The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 6, 1864 · Page 11
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 11

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1864
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY EVElttlC.G AP - IM 6. Amusements this Evening HOOLET'S OPERA HOUSE Corn ar of Court and Bemsen afreets. Nsgro bwUsquea, Dancca, Acis, Bohjeb, &c Open every areaing. PAEK THEATRE London Assurance. POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Banyan's Pilgrim Progress. ATHENEUM Friday orening next Lecture by De Coidova. Property Liable to be Sold for Unpaid Taxes. We publish to - day, for the sixth time, a list of property liable to be sold for taxes due for the year 1862. "The paper containing the ad - ' vertisemont of such Bale can be had at this "office by any person calling for it, free of "charge." Office Removal The Branch, office of the Eagle in the Eastern Diatric has been removed from No. 50 to No. 20 Sonth Sovcnth street. Our patrons can transact all business there with the sattic facility as at the ofQoe in Fulton street. Nepttjne Engine Co. No. 2, op Jamaica. This Company received their new Engine this morning and paraded tip Fulton street to the music of the Brook Jyn Band, on their way to Jamaica. It is of the piano patjtern, built by Mr. Jeffers o Pawtuckct Willim J. Keelcr, Chief Eugincer of the Jamaica Firo Department and Assistants had charge of the arrangements. The machine will be tried before the Trustees of the Village to - morrow. Am fop the Soldier's Families. We are in receipt of a note enclosing $3. in further aid of those whose necessities are great and whoso wants are prsss. ing. The money wo have handed to Coroner Noriss' who will dispose of itjudiciously ;thc note is as follows : To tiie Editor of the Brookljn Eagle: Will you please take charge of the enclosed smaU aid towards affording the desired relcif to .ihe women and children left destitute, as a couscqucnce of our unWy wcr. Your excellent articles on the subject believe I most fully endorse. i. Pkof. J. T.' Exhibition Ball on Monday evening, at Montague Hall, was a great success. Children as young as six summers performed difficult dances with the ease and grace of practiced professionals, while rupils of older growth showed teir complete mastery of the artTerpsichorean, as taughtby the above able professor. Pecuniarily tV ball was all that could bo dcfired, ondthOFe present expressed tuem - eVves a? b:shly rleascd with the evening's entertainment, Good, fcr Jitel We - wish to caU the attention of sufferers seeking permanent cure, from troublesome feet that Prof. I. KimbeB, Surgeon Chropodiflt, offers $100 to any lady or gentleman who will bring him a patient withan inverted nail or bunion that he can't cure. His office 1b 203 Fourth street, williarosburgh, near South 3d street. He refers to physicians and Burgeons of Brooklyn, E. D The Professor is permanently located there, and those that are afflicted would do well to call immediately. He has operated for the Bev. Dr Porter and hundreds of others in Brooklyn. Soldiers and Officers in the army, being oxposed to sudden changes, should always be supplied with "Beown's Bbonohial Thoches," as they give prompt relief in a Cold, Cough, or an Irritated Throat . The J. Monboe Tatlois Gold Medal Soap we are happy to say, justly Btanda at tho head of tho tons list of Soaps. "We do not hesitate to pronounce it the greatest dirt, paint, oil, and tar extractor on this continent - It is a luxury to use it, and ono of the greatest discoveries of tho ao for honaokcopors. "We are anxious every body Bhonldusoit,foriti8a8noarperfeotiona8 it is possible io get any article. Try it. Muxxneily. Ladies 'will find an assortment of Spring and Suramor Bonnets, of newest designs, Ribbons and Timers, in (treat variety, at Miss AnnieHodoins , No. 239 Fulton stroot, up ftairs, (St. Ann's Buildings.) N. B. Bonneta and Round Hats cleaned and pressed to tho latest style. . Fluting and Pinking, in all widths, and at short not'ce, at 3. LockitT, Son & Co.'s, 251 Fulton street, opposite Clinton. Mits. Winslow's Soothing Stbup rolmes the child from pain, invigoratas the itomach and bowels. orrectH acidity, and .give tone and vigor to m whole aiu te. a oeat a botrtlo. ttKka Ladies will find an assortment of Spring and Summer Bonnets, of newest desigon. Ribbons and Flbwerbin great variety, at Miss Annie Hodoiss, No. 239 Pulton street, up Btiiirs, St. Ann's Buildings. N. B. Bonnets and Round Hats cleaned and pressed to the latest style. ap4 tf The Brooklyn Juvenile High School, 189 Wai - hington street, will commence the Spring Term on Monday, Feb. 1st, 1864. This School is especially designed for Boys between tho acos of Five and Twelve Years, andis preparatory to the CoTlcfriate and Polytechnic Institute, where the Tenth Animal Circular and Catalogue can be ob - ajned of Prof. E. C. Skymotb, and also at tho Btore of Mr. O. P. MmtE, 317 Fulton street. 30U HEtP WAWTfcibr'v That dusty, dirty appearance which hair a,ni whiskern usually propent when colored with tho ordinary liair dyes, may be entirely obviated by asingMathow Yonc - tiiin Hair Dye, which produces a perfectly natural color of any desired shade one that will not crock, fade or wash out ono that is as permanent aa the hair itself. Sol d by all drugmM - Price 50 oents. & .L Mathews, G oncral Agent, m - fo27 2Ua MARRIED. .r ttt.,. T., la niTv March 31st. WAITED A GIRL AS JStTHSUi AND to do light chamber work most be willing to go to tie country for the summer. Nona but those who nate - lited out in the capacity of nurse need apply at 63 Benuen . gtroci. . aS If WANTED A WOMAN TO WEXNUR3K a Baby at her own renidonce. Apply for thrae daya at No. 23 Tompkins place, near Harrison street, Brooklyn. ANTED A GOOD COOK, WHO UN - dcrstands her business and can come well recoi i - irended. Apply at Wo. 61 First Place. apff2t W ANTE D HANDS WHO UNDJ3R - y T stand making glass buttons; also boys to learn, wages paid while learning. Apply at 50 South 7th street, E. P. ap62t TIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY, AN" EXiE - Y rienced nurse to take care of children and do oham - herwork; one with good reference. Apply ot Adelphi etreet. ' a6 It fir ANTED A PROTESTANT GIRL TO f T do general housework in a family of eitht persons. Apply r.t 7th houco north ol Green ave, on Olormont ave. ap6 lt TOARD WANTEDS ABINGLE GEN - Jj - tlemini. a - Jarse room, unrarnished, with board, in the Tidnityof Rer. Mr. Cnyler's , CAnwh. Address Z, Eagle onioe. bo ot. - BOARD WANTED ON OK ABOUT the 1st of May, foraGentloman, "WifQandlitUe girl, ID years of cge, either convenient to City Hall or in the av - enueB convenient to tho cars; a pleasant front room with small room attached preferred; plain but comforta ble fare cDly required; terms nqt to exceed $S0 per month. Ad - dress. O. Ernrle otGco. a6 3t" WANTEDA TIDY YOUNG MAN OR Boy to open oysters and make himself gsnerallyuso - fu in a restaurant. Apply f or threo days at 170 Fulton st., Brooklyn. aSlt 1T ANTED A WOMAN TO DO THE Y T cooking, washrng and ironing for a small family. Good reference required. 8i root. Apply for two days at 73 Henry WANTED IMMEDIATELY 2 BRICKLAYERS, to work on new work, and two or threo pood Jobbing Masons. Apnly to JAMES L. BRUSH, UuiJdor, athisohjce corner oi Cranberry and Henry streets. WANTED A GOOD GIRL TO DO GjH.n - eral hou - owork for a tmall family: ono wollreaora - mended, and no other, mny apply at 35 Johnson st. o62t ANTED SIX SEGAR MAKERS. Good work. Apply at 155 Myrtle ave, Brooklyn. ap62t WANTED A GIRL TO DO CHAMBER "Work for a Binall family, and assist in the caro of small children. Call for throe days in Clinton avenue, third house north of Myrtle, cast sine. a5 3t WAMTUD TWO STEADY GXHLS. OJSJi for pcneral housework and one as children x nurse, inasmoll Btrictly German private family; no boarders: pood ape (riven. Inquire, after 6 P. M. and from 8 to 9 A. M., at Mr. MOSER'S rosideucc, 47a Pacific at, betwoan 1'owers t nnd - 1th ave. ap52t WAliTEb A GOOD, STRONG GIBL, fnr rnnrrnl housework, m a small nrivato fmuilv. must be competent and willing, and have reliable reference fir honesty, sobriety, and roqu temper; such an one can find a good homo and fair wages by applying at No. t3 Henry st. Brooklyn. np5 2t WANTED A GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a email family. She must be a pood washer nnd ironcr and come well recommended. Apply at No. 14 Greene avenue, corner of Carlton avenue, Brooklyn. apS2t BOARDIHG. "DOARD - A FAMILY ELEGANTLY T.O - ..InI nn Tlwvnlrlim VfdahttL. hAVQ a Kllifn ftf hwnHam (V - lyfumished roonifl (front), about to be vacated, Baitable for a gentleman and wit o or a party of single Kuntlemon; hooso contains all the modern improtenienta, with Southern aspect, and between tho Pierreoont and Mansion Houses. Address with real name, HEIGHTS. EaoloOftice:: ap63t OARD WANTED, PERMANENTLY, by two young gentlemen, in the vicinity of theHoijrhta, a room with fuU and naxtial board. Tonna moderate. Will furnish carpet, Ac. References exchanged. Addross H. L., Eagle office. a62t LECTURIiS. MR. DE SECOND ESSAY w Gunpowder m. the City A Danoep. Ayo;d v. jffr. Kerrigan. - one of the Fire Wardens, learned yes. terday afternoon that a vcBsel was about unloading a large quantity of gnniiowder at the foot of Gold street, in defiance of the fire laws, 3lr. Kerrigan applied at the 42d lrecinct atatioa house for a force sufficient to sai :e the vessel, as those in charge seemed to think that because the vessel was in government employ and the powder bolonRed to the government, they were at liberty to disregard all local ordinances. Captain Jacobs placed a suf. force ai, Mr, Kercigaa'e disposal and the vesaej was seized before any of the powder ha. been landed, and she was towed out into the stream where the harbor 1 dice toot pharge of her. Ladies' Fair. A Ladies' Fair is now being held for the benefit of tle schools attached to tho Church of the Assumption (Rev. Father Keegan's) at the Union Hall, Park Theatre building. The schools supported by the Church of the Assumption are au honor to tho parish which sustains them, and will be a lasting memorial to the reverend gentlemen above named, through whoso tamest labors they have been established. The schools are located in one of the niost populous districts of tho city, and tho good they do it is not easy to ovor estimate - On behalf of the laiits who have gotten up the Fair, wj nre asked to say that the Fair will remain open this and to - morrow evening. We cheerfully recommend the enterprise to the support of the friends ot education, aad we have no doubt the Fair will secure the patronage i ileKtrves. A Man JPeouably Fatally Cr,u:HD. A probably fatal accident occurred in the Eastern Disliict, this morning, in the Piunp Manufactory of Messrs. Guild and Garrison, siiuatcd on Firat street near South Eighth. The unfortunate man, a machinist named Alexander Weathenvar, was employed in drilling a heavy casting on a drilling machine, the bed of which moves alowly hack and forth horizontally. As tho heavy ma. chinery approached the pully wheel at the outer end the injured man stooped to arrange something on the floor, and was caught between the moving bed and the station ery wheel. The sharp corner of the bed forced it. - ;idf in to the left breast while the wheel held him firmly at the right side of his back, only two inches intervening. Tho bones of his breast were fearfully crushed, three ribs were torn from tho bach bone, and the collar bone was badly fractured. Dr. North, who was immediately called gave no hope of the recovery of the injured man. Ho was removed to his boarding house, No. 27 Sonth Fourth street, E. I. His ago is 21 years. 1861. by the Kev. Hiram Hutchine. Capt. T. 31. J - iutlls, of AKinUElswEEHKV - On Tuesday. April 5th, by Her. P. C.yapan.HENHYABTUUato Sakah, daughter of William Swctncy, anoi uruimij" DIED Lr.rwiTH - In Brooklyn j. Apr 5th, William LrawrriZ, a native of the Pari, h of Colray, County cstmoath - Ire. html, mine n - tii yearoi "'s The relatives ar - t gondii of tho family are respectfully invited tt.tCnd liis funeral :"Trt hU late residence, coruor or Hand and Ualticstreet - J. on Thursday afternoon, 7th inst, at 2 o'clock, without iurt'.ier noti'ie. , . . Davison In Brooklyn, E. D.t on Tuosday, April 5fch, Uelex M., wife of Henry J. Djivipou. Is'otice of funoral in to - morrow morning s papcr3. HAbBiKS On Tue:day. April Stl, ottjr a thort bat severe illtiesK, Annie E., beloved wife of Chas, H, Haskins, ajed J$he "relative - , and friends ot the family pro respectfully in - ited to attend hdr funeral from the Church of the Rcdtr - i.tion, corner of Monroe plccennd Clark str'ot, on 1 hurs - dnv, 7th irr.U at 3 o'clock. Tno remains will bo taken to Crcenwood Cemetery forinierment. CAir - In Brooklyn, on Wcdnesdry. April Cth o. dipthc - rin, Lauiia H. Cajjp, dauL'htr of bamue! K. aiid Sarah W . Camp, rjred 8 years. t 1 be relatives and friends of the family are renpec - f ully invited to attend her funeral at tho ru! - - idt!ico of nerparonts, 'Zi LnfavcUc avenue, on Tcur.?day momipcf, 7th imt, at a ijuQiterbcrore9 o'clock. Hor remains will bo takou to Mtttinpton, Conn, for interment. LOST AND FOUND Cl X KhVAKD WILL Dii FA1D IUR VP J. V the recovery o' two OvercData, stolen from No. 1.) i uti - .ui i trcet, on BTonday, April 4. &0 1th WARD LOST A YELLUVV MtO GOAT, on Saturday last. The above reward will be p;.id to any person who will return it to 210 Jcy utreot. np4 nv OfaT OW MONDAY LAST. IX COURT r Aili - nticHtrcet a plain uofii isKAUCiijci, ioriae r. - iwn of v.I - ieh a tuit - ble rewi - rd v,;il ue jiven, nt ao. x lli:hiTiir ) venue. T UbT - AN EXEMPT BADGE OF WB3T - irn DittrictFiroDeiiortwent, No. $n The finder v.illccnftra iuvor by leaving it at the Chiet Lnsineertf oiliee. apSlt FRIDAY. AT FORD'S Broolilvn. a small BOAT, U feet Ions:. The owners c;.!! have U i)ypr.yin!7expt!nse3niiui)ruvni iicuim - tm. urcoKnn. Tj'OUSD on JU Dock, Br AISTJiD A MAN TO DRIVE A truck in New York city: a man willing to work, and a pood driver. Inquiro, "Wednesday and Thursday morn - in?. 1 etween the hours of 6 and 7 o'clock, at tho stablo on Cumberland strert. near DoKalb avenue. ap5 2t W ANTED TWO SERVANTS, ONE A young cirl as mir - ie, another aslnnndressand chsm - bermaid. Call at 123 Rcmson street, Brooklyn, between 3 and 5 P. M. : ap 5 3t ANTED THREE GOOD PAINT V T Makers. Apply at (Jooper ahop ot M, j. zino fork's. New - ark, New Jersey. n52t . . a private family, forayoune lady, trhere tho 00m - fnrts of a home can be found. Address E. P. B., Eitgle effice. a52t WANTED AN ACTIVE,INTELLIGENT boy. Ono willing to make himself generally useful may apply at the Encle office. ai Gt WANTED - - 10 T AIL O RESSES TO FINISH fine pants. Apply all the week to Mr. WILSON, 270 Bridge street, rear house. iJLL W ANTED BONNET FRAME MAK - crs. 500 cood hands can find steady employment at 70 cents per dozen; work given out. Apply to CEO. A. COX, Leonard street, . Y. apl 2w BOARD TWO LADIES ARE DESIR ousof letting their houso to a small family without children, and boarding with them, tho rent to bo considered in part of payment. Direct, P. S. M., Easlo office. nt SI BOARD WANTED BY A SINGLE GEN - tleman. 52 years of ago, and of irreproachable character, where hia Christian example will be considered an equivalent. The advertiser has a friend willing to room with him on tbo urmo teims. Tho latter is about the same age, tall, dark hair and eyes, and pronotmcod by the ladies quite pood Icokinp, consequently is quite a favorite with them. The truthful soul of No. 1 compels him to say ho is not so pood looking, but thinks ho might pass in a crowd ; he has lip lit hair and eyes, and, wlien adopted by Borne benevolent millionaire will be possessed of an ample fortune. Tho hearts of both arc as yet untouched by love how lonjc they will remain so may acpena on wio tommi 01 mi nonce, jvj - lcrences of the hiRbcst order cheerfully furnished. Ad - drcgB C. H. K. & S. G ., Eaelo office. apfi U BOARD PARTIAL. BOARD WANTED by a gentleman doing btiffiness in Neiv York city. Address, slating ternu, 4c, KBKSINGTOX, Boi 482 Y. P . O. '! BOARD A FEW GENTLEMEN OR GEN - tlemen and their wives can be accommodated with pleasant hoard, in a strictly private family, within fifteen minutra' walk of Montague and Fulton ferries. Ap;ly at 131) Will ouch by treei. a0:it" OARD WANTED BY A GENTLEMAN, 1 wifp. nnd sister, in a private familv. in the ni'iirhbor - iood of Fort Greene, or in .South Brooklrn. liaferences given and rei;uireu. Aaureaa aj. u. ji., jjox wi tir JOKiyn Pot Office. a3 3t BOARD WANTED IN BOOKLYN FOR n cent leni. in, wife and infant child, an unfurnished iront room on second Uoor preferred. X.OLition not fnr from City Hull. Address, stating terms, S E. U., Kacle office. ft:,rt" - BOAKD WANTED IN B RO O K.LY S, IS a resncctable private family, (or where thtTt - are few b'jarder), tor a gentleman and wife, (partial board for cen - tleraan), in or before the 1st of Slay. A pleasant frerit room, or room nnd bcdrooin adjotuins. on second door. Ad - dref'. stating terms, location, ic, U. ri.f Eaylj oiti;e. BOBD A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE can bo accommodated with board, front roo:n and bedroom; if desired infumishcd: al. - o one or twoyounti men ; terms reasonable. Apply 273 Gold . ap5 3f IN BROOKLYN. A FRONT ntid hnck room on the second tloor. and one frutit room thi iliird tlon to lrt. vith board ttiniished or unfur - rihed. House has all the modern improvLMiienttf. Oi the tecend block irom the City Hall, 32 "Willouyhby street. fi53t "S3 OARD WANTED A 9 R' TLEMAN JL and wife desire a furnished room, with board. :t - 1" - U a mile of "Wall street ferry. A private family prufunvd. Addrfsp. Ptatinr p. - irticulnrs, C U.. Kale otJict;. a! 'M DOAKD WANTED PERldANENT board wanted for Reven persons, in a plain rpeeta - W familv; location south of State street. Addrcis G. F., Ea?:lc ofticc. at3t - X OARD AN ELDERLY WIDOW LADY is desirous of obtaininp board in a respectable t' - h - where the usp of a piano and household nirnitiii'e would be taken in paninl paymcet; no objection to the country. Address M. w., Eagle office. n2 !w CORDOVANS OF THE COURSE. OK FRIDAY EVENING, April 8th. 1804. Subject, "BROADWA Y." A Humorous Poem. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS. At Pylc's, Dickensonfl, Babcock's. Swuyne'ti. Sawyer & Thompson's, Roue's, and Hutchison p. aS - it RESTAUllAiVTS. CLARENDON OYSTER AND DINING SALOON, Junction of Fulton and Adams streets, opposite the new Court House, Brooklyn. ALEXANDER CADLEY bops leave to announce to his fnends and the public generally that he has opened the above named saloon, and ia now prepared to receive all who may favor hiui with a calL Breakfast Dinner and Toa Berved up. Oysters in every style. Large rooms for private parties. A nicely fitted up uatoou for Ladies; entrance on Adams street. al lw ALEXANDER CADLET. Proprietor. MESCHUTT'S HOTEL AND DINING BOOMS, No. 17 Fulton etreot. P. F. & 3). C. Me - schutt, formerly of Broadway, New York, would rrspectf ully inform their fnendB and tho public cenerally of tbffir enlargement, relittinp, and entire renovation of the above, formerly known as the Franklin House, which will be open hereafter Day and Nipht. under the present manafjomeut. byconlinued eAtrti:ns to please their patron's, and to deserve the llattering commendations of their friends. 5 lw FIRST EDITION. By Telegraph to the Brooklyn Daily Ea?le. TWO O'CLOCK, p. sr. EXPLOSION IN PHILADELPHIA. GBEAT LOSS OF LIFE, Pnn.ADr.LPinA, April ?,. A large boiler at Sfervick t Sons "Southwari: Fo:in - dry" exploded this tnoruing, causing much lnsf of hie and great destruction of proiierty. XJ OARD J5J flHUa y ObT ON TUESDAY EVENING, ab.'o reward will bo paid by leavini York. IN J ,.(ity" Jrnin Filb avenue toPrific street through R id'fticet to Folton avenue, aladioH Far Collar. A sutt - l DV lUavillK W' ttwiiiiv; K.KNT & CO., 32 Pe - rl si:reet. Now aU &OUND A POCKET BOOK, CONTAIN - I imr n mnli nmount of money. The owner can have it l.y caliinp at a Went BMUcBtreot - n5 2t T'OORSTOLEN FROM THE CORNER JLJ of NoPtrand avenue ana. mauisuuaireiuu,. IvIarchSLa Bbick Newfoundland Dok, answers to name of Charlie. The finder will be Iiborally rewarded by calling at ' Johnson street. ON THE 2D DAY OF APRIL, From 17th street Brooklyn, Gowanon, a LARGK BLACK DOC, Half bred Newfoundland and St - Bernard: answers to the name of Carlo, long bead and tail, white left par?, white bfaAiS?o "terniiii! him to the owner. C. H. YORSTON 12 Dm street. New York, or 88 17th street, Brooklyn, will receive $5 for their trouble and the thauks of the owner. Bring bim'qnick. a3t BANK STATEMENTS. Police. The Tribulations of Toeitt. Mr. John H, Tobitt, the great "combination typo" man, who proposes to restore the art of printing to the primitive sim plicity of the days of Caxton, is a man of many tribula tions. Municipal bodies won't give him contracts though he has written reams of communications to prove that hia aystem is the neatest, best, cheapest, and all that sort of thing in use. But tho public unfortunately (for Tobitt) don't look through Tobitt's spectacles, therefore they can't see it. Tobitt has likewise private tribulations; he lives in the remote regions ot" Dutchtown, in SkiUman street, where he naturally expected to find peaco and quietness, but his neighbors wouldn't let him alone, and to add to his tribulations Torbitt got involved in a controversy with tbo iith jyre - cinct police because they would not execute summiry vengeance on the disturbers of his peace. Tobitt is iu trouble again. His particular tribulation this time is 3'anny A. Snyder. Tobitt accuses Fanny of stealing from liim sheets, towels, drosses, sheeting, music book, a hat and various other articles too numerous to mention. Tunny on the other hand sues John H. more civilly in a civil suit to recover a silk dress and other waring apparel worth 50. which articles John II. unlawfully detuns in bin possession. Both parties deny the several allegations, and tho case appears to be as complicated as Tobitt's system of type setting. Justice Adams will try to unravel tho niysteiy on the Uth insL Down goes Boggs. Mr. Boggs, of No. 10 Front etreet, iB unfortunate iu his public appearances. His firstefTortat raising a pump raised a terrible row in the Second "Ward. His second and last appearance, which took place this morning, was still more unfortunate in iU direct personal results. '.The circumstances of Bojgs misfortune were as follows: Officer Elias was conducting a procession of bummers, whom Justice Perry had just sentenced, to Barney lynch's family chariot tor conveyance to tho Peniteut'ary. One rough custodier, who had a keen upnreciotion of tho sweets of liberty, broke from the ranks and ran for it. " Shtop him, dor," shouted Elias. 41 Stop thief," shouted a dozen in chorus. Boggs, who was standing on the corner of Court and Joralenion streets, heard the cry, snd saw the race; the mao was approaching bim,liis pursuers - were far behind. Boggs is a law abiding citizen, ho knew his duty as such, and knowing dared to do it; or rather tried to do it Circumstances beyond his con trol, and. which we are about to describe, frustrating Boggs good intentions and bringing him to grief. As tho man came up to birr , lull i un, Boggs raised hin urmt to stop him. The fugacious bummer had probably read i)yron and remembcrd the hue, " Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.', He struck from the shoulder, and lioggs like Bozzuria, fell, or in tho language of science was " sent to grass," by a blow in tho bread basket, which knocked, him out of wind and time. Tho bummer was eventually captured by constable Volkmer at the expense ofareut inula pantaloons, caused by tumbling over the prostrate form of Boggs. The bummer went to tho Penitentiary in a pair of handcuffs. Boggs has recovered his wind. Quarterly report of the long ISLAND BANK, om Saturday, tho twelfth day MSOUROES. 1. I.omi and Discounts $901,152 70 2. overdraiw !. IuoIrom lianlis i';" 4 Duo from ViroctOTS of tbo B&nX $5,030 5. Duo from Brokers uottunK. t). Keal Bstato - I'. Cosh'ltciiiV, viii'CUccksoa otlior Bank's, received in the course of business on 11th Mnrch. and all lu!r paid next day 9. Stocks. .. .$129,000. Promissory Iotos.. 10. Bonds and MortKacos... ................... 11. B''Us ot Solren Banks ajid Postal Currency li Bills of Ku,cuded Banks 13. I.oss an Expense Account U1.33S 69 12,000 09 63,034 97 SITUATIONS, WANTED. WANTED A SITUATION BY TWO respectable younir (rirls nt Kcneral housowork: call for 2 day at 508 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. L11 ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE woman with the best of city refereneo, a situation ot - hanibernifiid and aist in wusihius and ironing orcen - cral housowork, in a HUiah )ri"ate family. Can bo soon at &u Kevins street, over the market, corner of Atlantic street. apS it WANTED TO MILLINERS A LADY, conjpotent to make or trim bonnet", desires work at hci own residence. Addves - s MILLINER, Ea?lo Of - lice. nn6 If' WANTED! SITUATIONS BY TWO Rtl - hi ectnble girl1 to doKtneral houRRwork; ean do plain ccoJiin:: have pood city relerenced. Can bo seen for two d.'.ys at 16G Tillary stivet, Brooklyn. '"ljlL. A N T E D A SITUATION BY A Yniitic flirl 1n in rnnf?rM linnrJOWnrk. or nillin COOt - and 1'iirk avenue, over the drus store. al It" W ASTED A "SITUATION. "BY A R& Bpectableyotinc woman, who has lately landad irom Iunslsnd. a:: L'bainberinaid and Waitress. Call for two days at 10 Tillaiy .'trout. afi It WANTED A SITUATION, BY A RE - tpcctable cirl. to do licht housework .'or a Hioall family. Apply at ?4 Wyckoif srct - t. South Brooklyn. 2J door, front, room. ntiU, WAITED - BY TWO KE3PECTABLE pirir, . - - ituatiiins, ono as cook, washer and ironor, the other as chambermaid and wa'tress, a!id will'nir to as - hist in wafhii).'. Good rc - 'crencoD tftven. CaU at 223 South ! irst strcfit. iniainriimrpli. apo it - ANTED A SITUATION AS NURSE and searatrcs - :, by an experienced middle - nirod woman. The host of references Riven, Call at 113 lucks street. ap5 ' - it WANTED SITU AT lO N S, SIT U ATiO NS for the tho largest oftico full of oxperiencod aor - vnnts, both Protestant and Catholic, Also .several nice, clean cirlH lately landed. .Can bo seen daily at H1SNDEK - SON'S oHice, Court atroot, (Montauiui Halb wall known to tho public since June, 1S50, to be the most reliable sorvantH apency in Brooklyn. "P31! ANTED A SITUATION AS HOUSE - kfnner bv an American ladv. who wishes to take full rluirim of a. widower's or sinclo centleniau'w Iiousl. Cn pive undoubted reference. Call for two days from 10 till 4 o'clock, i,t No. 61 Clermont avenue, Brooklyn: or address a note to B. W, Eapilo Branch office, 20 South Seventh Htract, E.D. at 3t' WANTED SITUATIONS LADIES RK - Quirinj; first - class servanta, of overy description, nnd Etervantfl wanting; tho vory best of situations in tho tirat families in thia city, may be immediately snppliod by apply - iDjratilANKUtU S "select"' Agency, 15 Court f tree t, cor. ,7or;demon streot, which is crowded every day with Ludies and Gentlemen hiring help Americans, Iriah, En';li - h, Scotch, and Cerrnons. ap'Jlin THE MILITARY, S. N. G. THE Meinbera of Company C are hereby notitied that Y! rfVl'H KEGIMENT, N. Y ti - c Kec.'Iflr Quarterly SIrctiujr of tho Company will be hold n; tho ABSE5.AL, oii WEDNESDAY EVli.N'lSG, tue Cili infit. PI i." o CJOCK, fUECtuai miouuiiin. - i - is rt:'jiit, - iuu. nC It' " By order THOS. McUABT, CuKim. AMUSEMENTS. A CADERY Oh' MUSIC. JtSl. Manager ? Jliirli: FHIDAY EVENING. APRIL Sth. 1S31 LAST 'IGI1T BUT ONE OF JIR. AND MltS. W. J. 1'LOHHNOE. When will 'o roncated by Gciieriil Demand, TOM TAYLOR'S Grrat Dr.nn.iof THE TICKET OF LEAVE MAS. Which made such a buccst o i Tnc ilnv I'vi'. - 'in'r rebcrt. Eritrly, a Lancashire Lad.. Mr. V. J. FLOllENCE En"' Everemond, nco Treiiilk' - .. Coryphrc Jlr. - .. W. J. KLtR!5XOi: In v. huh ch..raeler she will (Jins thu (iennnii air. ' Dn d - it idir n.'ir nnd dneli - o fern," and hy snecial desire, the now and noTv.iIar sonc, "3arnev O'lle::.' Jle'.tiriMois - Mr. HUMPHUEY ULAND Uy renniM - ion ol tho management ot WinttT i.avden. Gr. - on .lores Mr. Vt.VIXG EOW8S By pcrmisinn of themanafrement of Wintcrtiardon. James Ditlton, alias Dowaoy, alias tho Tieer Mr. IJoyd llawlithaw, a detective .Mr. E. T. Stetson Mr. Gibson, a Bill Broker Mr. J. Mariin Sum Willoojrliby. a hard case Miss Viola Crocker Maltbv. Landlord of tho Gardens... Mr. R. Ilolbrook Mi,y lidwards - Mrs. E. T. Stetson Mrs. Yillouphl)v....7 Mrs. H. T. Gratton Vitli . - '11 tbo Scenic Aimointmentu and frooertied front the Winter Garden, New York, kindly loaned by the mau - jiKcwent. The, nerformaiicn or the FLORENCES will take nlace on ITilBAY. April 6tb, 1E61. SATURDAY Benelit nnd Last Appearance of tho Florences. Box Offico open from 8 till 5, for sale of re - sciTcd soats.SS a62t rilHK COiSCEKT AND KXHlHITiOS OF JL YOKE. STREET M. E. SUNDAY' SCHOOL, will be repeated on FRIDAY EVENING. April 8th. 1851. . Tickets 25 cente, can be had at Dr. Smith's drus store. 1 - W Y ork si rect. Exercises commence at H past 7. at 't rBHE ORIGINAL AND YOUNG HUTCHINSON FAMILY Appear at tho Tabernacle, Fulton avenue, on THURSDAY EVENING, April 7th, FREEDOM, FRATERNITY. EMANCIPATION AND VICTORY. Admisa 25 cents. Children 15 cents. Concert at i to 8. a63t MASQUE BADE, BY THE ' CARNIVAL JUNTA, AT THE BROOKLYN ATHENiEUM, HOUSES, &c, WANTED. i PROCLAMATION BY TIIE MAYOR. 0! ESTEUCTIOS OF THE PUBLIC STUEETS TO BE KEMOYEU Moon's OtTiCE, Brooklyn, April, 13G4. i "Wln - rea?, Numerous complaints nre daily bein; mado to mo that the widowalkH, and in many instance i the car - 1 riage - way of the public streets and avenues, ara incumbered with various obstructions to the serious inconvenience of travel on, and to tho detriment of the good or - ! der pnd proper appearance, or the same; ; and "Whereas Tho ordinance prohibit in'? ptTsons permitting empty ah barrels, boxes '"ysa - r shells, and oth - T obstructions, upon tho sidewalks, and hr throwing of garbage into the sin - eta and avemn - s, are dailv boin vio - latfd, to the prejudice of ood onlur mid the pltijiic health; and "hereas, There is al?o qi - cat complaint that certiin idle persons are in the habit, nightly, of c 'nrrf'.iUii" upon the conn rs of our leading tlmroujdn'iirps. and in ! dulpitig in improper and ubst - eue lauguiic, id tho great I . annoyance of passer. - i - by, :m'I (rpt - cially f'in:iljs, to : tlie breach of the jn act.' and tlic injury of the fur fame of the city, anu in violation of lav. - ; Kow, therefore, 1 do hen - by call uinn tho ivli,. - o and i other proper authorities tn rigidly f"iiurec the s ,'h e.ty j ordinance and laws forbidding such t - vii prat - tie, - , and ' earnestly appeal to the law - abiding citi - Miri to l,,id ; thtiruid and L - u - o23ciation in abating the mii&mcu referred to. j 'Hit; following is an r't - act frni - .i ih - 1 c'tv i - i'.Ii - ! i - cnces, to whkh the attention or ail coiin - mof iii - vital: ! ciHSTr,tcT:oxs in' xrinsTiir - ZTs. I fee. 1. 2Co person r - bnll obstruct or cucumber anv public whml, street, or public place, with any article or i thing whatsoever; and any obstruction or cncuiubrjiu' - i on sucli wlsarf. street, or public ydac; shall b. removed therefrom by the police under such directions a - i shall bo Riven by the street Cominissioncr or Mayor, or by such other person as the Strt ot (''ommissioncr n. - 3I.iyor 6ha31 direct or emidoy. tut thi section shall not be construed to prevent or to authorize the removal of any obstruction ur encumbrance in this ordinance or othor ordinances, or by any resolution of the Common Council pcimiUed or neCLBsary in tic regulating, pr.ving, or repairing any street, or for doing any public work, provided the regulations and conditions in such ordinances, resolutions and contracts, giving such permission, or prescribe;; the mode of n - gul - ttiug, paving, or repairing uf such street, or of doing such public wnrlr, be fully observed; nor shall this section be construed to prevent the moving or removing of any article in the way of trade or business, or for the use of any family from, or to any house, or for the erection or repairing any house, or other work, on the adjoining land, provided the same be so moved or removed vithut any imneci - ssary delay, nnd so as to leave a pjssage both on the sid walks for foot travellers and on the carriage - way for vehicles to pass and repass; or be construed to prevent the loading or unloading passen;;ors from any public v private c a - veyancc, or of vehicles waiting a rea - souuble time for such purpose. Sec. 2. Iso person shall construct any bow window, m other window, which sbal extend into any street more than one foot from the wall of any nous; or other building, or shall construct any cellar door which shall extend into the street mure than one - twelfth part of the width of su - jh street, or more than tivu feet; or shall construct any porch whivb shall project iu any street over a cellar door, or shall eons - tinct any platform, stoop, or step which shall extend into any street niori Loan one - tenth Second Despatch. Philadhi.ciiia, April C. Seven forkinen were killed and over thirty wouuduu by tbo explos - on of the Soutliwarl: Foundry. U'he boiler - house waB situated in the centre of the buildings, forming a hollow square. It oonUiued two boilers, one of wliieh exploded and displacing the other so that operation on the works bad to bo suspended. Seven hundred men are temporarily thrown out of employment by the disaster. The following arc the nanwtj of the killed: Joseph Wiser, Daniel McLaughlin, P.iiri. - k Drannan, John Dougherty, Charles Webb, John Meoi - wm, Edward Baimon. .Seve;al other - will probably die. Rebels Sent to Fort Warren. Bostos, April ii. James K. and Chcrles V Milhurn, brothers and active rele!s, sent hi re from the Old Capital Prison at Washington, were to - day transferred to Fort W.irren. A schih - r named Allen was shot dead in tteucli street b'st ni - bt, while resisting tlic guard nnd attempting to desert." INSURANCE FIREMEN'S TRUST INSURANCE OOM PANY OF BROOKXVTT. CASH CAPITAL ewOOOft m ,) and No.T Orc - anisod on tho principle of . paying pno - hAb' the profit abors tenper cent to the Widows ana urpn&aa fund of the Fire Department of th&Oitr of Brooklyn. DraEOTona. Ccoree Hall Eli Robbins ZB Wakftman Aaron A Dopranw L K Millor . Fdwiclc T Peet ThomnaCiark ebemiah Kntgbt SBChittendmi Harry Mewonfrer Gilbert L Haifint Joph B SfcA Worren D Guukin Van Brunt WvckoffSmitn Fancher Peter Dur ea I H irothincbam ?tffT B. - Geraoa John B Stewart Iaraol D VcW S WMTOnonoden A A Low .1 S Thorn. M D OB Iappitt Crawford C Smith Richard P Uuclt FJ Hosord Henry D Peck in Heard Wm Wall John I Glover Henry R Pierson Vtientiae G Hall Gamaliel Kinc Marcellus Maewey John I Voorheos Georpe S Carey, John M Hicks Ant'ny F Oampbell jamen Eaton, Edwin Hillyer Alfred M Wood This Company continus io insure BuiIdinKS. MercbAnaiwu DwellinKf. Household Furniture, Vessels in port and their Ciirtocw, and other property aainst loss or damage by fire, on as favorable terms aa other tirat ciaas Cpninanies.. G - LOKGE HALL, President. Wit, BunnELL, Secretary Ciih. H. J1acDonaij. Afwistant Secretary. mh 13 KINGS COUNTY FIKE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE CITY OF BUOOKJLYJJ. L. I Uttite. Fnruierh and Citizena' .Bank Baildin, Brooklyn, E. iJ Branch Office, No. 1 assan .reet, ew York. CASH CAPITAL, $150,000. Insure DwellinRS, Store?, and other BuildmRfl. Goodrt. Warcf Fumitare and Slcrcbandwo. Vasels m Port and tliein Cargoes, MortKnKCt", Interest, Leases, and otherprp nerty. attaint Iosh or dainace by hre. and against the nakit i.f inland navigation and transportation, on the most favor - ' able termi. jjuiticroius. Edw T Rackhnmo Richard TraseII W Griliith Jhcoih Wilson John jiiiywjird "nauncey L (,:ook Epbruint 3lillur Oliver R Jncorxdl Sienheii ii Provost das A Van Brant ,diun C Martin Samuel Spedin H iS Torrett Arch K Meserole David Sturvcfjint Abraliam Milbt Sylver - ter Tuttle .a .T Andrrnon K. T. BAUKHOUaK, Presidont. HrKRY PorE, Secrotary. SAMtnL. Tavloh. Amstan Secretary. b.sKPH AKDimHOM, t Svrvexo. Allied 1 'lock BAVelis C) M Beech Edward North SMUUel S Frri; f'barlp K Fellows Win J Pooler John D KeatinR Daniel Smith LewiH Halst Wm J Pease Lawrence Roevos Thos Hutchinson GeorRe C Bennett A n drew J Provost Henry Johnaon Joseph Barr Alfred Hobloy Jaw VT Valontine Richard Brown Italpli Teete F1SAXC1.VL INTELLIGENCE. K? - .v i'onn, Aeril '. The follftv.'iu5 aru tho closuog quntation; ot yoni of tti'j pri:ioip:ri toaJ:s at ihn first Soard of Bro - : 's this rcornins : X Y. ccotntl MJ - ;: Zrio ll:5j : Knd Rircria: Harlem 130 ; Mich. Central 1 !!;"; Mich So. 118; Illinoia C - njitii fjcrip l ; Ciev. k Pittsbarg 17 : Galsna & Chiaego 100; (hi. k Toledo IM'j'; Chicugo - ,Rock 124;S ; Pitts Ft Wayne k Chicago : chicjgo r ". JTvattra Tlic closirig c:tation of icl3ct thr iiml Hox"d thM naorBicc is 10. ;. SEC0XI) EDITION. OXVU K OF THE NASSAU FIRE INSUB - AX F cij.. So. 10 COURT STREET. At ih.i nnnuid el' - ction for Directors of thi.s Company held on the 'id inM., the following Bentlemen.wero olected for tho Wr.i rrtnrris A A Tow Conklin Bnwh John IiiiIm'v ti IS Clailin Saral. Smith .John '1 Martin. H C Mnmhy John A Crows H K l urniiit:. V - 1" Hunter, Jr John A Ijott (ieo D Morj - iin N l Husted Cyrus P Smith J.b(. Johnson John French J W Harper Si - nil. b. Mitchell Tho - Stratton Alex Underhill Wm C Fowler Tneo Kocers D Van Voorhia J. ftl Sheldon Jaines Weaver Tbo. - Clark ,ijif, A H tell Silas Ludlani A Bnkman. ( ;eo A Thome B F Wardwell Daniul McCabe. L' - mtcr B Valentine At a MibHuitient nieetiiiK of the Bard. TLLIAM M - HAHIiJL Ktij - . wad uuanimouly re - elected President - j. j. niLXutiYUi. secretary. Ie. M1' 1KSURAKCB COWL - I'ANV. L. 1. . . .... (jj'.'.cet1 No. 1 Moionri - o street. iMecbaniw Bank Bniiding tr"okJn, )it)d No. 31 "Wall street, (Mechanic s BanJc Buud - ine! ew ork - (.AHU CAPITAL, $150.CO0. Insures Biihldin:s, Merchandise, Furnitures, Veawls in 1' and their cargoes. ad other property against loss oc i;: .nig I y 1 n e. 1 - 2 O'CLOCK, P. 33. LARGE FIRE IN BOSTON. Daniel f'hamicey :ainel Shmii Alr;tiii i - B;:ylis k.lin iirowiii - on .lohn U Ii.. He S.umjf! WSlnt'inn Loouiiti I'.alliiTd I. - ani' Jiriuu t DIRECTORS: JP Van Bergen (JenrKe W ljrcen Thv - mas Stratton. Samuel Smith Henry H Crocker Isoiiea Webster Folii Campbell iiavid M ChaHDCcy Leonard Cooper l nomas ouunan phj I.ivir.tfii K MillerRobert Danes . Svlvoter Honlow Tbo Ppllmmuti, jr Avw. ir iIrij L. Shavr Jacob ll'Saekman HMiryJmne Edwin K Scran toa Robert H Berdea Goo G Hastings Harnet Johnson Theodore Rogers TJaniel F Fnrnald John H Bakor John French Henry Boenun Henry N Bnuh John Barter John Halsey Svcpboa L Spader. DANIEL UH.AUNCEY, President. WI.TEII "Nichoi.;vf. Secrctarj' . Wai.t' - r F. Pay - 1. A - istant iseeretan' - 1 THE ESTIMATED LOSS OYER S3090M. Frecma'C2fi3s Kail mid ISie Wm - WILLI AMSBUBGH 4rTCwr CITY FIRE I'SURA - CE COMPANY Ot' ec - Comer of First and South Seventh streete. Brook lyn. aiid No. 40 Wall street,, N"cr Itork. TVii C'oUiviny with a cash CAPITAL OF S150.000. A d a Ivrpe Fiirphis. all secuiely invested continnes t l'i - ur'e IV.volliiisri. Factories, Ships in port and thoir Carsfic. Merchandise iind other property at h. - reasonable rute aa any other first AND "SO NAME ON 1S6I. LIllITIBS. 1. Copitnl Do. not Retfisturod Total SS6 3. Profilf 4. UllO lO U.lllkS . Vl' 5. Due to IniiiUuiil "l urpnraaoiw other tliMi liiinkn , F. Hue Treasurer of the State of Low York. . . . 7. Hub Deiio:itor on iicmsnd.. B. Jliuount due. RotHsclr.deiluiiiler.'itliorot the above heads, um;a:tl divuteaus 11.973 61 120,000 00 33.S8S 00 1,14.1 52 $1,279,603 49 . 4CO,O0O 00 3aus9 00 M.573 W 52.183 87 731,113 44 2.611 oa Sl,'i7j.t - . 49 STATF OP "EW VOUK. ClTOKTY OK KlNfiS. W. WIIj - 1 LIAM HJiUKIMAK, 1 ro.iiduiit, and .lutiu I yAMl'St)' t.'ahicrot the Ln Island BaaK, a linking I A - ioeicuoi). located nnd doini: Jm - smeas at l.rooklyn. Iti Cciutv, heine duly aiid wvera sivorn, e..?!. for li.rasolf s.,ith, tiiat the furcsoins i m all vwi,el a tru staooment Si the condition of the said; heforetho :r:in - acl,on of imvlmsieouthemornini or hatur, - , the 12th T ft ilorcli, one thousand oiirhc hundred anil sixty - four, ui 1 ri t eti to uach and every of tho items and nartienlars alipve 1 t".vit ed. rwordins tottielieM ot. hwloiov.laJgo and Mint ! and th' t thehnsir.esi of the said Bank has be 311 and la . !.a,, - ;.c,ed at the locator, aforosn i CiKOKOK U SAMPSON, Cashier. 1 Pevr rr)ly M'bicril;d and sworn by bith dopon3nts, th? 6,a6'? "'A"ri1' im - nsgJ.JC. TgPP, gotaq. Public. , i 7TiT71j5nfwt.VKKPOKTOFTHBBBOOK - i Jj 1,YN BANK, on Saturday, the twelfth, day of j 3ttnb. lElil: RESOURCES, i 1. r..l".SRlHl lliSi:OUllt:' i - .'.ts ; i. l'liiii irt.ia K.ili!;s . ......... 4. Euo Ircni Direct - ri of tho Bank. . U,B0O ou 5. Due irom Brokers 40,000 00 ti. iteal KMiit V Ca'h l'teniB. viV.: Checks and Biils of other Banks received in tho course of busincsa on tho Mtll i - s - vj $53,381 76 Uited States l.eRal Tender 5 per ccntlictc! 83,000 03 ?' liintacry aiidU.' S.'7 3 - l'o' Note's, an'd'ln - ilehtedness Oortiticatos. 30. Bonds and MortRaKpa 11. Hills of Solvent Banks 12. Bills of KuBjiendcd Banks 13. Loss and Eiiien e Account WANTED PART OF A - FURNISHED house, with saa and water, for a. family of threo, in a r entcet uowuooruooa. Aauxeas, a. jj. it., im aiianne i.treot. a6 3t ANTED BY A GENTLEMAN AND Wife, part of a genteel houso, consisting of kitchen, parlor and tv.o hedrooms; rent moderate. Address. I, V - AlA', nt this office, for three day:,. a6 It WANTED BY A SMALL FAMILY, A second tloor, or two rooms on tho nccond und two on the third. Ront not to exceed i3 per month. Portsess - sion wrntcd boforo itt May, if po3sibIu. Address, I - KOMI'T, Enrdo offico. npS lt WANTM D ON OB tflSAR THE IJeichti1, a furnished eott. - 'sc, or small brick hoa:o, t j be occupied by n gentlemen, wifo and dftuMitor, rent not over S.6.U - Addro,. - , with locality and purtieuunr, M. C. O.. B - 'f Vf. - H. N. Y. Post Ottco. n'i It WAiNTED - A GOOD DiiY C15LLAH OK a lurKc room to Moro furniture: noar the City Hull Preferred. Apjdy to 323 PftCitic etrebt, botween Hoyt and B nd ott; P. M. ani8 A. M. WAKTKD TWO KURNItiHKD APAltT - meiita on May lut, wuitabio tor houfekeepinT for n Kuiitleniau and vrife. hm cood neighborhood, not more than lu iiiiiiutea walk Iroui Fulton Ferry. Apply, RivinK fiill piirticulurs mid terms, which must be moderate, M. W Y., Brooklyn Kn - ie i ffice. ; itp62t AK TED BY A GKNXLEA1AN AND wiin with infimt ohild. tn rant unfiimishcd front ni:d back parlors, basement kitchon, and n small room on second door, with tho privilege of a bath room, with o re - spevtable fan lib' in an oKtooablo neiphborhood not over tif - toen minutes walk irom Fulton or Atlantic Ferry. - - 111 parUirs and kittben and tbo convenienco. - i of water. Kiifor - aueus exchi ned. Addro&a 1CFYSTOHE, this office, fjivma loealiiy und terms. It WANTKD BY A GENTLEMAN AND small family, furnished npartmonts, consistins of two rooms and a.eoi kitchen. Terms must bo moderate. Itefercnces piven. Plea address A. P., 33 Maiden Lane, y. Y.. caicof 31. Pbitioas. 52l W" AUTKD A BUILDING SUITABLE fnr n T.ivorv Ktnhlp. Anv norson havinir such Dro ll hear or aood tenant by addressing "Stablo," THUBSDAV EVENING. APRIL 11, IN AJI) Of THE CHARITY FUND OF THE FOURTEENTH REGIMENT VETERAN SOCIETY. Extra part oi tl.e width o.' s - neh Mrrel, nr niorL - than s'nva Jtvt, i or with any oIIkt than opon b:u'ks, si - .los, or railings, or j of prcater width than is ni'i'i'f - H;iry lor the Tiuniose of a i convenient pipiievay into the house or buiJdiu; to j which it shall bo alluch. d. or auy stoup or steps which i stall exceed livv Je. - t in bright; or shall iliij, build, , nr ! conPlmct any area into the strei - t. in iront of any build - ; inp, which shall extend more tb::u one - iii'tcenth part of ! th'j width ol'aiiv street, or more than live tV'et, ur which j shall not be providul with n suilic tent railing on the top , tbereci', to irot; et tj.M - U - rs trojn fulliiifj therein, pla;vd ; not more than sis inches irom the inside of thceonin on the wall of such area, and with no jates opeTiiiv out - i ward, under the penalty of two hundred and hity dollars I lor each and every otlence. ! Sec. 3. No person .shall erect or put tip in any street , any post, awning - post, or railing, or any cloth or canvas lor on awniDg except tie - pouts nnd awiiiug - posts, which i may be erected or inserted, provided the same bo painted, ' and modelled us may bo directed trom time to time by the Mayor, and be placed only next to and inside of the i curbstone, and provided such awning - posts shall be at ! least seven feet high above the sidewalk, and cxccptrcloth or canvas, awnings for posts put up as herein provided, j and except cloth and canvas awnings projected from any ,' building where the same shall not project into the street I beyond the distance - in this article allowed for the projoc - tion of platforms or steps into such street; or shall permit such cloth or canvas awning to hang - loosely down : ov'er the siduwalk; or shall hang orplace in any stroetany goods, wares, or merchandise, or any article whatever at any greater distance than twelve inches in front of the store or house occupied by him; or shall raino or i hoist; or permit or suffer to be raised or hoisted from t any street into any building, loit, store, or room, or low - j er, orpermit, or suffer to be lowered from any building, I loft, store, or room into any street, any cask, bale, buu - die, box, crate, or any goode, wires, merchandise, boards, ; plunks, joist, timber, or article whatever by means of any rope, pulley, tackel, or windlass; or shall plant any tree 1 in any street, except to and inside of the curb or curb I line of such street, under the penalty of twunty - hvo dol - j lars for earh often :o. : Sec. 4. No person shall cause or procure anjr vault ; or cistern to be constructed or made in any street or av - i enuc without a permit from the Street Commissioner, ! and paying the sum of ten cents per superficial f.ot lor ! the use of the city, or shall cause the same to be extended ; further than one;tturth of the width of the street beyond the line ot tne street no joining ma property, or to be Dtuit Tickotg $3 each, admitting a gentleman and lady. lauies eacn. Mr. WILLIAMS, tho famous costmnor, will attend and furnish masks and costumes. Applications for tickets received by Dt. R. H. L. Water1!, Treasurer of the Junta, KJ Fulton avenue; H. Parker, dmgKit. corner Fulton avenue aud Jay street: A. W. lie", drufrgist, corner Fulton avenue and Gold street: IL F. Lin - Sawyer & Thompson, music store, corner Fulton avatmo I otherwise than of brick or ctone, and niched on top. and and Jay street; R. F. Toombs, 335 Fulton avenue; R.J. ; well secured, or unless a lighted, lamp or lantern he placed Davies Uo., tlrupjriBts. corner 1'Miton ana unncn streets; ; CLockitt, 251 Fulton street; D. S. Holmos. book store. 67 rourtn street, 4J.,ndoi tne niemoers oi tno .iunta ciui IJOiTOX, April t. Shouly after 12 o'clock last night a fin - broke out in Fk - ee Mason's Hall, whii'h, tog(.tb r with the WiuUirop Hnusi - . cn tho same blncl;, was totally destroy. - .!. Loss three hundred thousand dnllars. Second Dispatch - IJoTOS, April . Only the walls of Free Mason's Hull and the Whithp House remain standing this morning. . - Ml the guests of the hotel escaped. But very little property was saved. Mr. Silsby, proprietor of tl.e Winthi - on Ihmsr - , lo?e i' bout $5t,,(.'00 in furniture and fixtures. The destntctiou of Free Mason's Hall involve - a los of CjOO.OCO. The building was owned by Frrc Jlnns and wasraitiallv insured. The property originally co - l tOi), - or.fl. and 50,0C'J hud recently been invested in repairs. Free Mason's Hall was situated en the corner of lioyl - j ion und Tremont streets. KicharU Ten Eycl; John A Cr Edmund Vripi X:ii;uel M Meeker .vmhr.nicl Brij, I cier Cooper .Jdm E l - 'urber Y'iliiuni ("'oner ,i;n;ib M Vaterbury Charles H Mai - ball .l. - i: e LTruslow Kicb.itd I'erry : - :ichol.. Wckoff r .'im'ml Mrltlior Wilham Marshall rhiH Company. DIRECTORS; John J VanAlnt Hen T Leverich Charles Noble Georce Kitchim Fleming Itmcan Jodediab. Miller Abraham Vandervoor A B Brinkerhoff John Dovoe Wm M Parka .Jacob DeBevoise Martin Johnson Daniel O'Conor John C DoBevois 'erjr Mm - rav RICHARD TEN EYCK, President. Hmi:rtT (Jmntrs. Sivrerjirv. OFFICE OF THE LAFAYETTE FIRE LK - SCRANCF COMPANY, No. 347 Fulton street, Brook - Un. r - 'el - vumylOih. lhGt. Tlie fnlluwiiiK ccntlomen were elected Durectors of Unm t 'oiiipuny. at the annual elect ic - Freelanri. LATER FROM MEX!GQ, Washington, April i. .An official document, dated at the Imperial Palace at Mexico, Department of Foreign Atlairs, March 4, states that the Regency of the Empire having been inVornW that ceitain persons, coming from ports ou the Pacitic, have taken possession of lands in Mexico, under contracts made with President Juarez,' announces tint all such contracts arc void and of no effect." This act of repudiation is in a. - cordancc! with a similar document issued in July. ISS3, by Ocueral Almoate and otbrs after Juivrez had left the Capital. MEDICAL, kK. ACRET'S I 9 IMPROVED ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. RECOMMENDED BY THE PRINCIPAL PHYSICIANS IN EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES. To be bad only at G. E. ACRET'S Truss Office. 120 Fulton street, flnrwvit Sanri - i street. Brooklyn. .An Office Jor Ladies, only with a, lady to attend. tho Veteran Society. a2 3t SW4S rertv Eaple orlice. )38,033 96 S9.763 ?3 7.000 00 23,033 75 ML381 rti 175,571 41 United States Naval Rendezvous, 180 York Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., near Navy Yard Gate. To the Editor of the Brooklipt Eagle : For tho information of porsonB desiring to enlist in the United States Nayal Borvice the following public no - tico is given: On and after Friday, April 1, the Supervisors of Kings County - will pay into the hands of every accepted naval recruit a cash bounty of $100, if enlisted for one year, and $200 if for a louder period, bcaldoa paying a pre - inium of $15 hand money to tho person bringing such rcciultto the Naval Rendezvous. These sums will bo paid personally by our Supervisors daily after tho enlistment is porfcoted. Seamen and. ordinary soamon who will ship lor two years will receive in addition to tho above bounty of SiOO, three months pay in advaaco und three - months pay extra us government bounty. The ratcH of wogeftareas follows: First class Firemen, per month $30 Second class Firemen, " ...I. .. ". 05 CoalPasscrs, ."...."."..". is Seamen, " !"" 13 Ordinary Seamen, " WWW Landsmen, " 12 Boys, " WW'.W. 10 Boys will not be taken unless they aro 1G years ora"0 stout, in good health, and not below 4 feet fi incheaiu height In all cases the consent of the parents or nuar - dinu must first be obtained. Tho County Bountv and the three months advance pay will be paid to all" recruits, irrespective of class, and half - monthly pay can bo loft at heme, by application to the paymasters of tho vessel to which the recruit may bo assigned. All noedful information concerning tho above can bo obtaiuod by inquiring at tho now United 3 ates Naval rendezvous, 18U York strcet.ncar Navy Yard Gate, Brooklyn, New York, between the hours of tf a. m. and 3 p.m., daily. B. Tie idea that Mexico is to be rulod by one of the European race of Kins in not cordially outertainod by tho MivcreiRBS on this hide of tbo ocean; but as MKarda family bcveraKCs, thoy aro euUiuniastically in favor of Kfnt'b East Imdia CoFt EE, which is sold by all erocor.i at 25 cents per pound. Ask for Kknt'h. n0 other conuino. (ieucrtd Deiwt Wo. 1M Keade stroot, N. Y. 6 3tWSM $1,311,493 6b' $300,000 00 130.476 00 - 10,392 4S 9.2W 33 801,919 30 2,117 50 LIABILITIES. 1. Capita) : iVA;iA 2. Circulation Koinstered...: 140,166 Do. not ncGinw.Ttfu Total 141,910 Less Notes on hand 11,434 3. Fronts, nctt 4. Due to Banks : 3. Due to Individuals and Corporations' other . than Banks and Depositors. B. Due Trensurer of the State of New iork r. Duo Depositors "on Demand......... ..... P. Amount due, not mchidedunderoithorof the above beads, unclaimed dividends. 91 - 14,493 Statt. ov J5kw Yobk, County op Kkos, sa. THOMAS MFSSFJGER, President, and P. S. HENDERSON. Cashier ot tho Brooklyn Banlc, a Corporation, baited and doini; business at Brooklyn, in nd County, bolus dulyand severally wora. each for hiiuelf sailh. Unit the foreom? is in all rcbnccts a truo statement of tbo condition ot tho said Lank, before tbo transaction of any business on tho moraine of Saturday, tho twelfth day of Mar.J, ono thousand ciKht hundrod and sixty - four, m r Bt - ectto each and ovory of tbo items and nnrt'.culars abovo specified, according to tbo boat of hi knowlodge ad boboi ; nnd that tho business of tho said Bank has boon and is transacted attho location afore mid. THOS. MESSENGER. Prosidant. P. S. HENDEBSON, Cashier. Severally cubscribod and sworn by both depononus, tho 6th day of April, 1804. C. C. WTOT. , , a6 It Stamp. Commissioner of Docds. STEAM ENGINES, BOILERS, &c, for sale. One now finely finished fltoani onffifio, 8 hovto power. Ono second hand atoam onsino cylinder (l'ix 481 mado at tho Novelty Iron "Works, with locomotivo builer (about 50 howo power;) pines, pomps, Ac, complete, can bs seon running, and con be delivered in about two weeks. One second hand steam onsino cylindor 6ii33 inches, mado by Pcao 4 Murphy, with pump and lirturcs - f!oto. Ono second hand steam engine (5 horse power) with ocomotivo boiler f7 horso power) pipes, pumps, Ac. complete, can bo seen running. One second hand stsatn engine, cylinder 7x14 ins. One sooond hand steam online, cylinder 8x34 ins., with cylindor boiler. Ono Booondhaud tluo boiler 36 inn. in diameter, 28 foot long, with ono 14 in. due. pno second hand cylinder boiler 26 ini, in di&moter, 20 foot long. One sooond hand hydraulic press, 10 in. oylinder. 42 ins., run with or without pumps. Two Mntrifuitala and oncinos with thorn. Also wcond hand shaftinp, pulleys, hanffora. Aa. Enciuire of JAMES BULGER dTco., K,. 8 North Second street, Brooklyn, E. D., or 69 Ann otcoet, N - Y. a6 6? WANTED A SMALL COTTAGE, WITH, water and Ran, noar tho cars or ferries; or part of a bouse containinf - 5 rooniH, with pas aud water on tho tloor, by a f amily of threo adulta and ono child. Ksnt not to ex - coed Sato. Address Box 107 Kalo oitieo. a5 2t 17S7ANTED - WANTED A PUKNIBHED HOUSE IN thovicinitvof the Wall street or Fulton Ferry, in Brooklyn, for n family of 2 persona. References unoxcop - fcionabfo. Address K., Eagle office, stating terms and situation. &52t BY A FAMILY OP THREE icrsous. nart, of a cf ntnel house, unfurniflhod, in a respectalilo neiKhborhood, by 1st May. Address, with par - ticnlars and terms, "P. P., Eaglo office. WANTED ON OR ABOUT 1st MAY, unfurnished apartmonts, suitable for housokeopingr, by n gentleman and hits wife: location soutli of Atlantic, sense of tho times and desiros to reduce expenses may moot with an opportunity by addressing D. J. F.f Kaglo otfice. apl St WANTED FOR HOUSEKEEPING, BY a respoctablo young couple, tho Hocond floor, with privilogc of the parlora. in a bouse with all tho modern improvements, and with tho owners family. Undoubted ro - lcrcnces given, and required. Address, with particulars. MONITOR. Eagle Office. an4 3t WANTED A THREE STORY HOUSE, witli crnnrf Pnllnr. hut.h rnnuv within 10 mimitfltf walk of Brooklyn Stvines Bank. Enquire of JOH.V D. C'llASE. Jowellor, i03 Fulton streot. al Ira FOR SALE AN1) TO I70KSALK A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE . on Clas on avenue roar Fulton: one 3 story hiph ba.c - mont Brick Houso, 20 by 40 feet, replete with bath, hot and cold water, fnmnee. water dosptn. wash travs. raniro. iras and nturo etc., and nil in petect order, witn neai - iytwo i Ut - : price low, terms eauy. Apply to I rgO LET A PLEASANT ERONT ROOM, ; JL en the second tloor, furnished or unfurnished, cm bj l.nd at 248 Hicks tjtxoe. between State and Joralenion sts. j nptf"t I UK SALE, ON EASY TERMS T HE 3 ! JO Ft - ory I rit'k bouse, brown stone basement, No. l'.7 Cler - inort avenue, between Myrtle and Willoughby avenues, ! with every modern improvement, with or without two lot en the rear, for stable and parden purposes. Price SitJOJ. Apply on the premises ortoCHA.S. MOTT, No. 192 Broad - ; way, I. Y. a'Ht TO LET oo4 AD EL PHI STREET, NEAR Fulton avenue: lare 3 - stnri - basement brick house, lien t - &;). Would lot upper part C rooms $2CJ; lower part 6 rooms S3t0. Has gas, water, and range. Also, Claton avenue. 2d cottatto north of Putnam avenue, a icoms, tine garden, two lotji. with fruit, t3M. Inquire on the premises. apii'Jt and ki pt during the nij;ht time at a suitable spot sufficient lo warn passers - by ot the opening while ui progress of cojistruction, or shall cause any aperture or opening Jroni tlie streot to such vault to be made unless the same be made w ithin two feet of the curb of the sidewalk or within two feet of the coping of the urea or railing in front of the house to which such vault Phall belong: or unless such aperture or opening be provided with a strong close cover or with an iron grate, the bars of which shall be thrcr - fourths of an inch wide and one - half of i.n inch thick, and not mortrthau threiMourths of r.n inch opart; or shall cause or procure any slide or chute opening in any street to be built, unless the same be securely covered with slone or arched with brick, and its aperture or opening into the street to bo undo within the same limits und covered with a close, cover or tsrate, cs above provided for tlie apertures and openim to vaults, under tho penalty ofliity dollars for each offence. Jrcr - 5 No person shall throw, lay, place, or east any dirt asliLS, tilth, dross, cinders, or rubbish of any kind, or any shells of oysters, clams, or other fish, or any offals, vegetables or garbage, or any filthy water or liquid, iu any street, avenue, alley, or public square, except how - vcr, that ashes and garuapc may Dr placed on the outer N. B. mhU. ('.in OW'YER'S SPIKENARD, OINTMENT. THE liHEAT rirj lir. - w. v.u t . THE ONLY SURE REMEHY fou the CURE OF THE PILES, And whioi luw been employed with uiost marked succor in tlu - trcatcmot st.AU)Si CDTS W0USDS, Oi everj' nature. iAXT RHEUM, SCAIJ) HEADS IN CHILDREN, ( 'illbl'LAINS, CliAiTED HANDS OR FACES. 1 hi iuo - t valuable household remedy, which should be ki"H fnr n - adv u - e in every family, can be nafely cuaranieed a - a rehntdv euro for thoi.urnlwi aad one ULVidonUl .i'iIk - tions which childhood an.l . ven ni'inhood is heir to. It ti;u received the warmest te - n:no: ial as to us e.ifjncy . For sate bv "W. Wvtm i Co. 150 1 - ulion avenue, corner of Bond street'; 11. 11. DLkinsmi. Atlantic corner ot Henry street: Fnrwell, corin - r of Court mid Joralenion streets; lou:Ia - - s( Full on avenue, corner oi t'earl street; .Jau. - un, .Mvitle avenue.eorneroi" .lay street: and all Drupists vh 15111." DEPOT. J - i; BROADWA V, N. TiO YOU SUFFER FROM RHEUJtA - I P Ti sm - Kvou do. then uo MEYER'S MAtiNE - 'I IC r.lNliENT, (lie onlv remedy '"r Nftiniljcia. Lumbago, Rbeumatistn, iVe. lieeuiiiiiie: ld by imiKRifts eenenuiy. tliuim E St. .John Edw, T BiitUhouMJ Hanev Lew it - Hui. - t John L Spader Henry J Culler. Lcveritt H Saco Phillip H tJroofce. Jnme B Cooper John C Schumaker John V Yanderbiit Henry Tionken At ;i - id mei.l mecrim: of the Board. .TAMES FRKR - L - ND Esu.. was unanimously re - oiectod President, ' 1 JAMES B. THOMPSON. Jr.. Secretary. i hold on the 9th iriHt: Edmund T H Gibsoa Alexander McCue D S Voorhis Rufus R Groves Michael Nerin, Samuol Garrison John Lefferts Saml Van Benschoten Cnrtiss Noble James Titus Jesse C Rowan Edward Harvey Stephen A Doogs Andrew Fitzgerald. D1A 1DEND BROOKLYN FIRE EhSUBANCE CO. So. 15 WALL STREET, XEW YORK. CAPITAL . SL'KILL'S.. UNSETTLED LOSSES.. ..$153,000 00 ... 131. 49 15 IS 350 00 Tho usual SEMI - ANNUAL DrVTDEND OF TEN at PKR CENT, and the Governmont tax, (payable on demand h. - .: - this us been declared from the profits of the last six months. Jan. 2d, 1S$4. FRANCIS P. FURNALD. President CHARLES BURKHALTER. Vice Pres't. John 'W, ( 'hi:ni:t. Secretary. Tums C. Bekgkn. Asst. Secretary. j&i tf SHERIFF'S f. 1v the nroii Id ly DTUKRis.ti' cenenuiy. "Vi'V. "f ::.' ... ;,t,i ,oUala a. - e nn , r.r. Ifrfiok vn. W. V AINKJt.iU, Agent, iu rniwn.MW LUfct uk """ "1 : . , " ' " ' ,.,,,1 mi;s. MAYFJi. mya. ly WANTED PART OF A 'GBNTiSEL houso, in a rospoctablo neighborhood, in tho vicinity of the Oily Hall, onst, for throe adults ; no ehildrou; references of the highest respectability. Ront in advanco beforo tho 1st ofMay. Addross B. F. "V., at this otfico, with terms and locution. m29 tf WAWEDUim IM - mcdintely Parties havins Furniture. Carpets, Bcd - dinK. or nnythiuK else apporta.inin to housokeopiny to dis - Iioso of, will tind a cah customer for any amount of houso - lold Roods, lurfio or small. Houokoenors, before disposing of their iroods, would do well to drop the advertiser a hue, as ho will nay abettor price - than can bo procured olse - wbore. Addross AUCTIONEER, Box 81 WilUanubursb. PoRt Office. , . . , , 4 fc. B. Parties can have thoir goods sold at auction on tho prouiisos if preferred. m!2 lm SPECIAL NOTICES. Om CASH DOWN VOLUNTEERS vJrO" " Wnnted - for" tbo Army and Navy; you can A GOOD CHANCE FOR A LADY WITH "A SMALL CAPITAL. The stock and fixtures of a Fancy Goods Store for sale, in a first rate business noiyh - hcrhood. An excellent opportunity for any ono wanting to earrv on dresfmakme or machine sowincr. as plenty of worK Can bo had. Enquire of Mr. S. BALDWIN (China and Glas store) 325 Fulton ayonue. a6 - t I" yOR SALE THE LARGE BUILDING 1 in Waier street, noar Fulton Ferry, called Bath Hotel, thosamoto be taken down and removed hotweou i ho tirst and tifieenth day of May noxt. Enquire at tho Union Icrry Office, foot of Fulton street. April 6, 1E64, a63t TO LET THE SECOND AND PART OF tho t'. ird floor of the 3 story brick house 343 Gold st.. between Fulton avenue andWilloughby street, consisting of front and back parlor and two sleepimr rooms on 2d floor nnd two rooms on 3d floor, with water and Rat. "Will bo rented from May 1st to a small family. Address, c J., Eagle ottice, or call atAlYeny street. N. Y. n63t7 rjpO LET THE SMALL 3 - STORY" FUR" - A nihed houso 53Romen tireet, 3d door from Hicks sueet, wm De let at a low rent, to a awirauie ivnam - , iui o months, from 1st May. Can be seen at any time. s; 61t T70R SALE EIGHT NEW COTTAGES J? Four on Fulton avenue and fou on Herkimer street. Theee 8 frame cottages are eligibly situated and are just finished, and contain parlor, ainmg - room anu micnen on the first floor, and four good bedchambers on tho second door. Price $2,500 each; f 1.8C0 may remain on mortgage for three years, or $1,ECD, at the option of tho purchaser. Apply to C. JACK, 337 Fulton st. P. S. Purchasers of real estate can have titles soarched, decdg, Ac. drawn, at short notice. ap6 2t O LET ATLANTIC RAOMS. 140 AT - bintic street, on reasonablo terms, with immodiate possesion, two large Halls with antorooms.Vas and water, Buitablo for tmsociations, or publiopurposos. Enquiro at the Office of the Citizens Gaa Light Company, 146 Atlantic street. tr join any KeKimcnt. you wibn 47 Fulton street loosouionu. avoid tho Draft. Apply at K. U. TUMfrkliNS, Rccruuin? Auont. 1km A D AME PEAUCILLIER WEIDEN - XTJ BA inL" HO Atlanta otmnK Rfnnt - lvn. will flllft t h.i r nsnrtnient of luiportcu bpnnir ana ouuamor jooiium. Thursday. a62t' FOR SALE A HANDSOME 5 - OUXAVE Rosewood Melodcon, but vers littlo usod and in cood order Will bo sold for one - third loss than cost, if applied for noon, ut No. 33 "WoodhuU Htroot, South Brooklyn. FaPoR s au - horseT nnd Harness for salo. Inquire at 423 b ulfcon avenue. flp2t A fine Uno of Real and Imitation Guipuire, Brus - scls and Fronoh Laoes, at J. Loomrr, Son 4 Oo'a, 251 Fulton Btnwt, oppoeito Clinton. lane, or public square, nnd in vessels of such dimensions as may bo convenient ly delivered to and handled by the ash and garbage eart - nun. provided the same be eo placed hi such vessels, iind permitted to remain therein on such sidewalk, only on the days and during the hours designated by the Aldcrmun of the Ward lor the removal of ashes and garbage by the Contractor for cleaning any such street or avenue, and provided such vessels be romoved from such sidewalk within one hour after the same shall have been emptied by the ash and garbage cartmcn. Sec. C. No person shall (uru over, throw down, upset ! or break any vessel containing ashes or garbage, and I placed on tbo sidewalk for the purpose of being cmptiud by the ash and garbage carrmcn eo as to spoil or throw ! the contents thereof upon the street, or shall in any way ; spoil or throw the contents thereof upon the street. See. T. No person owning, building, or repairing any house or other building, shall cast, throw, or place, or I permit or suffer to be cast, thrown, or placed into the i street or avenue adjoining the same, any earth, stone, i Band, or clay which may be dug - from any cellar, area, vault, or yard of such house or building, or any rubbish ! or shavings from such houficor building, except that any such earth, stone, sand, or clay may be thrown upon the sidewalk after sunrise, provided that the same be ' iro mediately removed, and be not left there after sunset ' of the same day; and provided turther, that the Street ; Commissioner may, in any caso which ho may deem I proper, forbid, in writing, the same to be done; and ' thereupon the same Bhall not be doue in such case. I Sec. 8. No person shall permit any snoworicoto re - main on the sidewalk anil gutter in front of any house, building, or lot owned by him, more than four hours nft. - r Hm fall thereof : or any dirt or rubbish to remain thereon more than four hours after notice thereof from the police. . Sec. 9. Norerson shall throw, place, or pile, or assist in throwing, placiur, er piling, any snow, ico, or other impcdinif ut or obstruction to tlie running of the cars oi j tho Frooklyn City Railroad Company upon tho rra. - ks of the said company, or the space between the r;u!s thoreo, . or in tho space between tho tracks and a Hue distant three feet ontsido of such rails. Sec. 10. No person snau piace, or cause orpormu u placed or left, any cart, sleigh, - wagon, carriage, or vehicle, of any kind, not in use, in any street, avenue, or public ground ; and the police are hereby directed to enure the same to be removed therefrom. Sec 11. No person shall drive, buck or lead any horse or cart or wheel carriage on the foot - path or sidewalk of any street or avenue. Sec 12. No person shall remove, or cause or permit fo be removed, or shall aid or insist in removing any building into, along or across any street, lane, alloy or miblic place, without permission of the Common Council, under the penalty of two hundred and fifty dollars for each offence. Sec 13 - The Street Commissioner is hereby uuthonzt'u and directed to take out, remove, and abate, or cause to be taken ous, removed, and abated, any stoop, step, platform, bay - window, cellar - door, area, descent into a cellar or basement, sign, post, tree erection, or any projection from any building or otherwise, tmd any house or building, and oy vault, cistern, slide or chute, in, ver rr iinnn iitw street or avenuo, nnd any snow, ice. or rub - CUKE yOK RHEUMATISM, - U AND AI.l. RHEUMATIC AITJX'TIONS, U direction m - psti - ictlj - n.llicrcil to. ,,,,,.r.v TOOMBS' GREAT GERMAN HK.UhDI. for ;;? - ! per b.Htle) nt tlie Oruj; stores of H PA K KKIt, comer oi' .J:ty street ;i.i) Fulton avenue, AW. BELL, comer of t - lold streot and L'ulton avenuo. fell tf TO EXCHANGE - 400 ACRES OF UNIM - proved land in Rncino County, Wisconsin, at $10 per acre, tor a brotm sUme house irorth from $ti,00J to 912.000. Address EXCHANGE. Kaalo ottice. a53f F OB SALE OJ! K BKICK STORK NO. 31 l!tlton street: two frame colonado front houses. Nos. 61 and f5! vrilloushby street, west of Bridse, and ono frame houso No. 222 "Washington street, corner of Tillary. For price and terms, which will bo reasonable, eninnrc t of T. C BEKGEN, No. 11 Court street. Office Brooklyn tiro Insurance Com pan v . a6 Saw WSf w OK S ALE THK RESIDENCE, WITH 9 LOTS, sonthwest corner of Ouston'aot DxKald a ctviu'c Rnmvi W Thi llnnsn is frftscnQtl tnrOU'noUl '. has overy convenionco: basement tloor laid in black walnut anda&h; has store - loom, parlor, library, in black walnut: dininfrroom in solid oak; elaborately carved buffet, mantel and mirror franto, with marquotrie floor; tho bedrooms aro airy and handsome. Part or all of the furnituro (made to order, without rottard to oxpense) will bo sold with the house, if desired. On the promises i3 a billiard room and bowline alley. elORantly litted. The stable hail two box and two plain stalls, and carriao room, fittod in choatnut; loft, coachman's room. Ac, Ac. A Ion. 13 lots of land on New York avenue. Dean and ttor - nt.M. - Rronk - lvn. Annlv to AHIEL HEYWOOD. : t.loin,, nnv ;, or outtor .'OS 3S Burlinn Slip. Now York d30 laWtl i vjsiMls of lhiB urticlc. auil the espeiiH? thereof shall be IN PURSUANCE OF AN OKDEK OF ROS - rscovcrable of tlio owner or occupant of the premiss np - WKLLC. BltAIHARD, Ksq., Surrosatoof thoCountj - : pertoining to the Batne rosiiectivclj. oi Kino: ! A - M - Woo, Mayor. Notice ia hereby Riven, cordrng to law, W ail porsona i, - ,.;,. .li,ns fttniinst HAN1KLD. TOMPKINS, late of the i City of Brooklyn, decoasod, that they aro requir biliit the same, with tho vouchors thoreof, U the subscribers, at tho ofticc of Daniol Stinaon, Xo. 6 Stat stroot, in tho Oi ty of Now York, on or before the aiith day of May noxU Datsd October 29th. 1863. DANIEL ST1NSON, ) r,,w,.T. oM lawfiin" ELLEN IL TOMPKINS, ( "eontora DR. JUDSON'S hooping couc:u spucrnu. HOOPING COUGH SPUCIrTC. HOOPING COUtiU SPECIWC. HOOPING COUGH SPEOIPIC. HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. The lonr; sought remedy found at last. Hoopini; (''ouch no lower incurable. The necessity of its "running iU natural course" entirely obviated by tho use of JUTJSOVS HOOPINY.' COUGH SPECIFIC. JUDSON'S HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. ,1UDS0"S HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. JUDSON'S HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. JUDSON'S HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. JUDSON'S HOOPING COUGH SPECIFIC. JUDSON'S HOOPING COUGU SPECIFIC. PRICE 37i CENTS PER BOTTLE. New York Wholesale Acents, S. 11. VAN DUZER 4 CO.. lQs and "AJU Greenwich street. Sold by Drur - Kiata generally. ... o.. . mve' 17c LVlhnn .wm PAKKKil. corner of Gold st. and Fuiten iv. jal4;t)n" RHEUMATISM CURED nr THK CELEBRATED tJEBMAX REMEDY. For sale at 2f3 Jay street, corner of Fulton avenue. DR , PARKER'S Drugstore. felTtf DR7"i LAMPE S UNIVERSAL HERR ELIXIR. DR. F. LA51PES UNIVERSAL HF.RU ELIXIR. DR. F. LAMPE'S UNIVERSAL HKRI1 ELIXIR. An infallibly remedy atraintt Cramps :nn! Spasms Abdominal Atfectionsof every kind, especially Cramp oi the Stomach, Piles, attacks of cholera. liarrh.e;i. Colic. omit - inK Dizziness, Ileadarho. Asiliuia. Ayue arid ehow lever Sea - sickness, SuiunuT Complaint, Epilepsy, .Ve. Price 1 per bottle TiAMrR.s HERB SALVR IK. LAMI'H'S HERB SALVE, PK. KAMIU - rS HERB SAIA'K. Has proved the iin'c ortW - dvc euro of Ulioumalic lioui. Tho h ;: rL'i:nd for aniniiitiuR ami - .trensthenuiK the niTvpH of ladif" alter cnnfineniOTt. Tbo b.vt Salve for lioiluiji wounds. Price $t. Sol! by all dntist. Dr. Mrsi'Jl ,t CO. Importers, - lJ Broadway, corner ot Broome str - t. mbo Sw T Aim AN1) GEXTLKMKS HAVING B J leihuro time mid cood concreKtional eonnections bear of nometliint: to their Jvateby aildreiinK J. C YORSTOHS, 12 Dey Mreet. P. O - Box 2374. uV3 3t, XT Y. SUPREME COURT SAMUEL G - J3( V. Kd wards aiiinst Edward D. Janips and others. AMHiiBfcT Wimir, .ir.. PliT's Atty. In por'tKim'Pof a judjrment order of this Court, mado in the aitov - , - entiled fiction, be - rinff dato tbo4tb day of January. Jttl. ami i - . iursuanco ot" an order bearing date April 1 ltt4 1 h 1)1 soil by public auction, at tbo Sales Rooms No. Fulton street, in the City oi" ErooMyn, on the 23th day 01 April, at 12 o'clock noon, the iollowiatr described land anil preiiiibos : All toat ivrtain lot of land, with tht l.rick dvf iiiny bouse thereon e; - ect - ed, fituato, lyjuand ba - inr on tlit; southerly aide of Saekeit street, between Colam - Itia mid Vi.n Brunt street.;, in the City of Brooklyn, County uf Kind's und State of 'ew Vork, hounded and do. - icribad aa follows, to wit: Beinnini at a point on the southerly flidw of Sackett stn - et, distant one hnmlred and eighty feet west - erb from I he south w e.sterl.v corner o Sackett una Columbia Jtrectf, whii h point ih nt the ouotre of a party wall; and ruioiinu ttn'iK - f ive - 't.:ii,v :ilon Saefcott street twenty foet; tlifiice south - rly thromr.'i the eontro of a brick wall, which i - a p;irtv uull. and ;donc a brard tence there standing and ic.rallel vith Columbia street nineti - rivc feet; thence cast - frlvin a hue paniilMveU Sackett streei. twonty foet;and thence northerly alone a Iukitu fence and through tbo contro ol a briuk wall, hiU is a party wall, and parallol with Cofmnbiii street, nil iety - tive feet (o the snt(ierlv sidoof iiL - kett street, at ti. c place of bet: inning. Dated Brooklyn, r.tb. 'HM. iil - ti - JawW JOH.V ilcXAMEE, Sheriff. Y. SI V HEME ) UHT PATIEXCB. Jjt Eonnett ;ind otuen, Kioatrix, Jfcc, apabiat ISdvard u. Jiiineb ,iuu others. No. 2. AMHKTO4T VS'HIHT, .Tk., PlfT'd Atty. Tn pursuance of a judgment onieruf tui.s Court, mado in the ut ove entitled ci tion, bearing tlaU the - Jth daj' ot Jana - iirv, lH. ami in pursuance of an ord - .T bearine date April 4th, lH' - t. 1 will hl - II by puhbc miction at the Sales Room in. asy Fulton street, in the City uf Brooklyn, on the 23th day of April. ltC4. at 12 o'clock noon, tho following do Merited land and premise: All tht eertain lot of litad. with the dwelling bouse: thereon erected, situate on tbo southerly bide of Saokettstreot. between Columbia and Van Brunt street, in the City of Brooklyn, County of Kings and State ol New York, bounded aud described as follows, to it : Beginning at n point on the southerly side of Sacbott rlreet, distJint one huntbred and forty feet wostarly from tho i soutuweslerly corner oi t oiuniinu and oacKett streets, 1 which point is at the centre of a party wall, running tbgnoo f westerly aioug the southerLv side of Sackett iJtroet twontr t feet; thonco southerly through the centra of a brick wall, J which is a party wall, and along a board fence there stand - I iiifi, and parallel with Columbia street, ninety - live foot; thence eastorly on a line parallel with Sackott street, twontr feet; und thence northerly along a board fonco, ana t through the eoutro of a brick wail, whicH U a party wall, I and narallel with Columbia street ninety - tivo foot to tho Koutlierly niaeoi acKeit, .street, ai tnc piaco ot DOginniag. Dulctl Brooklyn. April 5, 1S1. up6 2aw:W JOHN' MCNAMEE. Shorig. TT V. SUPBEAlE COURT PATIENCE jLl Bonnctt and others. Kxocutrix, Ac, against Edward D. jamesaud others. No. 1. Amuxbst "Wight, Jr., PlfTa Att'y. Tn pursuance of a judgment order of this Court, made in toe above entitled nction, bearing date the 4th day of Jaa - uary, 1S(54. and in pursuance of nn order bearing date April 4, IstM, 1 will sell by pnbUc auction, at the salesrooms. No. S - 3 Fulton street, m the city of Brooklyn, on the 28tn day of April. 18l4. at 12 o'clock noon, tho following described land and premises: All that certain lot of land, with tho brick dwelling house thoreen erected, situate on the southerly side of Sackett street, between Columoia and Van lirunt streets, in the City of Brooklyn, County of King andStnteof New York, bounded and described as follows, to - wit ; Beginning at a point on the southerly side of Sao - "kett street, distant one hundred nnd sixty feet westerly from the southwesterly corner of Columbia and Sackett, streets, wincn. point is at tnc centre oi a party wall, running thence westerly alon the southerly side of Sackett tree.. twenty feet ; thence southerly through the centre of a brick wall, which is a party wall, and along a board fence thorw standing, ami parallel with Columbia stroet, ninety - five feet; thence e.isrcrl.v on a line parallel with Sackett street twenty feet; and ihece northerly along aboard fonce and through the centre of a brick wall, which is a parts wal', aud pflrolle! with Columbia si reer, ninety - Jive toot to tho southerly side ot Sackett street, at the place of boRinnlng. Dated Brooklyn, April 5. iH64. ap6 2awa - W JOHN II cN AM EE, Sheriff. TRAVEL. CONEY 1SLAJKD AND BKOOKLYNRAlL J liOAD Sriuxti Aliii.vNJKMKMT To Coney Island without change of cars On and alter Fobruary 'i5tb, 19&4, and until further notice, the Tijbougu Cabs of this Cotn - putiy will run :m follows: Leave Fulton Ferry at 6, 6, 9, 10 and tt A M, 12 M, 1, 2, 3. 4. 6, 7, 9 and 11 V M. Leave "oney Island at 6.10. 7.10, 8.10, 9.10, 10.10 and 1L10 A M. 12.10, 1.10. Z10, S.10. 4.10, 5.10, 7.10, 9.10. F. G. QUEVE0O, SuperinWndenL Brooklyn, February 34th, 1864. fo25 tf ENGLISH CANlvEIi COAL ! NEWCASTLE GHATE COAL I ! oriot coalsfor burning in $gOVfUn. 'l Offloes at Wharf between Fulton and Catharine Ferries, and at 95 Bovor street near Wall, New VorL ma23 un Ladies in want of Machine Sewing, Tuck - ins Quitting. Braiding, Cording, Hemmiiifi. Ac, will find thu' uiost ciueful and experienced Oforatorw at the WBVy.iJfn A Wit Jos Agency, :t VulUm fit, (np - ntair). Only tirat claw work done, and perfect satiafactiou guar - iwitecd. wihJUait'l E - n. Ciuiui!, Proprietor. Pkat - sbss, Catarjih, Diss asm ob tub Ete, Ear and Throat. nois in the imA, diwhrKO from tb ar. Ac. Ac, treated by Dr. HoTTt. at hi. rwidene. 48 t'onsord bta!l Brooklyn. Houw - Daily fnmi IDA. M. w3 P. M and from T V)8 P., Monday. Wmlnosday and WiUay ovon - ng. OrorJi eye uraighiend in a few moment. Opara - oiu for Cutaract Artitiial pupil, Ac. Au., partvnaad :;uc - aarully. IN PURSUANCE OF AN ORDEK OFROS - WELL C. BKA1NARD, Esq, Surrogate of tho County of Kings: Notico is hereby given, according to law, to all parson naving claims acainst JOHN BENSON, bite of the City of Brooklyn, deceased, that they are required to exhibit th? S.UUC, with thfijvouchors thereof, to tho subscriber, at tht otlico of Aleaftfider McChie, Esq, No 341 Fulton Htrost. in the City of Brooklyn, on or before tho seventh day of Jui uext. Dated November 30th. 1863. d5 law6M MARY J. McCUE. Eiocutrix NEW' YORK STATE MIL1TIA - MKM - berc who sorveU during either of the three er - ice, have clothing money duo them which uoj eeeive on application to "WALDEN A WlLLAJIDWklyn mh31m W York MrvorwhZ? - - JrsT Receivkd. A new iuwortmont of trm Bordorine for Mnrninir Ori'ruWs ' ijWV CX)"K. 2&1 VulWu atreet. opiKk - jto Clinton.

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