Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 15, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1891
Page 7
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How wretched is the man who has fallen. a victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all the horrible attendants. Look upon the picture. ,Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogether, he is rather a forlorn specimen. fcDo we pity him? Of course; but at the same time feel assured that in a measure he is to blame for the bad state into •which he has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious, drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and always reliable—-just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Read the testimonial, don't take our word for it: "I have been subject to severe spells of Congestion of the Liver, and have been in the tabit of taking from 15 to 20 grains of calomel, which generally laid me up for three or four days. Lately I have been taking Simmons Liver Regulator which gave me relief, without any fnterniption to business." J. HUGO, Middleport, Ohio. JT. JBT. ZEILIjr Sf CO., SOL* PHOPXDrORs, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PRICE, 81.00. Tint's Pills •tlmnlaten the torpid liver, strength' «n« tb« digestive org-an*. ree-ul ates tba bowel*, uuit are nuequaled »s an ANTI-BILIOUS MEDICINE, In malarial districts their Tirtnea oro widely recognized. UNthey nouses* peculiar properties in freeing: the system from that poison. JEU'R-autlr Hocar coated. DOMO Ninull. JPrico, 25cts. Sold Everywhere. Office, 39 & 41 Park Plaoe, X Y. Snnp llttlo fortune*hnre been Tnsd«« work for u«, bv Annn PHOT, AuMln. -m, nnd Jno. Bonn. Toledo, Ohio. cu:. Other* nredolnpR« well. Why not you? f Sotnveitrn over f 500.00 a th. You CAndo the worlc and livs «t horns, ivbercver you are. Even be- l° nm «™ "»•")• enmine from *5 to adny.Allacei. We.howyouhow and start ynu. Can work In ,p ot e lima or all the time, B1 R money , or Kork . 2?,'._ 1 '""," r " unknown nmonR them. YOOOO. 00 1 ? e ' r Ia bcinp made by John R. Good win,Woy,N.Y.,nt wurk for oa. Iteadnr, you mny i>et nmko AS >nuch, but wo can tench you quickly how to tarn from *S to $10 n clay fit the a:nrt, and mor« - ilnyou go on, iloth seicB, &U (Lfje». In any pun of erica, you can c«mrncnco «t home, glv- . till your time.oi- uparo momenta onlyto lie work. All Is *ew. Great ^ay SCUK for every worker, We start yau, fumlahtnir everything, EASILY, SP&EDILV learnHl. 1'AwrieULAUS FUEE. Adtircis«emeu, STINSO.V tt CO., rOHTLlM), JU1KK, FIGHTING PARASITES. The Proper Way and Time for the Application of Insecticides. It is important that the use of insecticides for preventing the depredations of insects should begin just as early in the season as possible. A delay of one week may give the insects an opportunity in their favor which cannot be overcome later on. It has been demonstrated that all arsenical poisons, and especially paris green and London purple, will be eaten if the solutions are applied to the trees at the proper time and in the right manner. One pound of paris green in 200 gallons of water, or one pound of London purple in 400 g-allons of water are the proportions. It is applied with what is known as the sprayer, a force-pump adapted so as to throw a fine mist or spray, which falls on every portion of the'leaves and blossoms. Many insects lay their eg-gs on the blossoms, and the larvoe soon eat their way down into the young fruit that forms from the blossom. If it gets into the fruit it is safe from harm, as no insecticides can be so applied as to reach them. But when the blossoms are sprayed the young creatures are compelled to eat the poison, and are killed. The point to observe is that the most important time is when the trees are blossoming-, and to avoid mistakes the work of spraying the trees should bo done several times, in order that none of the blossoms are missed. The appliances that have been invented for the purpose of spraying trees permit of the work being- done thoroughly, easily and quickly. The bordeaux mixture, so frequently given, is also applied by the sprayer, and unless the work is done as early as possible the time will be lost. For grapevines the spraying- should be done ten days before the blossoms appear, and also just after blossoming, as well as several .times while the grapes are growing. One mixture is prepared by dissolving one pound of sulphate of copper in three gallons of hot water, and when cold a pint of ammonia is added, the whole reduced with twenty-two gallons of water. This is known as the ammonia and copper solution, and dispenses with the lime, while the bor- deaux mixture requires lime, which is objectionable to some. All plants upon which ''tingi appear, or are liable to appea.. i herald be sprayed, and the sooner it is done the better.—Philadelphia Record. FRUIT TREE LABELS. A Matter of Itlore Importance Than Mloiit Fruit Growers Thtok. It has been many years since we published a description of a very simple label for marking the name of a bearing fruit tree, consisting- of a small strip of sheet zinc a few inches long, name written with a common lead pencil on one end, and the other end coiled round a side branch of the tree. The zinc being slightly rusted will take the pencil mark very distinctly, and will last half a century exposed to the weather. Yet notwithstanding the cheapness and completeness of this label, it docs not appear to have been known or adopted by writers on. orcharding, either in Europe or in this country. English and American journals frequently describe more complete and less durable labels, and among- others one represented in the accompanying cut. Fig. I. It consists of two Some merchants get the best they can; some get the meanest they can. Your dealer in lamp-chimneys-what does he get for you? There are.cornmon glass and tough glass,tough against heat. There are foggy' and clear. There are rough and fine. There are carefully made and hap-hazard. » You can't be an expert in chimneys; but this you can do. Insist on Macbeth's "pearl top" or "pearl glass" whichever shape you require. They are right in all those ways; anc they do not break from heat, not one in a hundred. Be willing to pay a nicke] more for them. - •Plttsburg. ' GHO, A. MACBBTH & Co. NOTICE. To the Voici-Nof tlie City l«>rt, liidlunu, of «r the Change In line Boundaries ol the Preciiietn of Said City, thereof, to a point opposite Tenth stieet thprif>» ; south crossing said nvi-r to Eace strcet then™ ; west alons the north of Hal^trSto ^ •"' lc soutil thence ,™h u ,l'' .iong nortfi line of HlKli street to the place of begliHiJiie And It Is ordered that the, elections Insild nrK lr< Precinct No. ;i— All that terrltoir embnnxi "' A* .lluilc by the Common Tli.-lr Kc£iiJur SCKMOII IS, 1891, Council at FIG. 1. parts—the copper -wire-loop, around which, the zinc or other metal is coiled, while the loop passing around the side limb holds it to the tree. In addition to its more complex form the wire is more apt to cut the bark of the branch to which it is hung than the broad strip in Fig-. 2. Being- blown about by the wind, the copper wire often cracks off in a few years. One-of these compound labels may be easily made into a simple one by taking- out and throwing- aside the copper wire, and instead of coiling- the flat f 25e HIRES' IMPROVED ROOT BEER!) IKtiOUIC. HOSfllUNCORETRHINIHG EASIb-M/m: | THIS PACKAGE MAKES 1 1VE CAUON3. DOT BEFR. OIL MEAL FOR HOGS. TRY TJ Ask your Druggist or Grocor for IX C. E. HIRES. PHILADLUPHI/W J he voters o the City ol Loffi j, Ind :ma. will hereby take no - iK order wii,s made by the Common Council of the City of Logunsport. Oasis County. Jiidhin:i, at tliclr " sport. Cuss Connby take notice that the 1'oJIow- coniwof Seventh aid g , ejlst on tlle sout " "<'e f i. lStreet - thence Ilorl ' 1 °n the ne of Eighth street to Itace street Ihenm east on the south line or Race mre to lwe"th .stre«t. thence south on the west line 0 ) XweUth slri-et to Broadway street »hcn.'p um<.t nn ii,,C north line of Broadway strmlo SCTemb "tr«t 6 tlienci) north on .ue east line ol beirntK « to the pl Me of beglnnlnB. Ad - N OTde?ed thirt the elections of said precinct be held"" the soutj east corner or [he school house lot being lot ' Secolld UMM °" w L °g ;i » s ™ou Kia rapidly Wo furnish everything. Wo utar: vou N, your spure moment*, or all your lime to entirely new ]L-iiU,;md bring* woHdurful HI liepUmen nr* cnrnliir- from iliS to *50 i and niorcaft«r« Ifttle cxiierieiico \Ve CR !"^'".""}{S*^?J:««K.K I ,«= fwork iij bonurnbly. bv tho»o of .T rei vuiHit- or old.iMHl h, il.dr locn:it:i!»,wlu.rn-er ll.py I!v,.. Any ' rikk'. , k -nnn' ' o t-'XIilfliji here. Full AlOlS'rA, JIAI.SE. FINE: PAPER HANGINGS ; iTER!OR EF5RATORS. / FSESCOIHG CHU8CHES,' ...fE RESIDENCES, SC. "wVe invite visitors to call and inspect, Correspondence solicited. W. P, NELSON S GO:, 193 WABASH AVE., CHICAGO, ILL, THERE IS BUT ONS VOICE Is the unanimous shout of the thousands who use Dr. White's Pulmon- aria. It proves that this medicine tzs many warm friends and admirers among all classes and ages. Old a;:d young alike, shout its praises n;;id declare it the greatest~eough remedy on earth. It cures a Cough in less time than any other remedy. li cures Croup in a few minutes. It cures "Whooping Cough in ten days. It is the only remedy that %v :11 curs Consumption. It is harmless and pleauant to take. It costs £5 cts., CO cts. and $1 per bottle, and every bottle is warranted.. oold. by B. F. Keesling and D.E Pryor. BRACE UP, MAN! Certain disorders of MEX make tbem Blue. That's because they loae hope too soon! I OUR HEW BOOK It Can Be Used to Excellent Advantage with Corn. One of tlie test rations that can be made up for growing-pig-s is 50 percent, middlings, 25 par cent, corn meal, 15 per cent, wheat bran and 10 per cent, oil meal. A brood sow, especially one that has farrowed, needs a ration that will aid her to furnish a large supply of milk. When this is the case a larg-er quantity both of oil meal and bran should be used, lessening- tie quantity of corn meal and middlings. At this season with stock of all kinds it is quite an item to furnish a good variety. Generally stock of all kinds have been fed a long- time on dry feed, and it is necessary to furnish as good a ration as possible. With the brood sows, especially, good care must be taken to feed well. In fact, after farrowing- it is hard to feed the sow too much. The better the sow is fed the better the growth and thrift of the pigs. One of the best materials to use at this tim'i is oil meal. It should be used in connection with bran, mid- dlings, corn meal, ground oats r~ some other ground feed. Oil meal L rich— more so than corn meal or any of the other materials. It can be fed dry, thoroughly mixed witi other materials, in tight troughs to avoid waste. The better plan, however, of feeding is. to mix well and make into a slop with skim milk, or at least to soak it until soft. The objection to feeding it dry is that much of the ground feed will not be., thoroughly masticated, and, therefore, will not be digested or assimilated, and this implies more or less waste of food. To fatten hog-s oil meal can be used to good advantage with corn. While corn is one of the very best foods that can be supplied to fattening hojjs, better results can be secured by using- something-.else with it, and oil meal,.being- richer and fully as g-ood for fattening-, can be used to g-ood advantage at this time. Hog-s kept in good condition during the winter can be fattened rapidly by having the run of a clover pasture and fed liberally on corn and oil meal.—St. Louis Eepublic. FIG. portion of the label around the copper wire, to coil it at once around the side branch, as shown in Fig. 2. Another advantage which the form has, which we have so long-'used, is that it has something of an automaton character, by gradualy uncoiling- from the branch with the increase in growth. . Such a label may seem like a simple thing-, but preserving- the names of fruit trees so that they may be at once recognized and mistakes -prevented, is a matter of importance, to fruit growers.—Country Gentlemen. .Mrs. Allen's Parisian Face Bloach J Golden Hair Wash. Mamma Dura for devel. If opme ;ht bust. -Rusmj, for removinz supcrtlu. . hair JJ.inc dresiln e . All coods wholesale r 11 'f , f , '• cts - fot '» us "»«ti circular. Mill line of fine linir eoods. Mrj. R. W. Allen. =19 Wood. Ar., Detroit. Mich. Sold by drujcisa. Attractive and Promising Investments m CHICAGO REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, 102 Washington St., Chicago, III. Established 1875. Reference 1st Sail. Bank, Chicago. ntoV^VS 1180 ' Ke ° t "' I*«y Taxc«, XOKOII «!,fdM a ™f™*S' 1 V e f °'""» at no cost to ten- iJinS^™ '5F.,S'i t ? t S» for non-residents. Co ,ts. Cor- 40 acres near South Chicago, 53,000 per acre. Inside Income-Producing Business Properties. $275 oof™ Ofli0e bulldln s 1° Senrt of the city. Price jjS'^e leasehold Ingrowing retail district. Price, A Little Girl's Idea. _ Gentleman Visitor (to'best girl's little sister) -Your sister lets me kiss her. Now won't you let me kiss you? Little Sister (loftily)—No; I don't allow all the gentlemen to kiss me, as sister does. There's a g-irat difference in people, yon know.—West'Shore. S50 '° CO P dilclieiter'i Encllik Diamond Brand. ENNYROYAL PILLS ^riT^v Orlclfhttl »bd Only Genui - -^t*^ BAFC, Rlwayi reliable. LAOJC Druggie for ChicJiuter'i Bnrilijh t m9nd Brand la Ited and Gold m ith bluo ribbon. Take Other. Refuse dang from ivlllitu- * ortd tonitationt. ^tDrcggtiiti, or Bond 4e. stamp! tor particular*, testimonials and Scllcf tor Ladlco," in letter, br return IIJ.IJOO Testimonials. .Vame Paper. , CHebMtwCiemloalCo^SilldlnoaSouare. Hold brail local Dmes-K:*. .«-.._.« .^ Kor Sale by B. F. Keesllnj;. oS«uece»«." ZJUB MEDICAL oo.,suff""o HAVESPME STYLE! I4PK f n iiUiuVaMMUi ivj| | COUGHS AND COLDS. j 35c<, and SI. at aU drnggigti. ^ MGRGAM S($S, - - * • PROVIDENCE.R.I, TRADE SCPPLIEDbj- ROSS "GORDON, •VaFayette, Ind; - \ ^ • .-- •. < j For sale byB. F E.eesling- Setting Plants Too Deep. It is well known that setting young trees from the nursery much deeper than they stood before, especially if down into the hard subsoil, is unfavorable to their most..successful growth. The same principle appears to apply to young vegetables. The experiment was tried at the Ittaca station. Two hundred plants of . Wakefield cabbage were-set deep and shallow in alternate rows—the deep ones sunk up to the first leaves, the shallow ones at the same depth that they stood in the seed bed. The deep-set plants gave only seventy-seven solid heads in a hundred; the shallow set produced, eighty-five solid heads, and these weighed twelve per cent more than the deep ones. The ground planted was a heavy soil; there would probably be less difference in a light soil.-—Country Gentleman. will boor tobacco tf|ey can (jet ffye. <2eriiiine session, Wednesday evening, Election precincts as lormed In the Cltv ol' Jo- gjuisiiort, Indiana: In accordance with an act of the Legislature of the State ol Indiana, approved March u, 1SS9 It Is ordered by the Common Council of the Cltv ol' Lo- sansuort, Cass County Indiana; and thev' do now l<>"n and adopt the following voting precincts. In [^^veral wards of the City of Loganspun, Ind. FIRST WAHD. Precinct No 1-A11 fliat territory embraced with In the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wit: Uitiiiiienc- IngatthenortwestconnTof Sycamore and Ottawa streets, thence, ninuhig west uloiiff the north line of Ottawa street to Vine street, thence south ilong the west line of Vine street to Miami-street .hence west on the north line, of Miami street tc Plum street, thence north along the east line of Plum street to Bates street, thence west alone tlie lorlh line of Bates street to Holland street, thence, lortli on the east line of Holland street to the north boundary line of said First ward, and thence east •longthe. north line of wild ward to Svcamore street, and thence south along the west line of svci- iiore street to the place of beginning. And t is ordered that the elections in said precinct be jeld In house on Ottawa street on the .southwest truer of lotiu, InD. D. Dykeman's 1st addition to ' est Logan, In said wind. Precinct No. '2—All that terrltoryemhraced within he fallowing meies and bounds, to-wlt; Coinmei'c- ng at the northwest corner of Ottawa and Svca- more streets, thence running south atom: the west line of Sycamore street to Chlppawa street thence west on the north line of Chlppawa street tb Plum street, thence south on the west line of Hum street to usage street, Gjence west on the north line of psage and Wheatland streets to the Chicago branch ot thePittsburg. Chicago, Cincinnati & st. Louis Hallway, thence south along the line of said railway to the Peorla branch of said rallwav thence west lollowing the north line of said Peorla branch ol said railway to the west limits of said vard thence north to the line of the, M abash and Erie ciinal. thence east a long the line of the Wabash and Erie canal bed to Holland street, thence south along the west line, of said Holland street to Bates street, thence east on the south line of Bales street to Plum street, thence south on Plum street to Miami street, thence east along the south line of Miami strei to Vlne.street, thence noith on theeast line pi vine street to Ottawa .street, thence east on south line oi Ottawa street to place of beginning And it Is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held In the buidling on the sou hwest corner of the school house yard Ju said ward. „ Precinct No.S—All that territory embraced within the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commencing at the soutlmest corner of Sycamore and Chlu- pewa streets, themeruriningweft on the souih lineofChlppewa street to Plum street thence south on tlie eiust line of Plum street to Osage then west on south line of Osage street to Whe-ii- ' ?^ff'' nt SS I , 1 !;?.'?^ s l^ 1 ? oa j^,!! n *.9n vhe!ltla . 1!a iouth the north line of Market street to'Eel'river 'thence easterly along the north bank of Eel river with the meanders thereof, to the place of beginning And it Is ordered that the elections In saldnredne be lie.'d at theenglne houseln said ward PrecinctNo.4—Allthatterrltoryembracedwlt 1 - the.t'ol owlngmetes and bounds, to-wlt: Commen ing at the western! the ofEel river bridge onMark street in said ward, thence west along the uort bank of Eel and Waba <h rivers, with the meande thereof, to the west limits of said ward thenc north to the south line of the Peorla branch of th P., C..C.&St.L.EiiIlwaythence east along th Peorla branch of the P. C. C. & St. Louis Rallwa to Market street, thence east on t! south line of Market street to th place of beginning. And Jt Is ordered that th elections in said precict be held In "Dill's coope shop In said ward. said canal bed YuSevuith 'rt east line of Seventh street to Broadway street ina hence ejist.n south line of JBroadwaj luJet to pace of beginning. Ana It Is ordered that I be " WAHD. ,' V~ A11 Ul:u u ' r the lollowlng- metes and s o-wt Commencing ut Eel river on 'I welf th "street thence running souih to Market sir, et thence UIM m north line of Market .street !tor r embraced bounds to-wlt " to to e south , el river, and lln .h the T Ail lhat writer embracing llowing .nines and bounds, to-wlt at thft f orller of Twe!n)l ™ d ^rkec . ience running «ist on the south lire of Market street to Smell tb street, (hence sou. h on the west line ofsta.eemh sueet toSim- " W °" IlM i rUl lllleof fan «* d -,„. ,, , . •-- -— 'ice nonh on »-ast line of Tweifih street to the place of beglnnliij? Andlt is ordered that the, elections In said precinct be waiU ' FiltlH '" 111 street tn t'"e home in said Precinct Vo. 0.-AI1 that terrftorv within the following metes and bounds"," ,,, •''' at j-el river on Sixteenth street thence running south on east line or Sixteenth of Marke al '} el ? n ; eet rV 1 , <;n(:e -^«« n»nh C OL >iiirket street to Eighteenth sirwr then^ south on east line of Eighteenth street to Spear street, thence east on north line of Spear sirefit tn the east limits of the city, thence nortfalorg the eastern limits i,f the city to Editor iheitewest ilo.-ig south bank of Eel river to plareorfS And It is ordered that the elections In £ld of ' W irh'!, (!i ,T t f >1 i?-^~ A " thilt tr rltory embraced rnm P i loilOH l n e ™etes and bounds, to^it Commenclngat the corner of the Wabash.StTouls strtto street, thence south on west line of nS eet lo Sl)€:lr street - then< * edM on qt;-pear street to east limits of city. tree ' iind " -- embraced within. wlngme&wand bounds, to-wlt: , -: menc if at. tlic corner of Twelfth and Smead streets tjraoermuilngrastoii the south line of IS l i Street - thence sou1 * 0 '' f»« street to the Wabush and Erie OflESTY Telegraph "Cable Pierced by Grass. At a meeting' of the Asiatic society ol Bongal at Calcutta a piece of cable was exhibited,, showing that the'' India rub-, ber covering' had been' pierced by a blade of grass. The piercing was so complete and the contact with the copper core so perfect that I; dead earth," as it is technically called, was produced and, the efficiency of the cable destroyed. Ths species of the grass, owing to its dried up condition, could not be determined. If rioryemd No equal at fon'ce. to it. a.hcl JDleasure for YOU in OLD HONESTY CLeap Lands and Homes in Kentucky, Tennessee, ALABAMA', Mississippi and Louisiana. On tie line of the Queen <5c Crescent Rocte car be found 2,00(J,OOU acres of splendid bottom up. laud, timber and stock lands. Also the fines! fruit and mineral lands on the continent for sail on favorable terms. FARMERS! wltti all thrgettlng get a home ti the sonny South, where blizzards and Ice cln< plains are unknown. Tae Queen <fc Crescent Route is »4 Miles tin Shortest mid Quickest Line SECOKB WAKD. PrecliictNo.l—All thatterrltorj-embraced with! .lie lollowiiiK metes and bounds, to-wlt: Commeuc ng at Eel river on Fourth street, thence runnlii" outh on the west line ol Fourth street to Eel Rive" ivenue, thence southwest on the north line of Ee HIver avenue to Thirdstreet. thence north on Thin treet to Eel river bridce, tlience northwest on eas me of sycamore street to the north ilnilis of the becond ward, Ihence alotiK the north limits of s;ild econd ward to the west line of Stevens, Moblei nd Clary's additions to the city of Logansijort lience north along the west line of saw additions o tne north limits of said ward, thence east on the orth line of said ward to Clifton avenue thence outliiUongthe west line of Clifton avenue to lamia street, thence southwest along the north ne ot Hanna street to Pontiac street tlience south .ong the west line of Jt'ontiai: street to the north lank of Eel river, thence « est on the north bank of el river with the meanders thereof to a, point OB- osite Fourth street to the place of beginning nd It Is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at what Is now known at Scliaefer's cooper shop In snid ward. ' Precinct No .2—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wlt Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence rumiln" south on theeast line of fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the north line of Broadway street to Filth street, thence south on east line of Fifth street to the Wabash and Erie canal bed thence east along the north line of said canal bed to Seventh street, thence north on the west line uf Seventh street to High street, thence west on the south line of High street to Sixth street, thence north on the west line o! Sixth street to Eel river andthencewestalonethesouthbaiikof Eel river with the meanders thereof to the pla e of begin- nlug. And It Is ordered that the elections in Slid precinct be. held at the Korth sueet engine house in said ward. Precinct No.3-A11 that territory embrac d within the lollowing metes and bounds, to-wit: Commencing on the south bank of Eel river at the In rersec- tion with Third street, thence running south to Eel Elver avenue, tnence northeast along the south line of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street, thence south on the e;ustllne of Fourth street to Broadway street, thence east on the south line of Broadway street to Fifth street, thence south on the west Hue of Fifth street to Market street, thence west on the north line of Market street to Eel Elver avenue, thence southwest on Eel River avenue street, tbencesoutlionwest ^"teentb street 10 WabashSav, thence wet along said railway to Twelfth street, ibeji north ' the Cltv ° . Clerk of the City of Logaii 1 - $?, llprel) y cert1 ^ tUat the above fa a the Common rnpnnfrt™T n UJtuclIoftlie City ol Logimsport, Indiana <it a. rpgnlar session held In the council chaSber bftald city oil -rVediiesday evening March IS, Ii91. reldtiye m, ^.^"^'".eof voting Dreclnete for the wrl- ?H,, n . Jrds comprising the City of Logaiisport, Indiana. as the same appears of record In mv office' nltness my hand and the seal of the Cltv of Tn giinsiJorttLlg]9t.li day of March, m W ° LSEAL.] • JOHNJ.TAGGART. Clerk City of Lognnsport, Indlajia Ladies $500 Reward. Dr. Anderson's English 1 Female. Eegulatlne Tr f u re ££ S » fts tp1 »»rt reliable. Glre them a trial and be convinced. M Drag Store or bv mall, postpaid per box $100, s boles forliBO Moka CMedlcijietCo., Toledo, O For sale in Logaiisport,:iiid,b.vEen Fisher, No Sll Mention paper. febl9d4w3ni Onr• STaJydor Perfection Syringe free with »v«rr ottle. Prevents Stricture. Cures GOUM-HUM Gleet m I 10 4 <toy fc ^u your Drueelat 4 - Sent to any addresa for *£oO. AoKw VALYDQR MANUPfi CO., LANCASTER^ CinciBati to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. Entire Trains, Baggage Car, Day Coaches ace Sleepers run through without change. 110 Miles the Shortest, » , Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fia. Tune 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains and Through Sleeping Cars. ONL-Y LINE FBOM CINCINNATI TO Chattanoga. Tenn., Fort Payne, Ala., Meridian, Miss., Vlckburg, Miss., Sbxeveport, La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington Ky 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Knoxvllle, Tenn 116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and A'ugusta, G-a, 14 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Annlston Ala S Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Birmingham 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Jlrect connections at New Orleans and Shreveport "or Texas, .Mexico, California. Trains leave Central TJnloa Depot,' Cincinnati rosslng the Famous High Bridge of Kentucky nd rounding thm base of Lookout Mountain. I tUlman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Trains. ver One Million Acres of Land In Albama, thf future Great State of the South subject to . pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate. • For Correct County Maps, Lowest Hat«« and •nil particulars addms, D. ft. EDWARDS • (Jen assenger & Ticket Agent, iQtieen & Crescent Houte, Cincinnati 0 to the Wabash river, and thence northwest along the south bank of Eel river,, with the meanders thereof, to the place of beginning. And it Is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at the township trustee's office In said ward. THIRD WARD. Precinct No. 1-A11 that territory embraced with in the lollowing metes and bounds, tc-wit- Com- menclngat the corner of Eelfiiver avenue and Market street, thence running east to Fifth street thence southeast to Oak streeUbence south along the west line of Oak street to Canal street, thence west along the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, tlience south on the west fine of Fourth street to the Wabash river, thence west along the north bank of the Wabash rtver, with the meanders thereof, to Eel River avenue, and thence north to the place of beginning. And it is ordered that thf elections in said precinct be held at the old brick school house In said ward. Precinct No: i—All that territory embraced within the following metes and bounds, to-wit- Commencing at the corner of the Wabash and Erie canal bed and Oak street, thence running e.ist alone the south line of-the Wabash and Erie canal bed to Twelfth street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth street to the Wabasli liver, thenrp west along the north bank of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof to Fourth street, thence north along the the east line of Fourth street to Canal street, thence ea«t on Canal street to Oak street, thence north on the east line of Oak street to the place of beginning And it Is ordered that theelections in said precinct be held at Harry Torr's office In said ward. ' Precinct No. 3.-The third precinct of said ward' Is composed of all that pan of said ward hing south o£ the Wabash river, including Blddle's Island. It is ordered that the election In said precinct be held RtAmans carriage trimming shop on Burlington avenue In said"ward; FOURTH WAKD, Precinct No. L—All the territory embracedwlth- In ttie, following metes and bounds, bi-wlt: Commencing at the corner of .Sixth and High streets thence running north on Pontlnc street to Hanna street, thence east on the south line, of Hanna street to Clifton avenue, thence north oirthe east line, of Clifton avenue to the ward bilundarv line then'-e east Mlong the ward bonndar 1 ' line to east- limits of said- ward, thence southeast Mlongthe line ol said ward t» Eel river, thence west along the north bank of Eel river, with the meanders JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF. PENS. Do YoHnifesi or Speculate •• • IN STOCKS, BONDS, GRA.II-T AND PROVISIONS ? If so, trip- witu. a reliable firm who have had t<-n years expt: >eace, ar>d are members of tlie Cliio.iu n Board of T|'Hda and Stock Exchange. Who da business strictly on Commission. Refer to IlliRou Trust and Savings BanK, Chicago. C. A. WHVLAND i CO. ** JO Pacific Ave. - . Chicago, 111 a. We send fre; of charge our Daily.Market Report • •r.d Circular on application. 1 ntersst allowed on monthly balances. S TOPS ALL uunatural discharges in 24 hours. Gleet norrhea in 3 days. No Stricture No Pain. SURE Adopted bythcGer- manGovernmen t for H ospi tal £ Army us e P.S.C. isputuplor American trade in a patent bottle hol<J- inssyringcfscc cut) At druffgists, $1.00, sent, scaled, for JTh8 VonMohlCorapany, Cincinnati, Chin S; F. KEESLmg. Agent, Logansport, Ind. I CUBE RUPTURE DR. HORNE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES J3ave Cured 10,000 Rnpturus in 15 Tears. *'IsujTored with a double rupture 5 ypars, TOUT Eloc- trtc Truss cured me In 3i£ montlis. 3. Q. Pnn-roT." Sept. 24, '80. Clmttanooea, Tenc. "Tour Electric Truss cured my rnntiire niter siiffcrlnii 15 soars. 3tts. A. PocoHri'." AbBccun, N. f. Oct. 8, '90. "lam cnreii sound and well oy Tvc.arlnc your Elcctrlo Truss. R, Hiitvuy."Davis.city, Iowa. • Aufi'- The only iron ill ne Efovtrlc Truw nn.l Jiell < In tll<- worM. Oll.,,nw lll,iKtriil«l Look «cntiK-.a.i-»j DR. HORNE, INVENTOR, ISO WABASH AYE;, CHIC#

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