The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1950
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, OCTOBER.*, 1990 Our Bonding House with Maj. Hoopl* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EGAD.' NASTY LUMP, IMAGINE.' VJITH ME IM A«LSA.e- TRYIS5G TO PEDDLE A SET OP 600KS. T«E VJCX2LD 5PUf?(J6, IT 16 SWB HAS TO .1^; FLY IMTO A TAMTKUM / MO MORt INDIGNITIES! I'LL FLEE -THIS ABODE »V HE'U. FWJT OMC OJLV A CHILtys TUKT VASE.'WHY,,,, CAM'T WOMEKS ^ fern THEIR RASE *J.ITH A FEW UCH WSTEAtJ OP HURLIUG PRESCRIPTIONS Frenh Stock j C«ran(e*d Bcel Price* IKirhv Druo Stores FOR SALE «l?erU 12 tnck ta 48 in .1 rMDfor;e4 AIM 'BiiUIni Blxki cheap- nkci t«l tarM <hlek» *l iked* Call « tar trw W* 4eltr<r OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. ! Blytheville Gloss & Paint Co. 13« E. Main Phone 6716 j FARM LOANS Cales Wijjjfs Co.- REALTORS . : Phone J151 .. , Bijlehvlll* what did YOU do with your Yo« can get an extra pair of sh»»*s for winter ml home just by leUIng your shoe service man "do over" your vacation shoe*, del an Extra*. Pair Through Shoe Repair. H-flLTCRS I IQuqUTY SHOC SHOpJ LI W M Rl M ST. I Concrete Culvert Tilt fjiies np (o 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up lo 81 In. Automatic Flood (laics Concrele Seplic Tanks Mclal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Rest Friers We Deliver A. H. WEBB Highway 61 <t State Line Phone 7U HAIRY VETCH Balboa Ry«, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Sec Blylhevillc Soybean Corp. 1SOO Weal Main BIjlheTllle Phone M5« &CAMZTOKIU Z/ ADELINE ^7 Cofylkfhl 19 I9SO b, WA THK -STORVt Aft*r • •n»«»<-l»* 4k A I *kr |» ckinx'HK her will. wkU-h «•• t« off h*r »*|»h*w» P*t*r and Jauprr v*b«» wrrr to «h*rr tfc* r*lnlr. Aunt .Hajiicf * Itnrnr tell* hrr grrtndmlet'r !,(•«* mm tmmi *be !• »frai*. NhF *H<rK»i« t*»* will, , «•••• WT for (hr I* VI T OOKING at Pelcr and Sondra, ' J Leeana wondered if they were in this thing alone, or if Jasper also knew. Or if Jysper had killed Miss Maggie and his wife and his brother were covering up for him. . . . But it was Peter whom Miss Maggie had feared most, ft was Peler against whom Miss Agatha had wanted her door locked. "Is Miss Aggie all right?" . "Certainly," Sondra snapped. "It wasn't her will." No, Leeana thought. Also it wasn't Miss Agatha who had all the money, whom they., all hated because she had plans of her own for its disposal. Agatha lived on her sister's generosity and a small annuity; it was Mis^ Maggie, the eldest, who kept the Thome family purse strings tied in a hard knot. Leeana had thought herseU pretty-well inured lo insults after seven months in the same household with Jasper'and Sondra, but even their bitterness had not prepared her for being accused of murder. Even at their worst they had not looked at her IK Peter looked at her now—daring her to prove herself innocent. Deputy sheriff Mart Preston arrived first. He burst into the hall without knocking and left the door open. Behind him, ushered in by the biting November wind, were Sheriff Clem Purdy, Jasper, and two other nvem whom Leeana didn't know. "Leeana, he said—" Marl remembered his status; he continued officially, "What goes, Miss Thome?" Leeana bit her lip. "You know —what they say?" What Jasper says," Sheriff Pur- put in. I didn't do It," Leeana said simply. "You can fake it or leave it." "Thanks, we'll leave It—for the time being," he added hastily. "I never trust snap judgment, especially whon it's somebody else's." Peter Thorne flushed, bill Sondra fixed an icy stare on Ihe sheriff. "Will you show us the—body, please. Jasper." Clem Purdy turned again lo his puide. "Dr. Zimbrunsky will—" He cleared his thoat. "He's the coroner." • , • * JASPER THORNE started for the stairs. Zimbrunsky and his aide were at his heels. The sheriff trudged off, too. Sondra followed him. After the first few steps, though, she paused, looked back. "Feterl" Her voice shook. "Peter, I—I'm faint." Peter Thorne was at her side a flash—too swiftly, Leeana told herself, for mere brotherly interest. She looked up at Mart Preston. "I suppose you're to question me?" Mart's grin was crooked, worried, far from confident as he took his eyes reluctantly from the pair going slo%vly up the wide stairs. Peter's arm was around Sondra, and she was leaning on him. "Just one," he said. "Or maybe two. First—did you?" Leeana shook her head.'' '*Cross my heart." Cold fire burned deep in Mar< Preston's eyes. He said, "Then why, Leeana, was your bag packec —and in the car?" The suitcase WR« hers. Sick' with fear, Leeana turned away from he car In which Jasper had gone or he'p. • "Jasper found it when he started after Clem," Mart Preston explained, "lit left it right there— didn't even touch it." He added lopelessly, "Of course there won't 1 fingerprints." It was a straw. Leeana snatched it it. "Then you don't think I'm lying :o you?" Deputy Preston shook his head. '1 don't," he said. "But Clem, now—" The silence was sudden and errible. ."Anyone could have packed it," [.eeana half-whispered, referring to the pigskin bag that hpd been her father's going-away gift. "Why, they didn't get nearly all my things and—" "There was no time for that!" Preston cut in. "Besides, if he— or she—wanted to make you look guilty, h* wouldn't dare take-all your things. He would have taken only a few, so your suggested 'flight' wo'Jld' not be discovered until enough lime had passed to make you look more guilty than ever." Leeana shivered. He made k sound so right. "Don't you see," Mart slopped, as though he realized that his hands on her 'shoulders, his eyes looking deep into hers, were hot the proper officer-suspect relationship. His hands dropped to his sides, and became fists. "Somebody is trying lo frame you!" J EEANA was surprised that she could smile and even more astounded that the cold lump in the pit of her stomach was giving way to warmth. "Mart!", "You think h's Peter, don't yon?" Leeana ignored him. "Mart," she said again, "if Peter and Son- rira wore in Ihe living room together, then that makes it Jasper, doesn't it?" "Does it?" came the hard, dry voice from behind Ihem. Leeana felt her heart curl np in her breast as Jasper Thorne came out of the darkness toward them. (T. Be CvntinMd) For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION hi o mojorlty •( coic< hiveiK- «ot«d in wverol hojpitoli and elinici, lubnormal Kidney function wai improved, Bladder pain and ditcomfort reduced after the uw of Mountain Vall»y Water. H your doctor hoi diagnosed your condition 01 functional Kidney impairment mil natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeki. * h d«1kioui, pure-tasting, end »«V b« coniumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division HoantainValley ~' —^ Jn general, the U.S. needs to Import only special purpose oils such as coconut, palm, castor and olive oils. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp rOUR FRIENDLY' .AGNOLIA DEALER NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning We're Proud of Our Work work • Woodwork •luring • Welding 8ARKSDALE MFC CO • Machine work • Manufacturing RED © SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glasi AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 —/ 112 S. First — ttlythcville "But, Jan«, i« wasn't hard to get o smoff sa/ary Joan .at GENERAL CONFRACT PURCHASE CORPORA r/ON/" FACT TH1KHEM ~"~* i "^™ — •~**™"^^"^™"*™^ AND MIS FRIENDS BT MERRILL BLOW Hair-RaUijig (ARK.) COURIER WAS THAT STRCTLY EVER A HAIR- I HccROft LlflERI BERTHA'S GOT OLD KMORE PI : me fux. ON FIRE./ iws^s? L^ S<S SSS?E&? Th« way Professor Abercrombie go«i on about the French Revolution, you'd think it was something exciting!" I>KISCU,A'S POP Sounds Fair Enough HY AL VERMEER HAVE VOU NOTICED HOW :il_LA'S Bt BEHAVING ANOTHER BROKEN LAMP! YOU'VE MADE A LIAR OF ME ON THE SPOT I WHAT AM \ GOING TO DO? I'LL TELL VOU I WHftT, POR_ J AND JUST WHEN I WAS VOU FORGET1 THE LAMP AMD I'LL FORGET THE LIE IJY MICHAEr, O'MALT.EY and RALPH LANE S6VIN LOJSV VBAW WtASLV TtH-OOtJJUt TAJ^E. HfTHEK BtCKON AWT CHESTY H6AI7- , THE [SCENE SHIRS TO THE Vt'ABPEMS OFFC6- OP A STATE PEMITEMTIAffY CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE ^TURNER DUdNO HOT VOUd \*V GAME? NOW <3AMEI*.W»TeK,BUrUOOK,I«KUe|rSANlwOKDACIIO MIYBODY CM* see me BEFORE! - QU'EST-Ce QUI SB ?*SSt, CHOU? N'ETES VOUS COKTEHT PE -:AK' SHE'S * I 1 HER SIPt O TIT STTCY OftUG 5IGHT BETfeft THRASH THI OUT tu *n of rice BUGS BUNNY Modern Jesse JJames [THERE'S -YOUB U HEARD MONEV...ANP I VA TH 1 NOT ONE _/ FIRST CENT FOR \l TIMS, DOCJ t NCEP A CA.R BUT I WON'T PA.V FOR ALL TKO46 EXTWA BY V. T. HAMLIN FA.USH.M,'.iSTEa.... MS THfe SONGS OF THE CEUS^OEES !N THE HO.V LAND kwSdJSTi&lOfi AS A MINSTREL OOP TOURS THS HOtDS OF AUSTRIA IN SEARCH OF THE DUNGEON WHEREIN KING RICHARD IS HELD PRISONER. HOOTS AND HER MIDDIES IJY RDGAR MARTIN

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