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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 26

Brooklyn, New York
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAG LE. NE YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 1.4, 1899. 26 1 WHALEN MMTHFRS IMPORTING AND MANUFACTURING RETAILER. Trimmed Hats, Toques, Bonnets 442 and 444 Fulton Street AND 1043 AND 1045 BROADWAY, BROOKLYN, CLOSING OUT PRICES! At Great Bargains in Pianos. If you want a piano for a small amount of money a pi ano of good tone, tine workmanship and good material all the way through a piano with Dolge hammer and bushed tuning pins a piano with every improvement known to the aft of modern piano construction here it is.

Anderson Upright Piano for $250 Ten and a small monthly payment will put one in your home and we guarantee the Anderson Piano for 10 years. What more can you ask? Stupendous Sacrifice of Pianos. An unsurpassed opportunity These sacrifices are made because we need the room. Because our stock of used pianos is too large. Because but see the pianos 75 Children's Leghorn HatM lOc.

ana 21)e. 7B tloz. Children's Fine LegHorn Hats 39e. and 4Sc. 100 tlnx.

line Leghorn HalM SUc. ana 09c. lOO doz. extra fine LeRliom Hats T9e. and Se.

50 doz. AHMurtcd Wreutlin, 5c, lOc. and 15c. SO ilox. FicM Flower "Wreatlin, and S5e.

5( iloz. Kooebntl Wrcatlu, 2J)c. 50 doi. Aiule BlosMom WreatliM, SUc. and HO.

SO doz. Poppy Wreaths, 3c. 50 don Lily Wreaths, and 48e. 50 doz. Daisy Wreaths, 25c.

and 50 doi. Clover Wreaths, 2l)c. 75 Fine White Ostrich Plumes lor Leghorn Hats ea. 3c. SO Extra Lnrxc White Ostrich Pompons for Leghorn Uats ea.

48c. Many Hats and Bonnets, of the very highest order, have been reduced to half, and some even less, their former prices, which will be 'about $5.00, $7.00, $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00. They will contain also some high class Children's Pokes, that were from $11.48 to $14.90. These at about $7,00 and $8.00 will prove an unprecedented opportunity, in view of the approaching Anniversary. Children's Hats for Anniversary! Whether in the Trimmed Hat or in the Untrimmed Mat and Appropriate Materials for trimming, no house can do as well for you as we can.

We would call especial attention to our line of Tuscan and Milan Mats for children and misses; these possess the advantage over leghorn in that they retain their shape. TAKEN IN EXCHANGb hUK HAKUMAN PlAlNUb. 2.000 vards White and Cream Silk Talteta 125 2,000 yards white and Cream Satin Gros Grain Ribbon, N'os. 1C and yd lOc. and A Larsfe Stock ot Flas and Red, White and Bine Ribbon for Banners.

LADIES' HATS, A Sterling Uprightbut little used A Wissner Uprightin good condition A Chickering Upright almost like new A Steinway Upright without a blemish $150 $165 $250 (' GOETZ, WEBER, A I CHRISTIE, Oil PEASE, dKAUDUK I CHICKERING, We 'continue our SPECIAL SALE of 5traW HatS a 48c 69c 95c and upward. Leghorn HatS at $1.25 and upward. Fine Flowers at 12c 15c 22c 29c 34c and uPward Taffeta Ribbons 20 29c 34c pr yard and upward. Don't know when you will get such chances again. To clinch the bargain you only need pay small monthly and other Hard man Pianos up to $650.

No better instruments to be had anywhere at any price. Hard man Pianos are perfect. Not the least particular in their construction is overlooked. Not the least item of I SAILOR ALPINE OUTING HATS. In this department we reign absolutely supreme! No other Millinery Store.

Department House, Fifth Avenue or Bror.dway Hat ter in New York, or any local house, for comfort, style or quality. All are manufactured in our own factory under the personal direction of Mr. J. Rothschild, who takes especial pride in this product. Our prices are the lowest in either Borough.

FULTON, Corner HOYT Brooklyn. New York: 58 West f4th St. Paris: Roe Ambroise Thomas. wood, metal, felt, ivory or wire is of the inferior sort. You can pay less for a piano than we ask for a Hardman, but you are mighty apt to be sorry for it inside of a year.

Apparent cheapness is often real extravagance. Come in and see us and we will tell you more. Pianos Rented for Summer Homes. We will deliver a piano into any home on Long Island free of any charge, and the rental for the entire season will only be S35 O0. Advantage of renting a piano here is that you can select the instrument you think will look best in your home and you will get the same one you Dick out.

Our new catalogue moiled upon request We will send a representative to give information if desired. Open Monday and Saturday evenings. See the sixteen parlors showing pianos as they will look in your own home. S07. FURHITURE 100 doz.

Bernini Short Back Sailors, black and colors, ea 29c. 75 doz. K. and R. Short Back Sailors, loc 50 doz.

LadleH' Mixed Straw Trimmed Sailors, ea 39c. and 4Sc. 50 doz. Ladles' White Jumbo Trimmed Sailors, ea 30c, 4Sc. and 59c.

0 loz. Panama Short Hack Sailors, ea 3c. 50 doz. Ladies' Dress Hats, two toned, 20c. 25 doz.

Ladles' Trimmed Turban and Walking Hats, e.i 29c. 25 doz. Ladies' Trimmed Sailor Hats, one straw, ea 39c. 100 doz. very fine black Hair Hats, ea 3Sc.

50 doz. Children's Trimmed Sailors, mixed braid pa 4Sc. and 59c: 50 doz. Children's White Chip anil Hair Hats, ea 39c. 100 doz.

Children's Fancy Mixed Straw Hats. ea 12c. 15c. 19c. and 50 doz.

Children's Row and Kow fancy Straw Hats, ea lc PIOWE French Rose Bouquets, ea. loc. and 200 doz. Imported Large Bouquets, ea.29c. and 39c.

50 (ioz. bunches Carnations, bunch 19c 150 doz. larse bunches assorted Flowers, bu. 10c. and loc 50 doz.

large bunches Daisies, bunch, 10c. 15c, 19c. and 150 doz. bunches Bluets, bunch, 5c. 10c, 19c.

and 2oc 100 doz. bunches extra large elegant Bluets. also in white, bu 39c 250 doz. bunches Violets, bu 3c. 5c.

and 10c 100 doz. bunches Violets, 0 doz. in bunch, 10c. 15c. 19c.

and 2uc 150 doz. bunches fine French Violets, 1 gross in bunch, bu 1J0 50 doz. large bunches Silk and Velvet io lets, bunch 50 doz. bunches extra large Violets, bunch, 15c. 19c and 2oC 100 doz.

bunches Lily of Valley. bu and 25c. 150 doz bunches fine Lilacs. 25c. and 39c 100 doz.

bunches fine Velvet Pansies, In bunch, bu and 19c 100 doz. largo bunches Silk and Velvet Tansies and Violets, asst. colors, bu 29c 50 doz. bunches Clover, bu 13c. 19c.

and 29c 50 doz. bunches Popples, bunch 50 doz. bunches Silk Poppies, and 39c. 50 doz. bunches Cherries and Leaves, bu.

15c. and 50 doz. large bunches Poppies, with Foliage. assorted colors, bunch. 19e.

and ZaC 60 doz. large hunches Snowballs, assorted colors, bunch and 19c 50 doz. bunches Berry Clusters, bunch lac 75 doz. bunches Foliage, bunch, 5c. 7c.

10c. 15c. 19c. and i.00 doz bunches ass't'd Blossoms, bu 8c lunnoxs. 150 pieces In.

Roman Stripe Ribbon, yd 29c 150 pieces in. Plaid Ribbon, yd 29c. 100 pieces No. i0 black Talteta Ribbon, yd 19c. 100 pieces No.

CO colored Taffeta Ribbon, 15c. 150 pieces No. GO fancy colored Ribbon, yd luc. 125 pieces No. 40 double faced black Satin Ribbon, yd 13c 175 pieces No.

GO fancy Plaid Ribbon, 10c. 150 pieces No. GO fancy Striped Ribbon, 19c. 200 pieces No. 22 plain Satin Ribbon, yd 12c.

175 pieces No. 1G piain Satin Ribbon, yd 10c. 250 pieces No. GO Moire Ribbon, yd Sc. 150 pieces No.

GO colored Moire Ribbon, 19c. 200 pieces No. 60 Plaid and Fancy Stripe R'b vii 15c. and 200 nieces Satin Striped Gauze Ribbon, yd 10c Rfm nieces nnrrnw Rlhhon. Per piece loC.

JEWELRY' AXD ORNAMENTS. 50 doz. Necklaces, ea 29c, 39c. and 48c. 50 doz.

Neck Hucklus 10c, 15c, l'Jc. and 29c. 23 doz. Dress Pin Sets 5c, 10c, 15c. and 2r.c.

50 doz. Stick Pins, each 5c, 10c, 15c. and 2.ic 5U doz. Jeweled Hat Pins. 10c, 19c.

and Zoc. SOU Cyrano Chains, each 25c. 39c, 48c. and up 500 Olga ICethersole Bracelets. loc.

and 2uc Babv Rings, each 10c, 15c, 2ac. and 3Jc 500 Jeweled Belt Buckles, new design, each iyc, 25c, 39c. and 4Sc 250 Jeweled Belts, each 19c. 25c. and 39c 350 Leather Belts, each 10c, 25c, 39c.

and 48c SCO pr. Side Combs, per 29c. and 2oc l.cno Shirt Waist Sets, per set. and 2oc 5G0 Pocket Books, each 10c, l. ic.

and 2ac 1000 Gilt Ruckles, each 15c, 19c, 25c. and 29c 1.000 Rhinestone Buckles, 19c. 25c. and 39c 1,000 Steel Buckles, each 13c. 19c, 25c and 29c 750 Steel Slides, each 3c, 5c.

and Cc 50 doz. Jet Ornaments, each. He. and loc 2 5 doz. Jet Crowns, each and 15c ilnz.

Jet Hat Pins, 19c, 23c and 50 doz. Hat Pins. Pearl, Rhinestone and Gilt, each 10c 13c. and 2oc 500 Snanlsh Snravs. each 25c.

and 39c ,00 Spanish Crowns eacn GREAT REDUCTION' Ladies' Trimmed Hats. and 1.25 I Ladies Trimmed Hats. and $1 OS i tr1 wnrtt, nG The Romance That Begins in June. The wedding is the opening chapter, life supplies the plot, furnishings give the background. Does the Heroine know, we wonder, how much the interest and success of the story will depend upon its background Here is an invitation to choose a suitable background from our floors, where everything 470 FULTON Between Moyt Street and beautiful and here is our word PRICES.

i Axminster Carpets $1.00 per yd. (Value $1.50 per yd.) Symphonies in color, flower scattered beauties in soft, cool tones are the realization of the art lover's ideal. The famed windows of Aladdin's Palace could have offered no more exquisite hues. 78 to 84 Myrtle Avenue. Spring Velvet Carpets (In hall and 166 to 170 Smith St, Corner Wyckoff St, Brooklyn.

221 to 227 Grand bt, One Door from Driggs Av, Brooklyn. Ix you have been thinking about the purchase of Furniture. Car pets or Sprinp; (JJothing. wny not look over the goods in both of our Immense Establishments? has great purchasing power hero, as and we are sure to suit you, because the stocks are and they are bought low and sold at prices that are very tempting. NO MONb DOWN Our new Spring stocks are over flowine with all the fashionable stvies for men, women and children.

and nothing in 'Men's Clothing or in Ladies' Costumes, aiK aisiS, Sacks or Capes will be found wanting. We have two of the largest stocks in Brooklyn Borough. As an evidence that we are making low prices, see this Parlor Suit. It is handsomely carved, elegantly finished, frames mahoganized; the patent liocker is strongly made and it is upholstered in ilg urea velour, aam Z3 prv ask or plush. It JS 3U is the S4u kind; oui price this week Manufacturer.

DO YOU NEED WALL PAPERS Our stock is replete with good effects in every grade, from the most inexpensive designs to the higher class of exclusive patterns. Ah inspection will convince you that we have the largest and best selected assortment of paper hangings in the city; 500,000 rolls on hand. Selections may be purchased by customers' own decorators. Parquet and Hardwood Floors. Repolishing Floors a specialty.

Green Holland Shades are "the thing" for the Summer. Place your orders now for Wire Screens and Doors, Slip Covers, etc. Designs furnished for remodeling or decorating single rooms or and decorating of all kinds executed promptly. Painters, Decorators and Remodelers. Established i869.

455 Fulton Street. Tel. 601 Alain. Chapman; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Stephen Loines, and treasurer, Mrs.

Abbie L. Ham. The election of officers will be followed by a general discussion on the question, "What Can Be Done During the Summer to Advance the Suffrage Cause?" The meeting is for members only. On Saturday afternoon, May 20, a luncheon will be held by the Suffrage Association, at the Farmhouse in Prospect Park, on a plan similar to that which proved very successful a year ago. Men will be welcomed and tickets may be obtained from Mrs.

Isaac H. Gary, 33 Pierrepont street, chairman of the committee of arrangements. Carriages will be in waiting at the park entrance to convey the guesU; to the Farmhouse. The programme arranged included speeches by Mrs. Franklin W.

Hooper, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. Henry Sanger Snow and others, and Mrs. John Dorsey will sing. The Frcebel Society will hold an important business meeting at the' Froebel Academy on M( nday afternoon.

The reports of officers e'anding committees will be read and also the farewell address ot the retiring president. Mrs. Charles F. Underhill, which is expected to prove of special interest. The Froebel will conclude its work for the season with a meeting on the first Monday in June.

At the annual meeting of the Women's Health Protective Association, to be held on Friday afternoon, June 2, at Memorial Hall, an interesting programme is to be presented. Jcsiah Strong of Manhattan will deliver an address and there will be some musical numbers. The customary reports of officers will be made and directors elected for the ensuing year. The annual meeting of the Alumnae of Adcl phi Academy was held on Friday afternoon at the home of the Misscti Tuttle. 243 Clinton avenue.

The election of offlcere constituted an important part of the business session, and 5 Sacks or Capes will be found want I ing. We have two of the largest 5 stocks in Brooklyn Borough. I (Value No need to have "welcome'" written over the door, Roman fashion, if these artistic loom triumphs grace the "opening chapter" of the new home. Large stock of beautiful furniture in all woods Many pieces richly carved others owing their charm to the beauty of the wood only. Our Basement is a veritable art gallery and bargain prices hold sway at all seasons.

Carlsbad China Dinner Sets $22.00. (102 pieces Pink border decoration.) (Reduced from $35.00.) 15c. 50 doz. Ladies High Crown Leghorn Hats. ea 69c.

and 73c. 100 doz. extra line Black Chip Hats, ea S9c. 50 doz. Cabbage Braid Short Back Hats.

ea. 39c. CO doz. Fancy Lace Straw Hats, and 39c. 50 doz.

Trimmed Bike Hats, ea 39c. 75 doz. Trimmed Straw Alpine Hats. 29c. 39c.

and 50c. 50 doz. Misses' Trimmed Straw Tarns, ea 59c. Hnz. Straw Net Pomnadour Tctiues.

9Sc. and 51.25 CO doz. extra fine Chip Crown Trimmed Tarns, ea 98c. and 51.19 50 doz. Lace Straw Hats, ea 2 1 T.nt Straw Braids, assorted colors, uc, 10c.

and 15c. 1 Lot Straw Rosettes, all colors. ea 12c. and le. 1 Lot Straw Xet for draping, all colors.

yard 10c, 19c. 25c. and 39c. Snecial lot l.ntiO yds. Straw and Tinsel Net.

35 In. wide yd 15c. RS, ETC. .00 doz. bu.

Blossom Foliage. 10c. and 15c 50 doz. bunches Violet Foliage, bunch, 5c. 30c.

15c. 19c. and 25c 2,000 bunches Black Satin Hoses, Yellow Centre, bu 15c 1.000 bunches of three largo Roses with Foliage, bu 10c. 100 doz. bunches large Roses, with foliage, bu.

Sc 50 doz. bunches Violet Foliage, with Violets. bunch 15c 50 doz. bunches Rose Foliage, bunch. 5c.

10c, 15c. and 25c 50 dcz. bunches Geranium Follace. bunch. lac.

and 25c 100 doz. bunches Mistletoe. Ivy and Holly Foliage, with Berries, bunch. 15c. 19c.

and 25c. 150 doz. bunches Lily and other Foliage, 39c. 25c. and 29c 50 doz.

large bunches Leaves, bu and 25c 50 doz. elegant large bunches Rose Foliage with Buds, bunch 19c. 100 doz. bunches elegant Rose Buds and Leaves, bunch i3c 300 doz. bunches Velvet Roses, bunch 5c 50 doz.

bunches Black Silk Roses. bu.35c. and 25c 50 doz. bunches assorted large Velvet and Linen Roses. 2 in bunch 5c.

and 8c 300 doz. bunches elegant Silk and Velvet Roses, with buds, bu 25c 50 doz. bunches large Roses. 3 in bunch 15c 75 doz. bunches fine Imported Roses, with Foliage, bunch 15c 100 doz.

extra large bunches Imported Roses, with Buds and Foliage, 25c. 29c. and 4Sc 50 doz. bunches Field Flowers, bunch 15c 30 doz. Buttercup "Wreaths, ea I5c 50 doz.

Imported Clover Wreaths, 43c. 59c. and C9c. LIBERTY SILK. MA LINES, 1,500 yds.

Liberty Silk, black and colors, yd 39c. 250 pieces Liberty Silk, all colors, yd 3l'c. SO pieces Liberty Silk. 42 In. all colors, 59c. yards Black Taffeta Silk, yd 49c. 5,000 22 In. Taffeta Lining Silk new, spring shades, worth 75c. per special 59c. 50 pieces Mousseline do Sole, 20 all colors, yd 19c 35 pieces Mousseline de Sole, 42 all colors, yd 39c.

150 pieces Malines, 27 in. wide, all colors, yd 9c, 29c. anil 39c. 70 pieces Mull, 42 all colorn. yd 29c.

75 pieces Striped Gauze, all colors, yd 39c. 3iV) pieces Liberty Silk Edging, all colors, yd. 15c. 250 Infants' Embroidered Caps, all sizes, 25c. 250 Infants' Embroidered Caps, with full Ruche, ea 39c.

and 4Sc. FEATHERS. 300 doz. bunches black Ostrich Tips, 3 In bunch 25c, 4Sc. and 69c.

100 doz. bunches Ostrich Pompons, with Aigrettes, bu 39c. and 48c. 250 doz. Pompons for Children's Hats, in black, white and light blue, ea 4Sc.

and 75c. 150 doz. black Ostrich Plumes, 25c. 39c. 59c.

79c. and up 100 doz. white Ostrich Plumes. 48c. and up 23 doz.

Sea Gulls, each 4Sc. 30 doz. Sea Swallows, each 35c. and 39c. 125 doz.

large Paradise Aigrettes, assorted. black, white and natural, and up 150 doz. bunches fine Peacock Paradise Aigrettes, bu Sc. 200 doz. bunches Aigrettes, curled Peacock.bu 500 doz.

bunches Straight Aigrettes, bu.3c. and 5c. 150 doz. bunches Sweep Aigrettes 4Sc. and 79c.

lOi) doz. bunches Curled Aigrettes, bu 25c. 50 doz. Natural Wings, assorted, ea 5c. 200 doz.

Pigeon Wings, ea 3c. and 5c. 350 doz. pair Shaded Pigeon Wings, pair 35c. 15n doz.

pair Wings, pr 10c. and 15c. 75 doz. pair Angel Wings, pr 15c. 25c.

and 39c. 500 doz. curled Quills, ea 2c. 3,000 doz. Quills, ea lc.

2c. and 3c. IN TRIMMED HATS Children's Trimmed Hats 5i Ladies; Tr mined Toques T.nrtips' Trimmed Hats.84.00: and 79c worth LOT NO. 3. 1 Child's Leghorn Hat.

1 Large "Wreath. 2 Yards Ribbon. 1 Ornament. Hat Lining and Elastic. LOT NO.

4. 1 Fancy Lace Straw Hat 1 Large Bunch Flowers. 2 Ribbon. 1 Yard Mousseline Soie. 1 Gilt Ornament.

1 Hat Lining. LOT NO. S. 1 Child's Fancy Straw Hat. 3 Yards Ribbon.

1 Bunch Flowers. 1 Ornament. 1 Hat Lining and Elastic LOT NO. 12. 1 Chip Crown Fancy Brim Hat.

2 Yards Silk Net. '1 Bunches Foliage. 1 Bunch Wings. I 1 Hat Lining. LOT NO.

7. 1 Cabbage Braid Hat. 1 Hunch Flowers. 2 Yards Net. 2 Bunches Leaves.

1 Ornament. 1 Hat Lining. LOT NO. 11. 3 Black Hair Drald Hat.

2 Yards Straw Net. 1 Pair Wings. 1 Bunch Foliage. 1 Ollt Ornament. 1 Hat Lining.

Women's Clubs at Patchogue on May 23, by The Woman's Club will conclude its work for the season with a business meeting to be held to morrow afternoon in the Young Women's Christian Association. A luncheon will precede the session. Dr. Mary E. Richard and Miss Ida A.

Craft, and the oresident, Mrs. R. C. Talbot Perkins, will tell sorne of the objects and aims of the league. Already over thirty of tr.e members r.ave invested in tickets for the Patchogue meeting.

The president, Mrs. R. C. Talbot je, i ns. LIST Fulton street, has some tickets on hand for the special train, which may be obtained by the league members or other club women desiring them.

The annual meeting of the Brooklyn Woman's Suffrage Association wdll be held on Tuesday afternoon, at Wilson's parlors, 153 Pierrepont etreet. Mrs. Henry Sanger Snow is chairman of the day. The business scheduled will include reports from the New York State Suffrage Association exec.uive meeting at Buffalo and the American National Woman Suffrage Association convention at Grand Rapids, by Mrs. Mariana W.

Chapman, president of the state organization; reports of the president, lvraaKlin of the recording secretary, Miss Charlotte TELEPHONE. divll do I know who? Scribner's Magazine. Ribbon, So. CO yd. Ladies' Trimmed worth Ladies' Trimmed worth $7.30 Eleeant Line of.

Ladies' Trimmed Hats. JflS and $10; worth $12 and Long Talie Elevator for Trimmed Hat Department. SPECIAL BARGAINS ON SECOND FLOOR. We offer you the choics of 12 lots, either of which will be sent to any address on receipt of $1.00 in cash, stamps or money order. 50 handsome Chamber Suites, in solid oak ana latest designs, reduced from ja no S12.50I 50 handsome cherry or asti ranor Tables, reduced from S8.00 82 50 50 handsomo Pier Glasses, cherry, worth iSlO.Oo 8 1 525 i 50 handsome solid oak Chiffoniers, oillh 5.00 S55.WS 25 handsome Parlor Suites, inlaid, latest designs, upholstered in damaslcor I 822 50 This handsomo Parlor Table, oak or cherry, brass claw feet, 9 worth 83.00.

Uandsome Parlor Suites, latest de Btkjns ana carving, inlaid 827 50 Cash or Credit makes it easier to begin a new castles. can approach our assortment ESTBD 1807. R.V.T.T A TRY.T". 7. CARPETS to please the Hero hAKLrAQ 75c.

per yd. stair patterns.) home AT ONCE than to build air Bals and Mr. and Mrs. H. Osmer.

At 6 o'clock a dinner was served, after which ther was a concert, speeehmaking and dancing. President Anton Weber acted as master ot ceremonies. MISSIONARY TO AFRICA. Farewell to David A. Carson by BaracA Bible Class.

A meeting to bia farewell to David A. Cap son, who goes as a missionary to West Atrlc, will be "held at the Baptist Temple, Third avenue aad Sohermerhorn street, to morrow even ing. The meeting will be under the auspices DAVID A. CARSON', Member of naptlsi Timpl? Haraea Class, Who Goos as a Missionary to West Africa. of the Baraca Bible class, which is one of tha stroag institutions ot the church, W.

A. Kloeppel being the teacher. Young Mr. Carson has been a member of this Bible class for four years and has away been most active in its work. He prepared himself for his work at Mrs.

Osborn's Union Missionary Training Institute. Waverly avenue, where he studied special missionary and practice for two years. His field of labor will be Lenox Mission Station, West Africa, which is reached by the way of Hea zuela, Angola. The elm tree is full grown at the age ot 150, ash at 100 and the oak at 200 years. Tha growth of an elm is about two and a half feet per annum; that of an oak less than one foot.

Credit 1 1 Cowperthwait Flatbush Avenue, Near Fulton Street, NEW YORK STORES 104 to West 14th Street. STREET, Elm Place, Brooklyn. 00 solid oak Extension Tables, worth S5 00 $2 79 5" handsome solid oak Sideboards, 7, "'V 500 rolls Brussels Carpet. per yd 500 rolls Moquette Carpet. 51)c.

per yd 500 rollb Velvet Carpet 51)c. per yd 25 handsome corduroy or velour tufted Couches, worth S10.00 84 28 25 Baby Carriages 82 48 25 Kitchen Closets 84 98 This Handsome Couch, Tufted Velor, worth $10.00, $4.28. Cash or Credit. be devoted to business which will include the presentation of the treasurer's report and ap nf nnnmuftpp nf rrn fnr n.vr montino vvblt thorn will ho llterarv programme. The jiapers will be presented under three groupings, namely Eco nomics, education anu ieuerauon, six ten min ute papers, to be followed by ten minutes' of Reneral discussion is the arranged schedule and the papers are to be given by Dr.

Alice B. Campbell, "Philanthropic Economics;" Dr. Lucy Hail Brown. "Food Values and How to Feed a Child;" Mrs. Franklin W.

Hooper, "Home Education of the Child;" Mrs. Mary E. Craigle. "Relation of Franchise to Education;" Mrs. C.

M. Fairbanks, "Library Work in Education;" Mrs. Charles B. Bartram. "Value of Federation." All the speakers are Brooklyn women and particularly familiar with the various subjects which they will pre sent.

The programmes are to be in the form of souvenirs and in addition to containing the schedule of the proceedings will have a complete list of the clubs affiliated with the Long Island Council a list that is expected to prove of value to local club women who have had heretofore no record of the associated organizations as but one meeting is held every year and beyond a committee of arrangements there is nothing in the form of a governing hoard. The committee for this year's meeting includes Mrs. Wilmot H. Smith of Patchogue Porosis. Mrs.

Albert Messenger of hands Point; Mrs. P. I). Harkstaff of the Bedford Einialitv League, Brooklyn Mrs. S.

B. Imryea of Fort Greene Chapter. I). A. Brooklyn; Mrs.

Charles F. Underhill of the Froebel Society, Brooklyn; Mrs. A. O. Brown of the Chiropean.

Brooklyn, and Mrs. Valentine of Ro; ivr. The report of the proceedings of the annual convention of the State Federation of Women's Clubs and Societies, which was held in Manhattan last November, has recently been issued in attractive form with a cover in the federation color, green, and a fac simile of the seal on the back page. A concise synopsis is given of the proceedings of the various ses sions of the four days' convention and the re part is certain prove of interest Specials. 9 Handsomo brass and pi I enameled I I I I Bedsteads, i I if Ljpspl $1.79 i 1 our Home Furnished $1.00 Week.

HULLS NS SONS, 78 to 84 flyrtie Av. Open Saturday Evening Till 10 o'CIock. LOT NO. 1. 1 Tiemina Short Back Hat.

1 Large Bunch Flowers. i Yards Mousseline de Soie. 1 Bunch Leaves. I Ornament. Hat Lining.

LOT NO. n. I Fine Black Chip Hat. IVt Yards Straw Net. I Bunch Flowers.

1 liunch Curled Aigrettes. LOT NO. 2. I Black Milan Bonnet. I Bunch Elack Silk Flowers.

1 Yard Mousseline da Sole. 2 Yards Silk Ribbon. 1 Jet Ornament. 1 Hat Lining. LOT NO.

O. 1 Satin Braid Hat. 1 Bunch Black Ostrich Tips. 3 Yards Ribbon. 1 Bunch Aigrettes.

1 Jet Bow. 1 Hat Lining. LOT NO. lO. 1 Combination Fancy Straw Hat.

2 Yards Ribbon. 1 Turd Silk Net. 1 Bunch Flowers. 1 Ornament. I Hat Lining.

1 Ornament. I Hat Lining. LOT NO. Straw Toque. I Hunch Flowers.

I pair Wings. 1 Hunch Foliage. 1 Lining. to the memhers of the 200 clubs whicn are represented In the federation. A memorial service for the Prison Snip Martyrs will be held by Fort Greene Chapter, on Monday afternoon, May 2'J, the eve of Decoration day.

at Fort Greene Park. The tomb of martyrs will be decorated with flowers and simple, appropriate exercises will be held in what is known as Wisteria Ar hm Thp band from Governor's Island will furnish the music ana mere win us auuicDe Viv wpll knflWP. SDealiei'S. ItlVitatiOnS are 10 ho nvtnnrlnrl tn all the natriotlC Societies Of the of Brooklyn and Manhattan and the occasion promises to De an important uuu Interesting one. The Chiropean will close its season with a social meeting on Thursday afternoon at the Knaop mansion under the charge of the committee on music and drama, Mrs.

James F. Scholes, chairman. The topic for the day is "An Afternoon of Music and Drama" and an especially attractive programme has been prepared. The annual meeting and election of officers of the Bedford Political Equality League will be ld on Monday evening. May 22, at the hom of Mrs.

Priscilla D. Ha kstaff. 2M' Jef ferson avenue. The league will bo represent ed us delegates to the Long leland Council of: AT THE Casey Who does yiz want tcr see? GTogan Dun non tie. Casey Who did yiz say? Grogan noh un noh ue.

Casey Well, IE you dunno wlio, how the the following were chosen for the ensuing year: President, Miss Alice Morse; vice president, Miss Anna Hollenback; recording secretary, Mies Clyde McCarroll; corresponding secretary, Miss Amy C. Romer; treasurer, Miss Mary Ca. amajor; registrar. Miss Alice Casa major; alumnae editor, Miss Mabel Knudson. An hour oi social reunion followed the business meeting, during which Miss Grace Dsm arest and Miss Mabel Pouch entertained tho alumnao with several songs artistically rendered.

YOTJUG GIBX'S SUICIDE. Louise Kuoschinck Hangs Herself at Her Home. Louise Kuoschinck, a Swedish girl, 22 years old, living with her parents at 547 Nostrand avenue, near Atlantic, committed suicide yesterday by hanging herself. The reason for her death is not known. A few minutes be i fore 1 o'clock Eddie, her 13 year old brother.

discovered her hanging in a clothes cloaet on the third floor. She was suspended with a rope around her neck from one of the clothes hooks. The boy ran out and summoned Baker Hutchinson, who lives next door. Hutchinson cut the body down and summoned the police. An ambulance was called from the Methodist Hospital, but before it arrived the young woman was dead.

The slrl's, father has a saloon oa Furinaa street, near Fulton. BLAST INJURES TWO. William Cigarox. an expert blaster, and William Ennis were badly injured yesterday at Elizabeth, N. by the premature explosion of a biast.

Ihe men were working iu a trsnch and were almost buried alive. Ci i garox will probably die. Ennis, although i badly hurt, may recover. BOWLED, DINED AND DANCED. The Wednesday Afternoon Bowling Club, composed of business men connected with the Cortelyou Club, closed a highly successful social season with a jollification at the club house Wednesday afternoon and evening.

The members and their guests spent the afternoon in bowling and prizes were awarded to Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Fritz, Mr.

and Mrs. J. W. Dreyer, Mr. and Mrs.

J. F. Dreyer, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Weber, Miss Weber, Mr.

and Mrs. A. W. Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs.

Adolph Neef, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rohman, Mr.

and Mrs F. A. Lippold, Mr. and Mrs. August Dlfircks, Mr.

and Mrs. W. D. Meyer, the Rev. and Mrs.

P. F. Tpbelt, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad WOMEN'S CLUB NOTES.

Indications point to a larger attendance this var at the Long Island Council ot Wo men's Clubs meeting, to be held at Patchogue on May 2H. than ever before and the forty six affiliated clubs are expected to tie represented by large continents of unofficial in addition to the two regularly delegates from organization. Three cars have been enR.isei lu convey the Brooklyn club women to nn.l ihe special train will leave the I.or.g Islam! depot at 0 A. M. Those wishing ti.

kets for this special train, the rate for which has placed by 1 lie railroad "company at a less than one half of the regular fare, should communicate 1 not later than Monday the sec retary and treasurer of the committee, Mrs. Mcscr.K'. of Sr.nus Points, so that if additional cars arc dae notice may be given to the railroad oifieials. Accommodations on the spe; train will tie provided only for those who have made arrangements fc "Late comers wiil have to take; the train and pay regular fare. I in; rui unu lit 1 uiu the hostesses of the day and they 'nave made arrangements to entertain at luncheon all the of the.

affiliated dubs, whether delegates or who attend the meeting. Tite luncheon will be served in their (dub rooms which are about a square away from tie Lyceum, where the incetinKS are io take place. Mrs. Wilmot H. Smith, president of Sorosis, and chairman of the committee of arrangements, will preside and an address of welcome in behalf of the Town of Patchogue will be made by Walter Jaycox, district ctlorney of Suffolk County.

Following the roll call the mornitiK session will be given over to conference of clubs and luncheon will be served from 12:30 to 1:30. The first hour of the afternoon meeting will i 1 i 1 i 1.

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