The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 13, 1881 · Page 4
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 4

Brooklyn, New York
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Sunday, November 13, 1881
Page 4
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i 'Wf" - !' 'BiU f WITH SUPPLEMENT SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEHBEK 13, 1881. The Sunday Edition, of the Eagle has a Largs and Rapidly Growing Circulation, and is Becoming a Favorite Medium for Advertisers Who Desire to Beach All Classes of Readers in Brooklyn. Th$ Daily (Evening) Eagle is Now in it Forty - second Year. Its Circulation (s Larger Than That of Any Other Paper ofiU Class in the United State. MAYOR HOWELL ON UTS OWN DE - FEA T. Mr James Howell was elected Mayor of Brooklyn twe yenrs ago, for the second tiino, os jo rrgulur Democratic candidate by a majority of about ten thousand votes over the regular Republican nominee. On lest Tuesday Mr. Howell was again tho regularly nominated candidate of bis parly which han usually a majority of eight or ton thouRand in this oity and tliera rraa oulv ouo candidate acainst him, and still tvfeoa four, and five thouennd votes. The sur - 'raoo. indications all pointed toward Mr. Ifell's success Ho made an active per sonal canvass among Iho - rotors, and it was e.aid (lint ha hud everywhere been received with much favor ; the Campaign Committee, ot tna party lvliich nominated him v.s unusually active, and from the number of documents cir - culatod and tho aid it gavo n keevmia P 'he bustle and flurry of tho eanv.its, it was Apparent that tho committee did not lack the funds required for campaign purposes. All of Mr. Howell's supporters professed to bo entirely confident of his success ; and, indeed, they were so well satisfied he would win that when the election returns bRan to come in after the polls had closed, thoy found it difficult to credit the evidence of tbeir senses. Tbey went home in the early morning after the section not only surprised, but bewildered. Mr. Howell, It is said, had no doubt whatever of his re - election. Candidates are proverbially confident, and Mr. Howel! wa.5 veu more confident than oaudldites usually are. Hii hopes and e.v - peotfttioci seemed to be not unreasonable. He had been elocted two yearB before to the same office by a Urg majority. Ltcept in one particular, he had not created nuy antagonism to hia administration iu the meantime, and bsfor tho alectUm the spooial dissf - feotion he had provoked in the matter vof th municipal Ucsusei had been al - laysd. It was s.iid. Agiin. it apprwl that Jit. flewsH been solioited by cilizena, !mpoctiv or p'ty, to bec.nn. - enutii - Jta for '.hi Mayoralty. The eili.ens' movi - aentin?d'. iteif upparcct in petitions, and these, p.itiiic - aw. it vas given O'.U, had been Kignad by cereril thousand voters, without rjatd to pa - .ty. Mr. Howell insisted that this was a cpmitanoou movemout of oit'zens tb?t his inimediato f lends had little or nothing tnYio with it and ho was so impressed with it that he acceptud the Cili - zobV nomination before it was certain that to would obtain any other. Ho did, how - jfer, obtain the regular nomination of his arty, and thu only other candidate whoso umc was before tho convention UUck), came out warmly In his favor, and V - artilv recommended ail his friends to support Mr. Howell. In the face of a good officii! record ; a large apparent puvty majority to Btart with, a eitiroDs' nomination, a party norjiination, great porsot&l efforts, an active party can - vast and a li'i - .r. - il expenditure of money, and no org& party disaffection, Mr. Howell wag beaten bj beUvcto .o0fj and 5,nno vot. - s. Mr. Howel'. wo. no doubt, very much surprised ; hie supporters vera fairly bewildered by the outcome of its; election. Of course, Iters wore amlercurrontB of discontent at work, and thy carried away not only Mr. Howell's former majority, but the usual majority of his party on tha Stato ticket. There was, of cource, a good dual of public Mr. Howell took his defeat, and to find out tho causes he assigned for it. In order to gratify it, the reporters called on Mr. Howell, bright and early tho morning after the election, to learn what ho hail to say on tliMO two interesting points. Ths representatives of tho iocal papers agreo substantially as to what Mr. Howell said for publication. Ho declared that ho was not sorry to be relieved from official responsibility ; his busi ness had suffered from his absence while attending to his public duties ; his family was averse to his candidacy, and he would not have been in toe race at all oxcept that citizen?, "irrespective of politics" and in largo Dunibers, asS::;d him to be a candidate, and the regular organization of his party saw fit to nominate him. He felicitated himself upon the fact that ho left the affairs of the city iu a better condition than he found th: - m and this is true and ha cougrnlulated his follow citizens upon the fact that his successor was a very intelligent gon - tlemaD, conversant with municipal concerns, largely interested in the city's prosperity and nrnffr r.i - rtLihi to make a cood Mayor. In r J enumerating thecauses wrncn iea 10 uis aeieai at the polls, Mr. Howell is thun reported . - Xbere arc ssvrr.V. rraaiKjs. I Uavo baeu por.iatently mtsreyrefloutt;.! b; men ' tio. I bad aur'iio.J. roro my frlond?, and by ui!i'. - rd to '.Yhom I naturally anil conft - dDQtly looUoa ;or :. - ..yport. Why, m Q uu:nl)r of tha vrarttF, notably, ;iL'rji:';). !be Toulb. tho U.MUficratB, or rsther tUone "'. Uo a'.'. - A tliom !' - ' Dcmecrst". wero trading rao otT for tho caiuiidu'.es for aldcrmau and con - ttblo'r. Then tjaln, ths Kat boily ' tho Uipaycni did not support cit. II th - .i rlcvtinn djinonstritcn o:o thing mora tniin r.noilir n. lui; uo miner uow uaru a ui - may work for tho i'ltorci"! of tho tcip.iyln); olassos of our cttlzona, thry - .rill not uphold hltu at thH polls If by co doing tht'' act Ofplaut thu interests of th - - ir party. I thought I bn 1 a ri(;ht to expect tho Biiproi t of tuoae ' !lBB8e6 trrePrM - iv "l P'1''. but I found that the lie - publtcnnE wut anbir.t mo and aouio Duuiocrata alio who T?ere inflneucfjd by tho pcraouat ditloronoea of certain portico with whom I havo had tiltsndly relattonB. Tho uewspapor.) for tha moat part havo alao tieen asalnat me. They hare inisrf presented mj actj, motives and int':tljna, r.oir.o of them coirji,' eo far aa to represent mo an vropomz to appoint rnon to oilioo whom I never Ihoiijh: of, and never wunid' think of placing in oflk - e. 'j hero were pecumarr influuacea brouEht to birnr un3lnt mo in tho camp jlun. rhich contributed not a ilttle to my rtofeat. I wai contblent until Honda? mor.'iins that I woiij.1 be rp - t'lootoJ. but I hoard conjeihii'g then which eourlnco'l nja that I TTOUld 10 bea',n. A brief examination into tho causes to which Mr. Howell attributes his defeat will not bo unprofitable, even now. Mr. Howell, we think, does not intend to eay that he was misrepresented by men whom he had reason to suppose were his friends. Doubtless, what he meant to say was that in offsetting certain claims presented to show that he .deserved very well of the taxpayers, misrepresentation was resorted to. In this business Mr. Howell would doubtless assign a conspicuous place to two of his predecessors, ox - Mayor Booth and ex - Mayor Schroeder. Mr. Howell, for instanco, claimed that the tax rate had been reduced during his two terms of offloo from .'1.17 to $2.3b', and he claimed credit for this reduction. Messrs. Booth and Bchrooder insisted that tho reduction in the tax rate was accounted for by an increase in tho valuation of city property ; by an evasion of current responsibilities, and by an increase ot tho permanent public debt. Tho truth is, Mr. Kowell deserves oredit for keeping tho publio expenditure from increasing whilo the city was growing rapidly ; he was iu no way responsible for any increase in the valu - fttlon of property, and there has been no general increase, and no incroaso at all ony in exceptional cases. There has been no evasion of curreut liability, and there has been no addition to tho oity debt except undor legislative requirements, almost solely for tho building of tho East Xtivcr Bridge, and forthifl Mr. Howell is no more responsible than Mr. Booth is. Mr. Howell seems to be deeply mortified by Mr. Booth's part in the bUBinoBBoI "campaign misrepresentation," for Mr. Booth is a brother in good standing la tho ohuroh of which Mr. Howoll is also a member. MrySchroedef did not disappoint Mr. .Howell at all, forMr. Howell ia well knowa to be of tho opinion that Mr. Schroe - der ifl not'only "a p"ublican and n sinner," liko the rest ot ub, but that ha is, to boot, a politician, "in all that that implies." No doubt, votes intended for Mr. Howell wore traded off for votes .for aldermen, etc., in the Tenth Ward and elaa - vrjljere. This trading cbi08 from tho fact that the party which nominated him has, no organization ; henco tho regularity of its nominations oount for little, and stump candidates will trn'.i? votes when - evor.acd wherevor if is poeaibio to do co. Tho Booming ingratitude of the taxpayers tho Mayor should attribute largely to Brother South and to Mr. Sobrooder. Probably these two - believed what they said, and, if ; Ul nary taxpayers cannot be" greatly JZ doing the 8aino thing. It JJZZ did not beliovo their own bh"1 . '. .... to bo blnmod for is giving " thcr thnn to one credence to two os - M'.vora, nuei acting Mayor, during oanvR8, i i,o irrcatly censured Tho newspapers canno e ycm because the reporters attached i lished the political gossip current .f elected. w - .fftras ..t0 repreaant him as rSosing to appoint men to offloo whom L never thought of, and would not think of placing in offioe." Cabinet making is an old amueemont with the nows - papors. If the reporters a mistako in this instance, it was in assnming that Mr. Howell would appoint to office the men who wero managing his campaign for him, and who were apparently working for him with the greatcot earnestness aud zeal. This is tho head and front of newspaper offending in this regard. , , Mr. Howell misses the main, and almost the sole, nr.,, of hia defeat. It was uuiut i.u reseutativo of a for him that he was the repivt .(.,,,, nf n.min.'i'iitic maun; cratic voters of this city arc determined to get rid of. Fifteen thousand of them voted against their party in this county last lues - day in order to give effect to this determination Mr. How. 11 is only one of the victims, and there is nothing at all exceptional in his case. AMERICA'S CONTESTS FOU THE Cl'P The d - feat of the Canadian yacht Atalanta wa by no m a surprise to tuosc familiar with the subioet of yacht architecture. To say nothing of the defects in her model, tho Atlanta was hastily extracted, badly ngged and unokillfully nailed. Almost untried, as she was, .''he contended with yachts which had o - . - or many a well contested course, borne their pennants to the foro. The Atalauta was constructed upon tho Amorican model flat bottomed, broad beamed and over - sparrod. Indeed, every thing aboard her was Amorican, except the seamanship displayed. This was neither American nor English, and could only be likened unto that which obtained aboard another Canadian yacht, the Countess of Duiferin, whioh was equally unfortunate. Expecting, thus haudioappod, to defeat American yachtsmen on their own waters, with their own model, Captain Culh - bert must have possessed a confidence in his own abilities which, if the accounts iu tho Canadian papoH are to bo relied upon, is, by - no means, shared by the rest of his oountry - uiou. Irs the two processions down the bay, for they could hardly be called races, the Gracio w,;s in the v.u one day and tho Mischief another, although tho latter was the only accredited autagoir.jt of the Canadian yacht, which at all times remained iu the rear. It is to be hoped that the easy victory over tho Canadian will not divert the attention of American yachtsmen from a very importaut fact. The Scotch yacht Madgo has recently vanquished the best boatB we possess, and is now laid tip in ordinary, with a broom affixed to her masthead, in token that she sweeps the Eeas. It is not improbable that her owner may, during the coming Win - j ter, forward to the trustees of the America's i cup a challenge under the rules governing tho j contest for this trop'iy. Now, wo may call i the Madge a racing machine, or wo may call ! her a iJirino wedge, but tho fact that eho can I steer closer to tho wind than Iho center board, and car. consequently beat it to windward, j still remains. This bom;; tho case, it behooves tho Amorican yachtsman to look sharp aud get an anchor out to windward whilo yet there I is timo. It was clearly demonstrated in the races with the Mudg. that, with tho wind abeam in r. moderately smooth sea, tho American model i.'i more cGL'ieizt than the English. It has been suggested, therefore, and the suggestion is a good out?, that s yacht bo constructed in which the best qualities of both typeu Bhall be combined. Whether or not this can be successfully accomplished remains to be soen. At all events, it is worth the trial and would save us the mortification of boiug compelled to accept the English model in all its details, in order to retain the cup. Tho English themselves have established a precedent for this. The success o: thj yacht America in the Cowes regatta, in lK.'l.was partly attributed to her superior modvd and partly to the admirable cut and fit of her sails. Tho praelioe of lacing tho mainsail in cutUrs aud schooners to tho main boom, universal iu this country, was scarcely knowu in England at that time, though it undoubtedly facilitates a closer hugging of tho wind by offering to it a flatter surface. Opposed as they are to innovation of auy kind, the English adopted this system in rigging thoir i yachts. All will allow that the American type of yacht is more adapted to pleasure sailing than tht English typo. It is beamy, dry and buoyant. But in a heavy seaway tho light draught boat wobbles, so to speak, whilo the deep keel boat stiftly holds her own through tho seas, though they wash her fore and aft. In a recent regatta in tho English Ghaunol, the cutter Evolution, which, by the way, has beaten the Madge, while leading tho fleet took so much water over her bowa that it was found necessary to lash tho man at the wheel, batten down tho hatches and send all hands below. The American center board yacht would have been coni - narativelv dry in suoh a seaway, but she would have bobbed about on the top of tho billows liko a cork, : 'looking," aa tho sailors say "every which way for Friday." ThoBft patriotic yachtsmen composing the New York Yacht Club have spent this season, it is said, noarly .530,000, including tho build ing of tha Vocahontas, in their desire to defend tho America's cup Will they thou al low the trophy to leavo us by adhering to a model which has been proved to bo do foctive ? DENSITY OF POPULATION. The census of lriSO is slowly nearing com pletion, and tho moro important of tho many inferenoea derived from it havo been laid be fore the public in condensed form through tho svstem of ccmus bulletins. One of thoso now before us, treating of tho settled area of tho country in lb'3l)nnd tho density of population, may bo included among the most interesting that have yot come to hand, so far as it shods light upon tho growth of tha several States aud their gradual emorgonco from tho low agricultural condition to one more complex, namely, tho manufacturing and inochan. ical. The population in the table is divided into five classes : No. I, a population from two to six to tho square milo ; No. 2, from six to eighteen ; No. :!, from oighteon to forty - five ; No. i, from forty - five to ninety, and No. !, from ninety upward. All below two aro neKlscted. Tho five divisions, however, in - cludfi il." per cent, of tho outiro population. and the area all but parts of Maine, tho Adirondack region and of Oregon and California. Agriculture, it must bo romemberod, has not been carried to such a point as to permit a population of more than forty - fivo to tho square mile. Tho system of high farming prevailing in England and Belgium is not forced upon us by necessity, and tho groups of tho fourth and fifth class, therefore, only appoar when agriculture has given way to an incroase of trade aud manufacture. A population of from eighteen to forty - fivo may bo considered as representing generally successful agricultural pursuit, for it is tho rulo in tho prosperous agricultural States, like Illinois, Iowa, Kontucky, Virginia and Wisconsin. A density expressed by a ra tio of between forty - fivo and ninety to tho square milo in naturally indicative of the older and more commercial States, liko Connecticut. Massachusetts, Now York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. A population of over ninety to tho square mile is very rare, the last census show ing, out. of a total area of occupied territory amounting to wore than a million and a half squaro miles, less than 25,000 of these so doDSoly settled. Whon it is considered that this ratio can exist only whoro trading villages aro very numerous it is not surprising to find that New Jersey and libode Island aro tho only States whero such density is Iho charao tcristic and not an exceptional condition. Of a total of l,5i;!),57') squaro miles that aro settled, 5,ri,:;oy, or more than one - third of the country, is dovotsd to Biiocesslul fanning; 394,820 to ?uc'.i industries r.o grazing, without SI 'TFT i l 1 lr ' ' ' 1 I Improvement of tho aoll i 232,010 to tho moat elaborate and scientific agrioulture, and 24,500 to other conditions of olvilizod lifo, such 09 trade, manufacture and professional eervioo. A comparison of tho several States in tho form givon above shows that Pennsylvania, with an area of 45,000 square miles aud a population muoh smallor than that of New York, has 10, 750 miles populated more densely than ninety to the milo. Now York has only 2,420; Jersey, 3,005; Massachusetts, 2,000. Ohio has tho largost area of land devoted to high farming; Missouri and Illinois do tho groatest amount of modorate farming, as m - dioated by a population of from eighteen to forty - fivo. Tho largest extent of territory devoted to grazing is, as experience and tho population both show, to bo found m Cahfor - nia and Texas. NEWSPAPERS AND ORGANS. Our excellent, but not always oven toinpor - ed, contemporary, tho Union, says that tho EAOLBgivosan "affected support" to Mayor elect Low, "since the voters of Brooklyn aont " the Eaolb's candidate for a third term in "the Mayor's office into the obscurity from " whioh bo originally sprung," and it intimates that tho Eagle is endeavoring In this way " to save what it oau from the "wreck" There is some mistako about this. It is no part of tho Eagle's business to nominate candidates for Mayor, and it assuredly had no candidate for Mayor in the field this year for a third term. Tho Eiqlb doals with candidate when thoy are iu the field us it finds thorn, and .18 it thinks fair and just. Our opinion of Mr. Soth Low was very well kuown long before ho became a candidate for any office; we gave full and free expression to it whilo ho was a candidate, and we do uot seo why wo should chaugo it, now that ho has boon elected. If tho Union had been equally frank, it would havo said, during tho cauvass, that it did not boliove Mr. Low ought to bo oloctod Mayor, because it would tend to onoouraga tho YouDg Republicans iu their " insolent dictation," and would not count for much for "tho party" anyway. What dooB our esteemed and sometimes obfuscated contemporary mean by saying that tho Eagle iu " oudoavoring to save what it " cati from the wreck ?" The wreck of what ? Tho ups and downs of political parties aro uot of any concern whatever to the Eagle. Wo had tho same interest in the result of the mayoralty contest that any other citizen has who makes hia own living. Tho Eaglk is a newspaper ; tho Union is an " orgau," and not a very useful one at that. We. look at these things from an altogether different standpoint. Mayor Low can havo tho Eaole's support on tho Game terms on which Mayor Howell obtained it by deserving it, and wo make no doubt he will. ELEVATORS. An English statistician some years ngo attempted to console his beef eating compatriots by showing that tho chances of being hanged for murder wore soven times as groat as thoso of boiug killed in ft railroad accident, and that the odds woro in favor of being struck by lightuing rathor than of being wounded through a collision. Some such calculation is at present needed to act as a sort of intellectual bromide for persons of weak nerves who travel on elovators, and it is probable that an ingenious and interested person could formulate precisely the risk that business men run every timo they step on board tho ascending parlor. One such computation declares that more accidents occur annually on stairways than on elevators. But in view of the alternate fact that not a week goes by without somo elevator rope breaking and exposing all tho occupants of tho car to death in a very uuploasant form, the statement is uot absolutely reassuring. It is the ono chanco that men particularly abhor, and no matter what the odds aro against accident, this ono chanco will assert itself. The introduction of the elovator as a labor saving machine is of very rooent occurrence, aud yot it appears that tho elovators in New York carry nearly a third of a million of people every day. Land in tho Metropolis is bo dear that property owuers are forced to trespass upon tho upper air, aud buildings seven and even eight and nino stories high are not uncommon objects which arrest t ho attention of the stranger in New York. "Without an elevator to raise people to tha upper floors independent of exertion, there would be no demand for offices above the third story, but the easily riding and handsomely equipped car placos the fifth story upon a par with tho first, so far as convenience is concerned, and virtually doublos the value of real estate. Tho substitution of hydraulic for steam power in running thoso machines is an American invention. Iu such largo establishments as the Palmer House, in Chicago, artesian wells aro relied upon to furnish a steady feed for the tanks, and have been found economic substitutes for the direct application of steam power. However, so far as the collapse of the hoisting apparatus is concerned, water elevators are in no way moro aocure than thoso propelled by steam. In either case tho ouly means of protection ie a pair of clampB released by tho removal of tho strain on tho ropo. Tliesa aro supposed to catch into cogs on tho ratchet principle, run ning perpendicularly the whole length of tho well in which tho olovator moves. That they do prevent tho falling of tho elevator is proved by tho fact that so many ropos break without letting tho olovator fall ; but the fact that they did not act in the Bolvidere Hotel accident is a warning that should not be disre carded. An automatic grapple is good in theory, and fairly trustworthy in fact, but a supplementary hoisting ropo would bo a great deal better, and thero soems to be no good rea son why it should not be employed. By what arts Mr. Jay Gould has coptured the Mexican Prosidont and Senate it is not necessary to inquire. That thoy have con sented to all that ho and his partner in the Union Pacific, C. P. Huntington, asked of tho government relutivo to thoir Mexican railway aohemo is established by tho latest dispatches from the City of Moxico. Theso dispatches also contain intelligence which curiously illustrates Mr. Gould's method of protecting himself from tho dangor of competition. It soems that tho Senate, at the time of indorsing the Gould - Huntington project, likowiso approved a law abrogating tho authority of the Exocu - tivo to grant any moro railroad concessions. By this clovor davico further applications for privileges that might interfere with tho plans of tho great Amorioan speculator are nipped in tho bud. Thi3 planet ia becoming rather small for a man of Air. Gould'8 gigantio conceptions and enterprise. Compressed air as a motor has long boon the dream of mechanics, and now it appears to havo boon applied with some degree of success in an experiment on tho elevated road. There is no question as to its practicability, and since it is noiseless and cleanly in its operations it would be more than merely appropriate to elevated roada. But apart from tho rapid condensation of atmospheric air from cold and other drawbacks tho cost of oompressing it by steam makoa it even moro expensive than atoam itself for furnishing power, and henco, it has not come into gen. eral Bcrvico. Still, that shonld bo no bar to its adoption on tho elevated roads, for it would dispense with the most objectionable features of tho present system. " It is asserted that in Brooklyn, the City " of Ohurohos," says the Syracute Journal, " thero is mora cruelty to animals than in any " other oity in tho Union." It is true that the animals in ex - Boss MoLanghlin'a men - agorio were disciplined last Tuesday, but thero ia absolutely no proof that tho discipline - was administered in such a manner as to deserve the name of cruelty. Our exchanges, generally, attribute the ovorthrow of bossism here to tho notion of ' 'the aroused business men of the community. " This is about the fact. At any rate, it ia very evident that they meant business. Tho dramatio qualities and questionable methods of Mr. Blaine usually resulted in keeping Maino politics in a 6tew. His retire mont from the chairmanship of the Stato Committee has prcBontod a favorable oppor tunity to try tho off oct of a Fryo. Colonel Kobort Ingerooll, of counsol for the defense in the Star route cases, soems to re gard tho pro3ecutiou chiefly as a joke. Tho legal gentlemen conducting it have never been ablu to convinco tho public that they viewed it as a very serious matter. SALAD FOR SUNDAY. THB UNFOJBTONATB OBTISH OF THE TJNIOH. The ffood paoiet Union, with amolro ataols flying and whlitlo blowing, had slipped her moorings ou tho Now York side, followed by tho ohoore of thoso who had been left behind, answored by those who had managed to securo a berth for ono too ou this popular and lavorlto craft. Slowly and with Btatoly graco she breasted the foaming waves of the river. Iter happy passengers olbowed and pushed and jammed and hauled and clawed and soratched and bit aud kloked and mauled and punched each other fa the elad oxoltamont of tho voyago, and toro each other's olothos and trod on eaoh other's corns, as preliminary to a hotter acrjUBlntance during tho long and tortious trip. Tho ladles' saloon was a panorama of beauty and graceful standing up on the part of tho women, oharm - lugiy blonded with a oorrospondlng eltttng down on the part of the mon. On the dooke gorgeously oigared gentlemon puffed smoke Into tho smiling faoei of lovely wotnon, who coughed aud Bnoeied graoious acknowledgements of the delicate attention. All nature grlnntid upon the voyage so ausploloualy bogun. Suddenly a panfo seized the passengers who were standing. A complication of smallpox and oholera broke out and Bwopl through the fated Teasel, But not a Bitting man stirred lu the ladies' saloon. Women faintod and died ; but tho gentlemon, either sleeping or burled in thoir papers, refraluod delicately from paying any attention to their squirms, On tho fourth minute out tha boiler exploded, but not a Bitter qutvorod. A piece of Iron weighing four hundred pouuda wont oloar through one follow and eaiMhod tho Q.l, B ho t on the remaining splinter and looked tired, No sooner had the gallant craft rooovorod from this shook than she struck a enag that ripped her badly. And as she hung suspendod on tho huge branoh, a man olimbed to the top aud turned to tho editorial page ofthoEAQi - E. Later it was announced that sho was sinking, but not a man movod. It wouldn't bo polite to drown until, the ladles had, On tho sovonth minuto out, the Union hove to, at tho oommand of a pirate, and all tho standing passengers were takon off. Nothing could stir the sitting gontlcaion la the ladies' Baloon. Tho pirate tried to blast them out with dynamite, but without arail. Then ho rigged a steam derrick, but tho first man ho caught hold of broko the chain without glancing up from his paper. Falling in tills, ha tried a stump nischliio, but It was a dead loss. A steam plow aud a trip hammer followod,and perishod miserably. Tho sitting gontlemou took fresh chews of tobacco aud turned their papors. "I'll sink her I" roared the pirate, and ho poured In a broadside. Tho Union wont to tho bottom. Still tho sitters sat. They wouldn't even get up for tho dead women, aud thore thoy will Bit until rtoaurreotlou day,aud if thore be any heaven In Btoro for thorn ou acoouut of good deoda done In tho flush, U will havo to bo niollod to them, for a man who has ouco Becared a Boat In the ladloa' saloon of a Fulton ferryboat wouldn't loave. It to sit at tho right hand of Onmlpotoaco. THE PACTS IN Of. BABBEB'B CASE. UV SDOAD ALLAN FOB. How I became acquainted with him, I havo no Idea. Ills birth and antecedents aro equally mysterious, and when I look back upon my hideous experience with him, I shuddor, as I onco shitdderod whon tho hand of a galvanized corpse fell upon mine In tho dissecting room. And yet I submitted to his manipulations without presage of evil : submitted to being frume'l in an apparatus the nature of which wsb unknown to mo, but which should have warned mo of danger by its very luxurtouonoss. I must confess to a singular fboling when I heard the click of Bprings nosr my neck, hut this Iattributed to nervousness, and dismissed it as I dismissed a lator sonsotlon of dread, as I felt that he was coating my countenance with aslimy preparation. Onoe or twice during thia preliminary operation I uto'.o a glanco at bis face. There was a look of kindly inquiry there that reassured mo, and 1 endeavored to diatraot my attention from tho feeling of fear which had cropt ovor mo by a mental proceRS well understood by thoso of a stroug soientlllc cut of faculty that of so combining causes that they must inevitably produce such results as my llnanolal status imperatively aemiiudBd. This exercise temporarily rendered me oblUlous to his maohluations, but I was abruptly recalled from my calculation by his voice, doop, sonorous, searching, yot soemingly;roachlng from an uumeasursblo distance. I looked ot him, aud tho change lu his expression suddenly closed and as suddenly oponed tho valves of my heart. A cold, deadly gltttor had usurped the expression of warm Interest in his oyos. Tho lips were compressed and one hand was (Irmly planted, claw liko on my face, while tha other was armod with a miniature guillotine. BlowJy, but with a calmnoas at which I still marvel, he brought the instrument against my neck aud I folt tbelpressure of the keen edge. I tried to smilo, but It died In a ghastly glare, and iu the mirror boyond I saw the reflection of my teeth, set rigidly In my Btill whiter .1 awa. "Thore have been a phenomenal varloty of abnormal storm centers of recont dayB," Bald ho in a cold, dead voice, that sounded liko tho hollow moan of a vault into which a stone Is cast. He held tho edge of tho gulllotlno agalnBt my throat as If to avenge himself If I eontradiotod. "Tho barometrical changcB and tha shifting thor - mometrlcal phenomena aro Indicative of cold, cold, cold.'' Tho wordB died on his lips like the moaning or tne Autumn winds among the dead loaves. Quickly as my mind seemed to operate, I did not grasp his moaning. I had lost the power or concentration, and my faculty t aualyBls and comparison was momentarily paralyied. Tho Impending solstlco already prophesies o dimi nution of pressure," he continued, " ana in tno threatened rarlncatlon we may look for prolonged absence or humidity attouded with correlative expression or cold cold - cold I" Airaln tho dread words soem to linger and dlo in long oonvulslons. And now the koon edge flashed about my throat as though lmpolled by tho chill his volco had appeared to Invoke. The aolstico past has boon characterized oy a aeann of vaporouB villtation," he went on. " The atmospherio conditions have assumed an accustomed aridity." lie paused and contemplated mo with an oye that pierced my vitals. I essayed to speak, but the word i froze In my throat. and I became conscious of tho fact that speech refused to pass the edge of his woapou. This peourarity of conditions surprised me. I know that tno physical manifestation of fear was a partial paralysis of tho circulation, but I had to learn that the exprosslon would Hbo only to tho point of danger and there refuse to continue its functions. Blind to dauger, I sought only to investigate this phenomenon. Again and again I made effort to glyo enunciation to the thought that po3?cs5od me, but the organ of speech failed before tho touch of that dread iustrument. "It has been contended by the moro aclentlflo of fto meteorologists that the lately observed absence of humidity 1 possibly Indicative of a modification of our experience in tho cooson now incumbent," ho pursncd, His eye attraoted mo now. It was turned as though he were Indulging in physical Introspection. He bad forgotten me, and porhaps I might hope to oaeapo. The thought waB premature Passing behind ma he began to manipulate me phronologlcally. I carefully ohscrred his cyo in the mirror and saw that it had assumed a gaxe of anxious Inquiry as ho contemplated my head. "Your capillary lntegumont manifests an inclination to disclose a scaly exfoliation," Bald ho, "whioh may be permanently obliterated by my Juatly celebrated hairum rcatorium." Thero was now keen calculation In his eye, and I nodded my head to him In the mirror. Slowly and methodically he drew an elongated glass package from the cobo and endowed me thorewltb. Once moro I hoard tho clicking of tho springs and the next moment I was f roo. Strangely, my volco, rendered temporarily useless, was restored to me, and I asked him to accept a trifling gratuity for his pains. Ho bowed gravely and hold out his hand. I continued to drop the cola on tho floor, and as ho stooped to regain it, I poured the ooatents of tho glass paokage over his head. Tho speotram of tho result is Btill In my eyes. Turn where I will it haunta me yet. As ho felt It, he rose and glared at mo, his face cou - tortod and bis eyes starting. M. Barber was as bald as a turnip. A GRIM ADVEBTIBEMENT. Last week there appeared on ths bulletin of tho Union Argus a Blgu reading, "Boy wanted to feed a oylinder press." Thia unblushing indication of a dis mal demand excited anything but enthualaim in tha minds of the urchins who lufest the publication local ity of Brooklyn, and tho hoodluml regarded tho banner with feelings cloao akin to mournful auspiclon. 'I e'pose dey trow de boy in ono end and do paper comes out de other," Buggoeted a rising Democrat, as ho epelled out tho logend. 'You bet 1" asserted another disseminator of Intel - igence. "And when uey aauolo do oir oulation aey'll want another boy." Thia prophesy was rooelved with manifestations of grief by tho assembled artisans In literature. "I don't see why dey don't take girls," objeoted a third. "Day got more rags, and deir bones isn't lis. able far tor breuk de press, 'cause dey are softer," an anatomical suggestion to whioh the attention of proprietors of prcBsea with oarnlvorouB inBtincts is respectfully Bolicltod. "Beside dat, glrla como oheopor, 'eause dore's more of 'em." "I guosa I'd only be good for a Bupplement," argued a one legged boy. "I'd tako the place," said a polo youngster, evldontly out of luck, "but I'd oe sure to como out in the tax list which nobody reads. Everything coos against mo." "Wouldn't it bo funny to oeo Denny Murphy coming out as one of Talmace's sermons 7" asked a red haired boy. "He's a Cat'olic." This conceit had a tendency to lighten? the gloom, which deepened again as ono eolomnly declared that thore was no monoy In the situation. "Why not ?" inquired a aore oyod boy. "Cause yer don't git paid off till do end of the week and don where aro yor ?' ' Tho llnanolal problem was a stnmpor, "What became of tho last boy thoy had T" asked an anxious Inquirer, distinguished from tho rest by ths possession of two suspenders. "I tlnk I seen blm in an editorial about tome kind o'politioi," replied another. "Loaetwaya It looked like him and sounded liko hia volco. Ho stuttered didn't ho J" The fate of the " last boy" was very depressing, tnd tho youngsters moved away still eying tha sign oyer their Bhoulders aa though It possessed somo fatal fas - olnttloD. Now, tho faot 1b, gantle reader, out esteemed contemporary only wanted a boy to feed In the ihsetg, and not fall In himself and bo ground up into inspired locals or thundsr breeding editorials. Ha was in demand as a skilled workman, and not as material for moving tho lntollectual world, But our esteemed contemporary frequently expresses itself iu a style above tho comprt. henslon ot man, aud small wonder that it should havo pitched its notification of its raqulremouta abovo tho key to which the mental oar of tho hoodlum Is attuned. Now that Its wants aro mado apparent, it is to bo hoped that our contemporary will aocure a boy and gracefully acknowledge the courtesy of the Eaole In giving It a free and comprohenalblo advortlaement. A QUESTION IN BOIEN0B. "I seo dar'B golu' to he n lmdtior trsnsuin of Vonm next year, said Brother Washington, dropping la one evoning after shining hours to see his friend. "Don't tell rao," said Mr Johmoa, "Well, I sap - pose it will ba a big 'fair; you gola' 1" . "Qoin' whor ?'" asked Brother Washington. "Why to do traneum, of courso ?" Bald Brother Johnson. "Dsr you bo agin',, clean of! do track," said Brother Washington, in tones of disgust ; "dis am s Btronolobi - onl event, not a coutounlal." "Oh, ya - Bs," said Brother Johnson, "I un'norstand." "Ion boo, Mr. Johnslu'," aald Brother Washington, "do bebeans am a big study. I'e could talk to you all do night 'bout ono star, sar. Yos, ar, 'bout one oh dose nights ob Btars." "You Is a protty oddlcatod ooon, ain't you, Mr, Washington ?" ssld Brother Johnson, admiringly, "Well, I' flat footod on soma tings, ohllo." said Brothor Waahlngton, "You see, ala yore transum of Vonus Is a big 'fair In do 'cintlfto world. When I was a kid I used to oil do hinges oba telomsoopo for one ob dose profeaior follows, and I knows all 'bout It." "Well, what am dls transum, anyway," asked Brothor Johnson. "Ohlle,you don't know what youraskln'," said Brothor Washington, mysteriously. Why, If I dona gone an' told you dat I wouldn't get through bofor de dawn b day. It's 'nough for you Ignorant niggers to know dat It am a transum. Too llttlo knowlodgo am a dangerous ting dat is, I mean too muoh," concluded Brother Washington, "When dat transum eomes 'long, we'll see de whole business." " Mr. Washinton," eaid Brothor Johnson, rising and placing his hands behind him, "lt'B just dls Digger's 'pinion, you don't know w hat a transum am yourself, sar." "Don't know what a transum am, ha ha," laughed Brother Washington, "dot is de boat I hab hoard Id a long time. Why, Mr. JohnBin', to mouit us oiiitluo fellows doia tnuaums am as oommon as possum pie, hut wo don't gib 'om away to de vulgar orowd, sar, No, sr, dar am no Me ob cas'tlng Swine Wore pearls, oar. Not do slightest, sar." "Dat's alt right, Mr. WaBhlnton," said Brothor Johnsln', "but I's still ob de 'pinion you don't know no moro 'bout flat transum dan I do, ear. You can t clroumferancfl, mo sar. I'a too old a ooon to be treed in dat way, Mr. Washinton." "You am de most doubtlntat nigger I obbar boo," Bald Brother Washington. "Dar am no use tryln to talk eense to you, Bar, not a bit. I tlnk do best ting you can do is to 'eooiate n - ld your own vulgar sat, sar, and 'fold da upper Bpears." "Dat don't answer my quostlon," said Brothor John - eon. First and la3t, Mr. Washington, what am dls trauaum you am blowln' bout 1" "I shall uot satisfy your vulgar phoroclty, ear," Bald Brother WaBhlugton, walking disdainfully from his friend's shop. THB BAILAI OF THS MISCHIEVOUS TAOHT. Tlioro came a yacht from Canada, A dapper llttlo craft, And built upon tho latest rules Amidships, fore and aft. She bravod the stormy, raging wavo, On Erie's bounding tide, And soon upon a dry dock Bafo In Qotham sho did ride, Thoy smoared hor o'er from atom to etarn With coating of pot lead. " She'll ekip the billows like a gull," Hor skipper proud ho eaid. And on the bosom of our bay That yacht noon floated free, ' Wo'i! tako the oup, and don't forget," Her captain, bold, said he. And soon her rival hovo in sight, The pride of Sow York's Club; They nearod the lino, and over qulta Bout all sail for the rub. A puff, and then a stronger, skip Across the bounding tide, And knock that strauger cloau to port, In fact, quite ou her side. Whilo Now York's jprldo stood stiffly up, With every thread at work, And 'bout her Bklpj er'B lips there seemed A happy smile to lurk. The sea ran high, and puff on puff Came from the Jersey hills, While Canada's poor Hkippor grew Quite bluo about tho gills. lTor every puff would knock him down Cloau rail boucath tho w ave, Until it really foamed as though Ho'd moet a watery grave. Although it soomed a paradox, Nevertheless, 'twas done ; That race wo - i Io3t for full two hours Before 'twas really won. Tor far to leeward 60on that craft Trom Canada was left By Now York's pride, which, bowling on, Tho big waves neatly clof t. " The Mischief take the cup I" thou swore That Kauuok skipper maJ, As down to leeward still ho fell. His case was passing sad. And passing sadly home again, By the canal he'll go, And give oxcuses by the score Why 'twas not so and so. THE YOOTH OF THE HOUR. DIDIOiTED TO HIE GRAND ARMY OK AMATEUB HEBLEBS. A political kind of a man, A booming and bumming young man ; A vote for our candidate, Jump in and break the slato ; Ours tho boss ward young man. A sorap book aort of young man, A glue and pastopot young mau ; A six foot altitudlnal, Likowiso lonRltadlruit' Chuck f nil of business young man. A roal ostate ageut young man, A snldo chattol mortgage young man ; A laid on the shelf Without profit or polf ; Would be brown Btono young man. A " gludo to the turf " young man, A Hindoo and Crlckmoro young man; A memento Valencia, A Blenholm Tuscaloosa ; "Gleamoro for plnco'' young man. A Blip up all uround young man, A forover got left youug man ; , A go in for politics, Taking the uardost kiokfl, Never qulti there j - oitng man. FOLLY SHOTS. A REFLECTION, "I gaze Into those eyes of thine, So dooply blue and bright, And lind a charm that novor palls On my enamored sight." " I well can understand," eho said, How such the case may bo, Since 'tis the image of yourself You there reflected eeo." "How old are you ?" said tho court to tho prlaonor. "Twenty - four years next January." "What woe your last regular occupation?" "I was a simple agriculturist." "How long ago was thaU" "Seventeen years." "An ogrioulturiot at six years old ?" "Yea, yor honor, in thoso days 8oI Simpson's boy Sam and I used to run a mud plo mill reg'lar." ''Be yor takin' much interest in politics this Fall, Bill?" asked the first tramp. "Skursely," answered tho second tramp; "but I expect to be runnln' for suthlu myself purty soon." "What do yor 'eposo yer'Il run fur, Bill 7" "The poorhouse wagon." A number of ladies were leaning in a row over tho slender cablo which runs along tho narrow pedestrian way that leads over tho towers of tho Brook - lyn'Brldgo, thoir drapory fluttering In tho rudo oaroB - ses of tho wind, whon a gontloman on one of tho ferry boats called hia companion's attention to tho unusual spectacle. "Yes, I see" said tho latter, "it reminds mo of a back yard clothes lino on wash day." A Brooklyn man who had one of his auricu - lara chewed off during a Utile unpleasantnesB In a bar room on oleotlon night came homo and told hia wife that this was an "off 'ear In politics" for hlm. The rooster that crows in the sanctum of tho IndepoDdont editor is a particularly proud bird about this time. His tall feathers loom up as superbly as tht Aurora Borealls aud his wattles are as big and as rod as the sotting sun In a fog bank. An Arkansas murderor developed so much musical genius during his trial that tho court had to interfere frequently to prevent tho Jury's attention from being distracted by his humming and whistling. Tho intelligent twelve finally requited his melodious impromptus by returning a verdict of guilty of mar - dor in the flrat dogreo. Prior V the passing of sentence the court told him to stand up, and when ho had arlien propounded the usual solemn conundrum In such cased "Have you anything to aay why the sentonoo of tho law should not be pronounced against you 7" "No," answered tho unfortunate man; "I haven't got anything co eay, but it your honor pleaae I'd like to sing a verse or two of tho 'Sweet By and By.' " An Albany chicken fanoier has a game rooster, of which ha used to bo very proud, and upon which In honor of hli many victories ho conferred the title of "Bony," after a distinguished Corslcan gontle man, who did some pretty tall fighting at Austerlitc, Jena and other places a few years ago. Last Thursday his esteemed chicken tackled the wrong fowl and got badly plucked, whereupon its owaer announced in dis gust that he was going to ohango lta name. "What do you Intend to call it T " asked a bystander. "Jimmy Busted," was tho answer. "You must havo been loaning up against the bannisters, Angey dear," affectionately remarked tho fair girl's grandmother as she brought her speotaolei to a correct focus and took another look at the stains on the waist of Angey's dreaa. "Them ain't no bannister tatu," returned the truth ful maiden, who ran a little boys' Bible olasa in the parish ohuroh. "Charley was feeding me caramels lost night and I gueai them's tho prints of hit Sogers, It was his first letter hom from boarding oohooL and It read as follows : DBAS Fatiieb I write you before I write ma beooz X know yon like to aee ma mad. I think I will got along with my lessons first rate. The garden hore la full o chickens, whioh makei tho walking bad. In history I've not aa far as Alexander the Great. Ht earrlod sword to cat knots with. There is an apple orchard half a milo off. Theboya play ball in It; after that there ain't much apples. The mlnlBtor'e son was licked thtB'morning for going a flBhing on Sunday. He caught fote of fish, and eays ho fs going agam noil anDoay, I think I like tho minister's boy a good deal. Send mo some marbles as eoon as you can, alao a Jsok knife and a top. Two of ns boys left a piece of wet aoap at the head of the stairs Just before daybroak, and by the time the cook got to the bottom Bbo was too slok to get breakfast. Wo have prayora reg'lar overy day and the teacher reads out of tho Bible, but I don't think It's so bully as playing tag in a hay loft. rroru your offoctioiiats ton, Samuel ST. JOHN'S CMAEGE FAIR: A Lartfo Nuniber:i( Visitor and a Fine Diuplay of TcniytiUB Article. The fair held at St. John's College proves Itself to bo one of tho attraotionB of tho leason. Tho fair at Its opening was very woll attondod, but now it la literally crowded with both old and young, Til of whom go with the purpOBO of purchniing covotod objects, aud in many cases succeed far beyond their expectations. Tho fair Is conducted In such a manner that tho different articles on exhibition are shown to tho best advantage. Hero tho housekeeper may go and make enough purchasoB to furuiah a now house, from a thousand dollar Bradbury piano - - presented by P. O. Smith - down to on Irish coay to put ovor tho toBpot. The bookworm and ertlat might make a profitable Journey thero in order to see tho collection of books, among whioh will bo found a moit beautifully bound and printed copy of tho colobrated Dore Gallery. It might bo worth whilo for any lover of old china to make a spoolal visit there, as a flue collection 1b also displayed. Each booth has its own special attractions, and oach is act off with peculiar taste, but uoue can comparo with tho refreahroeut booth in arraying heforo tho visitors' eyes dolicaclOB which tempt the palate. Thlo 1b tho largest booth In tho hall, and fa eflioleutly attended by a perfect corpB of blooming young glrla. Various arc tho demands made upon this branch of the fair, but all are mot without tho elightest effort on - the part of tho managers, who can furnish a substantial meal at very reasonable termB. The fair will remain open for aeveral weoks, and 1b Ukoly to b as woll patronized hereafter ub previously. Many longlug eyeE aro bent on tho magniflcont piano at Mrs. Woodwavd's booth, aud as the ohancea on it are sold at a dollar oach, it la likely that it will bring to tho fair soveral tlmos lt own value, which Is givon at 81,000. The fine concert and roadingo given every evening present an attraction which fa mucn cijoyed Dy visitors, who, when they aro dry, and eomotimos whog thoy aro not. refivih tliwnsslvos at tho cider mill, Whoro they are ab'o to learn something of the merits of cldor and Its superiority to bear as a bovora go, from tho remarks of Mr. Michael Flngleton. There is also much speculation and at least an equal quantity of fun at tho whuois of fortune, which turu at the biddiug of vlsitorR. BUSINUSS MOTICES. ST. JACOB'S OIL. SR8 TTTT J A COO 000 BBU "' 553 s s t J a a u oo on n"s a S T J A A O O OB 11' S S T JAAU OOBBS SSS T J A A O O O BBB SSS S T J A AAA O O OB B S ST ,TJA At; OOBB K SST JJA AOOOOBBSS SSS T :: JJJ A A OCO ( 00 BBB SSS L 1. li L h h L I, IXLL1, GREAT GERMAN KKMEDY, ST. JACOB'S OIL, BELIEVES AND CURES RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, HEADACHE. TUB UNIVERSAL PAIN CONQUEROR. PRICE FUTY CENTS A BOTTLE. SOLD EVKHYVVHElta KOTICE. J. i 0 BROADWAY, FIFTH JOHNSTON. AVENUE AND TWENTY - SECOND STREET, NEW YORK. OFFER AT RETAIL CONSIGNMENT OB MO DOZEN OF THE CELEBRATED "COUPE JOUVIN" K.1D GLOVES, WITH Foster's Patent Fastenings. FIVE HOOKS. AT TnB EXTREMELY LOW PRICK OF 87c. PER PAIR. ooooooooooooooooooooooooo 000 o o o Also, to he had at their o o BRANCH HOUSE, o o JOHNSTON - & REILLY. o 0 00 AND 01 NORTH PEARL STREET, o o A LU ANY, N. Y. I o o ooooooooooooooooo 00000000000 J. i. V. JOHNSTON. A STORY OF THRILLING INTEREST, A STORY OF THRILLING INTEREST. A HIUKY OF THRILLING INTEREST, Eutitlnd FELICIA; FELICIA - , FELICIA; FELICIA; FELICIA; FELICIA; FELICIA: FELICIA: FELICIA; FELICIA; Or, A LIFELONG FEUD. A LIFELONG FEUD. A. LIFELONG FEUD. Bv F. M. OIIAPPBLL, Author of "Ono Lovo too Many ; or, Tho Fagltivo Brido." READY TO - MORROW (MONDAY) in No. 3 of tho NEW YORK WEEKLY. NEW YORK WIUUvLY. NEW YORK WEEKLK. NEW YORK WEEKLY. NEW YORK WEEKLY. NEW YORK WEEKLY. NEW YORK WEEKLY. NBW YORK WEEKLY. NEW YORK WEEKLY. NEW YORK WEEKLY. THE. NEW YORK WEEKLY of this week also eon. tains a great deal ot interesting - reading mutter, nrconfr whioh aro the followins entertaining stones, sketciiet, ossays, otc. : TRIXY ; or, THR SHADOW OF A 0RI1IB. Tho sec ond p:rt of Mrs. GF.ul:.;t;: riniai.otJN's great story. THH HEIRESS OF KGKEMONT. By Mra. lUaitlET Lewis. VAN, THE GOVERNMENT DETECTIVE. By tho author oi "Old Sleuth." RED PANTHER; or. Till! WARJUORS OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN. By Professor W St. Itr.sitr I' TIIK CONDEMNED WIFE. A ator of Jan' and Gentile. By Rose Asur.Eion. THE BASHER PAPERS. By tho author of "A Bad Boy's Diary." HOW PEOPLE COURT. By K.vrit TllOBN. THE LADIES' WORKBJX. Gditod by Mrs. Vlnoi.NIA ISQUAM. ETIQUETTE DEPARTMENT. AT THE GATES ; or, TEN CENTS ADMISSION TO A. CAMP MUKT1NU. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS, embracing infor mation on subjects of (renerul iuterent. KEEPING UP APPEARANCES. By FLOItEHCZ U. BlHNEY. DAVK WILEY'S "PIECE." By MonniB Redwino. MURDERED BY MACHINERY. An ex - Detcctiro's Story, A PUZZLE FOB THE YOUNO FOLKS. A SERENADE, By Wsi. R. BaiibkK. GIVE M TUB BREAD THAT I EARN. By MAUD MU.LEB. FOR JULIA'S SAKE. GENERAL GRANT'S FIGHT WITH A l.ION. TO MY LOVED ONE. By ALBiiir B, Paine. MRS. WOOD'S LETTER. A Story for Forgetful Boys. By O. Augusta H. Cheney. RECONCILED AT LAST. By Julia E. Lathbop. BREAKING A FARO BANK. A Miner's Yarn. By Emerson Bennett. A FEW FACTS. By GENEVA LXMAY. Kvery news agent sells tho NBW YORK WBBKLY. THB NEW YORK WEEKLY will lie sent by mail, poscafto free, to any place in the Unitod States oi Canada, ihr oo months for 75 cents ; font montbs. $1 ; six months, $1.50; one yoir, 8'. Two oopies ono year, $5. oi ono copy two years. 85, Back numbers always oa band. Address all lettere to STREET 4 SMITH, ;lt ROSE STREET, NEW YORK. Boi 2.7:11. MALARIA, CHILLS POSITIVELY CURED. DUMB AOUE, EMORY'S STANDARD CURE nt;vir Inila. Purely TOge - tal)lo;8UEare:ited: 110 iliipiii - - . Testimonials from mala, rions BscMonstren. Ask liriiwiJi for ilo'.ibiu box ; 80 pills. 5U cents. STANI1AKI1 UUKI'. uo., 11 ' ,'iasiuu Hi. w. DKY CUUBS. Ac A, A. T. STEWART & CO. WILL ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER U, MARE A SPECIAL SALB Off LINENS AND HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. COMMENCING WITH LARGE SIZED BLEACHED HUOIC TOWELS, AT 20 OBHTS EACH. EXTRA 8IZB, HEAVY HONEY COMB TOWBLB AT 2J ORNTH BA01I. LARGE SIZED IRISH TOWELS AT 87i OHNTS BACH. LARGE BIZB DAMASK TOWBLS AT iO CENTS EAOH. SATIN DAMASK NAPKINS AT S2 PER DOZBN. SEDUCED FROM S2.73 PER DOZEN. EXTRA SATIN DAMASK NAPKINS AT $a.35 PER DOZEN, REDUCED FROM S3 PER DOZEN. AND TO CLOSE A EPEOIAL IMPORTATION OF A MANUFACTURER, A LAKOB VARIETY OF AKTIOLES NEBDED FOR HOUSEKEEPING. AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. BROADWAY. FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AND TENTH ST31SETS, N. Y, OOOOO H O O II O O II O O II O O II O O II O O II O O II OOOOO II THE DRY GOODS, Bcc. fvEOHSLER & ABRAHAM. w w w w WW W WW w W WW w w w w w WW WW WW WW w w w w w w HnrtR sees R V. K HE o000o 8 8 8 8 000 W EEEH COCO H II 88S3 L cv v. n n n n H H L K 0 0 It II S L E j H if 8 h ItU C HUHIl BBSS I. K C H H S L B O 0 H R 8 L H O OH II H S L EEEE COCO H H SSS8 LLLLL FPPP EEKB NN N II P P K NN N II P P B N N N II PPPP EEH N N N II P K II UN II P E N Nil II P BKBB N NN II RRRR EKH, K K R F. 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OUR PATRONS ARE ADVISED TO SOUND GO V7 w w w w gin BB NN N NN N N N N N NN N NN TTTT T T T .X RRB R R RRR R R R B A AA A A AAA A A NN It NN N N N N N NN N NN w w WWW w w w w WW WW WW WW w w A AA A A AAA A A n r H II nnHH 6sss 8nH w w w w w n UN It h NN N fl N N N II li NN U N NN MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM H M M M S B WWW EEEB COCO W WW WE o c W WW W B CO W W W W B O W W W W EE G W W W W E C WW WW B CO W W E 0 0 VT W F.EBB COCO B 8 88SS88 It II S 11 n s HHHH SSSS II K S Hi S H fl S 8 H a SSSS w w w w CLOTH ENG. A. YOU ARE NN N NN N N N N N N N N N N N N N N NN V V V V V TTTTT T T T T T T REED K B EEB E DDDD D D D D D D D D DDDD v v V iBBB TO EXAMINE THB ACRES OF STYLES, IN ENGLISH AND FRENCiT OASSIMERES, OOAT. INOS, AND FANCY WORSTEDS. ALL IMPORTATIONS. FINEST DOMESTIC FABRICS. P10NBEB OF MODERATE PBI0H3. NN . N N N N N N ' N N N N N N N N NN N NN CCCO O O O O O O o CCCO 000 o o o o o o o o o o 000 ft I. L L L L LLLLL LLLU, THB TAILOR. eao BROADWAY, 029 AND 139 TO 151 BOWBBY, NBW YORK, 482 FULTON STBBET, BROOKLYN. Open ovoninKs until 9 o'clock; Saturday! until 10. Sam ploa nd ruloa for 10K moaxureraeat uont by mall on appli Hop ovarjviuoro. Brauou stores in all principal citina. roi.i)iin BEDS. FOLDING BUDS. $20. WOLF'S METROPOLITAN SAVES RENT AND ROOM. THE CHEAPEST. HANDSOMEST AND STRONGEST BED JN TlfB WORLD. ALFRED "j? WOLF, 37 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. 830. NEAR SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YOBK, QW. DRY GOODS, &c. w ROHSLBH & ABRAHAM. EEEH K E K EE RRRIt fi s R B (RRRR BBBB B B B II B B BBBB B B B B B B BBBB A it t & . it Si is St 44 A A & 4A it a a A A AAAA A A A A A A E E K 8 EEEH B nk n 000 NK NO O N N N G N N N O 00 N N N O (1 N N N O O N NN GGO OOO FFFF O OF O O E O O FEB O OF O OF 000 If OOO O O o o o o o o u 0 u 000 uuu H S EEE II HRR h it ft 11 n n Umill EE II liRB Jt H F, II R R II II ERE UK B EB WJI H TTTT II NN N K N N N NN BE S3 N UN DDDDD D D D D D D D D V T 11 r AA A A A A A A A A AAA AA A A Y Y Y Y NN N N N N N S N Y Si N N N M N N N N N N N N N N NN YY Y Y Y Y D D A A A DDDDD 000000000000000000000000000000 O MONDAY, NOVEMBER M. 0 0 o 000000000000000000000 00 000000 0 ALL SIGNALIZE THE EVENT BY RRRIt Jl R R R R It liRRR R R 11 n n n u it RRRR EEKR DDDD U U J RE I) D U TT U R K D D V U 4 R K I) D II U RRRR EE I) 1 U U R R K D D U JJ Jt It E D 1) u y R RE D I) U U K B EEEE DDDD UUU oca ojo 00 o ooooooooooooooooooooooooo ED DOWN THE FULL AI.LOWANOB MADE 0000000000000000000000O00000000000 EEB E EE K UEB PPP P P PPP P P A AA A A AAA A A jmn B R RRR it 5 vrrrr ? 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ALSO, ADDITIONAL cooooooooooooooooo OO OOO o OOOOOOOOOO 00000000000000000000000 00000000000 KETS, FLANNELS. BIO., WHIOH WE WERE 000000000000 000 ooooooo 000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 OLOAKINGS, PRINTS, FINE WHITE O00D3, 0000000000000000000000000000000000 000 0000000000000000 OOOOOO 000000000 SEAL SACUUES AND DOLMANS, AND SILK AT THE LOW PRICES WHICH ARE GREAT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO OOOOOUUOUUUUWU COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAMEL'S II A 1 11 SHAWLS. 0000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 AND SUITS, OUR LARGE IMPORTED STOCK STYLES AT STILL LOWER PRICKS. 000000000000000000000000 ooooooo 000 ooooooooooooooooooooooooaoo o oau u u v CHILDREN'S AND INFANTS' UOl'l'OH ADDITIONAL LOTS OPENED. 000D00000000000000O00OOUUUUUUU1.HV1V, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LARGE LOT OF LAOS CUBTAlNS, WHICH WE 0000000000000000000000000000000000 LOOK THROUGH OUR STOCKS. ODS AT FIRE PRICES IS NOT A SUOH , DAILY AN 00 73 o o o coo EEB E EE K EEH OOO O O o o o o 000 rrif it NN N N N N 8NN NN FFF F FF I 8 5 8 L L L ft LLLL nn n NN N N N N N NN N NN GGO O G O O OG Gua TTTT T T T T 000 O O O 3 O O 000 jrn n NN N N N N 5NN NN 88SSg 8ssSs ICEEH RUHR E R R K B R E R B EE RRRR E R R E R R K R B A AA A A A A A A AAAA A A A A A A BBBB B B B B B B BBBB B B B B B B BBBB A A A Aft & & A At A A A A A AAA A LLLLL EEEB B B II A III GOODS. jEAUTY. BBBB EEEB B BE B B F. BBBB EEE B BE B BE BBBB KERB A AA A A A A AAA A A U TTTTT Y Y U T Y Y IT T Y Y U T YY U . T Y V T Y J T Y A UUU BEAUTIFYING COSMETICS. Unequalod for thoir offloaor, obioluta puritj ana harm - '"bUGBNIB'S SECRET OF BEAUTY. l pgr box. Uoriwlod VBLOUflNE FACE POWDERS, 5Uc. and 'bStaiiMUd INDELIBLE LIP AND FAOB ROUGBS, Vo M'.wii5l. FREE OF' CHARGE, at tbo boautlfyin:ar.iCrlpr,3OfwBsT TMKTH 8T NEAR SIXTH AV. NEW YORK. SOMETHING NEW IN HUMAN HAIR GOODS, OF MY INVISIBLE FRONT PIECES, THE MARIE ANTOINETTE WAVE linprOTus moat ohnrmingly the appoaranco of tho wearer, whothuryounc or old. ami for its natural loots, coavent - nco and comfort has aimply no eoaal, fromaS W. ,11, . LAi'lCM' HrLlt3 UP BAUWi M SWITCHES, HALF WIGS, at lowest prit GRAY HAIR A SPECIALTY, Uartdtomsraml ohaapor man at any ouer nousu. Illustrated prioo list, froo ol charge. Gooda sent to all parts ot tho country, O. O. D.. with privlloja o( returninj. SHATr Si West Fourteanth at. noar s'uth av. Now York. CHINA, GLASS. 6.C. A. OILMAN, OOLLAMORB St 00., PLATB8 FOR FISH, PLATES FOR MEAT. PLATES FOR QAMB. Su PLATES FOR FRUIT. 10 UNION SQUAB. WEST. NSW YORK, DRY COOPS. 7fiOHSI.BR & ABRAHAM. w A A A nnRTi R R R li n 11 RRRR n a R K R B 11 MM M M II M MM MM M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M MM M M M M ... M M M .. A A RRRR R R B R BUKU i H R 8B,SS TTTTT 000 RRRR EBEE SSSS n h S 8 T O OR R 8 o o o o on uk g 0 RRRR EEE SSSS BBSS 8 8 8 3SSS UK K E a OR R B K g 000 It H EBEE SSSS A A A A A A . A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 7 ji A A 1 1 1 nrtn EER TTTT Y Y Y 11 R v. T Y TtRB RK B R E It B EEE T T T YY Y Y 00000 C o o o o o o o 8 0 o 0 OOOOO3 V V V V V V 11 HI 444 44 44 4illffl4 44 44 V V V V V V w V STILL A II H A AA H II AA A A H II A A A A II H A A A A HHHH A A AAAA H H AAAA A - A 1 H A A A A H H A A A A H II A A TIT II 000 NN N SSSS t il o a Sti k s s T no O N N N s T 11 o O N N N 3 T II o O N N N SSSS T IIO O N N N S ' II O O N N N S T II O O K ,NN S S T H 000 N NN SSSS . 0 0 0 O a a c c c o ; COCO 0000000000000000000000 000 000000 BY THB INSURANCE COMPANIES. o 0 00000000000000000000000000000 00 EES E EE B EEE rrrt n NN N N N N e nt? 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TO PUUOHASE TTTT T T T ,T 000 o o o o o o 000 NN N NN N N N N' N NN N NN A AA A A AAA A A NN If NN If N N N N NN N NN gDDD D g DDD TTTT RRR EEE EKB TTTT 8sssa sssSa BssaS :: R RE T RRR EE EE B T T T EEE BBB RRRR R R R R K R RRRR A AA A A A A A A AAAA A A H H U H H H II U A AA A A A A A A AAAA MM MM M M M M MM MM M M M M HHHH H H II II II H M M M M H R R R R R R U M SI A AM MM A A A AM R A A II H A AM M M TJyfi HAVE MADE FURTHER REDUCTIONS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT THROUGHOUT OUR ESTABLISHMENT, PREVIOUS TO BEMOVAL. BRBS8 TRIMMINGS. GIMPS AND PA8SRMENTRKTH8 REDUCED FROM SOo. TO SOo. PER YARD. 60c. TO 40o. PER YARD. 81.00 TO 73o. PER YARD. to 81.50 pbr yard. 88.00 TO 83.23 PBR YARD. 85.00 TO 8.00 PBB YARD. FBINGBS ANDROR.VAMENTS AT SIMILAR LACES. WHITE AND BLACK SILK LAOBS. RBAL DUOIIESSB LACE FIOHUS, S0ARF8. COLLARETTES AND BARBBS. RBAL VALENCIENNES LACES IN ALL WIDTHS. 8HORT PIECES PINE VALENOIBNNBS LAOBS AT A DISCOUNT OF TBN PBR OBNT. ON ALL CASH PUROHASBS. ALL 0. O. D. ORDERS RKOEIVB TUB 8 AMU DISCOUNT. DUNCAN A. ORANT, STB BROADWAY. EIGHTEENTH AND NINBTUBNTH STRBBT8. NEW YORK. BBT. ONLY FIFTEEN MINUTES FROM BLB - VATED RAILROAD STATION AT FBWOH FBBRY TO EIGHTEENTH ST. BTATIUM. FAIRS. THE BROOKLYN TABERNACLE rirvVRMRBR 14. 13. 6a l? and 18 - OONOKBT EVERY EVENING. DBVBRELl.'S FORTSBVENTH REGIMENT Froieisor P. ALL Oornetiat. ' Mr. A. J. POWEI Organist. Tho wholo Interior will be illuminated with oloct Mguta. Tho decorations will be the aamo oa used the rououtior. oi tho French aud Gorman guests in N York. Tho wholo making a display noTor bolpre aeen any ohurch in America. Tho uininffraoin will ho uni tho oharKo of an oipsrlonced oaterer. Gentlaraon retu lng from huainass can bo served with hot moals Irom Admisiion as cast; Children, 10 conta. 75onU. Season tick

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