The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1950
Page 2
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FA(;K i wo BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, FEBRUARYig, 1950 i and Your Income Tax: Husband and Wife Tax Problems— . \arried Couples-Get a Break , I'-'UiUT'c Note: TMs is (He *J*ih ^ c/< it, ktoricn explaining who must • \.\> w"-it and how ab..ut 1019 inc*.:.e tax returns.) liy Janus Marrow v.Aoiiu.C.-i'Oi'I, reb. 18—OT—If , .To nwriied, remember Hie pres- > i, juw gives married couples a u.i.;.t on their 1940 income lax. ' H al.ows them—but only If they fi:^ a joint return—to split their u.u.ii.e, each claiming half of it, c.-n though one of them had no i. ,-nie at all. 'mis split throws each half ol the >: wnie Into a lower tax bracket i i,. n the total Income would have ;.v..i if it had been left unsplit. , i'.'c'ver in any case will married ci v..-les lose money by filing a ,~:r.t return when one of them had i i i:.. me. in most cases It will s...e i m money, and— Jol:ii Return Will Save In mcst cases where both Had In.on'.e they will save money by filing a joint return. Nevertheless, you can suit yourself whether you file separately or Jointly. Remember: If your wife had no Income and was not a dependent on some other taxpayer, you get 8 ""^0 exemption for her on your n. whettcr or not she files' ' v. .h yen. cc r o a \vife with no income I • to J \e. nylhinR lint i L nL i! d for a \\'.iz with ! o i me to fsil lo file joi-itly i k 'h I'.rr husband, since unless hnth j ' the couldn't c'plil. the Ini -" j f'is is e -trL'-tic-ly 'in- 1 y. ilr v/^'e had Income, l : r. I: 1 sv tiny, you can not th t ST'9 e.-'emption for hei i; -55 she files jointly with you If sh- had income that was less thrn $6CO. she doesn't have to iile p.-return at all. since no one with LUXORA NEWS By Mrs G. C. Driver Mrs. Harry McRae has spent the past few dajs visiting In Memphis with her son, Stanley, and family. Mrs. Raymond Pate spent last weekend In parkin as the guest of her parents. Miss Emma Le Kennamer has recently returned from a hospital visit In ivfemphls with her sister. Anothr Luxora hospital visitor this week was Mrs. Lester Stevens, whose brother was In a Memphis hospital. The Business Women's Circle met at the First Baptist Church Tuesday night, with eight members present. Mrs, A. B. Hill, chairman, presided over the short business meeting Mis. joe Olive was In charge of the program and was . assisted by three other members of the circle Mrs. John Ford entertained In I her home Saturday afternoon with i a two table dessert bridge. Guests ' Included Mrs. Klmer Hall. Mrs. A. : Q. Rozelle. Mrs. Russell Bowen, Mrs. I. M. Castilo. Mrs- A. B. !3;pdlcy. Mrs. clarence Crawford. M-s. Tnm Callis and Mrs. o. C. Drlvrr. Mrs. Rowen won h'rjh score '"••• the p't ftr n /v 'n i :-'r. -'vt •-••: ,--hn PC.-.VTI en- t •..,., • . . .,„ .,„,,, M (hpl| . ft 1 -- en pre ent. f'L:r .the EIITC-. the r-o-'es-cs rcrved a snndwlfh and snlnd pl-te. I'T'A Slr-ily Ci"rs« Pcltf EC A to Present Speed-Up Plan For Unification NEW YORK Feb. 1». W)—The Economic Cooperation AdminWn- tlon win present to Congress ihortl; • plan for speeding up the unification of European economy, Paul O. Hoffman, administrator of the agency, disclosed the move and declared: We want Europe to accomplish in 25 months what might, under less compelling circumstances, easily rcnulre 25 years." Hoffman urged that the United States strengthen Its ties with ill f'ce nflona. The free nations, he said, "still neve the preponderant power—material and spiritual—to win out In this strivcle *lth the most evil dls- tatorsWp the world lias ever known If v'e but remain united," ! - ii!" hr- e—rnrl'm [f 1 " u n t she wil 1 throw 'away p^rt of her e-:em-'tlon—the differ*e--e between her Income and £000. If h"r income was SGPO or more rrd E'-C f J->s a sepa r gte return, t"-n r"-e fl-'r-s her rwn S3un ox- i :l rvr:ynne fil ; 'if; a return r s me.'ns. then, tl,at sln"e she's getting a $GOD .exemption .for herself on her return, you can claim only your own 5600 exemption on your return. If both of you had Income—or one didn't have any—and you file a joint return, then each of you on that joint return gets a $600 exemption, or a total of $1,200 In exemptions. Both Must Sign Remember: In all cases where husband and wife file a Joint return both must sign it. And keep this in mind: If you were married as late as 1949 a Dec. 31 you can file a joint return on your income for all of 1949, Jthus getting the benefit, 'of tre lower split Income tax on married couples. Couples divorced or legally separated any time in 1949—even as late as Dec. 31—must file separate * returns for the year. Each then gets one exemption, his own. And— Even if a husband paid all the supori of a divorced or legally separated wife he can't get an exemption for her. What of husbands and jrives living apart by Dec. 31, 1940 hut not divorced or legally separated during that year? They can file a joint return. But If you're puzzled obout this j question—"Can I deduct for alimony?"—the answer is yes if it is paid under a court order and Is paid In regular Installments. If your wife or husband died during the year, you are considered married for the whole year. Therefore, even though your partner is dead, you can file a joint return, getting the benefit of the full"exemptions and the split income to lower your tax. (Monday: More on the huband- wlfe tax problems.) New Jet Reported For Red Airmen .WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. W) — American Aviatiori Daily, a trade letter, reported yesterday that Russia has in service a jet fighter rank- Ir» with this country's P-86 Snbre. I r of t v ie worM sprecl record nt f ' ""^ nn hi'fr. • • r--ii.. ?-'4 |f s |,, form,!. ' ' . ' "'I --•••-!! F-TC-4. Arkansas to Buy ' FM Radio System LfTTLE ROCK, Feb. 18. (/P) _ Contract for a ne» FM radio system for the Arkansas State Police and Highway Departments will be let March 1 at a Joint meeting of the two department commissions. They advertised for bids on the anroxlmately ,$120,000 worth of tq- uipmenl yesterday. The system will consist of 21 central stations and about 105 mobile i-nft.T f> be Installed in police and ': Vlvray cars. The «--cn central mll'.'!> sti'llons v!ll r. located In i ' !t<> r-Tlr. r.-rrr ', ri:v Warren.' •"-••. Olarfcrvil!'. n-:••:: on and ' ;-o-t j T''e ••' hffhv/nv d n p~'l"'Pnt sti- tlons will be in Wynne. P'ne Bluff. | '"ii>». port SmllH. Pntcsvi'I? Little ROeOT IS SO HUMAN IT CHEATS Noel Pennej Elliott, IB-year-old nigh soliool senior ot Kelluijg. Ida., works on his home- built mechanical brain, a mar-hine lhal. he says, ran beat any human al "tif-lac-loe." The game is plnyod by switches and lights and the machine wins about 40 per rent of the time and Ues its human opponent the rest, [f the oucrauir Isn't rarcful the machine will try to chisel a bit. Elliott, who has been working on eler-tririty and eleclrnnirs since his grade-sclmul days, will go to Washington. D C, Marrh 2 to compete fur $1I,UDO in a scholarship contest. Dow Plant Probes Ruins Of Big Blast MIDLAND, Mich., Feb. IS. Investigators probed ruins .of wrecked Dow Chemical Co. . plant trying to learn the cause of a blast that killed eight workers Thursday. Twenty-six others were hurt In the mighty, flaming explosion. Three are in serious condition. Three more workers had been reported missing but they later were accounted lor— one among the dead and two in the lists of Injured. Dow officials said the destruction of the company's Long Building 414 where latex rubber paint represented a loss of more than half a million dollars. Old Marriage Proverb ,$ Given Reverse Twist ^ LONDON, Feb. 18. W-Mrs, r n Man o-uary testified yesterday her husband, Patrick, deserted her ha rlnules after their marriage ir. In 1900. the United States had only 8,000 automobiles. "Eight months," said Mrs. O'. Leary. . Judge Rees granted her a dlvorc* with this comment: "A case of a man marrying at leisure and repenting In haste." Syria Frets Over Tr DAMASCUS, Syria —f/P)— a and the Lebanon are worried about their growing unfavorable trade balance with Prance. They Imported 9.460,000.000 French francs worth nt goods from Prance in 1949 corn, parcri to 3,645,000,000 the previou* year. Exports to Prance totaled 273.000,000 French francs in value in 1949, compared to «31,000,000 In 1948. Jrck^nn- i 1 "' '. v i h a r"v- -I <"-'T k'Vs fc vcd th-s? p-F- — t noon hrur. FroT-ri: sTen'r (lie rrorn ni ression we-n \-r >-nin r or j r i,. Pr rr ,i M al r-'s Mrs PLEATED AND PRETTY- Pal Lindbera looks fetching in a permanently pleated nylon gown with petal-shaped ruffle neckline. The nifty nighlwear was displayed at a fashion showing in Chicago. (s Printed On'Southern Pine' DALLAS, Feb. 18. Ml—The Dallas Morning News was printed yesterday entirely on newsprint made from sn _thern pine trees in two southern paper mills. Part of the 4'1-page edition was on paper from the Southland Mills in Luf Kin, in operation for ten years. The rest was on newsprint from the new Coosa River plant in Alabama. The News said It was the first time Coosa River print had been so uced in Texas. f riytlicviHe jvho s—ke on vo- ational guidance work, »p Arrestrd After Threats' WARSAW. Poland, Peb. 18 (/P)-1 The official polish News Agency isclosed yesterday that Bishop artmicn Kowatskl, Roman Catholic Ishop of Chelmo, had been placed nder tiouse arrest at hU home in ''omeraniav The bishop, the agency said, was ;cused or using pressure and "all ypes t of threats" against "patriotic iriests" who supported the government In Its allegations of financial buses In the church's largest wel- are Institution, Caritas. C.-eks Tax Sfosh W.-'.'THINGTON. Feb. lg. (/P) - A one-third pla.^h in the excise tax on linuor was t>iopsed to Congress jf.^teKlay by I lie alcoholic bevera^rs !~ ' "t-y — n'.ranlng that dr'iikeis v.'Jtl.l pay nb :ut r500,OO[r,oM lc.=•; In t::.c3 a jear. T:-O r.rcsrnt federal tax Is $9 per : ' >n of 103 proof liquor. The In- iii:siry v.rnts this cut lo $6. \VrestSing Tactic Aids Giel in Routing Thug CLEVELAND, Feb. 10. (/Tj—A glr! toer.n^^r who learned wrestling tactics by watching television routed a street thutj yesterday Marion Vilt, 17, told police that w:-:Qii the man grappled with her. "I grabbed his index finger and ti:.r:t it hard. He let go and I purciKd hi-a twice. Ke ran one way .md I ran t'.ie other." j She a!3o credited her brother, i Don, a football player for Bowling | GrcDi University, with teaching her <^m^ of the tricks. v , rf , l -vr- -ps "«cll over •' t'-ir'";t ( a pmnd of -I r—• v-r--r-n-,vr-r u-li«n • \*. iv.-. v --i-,r. 37g mi] cs as , :!:e n.~lly said. The commercial production of artificial silk, or rayon, was started In France in 1891. Times Square Set For 'Crcwrsout' NEW YORK, Feb. 18. (IP)— Times Square's fairyland of lights will blink out Sundi^y as a result of the coal mine strike. A statewide "brownout" of electric advertising displays will follow rationing of dwindling coal supplies under priorities, put into effect last night. The conservation stcns— like those of wartime—were ordered to avert the "catastrophe" that Gov. Thomas E. Dewey said might, result from the soft coal walkout. New York suite's coal administrator, Bertram D. Tallamy, Issued five emergency orders, with the full force of law, to restrict sale of coal and to dim advertising lights from Broadway to Main Street. Violators of the state orders are subject to arrest on misdemeanor charges. Tallamy, who acted at Albany under sweeping 90-day emergency powers grunted Governor Dcwey by the legislature on Tuesday, said the s-ft conl slti'-tion vis "critical in rn--w ii p t:inces" for industrial ccnvnprci^l tind rcsutcnUnl users. C * Culvert r i(e i- ••!. u|. to 31, In Cofrufjafed f '"to! Culverts Si7p^ up t« R4 tn Aiunm;-ti< Hood Gntr* (Virrelc Seplic l-mkf- IMi'fal Seplic 'lanks Scwor Tile e*. I'riroj We IMHet A. H. WEBB Blgh«a; fil »l Statt Ltet Phone 71t 'ope Returns to Mass After Influenza Attack VATICAN CITY, Feb. 18. «•) _ rhc Pope Pius XII, recovered from in attack of Influenza which kept ''"!_. f)< ? <lflls t 'or three days, said nasfcthls morning In his private fcaTieVJor the first time since Mon- dnyV- 'The Vatican later announced that he Pope would renew hts daily ittdiences on Monday. The audi- nces were srspcnded Tuesday wh'n he Pontiff was ordered to bed fiy lis physician. procioai to ton or .tore .w» T Kn.Unt rmiTKkr of ' v'e Shw«. Time'nWireu evo'SvST'' 1 '- 1 *''''"'" A "*" k i«^ * ALLEN PLATING COMPANY rr . P.O.Box 8 Phone 4188 Blytheville, Ark. tafe Has More Stock, Jut Value Has Dropped LITTLE ROCK, Pub. 18. (ff> — Arkansas farmers owned m-re livr- tock in 1949 than they did In 10^ but their herds weren't worth a;. much. Miles McPeek, state statistician 'or the U.S. Department of Agriculture, reports thai there were 1,209,000 head of cattle on Arkansas farms at the end of 1M9—II per cent more than In 1948. But durinc the year, he artded, the total value of the state's livestock dropped » en per cent to ^143,238,000. f- s ID-Till PKalnst rcrmvr 1 ' of T^vornmcrt price supports from Iri^h p-tntoes. . . i On motion of Lucas, the Senate Democratic leader, the Senate Agriculture Committee approved yes- ' terday by a 6to 2 vote a provision [ that would remove potato price prop.'; until Congress enacts drastic controls over both planting and i marketing of potatoes. ' IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICAKSAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS ; NO. HJH . THOMAa H. MENLET, PlalntifT vs. ELEANOR MENLEY, Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Eleanor Meniey. U hereby warned to appear in this I Court within thirty (30) days and • answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Thomas H. Meniey ,and upon her failure to do so said complaint will be taxcn as confessed i WITNESS my hand as Clerk of ! the Chancery Court for the Chick- ! asawba District of Micsisstppi Coun- : ty, Arkansas, and the seal of aid j Court this the 27th day of January ! 1S50. O W. Barkham, Atty Ed B Cook, Atty. ad litem Harvey Morris, Clerk. By Ruth M?jree. D C I|28-2!i4-n-18 Foil Gospel Lilly & Vine Sts. Sunday School '. 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Pastor's Subject: "^ f_ /^' , t';' "What Troubled „' %-^V*^ • '_ ^ the Heart of Jesus." Sunday Nighl Message: "One Thinrj You Can He Sure Of" ^BTA/ S y$ /> REV. E. T. KELLEY, Pastor "Many men Km) o«i «k»i Hiere tn two si Jes to every argument—ttw wife'i and K«r moriwr'U" **yt Hannah* Save arguments hi Jtmr b«*e by hiving j<mr rmdi* «• r*»Uj One working condition . . . tt mikes a world »f different* hi listening enjoyment. Sales Co. is rampleier; In service jonr radio . . . nomically and efBcIcntlj. B LYTHEV1UE S AU$ •38f MAINS! 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J, COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK.

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