahuigton av; rent 825 per month. Apply to owner, W. K. FULLKK, waiao nouse, namuwa TO ,ET PAIITS Or BIOBSES. TO LET PART OF HOUSlfi - i,OLU - ul - ton st, betweon Troy and Albany avs, second story (tour rooms;, w unyi,ij,. . ....v - . o. and oold water; unfurnisjied. mo LET - PART OF HOUSE - A LADY will lot lower part of house, two parlors, two basements; shades inoluded; all modern improvements ; ton. minites' walk from South or Wall st, ferry ; rout SJ15. No 152 warren st. , TO LET - rLATS. m"6 LET FLAT A DESIRABLE FLAT, JL flvfl rgPgy', Atlantic av. 81jjlrat floor. . mo LET - FLA - - 5I M6 RS AV - F1VE J. rooms; all improvements: to a Bmall family, without onildren, preferred. Inquire 7 Putnam av, . riO LET FLAT BECOWD 1 - ja.t, isy. M 84 Clinton av: soven rooms and bath: over?, improvement and in perfect order ; would furnish to suit for satisfactory teuant. Inquire of janitor. . moXET - - W7ATSTHEFAlHVIEW. $40, B 842, $40; the A gnaw. $' - 5, $:0; tho Franklin, $22, 823, $20. and pthora at 20: all abovo llata are de - :rabiy located, hAVo 7 to Q rooms latest improvements and con - vepioncMi farnishod lialln, janitor, etc; floor plans gratti. mtJ LET FLAT - ON B E R K EL E Y X pis iaft. batwnfin Sixth and Sovenkh avenues: St. Marks av. near Fourth and Fourth Bt, between St. Marks' av. and Bergen st; 78 rnoin, hard woodfmlshod: door oponor3; speakln - tube : balls fnrnished : janitor, Ao. For keys aud particulars apply to THOMAS H. BRUSH, No. 74 Foartu avenue. I'O LET - FOB - HJSIN - iSS PCBPQ8E8. OLET BOOMS WITH STEAM POW er. Applv corner Front and Pearl ate. Brooklya, aat at 204 aid - 04 Hast Twenty - third at. New York. WM. BURDON. mo LET EVEKETT HALL FOR PAR - I lor entertainments, concerts, leoture., private dramatic societies, sociables, etc. : rooms for literary and sooial club., lodges and societies in general ; also, vory des.rablo musio rooms. No. 3bB Fulton st, betweon Smith st. and Gallatin place, TO LET - STOKES, mil LET STORE AND BACK BASE JL ment, 435 Court st, 5P foet deep. Inquire of the ownor, J. ABRAHAM, 1U2 DoKalb av. fjlAO LET STOUE 300 ADAMS ST - A M. a tew feet frora Myrtlo av, well calculated for a tailor, shoemaker, barber, plumber, butcher or other small busi ness. IO LET STORE CORNER OF NAS - jau and Dumeld sts, in a thickly popuiatea n.iaupor - hood : rent ohoaD to a live man : also, aecond floor of three rooms in name bouBo; both will bo ompty the iirst of January. Apply to ownor, 72 Skillman at, or 22 Sands st, real estate. FOB SAI.K - I - OCJSES. IOR SALE HOUSE A FORTUNE Nan 5 .tort onmnr hi - idtr hnildincr. 2a40. ODOOaite : !, - ru - iA henrle. I, ant Innfltinn in thn A - lirHJW Itt Jl'l. lOliWIl uuima. uv . - - . - i . Anfloi world lor rosinurant ana bOAramg doubb or grocery ; Lirica, 87.5'JO: ciBh $1,000, balance easy. Inquire on proralBes, HEW Thirteenth st, cornor of Sovanth av. IJOR SALE HOUSE - OR EXCHANGE " for a house. A farm of M acres; housos, barni, mmOiinnrv. rnnrfl. horaflfl. flto: t0 callona of wine and BO gallons ot cider, laat yoar; average of V barrels of iweet potatoe and 83 bushela of corn per aero; orobards of poara, apples, grapes, and niulborry trees for silk worms; equity $5,000; difference oash. No. 505 Pearl at, N. Y. 710R SALE HOUSES ON EIGHTH AV, J between Lincoln and Berkoler places, fronting Proa - out Park; three left of the handsomo throe story ond a.Hinnni. hrawn ninna fronta. alee of each 30x50: lota inn Af,t. dflAn - t.haRa houHU contain every modern con venience, built in the very best manner: two flight, of hard wood staira in eaoh house; parlors (.Dished with cabt net trimming : basement and parlor halls vralnscotted in hard wood ; butler's panlry in back narlor. For particular dy to owner, on premisei, or ai omoo oi u. n. uuarift - , 2B0 FlatbuBh ay, corner of Prospect place. t FOR EXCHANGE. ilOR EXCHANGE LOTS - THREE large, unincumbered lots on - latousu av, near tue for improved property ; unlnoumborod atone front l,n n.i - lr fnr IRrffnr on Hill : fine OlaceB ab WhitO - ntone. Passaic and elsewhere for Brooklyn ; exobangos ot all kinds. MAOOMBKB A BI0HARD80N, 70 Fulton street. FOR SAl - H MISCE - ,iAW - 10Ija. T7IOR JP Ish SOW'S I HALE VEGETABLES LONG Island turnips and oabbago, for sale. Vessel Globo, a FIKK, root Atancio av. lRSALE - LOT - IN GREEN WO O D Jj Cemetery, near Firemen's monument, au indepon - 334 devonteenth Bt, mar Jfifth av. JSSBY. WjlOR SALE BUSINESS A UKUUlStlX Hi fltnrn domff a line cash business: for solo on aocount of poor health of owner. Inquire of A. H. BRAUK, 378 Plyrtio av. TjORS ALE - - BOTTLES - TO THE LIQUOR Bl t.nQ ...I l,flnraRnfl.fnH rfamfiofn. and flasks fit the lowest cash price. ; all order, delivered freo , of charge ; highest price paid for all kinds of bottle! G.MURRAY, b - ilonry at. iO - tSALE MORTGAQKA SEVEN P nisr cent, mortgage for 82,600, on a thirteen roomed house and lot, 80x100, It on Hart et. expires in July noil. Apply to w. suana a, w hv, q" 1DOR SALE PORTRAIT, U. - FU - ' troit in oil of Mme. Adelina, gilt frame, oheap ; alao. largo mosio dm. pays .S,"R"" Uhristiiias prpsonw. - vi - - - - , - . , a - office. , CSOTT SALE FURNITURE AN EBON - t iiod French plats mirror with oornloea to match, 845. worth $75; Turkish chair, covered with raw Bilk, Sl, SArth S30 - Bornton folding hed.slngle size, made in wal - nSt! 930, ort 9SU JP. MoMAilON, 101 Oourt st, corner Boh'ermerhoru. FOR SALE BUSINESS A LUMP CASH bueiness, patented in all countrloB : established two roars - - .000 now Invested; domestic sales and foreign natonis will Day 100 per oent. on gradual mvostment of 8" 00 Principals iuve.tlgatlng, oddroaa MONOPOLY. Box 12, Kagle omce. TiiT'i baTh KITStNESS ON ACCOUNT J? of slckneas. $1 ,500 will buy the good will of the buei - Hiss of a first olasa boarding Uousa on tho Hill, including furniture throughout, which is aU now, and coat 2,000 throe months ago. AddreB. 0. O. W., Box 4,5il, N. Y. P. O. jORSALB - FURNI' - URE - GREATSALE ' of furniture : in consequence of Intended alterations ' u..t,; i.Ai,t. .lftnnarv 1. I intend olterlnir to ttloRQ desiring bargains in furniture and oarpets.ttie - grandoat ohanoe tbey will ever have. 50 potior suits from. 815 to 850 eaoh; 23 bodroom suns, woou top anu mwoiu 820 and upward ; 500 carpets, boa, mussels ana tapooity, iromouo. w iuo. u, v "r,. i,rr "r,..oi.,,oi. vthinir offeraa. but it will bo a regular slsugh. prioos for avsrytuing one tar. P. MoMAHON, 1 horn ; opening evenings lAHON, 101 Oourt St. oorner of Sohormer. till iv u uiuoa. . FOJ - SAI - iE PIANOS, tec tOR 8ALE - PIANO - ?150 WILL BUY A eood 7K octove plonoforto, all now improvements. Pasl oall and - iamlnV our flrst olass ' Hardman square UDri - bt Sia Tat M - '7SW IWn at. Jpen even. ings. Offlee, w NOR"AaB - PIAMOS - WEBER' S - i inlrAn f, imnnv for these unrivalsd Dianos. io aro offering them at extraordinary low prioos for oash or installments, during the balsnoe ol this month. Ihoso T$ORB ALE - PI AN OS - THK ADO PTION JL" of the Krauich A Baob pianos by our bost musloians and singors ia the best guarantee of Kjeir eterling merit. After seolng a 1 others, oall ana oxaiuine tneio lnsiru - HKLD'S PIANO WAHKROOMS. 114 Living - Bton ut, oorner Boerum place. Prices and terms reasonable. FOR SALE PIANOS GREAT INDUCE - montafor tho Holidays: elegant piano, every improvements, soven ootavi), rosewood, eto., only $160; good piano 925; roniB ond instollrnenU fit upward; open ovon - Inss until Uhrlstinas: please call and examine. U.L"; DLB'S pianoforte warerooms, 5S7 Fulton at, btanoli ot New York. " P - icexontAi.. . uMi - TiwTT'.T . THK TjADY WHO JL eot In oar corner of DeKalb niifl Hodson vs,d address to lady wbu.4id bar fiwo, Address h, A. 1L, L5'8 officii. - . EOR SALE TIANO - OKHAao sjo, J.u, 815 eaoh month until fully paid: rent.d, exohangod. ,lfel.fe I son s wawroomS W Wasmr - toa at, next to Post aUESTIONS ANSWERED. Oarrtspvndentt should . not etl disappointed itluto iMrqutiHom art not answenid mvudiatily, at A information nlioited ftaqiuntly requirei eoniiicrabU mtarchifor which ample time ijtujf bi allowed. To the Editor of tht Brooklyn Eaglt ; ' "What is the sitting oapaoity of the Brooklyn Tabarnaole; also of Plymouth Church 1 M. W. The Tabornaole will seat 8,500, and Plymouth Ohuroh 1,600. To tht Editor ef tht Brooklyn Eaglt : Will yon please inform me through, the columns of your paper the kind ot laee i intended to be used around tne tame uesonuuu . ami. day Issue? COSBVkUT BUDSoaiBKIl, Mr.i.Ama. .nil tlinve are soveral establishments in this olty whero the art of making can be learned, To the Editor of tho. Brooklyn Eagle: rpi.A rJ nt "Wir, Wnhnrrl 111." Wllen put W J A I. J i WUg WfcW r. - on the Btage often ooDtalns In Aet V. Scene in. tue words: "lllohard is nitnBeii again. - ' iuuuov"" - - - words in tho text. Will tha Eaolb muaiy miorui m of tholr origin ? A - Dbsobid - u. 'Richard's hlraoelf again 1" was a phrase mterp oiaien by John Kemblo from Colloy Olbber. To tht Editor of tht Brooklyn Eaglt : will von holri to settle a little dispute by stating In tho Eaoe on Sunday at what point the Olty of New York, or Manhattan Island, is widoat botween the two rlyors ? , avib - . Th wiriest nart of Now York Island Is bstween tne foot of Twenty - third street, North River, and the foot of Tweuty - thlrd street, East Kiver, tho distance being two and one - half miles. Tothe Editor of tht Brooklyn Eaglt;' Will voukindlv publish tho vote in this State for eorotory of Htato.last November; also tho vote for President In the year previous, and sccommo date an anxious wi'. The voto last Novopibor for Secretary of Btate was as follows: Carr, op.) 418,916; PurceU, (Dem.) 1U3, - 8S3 ; Howe, (areonbiokor), 16,016. For President in 1880 Gsrflold (Rop.) E35,SM; Uanoook, (Dem.) 634, - 611 ; Weaver, (Greonbaokor), U, 373. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle: Will you kindly answer, through the col - iimnn nf Hnnfinv's Eaole. the roBocntive salaries of the President, Vioo President and tho various OaDlnet officers or this uovornmont; aiso, oi vua sj ui Brooklyn ? a. a. The salary of the President is $50,000 a year ; that of the Vloe Prealdout $8,000, aud of eaoh member of the Cabinet $8,000. That of the Mayor of Brooklyn Is $6,000. ye tH .Editor o(i Brooklyn Eagle: Has the Eaolb any way of finding out whether more was at any timo a epeaaor oi tuo uruwu Housb of Commons named Abbott? An answer of this question will probably decide a very important matter, which is at present in doubt. Ellas Abbott. Charles Abbott, Esq., appears to have been Speaker of the Houso of Commons from 1801 to 1812 inclusive. This was during the reign of George III. Hie Imme diate predecessor waa Henry Addlngton, Esq., and bis lnunsdlate successor was C. Manners Button, Esq. To the Editor ot the Brooklyn Eagle: Vnn will obltce me very much by letting rne know through the Sunday which has tho largest seating oapaoity, the Grand Opera House or Hyde it Bbhman'B Yolk.. oamib a. an - s The seating oapaoity of the Grand Opera House is 2.258. withouAiucluding the boxos. It is divided as followa t Osaheetra and parquet oirole, 714 ; first bal oouy, 612, and gallery, 900. That of the Volke 1. 1,302, divided as follow. : Orchestra, 2J3 ; f emlly circle, J08, aud gallery, 791. 2'o (ft. df(or of the Bmoxtyn Eagle : .'ii you decide a bet in regard to tho way in the first captain ot tuo ureal astern sicaiusuip ls death ? At tho samo time, will you please glye is date of the oocurrenco 7 baim - . Captain Harrison, tho first commander of the Great Eastern, waa drowned off Southampton, England, on Saturday, tho 21st of January, 1860. He was sailing on the eIr of tho Groat Eastern from Hythe to South - ampton undor sail, when the boat was upset, and the party pltohod Into the wator. Captain Harrison tried to right the boat, and falling, became exhausted. threw up bis arms, and falling baoK Into tho sea, waa drowned, , To the Editor of the Brooklyn I'.agle : I observo that the poet John G. Whittier, In declining on acaount of ago to write a poem, eaya to his petitioner, after referring her to Oliver Wendell Holmes, "ho, despite hi. yoars, oould do admirably what thee ask. " Was such a form oi speech over oor - roct ? No. ha "thee and thou" Btyle of Bpeech of our ancestors required, as our "you" style doos to - day, that the nominative should govern the verb. Therefore, "what thou askest," is the correot form ; otherwise tho poot might as well have said to nolmee, in transferring the requost to him : "Thee oau do admirably what me ask." Both sentences are in the objective, not to say objectionable, case. lo the Editor of the Brooklyn E".0e: Oau yo teii me who "Ouida" is and what org considered hor best novels ; also, what the general tono oi mom let au answer in replies to corresponu - onts' column of Sundsy will much obllgo Eeadeh. Oulda 1b an infantile corruption of Louisa. The full name is Louise de la Ramoe, the authoress you allude o, Probably her bost novels aro those jmtltied "Signa" and - rider fwo Flags!" The style oT tSs writer Is sensational and is rather fascinating. Her description of aceuory arid character is most oharmingly complete, As to the tono, it Is not doing her works any In Justico to say that they are licentious. To tht Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : Is it customary to oall within ten dayB after the wedding on tbo parents of the bride, if tho bride is sUll out of the olty 1 la so, do you leave your card only, or wait to see aorao monxbot of the, household 1 Ploaso answer lu noxt Sunday's paper. A DAii.y R - ADKB. These are Chesterfield Ian point which tho reader must determine according to individual taste, or the artifiolallty of the customs of that circle in whioh lie or she moves. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle: Will the Eaolb kindly inform a regular reader aud admirer what facilities there are for free musical Instruction, especially singing, in Brooklyn or Mow York ? A Student. Vocal musical instruction is given in our publlo schools. By becoralnp; a member of tho Young Men's Christian Association you become entitled to inHtruo - lon in vocal musio as woll as in other branches of learning. We know of no other means of obtaining tuition of this kind frea. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : Can you give tho nam of the ftuthor of tho following poetical linos and atato tbo work from which they are takon : - Woo i Woe 1 otornal woo ! Not only tho whl.por'd prayer Of love, But tho Imprecations of hate, Rovorbojto Forever and over through tho air Above ! This fearful ourse Shakes tho great universe. - CABB.IE. The quotation is taken from Loilgolloty'a trauelatioii of "Tho Golden Legend." Tothe Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : Will you kindly inform mo as to how the mechanical labor of convicts In our State prisons IB controlled " If by private concerns how do they obtain the franchise and to what extout do they control tbe prisoners? Should alno be pleaBcd to learn from what sources I con obtain gonoral information ot our prlsonB? F. W. In thla oountythe Penitentiary authorities let tho prisoners' labor out by contract, tho connty receiving a stated prioe per diem for their services. The same method obtains In all our Stato prisons. You can obtain full information on this subjeot by communicating with tha Inspootor of State I'rlsona at Albany. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eaglt : Will you please give an old roader of tha ai.K the number of Btata and National bank, in Brooklyn, aud tbo oapltal of eaoh ? Mohtaque. There ara three National banks, as follows : First National, oapltal, $300,000 ; Nassau, $300,000 ; National Olty, $300,000 : total, $900,000. Tbe Stats banks ara : Meobauioa1, oapltal, $600,000 ; Long Island, $00,000 , Brooklyn Trust Company, $400,000; Brooklyn, $300,000; Manufacturers', $232,000; Atlautlo, $200,000; Fulton, $200,000 ; Commercial, 108,000 ; Meohanies' and Traders', $100,000 ; total, $2,40,000 ; grand total of both National and Stato banks, $3,360,000. to the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : , The Eaob will confer a groat favor upon a corresnondout who many limes has laid It under aou - trlbutfon for Information, If It will now state whether Lacordatre, the groat preaohftr of Notre Dame in France, ever had an opportunity to flu aa important position In the United Statea ; aud if so, when t Hisionioos. It was about the year 1829 that tho Abba Laoordairo, feeling a desire for a wider field In which to oooupy his evaogolloal zeal, formod tbe proleot of oomlng to tha United States. At that time the then arohblshop of Now York offered blm tho title of vicar general. It waswhllo theso negotiations were pending that tha Revolution ot July broke out, and the Abbe felt tbe moment to bo opportune for announcing openly to the people tbe reign of politloal and religious liberty. Tho oareer of Lacordalra from that point In the history of Franco was of the most interesting oharacter. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle: Will you pleaso answer the following : What year did the first steamboat cross the Atiantto and what was her namo ? Cokstakt Reidbb. ThlB question wsb asked and ausworsd May 10, 1BS0, and the answer was as follows : Tho flrat steamer that oroseod the Atlantio was tha Savannah, in 1818, a vessel built in Now York and designed for propulsion by both ateam aud sails. She went to St. Petoraburg via. Livorpool, roaobing the latter place dlreot from New York in 20 days. Tha flrst rogular passenger steamships which orosBOd the Atlantic wero the Slrlaa and Great Western tn 1838, just twenty years after tbe demonstration made by tbe Savaunab. The Slrlua oama from London to Now York In 17 days, end tha Groat Westorn from Bristol to New York In IS days. To the Editor of tlie Brooklyn Eagle : "In the midst of life we are in death," and In the midst of great light we are, many of ub, In dark - nos Would you pleaso to chase away tha shadows and let in tbe light of knowledge enHlolont to inform a few, at least, of your readers bow tnuoh money Is paid to mombers of Congress for their eorvloes to tbe people? " Ar,inA . It would bo, pBrbaps, to tell just how much members of Congress aro paid for their serf loos, In view of tha Immense amounts whlob It Is said somo of them save out or thoir earnings, but the payments provided for by law are as follows ; Mombers of Congress, Ssnatora and Boprosentatlves, receive as aalary $5,000 per annum, twenty cents per mile of travel aaob way. between tbalr homes and Washington, oaob annual Bea - alon, and an allowanoe for atattonory arid nawspapera of 125 per annum. As tha distance between Haw xork and Washington is 238 mllea a Congros.mau la allowed for that distance both ways $91.20. A San Franclaco momberof Congress, having 3,307 mllea to travel to New York and 228 mora tcora Now York to Washing, ton, must racolvo for mileage tho sum of $1,140. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : I remember in my hoyis'n duys of frenuontly being takon to tho Navy Yard aa a reward of mori' ro,r good behavior and proficiency in 'V t'iiM The , great man of wav were pot - tad - ' S2i rest 1.1 rov y out aim uiuiu, - ,.,. uanamn or til 1 North Cavomla. Can you toll "Xy, rSd fauious old roproBontatlvo of tbe American also givo its u'i'i"""' - lie old tiovlii Oaw"ui wblcb, we boHava, was the tn or thirty yaw, , U EMtiiory wrtM i oor - reoUy, sola t private parBoi wd token p. It If mm that doiUom of the fraauj ware loet a loona. .MlCi'llayonwhloh', the vessel wa launched, and enouga suaini - ijw Beiejfww ! . , than oia small cowifag craft. Its armament consisted of sovonty - four, gans and lta dimensions wero as fol - . Iowa : Length, a little 0701 19iJ' feet ; .beam, 63. feet ; bold, 22 feet; ballast, 1T0 tons ; water, 96,000 gallons ; provisions, four months. Tho North Carolina waa the flagship of Commodore (now Admiral) John Rodgers, lu the Mediterranean squadron from March 27, 1825, until October 8L 1825From 183T to 1839, it waa the flagship of Commodore If. E. Bsllard, of the Paclfio Squadron, and after 1839 was the receiving ship at the Brooklyn Yard, until it was roplaood by the Vermont, which has been succeeded by tho present receiving ship Colorado, RAPID TRANSIT. Does tke Elevated Railroad Srstem UXoct the Gone? T sior or the Brooklyn Ewlo: Wl 1 mi 1 . . .... l : " P.yi'f8 speaic of rapid transit it seems ,rvoblecttonahr h('r systems exist but the two Lro'okti OlS. light, ohstruoting tne street and tnlunna i nnni mill hv nrnnratlon whini, ."v"nu! a" property, as amo'numeitof inJustlceVod - p,XP - ho00?ber la the murderous surf ace road ot AtlaX avenue which like Mike Flnnegan calling bis gi J t "hSui h signs over wooden steps informing tho publlo thai thu 1. a "rapia irauait aianou. But there are othor means of affording rapid tranBl elsewhere employed to tbe satisfaction of all. I refer to tho underground road, so Bucoe8$ini ia London, and what may bo called the "'cross block" roads' in London and Philadelphia. Both are unobjectionable to moat people, ana a comuinauou w mo mu uum JUBt suit tho topograpny OS rooaijr. j.uv uuuw ground neods no doseription. The "cross blook" has lonn boon in uso In London. I rode on ono In 1856 from tho East India docks to Fenchurch elroet, if iTomem - ar right. It ran ovor houses, between uousos, mrougn hmiRAn and nrnftBlti!? atroftta on arches, but never going along a stroet. A more recont ono, that from Charing Cross to London Bridge, I rodo on in 1865. It is built on the same prlnolpie, supported on substantial ma - Bonry and provided with a gravel road bed,' thus avoiding noise. Were it not for tbe chimneys of houses you would tulnK you wero on a sun boo roau. This system, I think, is still bettor adapted tothe regular square blocks of American cities than to the Irregular stroets of London. In Brooklyn, for in - etance, aftor tunnelling undor the high ground near the river, instead of defacing Myrtlo or Fulton avonue with homely hardware, would It not be better lo build the road in the middle of the blook next to either sldo of the avenues, simply spanning too oross streets 1 This would supply rapid transit. Evory ono will admit that a railroad forty feet from one's rear windows Is les. objoctionoblo than one wlj.htu aim's length of tha front. Then there would bo o ercuuo for building stations ou the strcots, liko those on the Socond avenue road between Division and Third streets. Thoro would be 110 obstruction of thoroughfares; no obscuring of lieht: do dronplDff of aBhes. crease, bolts, etc., on pass ers by; no miles ot empty cars standing over tbe street, etc., etc. Thoro is, however, a great objection, 1 admit. 11 is that the companies would havo to pay for tho right of wav. This is precisely what I had in mind when 1 said that such roads would bo unobjectionable to most peo ple. It Is much cheaper to stoal k watch tuan to ouy one; much cheaper as railroad mon kuow to Bteal a highway or a street man to pay lor private proporty. In the counties of Now York aud' Rings some of tbeso men bave bad their choice, and we all know wbft It has been. Lot thom now be oompelled to pay for the watoh or da without It, and you will see that they will pay here as they have done elsewhere. The waterod oapltal of the Now York "LV roads would have beeu twice more than onough to build an honest road, and a permanent one, while it la neither the one nor the other. A Taxpaveh. Has Property on Stxtb Avenue, New Torb, Increnacd lu Value To the Editor of tht Brooklyn Eagle : If the benefits derived from tho elevated roads In New York outweigh tbo damage they came, it does not follow that It would bs bo In Brooklyn, Tho cases ara wholly dissimilar. One of the counsel for the roads hero, tn his argument before tho Mayor, la reported as saying tbat the value of property on tha Sixth and Third avenues ia New York, had advancod nine millions by rapid transit. If this is true it is only a part of the wholo truth and ia misleading, and if so intended is oreditable to the astuteness and professional shrewdnosB of the ablo counsel iu behalf of hie clients. What are tho facts ? We Ond that at the genesis of the elevated roads in Now York, the stagnation or business and depression of prices owing to the monoy panio wero BncU that the vacant Btoree, even ou Broadway, could be counted by tbo hundred. Yi'o bad reached bottom prices for everything. Since thot gloomy timo tho marvelous volume oi prosperous uuBiness tnat uas followed tho bard timeB, ha. carried up valuos generally, norhans. to tbo othor extreme. Tbo proportion of this" advance in values fairly applicable to tbo property oa tbe Third and tjiitti avouuoa is immensely in uxoob. of this estimated ulue millions. The robots from tho truo advance of value is tho amount of dam - ago to the abutting property ou those aveuuee and reduces the veal Increase In value to the nine millions, which 1b no doubt au overestimate, Again, tbo samo counsel says : "The interest of tbe publlo at large should not yield to tbat of the few."' Now, the owners and occupauts of property on Fulton street, Myrtle avenuo and other streetB, opposed to these roads running iu front of and depreciating tha value of mllea of Btores, dwellings, churches, etc, are not few In number, and to theso 1 am Bur. can be added a good, many l, - 8 who mm lorego any prooooi, par. - - oonvouioaC8 or benefit ratherjhfta b f a80I.y to the financial ruin of 6ny io'.'. - w citizen. To call this multitude of per sons a few is to throw into confusion all our idoas of numbers. Ownors of property should not relax their opposition in tho vain expectation of obtaining damages, unless guaranteed by the city, as proposed by tbe E.uile. If damages could be secured, thoy would necessarily bs partial. A proximate estimate might bo msde of a store in - ulton street for inBtanoe, of the immediato depreciation of value by the erection of tbe road In its front ; but (hat danisge vyotild not compare ia matfni - tjja with that of tbe falling off of trada and annual profits year after year Indefinitely. Ari3 finally, the scheme of running a highway through Brooklyn to Coney Island for the benefit of Nesr York, fairly interpreted, Is a plan to Injure tha fair name of our olty, to crush its retail trade, and to mako jubilant the proporty owners and the store keepers on Broadway, In New York. It ought to be resented as treating Brooklyn contemptuously, in fact, aa thn more scullery of tbe great metropolis. We aro having quits too much of this. Tho measure finds favor with a junta of atook speculatora in collusion with bribed ofUolals. It is dishonest, scandalous and corrupt to tha core. Clean Hamds. WIIO SnAliL BE 8 - PERIMTE - DBST OF SIMOOM I To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : Brooklyn, as a leading city, has fostered and matured a system of freo schools fully cqna! to any othor. Tho instructors employed in our great system of schools are, in many inatanooa, eminent iu their oalllng, aud tho election of any one of I hem to the super - lntenuonoy would insure a proper administration of tbo offoirB and responsibilities of that moat important office. From so extond.d an educational field It would be .unwise to Bend to one smaller and mora limited for a - superintendent. Iu St. Louis, Chicago, Buffalo, Washington, Baltimore and Now York City the chief auporlntendent and his assistanta are selected from among principals of schools who havo beeu tried and not found wanting aa progressive educators. To prouioto tho welfare or ilia soboolB, the most eligible of the available candldatea should bo"eleoted for the highest offi.o in the department of instruction, without regard to pollticul or religious afllltationfl. If one of the highest purposes of true education ia to unite and qualify the peoplo for usefulness to each other, it is certainly an humanitarian Interest no faction should dominate or oontrol. Among representative, who have p - lvou oharacter to the cducatloi Jnjr"t" ?! i.h.1 !,y0 "J9SJ fe29 to5u i,csd nu6 the elate, bv ?nona and constituents, as candidates for the supeilntenneucy, is mat oi uaivin I'attorson, one of the foremost principals of Brooklyn. Ha was formorly profossor of mathematics lu the Buffalo Normal School. About nlno years ago ho came to Brooklyn and waa ejected principal of Publ!". School No. 13. Under bis oliargo this school Eas proSpered (jnd IJ.B0W ono of tbe largest la the olty. Mr. Patterson wasior several years principal qf tbo evening high school. In the positions be has hold he has tghown great executive ability, practical knowledge and organizing power. Ho is aninparativdy a young man and conceded to be possessed of rare abilities aud attainments. James Crtilkabani, principal of Public School No. 12, Is well knowo, not only in this city but throughout the Stote, in connection with the founding and development of our great State and municipal school interests. Connectod with the Stato Department of Kdncatlon at Albany for somo years, though uot a politician, bo draftod laws now on the Btatute books, which in the interest of sohools and instructors have proved to bo wlssly framed. The school blanks iiBed In the Now York City and Brooklyn schools were devised by blm. Soma of the State papers proparod by Mr. Crulksbonk, and issued from tbe Department ot Education havo been liberally quoted in other States authority in connection with school legislation, Tbe enrollment of nearly 800 students tn tho Evening Central High School, tblspait month, speaks well for Mr. Cruikshank'e management Large experience and natural and well trained abilities of a high order are In bis caae fully Bxempllfled. Mr Leonard Dunkley, who Is also named as a man In every way wall fitted to grace the ofllce of city superintendent ot sohools, Is tbs popular and officiant principal of Public Sobool No. 16. The reputation of this sobool ia woll known. It is quoted trom one and or tho country to tho other as a modol school, not only in appointments but In Intelligent methods of Instruction, syBtematio organization, and tbo tnoronghess of tha work. For twenty - Jour years Mr. Dunkley Uaa been - recognized as one of the leading educators of Brooklyn. Mr. Jacobson, principal or Publlo School No. 15, is a gentleman of rare scholarship, broad oulture and great earnestness. No. 16, under Tils management, is a model institution of learning. These, with a dozen more of tbe prinoipala of Brooklyn who might be named, ara praotical, thorough oducators. mon of exeoutlva ability and enthusiasm in their profession, who comprehend tbo defeoto in our school system, and who would work persistently and Intelligently to ralso tbe scboole to tha highest standard of excellence, and make them tha pride of our olty and tbe models of tba oouutry. P. COLONEL MC LEER, P OSTHASTBR. I'd the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle : Mr. John A. Nichols, who is himself au officeholder, Is reported in yonr columns of Wednesday ovening as saying. In regard to tbo reappointment of Colonel McLeor tbat "So would not deny that ho was opposed to his rstentton in office, hla oppoeltion being based on purely political grounds," This, bear In mind, ia tho utterance of a Republican olUoi.l who has token up hi. auoae in nrouaiyu iuuk muuu mo umu when Colonel MoLeer, when only a boy, wont forth twenty years ago to battle for his country'a life. Tha time will coma when Mr. Niohols will wlBh that ha oould get awny from tho memory of this utterance. TblB spirit of party factionalism was pretty soveroly rebuked in tho eleotlon of Mr. Seth Low, as Mayor. If Colonel McLoer wero a Democrat, with blB war record and his empty coat sleeve, he would dcBerve retoDtiou at the bonds of President Arthur, and I believe bo would get it, too. Lot Colonet - lcLoor return to Brooklyn, aud let all politicians wboArs oppo.ed to him, for tuo roason givon by Mr. Niohols, start at onco. for Washington, lay siege to tho President, and ' "joy wl 1 conaeBoeuu to gracions.y porioriu w t' - ' will bo sent baok by tbo PreBidout with Colonel Mc - Leor's commission In their keoning for aofe dellvcr - auca. At any rate, thla la the P"0.' Dsm ROW AT A PARTY. Auioug the company assembled nt a sociable given at a private residence on Ninth street, Kostern District, Friday night, wero Michael Walsh and bl. wife and James Boyd. Tho affair wound up with a freo fl - ht in whioh ohalrs and tables were used as weapons James Boyd devoted part of his attention during tbo fight to Mrs. Walsh, and aB tbe result of hla band! s - ork sho exhibited to JiiBtlca Kenna In the morning a blackened eye and brulsad face. James was fined ttvo dollars, with tho alternative of flva daya in jail. CAUUUT 1M TBE AtJT. Officer John Corcoran, of the Fifth l're - i, rn Vrldav afternoon, cautrbt a man in Edward Mulligan's apartments on tha second floor of the tenement, No. Bl North Sixth street, with snlt of A companion elothea on belonging, to - Mr. Mulligan. of tha prisoner's escaped. The tnievo. - - " - - . nA,a an .entrance with tbe aid of !We keys. At no , ..fl - escribed blmsolf aa Joseph Heuoy, of No. 73 Hudson avonue. Jco Naeher hem mm for examination. TUB TBRROR OF POI.1CT MEN. Mr Anthony Oomstotfk, thn agent for the society for the Suppression of Vice, ia still wag - lott an active warfare ngalnnt the dlsroputablo colloymen who ply their nefavious occupation in this My nnflBomeof the big men in tho Jjusmeas will bo surprised lu a fow days wbon they Aisoovor whit ho bi been doing for the past two or throo months. On Fdday Mr. Comstock arrested Henry Van ;Vorn, of Irarwonty - flrotstrcot, for selling po'.icy slips. Tho prisoner, who i 05 years ot aao. won Hold (or oxamlnation by Justice Borgen. "I.:: - .".. .... . .. ..... POLICE WIRES. ij5 The Wtr ig of th Polios Telegrl? B urea'Cti Superintendent Plaoley - Report for the Vesr, Some'Tlmol Recorumeudatlon.?. In the abstract of the police report of tho year, published a few days ago In the Eaoe, tbo tele graph bureau, one of tho most important branobaa oi tho deDartment. vu nvprlnnVorl. The rirmit (a - . - 1 . . . , . bureau ombrocea Superintendent Flanloy, Operators - McKolway, Qoau, Williams, CoraoU and Koenauand . .. Linemen M.nee and McOonnelL Not only does Ir.; Flanloy and his offlolal assoolatas receive, and transmit all massages, but also a full record of the arrests mad la awry precinct ia caroiuny complied iromaay; to day. Tbo offlca la not cloaod lor a single ralnulo' during the year, and without a gmootb worklrig - of tha telegraph machinory thore would bo an Immediate atop to tha good pollco work. Af at present managod thera i no branch of the department which morlta mora unqualified commendation. IN HIS LATE 'BESOM Mr. Flanley gava tho followto - details : Inasmuch as tho business od thls oBlce requires t being open during the whole twoDty - fonr hour vry day in the year, I bave arranged tbs tours of ...... duty ot the operators so tbattboy alternate to night and day weekly, tw0 operators bolbg roquirod on duty daring the aw lrom a A. M., to P - . M and to immediately meet any troublo liable - to occur to tbe outsida lines. I require one or the linemen to bo on duty day ' aud nl - ht. My rosidanca ts tn dlreot eopimunloatlon with this office ao tbat any aAiarrangsr - ont of the llaia or instruments during tba night tima l am immediately notified of. During tbe or.scnt year a large portion or our oola lines having bean impaired from long earvios, I bay obtaluod permission from tolegrapb companies having; tho right of way through our city to placa our wires on their notes. Tho changes so made bars uot only given UB'boltor facilities of doing business, bat have also greatly reduced tbs axpsases of this bureau of tba, aepartmont. as it has obviated mo necessity oi rebuilding our worn out lines. EECOMMENDATI0N8. That tolephonlc connection be mado with the District . Attorney's office and all police courts. A great saving of time could thus be secured, a. members of the department required at court oould be notified whan wanted, as well as complainants or witnesses; atprcn - cut tbey frequeutly tako prisoners to court to find on their arrival there that tha oourt Is adjourned or . .,. tho Justices are abient, etc. Tbat connection bo made betweon all forrloa and tha Central ofllea . by telephone, ob officers stationed there , could call for the ambulance, sond out alarms of fire, &0., and wo should be enabled to promptly notify them to - be on the lookout for thieves leaving the city with proceeds of robberies when we have beeu apprized of auolx things ocourrlnfr In tha outlying preclnots. And In tbo event of the establishment of a rivor pollco, they could bo used to transmit orders, c, and placa us In a positiou to bo iu almost constant oommunioattou with tht rlvor patrol. , t I would also reeommand that TELEPHONIC STATIONS be established on certalu posts in preclnota wharafald posts covor a large extont of territory and ara remotely located from tho atatton house. In order that patroli toon could, If necessary, uaa the telophoues to summon, assistance or report fires and other occurencas raqulr - fng prompt action, which, at present, necessitates tha . loavluR of such posts uncovered for long Intervals . whllo he goes personally to his station on business uf this kind, It could bo arranged so that offiora and pa - . trolmon when on patrol duty could call up their reapae - . tivo stations at any time ond receive instructions or . make reports. Tho locatlona for eueh stations to tw selected by tho Commissioner ot Pollco. TBE E - PEKSE - of connecting tho various courts and ferries with thla ,. office would be ; For construction of lino, about $73v; leose or telephones and transmitters, about $320. Tha :: exponso of maintaining tbeso oonnsotions, after tba . first year, would be, for rent of telephone and trans - . nutters, about $320 per annum. I would respectfully state that my annual report tnA - . ing with tha year 1881, will show AN IgOBEASE 07 BUSINESS over that of any previous year. In tbat report I will oadeavor to, so far as possible, elasally the message. Bent and received during the year. Tho total number . of tho.e mossagos will oxceed 108,000. During tho present year I have placed telephone In several of the station houses which I have used In conjunction with our dial Instruments. Tba resulta attained from theso additional connections aro highly satiafaotory, particularly ao In the receiving of elaotion returns ou the night of Novombor 8, a. wa were .: m rrniuh tha nrm of onr'cltv with tboreturng ao promptly that.they publisbod tho result of the elOr Hon In advance of any city in tho State. PLYMOUTH PKAYEK MEETING. Dir. Headier ou tlio Story of &9 Mr. B690h6r spoke Fiiday Plymouth prayer mooting, ou the "Bioh Men who Cast of that Aifluaj lato 3 Trtasafy, and the doV wita Gavo Two elites." - e namoo oi t - y y - , .: .. - 1 J3KJ Beochor, wero left out. Tha rich gave ostentatiously. This iuslgnlfloant, little, dried up widow, (I auppoee, said Mr. Beocher, tbaro ia no barm In thinking 89 J. if j won't hurt her,) ave two mitos, which made a f aiming, whllo tho rich men's gold went rolltug Into tbs treasury as if its baaa waa a drum to sound their char - ity. Tho widow's two mites went down faintly, and no j ona thought anything about it, I beg pardon, Bald Mr Beochor, since Ono did Jesus, He was a groat ooaeiyor, In that reBpect Socrates bore aome resemblance to mm.' . . Ordinarily Christ's dlssotirees oama from a text in - Oman life uoforo Hun, I Imagine I aeo Him observing ail thai waa going on In the temple. Ho saw theao rich man . one after another oast" In their gifts, and then thla 111 . clad, solitary little woman advanca and slip in a frt - . - ing. Hero wa9 a contrast, and Jems thought It worth ; while to gather bis disciples around Him and make discourse. "Ibis poor woman hath done more tba , tbey all." If all the rich men wero put together, thera was not so much of tho spirit of giving as In this lonr ,v poor widow. Thoy gavo of tholr abundanoe, aha ot bar nonury, oven all that she had, and probably wont fart - ing tbo rest of the day. Tbo relation of twomltas to. . - . her property was larger than tho relation of all'the r!".. - .. men gave to theirs. There ;are few men dt r whose charity It oan be said that it bears any proper relation to their power. Thero aro few whoaa mioda work out all tho benefits for other wblcb thoy - might, in solacing, tu.tructlng and helping. Men. ars, . selfish in kuowloago. Tbey acquire It Willi avidity and aro living tombs of knowledge, and shed no light. Mou have thousands of opportunities In private Ilia and . oarry a hundred fold more than they use. Yot hovr often do thoy get tired of doing even tba llttlo whlc thoy do. Many persons who are best qualified to do tho work of God don't do anything. I have known Bonis mou make a divine art of giving. A man In Bos - ton whom I knew resolved that when bis fortune reschod a certain point be would give everything no mado during tbe rest of bis Ufa to charity, and ho did. How many persona with largo incomes buy off, lost by oontinually wearying thay should be luduood to givo more. How little goes out in expression or genuine charity. A poor woman oamo to uio, Mr. Beocher said, aud said her was on the point of suicide, aa they bad just oonio from tbo South and wero starving. I belpod them a little It wos the poorest sort of a room they had aud a, bare subsistence, and yet within a week I found tbat they had taken in another, worse Off than themselves, liduTn - item, buf thoy outdid me a thou.and W. Mr. Itopos told how a collector foj i.8?l4lX ' for Improving the Condition of the Poor oallea on a wealthy gentleman for aid, and how be sternly said: "I'll givo nothing." Tbo next y4,WCaa a - n - ' an.rnrt ThS fiaxt year ha. oafie - and tbe geutleman said : "Woll, you're vory per - ; ooverlng. Here'sSlO" Tho next year be gave $80 and" r this year ho gave $100, and $100 more for a building. Pastoral Holpor Holltday said it was not only tbo podt who needed holp, for thors wero m.ny in good cironai - staucs who needed worda of cheer and consolation, and thare was enough for all to do who bad a heart t eugsge in tbo work of bolping their follow creatures, TUE OVEat'OAT FIEND. A sneak thief entered the third flat of Ncr. 83" Atlantio avenue on Friday and atols an overooat, valued at $10, be'ougioff to Qnstar Caralson. MONEY MARKET. Sudden Cbange froiu stanntiora to ActivityFluctuations for tUo Weeli, . Wall Stbeet, Saturday Evoulng, December 17. Tho market was very dull until Thursday, when there waa a little moro aotlve speculation in the sf tornoon, On Friday thoro was a sudden ohango. Tbs latest addltloua lo tho Hat, inolnding tha Southern stooks, were sharply advanced, and the movamau promised to carry upward the remaining properties on . tbe list, when it waa observed that thore was a free eelling movement In Donvor and Kio Orande, and In tbe afternoon this stock broke, heavily anaottliDg tba wholinist. Tho markot was panicky this mornlnff, but wa. a recovery tn.Donver and Bio Grande In lbs v aftornoon, and had it not boon for a raljjupon tbo Ws..? bashes aud Mlobigan Central doubtleDa tone wonl - . havo beon atrong at the close. There ia an Imptoaalon this afternoon that Mr. Gould and bl following hT.; scooped in enough Den vor and Bio Orando to contro - . tbo road. This was the story oursent aftor tba oloe of , tbe markot, aud If It la true higher prioes for somo of the properties may bolookod for noxt woek, Tho following table shows tbo blghost and IO - Oafc : sales of Government bonds and loading stocks oaob dar during the week. Tbo blanks tn tho table lndloato tnat; : here wore no transaotiouB: ioo. :.. V. S. 6s. 1831, ox U. S.5a, 1881,01 U.S.. 1891. r If. S. s, 1891. c U.S. of 197''' O.a sof IO07'0 V. S. s, 1007, eml U. S.curronoy 0a Omaha Omaha prelerred Wab. St.L4Pao. W. St. L. P Pf d Phila.4 Heading. Mo. Kan. A Texas Canada Soutbsrn Missouri Paoific. Cen. A Hudson.. 10OKI : 102 lOMje - r. - 103 102X1, 105i.f - 14 - 114X fi, ;: 114 - 114 - 1 ...I....... ii iri my. ma. im. i iliilal. 1 18, 111 l ish 39M 391 3Hi 39 ,i 103' lOS 10J! WJ?. 411. V4 mi 82iu 8IH 8l5Jl 68 I 68J 4t 40Jtl 40,l 0 ; loeSI 109'i' 39lt 38 1(B 10 - JK 4 82 X ii 10 - 2W. toad 102MI 101UI 101$! am ana 40 40 i ei i Irtiriirflrtiifii Titla. S .8 S - UW" rt - 5 - . So. w.3 1 - 1 : M . 5 1 : : !i i : : . - i iuom - 1 - V V Yi'ri i c i ' Yo3li f Yu' ' I 103 10S I 1UB..1 I I I i aoti auisv.rcii - a. 'i 8v - .. - igdSt! 81W Bl : ' TOiiJVv .'.' ' 40 ..i jbB SOU ,89.1 88Jt,;ft.' - fJPj bu in, - . owia - . - l 107 106fl w" liwjcf - . ; iruii ,nn - tr ltVi 105J.I 105I1I1 139S 1S8 137JJ 1341. irut - innul 100 t38ij isas 'tsgh rios - 137X I37 nrr 107 i 108 i Loulsvillo. Nash Brio Union Paclfio.... Lake Shore Morris A pel., ok. W.. Northwostorn.... Morthwoutern p'd Book Island St Paul St. Paul proIM. . . Ohio & Miss inl OS - l 107 104 "i 10t.(Jl 105W I im. 'Si? loojaliosS 4S ' 4AHI HUH iiBK: us 120), llX lltl tao Iffl'l VBHi' 103i laiKLn ia 127H 5S r li lms t: 12" 137 1 - S: 121K, V2V WS' W4),l 124)41 124HI 13S: 140 1W I lMJtl'lSt. i.iaf. tvj ... I3S 134 184MI JSIJSI. ' l - f,'SI 1UI KHJ too IWiil 4U., 104 .1.. 3i:i a;i 03!i' 051,1 an i ivst, os . 111! lit 'I tl4 li New Jersey Cen.. Han. St. Jos... Han. &St J prfd Western Union... Pacific ifoi 1 Miohigsn Central Illinois Oontral.. "Dimvor - Rlo.O.. Dot - Hudson... ,7;xvideil(l" 07?. iin . llSlf Mi Bl!)4 ,. oi i So 1 W. - 44' - US! 14i WS' BOW! 44 44 I taw 03 11 Hi !r)!j 1 )) :.18. laa.ti'i I - ; - '), i;i3 i;i.i j infin 13 7 7S 8UHI' 70)J "7S!i '. ... ! - fw';.: - ;'f';l a I 9l . ' .. - j ISKrIIX - i vil 108 'rlQJJi;::!.' frit 1 - - - - i - - - r; rfM s . ft Sf i - .;ia . - iJ3 ltV." - ;ir Kf. 4fr;.J Ba - - i. - '.: . - .1,. 'it - - . x' "... - i. - . - .. : . 3 - . kJ&&"&&M"MMAj tij - - iiltiliirii.aiiii1inT !: sy - A

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