The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 24, 1892 · Page 14
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 14

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1892
Page 14
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14 THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE SUNDAY, JULY 24, 1892. - TWEOTY PAGES. SintEtTER RESORTS. stntmcR RESORTS. StntETOBH RESORTS. SItnnEB RESORTS. son, at 0DV Canal street, and askod him to cash Subscribe' for the Brooklyn Eagle while oh your HEAETY GEIPS FOR ADLAI General Stevenson's Homeward Journey From New York. Subscribe for the Brooklyn Eagle while oriyoHr vacation. Sent to any address postage prepaid. (la month, 25 cents a week. liev Jcrsoy. RIDGWOOD, BEHQBN COUNTY, TT. J. OOOD BOARD IN PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHIN AN HOUR'S RIDE FKOM NEW YOSS 21 MILES BY KR1E RAILROAD. HEAI.TIIY LOCATION. TERMS 87. . Address W. VAN VLKENBDRGH, Boi Ho. SBURY PARK, N. J. ENLARGED, REMODELED AND IMPROVED. NOW OPEN. For terme, map and descriptive clrcnlar, address JOHN ROCXAFELLER & SON, Proprlotow. 5 TO S7 PER WTTEIC. MOUNTAINS 1 4f)0 feet : hlnrh flltnatltm : num. In. Tiaoratinir mountain air : NO MALARIA; "0 mues from y, i. H:t . T . I? iltp VITtfu T. Aicr. .( n..l. croiiuet; f U& uowiing auey: piano: no oar; ime vtauu and drives: Jakes, fflen, ravines: nelv bonfi0:LAHQK PIAZZAS; cool rooms: no moequitos; professional cook: accommodates GO: In village; NO CHILDREN nndero taken. Send for 21 page book; montion Kaqxje. HIGHLAND HOUSE. KPARTA, N. J. mHE DORINCOURT, SOHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN. If. J. NEAREST MOUNTAIN HOTEL to NEW YORK CUT - Larfro rooms, now and handsomely f nrnishod : absolute free from uialarlaonrt mosomtos: 1,400 feet above sea , lovol. NOW OPEN Write for circnlara. - CHA11LKS F. UiJUlirJ. ATOpnciOT, JONG BRANCH, N. J., ilUTUli BlUUHTOa WILL OPEN JUNE 2r: THIS WELL KNOWN HOTEL Han been nowly furnishei thronchout, Rneoial attention nnd ratQ4 irlven to familtss. Address all coinmanluatlonA to MABVU & KOliEKTOH, IToprlOtaH. mHE ELBERON." JL THIS SELECT HOTEL HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY RENOVATED AND IS NOW OPEN FOR GUESTS. FOR ROOMS APPLY TO J. V. JORDAN. ELBERON, N. J. THE STRAND, . ASBURY PARK. N. J uriiw .lUiNis l. Third av, one block from ocean. NEW MANAGEMENT. Address CHARLES J. HUNT, ManagCT. ASBURY PARK, N. J. COLEMAN HOUSE. DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH. THE LEADING HOTEL. SEVF.STRENTH SEASON. For rates, diagrams and information, address AJ.FK El) S. A MER. Managing Clorlc 4SBURY PARK, N. J. THE ALBEMARLE, thin one sqnaro of the beach : location unsurpassed! all modern improvements; artesian vater; borne oonv. forts ; also muuiu ; descriptive circulars sont on application. J P. L. HARNiSCT. T. CLOUD NOW OPEN. TERMS 'MODERATE. M. LEWIS, ASBURY PARK. N. J. ASBURY 1ARK, N. J. . THE VICTORIA. j - nmiiy nawii ironiino; ocean. Riu; ftlerLrlcItv: artriaian watj,r : jil! modern tciorovft - monts; superior table ; twelfth season; terms moderate; reduced until July I. ONG BRANCH. UNITED STATES HOTEL NOW OPEN MANSION HOUSF., J. O. VAN CLEAF, Proprietor Brooklyn neiRnts. OTEL ALLAIRK, SPRING LAKE. N. J. NOW OPEN. DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH. E. M. KICHARDSOS. THE FENN1MORE, ASBURY PARK, N, J. uao ana a muz diockb irora ocean. CAPACITY liOO. For circulars address THOMAS ytWLM, SEASIDE HOUSE, " 1 Location Comer Grand and Monroe ava. good table, pleasant rooms, central location. Terms from $5 to per week. Mm. MILTON HOLMES, Owner and Proprietor. tESIEABLE BOARD FOR StTLVEVDER lalns. N. J. (Fannood Station), on Central Railroad oC New Jersey. Miss F. L. ROWLAND, SCOTCH PLAINS, M. J. SHEARER HOUSE. ASBURY PARK, N. J. uuon uuAitjLi A Li auw AT REASONABLE RATES DURING AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER. WRITE FOR TERMS. OTEL NETHERWOOD. - NWTHnTuvonn w .t ft Crowds of Enthnslnstlc Democrats Greet Him in All the Principal Cities Along the Ronte. lie Finds Many Friends at Every Stopping Place. FonanKEErsiK, N. Y., July 23. There were many Democrats of Rroat prominence assembled nt tbo Central depot in New - York city thus forenoon to seo Mr. Stovenson off on his return trip to Illinois. Tho special car bearing tho vice presidential candidate and his party was attached to the Chicago limited of tho Novr York Central railroad, and - Bill reach Chicago at 10 o'clock to - morrow. Thero were several accesaious to the Stevenson party this moraine;, and when the car rolled out of the depot it bore tho following men: A. E. Stevenson. Don Diokinson. ex - postmaster general; Chairman Delos P. Phelps of tho Illinois state central committee. President A. T. Ewing of the Iroquois club of Chicago. Congressman W. C. Nowberry of Illinois. Judgo A. A. Goodrich of Chicago, Frank Adams of Colorado, member of the presidential notification committed; ex - United States Attorney W. G. Ewfns of Chicago, Chairman John P. Hopkins of the Cook county Democracy. J. W. P.ichards of Chicago. City Attorney Jacob Hern of Chicago. D. 55. Hogan of tho Illinois Demour.itic stato central committoe. Leo Aus - tran of Chicago, James S. Ewing, Bloomineton, III.: Mr. Stevenson's law partner, VT. C. Wright, and Roger Sullivan of Chicago, and W. H. Underwood of tho New York (.'ontral railroad. Mr. lliehards of Chicago has general charge of tho party and Jlr. Underwood acted as an escort through tho stato on behalf of tho Central Hud son railroad. The principal mission to tho East of Mr. Underwood of Colorado was to confer with ox - President Cleveland, Mr. Stevenson, W. C. hitney. Chairman Ilarrity and other prominont Democrats on tho advisability of tho Democrats of Colorado indorsing the people's party's candi dates for presidential electors in tho stato of Colorado. To tho Associated Press reporter Mr. Underwood said: "The advisability of .tho people's party of Colornuo to the extent of indorsing their eloctors has been a very delicato question in our Btato and on which many Democrats differ. As is well known, tho failure of the Ropubhcan national convention at Minneapolis to give the Colorado Republicans any satisfactory plank on tho financial quostion has created a general rovolt among tho Repnblt cans of tho silvor stato. Tho people's party has consequently roceivod an impetus which places tt in a position to control tho balance of power, if not indeed to sweep the state. It is conceded by ua that alone wo have no reason to expect to jarry the hitherto strong Republican state of Colorado, but if we conclude not to nominate a ticket of our own, but to indorse the candidates of tho people's party tho defeat of tho Repub licans in Colorado is certainly assured. I havo conferred fully with ex - President Cloveland. General HtoveiAm, W. C. Whitney, Chairman Ilarrity of tho national comnuttco and Don Dickerson. and llnd them all in favor of endorsing the people's party electors in Colorado. Wo hope, howover, to impose upon tho peoplo's party leaders one condition, that, if we indorse their electors It shall bo with the understanding that, if the elec - tiorCof a President shall be thrown into the house of representatives tho Colorado electors shall, in tho electoral college, cast their vice presidential voto for Genoral Stevenson. It does not follow that tho election of the presidont being thrown into the house of repre sentatives, the election of tho vice president is necessarily thrown into tho senate. Tho senato does not receive Jurisdiction over the selection of tho vice presidont until after the electoral col - lego has also ballotod on tho vice president and failed to oloct. So it is qnite possible for the electoral college to fail to eloct a president, yet be able to elect tho vico president. I think with the proposed plan approved by tho two national candidates there will be no doubt of the Colorado Demooratio convention indorsing the people' party olectoral candidates. ScuKXECTAD'y, N. Y.. July 23. TlMre was an immense crowd assembled at Al bany to greet Mr. Stevenson, and. although he at first attempted to moet the requirements of the occasion by shaking hunds, there were such demands for a speech that ho was finally forced to accede to the popular demand. "My fellow citizens," said he, "I have no word: with which to express my appreciation of the courtesy paid to me by the Democrats of the state oiNewlork. Applause.) I came to this stati tt stranger (cries of 'No. no' and yot I know thoro was on band of union and that we wore all Demoorats,together, whether in Illinois or Now York. Laroat acDlause.l You have all read n the Epand meeting a few evenings ago in the city or .Hew York, when yonr grand chieftain. Grorer Cleveland chcorsj, was notified that he had been nominated for tho high office of Wv.flvA WiirinfM rrnm fnnf. nf T.lVwvTe RJ Central tkf" Svoecrtbefor the Brooklyn Eagle while on your vacation. Bent to any aaaress, postage prepaid, a month, 25 cents a week. Central and IV Micro Netr York. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE SECURED IN COOL, HEALTHY PLACK; BOATING, ETC. TEKMS MODBRATE. v .T wnKiniiiN. SOUTH Vo'RCESTEIt, Otaoiro Connty. N. Y. rfcVERLOOK FARM HOUSE, TWENTY, v mi in. ,1. - ' h n i rMi&nnn iuiBm: noma com - ; no malaria : mountain tiews.boautif nl scenery, pure mountain air, milk, fruit, etgs. Togeiapies, occasional rides, etc. Address O. prwAIiTERMIBE, KTAJVr ukij v kUUK, incneep vouni;y,r. t. CHARON SPRINGS, N. Y. s SULPHUR AND MAGNESIA WATER BATHS. fn,MM k - ti,. - m rnnrr thrwA nffnoted bv rheumatism. blood and eiceslvo use of liqnor; ooal rooms i spring beds ; nalr mattresses: excouen& iaiie. at VA ituitcn wnaua . 1 Mew England. . WOLFBORO, N. H. LAKE WlNNIPtBEOOEB, KINGSWOOD INN". THIS FAMOUS RESORT OPENS ABOUT JUNE 20. DIRECTLY ON LAKE. Beautiful Grounds. Scenery, etc, and tho Flnoat Lake and Baas Fishing in ner lneiana. SPECIAL RATES TO FAMILIES. Boom for Photoirropherto Prepare and Develop Work. TABLE J : asu ajsaviua i ua oaai. Lotvosl Prices in New Haropshiro. 4W Tn ftln PPR WKEK. Send to Hotel for Illustrated Circular. A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER RESORT. ALWAYS COOL AND NO MOSQUITOES INDIAN HARBOR HOTEL, GREENWICH, CONN. OPENS JUNE 25. B. H. YARD, Proprietor. Situated on Loni Island Sound, 2H miles from Now York ; 48 mlDDtea?rom Grand Central Depot, Send for descriptive pampniot. XTOTEL, WESTPORT, WESTPORT DO INT. MASS. OCEAN, RIVERS AND INLAND COMBINED. HORSE NECK BEACH CRESCENT. Safe snrf bathing. Electrlo bells. Modern toilota. Cuisine and service porfoct. Addresa H, A. BROWN or A. B. CLARKE. WESTPORT POINT, Mass. XTOTEL HYGEIA, FORMERLY OAK JUL Dalo. Lako St. Catherine. POULTNEY. Vt. ; nevrly painted and decorated : newly ramishod thronffhout and stands In a beautiful pine grove 50 feRt from tho ivatera ulm,' nnatnlln Inbn front: irnod Unhin? : nlecrant drivoe : plenty of fresh milk, cream and eKffa: seta first olass lame, 'or oiruuiure buu par.iuuiaEB uuutcan M. B. MAYHAR, Proprietor. TON OF THE GOLDEN LION BERK - O SHIRE HOUSE ; Berkshire Hille; charmins drives. AMn.n ptjy tnttniR. hoatlnir. nshincr. ffnnnlnff l.rl. - nn mnuinitrm : cool rontnH: mntmtain anrine water : perfect sanitary arrangements ; three and a haft hours lrom new xora. C. TICKNOR, Proprietor. GREAT BARRlNfiTON.Ma - inTTNTRY BOARD IN STONINGTON. Conn. A Heloct, prlvato family can fnrnish first claas accommodations for lo nucsts cfnrina Anicnst and Ketitemuer: hne location ; nesr vuiaires, cnurcoes, poax omco and station ; salt vrator, boatfntc and batbinc; terms and 87. Addreas TOblUABTEK, uid Jlvstio, uonn. ITtHE CHASIPION HOUSE, JL EAST HADDAM, CONN.. T'nln nnnnlAr enmmer resort has nnderzone an tensive repairs and will OPEN JUNE S undor new management. For particulars addrean V. V. W. PARDEB. Proprietor. East Haddam, Conn. GREEN MOUNTAINS, PROSPJXT HOUSE. On tho shoro of Lako Bomoscen. Perfect sanitary i ranfeemonts. Electric lights. Teletcraph In house. Good hr,.iinir ami fiohftny Rntps AR to 'i nor n - eelc. ntc anu hlnjr. UND, W. C. MO proprietor. UABrmruji, vt. HOWARD HOUSE, BETHLEHEM. N. H. A r avuai i r. r AmiJjX rtr.ruivi. LOCATION CENTRAL AND UNSURPASSED. LOW RATES EARLY AND LATE. Tnnir tct.a tcpi t T HOTKT. MANTSSItSl fiftaan miles at sea: dellcht - climato : sunorb bathins : flno fishlnz : daily boats : or - cneatra ana music nan ; oioctrio noiio ; nno annex - , pnees reasonable ; send lor Illustrated handbook and terms. SbiiwangnnkJ) and HulHvaa County. QOU AMONG IOUNTRY BOARD. ' ONE MILE FROM ELLENVJLLE. ftONO THE HILLS AND MOUNTAINS HI.STKR r.OTINTY. OF Whero there is an abundance of milk, bntter, orrb. Timilfi - v - . vnM,tjihln) o.ilv from lnv own caraens: rirrt .innvima .nil vnntllnt.nH - hf"it fables : elevation ftbd feet: terms 85! children half Drico. For particu lars aaaress inrs. u. nduti, - ( - ( LL1N V ILLb., . X., BOX - 1UU. L1DE MOUNTAIN HOUSE, BIG INDIAN, I N ; VFlortlon T.KtM fnot. OPENED JUNE 1. Rfr7 Rit.n.tMl t.hM. mileh frnm Kle Indian Station, on thn TTl.tjir nnA Tlnlntrnm TTiillrniirl In the hnnrt of tho CatekilUi ; 1U0 acres of land connected with house : frosh milk, Irottcr and okrs raisod on farm; pure air and water i good drives and walks; terms maao reasonable to families desiring board for the season. For terms and references address BYRON DUTCHJ5B. . - VLiiv atitiiA, uiaterjoanty. in. x. TTEW HOUSE; LARGE AIRY ROOMS: PLEASANT SCENERY; LUUATIUN uoUKi'A:saB.u: CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED. Addresa LOUH &HELDIIAKK, N. Y. A SUMMER HOMK. ELEVATION 1,700. TK RHAWANIlITrJi: MOTTNTATNS. Within two miles Soil Iran County. Accommodates 45. TKKMS TtKASONA H, CT SKAS 1H lil 1KHTLS. Larse. alrv rooms. Hooka on oust aide of mountains. overlooking several board in k bongos, with grand view for miieB. (jircniars on application, leraw, vnt an, i. JUHK U. 1VEWKIKK, MOUKTA1K HUUSS, GREENFmLD. Ulster County, N. Y. T""OAKD AT LAKE VIEW FARM. H3 Situated in the Mountains of Sullivan County, K. Y; gti muea irotn ononom: cumaie puro anu neniiny; no malaria: olovatmn i.huu feet; waenington laKo kuu feet from houBe; good boaticer, tiahiuR and bathing; boats rroe to guest; large ptaxea; table well supplied with fresh country produce from our owr $0 and $ ? per week ; children under 10 yes P. O. address, EDWARD 1H pronuco irom onr own xann; wnna FBara fjiaii price. YULAN, Sullivan County, N. Y. A LARGE FARM AND BOARDING Jk. ' HOUSE AMOKfl THE MOIINTAIKS OF ULSTER. Near ico cavq and Beverut fallti ; good finning and hunting ; snaay ram Dice; large rooms; nnearivcs; iour miios irom nt&tion: tr&nHDortatlon free: milk, etrcs and vecetables pieni - y ; pieaaani arivea ; uvory airocuea ; oaniie, ipu per woeu; cniiaron nan price. Aaaress . .. . MCLIUWKLL. ELLENVILLE, Ulster County, N. Y. MONG SHAWANGUNK MOUNTAINS i WERT KpiTj IjOTTARk. thrao and a half hours irom now ydtk. ono muo irom oeiOL: accommoaaica ni - tnen l neat, comfortable home : lame HhAdv aronhds : Tilpaunt rflonw : irood bpun : itnm water : table nrtit class : beautiful BConcr' and drives ; hoalthf it 1 location ; terms 1 HOHOLA GLEN. tT? Good and substantial country board, throe miles from abovo named resort, in healthiest part of Sullivan County; accommodations for twelve: rates 8(5 per week. Aaaress justui'a. MAl&n, iiiUKKU, auinvan younty, in. it. JORNISH HOUSE. m J KI.FVATION 1 - 7HO FKF.T. AT PTNE HTLI. A popular snmmor resort. First class accommodations for100 guests. Table unorceptlonable. Terms $S to iplo per week. For ciroularR apply j. vs. wiuiion, PINE HILL, N. Y. jMLENMORE FARM HOUSE, T BLOOMINGBURGH, SULLTVAN COUNTY. Fine location. Own livery. $U per week. rnotogropns at 386 Pearl st, Brooklyn. LARGE FARM HOUSE, ACCOMMODATES 00. City life if yon mage it; city conveniences ; rnumo water and bath; prices reasonable ; references exchange Box 538, ELLENVILLE. Ulster County, N. Y. tfAK GROVE FARM, SPARROWBUSH, Orange Co.. N. Y., - I T. DlfDUAVWTlTDr Tn - kiiu(rn - COOD BOAKD, FISHING HUNTING, BEAUTIFUL SHADE. TERMS, 95 TO 37 A WEEK. MALSON FRANOAJSE. IE rOME COMFORTS ON A FARM L AMONG THE MOUNTAINS, r w - IBERTY FALLS, SULLIVAN COUNTY, N .Y. ThKMS MUIB. - l.tA ill - . nnn.Ti.TTKPma nRicrr snT.lCTTKD. D. J. HAND, Proprietor. - COUNTRY BO ARIL J Hlirh. healtbv location : tablo supplied with best country produce ; plenty of shade; no maieria nor mos - quuoca ; gooa water ; terms wo to y t . n - n - n rr. o. i. J kJi - t WOODBOURNE, Snlllvan County, M. Y. TT A W VTI7W tTATTT . T.ftPff sHKI,. D " " ' T AIM t T UVlJWl JLi DRAKE, Sullivan County. N. Y. This hotel can accommodate eight boarders only and would prefer five gentlemen ; each room has a tine view of the lake ; plenty of good milk; barroom attached ; rates $fJperwoelj. r , XI. jutJ.vru. - COUNTRY BOARD. PARTIES WISHING COUNTRY BOARD HARLAN E. HALL, RIDGKBURY. Orange Co.,W. Y. KEFISKENCES UIV1U. For particalsrs. H. P. HALL. CUMMIT - HOUSE, mWARTl WARHlNflTniT "Pmnriptor. T.IKKRTY. Knfllvnn Coant - .N. YTonrdnni wanted br Catholic fam ily; jarjro nouse, rarm anaaairy; (?ooa urery ana jeunmujy, straw rides and dancing: aicoodplace for young folks to enjoy themselves; piano. Pleaee write for particulars. O HAW AN GUNK MOUNTAINS, ULSTER iT ConntT. Monntnin Uouso: elevation OTerl.800 foot: iHflT. niri rmmR r iJirm - t rMinnanin. r ur unniiiuiarB n,u - dress WM. II. WESER,Boi 33S, ELUEJV1LLK. New Jersey. - fc.TOB.TH ASBURY PAKK. THE ST. LAURENT, corner Sovonth ar and Packard st, WILL OPEN JULY 1. Artesian water : shadr. nuiat location. Address airs, r.. o. iv.'s ajt. EAST ORANGE, N. J., DESIRABLE FAMILY BOARD uan do uau at ib aouin uiinon otreex, EAST OftANGE, N. J. AUUIVOS A XI JZj ViJli' A Ji'. EAST ORANGE. N. J. jgELMAR, N. J. rim a ai JLu. DIRECTLY ON TIIE BEACH. CHAS. MACAULEY. SADDLE RIVKR VALLEY, N. J. ONE and a half hours from New York; tho waller Is noted :t. .I h..HV. a. fmrr m hnn.n KlkW f r U' M losnz Ml nnH A1? nnr wnnk. AHHnHiK .Vrs. iruii, iuiik anu erjes; ooara w. tt. FltlUE liox 113, ALLENDALE, Borgon Connty, N. J, PARKER HOUSE, SEA GIRT, N. J. DIRECTLY ON OCEAN FRONT. Woods in rear; gas and electric bells: all modern 1m - provumonte t thirteonth season ; OPEN all the rear. ; THOMAS DEVLIN. Propri.tor. TkEPTUNE HOUSE. yra. ly I tho check. Jackson was suspicions and told the boy so. Jacob, howover. pcrsistod that Tanzky sent him, and finally Jackson gave the boy the' money and immediately placed the check to his credit in tho hank. He was soon informed that the indorsement was a forgery. Tanzky was communicated with and he denied having re ceived or indorsed the check. The boy was arrested and when confronted with tho evidence admitted his gnilt. Ho said ho was poor and tho money tempted him. Lawyer Mark Alter, who appeared for him in court, claimed that ho was monomaniac. Judge Duffy held tho boy for trial. INFATUATED WITH ROBERT GRAU. Jlrs. Bacck's Husband Had Him Ar. rested for Blackmail. Robert Grau, a brother of Maurice Grau, tho operatic manager, and himself con nected with various road theatrical companies, has spent tho last two nights in a New York police station and will bo arraigned this morning in the Yorkvillo police court. Tho complainant is E. C. Baeck of 201) West Forty - sixth street. New York, who says Grau has been getting money out of his wife by blackmailing letters. Baeck had Grau arrested Friday night and appeared in court to mako complaint against him, but Mrs. Baeck was not thero. Justico Welde insisted that Mrs. Baeck was tiie real complainant and must appear, and the cano was continued to procure her presence. Grau admits having received money from Mrs. Baeck, but says it came without any blackmailing or threats and was given because the woman was his friend and was good to him. Tho letters which Baeck pro duced yosterday support Grau's vorsion of tho acquaintance, but tho irate husband claims to have others in reserve in which Grau mado threats. Grau says hornet Mrs. Bueck at Phelps. New York, last Summer and they became very good friends. She told him sho had a separation from her husband and ho might - write to her whenever he pleased. Baeck is in the employ of tho William Campbell wall paper company. He and his wife have lived unhappily for o yoar or two. About a year ago he put detoctivos on her track and they reported her acquaintance with Grau. Then Baeck had Grau watched and intercepted the letters which ho says show that Grau black mailed his wifo and got about 370 from her, but that he believes his wife has novor been guilty of anything but iridiscrotion. Friday night Baeck left a lawyer in his house to watch for Grau. About 0 o'clock a boy brought a note to Mrs. Baeck which tho lawyer confiscated. The boy said ho was to take tho answer to a saloon near by and ho guided the lawyer and Borne policomcn thero and Grau was arrested. When Grau appeared in polico court yesterday ho was a pretty seedy looking object to interest a woman. He is about 38 years old. red headed and rather bald. He has recently been ill in the Mount Sanal hospital and shows the effect of his confinement, no says Mrs. Baeck visited him at the hospital and gave him money because he was ill and couldn't work for a living. Here aro tho two letters produced in court : I do havo an awful time trvins to find von. and even when I do find yon it is most impossible to see you. I wonder somewhat if yon aro not tired of me. It Is not my fault if yon get into trouble. I never got you in it. Yon never would do as I told yon and you will havo your way. The result is you get into scrapes all the time. I f oar I can't stand tho strain much longer. However, enough of that. I am in very had shapo again Can yon Bend mo something by bearer? It is terrihlo to ask, but I can't disguise my position. Do trv to send nie something and do tell me when and where I can seo yon. I go to work August 8 for the season. The second letter read. I have ben lvincr nt tho unim. nf dfin, nt fhn tilaco you saw me last, though since Friday no liquor has passed my lips. I have had the best of doctors and attention from every one about the place, but it was only last night that the crisis was passed and I was pronounced out of danger. I am very weak, and cannot writo much. riease come here at once, but yon must not excite mo. God has been cood and has civnn mo a chance to be a man again. Come right to the room, No. 41, and bo very quiet. All will yet bo we'i. as soon as i am auie to got up lam going to work hard. Whv don't vrm enmo hnclt? ft. wouin not nave been so uau. I have a nurse now. but do come. MRS. CIANCIJIINO ASSAULTED. She Has a Sew York. Bookkeeper Held In 3300. Tho affairs of the l'henix towing and transportation company of 120 Broad street, New York, have figured lately in tho civil courts and yesterday thoy found their way to the Tombs police court. Mrs. Elizabeth Ciancimino of Brooklyn, her husband, father in law and brother in law, are stockholders in tho concern claim that they have not received any dividend on the 825.000 which they invested for at least a couple of years and are unable to get any accounting from the ofllcors of the company. Mrs. Ciancimino told Justice Dlvver that on July 8 she called at 127 Broad streot for the purpose of getting some information about the business and was without cause beaten and kicked by Charles A. Fox, the bookkeeper. She caused Fox's arrest and the examination took place yesterday. Mrs. Ciancimino alleged that tho bookkeeper kicked her. throttled her, slapped her face and wound up the savago attack by smashing her parasol over her head. The bookkeeper said that the woman came to tho office in a towering rage and struck at him with a parasol. He did not strike her, and when ho put out his foot to bar Mrs. Cianclmino's passage into an inner room she cried out that she had been kicked and caused bis arrest. Justice Diwer held Fox in S300 bail for trial at tho court of special sessions. DE WITT FOR C0XGRESS. John mt. Holder Does Not Want Ilim on tbo Court of Appeals Bench. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eaale: Speaking of my friend, William C. DoWitt. I would rather see him in congress whero tho noble Clay and Webster and Seward sat. Tho present generation would liko to hear Brooklyn's favorite son and orator in tho halls of congress to wake up not only tho people of tho capit ol, but the wholo American poople Mr. DeWitt is a gentleman and a man whoso word is as good as his bond, and I will say it, and say it truthfully. that he has as few imperfections as any man in Amorica. Let ns have him in congress whero the wholo American people can seo and hear from him. Brooklyn had a Boecher who was known all over the world. This man. DoWitt. would electrify the world with his eloquence. Tho people wonid say the days of Webster and Clay are dawning on us once moro. Brooklyn would be honored and tho wholo American nation would praise him. England has her Gladstone in parliament, America ought to have her DeWitt in congress. His speeches would be read with plensuro and admiration by all intelligent people in tho world. Mr. DeWitt's brother, David DoWitt. represented Ulster connty in congress. He is liko all the rest of the DoWitt family, very intelligent and a natural born orator, but not the equal of William C. DoWitt as an orator and a lawyer. Whore would you look to find tho equal of W. C. DeWitt ? Buooklvx, July 10, 1802. John M. Holdf.h. COlWrKY BOAKD WANTED. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED FORCOiT valesinic gentleman and malo nurso not far from citr; (food plain tablo, shade and no style. Address Mrs. J. L.. TO; I President st, Brooklyn. pOUSTRY BOARD WANTED ON LONG y Island, within forty minutes of city and one - half "'r'ifiSfR.'"' ,or month of Ansust, by gentleman, wife uuvi...Mv;jcar, M.TIQB IDOQeTAVJ. A HUT CI ess, with par - tioulaw . W. P:i4a IKle vonth st. Brooklyn. SUJIJIEll RESORTS. Subscribe for tlte Brooklyn Eagle while on your vacation. Sent to any address, postage prepaid, SI a mo7ith, 25 cenla a week. I.onir Islnnd. MANHANSET HOUSE AND COTTAGES, ,.v, SHELTER ISLAND. L. L. N. Y. Healthfully located, beautiful scenery, drives and aroTos; yaching. bathing tishing, danciug, etc. Op?n until September I.n. Easily accessible by now fast trains M Umg Islnnd Railroad and Btoamers Montauk and t,holter Island. Send for terms and Illustrated pamph - 1ft to f I. D. W. LAWSON. formerly of Murray 11111 IloteLsiaaager, MANIIANSET HOUSE, Suffolk Coun - ty, . k. OCEAN AVENUE HOTEL OA THE 8 HO UK OF THE llttEAT SOUTH BAY, U0ATIG. HSUl.V, SURF AND STILL WATER, BATlilNt; UNSURPASSED. FURBISHED (JOTTAUKS TO LKT. SANFOKD WEEKS, Pro V T Vl'li.'a. Proprietor. LAKE KOrsKONKOMA, L. I. THE GABLES. BftautifaUjaitunUjd on hi(jh cronndi On the banks of tho lake, among the pines. New management. Appointment and table firat Clasa. Kiev 1 lout lishinK, boat Inn, gunning. For torms fcul circdaxs address ON GREAT SOUTH X BAV, HE boa tint? and t a Dririnit, aanlnf. and, sorf bat - alns ; a quiet and rostf nl am ana ueas ; per - wMk or nnisnn at. t tot attonoaai loslto Fort Ortflnt, r irw mhur Ali BKLLPORT.ia - l pa H JWOJKJHS $1 bush Toe JL A JL to Bubscribejvr the Brooklyn Eagle while on vow vacation. Sent to any aaaress nojtaffe prepaia. a month, 25 cents a week. Catfeklll Mountain. PROSPECT PARK HOTEL, OATSKILL. tT. Y.. . WTLL OPEN JUNE HO, 1803. Thte popnl&r Summer resort is eitnatod at CateklU, Y.t on the blffh bluff orcrlookinir the Hodson River. goth rirer and monntain Ticwa are unlnrpauod. The itl appoiutmentA aro first class, with accommodations for35U; superior oronestra; iami tonnla, DILIlartis, Dofit - , uvory ana otner attractions. ;aSOKABLK TSKM8 FOR BOTH TRANSIENT AAD permajtest guests. For particulars apply to J. H. BAGLEY, Manager. CATSKILLT rf. Y. riATSKni MOBircAiiifs. HOTEL KAATERKILL. RATES REDUCED FOR JULY. Special Ratardar excursions at 1 P. M. from West Forty - second at, New York, at low rates. li. P. BURNEY, Assistant Manager, KAATKllSKILL POST OF11CE, Groone Connty, N. Y. mHE KAATSBERG. JL This attractiro and hoalthf ol. Snmmor resort is dellghtfnlly located in tho heart of tho Catskllls, lias wide piaazaH, amplo irrocnds, and beantifal anrroand - inirs, including; llnntor mountain and tbo Colonol's chair. Rooms pleasant and well rorniahed; terms reasonable; bathing honsoontho premises for freo use of enests ; accommodations for 100, For farther particulars and illustrated circular with cut of house and grounds, pleaae addreas ROBERT ELLIOTT, HUNTER, Greene County, N. Y. PLAATTERKILL FALLS MOUNTAIN HOUSE. PLATTE CLOVE, GREENE COUNTY. N. Y. Altitudo 2,500 feet, on tho same range of mountains as Hotol KaatorslciU and Overlook Mountain Houoo. Uuoxcelled for beauty of surronndinKS. health and homo comforts. For handsome illustrated circular, giving full nnrt.lnnlnrfl. nddrmiR ja. V. UJ'iC'tlAr i, riuuncbur, TERMS 87 to 810 PER WEEK. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN'S. BARHT HOUSE AND COTTAGE NOW OPEN: location nnaurpattsod ; accommodates MO; strictly nrst claas. For terms address AIM. JUUA JJAKKl, Box S72. PINE HILL, Ulster County, N. Y. nnDl?AOW UrtTTCW J IN THE CATSKILLS. ail Jiomo comioru, hdttouoqqu ujr mDKuiiicmib pines, plenty shade, boating, fishing, good tablo, alderney milk, fruit and vegetables : trms modoratc. HOWISON, vf oat i wenty - tniro at, jsg xotk. ItJL FEW MINOTBS' WALK FROM STATION. Fishln. tine Bcenery, ottraetive iurroundinffs, JUULf JL AISliE, aillil, V.Uhl AnL,&B. A, JEROME. Box 114. CAIRO, N. Y. rfflHE DELLWOOD. I CATSKILL MOUNTAINS. CAIRO. N. T. New bonso; elovatlon 1,400: accommodatos 70; flood bods: large piasr.a, wiae naus;iarf;e parior, wim piano Rtand mountain Tiews; terms 87 to 8 l0. CATSKILLS. SUNNY SLOPE HOUSE. PALENVILLE, N. Y. of noted KaftterslilH Clove; well shadod nnt rirn.innd: bJirh plavation : onlr three miles from Kaateraklll and Haines1 Falls. Address for particulars tr. ii. Buniuflntt. C1ATSKILL MOUNTAINS LOCATION j unexcelled: terms reasonable and table and ceneral ccrrico raaranteod satisfactory; excarnion parties to oi tterest almost aany at nominal expense; nBn - intintr - etc.: foiirteentH season. Address. lor descriptive clroujars. CTSTTNUHAM HOUSE. WINDHAM. T T Greene County, N. Y.. In tho heart of tho Catakills. large farm, accommodations for elithty: livery at - ached : post office and toloeraph ten minutes from boose ; those desiring superior Summer home at reasonable; rates wnn excouenc rauie aanresa, MUflUii,lt mtua., rropriccorg. lATSKILL MOUNTAINS. AccommodatlonB for twonty - flvo more peoplo at v Mm m a u00GIIT AUNG'S syn i mmei'lt t i "v .. to v rf an Jtu i. T)nr.von A 1 nU ,.wV.;l1 40 East Twelfth 'at. Now York City. ' THE CATSKILLS. HOTEL ST. CHARLES, HUNTER, N. Y., Electric belts. elftvAtor. nioara heat, tran and all im provements. For circulars address a. 11. oumriuuu, jnaasgor. House now opon for inspection. CJEABROOK COTTAGE LAKGE AND k7 cotnmodions farm honne, sitaated In most bealthfol locality or UatsKilis; rooms larse ana cooi; taoie nrst closa ; beautiful scenery : no malaria : terms $0 per week. Address for particulars, NILES GIFFOED, OAK HILL, uroeno UiiDlFi n. x.. or v, o. iJunuAn, una ruiron 1, New York. ATSKILL MOUNTAINS, SOUTH j Monntaln cottaKe, in thohiRhest and healthiest part tho WoBtern Cats kills ; cooi, oven tamperatnre, in a fertile farming country; nnewaiKA ana anves; trout usn - ine : tame supplied wicn iresn veRotauies, britb ana ran ; terms reasonable. Address JAMES MOHEMAiY, liAL - WTT. uiaa - riSK. ureene uonnty. i. if. M ATSKILL MOUNTAINS. THE BREWERTON, PINE HILL, N. Y. W. M. BREWER, Proprietor. r ATSKILL MOUNTAINS - HEM LOCK J GROVE HOTTSE. 1.200 foot elevation : boantlfnllr Bitnatec; airy rooms; exx - ensivo larrns ; pieuty tjnaae; good boara ; referencoa ; terms reaeonablo accommodate ; circulars. jnjju&n t - AUJuwiv, rlYPSY POINT HOUSE. VT A beautiful location In the Catskills : fine soenery : convpnipiit to DOHt And lolflffr&rjh offices. Address M. S. TiMMbitMAft, JjKKIJS, ureono uouuty, n. y.. oox xuo, or .. uegravr at, nrwt - nn, COUNTRY BOARD AT LAKE FARM BOARDING HOUSE, WRITE roil TERMS, ETC., ABEL GREGORY, Proprietor. LIBERTY. If. Y. TELA JLf ERS with frosh ELAWARE COIXNTY. N. Y.. WEST ERN CATSKILLS Table budd ed at all times eggs, mute ana utmer ; snaav lawn ; gooa doqs , large rooms noroee anu carriaifcs; uoarao;; per wees upward. U. W. 1VJ4H, FERQUSONVILLE, N. Y. EM COTTAGE. Rltnatori In thn flat ski 11 Monntnirtq; AGRommnrlntii forty anests; met at station with prlvato conveyance. r or oiroaiars oi lerms, rezorenoe, etc., naarens U. 11. UUHUAS. DURHAM, W. Y. II in sou River Counties. GLEN TOWER. DOBBS FERRY, ON THE HUDSON, nniTinen a - v t tttu i? ni BY BOAT OR RAIL. VIA 'HUDBO'N RTVEB RAIL - Fortv minntm from Grand Central Donot. Five rain n tea' walk from station. Especially adapted for business men. Tprra rftaaonahlfl. EWEN UATHWAY. Proprietor. JAKE MINNEWASKA, f SCENERY UNSURPASSED. Spoclallr anitod to rennod American familioa ot nnlet tastea. OPEN JUNE 15. ALFRED H. S MILKY. Prooriotor. MINNEWASKA. Ulster Connty, K. Y. OUNTAIN HOUSE. CORNWALL, ON HUDSON. N. Y. SLOPE OF THE STORM KINO MOUNTAIN, One and & half milnn from village. UULhiUT llUtlSli. Tbo clim&te A PORTTrVK. nnitR VOR "MALAWI A Grand riew overlooking tho valley and river. Terms rea - sonapie. aaaress J. W. MEAUtiEH.orappty West uorty'thlra ot. xr Titrc DTnTTrDuanTTP tiTr'.trr axttiO A1J.1J J.XVXU1MJW,U1J J.I1UUJUAJ.11OS PALMER HOUSE. CORNWALL ON HUDSON. puro mountain air, no mosquitoes, delightful drives, romantic walks, croqnot, long tennis, throe acre lawn and fruit; honso supplied with pare spring water from rwgwu not, kuiu mjanua;, uuii uuuiwlu. uiuniu, inn. es - gs, poultry, fruit in abundanoo. Photo of Uoubq at 93 nneappie at.. A VERY HOUSE, KATONAH, WEST - ohoster County, N. Y.; among Muscoot Hills; Dealthy, charming scenery; delightful to lovers of the country; beautifully situated on high ground; pure water jbracing air; overlooking village and Oroton Valley ; boating,tishing, hunting ; all advantages of farm ; six - ty - aeyen roinntes from city : terms 86 to jfrS. 1T OUNTAIN VIEW HOTEL AND SUM - ! I MER BOARDING HOUSE. Fishins.boatlnc : cood iTvcry, pleasant driven; plenty of milk; a good veget able garden connected with hotel. OPEN wholo year. For particulars address WEBSTER ROCKEFELLER, ii hKaiAjsiuwfl , uoinm ma uouncy, j . x . XT ALLEY VIEW. LOCATION UNSTJR - V passed, mountain air. fine drives, good fishing; shady lawn : ireati eggs, mug ana vegotaoios ; no malaria ; everything to iiuure health and comfort. Monday early trains viaTI. It. R. W. J. OLANNY, . bid! i titll'.L. aj f, u.. Amenta, untcness connty, . x. TkUTCHER HOUSE, PAWLING, N. Y. XJ ELEVATION. 700 FEET. fnacitv. 200 truants. All modern ImDrovements. Pnre spring water from the mountain side. IK) minutes from New York oq Harlom Railroad. Write for circu lar. HOTEL PEEKSKILL, PEEICSKILL - ON - HUDSON. N. Y, HIGH. SHADY GROUND. NEAR DEPOT. Address W. H. HAGER. SVVJl TT W VJ LJAJ, A Four mile from Peokskill : hltrh. healthy location; large rooms; good table; fresh meats, milk, bntter, eggs vegetables, etc. ; amplo shade and play ground ; terms So to qts per ween, v or particulars address ii. l,. XiUUi. - WOOD, P. O. Box 24(), PEEKSKILL, N. Y. ARTIES WISHING PLEASANT LOCA - tion for summer rocreation. Terms sfifi to $H, RURAL AVENUE F ARM, W ALDEN , Orange Co., N.Y., PROSPECT HOUSE AND COTTAGES, NYACK ON THE HUDSON. vil.lj il.aiaim urwa UNTIL SOME TIME IN OCTOBER. 4(10 f iH5t aboTe thn rlT.r. T. J. PORTER. LalLO XlopatcouK and Greenwood Lake. T AKE HOPATCONG T H E WOOD JLi FORT HOUSE, nt tbo upper end of the like. Is tbo prottiest located, finest erounds nnd most conven - TODlent to W5tr of any hotel oa thelAlco:tho house Is nntimlr new : fnrnjshml with hard wood furniture and &U neat and clean; plonty of shade, good water and pare mountain air; rererence, wm. (j. bottle, ouo uates ar. jt or circulars ana terms aaaress WOODPORT, 3IOKKI8 COUNTY, N. J. AV1NGTON HOTEL, ON GREENWOOD LAKE. Gnoats carried to and from trains free. Board from SG to 7 per wooic ; generons table, t or particulars address AVlfiliTON HOTEL.. Greenwood L.ate, a. X. "V317TLLOW POINT HOTEL AND COT - T T TAGES, on GREENWOOD LAKE. BMUtlfnlljr InMterit Jit thn kntirl nf thi lftlce nn thn irronndll ere boats. steam launch, carriages, and pionio grounds a short di - tanoe from the hotel ; guides tarnished ; launch connect with all trains, ror particulars address RANDON HOUSE. PP.NS tor ' meentlbn of most. Mar 26. ZS boon mm, xou may l..ii.rie cepot; roorntoar train ) - . j). jsuuab JrMprietor. 1 v forta free n2 bad A 85 In 1. 1 ; I j Subscribe for the Brooklyn Eagle while on your vacation. Sent to any address postage prepaid) a month, 35 cents a week. Iontr Island. FIISHER'S ISLAND. NEW YORK - THE MUNNATAWKET HOTEL OFFERS SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS TO SEEKERS AFTER HEALTH, COMFORT AND PLEASURE. FISHING, BOATING, BATHING. Hotel nw! h all modern Imnroroznents. WRITE FOR CIRCULAR. ffM, B. SOUTHWORTH. rpHE AUSTRAL, ERENTWOOD, L. I. OPENED JUKE 15 FOR THE SEASON. One of the most charming, healthful and BStlffying ploasuro resorts in the country. Fortr miles from Thirty - fourth st, New York, or Irlat - av, Brooklyn, via Loner Island Railroad. Send lor illustrated pamphletand time tablo. t . re. nvjvju z, nnaKci. ROSPECT HOUSE AND COTTAGES, KAY fjUUUfc, Ij. I. flnnnslts, tn Fir,, Tulnnrl nn Ahn Gret South Bar. tT.t.m mllm, from Kr York. Will OPEN JttnO 1. Wo miles from New York. Will OPEN Jon' FISHING, SAILING and DRIVING UNSURPASSED. ELECTRIC LIGHT AND BELLS IN ALL ROOMS. musk;, etc.: tiiisr clamh livlhi. new steamer Eclipso will make two trips between Bay Shorn and Fire Island every day. D.FRANICEL. BAY SHORE, L. I., or CLARENDON HOTEL, Washington and Johnson sts. Brooklyn, N. Y. JpiRB ISLAND BEACH. SURF HOTEL NOW OPEN. MORE FAVORABLY LOCATED THAN OTHER SEASIDE RESORTS. Prevailing broeres direct from tho ocean. Average temperature 08 dogroes. Sailing, ilshiuc - and bathing; access via Long iBlahd Railroad from Flotbush T. B:30A. M..4:30P.M. X7EESUCK HOUSE, TV EAST QUOHUK, L. I. Ten minutes' by staze from Quotuo station. FRONTING HHINNISCOCK BAY. Pleasant rooms; largo l&wnv shady grove; boating, fishlnK, crabbing. SURF AND STILL WATER BATHING. J. LOVING. EASIDE HOUSE, SAYVILLE. L. I. Overlooking tho Great Sonth Bay. BOATING, BATHING AND FISHING, MUSIC, DANCING. Ere. Send for clrcnlar. JX THE PINES. J HYGENIC HOME FOR LADIES. Private maternity branch ; be - H attending physicians. THE RETREAT." JAMAICA. I.. I. Six minute - from depot ; larKO grounds Grand pine trees. THE LLNWOOD, BATH BKACII, L. I., One hlnck frnm deoot and beach. Rooms, appointments and table tbo best In the place. BATH AV AND BAY SEVENTEENTH ST. PORT WASHINGTON. A few boarders env ba Accommodated at LAKKSIDE COTTAGE. Vnnt.inir. tinhlnir. rmrctnblofl. milk. HUB9. COMFORTABLE IIOMR AND SURROUNDINGS. Mrs. J. I,AKi;, PORT WASHIKOTOX. Ii. I. TfcON OUOGUE HOUSE. SHINNKCOCK BAY. Family renort. lnr(jo. airy rooms, brood piazza, eooa taoio, oxtonfiire snaaoa mmi, tennis, croquet, surf and still water bathing, boating, nsniniE. t or circulars arte terras address, 15. L, SQUIRES, GOOD GROUND, L. I., JT. Y. C3KASIDK BOARD IN A LOVELY LO - JO ealitr at reasonable rates; $10, $12.50 an J $15 per woak aocordins to room. Apply at LAWRENCE depot at Long Inland City or Platbush avonno Bt&tioa Brooklyn; excellent bathing, boating, fishing and car - rUsc riding on splendid roada. NORTH ROAD HOUSE, CUTCHOGUE. T, T Thit hntin in Hit im ted nn tht hank of Long Island Sound; ftno bathing, boating and flsblng, also gnnning: ballrrotinds And lawn tennis on tho prom - lRBfl ; also lirery sua uoaramg scanics ; ooara iron. p i w $10 per week. "Fnr full DAriicul&rs atinlv to CHAH. J. H ANNA BURY. Proprietor. GllAND VIEW HOTEL, HP A PT.ITF. L. T Beaatifally situated on the water; boating, bathing and nailing ; no mainna or moscinuooB. J. K. DO DM AN, Proprietor. CI PRLNGVILLE HOUSE, Tj GOOD GROUND. L. I. TPln. - ma.ntlv located on Shinnococfc B&?: cood bathlni boat in etc. ; suit water ana sun naming; iroe saw uany the beach ; row boats free: pi collent ; terms reasonable, G0. iree: picanani an lcasant drive; table ox f T SrtatttedJn Shlnnoowfc FftfTftoating, fishing. crabbing; sum or sun naming; excellent uoas; airj S3 rooms; no malaria; a newly bum, nunasomoiy iurmsni cottage Id connection with house. Address airs. VJ. ITAUaDiV A' beaut VON BEACH HOTEL. BATH BEACH. r t vnw nucw. An ... I 1 - "V - Vi - lr. leautifuitv located directly on beach: seven acroB shaded lawns; nne sun oaininu;; orcneeira anci an amusemenia; ezeetlent accommodationa may bo obtained at the moet reasonable ratoe. J. H. STUART 4 CO.. Proprietors. BATH BEACH. L. I.. LOWRY'S BY THE SEA Tho DnnninR Lowry Honso and Cottages V npits Thnt. htm the nioHt u t houses at toe beach. The subscriber la now completing another bulld - lnR, mostly single rooms, an uuisnea in naravrooa: inoBt desirable. J. L. LOWRY, Proprietor. THE WARNER HOUSE, BLUE POINT, L. I A SELECT FAMILY HOUSft NEAR THB UHKAT SOUTH BAY. OPENS JUNE 25. J. R. WARNER, Proprietor. IF YOU WISH A NICE PLACE TO SPEND Your Summer Vacation, come to MAPLE COTTAGE. LOCUST VALLEY, L. I., Five minutes from station ; ten trains dally ; excellont tablo joool rooms; plonty ot milk, eccrs and vecretablos. Teriis $0 up; S. D. WttlOIIT, Bon 45. SHELTER ISLAND. TWO COTTAGES ON PECONIO BAY. Rowboata, bath houses freo; sail boat for hire: frnit ond shade treee ; piano : stage. TJ2RMS. 87 to 88. X. P. DICKERSON, SHELTER 18LAND HEIGHTS, N. Y. THE BAY VIEW HOUSE. NEW HOUSE. MODERN CONVENIENCES. COOL AND HAN6SOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. Boating, bathing, fishing, croquet and lawn tennis. OPEN from May 1 to October 1. AETNA HOUSE LOCATED FIVE 1VUN - utes' walk to Great South Bay; convenient to snrf and t'till salt water bathing; also, boatine. lishlnjc and crabbins croiinda extendlnfr to river : bath house free; OPEN June aa. For terms address F. K. PETERSON, (irove av, PA' r0 HOG UK. L. I.. Box HOT. AY SHORE ACCOMMODATIONS FOB n fair - hnnrrlnra - lorntftd flvn minnte' walk of depot and bay; plonty shade; piazza, croquet pround j stable, carriftKO hotiaa; boating, lishioir, batb - ina: excellent tablo; reasonable ratou. Address GOTHIC tJU rrAUJVUay nnoro, l,. i. A - cure from (3 partlo FEW MORE BOARDERS CAN BE Ac commodated at onr farm eottatre In the viuace of nH(;iTK. within osjiv aoceaa oi wnter and ono mile from depot ; lingo rooms, Kood table and lino drives. For particulars addresa, BOX 113, CUTCHOGUE, L. L. N. Y. OTEIj BBACHVIEW, EAST MORICHES. L. I. Scloe loct famiW hotel, situated directlr on the GHEAT SOUTH BAY. ALL. ROOMS OVERLOOK THE BAY. For terms. 4c, address JAMES V. KIRBY. Proprietor. GRAND VIEW HOTEL, SEA CLIFF, L. I. BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED OK" THE WATER. BOATISQ. BATHING AND FISHING. NO MOSQUITOES OR MALARIA. J. K. DODMAN, Proprietor. CJTONY BROOK, X. Y., O ON LONG ISLAND BOUND, Two honns from Krooklm: urivato cottace: pleaaant rooms; fine bathlnic and boating; good roads; perfectly nealtny ana yer aesiraoio location, Aaoreaa i. II. GOODMAIfSON. GREAT SOUTH BAY. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. LAUREL HOUSE, PATOHOOUK. LONG ISLAND, X. Y. Send lor circular. A. OUIGOU. KING'S HOTEL, AMITY YTLLE, ROUTU SIDE OF LONti ISLAND. Thirty miles from Klatbush Depot. Ten trains daily, Free stales to bathing. TERMS MODERATE. Mrs. E. O. KINO. Proprietor. XXTATSON HOUSE, BABYLON, L. I. Finest fishina;. Bailing and bathing. On the Great Booth Bay ana ocoaa. ON GREAT SOUTH BAY. SURT BATHING; NEW SAILBOAT: GOOD TABLE; LIBERAL TERMS. BOX 20, SPEONK, L. L Reference: Reeree, 420 Gold st, Brooklyn. SHEKLOCK'S FAMILY HOTEL, SAYVILLE, L. I.. ON THE GREAT SOUTH BAY. BOATING. BATHING. FISHING. SAILING. Addresa SHERLOOK'S HOTEL. SAYVILLE, Or THE ABBEY, BROOKLYN. T" A WHENCE BEACH HOTEL A NOW OPEN. A lovely seaside rpsort. Good board at reaaoaable prlcoa. Purchase ticket to Lawrence, L. 1., from Lone Island City or b latbush av depots. A. W. LUCAS, Proprietor. ABGYLE HOTEL, BABYLON, L. I, NOW OPKN "Ouiaino and service flrat claas ; boating, tennis, bowling, music ana uvery ; gas ana oieotno bells. RATES REASONABLE. WALTER S. DURYEA. Manager. K ING'S COTTAGES AND SEASIDE SANITARIUM, HAMMEL'S STATION. ROCKAWAY BEACH. L. L HOARD FROM 43. ACCOMMODATION fOR EXCURSIONS. tT ROVE AVENUE HOUSE. VT Located near the Groat South Bay; convenient for boating, bathinr and llsbing: bath norse free; large snauy lawn; convenient to man ana depot ; gooa tauio terms reasonable. Address J UltbMl All J Uj Box 2Ul.ATC;HOGUE.L. I. Adlrondacka. A DIRON D ACKs! FRENCH'S HOTEL. R. L. FRENCH, Proprietor. FRANKLIN FALLS POST OFFICE, VftANKUN flillTNTV N V. This honso is n Una ted at the foot of the White face Mountain, iix miles from tho summit, 1,700 foot above tho level of the aea: dry and airy; brook tront risking! suro cure for hay fever or no charge for board ; near Silver Lako; good drives; carriages and horses to hire; rooms comfortable and cloau; good beds; exclent board j $2 per day; less by the week; accommodations for M' stages and mail dally. Address as abovo. R. L. FRENCH. TTN THE ADIRONDACKS. X TAYLOR HOUSE AND COTTAGES. TAYLOR'S - ON - SCHUOON. N. Y. In a charming location among tho pines, banks of Schroon Lake; hne mountain on tne nign uoonerv : cood asnm plied nshltig. boi ooaunKnnu anviog; taoie ins nest anu nor i snp xroin hotel farm adtoinintr : alitotrio lights in hotel and on groands j billiards and bowling; pure mountain t - water : sanitary arrajusmenta tmrfmct. Send for circular. ' 0. - T. TAYLOR. Jt SOW, TAYLOBS - ONSCHEpON. Warren Count. N. Y. 81 for for vacation. Sent to any address postage prepaid. a month, 25 cents a week. Adirondack!. DntOJTDACK MOUUTAItfS. THE AMPERSAND, ON LOWER SARANAC LAKE. For terms, plans nnd particulars addresi EATON ft YOUNG. Manairan, AMPERSAND, Franklin Connty, Now York, TWim ONDAWA HOTEL, SOHROON T.iKP V TViia fiffiritn hnlM NOW OtRN : thn lioaao has beeu refurnished and renovated thronghoat, making it complete in every detail; tho park affords a cool and shady retreat ; tennis and croquet grounds ; send circulars. O'CONNOR BROS, Prope. A DIRONDACK MOUNTAINS. jQl GROVE - POINT HOUSE, , cbroon Lake, K. Y.; 300 feetoi - manding fine vlowof lake, pine groves, tennis, boating, bathing and fishing: steamers land at hotel wharf. Bend illustrated circular. W. A. MACKENZIE, Proprietor. LEN LAKE HOUSE FIFTH SEASON J OPENS Jnnn 20: Adlronrtaclc Mr ana conorr: conor in b bfimi flHliinir. boAtlnir. with moderate kltitudo, nboat A. Y. BlKDXl.L. Msr.. GLEN LAKE. W. Y. DB. S. T. BIItPSALL, Prop. Saratoga. A. GRAKD UNIOK HOTEL, SARATOGA SPRINGS. For term, and (llnfltratcd clrcnlar ftddres? WOOLLSY 4 GERRASB. Proprietors. THE KENSINGTON HOTELf, SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y., A FAMILY U0TEL OF A H1GII CLASS. LOCATION', APPOINTMENTS, CUISIXE AXJ SER VICE UNSURPASSED. HEADQUARTERS OF THE SARATOGA RACING ASSOCIATION. PAUL O. GRENINO. PROPRIETOR. TTATTiPV HOUSE, NEAR. ALL PRINCIPAL SPRINGS, Threo doors north of the United States hotel, KARATOUA. N. V. First claas family hotel. Terms $2 and 2.i)0 par day; special ratos per WDelc. The modorate rates and contral locution of this Iioubo malce it desirable for visitors, A Kood livery connectod with the house. C. U. llOLDEN, pToprietor. BR. STRONG'S SANITARIUM, SARATOGA SPTlTNafl. N. Y. A popnlar resort for health, chanjre, rest or recreation fllltheycir; olovator. o'ectrlc bells, ste&in. open are - Tilfaa inn nnvlnr unit nmnlAniirln fin thrl FOoF: HtliteS Of rooms with private baths ; raasaave electricity; all baths snrl all minarllil imllnnniui tioiv TtirlclHh &hd RnSSlail baths ra the Annex, never surpassed in oriental elegance ana corapiotenen oiappoinTmenw. . WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR, mtTR AMFRTfiAK. SARATOGA. N. Y. J. Twelfth season. OPEN JUNE TO OOTOIJER, This, the best located hotel In Sratn:a, is on Uroad - ay, hotween the Grand Union and United States; within fiifr. minntPi' wnllr rf ITnthnm PllttorSOn and Con - gross Rprlnjrs; steam heat; passenKer elevator; free coaches to and from all trains ; special rates to Jul lo. GEORGE A. FABNIXAM. Owner and Proprietor, James M. Cas?, Offlco ManaRer SARATOGA SPRIGS. THE UNITED STATES. A WO AT PT.iRR TTOTTTTa. TILIi OPEN JUNE 34 AND REJIAIN OPEN UNTIL OC'TOoKR I. TOMPKINS, GAGE PERRY, T7"AVERLY HOT13L Sit nated on principal drive to Woodlavrn Park : elegant rooms ; broad plaszas and ontertalnment unoxcollod. RATES MODKKATK. H. W. 8I.OCUM, Proprietor. SARATOGA. N. Y. r?nr.tTMniAW HnTRt. rtmndwav onnoslte Oon - irress Kprinc Park; rates 82.50 to $4, per day; 014 per weolc ; spoclal terms to families. J?. HKMJIERLE, Proprietor. Late Chef of 0. Vanderbjlt, Kaq. vARLETON HOTEL. J Corner Mailo av and Van Dam st, SARATOGA SPRINOS. Under novr management. Sixty roomB, stiiale and en suite. All improvements. Pirst class table. good service. 82 per day, SK to suy.uuper ween. W. ROCLESTON, Manager. w Very OREY HOUSE, rjtAllVLL ai.oaftAiuunin. a. ... ty nomoliko. comfortable: cnalcotboio; noarnotwiu, ctmrcnes Ana springs; wriu ior icrran. JENNIE V. STANTON, M. D. Proprietor. I. H. TAVERN IER, Mftnaffer . SARATOGA SPRINGS - N. Y. THE LAFAYETTE, rornifirlr Rutfln Honsfl. .Tnnit tn ??t - ftn hr 1 - V T.finArJnn &nnainmnns And oninino excellent. Atiretolaas family honae. Wrltaforl tonus. C. V. WILLIAMS. Proprietor. C " ONTINKNTAL HOTEL, WahiDfftontt SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y. OPEN .TlTNK n TO OCTOBER 1. Rates $2 per day. Hpocial rates to families and parties HORACE WOOD, Manager. a t a fmn a v v xr a t axj orvrT a nf WA1.U1.1VUA, XI. A. J - VOJkJAA. WJ.AAVUI I IO07 Conitreefl st, two doors from Grand Union Hotel and one block from Congrats SprinK and pirk; OPEN JUNE TO OCTOBER: rates 97to 10 per week; ape cial rates to families; nice, airy rooms; excellent table. AQuroaa mm. n. vt axuh. Lake CJeorffC and I. alec Chaiuplaln. jyjARION HOUSE, Rlv mllM frnm rinlrlnrnll. nn tbn venet RhflM. All mod ern improvements. Elevator, gas and electric bcltA. fine orcneswa momm: ana evening, whgtt cuu - eatea. bend lor circular. . r H. I. SHERMAN. Manager. PEARL POINT HOUSE, "Twelve milrw from OaldvrnlL nn emit flhoni. Finest lo cation on lake. All steamers land at dock. Larue fleet oi rowDouts. Auaress ror circular L. W. SIIKrwHAW, proprietor. Cat skill Jloniitalni. A MONG THE CATSKILLS. Ecnttod; located in the most beautiful valley, Bnr - rounaou ny tne iiienesi peaxa oi nio Tango. TAR i ilC TttTZ VtfltY KE8T. Farm prodncofnsh and abundant ; drives and walks do - liirhtinl : no mclarla: no mcsanitoes. KTTKH. TlRVOF WKSTKlt.T, Crenna Cnnrttv. City roforence : David Ellis, 143 Greonest, New York City JJOTEL KAATERSKILL, SPECIAL BATES FOB JULY. Addresa II. P. BURNEY, Assistant Manager, KAATERSKILL, P. O., Greene Connty, N. Y. lATSKILL MOUNTAINS. HOUSE. TWRN'TTRTH KRASON. SG TO 88 PER WEEK: FREE BOATING AND FISHING; PLENTY OF SHADE AND AMUSE MENT; ELEVATION. K IS K ATOM, Greeoo County., W. Y. QRANT HOUSE, JEFFERSON HEIGHTS. CATSKILL, N. Y. For rates, circulars, etc.. address GllANT & CORNELL. CATSKILL, F. Y. CATSKILLS DE SILVA HOUSE. AC - j commodates 35. Farm house, 2,000 feet eleva tion; homo comforts; lota of freedom; notea crone n suing preserve exclusively ior tae aoase, tjobs piouiy cood accommodations for 'Ot engaged. Apply nt. rn rn rafnNiiii - aif rttnnlrn.'i Adnrnfilt im ; nui DE SILVA, GRANTS MILLS Delaware Connty, A. X. N1 EV GRAND HOTEL, ratks RRnrrr;pr FOR JULY. rlnlT hotnl nn mnnnrAin - tn with direct railroad ttC - cess; elevation, 2,500 feet; 4mS hours from New York. x or rates, eu;., aaaress J. & S. J. CORNELL. Proprietors, Or F. 0. CAMPBELL, Assistant Manager. SUMMIT MOUNTAlNP. O.. UUtor Co.,N.Y. mAPLE SHADE COTTAGE PLEASANf JlYI. Summer hoose ; high, healthy location, near Cats - Kiils; nloaaant drives and walks: shade; milk, cream, eggs, chlchens, fruit and vegetables fmjh from onr own xarni; curny man; two minuxea iroin pu uiuw; pw vyi week for adults; 33 for email children ; special rates Tor beptomoer. , r Aius. A. it. LUlMJfc.lil, aouiu weineriu,. x. COUNTRY BOARD IN PRIVATE FAM - T, n. mile from Catsklll Village; shady lawns, cro - nni.t.. Hivlnc Imntino - hnth.ntr. fiiihinr. stables, verandas. doublo parlors, piano, excellent table and beds; must boat and trains; terms 8ii to $8. M. V. PALMER, CATSKILL, N. Y. Proprietor now at Leggetra uoiei, 70 Park row, New York ; photographs and information. CATSKILL MOUNTAINS. y Summer board; good table. Milk, eggs and vegetables supplied from farm. jorras QQtO ip per wc - tu. rite lor circulars. , s. cocuii AN, CAIRO, Oroeno County, N. Y. CAMP VIEW FARM. jUOX Hi a T J T A FARMHOUSE: HEALTHY LOCA - Xi. tion; largo Tooms; a shady lawn; dally mail; post o rooms ; a shady 1 ulontv milk, eirci oihce noarby vegetables from tho tarm. For particulars, etc., address f!HA RT.KK tl. DEAN. MEDWAY, Greene County. S. Y. CATSKILL MOUNTAINS ECHO NOTCH HOUSE, situated at the Notch, where Ice can be found all times of the year; piano; farm connected with house; abundanco of shade; mall ana telegraph near; terras 0. GKORuis JL. BALUWtN. m WEST KILL, Greene connty. N. Y. CATSKILL MOUNTAINS. HOTEL ULSTER. PINE HILL, N. Y. CAPACITY 120 - Rates from $8 to $15 a week. OPKX TTM'PfT. nrrTOBRli. H. F. BAKER, Proprietor. CJ ATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. SEVENTIETH SEASUM. OPEN JUNE SO. Send for circular. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE CO., UATaKILL, W. nnHK arijnBton, J. HUKTKR, WJf. FINEST SOKKERY IN THB VOVSTAISS, tnfAI. KlTKH TOR JUT. - WARREH rUBVY ItunkMrn nwwitrj. tTopnetona. 91 If. the the TT j At on t - ot ; i y President of tho United States. A voice Ti nf N .T. : 4(( trains dailr : more than half the ndo alone salt water ; brick atiructnre ; all modern convonionces. M" fANSION HOUSE, ON THE SHREWSBURY RIVEK, AT RED BANK, N. J. A n n - rrtllnnt. nlat - o tn nnnnd the .Snmmar. Cool and shady; pleasant rooms; good board; boating bathing, flahlng. crabbing. ' TERMS S TO $13 PER WEEK. .R. STARK'S HOTEL, OCEAN GROVE, f N. J.. OPEN ALL THE YEAR, tfiva atnrlnu hirrh nrtivlv onlnrtrnd : over H.O0O feet: piazzas : luxurious bods ; table first class : piano ; artesian . nn.l. liVitD anrl Violla. nVianlrlt A HflTlItjLtloa. .CEAN GROVE, SENENTEENTH SEA - and sea ; best location in Ocean Grovo : inodorn lmprovo - ments: nnlimitod supply of pure water from artesian welL For terms, etc., addrotss Mrs. A. LUUma, uox i o. y utAJ y a, o Pcniisylvmiixu SWIFTWATER, A SUMMER RESORT W tho Pocono Mountains, four houra from New York via D. I. and "W". R. R, Twenty - first season, under tho samo management. Circulars mailed on application. Monroe Connty, Penn. TLUFF HOUSE, MIL FORD, 1'IJfcH Br.K. Pn Hn nf Tlftfarnm River. 10Q fflflt ICountj - . Pa. On hank of Delaware Rirer. IpOfeat ..t. nmnlu lnp .minria - timui rerandHS t nO abovo water; ample play Rrounds; broad verandas; no malaria, no moafinitoes ; lame, airy sleoplmrropma ; gooa beds: fishing and huntinc; OPEN .IUNKI.j. Fortorma and c'lrculara address II. 1). WELLS. Proprietor. T57ATER GAP HOUSE, TV DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA.. A modern hotel; oloRant and complote: in thj picturesque Bconory of tho Bhio RldRO. NQWOPtN. Thro hours from Now York, riaD.,L. and'w R. R. K. KTMBLB, DYBEEltY, WAY2fB County. Pa., situatod on the Dyberry RWer. 4J4 mii from ilonofidale. Pa. : irood ftBlnnir ananuiLunir; own livery ; accommodations for 12;terms, and &u DerweoK. ror innnur lniorninnon aumcis . A. K. KIA1HLK, DYUltRY, Wayne County, Pa. fTIHE GLENWOOD HOUSE, X DELAVVAUE water gap, pa. Now manaKomont; delljthtfully located and snrroanded I by shady lawns; not ana coia uaina on cacn uwr ; orw quet, lawn rennis ; uvery atuwuuu , ujuuiv - tuu. nena ior ciruuiar j j li - l - m. ELL"EIVUE HOTEL, h mwr.MA'! TTW.PTiV PTITP i - nTT7CT'V. t FTl Halitrhffnl Tnnnntjtln ron'nrt. th rnntr&l nart of all the beauties and scenery, IS OPEN for the recoptionof truests; pleasant drivos, walkB. boating, iiflhinK ana hunUng. JAALES FRIOK, Proprlptor. HE CENTRAL, DELAWARE WATER GAP. Jt - U.S A - ULi DAOM. Beautifully located: within oasy access of all points ox interest; everythingof the beat; epac ions rooms. For . particulars address 8. D. O VKRF1ELO. JJI - LAHATUj tTAlLfl. uai - ,a - p. THE ARLINGTON . DELAWARE WATER GAP, PA. Beautiful and healthful mountain resort; mosteonT. niently located to all points of interest: Ave minutes" walk from depot; pure spring water: choice cuisine; moderate rates. LOUISE A. DUTOT. Y ACKA WAXEN, PIKE COUNTY, P. A. JLi RIVERSIDE HOUSE. aitnatea on ueiaware tLivcr. OPEN" FOR THE SUMMER Excellent table, largo rooms, bostinp; aiid nsnlnj. For terms address J. C. YOUNGS. CATARACT HOUSE, j DELAWARE WATER GAP. PA. 37; September, October: olito health, pleasure resort, noar Delaware River, Silror Lake, falls, slens; picturesque walks - .boating, bass, pickerel risning ; oapaoitj 100 ; 1.000 feet on Bluo Moantaiua ; commuUtlon books 81.:t0 furnished. mHE SPRUCE CABIN HOUSE THE POP - JL ular health reaortof the "Pocono Mountain;, wonld like to make arranfiemoata with parties for board during August. Can refer to any numuer oi promiueni. persoo. in Now York, Brooklyn and Joraey Oltr. Send for cirou - lar to PRICE BSCS., CANADENSIS, Monroe ConntT, Pa. StUI?IEK KESOKT GLIDES. gTJMMER BOARD IN YERMONT AND ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN'S SHOREa Yonr attention is respectfully invited to "Sumraoff bi Amo'iF tha Green Hills of Vermont and Along the shores of Lako Champlaln," au Illustrated book con taining a aelectod number of the best family l!anB 10 entertaining Summer guests, at priceB from S4 to 910 per ncok. Also, list of best hotels, with description oad rates. Mailed froe on application wiv. li - oAovAiua, S. P. A., 353 Broadway, New York; T. H. IIAX1EY, N. E. P. A., 2(30 "Washington st, Boston, Mass., or S. W. CUMllINGS, G. P. A., Central Vermont Railroad, St. Albans, Vt. LO! - ( OOD COUNTRY BOARD AT REASONA - iiSa on lhiV ol ! New Jewer and New York amooit the hills ol northern New Jeney and I . .f tnl - Uflr) V V. ThlA fliimtrV. COT1 bio rate can Do ontainea at larm uoases or tu - ana new icrx ran - oaa. ma tne mtju - convcaient to tue ciliy, is nwa ior its Huo"'uiuon uu uw - l, H especially attrjtKe tor Bumra'nomes 4 t n iuttt ' im Paa:n;3LAnipr to u,V0lV?"ff; f"". New yorkjAt W"',?"0 K - 't - .'JG3 Broadwajr, uf"" f " UlTHITRSION BOOK. WITH Ukill Monntafai Boarding housed, ,ftnl ft eanta to AjLBANx UKXXj, A1H1 And you for vico president.' Applause. I shall bear to tho Democrats of Illinois the glad tidings that tho Domocracy of Now York aro in line for the great contest that is heforo ns ap plause; a contest that I believe win end In vic tory. Groat applause and cries of 'les, yes.' And I bring to yon. brother Democrats of New York, tho tidings that Illinois will be in line with Hew York tremendons applause in the groat Btrnggle in November which will result in triumph of Democratic principles. 'Right, right,' and applause. A voice 'We will give yon New York by 25,000 majority' applause. I thank yon. gentlemen, from tho bottom of ray heart for tho grand and cordial welcome you cave given me at Albany and at all other points where I have grasped thehands of tho Doinocrats of tho great Empire state. Cheers. At tho conclusion of Mr. Stevenson's speech tho crowd gavo thrco cheors for Stevenson and im mediately followed it up by giving throe cheers for Cleveland. Mr. Stevenson then re - entered the car and so many of tho crowd assembled as could do so in tho briof time, passed through the car and grasped the hand of tho vico presidential candidate, at the samo tiruo giving him congratulatory assurances of tho excellent condition of the Democratic party in the state of New York. There wore loud cries for Don Dickinson, but the ex - postmaster general declined to apeak. ANOTHER FAST 0CEAS PASSAGE. Fuertit Bismarck Aralu Almost Iteaclics lEer Record. Tbo The steamship Fuerst BiFmarck of the Hom - bnrg - Ainorican packet comiJany raudo another fast run on her trip which ended at New York Friday night, although sho did not better the fastest record mode by her on the trip ending May 12. when sho made the run in 0 days 11 hours. Her timo for this trip was 0 days 13 hours and 15 minutes. She passed Southampton July 10 at 10:5 - 1 A. M. At noon on tho 17th sho had made 441) miles. The runs durinc each suc ceeds tvrenty - four hours vrcro as follows: 18th 490 miles, li'th 478 niilo. 20th 470 miles, 21st 475 miles. 2'ind 471 iui Vsho passed Sandy llooK at lu - . - Jo Friday niw flvs minutes later came to aivhor bocau The steamer camo np to hei tnornius. The total number ot y,040, and the average speed per . knots. Sho had llr.e weather and : southwest wnuls all the way across, o th and Slst it was hazy, but not dense e. jth to maKo it necessary to slow down. At 8 :M0 on tho ereulnc; of the lsth she passed the Kormannia Btcaminij eastward in latitude 51.17, longitude 2D.5U, and at 0 o'clock Friday morning she passed the Columbia bound east in latitudo 40.50, longitude 47.4.0. Thoso who arrived on the Puerst Bismarck included Dr. J. Bartholomew. Dr. L. O'Brien, Dr.felix Hamburger, Wolf Friedmann, W. F. Jurgens, John Henry and Mrs. Livingston, H. S. and Mrs. Palmer. Adolph Quentin, Lieutenant Kopprascli and Consul Fehling. JACOB 0PEXED HIS BOSS' LETTER, And Was Arretted for Forptry Inlde of Twelve Hours. Tliirteen year old Jacob Goldstein was ar raigned in Eraox market court, New York, yesterday on a charge of larceny. Jacob lirus ut 173 Eldridire street and is employed as n messenser with Moaea Jacobs, it tailor of St Canal street. Now York. Friday yoruig Golilntein wrs Bent to tho post olUoe to mail a letter by his employer. He saw the tailor put a chock in the onvelopo be - oro handing it to him. When Goldstein not ont - 'o he opened the envelbpo', abstracted, the . : jfct which wu made payable to tho order 'Colt. TuuW on tha .Eleventh ward hank. forged Tanzky's Jndorsaroent on the bock of iM3fcnttatua josioe ol Herman J&ck - i dense fog. yestorday aado was XI 0.34 DB8BK08SKS 6T . 2& - a - ,ih. ESsaiii;. - . - f.:: -

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