The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1952
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOr. «, 19M (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ike Rejects Truman $ Offer; Will Use Military Plane for Korean Trip By ELTON C, FAV WASKINGTON (ft _ President- elect Dwight D. Eisenhower turned today to the military to take htm on his projected journey to the Korean War zone, politely declining President Truman's offer of the White House plane. 'Eisenhower replied Immediately «fter receiving Truman's somewhat laconic offer to put the luxurious, four-engined Independence »t his disposal, "if you still desire to go to Korea." The President-elect said any •uitable military plane would do «nd that he would notify the Defense Department soon of his plans. There was no Immediate explanation why Truman attached the "if you still desire to go" qualification to his offer. But Eisenhow- •r's reply was definite assurance that he will go through with his campaign pledge. He said tri an address on Oct. 24, "I shall go to Korea" to seek a way to an honorable conclusion of the war. . Defense Secretary Robert Lovett. Gen. Omar Bradley and other high officials of the Pentagon already have shaped tentative plans to take Eisenhower on his Korean journey. The probability is the military will assign an officer to accompany him, if that is agreeable to Eisenhower.- Although the officer probably will be of high rank, there was an impression that It will not be Bradley, i Although Eisenhower has been one of the nation's niost famous soldiers, he no longer holds his five-star commission or any other direct connection with the Army. When he goes to Korea, presum-, ably well before the' inauguration on Jan. 20, he will be a private citizen—no longer a general and not yet the commander-in-chlef. In Korea, Eisenhower will come to grips with the first and perhaps most difficult question of his presidential term: What to do about an unpopular war ahnosl 28 months old, stalled on a heavily defended front, fought against an enemy with major supply sources outside the theater of combat, and supported by Russia, the potential major and powerful enemy of tha United States? Eisenhower, in his campaigning, made one proposal: assign an increasing amount of the front-line fighting to troops of the South Koreans. Beyond this, there exists an old and explosive question which figured in tlie controversy over the ousting of Qen. Douglas MacArthur from the Par East supreme command: Should China Be Bombed Should the United Slates turn to true strategic warfare in an attempt to destroy the Asiatic Communists war-waging ability and bomb supply centers and airfields in the Chinese homeland? Truman ana the state Department rebuffed any such thought, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff subsequently followed that up with explanations of the military impracticality of such an operation. However, the administration goes out of office next January'and the terms of all but one member of the JCS expires next summer. With the White House occupied by the general who in World War n commanded more troops than any other American in history, the military has no doubt that the office of commander in chief will be a more directly active one than it has been in a long time — 11 ever.: 5-Year-Old Occupation Waif Is Germany's New Film Star By DANIEL DE LUCE FRANKFURT, Qerhlar.y (/!>) — A little occupation waif is Germany's newest film star. Even before her first picture was released, 5 iS-year-old Eifie Piegert had won millions or German fans. Elfle is a Cinderella who was born with three strikes on her. The touching story of her life —• from orphanage to movie studio — is known now to all newspaper readers In this country. Her face, brown >nd sweet'as chocolate, graces the covers of national magazines. -. Thanks to , Elfie's natural charm, few German postwar filnis had so much advance attention as "Toxie." which features her in the title role. Back In 1941, Elfie was given to R charity home for children in Bavaria by her young, unwed mother, who was'unable to support her. The father had been a U. s. Negro soldier. Half white and half black, half German and half American, Elfie was wholly lovable. A German refugee couple who had lost their daughter through illness after fleeing from Silesia In wartime visited the orphanage in 194!). Tliere were many alt-white children, but they picked Elfie for adoption. last May, Elfie's foster father noticed an advertisement inviting mulatto children to' try out for a screen.part. Elfie was introduced to director Robert A. stemmle, who decided she wae just right for "Toxie" . Stermnle, who has directed or written 66 screen plays in a long career, taught EUie not to notice the camera, ie'pt her in bubbling good humor and drew out her na- ti-~ talent for mimicry. It wasn't wort for Elfie. She thought IT was a-game. , The plot of "Toxi" revolves j around a forsaken mulatto child in j coupled Gernfnhy, who comes to 1 liie* aitervMon of • a well-to-do German family. Most of its members Vi-iil to liela -?.re for her. hut a snobbish son-in-law objects. In a terse Bnd .• tearful sequence, when he nearly loses Toxf'for good in the asphalt jungles of a city, he realizes she .has won a place In -his heart. - .... There is a happy ending when the waif's father comes back from the United States and claims her. American Negro boxer Al Hoosman •plays this role. Bolshevik Now Is 'Communist' MOSCOW «V- The Important magazine Bolshevik, theoretical and political publication of the Soviet Communist party's Central Committee, has been renamed "Communist." The change was in line with the recent dropping of the Bolshevik designation from the name of the party itself. FOR ROAD Concrete is the economical pavement for two-lane federal state ,nd county roads a. well a, for heavy-duty highway.. Rigid concrete pavement is moderate in first cost yet can be designed accurately for any i^ ax , e | oad _ and it wil , keep .^ ]oad carrying capacity throughout its long service life. Concrete costs less to maintain than other pavements as proved by average cost figures from official records of 28 State Highway Departments that report maintenance figures by type of surface Concrete h.ghway, also last longer than other pavement. .. proved by studies published by the Highway Research Board. Moderate first cost + low maintenance cost -*- long life - few •mwrf co«. 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