The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on October 26, 1864 · Page 4
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 4

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1864
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY EVENING. OCT.26. Harlequin Fairy Morgana. (CONTIKUED.) . I was getting unutterably low - spirited. Even the Contemporary Boy, now well - nisk ro!liu' under the sent in hysterical convulsions for u moment looked at me strangely and seriously. Honest John Plusher whispered, 'what's up .lack ? but I put him back impatiently, for, at that moment, crossing the bridge, was a figure meant to be that of imaged crone disguised in a sort of domino hood, but whom I, with a maivellous instinct, recognized as the exquisite ambrosial creature from above. This marvellous instinct was in some degree assisted by a glimpse of a glittering raiment, as it were, of liquid silver, hidden underneath; but I knew uerat once. For the time I felt aninexmessi - Dle rebel, and when, for the purpose of reciuit - mg the miller's daughter's humanity, she ultimately revealed herself in all her true celestial essence (as I said beforo, not mere flash, surely, hut something in the nature ot manna' or of pale pink sugar illuminated from within,) I gave way to my feelings in a torrent of delight Khort - lived happiness ! She presently passed away, and then came the stupid comic thing again, and the beefeaters, and fresh palace interiors, and thon. a dark place with many people huddled together, and then she appeared agam out of the ground, bearing her silver wind, and looking as it was plain to be seen she was an angel among oarthy and earthly creatures. Tijen she bi - an to, to declaim in the language of her own cek - stial country waving her wand then the opened. Then cascades of molten silver began to How, and gigantic ferns to open, and glorified women to ascend slowly, and light to be turned on in streams and floods, and I to be gem - rally duazlcd, bewildered, and suffering from a sense of exquisite oppression! Then pillars began to be revealed, pillars that re - vo.ved and glistened, and more terns to open, and angels to ascend in pairs; and then in the centre rose a fountain, which seemed to stream a ram of gold, and then with delighted applause bursting out on all sides, the waters of the iountuin parted, and then m the centre was discovered she v, ho I thought was lost to !C - or ever, more ambrosial, more celestial, mere roseate than betore, there enthroned as a queen. .Mlver wand in hand, with all beudiu" to her. I lelt a thrill of joy, and vet I had a dismal presentiment that the end was not far away. bo it proved to be. The minor heavenly beings floated away in ranks to each side, anil the eclt - sijul creature botian to s;ieak, oh, how melodiously ! tome farewell words. Not without ii tinge of mournful sadness her utterance rcso nnd fell. I coald have listened torovcr to that dying 1V.H. My foreboding was. !n tally true. With her marvellous power, tic v, as about trausforraiii" the miller, llother iJnnch herself, and others, into new and strange shapes Harlequin, Clown, Pantaloon, and Columbine (.'diss Robespierre .standing dressed already at the wing). A wave of that wand, and it was done. Miss E - jbes - niL - nc nn:e bounding on (ah! how easv to knoc; :;,. was a mere creature of earth, Konmeli per night ; for clwn tumad in ids toes, una ioc - rcd at nr.. and asked h.nvwe were tn - m - jerr.w ; harlemim ghtterol like a snac ; and what I have since hoard c .lied " the comic business" sA fairly in. Bat with ti:i: bolloonery the divine lire of transformation ii'utcl out. I had one last eiquisiie gbiiipsc of the lovely fairy Morgana, mora ijngut. more ambrosial than erar, waving her K.n.d, when the two halves of a street came rushing t; ge'.her from the side, exhibiting the c'stab::shnieut of Mr. Beetley, a butcher, and Hairucr.y &. Co., music sellers mot in - the centre, and shut her out from me for over! Then set in, the old confusion, coavnlsiu" i all round houses clnmged into kitchens, gar - ! ileus mto steamboats, and vegetable 1 shops into railway trains. The clown and his decrepit friend took lodg - mgs together, and when they sat down found their scats lifting them to the ceiling. Articles of food were purloined from traders' shops, the shopman always corning out into the street to arrange his bargain, and thus leaving his wares an easy prey to the evil disposed and designing. Customers' heads were cut off, and fastened on again by tho adhesive agency of the first glue pot that chanced to pass that way. Pinally, it came to an end, and we went our way. Going home, Honest John talked exu - boiantly of the whole performance, dwelling specially on the theft by the clown of a lady's crinoline, and his converting of its wires into a sort of meat sate, and hanging it round with rabbits, cats and live poultry; ' one of the best things he ever saw in the whole course of his life.' Mrs. Honost John fancied somethin" else; the Cotemporary Boy rather leant to the policeman scenes; but, poor blinded things, they were insensible to her. Not one of them mentioned her. ' 'He didnt like it, ' said honest John, pointing to me. ''Something was wron. I saw it. He won't toll us what." My sister whispered softly, "You were sick, dear. I was afraid " In the darkness of the cab I resented this: it was too much, for sho had indeed gently warned me at dinner, when I believe for the third time I had But it was not the rich slabs of fried pudding. How little they mukistcod me! I could not explain, and t have an idea that they set :ne down as sulky. It was a relief to get to my lonely cham'ier There, in solitude, I could call up the enchanting image, and feast upon all her loveliness. I made her rise aguin in slow time (worked by invisible mechanics) from among the golden groves. I bathed her once mora in ambrosial light. I saw again in her angelic lineaments that exquisitely gentle and half - mournful expression. I illumined, too, from within the celestial which formed her iinn.s. In short. I dwelt upon her perfections with a miserable pleasure winch every moment made me more and moro wretched. I saw her as she appeared for the last time, and felt the curious sensation I have described as "a wrench." It was mLs'" - v de spair, desolation. I began to toss, and passed a terrible night the worst since tho well - known measles epoch, whon people sat up with me. Towards morning I began to droam, and I saw her again bathed in pink light. I came down to utter blankness, and to the meal known as breakfast Everything jarred upon me. It all looked like school? It had the rawness and general prose of that establishment. I wanted to have ereryrhin" bathed in pink ambrosial light I was silent and gloemy, and could not eat with the indiscriminate selection, which in my instanco was almost matter of notoriety. I became the subject ot public remark. It was again insisted I was ill: an insinuation indignantly repudiated. Honest John Plusher then rallied me in his own pleasant way on being 'put out' bv something: a course of remark which bitterly wounded me. Then my sister, Mrs. Honest John, kindly changed the subject to tho spec tacle of last night. - It was very good,' said .Honest John, 'uncommonly good! He had seen nothing better, in fact Scenery so good ' Jove! what perfection they've brought these things to now - a - days ! Now, that scene of the dancing; the what d'ye call it ?' 'The Transformation Scene?' said Mrs. Honest John. 'No, the one where they oome in and dance' lcouianot restrain myself, but brokn oni They started. ' 'By Jove!' said Honest John, looking at me with astonishmeni 'But,' said he, 'it was spoiled by that stout dumpy woman with the wand: the queen, or whatever they called her ' My cheeks were burning. I felt them blaring She to be thus grossly described ! But. trood ir the rnain, BTonest John was a coarse crea - "Eh!"he saidtonie, "did you sea how &m U Waa hk"aa elephant AjTeWaant waltzing! My cheeks like S"rl frFnmt' - Iconotstand it, and fled from the room crying, I believe They nrast have thought me coin" l' Honest . John came - to soothe me, but cautiousW and with a sort of wonder. It vM that for the morning pastime we Kffi palace - the Crystal, or some such thin - 'make a day of it," as Honest John said T agreed. I was indifferent ; they might lead where they would ; nay, I oven assumed a sort of wild and ghastly merriment discordant with my habitual character. It was done to hide the grim despair that was working under m, jacket - I saw every minute they knew not what was come over me (how should they?) and John all through the day kopt his ee carefully upon me. "We went to the Palace. I saw it; that is Ihry saw it. The despair and blankness was growing upon me more and more. I ionised food. I declined buns and 'cream t n - ts ' a debcacy I was known to be partial to 1 w is pinmg to be alone again. JSut as it "r towards evening, and the darkness was'lo - '.in - n, nrd the street - lamps be:;an to be li"!;L - if the blankness and desolation seemed to "come i.ii me as with a rush for I knew that verv soon the ambrosial pink light would be tumrd on, and the celestial Divine creature would once more descend. Tho thought made me ache again. Wc were coining home in a cab. Honest John precipitated our movements with a good - natured apology, for that he was obliged tobebackingoodtimo to take Mrs. Honest John to a family dinner at old Backslider's. The people were hurrying by very fast : gaslight was flaring in the shop windows on their laces as they went by ; when suddenly a plot, a wild daring scheme, appalling almoit in the stupendously hold character oi its proportions, leaped into my head. I would do it, or, in reality, sicken and die. It must end. In a moment my spirits roso. I astounded them by the sudden change. I laughed boisterously. I saw Honest John glancing at me a little nervously. I became almost exultant, but am ashamed to think into what a little monster of craft I became suddenly transformed. I accounted for the alteration in my demeanor by an admission that the sickness with which I had been charged had altogether passedaway, and that I was now restored to comparative health. I pretended to have had nothing heavy on my mind but pudding. I thought they would never go to that dinner. But at last they did. Then I hurriedly matured my guilty scheme. I took the Contemporary Boy aside and unfolded to him the details. He was first appalled, then stupefied, by the darin" oi the undertaking. When he recovered himself he declined to take part in it; until, in my desperation having recourse to awful threats, he gave way. The scheme was a wicked, nefarious, stolen visit to the scene of last ni"ht's celestial joys. I made him a partner in niv infamy. Eluding tho vigilance of the servants, we set out. But the night was wet and stormy, and our available capital, putting every strain upon our resources, wes barely equal to the price of two nit ficl - ofc - n oli nroa !, 1. 1. . r I wrapped myself up proudly in a stoical indifference (and also in the little shrunken garment known to us as a great - coat,) and said I did not rnvfl Thn rtntamnn. ? . - j i. uv vui,ciij,uiuij A0 HU1U 118 did, and held back reluctantly. I had to use violence to bring the Contemporary Boy on. We asked the way " to the theatre." Eou"h men invariably answered us bluntly, " Wot theatre ?" I replied gently, the Contemporary Boy trembling at my side, " the theatre where the Pantomime is. " He replied in the same rough way, "That warn't much help. How - somever' (I distinctly remember the use of this odd word), ' howsomover, he supposed it were the theay tor in Beak street ?' The Contemporary Boy said, boldly, that was it. Then we must take the first turning to tho right, then to the left by the public - 'ouse, tc. The rain was now beginning to pour down very steadily, and we took the first turning to the right, &c, then to the left, fec, and thon broke down. We had to ask again. Rain increasing. Contemporary Boy beginning to cry, like a beastly baby as he was, at his saturation. But I should have recollected that he had not the Great Purposo within him, which I had, to bear him up. Wo asked again, but this time people declined to stop to answer our inquiries. We were fast growing pulpy ; and now, in addition to tho responsibility resting on me, I had the additional burden cast upon me oi dragging my companion along. It was growing serious, but still I held on. Alter an hour's walking and an hour's drenching, ye reached the theatre the rough men had directed us to. And here we broke down altogether. We knew from the outside that it was not the one. (To be coutinuod.) THE 11 flf LI S T.31 K ft T JLOAJ. w A R LO AN. S50O,OOOt Kings Cotrarr TnEAsr&ER's Ophce, ? 13 Court street, Brooklyn, J oiy, 26, 186L ( The Count Treasurer hereby invites subscriptions, in sum of One Thousand dollars and npnrarda, to a .Loan of $600,000. authorized bj Chapter 8 of the Laws of ISSi, and br resolution ot tho Board of Supernsora, adopted Jnlf let, IBM. for the purpose of filling the quota of thu oount? tndcr the President's last call for troops. Subscribers will receive "Certificates of Indebtedness," payable when tho County is in funds horeor with interest from the date of subscription at the rate of serea per cant per annum. Said certificates convertible at the option of he holder into six per cent County Bonds, at par. jj2J M THOS. A. GARDIHER, County Treasurer. BUSINESS HOTICES. 8HOULD YOUB EYJBS AOaJTlND pain yon when reading or sowing, get the Brazilian Pebbles, which will rwt them and keep them perfect for nianyyeaxslongerthan the ordinary class. el2tf JOHN D. CHASE. 303 Vulton street. ES. H. B. O'LEARY, M. I)., Gates avenue, corner of Hamilton street. Brooklyn, N. Y. N. B. Ladies wishing to converse with patients restored can do so by calling ana making appoiutraont. Oliice hour from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. Consultation free Parlor Lectures, Tuesdays. 3 P. M. aelT 3m 41 ROVER & BAKER'S HIGHEST PREMIUM ELASTIC STITCH SEWING MACHINES, 405 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. AITD PULTON STREET, BROOKLYN. St AnnV Block. so22 3mf XpRRNCH Ml) AMERICAN CLOCKS IN XL ornute, iron and marble, and black walnut omol war ranted correct time keepers, at ?JU!:f .T. H. x A. W. HART'S. Ml KaKon n John f. garvin; COMMISSION MERCHANT AND WHOLESALK DEALER IS FIXE GROCERIES, IMPORTED WINES LIQUORS AND SEQAR8 ALSO, JJOMESTld LIQUORS. TOBAO0O. 4 NO. 63 COUKT STREET. Second door north of Schennorhorn, Brooklyn. All orders promptly attended to. Consignments solicited. o31m ttHARtLBY't; GENTLEMEN'S WUR - P - .??iSIWGEMj'8R1:UM' 378 381 r"lton strootlop - poeito the ew Court House The most complete assorC nient of such coods as are usually found in a Rontleman'. furnishincstoro, and adapted to the fall and winter trado is now oflered to the citizens of Brooklyn, and all others interested, at prices fully in keeping with the present fU inupo4s. The stock m replete with everything in Men's Boy s, Ladies and Misses' Underwear. Hosiery, Gloyes. and Linen handkerchiefs. An extended patronairo is respectfully Boicited. s. L SHABpLeV oS Imo. o range county milk company; .o. 1m atlantic street. brooklyn, ' AujuuiuiK ui ausqus marKea, PURE Mmc FRESH EVERY DAY FROM THE BEST DAIRIES. Families supplied at their residences. N. B. Persons wishing milk far young children can h. regularly supplied from ONB DAIRY. "luQpon 00 M - 21555! F. T. - WBLDIN. BROOKLYN NATIONAL PLANING MILLS AHD m . , BOX FACTORY. vSCOT? JoJin 'treet Brooklyn, and 143 Poarl streot, Now Jork. All orders sent to either of the above offices, orad - drested DANIEL W. TALCOTT, Boi 670 New York Port . fft."11 rSBiT? prompt attention. Planing and sawini Si.hirt 'iV,tt?.nieSJ0' d boI8 description nr? nished at the shortest notice. oGSrn TTENTION, LADIES AND GENTL& mou. IhaTeopeuedaneweetablishaaentatlSOMyr - bare any castff Clothing to dispoieof. Carpeta and Furniture, Ac, we offer to pay a liberaTnrioe with which yon wUl he satisfied, if you rSm, the abo??aS ?ci? 5SAfT8SSSt Don't forget to call or address a not! iI?G,fP' "OMjrtteSwnne, BrookjSirtor. you will be dealt witli aatufaetorili' and nnnotuauy. Ladies 1 afc - tended to br Mrs. BOGATOKL IT? B. - pl Ueket,M.& 00ah aoItor 1 T1 TO 8 CENTS A POUNDT - OR f Newspaper Books. Pamphlet. Magatdnea, 4c. 10 centeapoundtor WbJtaRam 3iwiaa pound for Cotton and Woolen Rags. Call before rou aeli, as we will rife more than any othorhoose in the oitr. O'DONNKLL BEYBKR, No. 9 Henry street, T, . , . , i doors from FuKou. Irge lots sent for to any part of tbetitr. aoJ83m' ( FFICEOFTHE STREET COMMISSION. JIIIgiWtoS PAvilUENTySHWI0KAVENUi' '""a : BELGLUf Sealed proposals will be reoeired by the Board of ftnntnu. o clock P. M.. for grading and paring Grand italt JiX Union avenue to rTushwick arenue, w&iaiSaemon? according to the profile and apecihcation. on Pflle S too Street Commiseioner's office. BmM0 Proposalsto etate the price par running foot throng .1,. oentreof said street. endJheeSueetpoSrstiin which the said work can be finishod. "euiwnicn Blanks for eettaating furnished at theofflce of theStreat Commissioner, and none otherwill be considered a'rMl Proposalswiil not bo considered unless aocomuanied with aoonaontinwntingof two sureties of 5000 each, on oih Sopoeal, (who BhallqUAlitjaa to their reaponsibility ) thktif e contract be awardedlo Uie parproposini, Key J become bonod ae hiasurety for its fmMuI porforrnanm - and mease he shaU neglect or rofuBo t eieouto the contract if so awarded, thon that they will pay to the City of Brooklii the difforonpebotween the price eo proposed and the cSS awarded! ' 10 m Mntr" im? be Proposals to be 1 endorsed "Board of Contracts - Proposal. Sd islt Pa71n8 G1 "treot - ' - BrooldfDVOct By order of tbe Board of Contracto. J. OAKLEY 50DYNK, 022 M Street Ooromisaioner. GROCERIES. jpREAT REDUCTION In the priecs TKAS, OOFS - KIiS, SUGARS AND SPIOES, At HARDING'S OLD STAND. Cor. Fulton and Main streets, and no - ner of Columbia and Summit stroots. Brooklyn. fplGtf IpLOUR? FLOUR, CHEAP AT PATRICK CKEAVSeomer of Hicks and Paciiic streets. Brooklyn. P. Crean wishes to inform hia friends and tho public poncrullythatbohosalajtreiitock of superior brandn of Genesee ana Western and Ohio Floor, which he will Boil cheaper than any other bouso in Now York or Brooklyn front, pronnu from now wheat - Hay, oivta and feed of all cscriptiona. selTJin" DKN rfSTRY. npKETH J3XTKAOTED WITHOUT PAIN JL Or out, where artinoial teeth are inserted. A Mt of Teeth, lowest price, $6; Filling, CO cenUper tooth. Den - tlatxy m all its partj done with care and premptaaws. Tooth Powder and Oum Lotion preparod. ray30 6m ur. n. n. I. TV A 1 13 tia. 83 Pal ton avenue. Bcoolatyn. '.. (ontM tng toeth potiiuVely without pain, by the usa of the Nitrovs Oxide GftH, oomnionly called Laughing Got. They ar rUtn prepared to furnitib tho Dentists the apparatou for man ractuniur the Uaa, and to civo full inrtrnotioM for adnwnu - tannK tho aani. GKlFFlJi BROTHBR3 have tbe bnert wu vuuiiu IHHUIUUUrlUI III WIO HUQtl UONlTNUOUa GUM TKBTH. TtMS HatU Of lPtll IHUIPM vnat unnnnrintv mtm mil Ming niadn to give any desired fullneaa to the face, ahovang onecontutiaous irnm, without eams or crevioea. which for vtfength. tMuty, durability and olnanH&esa, esasoi be nr - paueo. LIST OP pRices. nil upper or andttr ee of teeth, on silver QO " amber or rabtox. 11 06 014 25 OB platina 23 00 92, 93 and 4 per taMh fartial oeu on gold or platina. , . Partial Bets on silver Peth tilled with cold. on .nriCn.. 8or9, qnartc, ailvcr.tin or oemeut Mto 7 ooota Teeth extracted ...3ficecU H V .No enarce for extrotine wbaro artifltial Uth are niTed: ELECTION NOTICE. F LECTION NOTICE. Orrv C.r.f.TTK'R nuFrnp l Brooklyn. Oct. 5tli. 1351. J Notice ifl hereby riven that at a jronoral elootion to be held on Xuetiday, Hoy. a, 1864, the i'ollowing officers are to bo chosen : A Governor, in tho place of Horatio Soymonr; A Lieutenant - Governor, in the place or David It. Hloyd Jones; A Canal Commissioner, in the place of Franklin A AI - berger; An Inspector of State Prisons, in the place of Abraham B. Tflppt - n; All wose terms of office will expire on the last day of December next. Thirty - three Electors of President and Vice - President of tiio United States; AJro o representative in the Thirty - ninth Congress of the United istates for the Second Congressional District, composed of the sixth, eighth ninth, tenth, twolfth, foor - teenth, sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth wards of uitj viij ui crwwjii, aua me lowns oi riatDttsn. Flat - lands, Gravesend, ew Lots and Now Utrecht. KinVa County. Also a representative in the Thirty - ninth Congreas of the United State for the Third Congressional District, composed of the first, second, third, fourth, firth, seventh. eleventh, thirteenth, fifteenth and nineteenth wards of tha City of Brooklyn. iD the County of Kinr? COUNTY OFFICERS ALSO TO BB ELECTED FOB SAID COUNTY: Seven Members of Assembly; A County Clerk in tho place of John If. Stearns: A Superintendent of the Poor, in thepiaoeof Ditmas Jewell. Two Justices of Sessions, in tho placo of "William H Hoyt and N icholas J. Sti llweli ; One Coroner, in tho placo of ThomasP. Norris; A Kcftister, in the placo of Hugh McLaughlin: All whose terms of office will expire on the las day of December next. JUDICIARY. A Police Justice in place of Chaunoey Perry. A Justice of tho Peace, 1st District, in place of "William 1. Boeruxn. A Justice of the Poace, 2d District, in place of John Q. AdamB. All of whose term of office will expire on the 30th day of April, 1S65. CITY OFFICERS. An Aldenu&n in each of tne following wards, viz: 2d. 4tn. 6th. 8tb, 10th, 12th, Hth. 16th, IStb, 20th . A Supervisor in each of the following wards, viz: 1st. 3d. 5th, 7th, 9th Iltb, 13th, l. - ith, 13th. ' A Constable in each of tha lollowing ward3. viz: 2d. 4th. ah. 8th, lCth, 12th. 14th, 17th. 18th, 20th. The Of mmon Council has desiguatod the following places for holding tho polls : "Wards. 1 1st dint No. 12 Fulton street. ' 2u dist North westerly corner of Columbia and Atlantic Btreots. 2 1st dist Francis Slaxkey's, corner Main and Front streets. 2d dist Tammany Hall, corner York and Poarl sts. 3 lot dint Armory, corner of Henry and Cranberry streets. 2d dist - 163 Atlantic street. 3d dist Acadomy of Music. Montague street. i 4 lit dist &8 Nassau streoL corner or Jay. i 2d diht Washington Hall. Adams atnjet, near Tillary. I 3u diht Mr. Heceman's Auction room, coror Poarl ' mid W illoughby streets. 5 1st dist House of Henry Osborn, corner of Hudson avenne and Plymouth streete. ; l!d dist House ot Waller Long, York, near Bridge street. 3d dist Honse of Jacob Webber, corner of Hudson avenne and Prospect street. 4th dintr - House of Nicholas Fitzgerald, corner of Hudson avenne and Tillary street. 6 1st dist Coal Oiaee, corner Congress and Hickory streets. 2d dist House of P. Murphy, cornor of Dograw and Columbia streets.w 3d dist Engine House, Van Bruntstroct, eenteb President and Carroll streets. 7 1st diBt The Drug fatoro of E. Lynoh. Myrtle avenue, corner Kyerson street. 2d dist 712 Myrtle avenne. 3d diet Fulton avenue, south side, four doora wost of Grand avenue. 4th distr - U. Baker's, No. G33 Fulton avenue. 8 l.t distr Third avenue, near OCh street, store of Jehu Blair. 2d dist House of Engine Co. No. 2L 4th avenue, near 10th street. 2 1st dist Mrs. Loich's, Atlantic avenue, opposite Clinton avenue. 2d distr New Building, (D. R. James, Treasurer.) Fulton avenue, corner of Bedford. 3d dist John Walters' shop. Myrtle avenue, near Mar - cy avenne. 4th dist x.ckerts Harmony Hall, Marion street, near Patchen avenue. 1C 1st dist Store of N. Mills. No. 5 Fulton avenne. 2d dist Store of E. Parker. No. 226 Atlantic street. 3d dist Store of F. Eunesty, No. 382 Atlantic street. 4th difit C. J. Spanlding's, ooruerof Court and Baltic streets . 5th dist Store of Mr. "Voorhoes, No. 231 Court street, tith dist Store of Wm. Forrester, No. 158 Fulton avenue. 11 1st diHt Store of Mason. 1G4 Myrtle avenue. Sddist Store of Jacob Sampter, 222i Myrtle avenne. 3d diBt J. Doylan's, 7 De&alb avenue, 2a door east of Fleet street. 4th dist Office of Edwin Gates, Fulton avenue, corner St. Felix street. Slh dit Store of A. F. Bingham, Lafayette avenue, near Fulton avenne. 12 1st distf House of Mr. F&lon, Van Brunt street, be - ween Ewen and William streets, td ist House of P. Grogan, Laa eer, near Hi oka street. 13 1st distr Third street, betwoen South 3d and South 4th streets. 2d dist Hall corner South 1st and 4th streets. 3d dist No. 31 South 7th street. 4th dist Washington Hall, corner Sonth 7th and 4th Btreeta. 14 1st dist Northwest cornor of NorthtJth and 2d streets. 2d dist Northeast corner of 5th andNorth fith atreets. 3d dist 98 Grandstreet. 4th di5t North 2d and 7th streets, house of Mr. Betts. 15 1st dist At No. 3tK Grand street. 2d dist At No. 428 Grand street. 16 1st dist - Anthony Conrad's, 307 Sonth 4th streets. 2d dist John Baumgartnor's, corner Leonard and Scboles streets. Sd dist George Bucks 128 Graham avenne. 4th dtstGotloib Vidaus. 70 Moore streot. 17 1st dibt At the Wood Building on Franklin avenue, 2d door from the corner of Kent street. 2d distr Wra Conner's dry goods store, Moserolo avenne, between 4th and 5th Btreeta. lfi 1st dibt House of Conrad Petorsou, corner of Bush - wick avenue, and North 2d street. 2d dist House of H. Ketcham, Myrtle avenne Plank Road. IS - Lst distStore of John Hart. Broadway, between W hippie and Bartlett streets. 2d d'st House of Engine Co. No. 13, Clymer street, betwoen Bedford and Leo avenues. 3d dist Joseph S. Heath's, northwest corner of Bod - ford avenue andOlymer street. 20 - lBt dist Store ot A. J. LefFel 318 Myrtle avenue. 2d dist Store of Ed. Cranston, 456 Myrtle avenue. 3d dietr Moreof Chnx. W. Mnrril aft Xnttnn 4th dist Store of Root and Smith. 414 Fulton avenuol olTtd CITY CLERK'S OFFICE, ROOKLYtf , OCTOBER 17, 1861. The following rosolntiona wero adopted in Common Council September 19. 1864. Retolved, That tho Tenth Ward be and is hereby divid - ded into six, (6) Election Districts, as follows: The First Election District of the Tenth Ward shall be - Sn at the corner of Boernm street and Fulton avenue and om thence through and along tho centre of Fulton ave - PV "OQ"01' t through and along the centre of Bond Btreetto Atlanlic street; thence through and along the centre of Atlantic street to Boorum streot. and thence through and along the centro of Boerum streot to the placo of beginning. Tho Second Election District of the Tenth Ward shall begin at the southeasterly corner of Court and Atlantic street, and from thence through and along tho centro of Atlantic street to Bond stxeet; thence through and atonic the centre of Bondstreet toWyckoff street: thence through and along the centre of Wyckoff street to Court street, and thence through and along the centre of Court street to place of beginning. The Third Election District of the Tenth Ward shall begin at the southeasterly comer of Bond and Atlantic streets, and from tnenetf through and along tho centre of Atlantic street to Flatbnsh avenno. and thence through and along the centre of Flatbuah avenne to Fifth avenue, thenco tbrongn and along the centre of Fifth avenue to Warren ttxeot; thence through and along the centro of Warren Btreet to Bond street, and thence through and S?uK e,?f nd - stroot to the place of beginning. The Fourth Election District of the Tenth Ward shall begin at the southeasterly comer of Court and WyckofT streets, and from the uco through and along the centre of Wyckoff street to Bond streot; thence through and alomr the centre of Bond street to Degraw street; tbence through and along the centre of Degraw street to Court street, and thence through and aleng the centre of Co art street to the place of beginning. The Fifth Election District of the Tenth Ward shall begin at the southeasterly cornor of Court street and Degraw street, and from thence through and along the centre of Degraw street to Bond street; thence through and along the centro of Bond streot to Warren street ; thence through and along the centro of Warren streot to Fifth avenne thence through and along the oentre of Fifth avenue to First street; thence through and along the centre of First Btreet to Second avenue; thence through and along tho o?ntre of Second avenue to Fifth street; thence through and along the oentre of Fifth street to Fourth place ; thence through and along the centre of Fourth place to Court street, and from thence thronsh and along the centre of Court streot to the placo of beginning. The Sixth Election District ot the Tenth Ward shall begin at the southeasterly corner of Fulton avenno and Bond street, and from thence through and along the centro of Fulton avenue to Flatbush avenue; thence through and along the centre of Flatbush avenue to Atlantic stroot: thenar through and along the centre of Atlantic street to Bondstreet and thence through and oJong the centre of Bond street to the p1aoe of beginning o20td HENRlTMcCLOSKEY. City Clerk. JN BOAJRD OF CONTRACTS, OCTOBER Notice is hereby Kiven that sealed proposals will be received at tho Mayor7 otfice. City Hall. Brooklyn, until tha 27th day of October ; lata, at 10 o'clock ATM., toraa? plying the pnplto buildings of the city with coal from the ireeont time to July 1st, lWfc. to be delivered at n times and in snch quantities as may be roqnirod, ond to be deposited where required for use. Proposals' will not be considered unless accompanied with a consent in writing of two sureties, duly qualified, that they will become bound for the faithful performance of tho contract should it be awarded to the proposer, and in tha event of his neglect or refusal to execute the contract, if a awarded, that they will pay en demand to the City of Brooklyn the difference between the price so proposed and tha Erice of the next highest bidder, to whom the contract mxv e awarded. Proposals to be indorsed To the Board of Contracts Propofials for CoaL" ol9 td HENRY McOXOSKEY, Oifey Clerk. THE PEBBLE IS THE BE8T,THB MOST perfect and thoonly article that should ever boused for spectacles ifl the united testimony of thousands. W oave them to fuit all eyps . JOHN D. CHASE, 203 Fulton street, my!3 tt Importer and Manufacturer. DEAFNESS. JEAFNESS, NOISES IK THE HEAD, CATARRH. XSOHARGES FROM TH E EAR, AND ALL DISEASE OF THE BYE AND EAR, AXD THROAT, CORED BY DR. TON EISENBERG. Author of "Surgioal and Practical Observation on the Diseases of ihe Ear, with the New Mode of Treatment," at his office, No. S1G BROADWAY. NEW YORK. OPINIONS OF THE NEW YORK PRESS: From the Jonrnal of Commerce. CATARRH CURED. THE CASE OF HUTCH INGS, THE "LIGHTNING CALCULATOR," There was published in those columns a few days since, theromarkablecureof Hntchings, the "Lightning Calculator," so well known to thopubbc during the many years he exhibited his wonderful arithmetical powers at Bar - num's Museum, by the celebrated Oculist and Aurist, Dr. Voir Eisembeeo, of this city. Hutchings is represented to have been at the point of death, and bnt for the timely interference of the Doctor, would now be resting in! bis grave. This is a xemarkablo case, and wortfav of the atten tion of persons similarly afflicted. We think it isbutjnstto Dr. Vo Eisesbbbq to call pubu'eatteotioutothiflcase. There are hundreds in the community suffering from Catarrh, who, like the "Light ning Calculator," if not actually praying for death, are ready to accept or anything that promisee to relieve them from their distresses. To snch, wo would Bay, trifle not with inexperienced men, bnt consult without unnecessary delay.Dr. Vos Beenbebg, who. at least, has fchehonosty to assure his patients whether it ia within his power to ,make them whole or not. DEAFNESS OORED. From, the Tribune. EARS TO THE DEAF, Every man, and especially every woman, believes in hiaor her physician. There are philosophical minds which hold fco on abstract faith in Allopathy, or Homoeopathy, or Hydropathy, or some other form of scientific cure: bnfc with the world at large the belief is not in the system, but in the doctor . EflpeciaHj is this true as regards aurists and occu - lists. The patient who haa recovered his sight or his hear ing, is sure that the blessing oould not have been restorod to him by any other practitioner than that particular one by whom hiseyoaor ears wore ope nod. Dr. Yos!Ei8E!fBEita is among our best known auiiato. He has not lent us ears as brother practitioner has eyes, and in whose skill, therefore, we believe above all others. But we heard of him from those who estoem him not merely as a surgeon, but as & ben efactor. A recent case haa been related to us, for the truth fulness of whioh vto can vonoh, though we can name no names. The patient was a lady who had been deaf from infancy, as a consequence of some of the ailments to which children are liable. Latterly the disease had taken an acute form, and the patient was subject to intense suffering. The de&fnesswaa rapidly becoming complete, and the general health breaking downundor the physical exhaustion attendant upon constant pain. Ordinary remedies and ordinary advise were useless, and Dr. Ton Eisenberg was called in. We need not repeat his diagnogia, fox that would be ODly a list of hard names to tho general reada. But he detected at sight tho seat of disease, first in one portion of the organism, thon in another, and with manipulation as BldUfulaa his insight was accurate, he removed the causes, and Bhe, who from infancy had heard with difficulty, and Utterly hardly at all, was restored first to perle ct hearing, and then to perfect health. Dr. Von Eisenberg's advertisement reminds us of this case, which we thus briefly relate, though not at hU solicitation. Let him Uuthath not oars, hear. (From the Christian Times.) SIGHT RESTORED. CONCERNING EYES AND OCCULISTS. Of tho five senses, that Swhioh wo call BeeingUthe most important and most valued. In proportion as thisEsenso fails us, we are reduced to helplessness. If entirely destitute of sight how slow would be our progress in knowledge, andhowUmitedoursphoroof action and usefulness. En - dowed witk it, the universe becomes a new creation, clothed with beauty and diversified by that infinite rariety which never fails to attract the mind and heart. For several mootha past tlus has been a practical subjoct to us. An inflamed condi(ion of tho oyolids communicating itself to the pupil, rendered the discharge of daily duties not only painful but dangerous. Attributing it to the effect of a cold, we endured it through the spring, with thehopo that with tho re tarn of warm weather It would entirely disappear. Bafia this we were doomed to diaappointaient, Smnmer returned, but not our wonted alght. What might hare been tho result, either of further neglect or incompetent treatment, we cannot say. Stating our case to a friond. ho assured us that a similar one in his" own family had recently been treated with entire Buccoea by by Dr. Von EUnberg, of this city. Satisfying ourselves by moro particular inquiries that tho doctor isnoempirio.bntascientifio oocnlist and Artist, we concluded to seek the benefits of bia' treatment, whioh we have now reason to acknowledge U very great. Though but a few wecka under bis care, the appearance of oureyes haa totally changed. The pupil is now fall and dear, and the Lids are entirely free from infUmmation. The doctor says that the optio nerve has been eakaned and the retina assumed a chronio inflammatory state, affecting moro or less all the other tissues, and threitening, if neglected, to end in Amaurosis. Opthalmitia, U tho term, we believe, which ocoulists apply to eyes affected as were ours. Having obtained the much denied relitf. we take great pleasure in acknowledging our indebtedness to tho talont of Dr. Von Elaenberg, and of colling to it tho attention of others who may be suffering from a similir or even worse condition of thoireyes. It is said that Providence provides an antidoto for every bane. It Is certain that thoeye is, ia these times, BubjecttOBewertriala than formerly. Letfas be thankful, then, that as we increase the tendencies which destroy the oryanof vision, the progress of science keeps pace with tiJofle tendencies, if not in odv&nc of them 81G BROADWAY, NEW YORK. j eMfcn PIAHO FORTES. I EIGHTY NEW PIANOS, MELODEONS, U ALEXANDRE and CABINET ORGANS, at wholesale or retail, at pricos as low as any first class instruments can be purcbnBoo. Second - hand Pianos at groat bargains, prices irom $60 to $200. Alltbo above Instruments loletl una rent applied ii purchased. Monthly payments recoivea Tor tho soma Thero being some soven difforent tnnkos of I'lunos in this large stock, pur .hasers can bo suited as well here as elsewhere, and perhaps a littlo bettor. 10,000 ahoou of Music, & littlo soilod, . cent per page. Unab. paid fr - Bccond - h&nH l1nos. mStr HORACE WATKRS. No. 31 Broadway, N. '. gAWYER & THOMPSON'S, No. 69 FULTON AVENUE. r FPK A1 TUB FIRST CLASS CONCERTS. f.bCTURKS, Ac, for sale ot SAWYER 4 THOMPSON'S. mSEAD&TS1!&,9p thb FOURTEENTH REGIMENT VETERAK SOCIETY, at SAWYER THOMPSON'S. rv r1?3 WATERS OF THE MU&ffiOLA AS300IA - TIOr. " SAWYER A THOMPSON'S. rv JEII? aTS F0R ALL PRINCIPAL ENTERTAINMENTS AT THE ACADEMY OF JVrUSTQ, at SAWYER ft THOMPSON'S. P ALL OF SAWYER'S POPULAR MELODIES for sale fc SAWYER A THOMPSON'S. Mili;fobOTGBOOJiS OTTHBC0 - SAWYER 4 THOMPSON'S. ' SAWYER & THOMPSONS. SAWYER THOMPSOS'S. A LARGE AN ELEGASTHALL TO LET, by tha night or week, ior Concerto, Ioctnren. Ac. t,t SAWYER t THOMPSON'S. MEW AND SECOND HAND PIANOS, lor sale and to 'et. SAWYER 4 THOMPSON'S. .EWmos TUNED. REPAIRED. STORED. BOXKD AND SHIPPED, t SAWYER 4 THOMPSON'S SECOND HAND PIANOS BOUGHT, at SAWYER 4 THOMPSON'S. M0S1O FOR SOCIABLES. PARTIES, PIO N10S i rnrnMied hy SAWYER i THOMPSON. " No. 69 Fulton nvm.u. ceived tho i first Prite Medal at tho World's Exhibition in ljondon, 1862. .The principal reason why the Steinway Pianos are sape - rior to all others, is, that tho linn is composed of tivopras - tcol piano forte makers, (father and four sons) who invent Miwjuir own improvemenrs, ana nnaer whoso personal supervision every part of the instrument is manufactured. WarerooniB. Nor. 71 and Tq RnotuHi o.. v. tt:T oare and Irving place. New York. LEGAL. SUPREME COURT. KINGS COUNTY Franoia I. Bmgman. PlaintifT. against Ann Sophia bchneidor, wife of Lewis Schneider, and others. Defendants . . , Moeee St Meteh, PUFs Attya. Inpnrsnanoe of ajudgmontin this action, dated the eleventh dayol October, 1804, will be sold at public auction by or nndcr the direction of the undersigned referee, at the Commercial Exchange, No. 369 Fulton street, opposite the City HalL Brooklyn, on the fifteenth day of November. 18S4, at 12 o clock noon .the following described premises. vie ; All that certain piece or parcel of ground, with the bnildinM theroon.Bituato. lyfng and being in the Ninth Ward of the City of Brooklyn aforesaid, and bounded and described as follows; Beginning at a point on the southerly Bido of McDougal street, distant two hundred and twen - K - five feet eaatwardly from the southeasterly comer of ica avenue and McDougal street, running thenoe southerly and parallel with Paca avenue sixty - seven feet and four inches; thence eastwardly one hundred and twenty - eight feet mora or loss until it strikes a point distant aevenW - threo feet southerly from the southerly side of McDougal street; thence northwardly seventy - three feet to the southerly side of McDougalstreet; and thenoe westwardly along tho BontharlT Hidn or Mrnnnnl iffonl - . mm twenty - eight feet to the place of beginning, be the said several dimensions more or less. Datod October 21st. 18S4 IIOHPOEATIOK NOTICE GRAIHBTG Flushing avenne. 1AJ?Stiti?Sh??)60nI,re9entdtothe Common Council of the City of Brooklyn to grade and pave Washington street; from Bushwick to Flushing avenue; the Common OouncU have nxed the district beyond which tho assessment for said improvement shall not extend, to wit. One hundred feet in depth on either side of said Washington street betwoen Bushwick and Flushing avenne. Remonstrance tf any) against the said improvement, must be left at tho Street Commissioner's offico, on or before the 19th day of November, 18G4, as thoCominon Council will finally act upon the same at their next ensuing meeting 5?a5?oo.Ull0reftor conyeniont. Dated Brooklyn, Oct, 24th, 18G4. J. OAKLEY NODYNB, on btreet Commissioner. SUPREME COURT; KINGS COUNTY George Haviland and Sarah Lonisa Haviland, his wifo and John D. Hicks and Caroline H. Hioks. hia wire, against Mary Haviland and Arthur Haviland. In pursuance and by virtue of an order of this Court, made in tho above oanso on the nineteenth day of September. 1B64, is hereby given to all persons having any general hen or incumbrance, by judgment or decree or otherwise, on the undivided shore or interest of any of the owners in the premises hereinafter doscribed. to nrodnco to me the undersigned, on or before tho twonty - fifth davof November, l86ftYat my office. No. 15 Court streot, in the Oity of Brooklyn. Kings County, proof of tneir respective lions and incumbrances, together with satisfactory evidenoe of tee amount duo thereon, and to specify the nature of such incumbrances and tho dates thereof respectively. The said premises are described in the complaint as follows; All that certain lot, piece, orparcel of land, situate, lying, and bemr in the First Ward of the oity oF Brooklyn! with the dwelling house thBreon, and Lying on the westerly Bide of Columbia street, and fronting on said street, and extending throuirb tn Vnrmiin ntMt Mil lwniia,i Bcribed as follows: Beginning at a point on the westerly Bonuwestny corner of Golnmbia and Cranbeirv streeta, in gid oity, by a lot of ground formerly conveved 'to Charles H. Bocers; ranning thonoQ in a westerly coarse alonit the Bold lotof Kroand, and on a line parallel with Cranberry Crnaf .nn Rft.fui. .n T7n Bontherly along Furman street, towards Oranno street thirty feet three inches, to a lot of ground formerly conYored to Anson Lapham: thenoe easterlv ia a straight lino by said last mentioned lot, one hundred and fifty foot, to Co - himbia street: tbonco in anortherly oourse along Ootnra - bia street, thirty feet three inches, to the placo of bozin - ning. - Datod October 1st, 1864. iip 04 law6W N. L. ZABttfSKIE. Rofnrnn. TH PXJKSTJANCB OF AH ORDER OF E08 - of Kings. m., uoi., 01 uie uoonty Notico is hereby pyen, according to law, to aU penwM having claims against SMITH WOOD, late of tho ffltrof rirooiujn, aeceosed, that they are renrurod to exhibit tha eamo, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at her residence, fto. 166 Ryerson street, in tho Oity of Brooklyn. jgj ' " uu.h. uwou seunury lfe3Iaw8mW AJvN M. WOOD. Administratrix, TRUSTEES' SAXiE BY VIRTUE OF A Deed of Trust eiocutod and. delirored to the sub - oiiiutii uj i.iw:n. Burns ana ois wire, or the Oity of Brooklyn, dated tneftndaypf August. 1B61. and recorded in the RegiBter'B offlce ofngs County, I shaU expose for for cash, at the Oommorcial Exchange, No. 36 Pulton Ptreot. (opposite the Oity Hall.) in the Oity of Brooklyn, on the ast day of October. 1864, at 12 o'olooknoon of that day. the following described premises, vis: All that cortaui piece orparcel of land, with the improvements thereout jituated, Ijinx and bmni in tho Eaoventh Ward of tto City of 'Brooklyn, County of Kings and Stnto of ftow lork. bounded and described as follows HMnnfuncrnt.nAjn.nn lha ....1. ' . distant throe hundred and htty - two feet and three inches cortheily from the northeasterly oomer of Oxford street H... f a; tnonco running easterly at right angles with Oxford street one hundred feet: thonoo nortMrlylnd parallel with Oxford street eighteen feet and nine inohos - tience westerly and at right angles with Oxford streot and through tho centre of a party wall onB hundred feet to the Baid easterly side of Oxford street; and thenoe southorly along the easterly aide of Oxford street eighteen feot and nine inches to the point or place of beginning. Datod Sen - Umber 20, 1E64. WUGStERS. WOOD. TrS, 4oT Wm. A. Coopt. Attnrnnv. 119 Tt - n.l.. V v' se211av,4wW .ni,i....v KINGS COUNTY COURT - ARTHUR W. Benson asainst Chlrlos H. Parsons anfl others v. J ot C. Lownp.T, Att'ys. for Pit's. In pursuance and by virtue of a judgment order of this Court, niado in the above ontitled action, bearing dato tho 10th day of October A. p., 18811 wiU seU by public auctira at the Commercial Exchange, No. 363 Pulton street In the city of Brooklyn, on the fourth day of November, 1861 at 12 u clock at noon, the following described lands and pre - miseeTAllthoEO certain lota, pieces, or parcels of land, situate, lying and being in the City of Brooklyn, County of Kings and State of New York, bounded aitd doicribo J as follows, to wit: Befnnning at the corner formed by the intersection of the Boutheastorly side of Third avonuo with the southwesterly Bide of Carroll streot as said avenue and street are respectively laid out on the map of the commisaionors for laying out atreets avenues and squares in tho city of Brooklyn runniuir thence southwesterly along tho southeasterly Bide of the Third nyenno one hundred and ninety - two foot seven inches, thenco southeasterly parallel with Eirst streot ono hundred and fifty feet thence northeasterly parallel "with Third arenue to the southwesterly side of Carroll street, and thence northwesterly along the southwesterly Bide of Oar - roU streot to the point or place of beginning, tOKOthor with all the right title and interest of the said defendants of iu and to the half of Carroll street and Third avenue lying in frontof and adjoining tho said above described premises to the centre of said street and avenue respectively; reference iB hereby mado to Carroll and First street merely for tfce purpose of a more convenient description, and it is not intended by such reference to dedicate said streets to the public or to waive compenEatioc for the same whenever tho same may be taken or required by the oity of Brooklyn or theproperauthoritieaajiandforpublioBtreete. DatedOo - ctober 12, lEGi. ol2 2aw3w J. I,. MABOEU.UB. Referee. fN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OF ROS - JL WELL O, BRAIN ARD, Bsq., Surrogate of the County ofKings: Notice ia hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims agairist LAWRENCE V. MAGAW, late of the town of New Utrecht, Kings County, deoeasod, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to uue subscribers at the residence of Peter Wyckoff New Utrecht, Kings County, on or before the sixth day of October next. Dated March 30th, 1884. LEMMA MAGAW, ) , . . .. . mh301aw6W PETER WYCKOFF. ( Administrators . IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDEROFROS WELI. O. BRAIN ARD, Esq., Surrogate of the Oountr ofKings: Notico is hereby given. acoording to law, to all persona having claims against JAMES GOULD, late of the ton of New Utxeoht; deceased, that they are required to exhibit the sarno, with tho vonchers thereof, to the subscribers, at the office of GOULD 4 HALL, Nos. 139 andlie Centre Row, West Washmgton Market, in the Oity of Hew York, on or before the 23th day of December next Dat d June 22d, 1834. WILLIAM GOULD, ) JOHN GOULD, Executor. iB law6mW JAMKS GOtJLD, t IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDEROF ROS WELL C. BRAIN ARD, Esq. Surrogate of the County of Kings: Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all perBons having claims against ICHABOD SHERMAN, latoof the City of Brooklyn, deceased, that thoy are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchors, thoreof, to the subscribers, tho administrators, at the office of Kemp, Day fe Oo. 110 Wall Btreet, in the city of New York, on or before tile Uth day ot March next. Dated September 6th. 1881. MINERVA SHERMAN, (T. . , EDWIN SHEHMAN. I AdmiaistratOTi, mil lawfcnW IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDER OFROS - WBLL 0. BRAIN ARD, Esq, SurrogBte of the Oountf Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all person having. claims against AUGUSTCB W. BBBINOHAU3 late of the City of Brooklyn, deoeased, that tner are re - onired to exhibit the same, with tho vonchers thereof, to the subscribers, at the odioe of James S. Enohwese. Una. No. n3edar street, in the Oity of New York, on or before the sixth day of JJgggjgjn. jy61aw6mW SOLOMON ZOLLINGER, i rocutoia. IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDEROF RO WELL O. BRAIN ARD, Bsq.. 8 arrogate of the Oountr ofKings: Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all persons having claims against DANIEL K. DODGE, late ot the City of Brooklyn, deoeased, that they are required to exhibit the aame,wih tho vouohers thereof, tothesub - eenbera, at the office of Daniel A. Dodge, No. 1M Oongresa street, in the City of Brooklyn, on - or before the twelfth day of January noxt. Dntd July Gtb.lB&i. DANIEL A. DODOS, VAJrainhrtratora. WALTER R DODGE. ( irClawgmTV DIRECTORIES FOR 8 ALE AT THIS OFFICE. featf D IAMONDS IN PENS, EAR RINGS, FIU - JL H. HAHT A OQ8 Ml Fnltoa L U St. Anxe BsUdiaa MEDICAC. COJXST1TUTIOH WATER. CONSTITUTION WATHR coNSTrruTioa water CONSTITUTION WATER SONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATE8 THE GRFAT REMEDY FOR THE CONSTITUTION, AND THE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY FOR DIABETES, AS.D DISEASES OF THE KIDNEYS AND BLADDER. CONSTITUTION WATER NOT IN TUB BLADDER. CALCULUS. SRAVKL BRICK DUST DEPOSIT, etc, etc.. Diseases arising from a faulty secretion in the one case being too little, and acoompanied by severe pain, and the other a too profuse secretion wluobwiii be speedily cured by the CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONBTrrUTIOIl WATEH GONSTXTUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION iiATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER CONSTITUTION WATER THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE THE ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY. ONLY ONLY KNOWN KNOWN KNOWH KNOWN KNOWN KNOWN KNOWN KNOWN KNOWN KNOWN REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY REMEDY DIABETES. Has been sroaannoftal bv nba XffnnWnA. ir.. ? i and the publio, to be the most wonderful remedy for the KIDNEYS, and BTDDERtliah It is not a MINERAL WATER. It is from extieriiinn. that CONSTITUTION WATKR has cimimamTwe w say let no man doubt, when a si ugle bottle has been known to cure diseases which the best medical talent in toil country has failed to relieve. A remody iposseasing the virtnes of Constitution Water cannot be olaased nuder "quaok" preparations, as it is now oniysocondlaBBphyswians that ory down popular reme - dies, while the befter skilled make use of everyeanato twcomplish a cure; and the suooess of tho physician increases ae his knowledge of differentremedies enables him to nro - duce a cure, while others foil in tho attempt. Science is satisfied with the truth. Give Constitution Water a fair trial we meanlyou who are under some specialist's care from year to year,and we particularly allude to ladies who are constantly resorthito local treatment, and all sorts of local applications fordis - eases. with as much chance of success as there would bo fromlocal applications to the throat for dasosof tie We have always been careful to use laiignaee in our circular that oould not shock the most dehcatlorianizaton?bnt we receive so riumy oommnnications from persons for which the Cpnstitauou Water is adapted, and ofrhose disease nS i?nn' tW.nWnIItnatW.6,1U,? COm' tO th8 OOnoltt - sion that if the remedy is capable of producing a oure no juatter what the disease may V it should be made lcnoWnT The medicine is pat up for Ihe public, and there should be no exceptions. Wo would say. Constitution Water is not like a gilded DilL made to suit the eye and taste: it is a medioina Tin efeti sense of the term, placed in the hands of tho peoole f o? their relief, and if taken accordinK to the directions it will in every oase produce a radical oure. We would say that the dlreotious in regard to diet, eto, relate only to tfia diwial mndar which they occur. DIABETES. Is disease of the stomacb and liver, acting Umturh tha kidneys, and is, without doubt, the most obtrtrnaU dissaae. except consumption, that effects tho human oonatitatiom We have no space for discussing causes, bnt will state that theenect of the disease is the conversion of the Btarclur principle (or vegetable portion of tha food) mtosucar wnichstimnlates the kidneys to an excessive secretion of water. Many persona suffer from Ihia disease who are iar - norantof it; that is. thoy pass large quantities during to day, and are obliged to get up from one to fifteen or twenty tunes during the night. No notice is taken of it until their attention is called to tho large discharge of water, and often when it is so far advanced as to bo beyond control of ordinary remedies. Another symptom is the greatrthirst. which when the disease is fully established, is intolerable the patient drinks constantly without being satisfied! also dryness of the mouth, cracking of the lips, a sweet breath, in the more advanced cases, and finally loss of appetite, ema - eiation. and the patient gradually sinks from exhaustion CONtOTrcrnOK WATEB is, without doubt, the only known remedy for diabetes, and we have as much confidence that it is a 'Specific as we have Wat opium will produce sleep, and trutlilully say that it has cured every case in which it haa been used. RRITATION OF THE NECK Off THE BLADDER INFLAMMATION Olf THE KIDNEYS CATARRH OF THE BLADDER. STRANGUARY AND BURING, OR PAINFUL URINATING. Ifor chose diseases it is truly a sovereign remedy, and too much cannot be said in ita praise. A single doso has been known to relieve the most urgent symptoms. Are you troubled with that distressing pain in the small of the back and through tho hips? A teaspoonful a day of the Constitution Water will relieve you like music PHYSICIANS , Have long since given up the usa of buchu, cubobs and loniper in the treatment of those diseases, and only use Bkesu for the vant of a better remedy. CONSTITUTION" WATER h proved Itself equal to the task that hue devolved upon rtv. DIURETICS irritate and drench the kidneys,and by eonstant use Boon mad to ohronio degeneration and oonllrinecl disease. We present the Constitution water to the publio with the conviction that it has no equal in relieving; the of diijeatfea xor which it has been found so eminently suooessful for cur - jng; and we trust that we shall bo rewarded for oar efforts inplaoingao valuable a remedy in aform to meol t&a m - qmJWmncta of patient and pjiyaislan. BAD BE IAD! I READ! I! .DaWTrLTJS, Pa, JuneJ,l8i Dr. Wm. EL Gregg De Sir : In February, 186L I was afflicted with sugar diabeto and for five months I passed more than two gallons of was ter m twenty - four hours. I was obliged to get upas often u ten or twehnsimes during Uienighn and in tire months I lost about fiftx pounds in weight. Dnring the month of July. 196X I procured two bottles of Constitution Water, and in two days after using it I experienced relief, and after taking two bottles I was entirely cured, noon iftw rngaining or uW food health. YooraTtruly, J. V. L. DE WITT. Bostok coiarsns, N. Y., Dec IT, 1391. "Wra. H. Gregg A Co. tfl&ta: I freefv irlvm von. libertr to monetiM fullnwihtr AH.4iSn.nH nf 41N mlnn nf flnnRtitntlnn W.... i oi the which I can recommend in the highest manner: My wife was attacked with pain in the snouloora, whole length of the back, and In her Limbs, with Palpitation of the Heart and Irritation of the Bladder. I called a pliysioian, who attended her about three months, and while she was un - abiscaresheaidnotsniferquitoasmuchrjain. Hennal - ly gave her up. and aaid heroase was incurable,!' "For" said he, "she has such a combination of complaints that medicine given for one operates against seme other of her diffloulties." bout this time she commenced the use of constitution water, ana to our utter astonishment, almost the first doee seemed to have the dirod effect, and she kept on iniDrovliiff r&pldJ under lu treatment, and now ffaperiatonos cntlroljr her domoetio rvfiaira. She has not tiucen aj of the (nstttotlon Water for ftboat (oar weeks wearet - pprtowtiva, Wsimtstsraan), dona., March X IBa Dr. W. H. Grunt DearBir: Having sees lyonr sdverbiasmeut of 'OoniSEu - tion Water, recommended for Inflammation of the Kidneys and Irritation at ibt .BLaddor, having suffered forthepast three years, and tried thoaktilof a number of prorata with only temporary relief. I was induced to try your medl - otne. I proenrod one bottle of your agents at Hartford. Messrs. Loe. Biason 4 Co., and when I had used half of it. to my surprise I found a groat change in my health. I have nsedtwotMtUesof it, and am where I never expected to be In nwUfe, well, and in good .spirits. I cannot express my eratitude for it; Ifeeltiat it is alTand more than you re - oommendit aobc May the btesBings of God ever attend aottlnyourUboriof lava. YonrsTtroly, LEONARDS BIQKLOW, I'OR SALE BY ALL DRUGCISTS. PRICE 91. WM. H. GREGG 4 CO., Propriotor,. MORGAN t ALLEN, Oenoral Agents, No. 40 CilTf street. Now York. SoldbyDavies, corner Fulton and Clinton streets, and Douglass, comer Fulton aveuuo and Pearl street, and all Druggists. fat od6m. COItPORATIOW NOTICES. - jaJOTICE ES THE MATTER OF THE Jvl npplicotir nof the Common Council of tho Citv of Brooklyn, in rclution to opening and widening Bunhwick avenuo r.i McitoII street, frorr - North Socond street to the city lino, in tho City of Brookjjn. To alt whom it may concern: Wc, tho nndorsiiiiied, Oommisdlonora of Estimate and Assessment, on the obovo matter, do hereby give notice that wo havo completed our report in tlio above matter, and that tho said report und mnp nre nlcd in tho otlico of tho Clerk of tho County of Kings, for examination by Jill persons interested, and that wo will moot ot the olflce ol tho Counnol to tho Con:oration of tho City of Brooklyn, at the Oity Hnll, on Monday, tno 31st dny of Octobor. 18S4, at two o'clock in the afternoon, to review our Bald report Datod Brooklyn, October IP, lb64. ANDREW J. PROVOST. 1 CHARLEB J. DFBEVOISE, Commissioners. olBtd JAMES HALL. 1 "VTOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THE AP - plication of tho Common Counoil of the City of Brooklyn, in relation to opening nnd widening South Seventh street, and a part of South Sixth street, from Firat street to Division avenue or Broadway, m the City of Brooklyn. ' To all whom it may concern : We, the undersigned. Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment on the abovo matter, do hereby givo notioe that we have completed our repert in the abovo matter, and that tho said report and map aro filed in tho office of the Clerk of tho County of Kings, for examination by all persons interested, and that we will moet at the offico of tho Counsel to tho Corporation of tho City of Brooklyn. Mthe Oity Hall, on Friday, tho 4th day of .November, 1861 at 2 o clock in the afternoon, to review our said report Dated JOHN T. RUNOIE, JOHN FRENOH. 021 td Commissioners. OFFICE OF THE STREET COMMISSION ERJNp. fi Oity HaU - PROPOSALS FOR I GRADING AKD PAVHSG NINTH AVENUE, from St street to the Greenwood Cemetery. Sealed proposals will bo rocoivodby the Board of Contract at tho Mayor's office until Thursday. Qct. 27th. 186. at 2k o clock P, M., forRradinfi and pavlnp and completing 9t avenue, irom 12th Btreet to the Greonwood Oemetery with the best bank paviner - stones. setting ourb and ffut'er atonoe and InyinK all necessary cross walks agreoabIo to the profilo of said avenne, on tile in the office of the Street Commissioner. Proposals to utatc the pricn for tho entiro work all com - Elete, for Bold avenuo, from 12th street to the Greenwood emetery. Blnnlcs for estiniatinfr furnished at the office of tho Street Commissioner, and none other will be considered - Proposals will not be considered nnless accompanied wiUi a consent in writinr of two sureties of 1500 each, on each proposal, (who shall qualify as to their responsibility) that if the contract be awarded to the party proposing, tuey will bocomoboundashis surety for ita faithful performance; and in case he shall neglect or refuse to execute the contract, if eo awarded, then that they will pay to tho Oity of Brook lyn the difference botween tho price so proposed and the price of tho next highest bidder to whom the contract may awarded. Proposals to be endorsed "Board of Contracts Proposals for Grading and Paving 9th avonue." Brooklyn, Oct. ICtn. 1K4. By order of the Board of Contracts, J OAKLEY NODYNE, ol t" Street Commissioner TVJOTIOE OF ORDINANCE TO CAUSE JaJJj sidewalks to be flagged. Notico is horeby given to all parties interested, of the intention of the Common Council of this city to pass an Ordinance to cause sidewalks to bo Hogged in front of tho lots of ground at the following locations: On Greenpoint avenue, between Union avenue and Oakland Btreet. On Greenpoint avenue. N S, botwoen Unioa avonuo and Franklin street. On Java Btreet, BS, botween Union avenno and Franklin street. On "Washington street, between Greenpoint avonuo and Freeman &t; each to the width of six feet. Dated Brooklyn, October 14th. 18G4. J. OAKIETf NODYNE, ol 10t Stroot OommLtfdoncr . IK BOARD OF CONTRACTS. OCT. 13th, 1864. ' Notice is hereby given, thnt sealed proposals will be received at tho Mayor a Office, City Hall, Brooklyn, until thu 27th day of October. 1864. at 2ko'clock P. M. for the building of Engine House No 2, WD; also for building bell tower, adjoining; also for construction of wells and pumps at tho following locations, viz: on fe corner of ttalph avenne and Sackettntroet; also at tho cornerof Yates avenue and Monroe Btreet; the plans ono specifications of which may be seen Ltthe Street Commissioner's office. Blanks for entimating furnished at the Street Oonunis - Bioner'B office, and none other will bo considered. Proposals will not be considered nnless accompanied with the consent in writing of two sureties, duly qualified, that they will become bound for the faithful performance of tha contract should it be awarded to the proposer, and in tha event of his neglect or refusal to execute the contract, if so awarded, that they will pay on demand to the City of Brooklyn, tho difference between the price so proposed and tha Erice of tho next highest bidder, to whom the contract mar e awarded. Proposals to be endorsed "To tho Board of Contracts Proposals lor the specific work. 017 td HENRY" McCLOSKEY. City Clark. ITY CLERK'S OFFICE, BROOSSS; The following resolution was adopted in Common Council, Sept. iff, le&t; Resolved. That so much of the Third "Ward as lies between the centre line of Clark street and tht centre Una of JoralemonHtreut, bo aud the eamo horeby is taken from tho E resent Election Districts, and constituted a now Election listnctto be called the Third Election District of the Tnirti Ward. to HENRY McCLOSKEV. Citv Clerk. CIITY CLERK'S OFFICE, BROOKLYN. J October 17, lfifli. - uxi The following resolution was adopted in Common Council October 3, 1864: Rosolved. Tbat tho first District of tho Ninth ward bo bounded as follows: By the centro of Flatbush avenue to the city line ; city lino to the centre of CJasson avenue: centre of OlaBson avoy.ue to the centro of Atlantic avenue - centre of Atlantic avenue to the centre of Flatbush avenue the place of beginning. olSto HhNRY McCLOSKEY. Citv mrV. CORPORATION NOTIC E GRADING ' ana paving Grand avenue, between Flushing avenuo and Hickory street. A petition has been presonted to the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, to grade and pave Grand avenue from flushing avenue to Hickory streot: the Common Council nave nxed the DiBtnct beyond which the assessment for said improvement shall not extend, to wit: One hundred feet in depth on either side of said Grand avonue, between Flushing avenue and Hickory street. Remonstrances (ji anyj against, the said improToment. must be left at the Street Conimisf - ioner's office, on or bofor tno 1st day of November, 1864, aa the Common Council will finally act npon tho same at thoir next ensuing meetmir ox 83 Rtinn tharAnftpr iu nnnvon;nnt Tsni - arl - i.i 5th, 1664. J. OAKLEY NODYNK. ,? Streot Commissioner. "VTOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THB J - l application of tho Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, in relation to opening Eckford street, from tho northerly line of tho Peter Oalyer Farm to Greonnoint avenue, in tho City of Brooklyn. To all whom it may concern : Tho report of the Afisessors in tho abovo entitled matter has been comDleted and filed in thn nffirw nf thr. n : eioner of Taxes of the City of Brooklyn, whoro it ia odq for the inspection of all porsone interested. aalJlH WlUUU Will UH U1JIUI On OeOOlI OI IHO SOlt. UOmUlO CounciLto tho Sunromo Con - t nf thn Rftn r n v . at a Special Term thereof, hold at tho Oity HalL Citr of Brooklyn, on Monday, the Uh day of Novorabor7 lfL at 10 o clock in the forenoon of that day, or as soon thoro - J terscoanse 1 con bo hoard, to have sard report confirmed. . JOliM G. SOHUMAKER, olltd Attorney and Counsel of tho Citv of Bmolrlra SOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THE , application of the Common Council of the Oity of iKlyn. in relationtoopeningOak etreot, from the easterly hno of the Lema S. Thomas farm to Guernsoy Btreet. in the City of Brooklyn. To all whom it may concern : The report of the Assessors in the above entitled matter has been complete and filed in th oflioe of the Oommis - aionerof Taxes of the City of Brooklyn, where it ia anon for the inspection of all persons interested. Ayyi watiuii HiuDB niaae, on Deaau oi tne said Oommoa CounciL to i the Supreme Courtof tho State of New York, at a Snecial Tnrm tharMf. hold nt. f.lio mtw rr - ii i;a Ti Brooklyn on Monday, the 7th day of November, 1861, at 10 o clock in the forenoon of that day, or as Boon thereafter as v - uuiiDci Mm uuMii, w uhyb tuuii reporc oonnrmmr. Dated October 11th, 1864. JOHN G. SOHUMAKER, oil td Attorney and Counsel of the City of Brooklm. TTOTICEIN THE MATTER OF THE application of the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, in relation to opening Loonard street, from the northerly line of the Peter Calyor form to Greenpoint avenue in the city of Brooklyn . To all whom it may concern: The Report of the Assessors in the above entitled matter has been completed and filed in tho office of the Commissioner of Taxes of the City of Brooklyn, whore it is open for the inspection of all porsons interested. Application will be made, on behalf of the said Common Council, to the Supreme Courtof tho State of New York, at a Special Term thereof, held at tho City Hall, City of Brooklyn, on Monday, tho 7th day of November, 1864, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon oi that day, or as soon thereafter as counsel can he heard, to have said report confirmed. Dated October 11th, 1664. JOHN G. SOHUMAKER, olltd Attorney and Counsel of the Oity of Brooklyn "VTOTICE OF ORDINANCE TO DIRECT Xl lots to be dug down. Notice is hereby given to all parties interested of the intention of the Common Council of this oity to pass an ordinance to direct lota to do dug down on the southeast corner of Union avenuo and Java street, to abate a nuisance. Dated Brooklyn, October Uth. 1864. J. OAKLEY NODYNE. olB lOd Street CommiBsioner. "VTOTICE OF ORDINANCE TO DIRECT Xl Lots to be Filled or Wailed. Notice is hereby given to all parties interested of the intention of the Common Council of this City to pass an Ordinance to direct owners ol lot on Kent street, N S, 100 feet east of Unign avenue, to till up or wall the same in the rear, to prevent damage to the adjoining property. Dated Brooklyn, October 14th, 1864. J. OAKXJSY NODYNB, olSlpd Street Commissioner. TVTOTICE OF ORDINANCE TO OAUSB sidewalks to be flagged. Notice ia hereby given to ail parties interested of the intention of the Common Council of this oity te pass an ordinance to direct sidewal&s to be flagged in front of the lota of ground at the following locations: On Fort Greene placo, W 8 between Hanson placo and Atlantic avenue. On Quincy street, both sides, botween Nostrand and Marcyarenues. On Bergen street, "WS,botween4thand5thavennee. On Marcy avenue, W 8, between Broadway and Flashing avenues: each to tne width of six feet. Dated Brooklyn, October 14th, 1864, J. OAKLEY NODYNE. olfi 10d Street Commissioner. "VTOTICE OF ORDINANCE TO DIRECTS' Xl Lots to be Fenced. Notico is hereby given to all parties interested of the intention of the Common Counoil of the City, to pass an Ordinance to direct lots to be fenced at the following locations: On Carlton avenue, E S, between Myrtle and Willoughby Kvenuee. On HudBon avenue. E S, between Nassau and High sts. On Van Brant street, W S, between Dograw and Saokeft streets. , On 62"Woodhull street; to abate a nuisance. Dated Brooklyn, October Hth, 1861. J. OAKXEx NODYNE, olB 10d Street Commissioner. NOTICE OF ORDINANCE TO DIRECT Lots to be Fenced. Notice ie hereby piven to ail persons interested, of the Intention of the Common Council of this city, to pass an ordinance to direct lots to be fenced at the foUovring location t On block bounded by 3d and fith avonuos, 20th and 31st streets; On block bounded by Quincy stroot. Gates, Bedford and Franklin avenues. On Lafayette avenue. S "W corner of Fort Greene place. On North First tstroet, N E corner of Ninth. trcot. to abate a nuisance. Datod Brooklyn, October 14th, 1864. J. OAKLEY NODYNE. olSlOd Street Commissioner. A MENDMENTS TO THE CITY ORDI J3L NANCES, in Common Council Oot. 3, 1864. The Mayor and Aldermen o! tt o City of Brooklyn in Common Council convened do enact as follows: Section 3d of article lat of chapter Beoond of the ordinances of the City of Brooklyn, providing to license and repulatlng cartmen aud others, adopted Februry 11th. 1667. is beroby amended by adding thereto the following words: "Por oach railroad car, twenty.dollars. " Section one, article third, chapter second of the ordinances of the Oity of Brooklyn, providing to license and regulating cartmen 'and others, adopted February 11th, 1S67, is hereby amondod by Inscrtiug the words "railroad car' after tho word "Btage" in said Bection. Adopted Oct. 3d. 1664. Approved by the Mayor Cot. 4th. 1864. ol510d ORPOKATION NOTIC FGRADINQ and paving Elliott place between Fulton avenne and A petition has boon presented tpthe Common Oooncil of the Oitypf Brooklyn to grade and pave Elliott place, between Futon avenue and Hanson placo, with Bolgiaa pavement: tho Common Council have hxed the district beyond wWoh the assessment for said improvement shall not oxtendto wit: One hundred feet on either side of aaid Elliott pkw between Fulton avonue and Hanson place, Hemonstrancos fix any; against the said improvement, must be left at the Street Commissioner's office, on or before tho lat day of November, IB64. as the Common Ooun will finally act upon the same at their next onsuing moo tine or as soon thereafter as convenient. Dated BrooldsiB Oct. 6th, 1864, J. OAKLEY NODYNB, 06 td Street Commissionepr;

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