Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1897
Page 24
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<| DAILYJPHAROS FRIDAY DEC. 17, 1897. OIXY IsIRWS. Xmas trees at Free roasters at Traut's. Fancy bananas— Keystone. See Hauk before Christmas. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. "Meet me under the sky light." Bankrupt shoe sale at Walden's. Lettuce,young onions, Johnston. Sugar cured shoulders 5}e Ib.Traut Fresh mocha and Java coffee, J.J.R Honey Dewflour$2 50— McCaffrey. Dressed ducks, chickens.— J J. R- See our City of Bridges spoons at Hauk's. Good family tlour $1.75 per bun- dred— Traut. Triplicate mirrors In fine sliver plate »5 —Taylor. Useful presents at lowest prices.— The Golden Rule. Sugar cured hams 7c lb. Oallfor- nSas 5jc— McCaffrey. Holiday slippers and smoking jackets at the New Quo. Come and see our fine onyx top tables f or »4.— Taylor. Get your feet cut of the snow with a pair of Wllley's rubbers. Fine line carving sets from cheapest up to 14 at Criimond's. For dry goods come to Chicago Bargain Store closing out sale. Mrs. Caroline Coll, of Walton, Is suffering from a dislocated wrist. Sterling stiver ware, largest line In the city at lowest prices.— Taylor. Gold thimbles, gold spectacles, opera and field glasses.— Ben Martin. Johnston, grocer, has just received some very fine potatoes. Try them. A marriage license was issued yesterday to George R. Long and Zella Roach . • W. J . Roushkoulp is taking a course in the Logansport commercial high school, John Higley, of Converse, is In the city visiting his daughter and brother. Domet flannel night robes, 50c, 75c, •1; extra long, soft and warm, — Will Murdock. Try McHale's for a pure drink of McBrayer, seven years old, 106 per cent proof. Get prices at the Golden Rule. They can save you money on your holiday goods. Mr. S. Eberle, of Peru, is a guest of the family of his brother, Henry Eberle.of Toledo street. Buy no department store trash, but come to Hauk's and buy something that will last a lifetime. The contract for rebuilding the Ford school house in Noble township, was let to Henry Buchanan. For the Christmas trade, special prices on new style photographs, at Anderson's studio, 606 Broadway. Handkerchief headquarters for Christmas presents is at the Golden Rule. Can find them from Ic to 13.50. Lettuce, radishes, unions, oysters and dressed chickens for Saturday's trade at Gus Mehrte's, cor. Mkt. and Front. You can be the hottest thing in town if you will wear our fleeced lined underwear — Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. Ora Shaffer, of Royal Center, was the victim of a disagreeable surprise a few nights ftgo. Seventy-two dozen of eggs were stolen from him. New draperies, lace curtains, rugs, stools, hassocks, carpet sweepers of all kinds, easels and screens in endless variety at the Trade Palace. . A number of city school teachers will go to Indianapolis on the Tuesday after Christmas to attend the annual meeting of the state teachers' association, There is trouble ahead for certain parties WDO sold a number or quail in this city yesterday. It was in direct violation of the law, and the '•next grand jury will be asked to indict the offenders, What would make a gentleman a nicer present than a hat of some justly celebrated make, such as a Dunlap, Knox or StstsonV There is the stylish silk hat, the business man's Derby stiff hat and the soft comfortable hat. Buy one of Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, and have the best . There will be a called meeting of Purity lodge, D. of R., at the Io3ge hall on Saturday evening, Deo. IS, at S p. m . Every member is urged to be present, as we have the new paraphernalia for inspection and must decide whether we shall keep them. By order of Mrs. C. D. Her- rlck, N. G".; Mrs. Joseph Whlimery, secretary. Jacob Studebaker, wife and child were driving to Logansport yesterday, and when a mile south tic the Burlington pike, the horse frightened and whirled squarely around, All three of the occupants were tiirown out, but fortunately none were much injured. They proceeded on their way to Fort Wayne, where the child was placed In the state iDstil.ution for the feeble minded. XMAS IS COMING. Oteerrcnce of the BoHd»TS Promises to be Elaborate. Extensile Preparations Bein?: Made in the Schools for Appropriate Exercises. Christmas time Is drawing near and every day attractions are more In evidence. The windows containing everything in the way of beautiful presents cause the little ones to stop and feast their eyes; even older ones although pressed for time, waste a few seconds at some new attraction Quite a large number of displays are yet to be made, with reference to windows, yet a stranger can be entertained for many hours sight seeing as the beautifully decorated show windows and numerous attractions promise to be on a more elaborate scale this year than lest. The ex tent of some of these artistic dis plays shows great skill and neat workmanship on the part of the artist, and some represent quite an expense. The social world is preparing for its busy season and wltnin a week, all will be in readiness to enjoy a week of Pleasure ,as Christmas events this year in the magic city promise to be numerous, in fact, never before, have the holidays been recognized with such keen Interest by every one. Already the pupils of the various city schools are rehearsing some selection or studying some feature of a special event, booked for the holidays- The occasion will be observed more extensively than usual in the schools and some of the Xmas exercises will be elaborate in the extreme. The ladles representing the various churches are also preparing for a joyous time for the young people, this enterprise being Invariably patronized everywhere." IN IMPORTANT DECISION. Foreign Bnilding and Loan Associations Can Not Exact a High Rate of Interest. In a suit brought at Anderson, Ind., by the Home Building and Loan association of Illinois to foreclose a mortgage, Judge Ryan sustained a plea in abatement, holding that the building and loan association is an illegal operator, inasmuch as it had not complied with the law which requires foreign corporations operating in this state to file a $100,000 bond with the state to protect investors. Few, it any foreign corporations have complied with this provision of the law,and are therefore doing an illegal business. If the decision of Judge Ryan is sustained by the Supreme court its effect will be far reaching and if taken advantage of will wipe out encumbrances on much property. Another recent decision holds that foreign loan associations cannot levy fines, special assessments and premiums, and can • only collect 6 per cent interest from borrowers of association funds. This decision was recently obtained in a case at Anderson, where a lady borrower alleged that the company claimed she owed 1400 on a loan, while it only 6 per cent interest had been collected, with allowance of interest otf every dollar deposited, the company would be owing her 1200. Red Men. Notice the statement of Jos. Adams, state agent of the Red Men's insurance. He says that this man Schlnd- ler, of New Albany, 19 simply a blow, and can do nothing, .and his own brothers, know of him., lt 'I have paid neary $2,000 claims in Indianapolis alone since he has been calling for a receiver, and in the same time I have written up 100 applications, and the brothers who know him are against him, and'by hig own actions he has caused a boom for the insurance, and not only that, there is no receiver appointed at all. The association is all 0. K, and will pay all honest claims." SCOTT E. PRICE, General Agent. Attractive and Useful Gifts, Such as fountain pens, calling cards, oases, pocket books, statlonery.offlce knives, etc., Longwell & Cummings. RA1LBOAU BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest Gathered From Manj Sources. George Tanguy, of the Panhandle shops, left this morning for a visit at Columbus, O. The Southwestern system of the Pennsylvania will receive eleven of the new engines for fast freight service. The four Pennsylvania lines are doing the heaviest business at Indianapolis in the history of the company. The government makes a standing reward of 11,000 for tbe arrest and conviction of train robbers who iuter fere with the mails. The pay cars on nearly all roads were sent out earlier than usual this month, to furnish employes their money for Christmas uses. The Wabash is receiving from the Monon at Lafayette fifteen car loads of Bedford stone dally for the new court house at Fore Wayne. The gross earnings of the Wabash for the first week of this month were 1312,95 abead-of those of the corresponding week in December. William Mead, of the Panhandle shops lett yesterday for Alabama where he has accepted a position in the railroad shops at that city. It is stated that the Pennsylvania lines have secured a contract to carry 5,000,000 bushels of grain from Chicago to the seaboard, and competitors allege thet it will be carried on a 12 cent rate. H. C. Newcomet, of the Panhandle maintenance of way office, who bad charge of the work of cutting down the hill at Rush, was presented with a gold headed cane as a compliment from the men employed with him. The Wabash has reduced its track force to a foreman and one assistant for every section. The manage ment thinks the track is In good enough condition to go through the winter with little repairs. The new type of consolidated engines to be furnished by the Pennsyl vania road for its lines west of Pittsburg weigh, in working order, 174,300 pounds. It has four pairs of driving wheels and a pony truck, The Indiana supreme court decides that where a fire occurs from sparks from a locomotive, and the property owner negligently fails to use proper efforts to subdue the blaze, he cannot recover from the company for his loss. One hundred and thirty-one railways earned in November, as computed by the Financial Chronicle, 852,182,577, an increase over' November, 1896, of 18,931,418, The increase for eleven months of this year with the same roads was- $30.854, 232. On the first of the year thei Terre Haute car works will change hands. Forsome time past 400 men have been employed, but pending the change 200 have been laid off. It is expected that the works will resume operations full handed the first of the year, as the new purchasers have ample funds to operate with. A new refrigerator car line Is now being started which will use no ice. Ten of the oars have been built, and a practical test, it is claimed, has proved that the new Idea is Cft success. The new car has a refrigerating machine. It is manufactured by the Chicago Refrigerating comgany, and the company will be Interested very heavily.it is said. In the car line. In the ten cars that have been in rise the machine was propelled by tne movement of the car. The ma- hioery was geared to the axle of the wheels and the power thus given to the suction pump was used to induce the refrigerator. Official facsimile of NJeda! Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAIfl BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAiR,CHIC4GO. !893 A Damage Salt. This morning Attorney George P. Chase filed in the Circuit court the complaint of Joseph O'Day in a suit for damages against the Canton, 0. bridge company- The demand is for •7,000. It will be remembered that a week or so ago, while O'Day was employed by the defendant company in painting the Cicott street bridge, the scaflold broke and he fell twenty feet to the rocks below, sustaining a fracture of the right leg In two places below the knee. The bone of his right heel was also broken, and he sustained internal injuries, and it is alleged that all of his injuries are permanent. The company Is charged with negligence in the proper construction of the scaflold. Lewis Epstein Surprised. Lewis Epstein and wire were given a delightful surprise last night by about thirty members of Logan Council No. 69, daughters of Pocahontas. The affair was occasioned by Mr. Epstein's 52d birthday anniversary. After the regular council meeting, the surprlsers proceeded • to Mr. Epstein's private wigwam, and a few hours of the sleep was spent at social games. Luncheon was served. Six of the Best Ferfomeg Ever made; for sale at Grave's book store. ADDITIONAL ITEMS- See Traut's free machine. Celery and lettuce— Bothermel. Quigley hsa confectioners'4x sugar. Sterling silver hair brush f 2 50.— Taylor. Dressed chickens for Saturday's trade—Keystone. Heavy sole shoes for winter storms at Willey's cash shoe store. Sterling silver plated cold meat forks, 7oc—Taylor, jeweler. Mixed candy 4ic Ib.caramels lOclb, stick candy 5c lb—McCaSrey. Merchants have decided to make no Christmas presents this year. Op.al rings, studs and scarf pins— novelties in jewelry.—Beu Martin. When you want a cup of good coffee try our mocha and Java.—Keystone Our great Seth Thomas clock S-dsy, black enamel, 9550 —Taylor. Dr. C. P. Duchess, of Walton, Is impioving the interior of his drug store. The Burr Oak school house in Boone township has been fitted up with new seats. Don't buy rugs or draperies unti you have seen tbe line at the Trade Palace, Remember the dance tonight by the Eastend Pleasure club at Dolaa & McHale's hall. J. W. Henderson & Sons invite tbe public to inspect their furniture for the holidays. Tipton lodge, F. and A. M., will meet tonight and elect officers for tne ensuing year. We received a big shlpmeat of the nicest Xmas trees today and will be sold cheap—Traut. Our line of berry spoons in silver plate, largest in tbe city, ail new patterns.—Taylor, jewler. The date fixed for a rehearing of the case of Forgy against Harvey has been fixed for January 3d. Hugh Smith, the Sycamore street druggist, ia having the Interior of his store greatly improved.' The Lutheran Sunday school of Waltcn will give a cantata on Christ mas eve at the K. of H. hall. The musical pare of the entertainment at the Broadway M. E. churoh this evening will begin at 7:30. Al Martin, of Eoyal Center, will have a public sale tomorrow. Be intends to move to Dakota next spring. Popular neckwear in shapes for popular people at popular prices.— Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher. Alvin Denbo resumed his duties as mail carrier yesterday after a serious tussel with a bad case of tonsilitis. Good, sensible presents at Ed Powell's. Mandolins and guitars,guaranteed against warping or 'splitting The members of the Universalist church at Walton will give an entertainment at their church Saturday Dec. 25. We are now stocked with dolls at Logansport Wall Paper Co. We have cut prices In two. Don't miss bargains. You have an opportunity to buy a fine high-class cape, cloak or jacket much below Its real value at the Golden Eule. Rev. Thorp, of Marion, is assisting Rev. Stokes, of Walton, in conducting a series.of revival meetings at the M. E. church. The teachers ol! Boone township held their institute last Saturdey. A number of the Royal Center teachers were also In attendance. Now that the snow has come, you will want gloves and caps for the boys and men. Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher, can fit.and suit them. The pupils of the high school of fialveston will^glve a. literary entertainment at the Universalist church tonight. The proceeds will go towards securing an organ for the school 1 Charle* Sampsel,of Fords Crossing, celebrated the 36th anniversary of his birthday recently. A large number of friends were present and partook of a sumptuous dinner prepared for the occasion.- Rev. G-. I. Stone and wife, who have been in India as missionaries for, a number of years, will arrive In the city today for a visit with Mrs. Stone's brother, J. F. Collins, of 2110 Market street. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wagner, of 212 Montgomery street, went to Danville, Ills., today to attend tbe funeral or their nephew, John Rausicb, who was fatally injured on the C. & I. C. roa^ Holiday presents "should now claim your attention. A complete assortment of everything your gentleman riend wants. You can secure, some valuable oointers by calling and Inspecting iny line—Will Mnrdock. Mrs. Stella Sebastian:McCIure,who was a passenger on the QPanhandle train which collided with£a freight near Boone, Tuesday evening, did not escape injury, as was stated. She was pitched violently forward, and n addition to an ugly cut on the lip, one of her shoulders J was badly bruised. Cold Feet Are not known If you nte a heater sold by Henry Tucker. HOLIDAY OFFERINGS. •»«••«••»»*»•••••»«< . * Our Store will be;; | open until 9 o'cto ck;; <; to accomodate ; ;; Christmas Shoppers We are prepared for the Greatest "Week's business in the History of the Golden Rule. The entire store is in readiness for this Great Business. Special Bargains For The Holiday Trade la Dress Goods, Cloaks, Umbrellas, Blankets, Comforts, Table Linen, Leather Goods, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Corsets, Underwear, Hosiery —AND— HOLIDAY NOVELTIES. —A Full Line of- Dolls, Pictures Etc You can buy here x for abont half what other stores ask you. We cannot begin to tell y»ii of all the articles suitable for Christmas presents, which are to be found on our counters. Come and see and judge for yourself, as to whether you can or cannot be benefitted l»j trading here. Cloak Department. Why would rot a Jacket, Cape or Collarette make a nice Christmas present, while we hare Tiade a great M-ork-down in price. We have made a cut on every garment in our store. ISfow is your opportunity to buy at under value. The Golden Rule. BEE HITE OPESISG. The ^eT^ and Enlarged Store Crowded With Pleased Visitors. The Bee Hive store was a center of attraction last evening. From the time the doors opened until a very late hour tbe Immense floor space was a perfect ocean of people. Sev- e-ral times the crowd became so dense that the doors had to be locked to relieve the jam. The display was such as to amply repay all visitors. The counters, shelving and space to the celling were trimmed with rich fabric*, of bright and varigaoed colors, entwined with holly and flowers, while at Intervals were many potted plants. The decorations throughout tbe main aisles and annex were in good taste, and such as to prove pleasing to the eye. A most attractive point for .the visitors was "Under the Skylight." Sere Is located t writing room ;for t,he ladles, while nearby are chairs, literature, and the telephone booths. From the balcony at this point, rthe Elite Mandolin '.orchestra furnUned music during the opening. Many people visited the store last night for the first time since its enlargement, and they were surprised and pleased at the magnitude and beauty of the establishment. An improvement worthy of notice Is the addition of the Barr cash and package carrier system, the largest of tne kind in any. store In the state. The opening was continued this afternoon, beginning at 1:30, aad the store was again crowded for several hours. The orchestra agsin furnished music. The managers have every reason to feel complimented with the success accorded their opening. Business Change. Charles E. Kimbaugh, & graduate of Purdue university, has purchased the stock of Maurice J. Winfield in the Bridge City Construction company. He will take immediate charge of the establishment. Mr. Kim- baugb is a stepson of Hon. B. F. Dampbell. ^ Something That Will Plemse. A box of choice confections or a dainty basket of tropical fruit makes a most appropriate Christmas present. L. Sollmano, tbe old reliable dealer, is sole agent for Guenther'a fine candies; also sells the choice goods made oy Lowney, Allegettl d others. Nothing can surpass his llday display of fine imported, uor- elty candies, fruits, nuU and candied fruit*. Drop in and look at tbe dli- >lay, even if 700 do not bay, HOLIDAY Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the ciiy. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green,red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter: Stevenson 4 Kliosick. 403 Broadway. GEE-WHIZ! That's what tbe man said wheu his laundry came home yellow, oru and faded. Then he concluded to try JtA-KSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned AS white as snow and without being torn in the least. Call up phone 110 and have our wagon stop for your work. Christmas Presents SPECIAL. Satin Slippers, $1.50 to 12,40. Strap Slippers, 75c to |1.50. Quilted Slipper*, 75c to $1.55. Plain Leather Slipperi,50e to il. Children's Leggins 76c to fl.50. Ladies' Warm Lined Shoes 75c to $1.50. Men's Slipperi, 50c to $2. Baby Shoei, all colon 60c to 111. Children'! and MlMM' HOUM Slippers 50c to tl. WAITER MAIBEN, 412 Broadway, OPPOSITS-BBE—HIV»

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