Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1897
Page 23
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TO BE DEPENDED EPOS Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Care between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, CaL, running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:00 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without thange. Only three days from Logans- part to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address First National Bank Logan«part, Indiana. CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MTJRDOCK, PKBHDKOT. W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. F. BROOKMETER, ASST. CASHISB. DIRECTORS: A-J. Murdock. W. H. Bringhurst, Dennii Uhl, R. 8. Rice. B. F, Yantlg. £ M. jlarwood. W, T. Wilson. Banking in all its Departments promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and stockholder nosgbt for. Strong ttejerve Fund Maintained. Because it is Uie Experience of a Logans port Citizen and can be lurtttifated. Suppose you were *nj utter stranger in a SIPS BATTLE AFAR. W ABASH R,R, Logan aporl. Ind. Do loii Love If so, secure one of the latest and prettiest Two-Steps of v e day, by maillot Ten Cents (silver or stamps) to cover mailing- and postage, to the undersigned for u copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope 'Two Step.) we are glvlntr this music, which is regular fifty-cent 8hn t music, at this exceedingly low rate, 1'or the purpose of advertising, and test- iBg the value of the different papers as adver- tftlng mediums. E. O. McCormlek, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Route." Cincin- •»ti. O. Mtntlon this paper when you write. MILEAGE Tickets to Washington. The Pennsylvania Lines are now Issuing at all their principal ticket offices, for coupons of one thousand mile Interchangeable tickets of tbe Central Passenger Association's issue, exchange coupon tickets to Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington, at two cents per mile, short line dls- ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agent* of the Pennsylvania Lines will furnleh information regarding Home- Seeker*' Excursions to various points In the Northwest, West, Bouthwesi and South. It will pay to Investigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Lino Ticket Agent, or address W. W. Richardson District Pasecmer A^ent IndlanapollB.Ind tance. OUp^H/CC JUU TTC1 V >^-"* «•»• — cr -large city and had completely lost yonr way, whose im'dance would you place tbe moet confidence in, a stranger's, lost like yourself or a resident born an - bred in the city? Wnen a ship reaches the offlne of a rtrange port. whose hand direct* the tiller and brings her safe to her moorio»s? A trusty pilot's or a greenhorn's? Whose opiniOQB.'.experience and statements can tbe reider depend on the more, those published from bonaflde Logansport or those originally drafted from every hole and corner, of the Union, eicept our own Logansport and ,1W suturbs. Read this Lo- ganeportcase. Mr. J. J. Drigs. 180 Market street, says: "Continually riding in a buggr for the last ten years affected my kldn- ys so th»t i have had trouble with them for 5 or 6 yean. There is a coniinual soreness across the smail of my back over the kidneys which was especially painful when making Jons: drives A cold always seemed to settle in my back and causa it to acbe more severely than ever. When I read about Doac's Kidneys Fills In one of our papers it struck metba-. they lugh: to be a good medicine, as they were represented to be a cure for kidneys only. lerotaborat Keesling's drug store on «h St. and I must say that they (rave me much satisfaction, for they removed the soreness in my Mdneys in a very showtime and I have not had the slightest backache since. This has convinced me thai they were » reliable remedy and worthy of the recommendation wnich I cheerfully give 1 them." Doan'B Kidney Pills are for «ale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster- Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. 7., solo agents for the U. S. Remember the name Doan's and take no other. Cen. Wallace Declares a. Fight Betweaen Uncle Sam and i*^ Somebody Imminent. JAPAN LIKELY TO BE TEE VICTIM. GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER Hints In Tralnc JBun by Centra) in rou-owa , Pull- tDnili. Moept 8iQ«a». A>"»""<"0 """ * B » tT " CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. LMVC for Chioflso*8:05 a m;*«:00 a m;*l:25 p m *2-00 p m; *4:SO p m. Arrive from Chicago "12:30 a m;«12:SO pm;»1:00 pm:*l:40pm;*8:16pm. BRADFORD AMD COUJMBCB. LeaTC for Bradford >1:10 a m;t7:40am; -1:45 Dm - t4:30pm. Arrive from Bradford *2:45am; tlO:20 am: •1:20 pm; t4:15pm. IFFNBR DmSION. U»ve rprKffnert8:15 a m: t9:0«a m- t2:OS p m 5pm Sunday only. Arrive from Kffner "7:85 a in;+12:50 p m: 12:4£ p m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. Leave for Richmond t!2;55 »m; t5:30 a m; M:05 pm:*2:20p m. Arrive from Richmond «2:30am: ni:00am •1:50 p m; t!0:50 p m. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOUISVILU. LMV« for Loulivllle 12:45 a m; «1:10 p m. Arrive from Louisville *2:40 a m; *l-.a6 p m. J, A. McCDLLOOGH, Agent. Logansport. Ind. Have the goods to advertise. Tell your 6tory plainly in the newspaper that the people read, and in language they will easily understand, and among others prserve the following Advertising Points: Profitable advertising results from ;ood goods heing offered well. Jrive yonr rival's advertising attention, but give your rival no advertising. Advertising prestige is hard to win, but not hard to lose. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it will be understood by a reader of little understanding. Your advertising should be complete in itself. To secure the best results, use the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAROS, with its large circulation in both city" and county. LOQANSPOHT NO. •*« BOU1TD: 3 KaBtern Express daily .................. J:SS a m 8 Mall and Express dally ......... ...... »:« » n 1 Atlantic Express daily .................. 4:15 D m It Fort Wajne A eco Ex Sunday.... 6:32 p m 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday .......... 4:18 p ni WIST BOUND, 3 Western Express daily ......... - ...... 10:S4 p m 1 Fast Mail Daily ............................. S:1S P °» 7 Mail and Expreasdally ...... ............ 2:40 p m 5 Paolflo Express daily ..................... 11:SS a m 11 Decatur AcooEx-Sundav ...... ----- ~:Sn a lu 75 Local Fro IghtKx- Sunday ...... - ...... 7:S5 a m KIL BTTIB DIVIUOH, W18I1ID«. B»TW»BB LO4AHIPOXT A1TP CHTU. WIST BODHD. •o. IB... ........ ____ Arrives ---- ....... - 8:80 a. tt Wo. »7 ------------ arrives,-. ----------- S:SO p. n XA8X BOU1TO Mo. *. _______ Leave*.. ..... -------- 1:06 a. u «o.M --------- .Leaves ................. 1:48 p. IT VANDALIA LINE. Time Tablo, In effect Dec. 5,1887. Home Excursion . . FOR November and December '97 - -THR -- Vet-rran Shoe 3I.-reli»nt Fails. Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. 17.—Nicholas Bolajid. a veteran shoe merchant, of this city, has given chattel mortgages on his stock calling for $6.675. Yesterday he filed papers in assignment, naming Andrew Gries as assignee. Fatally Hurt in a Coal Mine. Brazil, Ind., Dec. 17.—George Dickson, a miner, of Diamond, -was fatally injured in the No. 8 mine of the Brazil Block Coal company. He was drawing pillars, when the roof gave way, crushing him under a mass_of! slate. Has HII Kmbarrussmeiit of Wires. Ludlngton, Mich., Dec. 17.—William Hall was arrested in this city charged with having four wives. Seventeen years ago he married a woman, who shortly afterward ran away with his brother. She now lives at Muskeg-on, Mich. Numbers 2 and 3 were married and desertf-d in turn and are now residing at Pennvater. Mich. Number 4 is now under arrest. She has lived with him nearly a year, part of the time before marriage. Hall made a confession of everything. . Russian Amireliist Shut Up. London, Dec. 17.—A Russian nameJ Vladimer Bourtzeff was remanded at court yesterday a publication in- asapsinarton of the Mpit-s of The Naro do (The Will of the People!, in whi tli incriminating articles were published, were found on him. as was also a lotti-r in Russian from America addressed to the prisoner as editor of Tile Navo doJVnletz_ Fir/simimiim fUulU-KKi-d liy JFcCiiy. Milwaukee. Dec. 17.—Champion Pugilist Bob Fitzsimmons yesterday received a challenge to fight from "Kid" McCoy in case McCoy defeats Dan Creedon in tonight's battle. Fitzsimmons declares emphatically that he has retired from the ring for good and will pay no attention to challenges from any one in the future. Strike of Illinois Millers. Springfield, Ills.. Dec. 17.—The miners at Ashland. Cass county, have struck because of a reduction of 10 cents per ton in their wages. Many of them have gone to Missouri to work. Bow street police charged with issuing citin; czar. to the have authorized reduced rates to many points in the "West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C. G. Newell, Apt Logansport, Ind. THe "Weather \Ve Hay Kxpect. •Waslmigion, D«=- 17. Followiiiii are the weather indications for twenty four hours from 8 p. m. yesterday: For Indiana—Generally fair weather: possibly licht snow in ex tremo southern portion: northerly winds: colder in southern portion. For Illinois-Fair weather in northern. 1 ight local snows in southern portion: colder in southern portion; northerly winds. For Lower Michigan—Generally fair, colder wi-ather: brisk northwesterly winds. For Vppei Michigau—Fair weather: colder in eastern portion: brisk northw-stcrly •winds. For Wisconsin—Fair, continued cold weather: westerly winds. For Iowa—Geu- irallyfair weather today; low but slowly ns- Icil to the Sut-riflce by Her Own Vaulting Ambition - General Feeling Pretty Belligerent Generally—Fatal Rail Wreck on the C. mid JE. I -Testimony u» the Hijll Murder Ca>e—Sale of a Great Stone (Juar- ry—Fuilure in Shoe*. Indianapolis. Dec. 17.—"I firmly believe," said General Lew Wallace, "that the next war we shall engage in will be with Japan. There is a country with fine naval equipment and a good army, flushed with recent victories and a country spoiling for a fight. They need a good thrashing, and we are able to give it. They have been landing troops on the Hawaiian islands for a long- time under the guise of emigrants, and there is now a Japanese army of 40,000 on the islands. Dole discovered the scheme, and has tried to put a stop to the secret landing of this army, but the Japanese already landed are there." "Do you mean to say, general, that Japan will declare war if we annex Hawaii?" Says Annexation Will Fail. "We won't annex it. I am in favor of the annexation of the islands, but you will see that this administration will not annex them. What we should do right away is to take these islands when they are being offered to us for nothing. In fifteen years we shall be engaged in a war to get them if we don't annex them now. You will live to see that war. I may not, but you mark my word when I say that you will see it. Those islands which we can now get for nothing will cost us untold money, for there is nothing so expensive as war." Jumps on Kepresentative Hilborn. "Speaking about our engaging in war," continued General Wallace, "I noticed in the papers the other day that Congressman Hilbom. of California, had, before some class in Chicago the day befo'.-e. lectured upon our military equipment, and, although he is a member of the house committee on naval affairs, ho made the statement that while we had some vessels we did not have in this country enough powder to fire the ordinary salutes. He made this statement to express the absurdity in his opinion of this country engaging in war. Would Have Him Disciplined. "That fellow should he disciplined for that kind Of talk. He ought to know that this country has concealed some place in the Allegheny mountains enough saltpeter to make all the powder we would need in a long war. That statement was highly injudicious, and I believe not, true. Even though true, however, it but advertises our weakness to the world and invites trouble. Congress should appoint a committee to have that utterance investigated and if proved to be accurately reported he shouid be censured—yes. even expelled from the house. He is not fit to ^present any ofie." COMJCCXOII FOKGOT ORDKRS. Didn't Siili'-Trnck His Train Rixl.Thrcn 'Dead Men i* the Sequel. Terre Haute, Ind., Dec. 17.—A disastrous and fatal wreck occurred on the Chicago and Estern lillinois railway at Lyford at 5:05 yesterday morning, a passenger train and an extra freight crashing together while runningat full speed. The wreck was the result of Freight Conductor L. t. Coons overlooking orders to sidetrack for No. :!. Both engines, two mail cars and four freight cars rolled down an embankment into a ditch. The dead include: John B. Rousch. of Danville. Ills., engineer of passenger train; George Brewer, of Danville, Ills., fireman passenger engine; Frank F. Deeter, fireman freight engine. The injured are: Lewis L. Coons, of Chicago, conductor freight train. Out on head and shoulder: George Foster, engineer freight train, buried under tender of engine and badly crushed; William R. Raab, of Chicago, mail clerk, back sprained; Henry Cadwallader, of Evanston, Ills., mail clerk. legs crushed FOR THE NORTH Ho 6 -.- « 10:&> a. m. No. 8 - S;;tr> P- m . FOR THE SOUTH. No. 31 -V°», a - m No, S 3:18 p. m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains 4Bd rations, and for full Information at to rauw, through ears, etc., address J. 0. BrXHrwoRTH, agent. Logansport, or • 4_ FORD, General Passenger Agent. St. LouJj. Sto. L. R. & W. Tune Table, Peru, Ind. Solid trains between Peoria and Sandusky •ltd Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- neotSoni to and from all point* in tbe United ttam and Canada. ANUVB SOOTH BOO!?1> OXTAJIT Mo B Indianapolis Szp daily 7:10 a m U-Mamli'oK " Mail AKrp_U:SSam (dai'j except Sunday) Mo »lndpl'» Kip si Sun. _ 3:25 p m • The -world admires the perfect Mnn t > ot csnrsce, dlpnlty, or mui-cular development alone. but that BobUe and wonderful force known w SEXUAL VITALITY »•!$ p o . No 29 FaMenger except bun No 151 Rochester local arrive :45 p m except Sunday, WORTH BOUND. -J«:18«m MANHOOD iaflorlasr th/ mental tortures manhood, shattered nerves, and aexunl power -who can be cured by our Magical Treatment which mnv OB t»l:en at home under our direction* 01 -we T^npayBTR. fare -and hotel bills lor ttos. who wish to ccme here. If we rail to cure. -sVeh&v« no free prescriptions, free cure or C.OJD. fate. Wo have «550.000 capital and ftaaraiuee to cure every case we treat or refund every dollar you pay as. or fee may lie deposited In any btnk to be paid ni when n cure isVtTected. TVnte for full panlcuJKi. STATE JtKDICAl. CO., Omalio- >*». C«lftvo. - CJOpmKoMMlohijranCitydauTV 4:50 pm •« pm No M Detroit Xxp Iz Son ' Ho WOAcoom except Sun... f:45 am run north of Peru on Sund ay. tn •TIM* not run north of Peru on un ay. StwStHwSluid i«Deral HrfpriMtton oail T? JEttonar. Uoket agent. L. ». * w. 5i.iaU^a»-D«llTri««ml PMMUW rfiftMPOlfc.lBl t. LODDPOISOH ASPECIALTYSS^^ tlary BLOOD 1>OISON pera_i3catl7 cured In lo to 35 day*. You can be treated at home for same price under same |ruaron~ ty. If yoa prefer tocome hern we wi'.lcon- trsct to pay railroad fareaodhotelbills^uKl Dochanre. If we fail to core. If you have taken mercury, iodide potash, and still have aches and pains, M ucoos V»tches in moutn. Sore Throat, Pimplea, Copper Colored Spots, Dicers on any pan of the body. Hairor Eyebrows fauinr out, U la tol» Secondary BLOOD POISON wn Kn»r»nte« to CUT«- We solicit the mo»t objti- nate c**e* and cnallejit* th« world for > ea«« wo eannotcure* T&ts dteeaie has alv.-yi baffled th« skill of the most eminent physicians. 500000 caital behind our nnndV nate c**e* and cnaejit* « wor or > ea«« wo eannotcure* T&ts dteeaie has alv.-yi ost em l behind proof* COOK REMEDY CO* . ttonalfi 9500,000 capital behind our nncondV Abeolnt* tent sealed OQ MEDY CO* pi*. COICA€K>, 1UU - ing temperature: variable winds. THE MARKETS. Clik'HRO Grain and Produce-. Chicago. Dec. 16. Following were the quotation? on the Board of Trade today: Wheat—December, opened 9S^c. closed $1.00; January, opened 93i-ic. closed 93%c: May, opened 91'ic. closed 92c. Corn—December, opened Sa^c, closed 26c: January, opened 2C%c, closed 26i4c; May, opened •>9c closed iS'/sC. Oats—December, opened 21%c. closed 21%c; May. opeced closed 22?sc. Fork—December, opened $T.tJ5. closed ST.SiM.; January, ipened SS 55 closed SS.60: Maj', opened SS.SO, closed SS.S5. Larcl—December, opened and closed nominal: January, opened S4.S2V;. closed $4.50; May. opened $4.70. closed S4.70. Produce: Butter—Extra creamery. •>"c per fb- extra dairy. 19c: iresh packing stock. 13c. Egrgs—Fresh stock: •>0c per'doz. Dressed poultry—Turkeys. 9<alOc per tt.: chickens. 5©oM:C: ducks. 5i?nV>. Potatoes—Northwestern, 50@ 60c per bu. S-.veet potatoes—Illinois, S1.50@2.-5 per bbl. CliicJiffo Live Stock. Chicago. Dec. 16. Ho?*—Estimated receipts for the day, •>7000~ Sale* rar.eed at S2.90@3.45 for pi'sr* S3.3o(g;;.47-.- for light. $3.20@3-25 for rouch packinc. $3.::.iTt3.5iU;or mixed and S3.30SJ3.50 for heavy packing and ship- pins' lots. Cattle—Estimated receipts for tne iay 30.0CO- Quotations ranged at $5.00 iff550 for choice to extra steers. $4.50® 5000 s-ood to choice do- $4.40@4.Ss fair to srood. $3.75ig4.40 common to medium do " S3 70(84.20 butchers' steers. 3.75 stockers. $3.60cS4.15 feeders. 3 SO cows. S2.60<f?4.50 h... -„ bulls oxen and stass. $3.00@4.15 Texas steers, and SS.50@6.50 veal calves. Estimated receipts for the 11 000 Quotations ranged ax »3.bO 4.80' westerns. S3.1064.SO natives, and J4.304t6.25 lambs. Milwaukee Grair. Milwaokee, Dec. 16. Watat—Higher: X-o. 1 northern, 91c; Xo. 2 spring, S6c: May. 9i%c- Gem— Quief Xo. 3. 36}*. Oats—Steady; .No. S white, 23%c. Rye—Steady; No. 3, package of the world's best eleanwr (or H nickel. StlU greater economy in 4-pound packace. All grocers. Made only by THE X. K. FAIRB.OTK COMPASTY, N^ Chicago, St. Louis, New York, Boston, Philadelphia. all competitors In the Interstate association, being at that time a representative of DePauw university. She is also a member of the Western Writers' association, and is a memberof the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.- Decision That Attracts Attention. Indianapolis, Dec. 17.—The decision William MontjtomerY Brown, arcti deacon of the Protestant Episcopal diocese of Ohio, has decided to accept his election as bishop co-adjutor ot Arkansas. Professor Kin?, of Olivet (Mich.) college will be the next T'nited States minister to Siam. Senator Burrows says Indianapolis, JJec. n.—J.i«= ucx.i=."" j s ter to Stain, senator jiuiru«» =«j- of Judge McClure, of the Madison cir-j the pres ident will send in his name as cult court, that the foreign building and go0n as he returns to Washington. kers $36064.15 feeders. *I.SU«B- «•> acic^. ~"~ •—- -•-—• <- , * 7i.60«Mo heifers. S2.25@-l.00 i years, and has always nettec over 10 ' j .,.„„., *r? ftntffA i^ TAvas «~w ««„«- t\f T>IP- »Allin^ nnee. loan associations which have been do-' ing- business in the state cannot collect money they have loaned here because they have not complied with the law by filing bond with the auditor ot state has attracted attention in the office of the auditor of state. An investigation of the records shows that at the time the law of 1891 was passed there were twenty o£ these associations doing business in the state. None has ever complied with the law. Disastrous Freight Wreck. Lafayette, Ind., Dec. 17.—The most disastrous freight wreck in several years occurred at 5:30 a. m. on the Monon railway, five miles south of this city, In which eighteen fr*"" cars went through the bridgesr -g Little Waa creek. The train w .jaded with stone and coal, north-bound. The accident was caused by an immense block of stone falling between cars, breaking the truck;;, and tearing away the bridge guard-rails. Charles Wheat, head brakeman, was crippled in jumping for hi» life. Firebugs lor Revenue Only. Kokomo, Ind., Dsc. 17.—James Gregory, a grocer of Center, and his clerk. "Wesley Hauton. have been arrested George Weyerberg, a young man ot Little Chute. Wis., was drowned In tbe Fox river near Kaukauna, Wis. A companion who broke through the ice with him managed to draw himself out of The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchange, able Rebate Ticket is fonale at principal Ticket Office* o The Pennsylvania Lines. It IB honored one yew from date of: sale.*" Bx change 1 icktts over either ot the fouowini named Lines: Ann Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore. & Ohio Southwestern. Chicago & Eastern Illinois. Chicago S'West Michigan, Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, vvSSIGY xniiuLvu. iiok't «j^k-ii u » • %.»— Clcvoljind & Mwtoctft^ charged with burning their store for ] Cleveland, Canton & Southern, the insurance. They are in jail here. Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & Bt L Five stores were burned, with a loss Cleveland, Loraln& wheeling, Cleveland Terminal & Valley. Columbus, BoCKln* Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking, Detroit:^ Cleveland Steam navigation, Detroit. Grand Baplds & Western. Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & fltilburg, Evansville & IndianapolU. Bvansyille & Terre Haute. Findiay, Fort Wsyno & Western, Flint & Pore Marquette. Grand Kapi^e & Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nashville, Between Jx>ui«vIUe * Cincinnati and between St. L and Bvansvlll* Louisville, BvanevJlle & St Louli [jOUisvllle, Henderson & St Louis, Michigan Central, of $13,000. Gregory got considerable insurance, and is accused of removing his goods before the flre-_ The Chicago board of education nas received a protest from the Socialist Alliance. The communication objects to th* T'nion League club having charge of exercises in the schools each Washington's birthday aniversary. Newspaper Advertising In the United States. A book of two hundred pages, containing a catalogue of about, six ihou- sand newspapers, being all that are credited by the American Newspaper Directory (December edition for 1897) with having regular issues of 1,000 copies or more. Also separate Slate maps of each and every State of the American Union,naming those towns only in which there are issued newspapers having more than 1,000 circulation. This oook (issued December 15, 1897) will be sent, postage paid, to any address, on receipt of one dollar, Address The Gee. P. Rowell Advertising Co.,10 Spruce St.JSTewYork. and back sprained; Charles S. Mitchell, of Chicago, traveling salesman, cut on head. TKSTIMONV IX THK HTI-T. CASK. Does Not Ocelli Tc, lie 80 Xucli Conjecture as Alleged- Princeton, Ind., Dec. 17.—The second day of the Hull murder trial was full of stirring incidents. The most important witnesses were Mrs. George Wendel. Dr. X. YV. Spradley and Chas. Bovrers. Mrs. Wendel testified that young Hull visited her home on the day of the murder and borrowed a. revolves containing four cartridges: an hour afterward he returned with the revolver empty, and made her declare she would never te'.l what had occurred. Hull was shot four times. Bowers and Spradley found the body of Hull on the bank of the creek. They saw tracks In the mud there. Young Hull wore heavy shoes, with round- headed ;acks in the soles, and his shoes fitted the tracks perfectly. A dozen witnesses corroborated Bowers' story of the threats young Hull had made to kill his father. ^ Furcha-sp of a T>is .Stone Ouarry. Bloomington, Inc.. Dec. 17.—Chicaeo and New York capitalists, headed by the vice president pf the Monon, have purchased the fa:nous oolitic stone quarry owned by Perry Matthews and Buskirk. of th's city. The consideration was $300,000. The quarry contains 243 acres, and has been in operation six For the Christmas and New Year Holidays, the Wabash R. R. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good going on date of sale only, good returning up to, and including January 4th, 1898. Tickets can be purchased December 24th, 25th, and 31st. 1897, and January 1st. 1S9S. For further particulars, call on or address. C. O. NEWELL, Agt. Wabash R. R. Co. New Totk, Chicago & St Louis. Ohio Central Line*, rennsylvama Liae» West of Pltttburr, Peoria, Decatur & KvanevlUe, Plttsburg & Lake Erie, Pittabure & Western. Pittsburg. Lisbon &• Western, Toledo, St Louis & Kamsai Citj Vandalia Line, Wabasb Railroad, Zane»ville & Ohio river. The price of tb« se ticket* are Thirty Dollar* each. They are not transferable IftneUclet la used In its entiretj and exclusively by tb» original purchaser, a rebate of Ten DolUrt 1» paid by the Commissioner of the Central rut- senger Association, EJ. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. PittsbiM-g, Fa Sept 30,1887 All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, tbe Wabash Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having leased the tracks of th« Gran- Trunk ftxilway between Detmit and Suspension Bridge and those of the Erie B. H, from Suspension Bridge to Buff*lo, the Wabash R H will run lt« own trains from Kansas City Omaha, Des Moine;, St. Louis. Qutacy, Hannl bai, Keoku* and Chicago to Buffalo, being the only road frem Missouri and Mississippi River points having its o-wn line and trains running nto Buffalo. Through cars from Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago to Buffa.0 •without change A Grizzly Bear p«r cent, of the selling price. Society Wedding a *Greenca»tl«. Greencastle. Ind.. Dec. 17.—Miss E Jean Nelson, daughter of the late E P. Nelson, and one of the most widely known young women of Indiana, was married Wednesday morning to Judge William W .Penfield. of New T«rk city. Miss Nelson in 1S92 vron the interstate oratorical contest at Minneapolis over 1897 DECEMEEE, 1807 Su. 5 12 19 26 Mo. 6 13 20 27 Tu. 7 M 21 28 We. Th. 1 2 8 15 22 29 9 16 23 30 Fr. 3 10 17 24 31 Sa. "T 11 18 25 Is an tuipleasant companion -when all-means of escape have been cut off. ; At least so thought Alice and Clara Weldon when they found themselves in this predicament. If yott •wish to know how they escaped, read ; The Weldon Estate A Romance of th« Wtctent By Major Alfred R. Calheun IN THIS

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