Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 3, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 3, 1895
Page 2
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THE HUSCULAR SYSTEM »of every weary, I thin or thin biood- | td person does its I work with con- I slant difficulty and | fatigue. They feel "worn," or tired lout, "run-down" I or nervous. Feeble people I who arc dyspeptic, find that cx- I ercise after a meal [is sure to cause I lessened power to digest food — because there is so little blood, and what there is, is carried off from the R-astric organs to tho muscles. What is needed is plenty of blood, and that of the right kind. Dr. Plerce's Golden Medical Discovery makes jrarc, rich blood, and to Rain in blood is nearly always to train in wholtsomejiesh up to the healthy standard. Every onc should have a certain surplus of flesh to meet the emergencies of sickness ; to resist the attack of consumption, grip, malaria and fevers. Thin blooded people arc always getting sick, and none of *te organs of the body can get alonjf without the food they require forwork, which is, fure blood. To train nnd to keep strength and flcsli is the secret of health, usefulness and happiness. With new blood and refreshed nerves u confident feeling of returning health comes also. Nervous manifestations, such as slcep- JfcssncsSj nervous debility and nervous jrostratton arc in nine cases out often "the •ry of the starved nerves for food," If you fccd the nerves on pure rich blood the: aervous symptoms will cease. It is bad practice to put the nerves to sleep with so- •nllfd celery mixtures, coca compounds or malt extracts: what is needed is a blood nakcr. The Discovery" is composed of ; •vegetable inpfrcdicnts which have an cs- IKcial effect upon the stomach, liver, and blood making glands. For the cure of i dyspepsia, indigestion, liver complaint. THEY HAj'GET MARRIED Prinoass Maud of Wales and th< Prince of Naples. Will en Kuroprt IB Agitating the Cmplt*! Jtint >"o\v — Impolitic <.'rln™ of tloy;iltleH In >'nrth«ru Italy. pie, Dr. Pierct's Golden Medical Discovery cannot be equaled. Thousands have testified to its merits. CONSPIBE TO BOB. United States Express Systematically Defended by Employes. Losses of Company Extend Over * Year and Will Amount to Nearly 8100,000—Method of Robbery. JKRSEV CITV, N. J., April 2.—Two Men aro locked up at police headquarters who, it is alleged, for nearly a jear have been robbing the United States Express company. It is rough- ijr estimated that the company has been ••fctiini/'.ed to tlic extent of 875,000. The mrisonors are Herbert C. Harding, ngcd 28 years, of Xo. 95 Newark avenue, and <HaiTni-,i; \Varbeck, aged 19 years, of Ifo. 1U8 Essex street. They are cousins wbd wore, until Monday, in the employ •jf tho express company. Harding was •[TccuiviniT'clcrli at the depot in Cora- jBuni[irnv. :ind \Varbcck was a helper •u a wagon. lJ«tcctlv«s Biitllod. Last June Manager William II. Thompson began to rec.uive complaints .from customers in various parts of the •puntry that goods shipped to them Ipronghthc: Cnitod States Express com- j • ftiny did not roach their destination. I Mr. Thompson putscveral of the com- ' jony's cli-vci-est detectives on the case, .lut they wore bnlllott. They could not •Acuri; the slightest clew to the rob- 'V^ries, wliiuh continued to increase.' Vulii»t>l« l'iifl(i»i;<i of .Joivclry Stolen. In August a package containing ^T.OOO worth of jewelry w.us stolen, jjicvelos, jewelry utul other valuable A>ods continued to disappear, and tho Jctectivos were completely mystified. ••Host of tho stolon goods were sent '^. 0. IV Hurtling Suspected. A week'or so ago Manager Thomp- iion began to suspect Harding and tho fitter was closely watched bv the de- rtectivos. Monday evening Harding was MCtectcd removing the directions on '^package preparatory to substituting *fther il'uvL-tiouN he had prepared him- «felf. He was charged with the wholesale froefts and confessed. He implicated fiua cousin and a number of other per- ;»ous scattered east nnd west, run pr t.h« xco*i. It lias been learned that a large num- /fcer of the stolen articles were sent to JBinghamton, >". Y. Harding had a flystomatic method in his peculations. [.Me would remove the directions qp pucknges he stole and put on .jfcstoad those of the persor.s who were lln league with him. Tho latter would .dispose of the plunder and remit to rMarding his share of the proceeds. The .•toldi articles were given to 'Warbeck, wlio would send them off by other ex- yrcss companies. I I ' When tho prince of Naples arrived in Eome early in March from Florence the assertion was again made by his entourag-j that he would shortly be married to PrineessMaud of Wales, anc it was also announced that the arrival in Korno cf the prince of Vf'ales anc other members of the British , family could soon be expected. For at least four years past much interest has been taken in the question us to whom the prince of Naples, who is the heir apparent to the Italian throne, would be likely to marry. His name lias been linked with that of all tho eligible princesses iu Europe, and the affair has operated to divide Eo- mnii 'souicty into several parties. One section, the first to appear, wishes for a marriage with Princess Clemen tine, of Belgium, j'oniigost daughter of King Leopold II. Another large party hopes for an alliance with an English princess, because of tho friendship existing between the two nations and tho good feeling of the two reigning houses one for tlio other. A third agitates for Princess Keodora, of Schleswig-Hol- stcin, sister of the empress of Germany, in order to consolidate the alliance with thai country. A fourth wants a marriage with Archduchess Maria Au! nnnx.ialii of Austria,, to popularize the Austrian alliance, which still has in ' Italy many opponents. According to i others Hie prince will look to the east, '• and marry I'rincuss Maria Maddalena, fourth daughter of King George of Greece, born in Athens in 1S7C. For the last few months, however, rumor lias pointed persistenth' in the direction of J'rinccss Aland of Wales as the prince of Naples' future bride. The report that an engagement was pending was revived by the Giornale, but the New York Herald's special correspondent, at Homo was authorized, at that time to contradict the statement. Now, once more the subject is brought up, and is connected with tlie forth- Spring Is so Important that you should be rare to get TILE BEST. Hood's Sarsapa- rilliihag proven its unequalled merit by its thousands of remarkable cures, and the fact that it has a larger sale than any other sarsaparilla or blood purifier ihows the great confidence the people have in it- In fact it is the Spring Medicine. It cui-.-.s all blood diseases, builds up the njrvea and gives such strength to the whole system that, as one lady put* it, " It seemed to make me anew." If you decide to tate Hood'i Sarsaparilla for your Spring Medicine do not buy any substitute. Be sure to get " I was all broksn down in health, BO weak and nervous I was hardly able to be up.. I had severe pains in my side, and headache. I would often have to stop when going up-st»irs on account of palpitation of. the heart. I had no appetite and a'distressed feeling in my stomach. I resolved to try Hood's Sareaparilla. I took two bottles and have not had a spell of sick headache for four months, feel well, work- all day and e&t heartily. If jr friendi remark how well I am looking. I think all nervous, run-down people ought to take it, especially nursing mothers." if-K3. S. ASHWORTH, Eaton, Ohio. A RAILWAY EPISODE. TREAS'URY FINANCES. PKDi'CESS JtATJD OF WALES AXD VICTOU EMMAJTCIL, PEKOE OF STAPLES. coming- visit of tlio prince of Wales to Florence. There will be an imposing gathering of royalties in Italy during 1 the coin-so of the spring 1 . Queen Victoria soon leaves for Florence. A special correspondent at Venice announces lhat]2in- pevor Francis Joseph, Emperor William and King 1 Humbert will meet in the spring 1 on the broad waters of the Adriatic. Possibly also tho prince of Wales may bo there. The occasion of the royal gathering 1 will be the maneuvers of the Austrian fleet off Spalato, Emperor Francis Joseph g'ocs, for that alone; Emperor William will, in any case, bo at Abazzia, where the empress intends to spend two months; the prince of Walos will bo at Florence on a visit, and King 1 Humbert will be on his way to Venice for the international art exhibition. The prince of Naples is the only son of King- Humbert of Italy, and was born in 1500. He is said to be liberal and progressive in his views, and enjoys the reputation of being- a scholarly und thoughtful young- man. Princess Maud is the youngest child of the prince ot Wales, She is just fifteen days younger than the prince of Naples. Excess of Expenditure* Over Rtcclptt* During Mnrcii. «*~4(i,,'!7i;. WASHINGTON, April 3.—The monthly statement of the receipts and expenditures of the treasury during the month of March shows receipts from all sources amounting- to S^- r ',^TO,575, and expenditures amounting to #25,716,957, leaving a deficit for the month of 824(3,370, and for the nine mouths of the 3rst calendar year, 830, MS,153. During March the receipts from customs amounted to tl4,W2!),7S9, and from internal revenue, 59,845,977. The ex- jenditures on account of pensions amounted to $11,617,550. Reports to the director of the mint show coinage during 1 the month of March, 1895, as follows: Gold, $2,866,'2; silver, 1573,535; minor coin, S70,- 195; total coinage, S3,509,635. Moitt (2oc» Up In ALllwaakofi, MILWAUKEE, April 2.—The wholesale meat dealers notified tho retail dealers Monday of an advance of about 25 per cent, in the price of beef and say that another advance of 25 per cent, will b« made very soon. NEW YOKK, April 2.—The retail price of beef was advanced about two cents a pound a week ng-o by many of the meat dealers in this city, ostensibly on account of an advance on the price ol cattle at the Chicago stock yards. The advance has been general and mutton has also advanced from onc to two ceuts a pound. ; Mr. Grosluuu May Retire. "WASJiiXGTOS 1 , April 2.—Another var caney in the cabinet, it is rumored, may uccur within the next few weeks. Secretary Grosham is the official who is slated, it is said, for voluntary retirement. The report comes from several of his close friends. WASHINGTON 1 , April 2.—Friends of Secretary Gresham were kept busy Tuesday denying published rumors that he was jroinp 1 to resign and return to his home to practice law. VuudulK 'fry to Doxtroy » Monument. BUDA-PEST, April 2.'—An attempt was made Monday night by unknown persons to blow np the monument erected in honor of Cerenal Jlentzi, the defender of the fortress of liuda-Pest during the revolution. A bomb was exploded near it, but although the windows in the vicinity were shattered, the monument was not injured. SHORT SPECIALS. BOUNDARY QUESTION SETTLED DlfffrmicoH Between Guiitcmnhi aud Mex- 1 Ico Auiir:il>iy Adju.ttoil. CITY OF MEXICO. April 2.—The Guatemalan boundary question is settled. President Diaz has formally signed with the Guatemalan minister the official document which prevented tiie threatened open rupture between the two countries, and congratulations are heard on all sides for the stand taken by the president, Foreign Minister Mariscal and Mexicans generally at a time full of danger and menace to tho nation's safety and dignity. TAIIA.SCO, Mexico. April 2.—The "Club Liberal Tabasqueno," this city and state, bas unqualifiedly indorsed Gen. Diaz for reelection in 1S90 and a resolution to that, effect is being numerous' ly signed in many quarters. NEW POST OFFICE ORDER. Only Ntiwtfpftporti J?ent to Actujil Subscribers Can Go ut Pound Kutrs. WASHINGTON, D. C., April 2.—Postmaster General Bissell has issued an order restricting second-class matter to actual subscribers for journals entitled to tho pound rate. He directs that hereafter "postmasters will see that the publications offered for rnail- .iug- have a legitimate list of subscribers made up, not of persons whose names were furnished by advertisers or others interested in tho circulation of tho publication, but of those who voluntarily seek it and pay for it with their own money, although this rule is not intended to interfere with any genuine case where one person subscribes for a limited number of copiet for another.'' STOOD IT WELL. Minn., April 2.—Donald . a wealthy eoutraetor of this \V. II. Kisher, late manngv:: 4t the Duhith aud Wiunepeg ra.il- •Aiacl, and J. A. Uowman, a 'Grand Otapids, Minn., baukwr, have just 3 fcturnccl from Venezuela, where they 1 < btaiucd :v concession of land at tdbc mouth of the Orinoco, running 123 oftilcs south aiul from .15 to 50 miles !«hkst and west. It is rich in minerals, •jfitihogany, rosewood and dye woods, •^fiiey also have the right to mine as• ijbalt on a small island near Trinidad. ; She syndicate will invest a good deal «f capital in working the concession. Killed Her Children. COLUMBUS, 0., Aprils.—Two children «f Mrs. 11. II. JX Williams, of Grove City, •^6re found dead in bed in the Park •Jiotel with their throats cut from ear I1O ear. Their 'names are Harry. 7 jtnrs old, and Maud, aged 12. A third <«hild, Annie, aged 13, was in the room, '4lit escaped unharmed. The murder <»r»s committed bv the mother, who •, iwas thought to have been partially in- Tho Uuck null tho Cluni. An instance of the way in which a curious transplantation of shellfish may take place through the agency of aquatic birds was observed by Eugene Barry, of Lynn, while hunting water fowl about Scbcc lake, lie was accustomed to station himself tit a certain point on the shore to fret a shot on tho wing at a flock of ducks which flcu- up the lake in tho morning and back at nigbt. For several days he noticed that ono duck flew loivcr than the rest and lagged behind. This duck hn at last shot. When be came to examine his trophy he discovered the cause ot its difficulty in flying; A clam had closed its shells on the leg of the bird and refused to let go, and had been borne bad: and forth between widely separated parts of tho lake by the unwilling bird. So long and so fast had the clam been attached to the cluck's leg that the sharp-edged shells had nearly severed the limb. C. W. Maines, who was leading a cow by a rope, was dragged half :i mile and killed at Sedalia, Mo- Camilla Doucct, who since 1S75 had been perpetual secretary of the French Academy, died in Paris. Iowa was visited by a snowstorm, while heavy rains in other western states allayed all fears of drought. Gov. McKinley paid a friendly visit to President Cleveland. The governor was warmly received in the capital by Ohio rneu. W. J. Park & Sons, bookbinders Mid stationers, assigned at Madison, VV'is. Tho assets are estimated at 812,000 and the liabilities at 54,500. Parson^ Kan., celebrated the building of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas general offices by firing cannon, blowing whistles and ringing bells. A thief smashed the big plate glass tviudow of the jewelry store of 0. K. Moravik at Cedar Rapids. la., nnd stolo eleven gold watches and some jewelry. Alex M. Green and his five sons have been arrested for the murder of Da.vid Hilderbrand last Wednesday night a-bout 10 miles southwest of Cuba, Mo. Prince JBImnarrk's Celebration Did Not Seriously "\Voiiry Him. FKIEDKTCHSRUITE, ' April 2. — Prince Bismarck slept soundly last night and rose at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. He is somewhat fatigued from his efforts of Monday, but otherwise in excellent health. The inoraiug is foggy nnd chilly. Friedrichsrulie presents a desolate appearance, and tho debris of Monday's fete is strewn evervwhere. Ur. Schweninger will not permit Prince Bismarck to receive anyone during the day. but the burgomaster of Munich, with the other corporation authorities of that city, will have- an' audience with the ex-chancellor Wednesday. Wants ua Ola Maids' Jlome. DOVER, Del-, April 2.—A bill providing for the erection of a home for old maids was introduced by Representative Mustard in the house. The bill provides that the money to support this home is to be raised from a tax on old bachelors. In Which • Bully I» Compound to Acknowledge Ill> Miatuke- "You're a coward and a liar!" It was an excitable man who saad this in a railway train in Florida, to a chance acquaintance, a quiet, dignified man, in the course of a conversation on political affairs. The insult brought an angry flush to the face of the man addressed, who was a clergyman, but he did not lose his self-control. "It is not a bravo man," he said, "who calls a stranger a coward and a liar after ten minutes' acquaintance with him, and merely on account of a trivial difference of opinion. Our talk is at an end,-sir." They had been sitting in the smoking section of a sleeping car. When tbey returned to their scats in the body of the car they noticed that loud, indecent and profane conversation was in progress. A tall, muscular man, who got on the car at the last station with a companion, was making himself extremely offensive by his foul talk. The quiet, little man who had been called a coward a few minutes before stepped up to him, pointed to a group of ladies in the car, aud requested him to put his tongue under restraint. "What business is it of yours?" was the angry reply. "You ;ire reviling tho name of tho Creator," said the minister, with inilcx- iblo firmness, " and He is my friend. That makes it an affair of laine." The bully replied with a volley of oaths which drove the ladies back to the remotest corner of the car. His companion vainly endeavored to quint him. "I'll teach the whining little hypocrite," he cried, "not to interrupt gentlemen in their conversation!" The minister appealed to the conductor of the train to silence the ruffian. The bully defied anyone to approach him, and threatened to bring suit against the company if he was ejected from the train, "Stop the train," said the minister, "and 1 will take care of tins swaggerer." The moment the train was stopped the brute rose and threatened to shoot anybody who should attempt to lay hands upon him. The little minister went boldly up to him, tapped him lightlv on the shoulder, and told him to leave the train. The bully's reply was a vicious but ill-directod blow, which the little antagonist parried with skill, for he was an expert boxer. Then the little man closed in an instant upon the big man, gave him blow after blow in quick succession, forced him to retreat to tne platform, and finally flung him to the ground, where he lay begging for mercy. The conductor allowed him to return to the car under pledge of remaining quiet for the remainder of the journey. The plucky minister's first antagonist in argument was a witness of this scene, and at once went to him and made a manly apology. "I called you a coward on ten minutes' acquaintance," he said. "1 now acknowledge that you *rc the bravest man I ever met, although you will excuse mo, I aro sure, if 1 say that I have never before seen a clergyman use nrgu- rnents of tho character of those by which you have so effectually brought one sinner to repentant*;."—Youth's Companion. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and *uds to personal enjoyment when .•ightly used,. The many, who live bet- «r than others and enjoy life more, with ;esa expenditure; L7 more promptly Adapting the world's best products to die needs of physical being, will attest Ae value to bsalth of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the vjmedy, Syrup of Figs. • Its excellence is due to its presenting :a the form most acceptable and plea* *nt to the taste, the ref resiling- nnd truly Beneficial properties of a perfect laxative : effectually cleansing the system, Jispelling colds," headaches and fevers ,Rd permanently curing constipation. :t has given sutisfncaon to millions and •net -vStlm-he approval of the medtet! ,'rnfession, because, it acts on the Kid- '•evs, Liver and Bowels without weaV -^nh)£r them and it is perfectly free from ••very objectionable substance. ^y'rup'of -Figs is for sale by all drug- jists in 50c aud SI bottles, but it is n;nn- ifaetnred by the California Fig Syrup '•<>. unly, whose name is printed on every mtelcagv, also the name, Sy-.-up of Figs, T.r,ii being will informed, yon will n^* :cpt any substitute U often*!- A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal PGZZONI'S Combines every element of beauty and purity. It is beautifying, soothing, healing, healtli- ful, an^ Harmless, and when, rightly used is invisible. A. most delicate and desirable protection te the face in this climate. Insist cpoa having ths FCH SALE THE AWAKENING TIGER. Noted for H Gicrantic Failure. LIVERPOOL, April '2, —William Steen- strand, the originator of the great cotton corner of 1S90, b}' the collapse of which he failed for over £1,000,000, died here Tuesdav. Two "Men l.rowtiea. PiTTSHUT.oii, T'a., April 2.—Early this morning. ,by the upsetting of a skifl' either by accident or the result of a drunken row, two young men, supposed to be John Brotia and Thomas Grogan, both residents of this city, were drowned in the .ilonongahela river. THE MARKETS. Grain, L'ruviKiori.s, I\tc. CHICAGO. April 2, BOARD OF TRAnE closed on account of holding of city tih.'CltoIL LrvEPOL'LTKT— Per pounci: Turkeys, Tc'.llc; Chickens, "^iic; bucks, 031 ic; Geese, per dozen, f-'i OOtiw 00. BCTTEB-Croamery. I03iOc; dairy. TtJJlSc; Paclrinc stock. 5;i.7c. LIQUORS— "Wnisliy quoted .steady at SI. 26 per gullon for liighwines. XEW- YORK. April i FLOTTH— State and Tvesiern quiet, steady. — Xo. S red steady. dulL May, 00 3-ltt July, iW;S ; (-80;;c; September, Gl!£® 61?ic; December. 63 S-KiiiKJ'i . Cons— No. 2 dull. weak. Hay, SJ^ic; July, 5IMc: Xo. 2 scares. 56i57c, OJ.TS— No. S dull, steady. May. 332ic: No. 2 •white, Msy, SoiJc; state. 3T£.405-ic; western, 3* THE i 1 It Is PAST guarantees th<j future, not "what we say, bnt what Ho nl'i Sarsaparilla docs, that tells the rtorr. RemecN:- FOOD'S CURES lYOUNG MOTHERS .... We Offer Vou a Remedy Which ; Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Child. MOTHFR 1 ^ Rote Confinement 2oiJIm» of its Pain. Horror FRIEND uditt. . After mine on* bottle of " FIUIND" i guttered but llltla pain, and did col experience that weakn«u afterward, mail In such case^-MBS. A.VX1I GAOI, BaxMr Springs, Kan. 8«rvtby3!fcU or £xprc*s. OD receipt of prict. I 11 per bottle. Book to Mothers mailed ' Fne. Solti by &U DnagKiitft. BR1DFIELD BBGVUTOB CO., itU.ta, Ca. i BEEF—Flro. Extra mess, 5S.003S.30; family. $11.00ai2.00. PoftK—Steady. Tiiess, S13.50S1-LOO. ^i4JtD—Quiet, flomiaflL BUTTER—Choice fresh firm, moderate demand. Western dairy, 8£i3^c: do. creamery now, 12 r '-'lc: da old, lOSlfc; do. factory. TO 12c: Zlsins. 21c: imitation creamer} 1 , 9.jjl5c; rolls, TTtfclOc. CHEESE—Moderate demand; best full cream firm. State large. SJllcH: do. fancy colored, white, J03£2llc; do small, 8®12c, EGGS—Fair demand: firm. Western, I3>4c. 1 An Animal Tlmt Seem* :it Timrii Kcffnrd- Betwe.en the drowsy sleep of the nocturnal animals and the hvpor-sun- siti.vc sleep of those which spend their lives in constant fear of their enemies, a place must be found for the form of slumber enjoyed by the large carnivora, and that of domestic animals; tho former have no enemies to fear except man, and the latter, protected by roan, enjoy to the full the blessing of natural rest. Tigers arc frequently found fast asleep in the daytime. Native hunters have been known to track them after a ••kill'' to the place in which they were lying fast asleep and gorged with food, and to shoot them as they lie. When taking his midday repose iu districts where it is little disturbed, the tiger does not always retire to a place of security, like the bear, or even the leopard, which usually sleeps on the branch of a tree. It just lies down in some convenient spot, either shady or warm, according to the weather, and there sleeps, almost regardless of danger. They have been found lying in dry mullahs, under trees, mid even iu the grass of the hillsides, unobserved, until their disturber came within a few yards of them. Gcu. Douglas Hamilton, when shooting in the Dandilly forest, came upon a tigress and two cubs lying fast asleep on their backs, with their paws stick- j ing up in the air. nnJer a clump of bamboos. When lie was within a Jew j yards of the group, one raised its head, ' and, without moving its body, quietly ! looked at him along the line of its body IK;twees Us paws. Timers kept in captivity awaken gradually, stretch- j ing and ./awning like a dog,—London Spectator. Co\vj,>". Ind-. April L 1 .—Andrew J. ,Martin. a wealthy farmer of this place, was arrested charged with forging the name of John Richmond to a sott for £1.(XK>. lie guve bail for trial. llOIIKC < The time is DOW at hand, it's commendable and necessary—but how about the house within vou? It has deed of cleansing, to insure health, and the best remedy to use. is Kloe- hart'a Pills. They are better than sareaparilla, etc. More potent and permanent in results. Sold by B. F. Kseeliop and Keystone drugstore. Then Babr wa« atet tre g*n her CMorih. Oxen an* wa» tt. CMd. fbe crtod t or Distort*, fheo me Became Mtan. "he clung to Ca&ort^ Then aoe oad Chlldno, she gave them CMKxto. For Orer Flflf Vear«; Mra. Wlnelow's SooihiPb Syrup bas been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teethicp;, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gumv, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and la the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufft.rer Immediately. Sold by drug-piste ID every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Svrup," and tak& no other kic j. Live Mtock. CHICAGO. April 2. Hoes— Market rather actire. Best mixed and heavy grades about 5c higher. Other grades unchanged. Sales were made at&gO ©4.45 for piss; J4.SX25.00 for light,: S4.70S4.90 for rough packing: t4-fl>3S :» for mbced. and 'or heavy packing and shipping j IheKtronshnldofRenlth • Is soon nuTted by the af s^n'ts of malaria, tut If Hoft*tier's Stomach Bitters Is emplojed as a bnl- warlc against the I disease, absolute tafetr Is attained. The most viraltnt forms ol dL*eaJ* bred bj miasma. tain:ed air and wnier. soon field to ' the creat'Te and combatl-.e lufloenee of this eJJe- lent safeguard, which forttOes the system as no other m?dldne cp to date has ever done, ft j conn 'eracts & tendency to rtenraaUsm. BooraWa • and kidney complaint* orercomfS JndlgetUon, nervo«mess constipation and liver trouble*. Im- proTei the appetite and promote! dlgea Ion. Taking (or all In all. It Is probablj tne most useful family remedy In exlgteoce ano la popular a* well as effmlTe, Uie It iinemattcaU} 1 , not at Irregular lnUtrml», . Weakly and Sickly Children. If you have a child weak and nervous the best remedy to give ts a few doses of RlDebart'g Worm Lozenges. These lozenges remove all kinds or worms and the worm nest, thereby making a permanent cure. Children like them. Tbey. are safe and the meet reliable worm remedy. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drufc store. Children Cry for ditcher's Worm Lozenges are the only kind that remove the wos-m nest with the worms. Sold bj B. F. Kee»- liag and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. If you lack energy and are drowiy, take Rloehart'B Liver Pilli. Ooe .» doee. Sold by B. F. Keealiog mod Keygtone drup itore. Children Cry for Pitcher's

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