The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 29, 1893 · Page 19
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 19

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 29, 1893
Page 19
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THE BROOKX Y P A.ILY EALiE SlIN D AY, JANUARY 29, 1S93 - TWENTY PAGES. IS LOCAL STOCKS AND BONDS m Blows Aimed at Brooklyn Railroad Companies. Thn Financial Aspect of Senator Mccarty's Bill to Tax All Dividend Paying: Roads Suits to Prevent the Lease of the Brooklyn Cltj The Connection of Both Movements The Kings County Electric Road. Once more the railroads of ihe city attract especial attention and notice in any article that profes.se3 to photograph, each week, every development in the local investment field. Those ttoinRs which have broucht the railroads prominently forward, are not themselves financial. hoy oventuallv relate, however, and in the moat dftrec'. way possible, to tho earnings of each rrmd. i tne amount of the earninca which can be dis tributed to the stockholders, and thus to tlm value of their shares to investors. During the week all the railroads of the city tiave been threatened by a blow leveled at them in Albany. One railroad will have to meet another blow aimed at it in this city. Bath these blows, it may be said, come from the same pair of shoulders. That is, they have a connection, they have one object behind them. One of these blows, and the one that will be more general in its results, is the introduction of a bill in Albany by Senator McCarty. By a deft phraseology it applies to Brooklyn alone. It proposes to tax si! railroad comranies which pays per cent, dividends, 1 per cent, on their capital stock; those that pay 8 per cent, in dividends, 11& per cent., and those that pay 10 per cent.. 2 per cent. In case that any company should increase its capital stock, it shall pay 2 per cent, on its entire capital stocK, and for each additional ro - orease of stock it shall pay an additional tax of 1 per cent, on its entire capital stock - Such is a. brief resume of this measure which marks a new principal in taxation, a method so strange that it is fair to assume that every pro. vision of the bill is meant to check some special possibility . The third section, in which each increase of stock brings an extra per cent of taxation upon the shoulders of the railroad company, is obviously meant to prevent a corporation from increasing its capital so that, while distributing the same amount of money, the rate of dividend wonld be less than fi per cent. It may also have some connection with the fact that the Brook - lyn City railroad will have to increase its capital in order to pay for the trolley. If tho bill is really adopted and signed by tha governor it will practically abrogate that provision of the railroad laws permitting a corporation to increase its capital to tho amount actually expended in betterments and extensions. Supposing that a railroad capitalized for $1,000, - 000 and paying 0 per cent., and subject, therefore, to a tax of 1 per cent, upon its capital stock, should increase its capital $100,000. According to that third section that increase wonld compel it to pay 2 per cent, on its capital. Another increase of $100,000 would add 1 per cent, to tho tax. and each additional increase, however small, would add another per cent. If the company made ten increases of S100.000 each, by tho time it reached $2,000.00 - 1 iu capital, although it might have spent the whole amount in improving its system, it would have to pay li per cent, on its entire capital stock. Not only this, but it would, beside, bo paying, as all railroads pay now, taxj - : in eight different forms. By the timo the company reached this limit it would be bankrupt. There is another ipecutiarity about this bill, looking at it from the financial point of view. That is that it anplies to companies already in existence and doing business A company started with the object of obtaining franchises and then selling them would not come under its provisions. The principle contained in the Cantor act is that franchises already in existence and which have aided in the building up of a city are not to pay more than tin ordinary burdens of tho law, but that franchises given after & city has been developed and when the US6 of the streets is more or less of a nuisance to its citizens, shall pay the city for the privilege. This moasure revorses this principle and taxes those railroads which are in existence whilo leaving all new and competing roads free from this handicap. It would, for instance, apply to the Brooklyn Cityroad and compel it to pay $240,000 a year, whilo tho Kings . County Electric road would not have to nay anv - - thing. It may be argned that, the Kings County - Electric road would have to pay a tax whenever it pari dividends of 0 per cent. Examination of the phvasoology ol Mr. McCarty's bill will show that before 0 per cent, in dividonda is earned the capital stock can bo increased as many times and to any amount, wished. Supposing that the Kings County Eleotrio company wore capitalized for $1,000,000 and were earning 4 per cont. upon it and that there was a fair future possibility of its earning 6 per cent. While its earnings were still 4 per cent, it could increase its capital to 83,000,000 and not violate any provision of Mr. McCarty's bill The 4 percent, on 81.000.000 would be only 2 per cent, on the 83,000,000 capital. When the earnings became 4 per cent, upon this capital the oo - esel'ny could, still In accord with the provisions 'of the bill, double the capital once more. And so they could go on until they paid 100 per cent, upon original capital if they should earn it, without paying any additional taxes to the city. Meanwhile all the other railroads would be paying large sums. This is one reason why the charge of unfairness has been made against the measure. Another thing that is peculiar about this bill is the fact that Senator McCarty introduced it. If the legislative recordB and the files of the Eagle are correct, Mr. McCarty last year succeeded in passing a bill which abrogated the Cantor law so far as it applied to Brooklyn. This was a bill providing for the public sale of franchises to the highest bidder. The result of this repeal was the incorporation of the Kings County Electric road. whose privileges under this bill have been stat ed above. The other blow with which railroad interests are threatened is aimed at the Brooklyn City Railroad company. Snits are to be brought to prevent the traction company plan from being perfected. This was briefly mentioned in Wednesday's Eagle and merits fuller consideration here. James C. Church, the counsel for the Kings County Electric railroad, made the following statement to an Eagle representative: "Just after the time when John Gr. Jenkins, William Marshall and William Eichardson constituted themselves a committee of stockholders to discover what was meant by all the talk of a syndicate that was heard about the Brooklyn City railroad, four of my clients came to me. I may remark that none of thora is connected with the Kings County Electric road and I doubt whether they know Mr. Flynn. They caino to me, as I said, apct asked me whether I knew what was going on iu the Brooklyn City railroad.1 didn't know and so they authorized me to find out. I went to President - Lewis and he rofnsarf to tll me anything. I thanked him and reported to my clients the result .of this interview. After the plan came out they came to me again and asked too what I thought of it. I examined it with considerable care and told them that I thought it illegal. I thought it a legal fraud to lease the road for a guaranteed dividend of 10 per cent, and to divert the rest of the profits to a traction company. I advised them that tho lease would not hold in a court of equity. I am now retained by them to protoct their interests." From another source it was learned that Hubbard & Kushmore represented another interest which would be pooled with that which Mr. Church represented. Six stockholders out of the 780, with 10,000 shares, out of 900,000, will bring the suits. Papers, it was learned, will be prepared before the stockholders' meeting on February 15. Thoy will be signed by a jndge of the supreme court, if snch a signaturo can be obtained. With the pap9rs in their pockets the counsel will attend the stockholders' meeting, look ovor the proxies and count the votes. Immediately after tho meeting papers will be served in an order to show cause why the lease should be set aside. It is a fair assumption to say that tho bill introduced by Senator McCarty and these lawsuits have something behind them. An Eagle representative obtained an acknowledgement that this was the case from tho mau who inspired both blows. His name is withhold under a pledge. It is sufficient to say that he has an open connection with the Kings County Electric Railroad company. What he said is brief and to the point. It is as follows: "Mr. Lewis has set out to fight the Kings County Electric Railroad company. We wanted franchises for certain streets and he bid JluO,000 for itUem. Wo propos - j giving him all tho fight he wants. Ths nill introduced by MeCarty - is part of our plan. These snits arc more fight. Ther are mho to last six montns ana mil tangle mm all up. J 'Quarterly Mr. Lewis has money back of him ; we have something else." The speaker did not gay what tho "something" was but left it to be inferred that it was that indefinite power grapnically described as "pull." It is positively known that tho management of the Brooklyn City Railroad company and the heads of the syndicate which is putting through the traction company pTan exnected suits and are prepared for them. Evorv detail of the plan has been submitted to the most eminent legal specialists in the country and has 1 - een passed upon. Under advice the original plan was radically altered. It was proposed to have the traction company lease tho road direct. This was changed so as to have the Brooklyn Heights railroad, owned by the traction company, lease the road. Such a lease, made on an equitable basis, it was said, conld never be overthrown. A 10 per cent, dividend, it was advised, was an equitable basis for the reason that that is all the company is now earning. No oourt would or could consider what the earnings of the future might be. In regard to the division of the traction stock, these lawyers said, that was another story. The courts could merely pass upon the validity of the lease to the Brooklyn Heights, and could not go into tho question of tho ownership of the Brooklyn Heights railroad. Its stock might be owned by aliens and yet the lease would hold. Especially would it hold, 6aid the legal luminaries, when Brooklyn City railroad stockholders owned, through the traction company, nine - tenths of the capital of the lessor. Fortified by this advieo the management does not fear the eventnal outcome of these suits. What it objects to and is annoyed at is the time it will take to fight them. Neither does the management fear the passage of Mr. MeCaMy's bill. An Eagle representative naa a ratner extended conversation with one of tae nigh ontcials or the Brooklyn City railroad. He said : At the present junoture I do not care to be quoted in tho matter. I do not mind informing the stockholders of the road, through the Eagle. tnat we nave no fear of tho DassaiM nf tlm t Mayor Boody cannot risk his reputation by approving the bill in its present shape no sensible man could. In any other shape it wonld not answer the ends of tha people who have in spired it. Without the mayor's approval Mr. McCarty would have great difficulty in passing it. uovernor J? lower, who is a clear headed business man, could not sign it in its present shape. It would never be passed upon by Professor Collins, his legal advisor. Even ir it did pass, we are advised, it could not stand the test of constitutionality. However, supposing that it did pass and was signed and was sustained by the oourt of appeals, the roads could, by a little ingenuity, escape its provisions. The bill, as introduced, pnts difficulties in the way of increasing the capital stock. It does not prevent a reduction of the capital stock. No measure could do that. What could hinder the Brooklyn City railroad from reducing its capital stock from SM,000,000 toSno.OOO? Stockholderswonld not suffer, asthevalueof each share theystillheld would be increased exactly a hundred fold. The company could pay any dividend and would be taxed only 2 per cent, on the capital, or 81,800. The company could issue 0 per cent, certificates of indebtedness to the stockholders, paying for the ' canceled stock at the rate of ,'iOO or 400. The stockholders would thus receive a full return of the earnings of the company which would not ha cumbered with this enormous tax. These certificates could be taken by the Traction company in exchange for its stock and thus everything which we are now seemng to do could be done. This is a germ that is lingering in the minds of some of the management. If it becomes nec essary it can be developed and made applicable to every exigency of tho case." If Senator McCarty's amendment to the Cantor act had been defeated at the last session the Kings County Electric road would never have been incorporated and the local railroads would not have been in their present slough of trouble. Not only in the com t and in Albany are there matters which interest railroad stockholders, but in the common council also. That august body has before it au application of the Kings County Electric road for certain street.?. The Brooklyn City company has an application for the same streets and offers to pay 8150,000 and 8100,000 for other streets. On the question thus brought up the aldermen are divided and a bitter tight seems imminent. In sneaking of this very matter a New York financial paper remarks : "It is a significant portent that a railroad franchise was the rock on which the Now York board of aldermen stuck until justice overtook the guilty crew." Tho developments of tho week and tha nneer. tainties and possibilities they make apparent have naturally weakened Brooklyn City railroad stock. On Monday it sold for 380. On Wednesday it sold for 270. On Friday it sold for 260. At that figure a good buying movement was apparent. All that was in the market at that price was taken and as the week ended that figure was freely bid. The stockholders have not been frightened into selling wildly, and it seems to bo the largest ones, the men on the inside, who have been buying at the reduced price. In gas matters the week has been ouiet. Mr. Addicks is conceded to have a majority of stock in the Metropolitan. He 19, however, increasing his holdings and secured considerable stock dur ing lus wueis at a nominal price or iou. He or his representatives are known to havo made written bids as high as 165. To some stockholders in Metropolitan the privilege has been offered to exchange stock for securities of tho Beckton Construction company. Mr. Staples informed a holder of the stock that Mr. Addicks wanted to buy every share. Peoples' Gas stook has been strong and is quoted at J 15 to 120. For Nassau 170 is hid. Several salos of Fulton - Municipal have been made from 155 to 158)4. The prices for local stocks at the closa of the market yesterday wore: BROOKLYN CITr BONDS. LOCAL RAILROAD STOCKS AHD BOlTOf. Capital. Ph. Last air. Bid. Asked At lant ic At First mort... Censol Broadway Bond Brooklyn City.. I 1. irsi mort. . . , Brooklyn C'yi K t lrst mnrt Brooklyn Hht I irst mort . . . . B'lt n Tim., .rnm B'k'n Traa, nf J x?roostyn 1,.. . First mart. Second mort.. C. I. 4 Brooklyn Consol Certificates... urosstown First mort.... Fulton L bonds. Grand St. AN.. First mort A infra t.o. l First mort J Second mort.. T . 1. K'wWilli'rdsb'hl Flatbnsh Firm mort S. B'klyn Cont.. First mort Socond mort. . JL" '. '' 1. it.... union L First mort Second mort.. Quarterly. 81.25O.O00! 140,000 i,! 52. - ,000 a.50W)0 0.000.000 3.000.000 1,000.000 1N00.000 200.000 250.000 (i.lKlU.OiH) :t,oO",noo 13 - 2s:LOO0 3,500,0001 1,000! 1,000 l.UUU.UUll 300,000 200,000 S50 1.000 1,000 100 l.oooi lUi "3 1,000 . - 100 '1 100 1,000 I "01 10(1 100I 200,000i 1,031 ,uuu ""'260,000 :t.250 000 3,377000 2,4U2,000 3O,O0il,0 - JO 100 ijobo 1,0001 1.000 1.000! 1,000 :0;i 200,0001 l.OOOl 100 v - no 10i 2nd 102M 90 ' S,i '40 11 7, 08 18.1 101 ior I 102 I 10 im! 50 I ! 10!) 10:i 101 2"i."i 111 io:; io'6 10:1 101W 104 1,000 7 3,000 tl l.'lllil .1 .1. - I 1 1(11 O.OUU.UUU x.UUU o 125,000 150,00(1, i..uu.uint' 107 io - j 10j 117 03 TSomi annual. ;Ki, BASK STOCKS. FINANCIAL REVIEW. The Desired January Boom Has Subsided. Capital. Par. Brooklyn Bank. .. Broadway Bank.. Bedford Bank.... Commercial Fifth Aenne First National.. . . Fltj,r, Rnnl. Klnif j Co. Bank'.'. Hamilton Hank.. Long Island B'lc. Manuf. National. Mechanics' and Traders' Mechanics' National City iSassan National. North Sid R,ib - Tnenty - etxthVVd sank Serenteenth Wd Bank Sprains National Wallabout Bank. 300.000 100.000 150.000 10N.O00 100.000 50: 100: 100; liO 100 .'hio.oooi 100 nn iiAiv ,n Quarterly. 150.000! loo.ooni 400.0001 202,000 - j 00.000 1 OU'J.OOO WIO.OOO 100,000 100,000 100,000 200.000, 100,000 1 401 ion lonl 50: 30; 1 Last I di. 4 :i : 4 :s s :i :i: 3 ; I Bid. Asked I 100 :iU (i 50 10 100 li 100I ... 1001 3 ! 105 : 185 105 ! 175 ir.s I 450 :i0 50 220 255 285 4 IS :siio 1U0 100; 1001 100I ! 170 iii'd : 475 j 205 145 J 15D 200 170 INSCRASC STOCKS. Company. r 0.2 Kines County Lafayette Nassau Phenii W'uisburgh City.... 8150,0001 150.000 (!; 20 hlHfi: l.OUO.OOO 5 50 250.0001 lOi 50, 223.00 154.00 377.00 ! 1H5 Tlae THE CONSOLIDATED EXCHANGE. Week in Issues Due. I Short j Ijnit j term. J term Bridge 7 I 1809 - 1024 ! 125 I 157 Br dge 6s ; 1908 - 101!) 130 145 Br dge na 1017 - 1025 123 135 grWice 4j 1921 - 1028 110 I 114 Brujara Ma 102 11 - 1 bnle Js 1008 I !IS I 100 7a i 1915 - 1934 , 150 100 Pk tis 1024 ' 150 153 P;rk 3s i 'is ion Water 7s 1P04 1!12 135 ! 140 Water Us 18031013 102 I 142 Water os 1014 120 !".... Water 4s 1010 - 1910 101 ' 107 Water .Ms 102 j 104 Water 3s. 190.5 - 1903 07 95) UISCELLAMKOCS SECOBtriKS. Capital. jLastj dir. I stocks, Petroleum and iriiiiiup; snares. The weok just past has been an exciting one to the insider. Tho conservatives have drifted away from the market and the industrial crowd. The better olass of railroad stocks have followed the impulse of tho moment and at the end of the week showed very little change. There has been a scarcity of outside orders in the market and tue movement has been one of pure and simple professional manipulation. What soniR of tho weaker hands may havo suffered, no one is wi ling to say, but the strength of other stocks than the speculative specialties shows that they ore held with a tight rein and with the general belief that the advance has not yet readied the turning noint. The volnmB nf business has been larger than usual, but the in dustrials have captured about half of tho actual trading. Loans were at a pretty stiff rate and loaned from fiat up to a high rate. The demand exceeded tha t which has provailed for the past few weeks and thcro is every reason to believe that the market has been oversold, and that the short interest is a heavy burden for some to carry. Tho bond market has continued activo and generally firm throughout. It was noticeable that there was a better demand for the speculative issues, and that the inquiry for good investments was increased. One feature of - the market has been the utter neglect of tho industrial issues. The trading has been pretty evenly divided anion - the Readiug incomes, Missouri Kansas and Texas incomes. Northern Pacific 5s, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fc, Erie incomes, Chicago and Northern P.icifie 5s and the issues of the St. Louis and Southwestern, New York and Northern, Texas Pacific and the Richmond Terminal roads. The questien of tho passage of the anti option bill has caused a perfect slump in the grain market. Advices from Chicago have not en couraged local traders and they have let the market severely alone. 3Iay was being disposed or ana jmy wneat was a purchase. The clearings were only of a noniinitl character and the market can be summed up as continually dull and witliout feature throughout the wenk. The market for Pipe Line certificates has been of a farcical nature throughout. The bids and offers were from 532ia5356 during the early part of the week, but a man with a certificate, to dispose of the same, brought the price down to 53. The McDonald field has had a uniform production of 15.000 barrels daily. Runs and shipments varied widely early in the week, but they came in on the usual level towsrd the close. Monte Cristo seems to have been the sole possessor of the mining share market during the, week. The market is in a worso condition than ever, if that is possible. The bottom seems to have been knocked completely out of the San Francisco market. NOTES FROM BROOKLYN STUDIOS. Miss) Susie Ilarttow Sheading Honor, ing; Three Orders From Boston. Bid. Asked Acad'y of Musici AmpbJon ls'lclrn City Safe; DepoHit Co. ...j Franklin Safe. Deuoait Co . L. I. Safe De - fiosit Co j iss M'nTeCo, Pref i Common ! Brooklyn 4 N VI Jrerry uo NTiSBTraw and rcrry Uo. Bonds STiXJ Tele - l gtione io I onds 8.B.Savr Mi!! Col S. B. Warehouse 4 Dry Dock C Bonds Title Guarantee1 & Trust Uo j Bond an i mort. Union Ferry Co Bonds N. V. i:. Ki - .i Ferry Bond U. S. Projectile Co S200.00O! 1B0.O00 - 850; 50 100.000! 100; T3 3 200 JO lOO.OOo! loo! i2Si 90 025.000 eso.oooi 2,000.000: 1.000,000 400,000 350,000 2,535.000 l . - ,no non 250.000! 100! t4 100! ... 100 l.OOOj 100! 1.0001 100I 300 1.000 2,000,000: 100! t4 i 5" T3 145 110 I 117 iioo.nool 3.000,0001 2,200,0001 tool 100 1 rut. I 750.0001 100 750.000 1,000; 500,000; ioo; i63 07 SIB 150 111 HI 100 40 :5 50 103 03 102 Quarterly. temi annaaL ;Kx dividend GAS ASJ ILECTBIC LIOBT COJITAIES' STOCKS BOXDS. Capital. I&8t I Bid. I Ask'd Beckton Cons'n Co. pfd $: Beckton Cons'n; Go. com j Brook'u United! Brooklm ' B'klyn Mun'ii'! citizens Bonds , Citizens' E. L .dlson E. L.... Fulton At'ncip'i non as Metropolitan... aenus Nassau Scrip People's First mort Deb. bonds... WilJiainsbursh. Bonds HOO.OOO, 2,500.000, 25.000 2.000.000 500.000 2,000.000 750.000, 500.000! 1,500.000 500,0001 3,000,000 300,000! 870,000 70.000 l.x.(i,uoii, 700,000 1,000,000 400.000 loo.onoi l,O()O,O0O sioo; 100! 101)1 10! 100' 1.0001 100; 100I l.oooi lOO1 1,000 100 l.UOf) 25l var. I 10 l.oou; Tar. 1 50 2J! - - G5 ...I 110 5 ! .... 2 I'M 1 100 r ! 100 z is 139 170 I 109 I 1 I i.S's 5 r 1J4 10HWI 10s .1) 1.000,'OOOi 1.000I (Juartorly. tSomi annual. iEt. TJICST COMPANY STOCKS. 102 170 1 10 1 J 15 5 I 05 (! I !)B 1' 155 0 ! 108 ! 112 1 vo 1 100 1 10a B'kln TVnuf. Cln Franklin Trust...! KInsa Co. Trust uo Hamilton Trust., p. I. LtT. Co. .. Nassau Trust Co. People's Capital Par, I Last I j dir. j Bid. 1 Asked 1,000,0001 1.000,000 500,000 1 500.000. . fiOU.OOOl 500,0001 l.UUO.OOOl 1001 5 100 2 lOO! 3 ! 100; ! 100! '2 : 100. 3 1001 '2 4'iO 300 242 ins 305 ! 470 1 302 '; 300 ! 225 1 245 170 310 Susie Barstow Skelding, whoso dainty flower studies hovo been widely reproduced, has lately finished three orders for Boston purchasers. Thoy are twilight marine effects in the locality of old Marblehead. Those water color views are verv picturesque, introducing the fishing craft of the ancient harbor, either at anchor in itB tides or standing out to sea. Miss Skelding is at work upon a study of Catharine Mermet roses, laid carelessly down, the background being worked out in delicate tints. Another study of the samo variety of rose has gone to a New York patron. Tho La Franco blossoms.' with their creamy tinges, are not such acceptable models to some water colorists as the Mermet varieties. There has been of late a surfeit of La Franco subjects, making the Mermets seem all tho lova - lier on their reappearance. Miss Skelding also has some color sketch ps in her studio, made during her recent visit to the south of Franco. Some of those are intendod for illustration. Frederick A. Stokos. the art lithographer, has brought ont many of Miss Skolding's studios. She has now some raro ones of flowers, painted in famous European localities, which will be shown to tho public later on. This artist is loyal to American blossoms, however. Nothing mat sue saw in tneoia worm surpassed them, except the forget me nots. which were rcallv won derful in hue and size - . Miss Skelding considers I'ans and several other cities tho paradise for flower pointers, as their flower markets make it easy, by the payment of a few sous, to pro cure great bunches or blossoms costing a large sum nere. Miss Robinson, whose studio is in the Bonk building, is at work upon a delicate water color, showing the Irocaderoin tho distance, with the tranquil Seine in the foreground. This artist has lately returned, from two years of study in Paris, under Julieu. Her subjects are principally of Gauli,h localities. Two strong heads are noted, one of a Paris gamin, alert and independent; the other a masculine type of peasant woman. An old Brittainy peasant, in her white coif, with the inevitable knitting on her knee, is another well rendered subject. "The Old Gateway," a Nonnrndy outdoor effect, will shortly be on exhibition in this city. Healis - tie hay field scenes and a view of Concarnenu, demonstrates that Miss Robinson can do excellent work, and when she essays onr own pastoral scenes or tho picturesque effects to be obtained of rivor and buildings from the Brooklyn bridge, something of interest should be looked for from her brush. ACROSS THE POTOMAC." the Grand Army Tlcn Will Witness Play at the Iark Theater, The Grand Army men will have a gala time on Tuesday niht. at tho Park theater. Walter L. Sinn has invited the commanders of all the posts in Kings county and tho members of the memorial executive commit tet - to be present at the production of tho war play, entitled "Across the Potomac.'' General C.itlin and all the boys will be prosent in full uniforms, but without side arms, and they mean to have a right royal time of it, and as a rule when they make np their minds to that effect, tiiey carry out the programme fully. Unprecedented sales of the Eagle Alma. xac and Guide to Biiookt.yn for 1803. Pricoonly25 cents. By mail 35 cents. Adc. A Week of Rapid and Spectacular Fluctuations. S. V, White Snapped the Whip on Friday. Sugar and Whisky the Star Stocks or the Week The Fccllns or Confidence Has Disappeared. Wall stbeet, Saturday ovoning, January 28 The course of the stock market, during the weok just ended, has shown how tho investing and speculative classes regard the dangers which tho constantly inflated currency of tho country render imminent. Up to the presen; week tho feature of the new year has been u revival of confidence in the future of values. This feeling was based upon the hope that congress might be relied upon to repeal the Sherman law. Published statements by Senator Sherman and other leaders in the national legisla'ure had advocated sucn an appeal. There had bciy.i much agitation upon tho subject among business men and the hope bid fair to be realized. This feeling resulted in a sharp and pronounced rise in prices and in an increased disposition on the part of Europe to buy our securities. All this has bon chocked. The woek developed an apathy iu congress upon this paramount question of tho time. There was. indeed, considerable hostility manifested iu tho senate to any repeal of tho silver purchase act Tho result has been a decline, a disappesraneo of the feeling of confidence and a disposition to sell. This exporienco, as tho Financial Chronicle points out, ought to convince our legislators of the seriousness of tho existing state of affairs and of the dangers which its confinuauco threat ens, ior it is to bo remembered that tho country is not as well preparo l as it was twelve months ago to resist a drain of gold and withstand the evils arising from the present policy. It js not alone that tho treasury position is weaker, and thut as we havo less gold left we have less to spare, but that the condition of our foreign trade is much less favorable. Last year our merchandise ox - ports were steadily increasing and the balance of trade in favor of the United States growing correspondingly larger. The present year tho export values are falling off and with them the trade balance. This is well shown in the return for December and tholast six mouths. In December. 1892, the merchandise exports amounted to only 887,545,274 against 8119.935.S00 in December, 1891, being a decrease of over $.!2.000,00i). As a result of this decreaso in exports, tho bil - ance in favor of the country was only 817,. 000.000 against 850,500,000 in December. ISO. For tho six months to December 31 1S92, the exports, as shown in our article on an other page, have fallen off as much as 8t2,000. - 000, and the trade balance is on'.v 814.750.000 against $155,500,000 in tho last hilt nf is:i Thus natural causes are at the moment tendin - :' to aggravate the situation. Nor docs there appear any likelihood of an immodiate improvement in tho stato of foreign trade. Such conditions obviously make it more than ordiuartlv important that the country should seek to restore foreign confidence, thereby checking further withdrawals of European capita! and inducing a return flow of such capital and there is no way of accomplishing this so surely and so promptly as ry repealing the obnoxious silver law. From recent advices, confirmed bv the course of arbitrage speculation, it is annsrent. that Europe must uot bo considered a present factor in tho market. It is true that, as was the case on Monday, London buys smne stock. It is equally true that tho Engli - hmen take thoir first profits and sell as qnieUly as : turn may be made. They have learned the tricks that we have taught them. The day has gone by and has not yet returned when American .q crators could load London speculators up with Erie, Wabash or anv other stock and play them for all thev were worth. Englishmen have good memories and are not burned often by the same poker. As a result our stocks remain in our own hands and the market suffers. This is likely to be the casu until tho ropeal of tho silver bill renews that confidence which has been lost. Until then England and Germany will play a waiting game. tno market opened quiet and the grangers at once attracted attention. They opened with n gain over Saturday's closing prices. They advanced a further fraction, but the heavy selling movement in whisky and the uncertain situation surrounding it caused the whole list to becomo inactive and then to suffer a reaction. Tho hoiiv. - aelling of the industrials and the break in Manhattan causud a general scare and realizing became a pronounced factor in the transactions. The announcement tint gold would bo taken on morrow was unexpected, but tho quantity was so small that it affected prices in no way. Money was 2$a3 per cent. Th0 day was a momontous ono for Whisky, but its violent fluctuations did not affect tho railroad list. With the exception of Manhattan and the previously mentioned stock, the market closed quicr. and generally steady, with prices about where they started. On Tuesday thcro was an active speculation on a narrow range, bui. however, it was tclt at onco that commission nnlpv. wr.. fewer and tho professional insiders brgan to measuro strength. Tho busiues - i was prottv evenly divided between Beading, Sugar and Whisky. Theso three stocks after fluctuating over a fair range throughout tho day, showed net gains of , U and respectively over tiieir opening prices. ith the exception of St. Paul.tln Grangers lost a fraction. Manhattan lost lA por cent. lh quiot buying of tin bulls disarmed tho bears and the short interest showed uvidunce of accumulation. Money was 2 per cent. Au attack on tho industrials ushered in Wednesday in a conspicuous manner. The drive in Whisky broke the backbone of the disruptod pool and values wont like chaff boforo tho wind. In spite of tho boar argument tho conservatives persisteu in believing that tho situation favored higher prices. Manhattan was tho woakest railroad stock on the list and closed with a loss of :t. Whisky declined 2 and the general list was from !ai per oent. lower than iho closing on Tuesday. Tliecml stocks wore thelirmes: groupon the list and hold ers ol those securities were anticipating on !tu reports of the Delaware. Lackuwuno. and W item and the Delaware and Hudson. The persisent strength of the legitimate railroads is surprising and offsets the downward movement iu the specialities of the industrial typo. Tho whole list was a good purchase as it closed. Money was easy and abundant at 2 per cent. On Thursday there was a repetition of the ide range and violence in tin) fluctuations in all tho indtistri ils. Itseemed as if the insiders were playing shuttle cock and liattledonr with thein. There cnu be very little comment upon such a market, for the one story would hold over from day to day. The coalers and grangers wero less activo hut stronger and s ored goo 1 gains for the day. The gold exports did not inflnuiwe the market one way or the other, and at (lie close the market for railroads was iu a very healthy and bullish position. Money was abundant and loaned at - ;. per cent. On Friday the greatest interest was centered in sugar, whr - n the contests between the opposing forces, which couseil such wide and rapid fluctuations during the past three days, was about ended. Tho stock sold above 120 against 121 on Thursday. In the general li. - ,t Burlington was the feature and advancod lk; over its closing prico of Thursday. Tho market was irregular, feverish und hesitating during tho greater part of tho d - iy, hut in tho lust half hour of business tho preliminary statement of Delaware, Lackwanna an.! Western, which went so far beyond tho expectations of the most sanguine, started tho upward tendency. Closely following was tho report that the American Tobacco company had earned 20 per cent, on its common stock. This capped the climax and values iu thosu two securities went up on a large volume of business. Tho general list closed with a better fueling ali round and tho majority of stocks closed from a3 psr cent, above yes terday s closing pneos. mis mornm, Chicago Gas Trust 2 Olevo C O Jt St I Consolidated tins ftu Denv ,t Rio O pfd. 1 Din & Cattle K Trust.. SJtf Erie... as I, en r.lectric 1 T l Northern Pacillo pfd.. Omaha Ontario Wostorn Roadins., Rook Island St. Paul St Faul plrt Texas Pacitic. wanasn Westorn Wheeling 14 it ik Illinois Central. L,ake snore 54 JjOnv Inland Manhattan Kl con. . . ,s4 - Mo Kan A Tuzas The rates for foreign bills firm, except i lint, with oasior money in London, aemaud sterling is a trifle weaker than long bills. Actual rates of exchange havo been: Bankers, sixty days sterling, S4.S0aS4.S04; demand, 84.S7Ma84.S7U; cables, $1.87a84.SS. The following tablo ehows the course of ths stock market for tho week ending Saturday, January 28: Opening. Jan. Am. rcenmnir no 12 - 1H FINANCIAL, XII USX COMPANIES. rniiE rriHB BROOKLYN TitUST COMPANY, CORNER MONTAGUE AND CLINTON STS. SfiWEffLES UST CO. Crttl ntfrl inTPsfri In IT. 3. 4 percent. omitis at .31.000,0 Am. Kftfiniiiir (In. ntM lil llsa Am. Cotton Oil - Ui' Am. Cotton Oil pM.. N.'t Atch.Top. t Santa Vo :t)H Canadian Pain tic Canada Southern M Central Nr Jersey.. 3:1 1 Coutral Pacific :.'i( Chos. it Ohio Mli Chicago t AUn Chic. Bur. A Qninoy.. in;.' Chicago Vias '.Vast... Cler. C. r. A St. I, . . . flo Clv. C C. A St. L. pfd U'H ett. Colorado Coa! I) L uoneoiidatflr! Ga Diii wsr. I - J,,,l - Del. Lack. A "Westoni! l!vt uenv. a nun irando Den. 4 RtoO. rifd.. pin. A Cat. I. Trust Kaat Tonueaseo Eaflt Ten ii. pfd.. Krie Erio nfd ...... (Jen. Co 'J4H 2i;h 113 3 1031 l.'.M UT'K Illinois Central. Lake Shore X.ona Island IXMliSTilleA - Nashvllli Manitoba . Manhattan Keaeh. . . . Manhattan El. con... 170 Mobile .t Ohio.. . Michiiian Central . . . . lOliW Minn. 4 St. Louis... Minn. A St. Louis iifd Mo. Kan. 4 Texas... l:',t Mo. Kan. A Ter. vli.. 27V Missouri Pacific 5!)7. Nat. Cordate Co 141'.' at. Cordace Co. jfd 1 1 7 ISat. I,ead .",0 New York Central. .. 1 I I. Y. Chi. i St. L. I!) J..Y l.'h.ASt',f.l 7K VY.Ch.4St I,. - ',) if.) 3t V Y. 4 New Kny.. . . 4tlK N. Y.Sus. 4 W,t . ( V Y. Sua. A West ptd 7 - n North American 1 12 iSorthwesturn tl."Hl Tiurthwestern nfd... Northern i'aciflc... 1H - Northern Pacific i)fd. 51) Oliin Omaha '..' r,2 Omaha pfd 111JVS Ontario . I. Western. 1!. Orei - orl Navigation i .vi no .nan . Pine Lino" Certificates i - uuman Reading Richmond Terminal. Itook Island i, t. t'aul. St. Paul nfd. f25( r.3 ?!ler Ilnllion t rt St. Hani 4 Duhith ltan A Paiririu l.'nion Ia?i(ic Wabanh Wahcsh pfd Western Union... . Wheeling Wheclins - pfd K dividend. I' - 'iVM 4ki 1 1 . 12 . 2ism . UKMj ' ir& 3li MX 24'1 103? " 7 iJ?S 131) 1 . 1:M 2li I 13 i:im II IU 7i:i.; 11. ".'.i it"u 1711 .C.' - i lor :r, w rix; 143M 11 Mi ill Hi U.'ts fit? i m 14(i is?, .mi l'lil'li 1 Il&u 1S'4 r.:ii KIh N: s:u , 12 - ?j S4tv 4K 1 1 42 - V 12 2( :tjj lOO1 - . 23 " Oli Loiy - est. 120M 102M 4." S2M 34ft H7 . - w9s 130 20 23 144 lOlSi POM fiS 07 a ist 1 17 4i 7$ 30 - ! 102W 130 114 7 - ; 132 (1 J."iS 3c.3 100 1M 4K I". 21 TiH l - lll.'i 31. - , 411 11 ok il' 3HW 4(Hf 111 70 Hk m 118(4 1ST, ik lli'.l ' : - H n H74 HIV, H4 4' 1 1 nil 4IIT, 11 M's'tl 21 Closing, Jan. 2' - . 128a 104k 4;.f a' - it . - 'th 2'ii" t!3k 102'ii !1H 6S 13nM 1j;i. t i. ir. Capital and surplus, exceeding IKTKKKST AllOTO ON DEPOSITS. 172 MONTAGUE STJtEET. Is authorized to offer for subscription at par the bnlimcc of tho stock of Tie Eagle AND Storage Company hichmarHfl mi !o subfrat fo chfclc at sight or rmtarmi able at fix dafr. Chrckn jm.h.i throjjrh York C'Iarior House. iu ti ftafrt 1epo.i;!fry far funti n waiting lzirestaiftttt. Authorized Uy ttpueial charter to act as locator, tmHiW teii.adiiiiniwtrator, ( comniittes, recoivor, or is any othr po - itnm of I ('.mug tinted dpr"iilorv for t'otirt money. Act ah rj;.flirar or train for nKnut of stock: and bond and an trusted or ra.ilro.ui or otner corporation matt raFD. hxucntOT orders In U. S. bonds and other invostiatftiit ecu ri ties. Upon deposit of canh or approved uncnintjes wfH faV enti! trarelinjc letters of email and pay ail draft unltf tnu same. fliKlSTTAN'T HniSTKX - KN. President. AHKA.M U. I1A.YUS Vino PriMMent. JAM US ItOSS CL'IiRA.V, Secretary. HtiilKKiCK U. CoLl'O.N, Assistant SacreUr MX 1SV" ll.V 7.jJ, KJ1M .riNW H1W nti 1UW 114M 4"ji f.'iw l'sti f2S r.2H im H7H Slli i2. - ; 4S ' 10 42H U. - 'i 5)0 OF rooinjQ, .Teslsh O. Lot, Alexander M. White. A. A. Loir. Miclw: chae - i - r William K. ICend ill. Kclvrin 1 - . lvnowltou. John T. Martin. ,!ohn J. Pierropont, Leorice (i. Keyuoldf, juua lliiD, TRUSTEES. J - 'rertrrfe CromtvelL .lohii R Rolf., Henry K. Sheid - io. William II. Male, Abrain H. Lavlii. Henry W. Msrall. Charles M. i'ratt, S. AV limieocli. fteor:e W. Cuauucs, Chrlstlau 'i'. Chriatenaeu. Orsanized under tho Laws of the State of New York. Authorized O.pital .303,000, diyided into 3,000 shire of 100 each. ALL SHARES ARE TO UK FULL PAID j AND NON ASSESSABLE. This Company hnvinp; acquired the proporiy lately ocouniud bv "The Brooklyn Daily Eaole," on Fulton street, has begun the cnnstrui - .tion of mi eight story thoroughly fireproof brii. - k storage warehouse, covering the whole of said property and facing on Fulton. Elizabeth and Doughty streets, contracted to b finished July, 1803. rjniTE LONG ISLAND ! LOA.N AND TRUST COM PAST. 803 MONTAGUE STREBT. ' CAPITAL . - iOO.)00. INVESTED IN U. S. KOUK FKIi CENT. BCND0 AT PAR. A I.ARGK SURPLUS. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DAILY BALANCES Ch.rlt can lie drawn rm this cnmpunr the same as on Bank and are payable throiurh tho New York CleariaC House, or. If preferred, reru Ilea I, of deposit will be issued, payable ou duiu&ud at a uaed utu. sud bearinsixr - terest until paid. This cnmpinr It snthorlKed hy eKartor to act as Trustee. l - ;xoi:itor. Administrator, ( iiicrdisii. Committee of Kstates or Receiver, and to accept any hiniilar position ot Trust. It is aUo a leijal depiisitory ior all Trust Ftindi and for money paid into Court. It act; an Hecistrar of Transfer A.ent of stocks and bonds and as Trustee fox Knilmad and other niortcaxes. It guarantees letters ot credit issued to travelers and will lu any and all othat hntuuue usually done by '1'ruat Companies ot resuonai' buily and standing. Kdwln Reers. Watson li. JJickerman, Witlinm M tral,&, xuo ouiuung Will U.ive a lrontagO Of 1 I fj ' P ernani i - eters, feet on Fulton street THE AMATEIR JlfSICAL CM I1, Private Concert a.t .ilflRn 1'i third privnio concert of the nrooklyn Amateur Musical flub took place Thursday afternoon t Nilssoti hall, ns usunl. This exclusive musical event was charaoterixetl ly artistic finish and elesanco in its social features. Tho I choral numbers were three Neapolitan airs, har monized by William !ce. "Sunta Lucia." '"Tnr - rantella" and "Peasants' We i. lint; March:" the "Ave JXaria" of Uraluns and "The Xiirhtinsnle." a llussian son;. .Miss Lynes. a pupil of Genruilo OriswoliI, rendered, in conjunction with Miss Huntington, those two old favorites, ever fresh and tuneful. "Mnybclls," and the "Autumn Souif," of Mendelssohn. The piano solos wore Griec's Tempo di Minuetlo. Liszt's 'Eclotfiie.'' pbiyod by Miss Howland. unci the Sonrlatti pastorale and Shtiniiinn - I.iszt "Widmun;;," both performed by Miss May. Two solos were also given by Miss Lucy E. Chase, soprano, from I'libinstein and Ilralmis. respectively. It is in'erestinc to compare, the work of this club with that of its rivul aiiinteursofietj' in New York, tho Choral club. Frank lluinrosch, leader. Its recent concert at tlie Madison square concert hall included th., selections, "Woodlan 1 Aii'e - lus," Dvorak; "Journey Hou." 1'honiberuer; "Amarylis" and "My hear;, if lmt within thee," two exquisite sixteenth century souks, and a composition by Theodore Marzials, in canon form. Professional talent assisls this eiulj in its solos, but the Jiroiiklyn society depends upon its own soloists for instrumental ami vcnl nnni!,..r. j A'non? the truests at tlie concorr and afternoon tea. which followed it. wero Mrs. Camden ''. Dyke, Mrs. Thomas Cullender. Miss Jleers. Miss f'olton. Mrs. Joseph Yeoman, Misses Todd of Cleveland. Miss Grace Denis Litcliiield, Miss Steele of Bristol. AXOTiiEK MlCA'i IZECJTAIi IV a a Largely ,v;; - !iil - (l sit tj.; termini luviiiiivflirtil t'litircti. M'r. H:i(,'o Tro - ts. - hel j;ave a leciia'. on his - .ivis; - uiiicont nriftiii Wednesday afternoon in the tl.;r - ma - .i EvuiiKelical church. Ills aulionc.) wrs made, up la rife!, - of women, for the recital occurred in the afternoon, and for that reason tin applause w:is rather f lint. Miss Lulu Sturn an.'! Mr. Ourl Hicck were Ilie acoui - iuioiis at this re - ' i till. Each lias a ool voice and the knowledge of how to use it to troo I adv - antatre. Selections from two ot W'tgiuo's works a;ip - :arcri ti tins programme. n.:cl waro intcrijroted with force, color and irecisioj. Most of the olher cotti - pos - Ts represented on tho list wero familiar names to the majority of the auditors, and they were enjoyed tho more on that account. The programme as rendered is appended : a. Au'lante in I b. Prl - .ide, - Da .feeus an (loin Kreuze siiindV c. Coticert i - iua!e in l d. Andante con inoto solo Mi.. Trill, Si, i.e.. ru - .ie about K - a - c - h Kcliilmann . . Jadaoha .Schnri'. - enk - i . .It. Wnner Handel with an uvernco depth of 124 feet, and will bo 111 feet ou Doughty street. The location of the building, beiiijj in tho immediate vicinity of the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge, South, Wall Street, Fulton mid Catharine ferries and the Now Jersey Annex boats, will give the company unexcelled facilities for business. The company is formed to do a general warehouse find storage busiuess. including the storage, moving, pa' - king and forwarding of furniture nud tho safe keeping of silver und all kinds of valuables. OFFICERS: Lyman R. Greene, President. William V. Hester, Treasurer. David Harnett, Secretary. DIRECTORS: Campbell, Edwin Beers. James Howell, Cvitcs E. Staples, Daniel V. Lewis, H. S. Kxngslev, Lyman R. Greene, David Babnett, Seth L. Keeney, Vi'iLLtAK Hester, David H. Valentine, V.m. M. A'an Anden. A prospectus mny be had and full information obtained at the office of THE PEOPLES TRUST C - OilPAN'Y. 17'i Montague street, f OANS ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. Kdward 1. Vhlte, ljarid Harnett. Kdtrard .Merritt, TRUSTK.F.S. I'rank Lyman, 1 - '. Crexory. David l). Ijtffet, fieyinour L. ilust - sd. Jr. Janiefi W. Cromwell, Setli L. Keeney, l - 'rank L. Habbott. loll u Letferts. KDWARD MERRITT. President. DAV1I1 (i. Lltui.KT, Vice President, 'I' Al.littll) - ;!.. Sev - retarv KRKDRRICK rj - IHE PEOPLE'S TRUST COMPAJTJf, 172 aiOXTAGUK STRELT. CAPITAL.. SURPLUS.. 51, 000,009 700,000 INTURKST ALLOWED ON DAILT ISALANCE3. TMs eotnpsny act. ts Kxecntor. Administrator. Onard - isu. 'i'rustw., RneeiyeT. Transfer AHent and ltexistrar of Stocks and Bonds and transacts any and all business usually done by other Trust Conioanies ot standinx and repute. i.i ilesiftn.ted as a depository lor STATE FUNDS aatf nuineys paid into co::rl. Procures letters ol Crodit for Trarelers payabt any part of the world. Is represented iu the N'ew York Clearing llouss. OI'KiCERS. FELIX CAMPRr.LL. Priiside - it. JACOB DKTTMKR, Kirst Vice President. HORACE J. MORSE Second Vice President EDWARD JOUKSoS, Secretary. CHARLES A. BUDDY, Assistant Secretary. URUSTEliS. Kellx Cstnphell. llorsce .1. Mor3s. Ruficnei;. Blackford, Henry W. Slo - ium, Daniel E. Leiris, Jacob (J. Dettmer, Kdward B. H. - irtlett. Frederick A. Schrooder. David A. Iloody. Cornelius T,'. IIoa?lanX .lobii E. Searles, jr., Isidore M. llou. Howard M. Smith, 'eorcr L. Pease, Frederic A. W. - .rd, Boloinon W.dohnsa tieorxe P. TanKemaa. A lono Slots. William It. Viill. Robert .1. Kimball, lames MeMahon. Bernard (fallaher. William li. Davonporfts A.uiury s. Caraart - NO EXPENSE EXCEPT DISBURSEMENTa THE MUTUAL LIKE INSURANCE COHP.AHT OB NEW YORK will loan on satisfactory real estate in Brooklyn and New York city, at no expense whatever tfl the borrower beyond actual disbursements. Apply to D. & M. CIIAlJMCr.Y REAL ESTATE CO.. LtiL. 207 MONTAOUE ST. Brooklyn. Or W. W. RICHARDS, Conl roller. :i2 NASSAU ST. Sew York. Bfoollp Bank, JHANKLTX TRUST C03HPAXY, Montagtift street, corner of Clintoa. CAPITAL, 81,000.000. SURPLUS OVER $700,000. Anthorizd hj Inw to act an EXECUTOR, APMIIflfc TRATOR. TRUSTKK. (iUARDU.V or COMMITTED anti offer npocfal iiTanta.K oa snch. Lb A LiKUAL RKPOSITORY I'OR COURT .MONET& ALLOWS IXTEKiCST OaN DEPOSITS. OiTcrrt it arvicR on ?aTorabo terms as t TRUSTKK OK CORPORATION MOKTUAdUS, ' RKCIHTKAR OR TRAXSHP. AOKNT FOR CORPORATIONS OR MUNICIPALITIES. LOANaS .MO N" 15V O.V A i'PROVKD SECURITIES. Clicks on this cotnpany will t)ts paid tiiruuh the Ni( Vorlt L'icariox linn.. OKO. . SOUTHARD. President. WILLI A M fl. WALLAOK, Vic PMsidantU S, - ui Vit; PrenirioDt and Secretary. CROWi - .LL JlA DDES, .lit., , ABtjistaot Sccrtar O. H. HaTichtalinc. Ail;ro .1. Nowtoii, Crowcll IUilrtfn. H. K. y'nrrei.o:it William Marsfiall. fiorct SI. Olcott. Oror;;p li. Sontiiard. W. A Read. Ti.oniiV! K SMM'nan. Z 'rl A. A. Low, J - .dwiu Packaril, Jotm Winnlo.v. IS. V.. II imtiiitsn, Durwia R. .Inii, Afiauder K. Orr. Jurph Hroc n, John li. Wooi - hvanl, William 11. iValliuro, l - rmiicliii K. T. - u'lur. ..Paumann '....Sc - il.M.ll ....llanJ - l v Hooiy M:t:r?.o 1:1 r ( in lurm of a canon c. Kli'ffio x ... Mnivh ltbiitfirMo U - oh - riarin ) 'JVnur Ho!t: Aria from "Mu - voiuh" Mr. I '. - ..! (.i.,flf "Orph' - LiM," aymiiboruf pon - n Franz Liszt irritnti :. vv. t iOt tsciiaix. J I'amiliiusvr" R. Warner Marub from s'il'tts' i;ii;t(Ihav CORNLtt KULTON AND CLINTON STREETS. i;i - irpirate'l I ri:VJ CAPITAL. !i:j00,U00; hURI'LU.S. 'J00,Orjn. Ernry facility - i'.Vrtd to depositor iu its V. m. jiroof ' bmidmK. epara: parlors for Iut1ic,ii and ci - nticmifii Otfcu . b. ;tHOVAS M. llAl.SK V 1 - ahhpi Pirrctnrf Hnarr P. .Morpan, Wiiliam Pii,;Iir. John ' Lon.Tts, Kii.i - - I.riwii.. ,Ir. ; i'iumnt Lo. - Vitt fiioa. li Mi. svnijfr. Jonftph IS. Hibhlrr, ,(r,hn ln'tuiaB, .ir. ; Tlm'otijy IIoKan, CeorifH P. . (ieora W. lierrn, Krodor - 1 ick Jaanen, Henry K. 11 u'.cUij.a.nj. 1 J..JAMILTON TRUST COiiPASY, lt)l MOfJTAOUE ST. BROOKLYN. I. T (Heal Estate Kxchanita Knilding.) kit RVfoPWS - V'V1'" - ' bll.A( - I.. 1UI (, 1'rt - si '.nit WM. II. I.v - y.v. i - ,r., - ,.. ).re,irtsnt. AI.l - Ui:o .1. POi'cn, s - . - oiid Vies Proaidea. JOSl - .Pil II. WHITE, Secretary. GEO. PARTY. I,at VellI)eSlhl.v evcniitw '.is the auuiversprv of 3Iiss Mucirio A. Suut. - i' liirtlulay antl her cave her a party, utaiil Van Uurr - n tn - . - i, to etnjihr.size the far!. Of .. - the yuiiiis lieoiii vieil with o'.bor to jirniiiote tho ireo - . - rn! 'ooil ehoer. I)i:vi:!;: the eveniiu; Jliss Lillihu liurus iruve a I'iihUipm cluuceninlAI itti;r Eilwnnl StuttH lihtiio. - uisle - .l hirmeh hy . - iuj. - i; the Nihthujale" from the 'I'yrolea:'. Ciifts numerous an 1 inelude'l (i hur.lou:n tliaiuou L rin.'.'. Auionu those jireseut '.v - . i - o .Mr. a ml Mrs. (1. O. i Still is. Frank Wlmloy. Maijcie Stutts. IsaneSmitli. Jl.c. - .S'utts. E'l - lie Stutl.i. Lilian Cams. William Hulmer. Lillii - . ( 'ouirirs. Pre leriek (Ir.cit, Eihel liarltu. Hohert I'urdy. E l.'ia Huliuer, A. Mr.ry Bonvrs, Harry Gardtior. Siolie lio - .v - r... Wiihiiiii llol.h. Lottie Johnston, Fr:leri"!i lii'e - . - . Emma C'onkiiu, "SVillin ilar.'lwell. B. - ;le (iai - '.a - r. Charles Primrose, Ella (irjui. l - 'rauk PrLiu. - . .. - 'j. Aila Powuli, Louis Koiiecke. Gu;sie n - :r. Elievr llurdiek. Macgie Xiosons. Arthur Gardner, (irae" htanley, Unrry 15:,niw. - ll. Julia Jleterlins, Harry "is. i inn l eiers, joi; iiayiHiino. I.aern I'rltu'.', lDrdrrell. l.ulini Sttltts. liar'". - Kunrcki - . E::i;:m Stutt, - . I 'I'll Clara Htut Florence Stutts, 3IISS Kr - F'S !!l Kill AY l'AKTY. A very iileasant rvenitia waa iiasscd I.v Ui malty friends of Miss Katie NeflV at the resi l. n. - .: h - . - r f.'raudfathc - r. Mr. Georue Hardy. li - .'S, - , - - oa.l pliii'e, Mouilay eveuiUL'. Miss N - . - lf rcvn cd :iia".e handsome presents. Anion - ,, tl,,. !: - i.. - rs ur. - - - 'i: were Frank Solomon, Williar.i O'.Vc'l, Sn - .tiivoMd Jlird. ll - in - y .Mhiiccr. W. Ula - ijieM William Hardy. Master Arthur liesja. - . Wa'iaeo lt:rd. .Tiinies Johnxon, Harry Rodir. - c f.'.v, iu J K ard. Mr. and Mr - , fi. V. Ji.rd. .Miss (i:t - . - Hardv. Miss Maud Solomon. .Miss i - ttii - Mis - I.izzir Simpson. Miss K - lna (ir.fl'. Mi - ,. I Fain - lr.ld. Miss Mahel Watson. Miss; Ktle - i li': - ' and Miss I.ilHe Met - . - alf. II. PRENTISS DEALERS IM LOCAL INVESTMENT SECUKITrES. Slcmbers of tho err Vor - Stock Exchanffa. 37 WILLIAM STHEET, N. Y., And 208 MONTAGUE ST.; BROOKLYN. BASKS V SAFE IEPOS1T C.TIPAP,S AB.SOI - .UTii SEOUKn'Y FiltjM P1HH AND TIIIKVjai. CL'ARUED DAY ANI NlfJUT. TllL" LONG ISLAND SAKE DEPOSIT CO.. ESTABLISUKI) 1S6U. MassWe VattHs !n the new Flreproor Building of the Brooklyn Hank, Kuittn snd (Vliuto: - ts. isf,;s renteil t'rotn to 91(10. Deposit, yonr raluabls papers, silTHrware. ,'t - c., with us, ljoaea and llunk., stored and ir - .iarc:itee.i at lo., rates. t I.KSUI.Vr LOCKiTT. President. JllOMAS H. MKSSKNl.KR Vice President. A. 1. L - i I'.M A. S. Secr - tary and Treasurer. Illl'.n TORS: Henry II. Adam.1. IVtti. Ii. Williams, Jatnes M. !.'!'. r. Jr.lm ItfTerts. S. Warr - n Suedsn. AV. Van Arulen, John ,1. Rarnier, John li' - .nce, Kdward O. V,hits, !. D. VV'ijitne;. - . Hei:ry K. Sheldon. Thomas T. Rarr, i;o. W. jterifen, .foh:i r reucli, V,'r.i. K. Slorr.! I I.e.ris, .!r.. TIjtjiis". I'". ChsrlcA T. ; ut win Ii. - ;. ilutcliinson. T. ii. Me.'snK"r, Ciuuient I.ocitt, Jchti Ditmas, dr., Frede: iU .lansen. A. 1. Divmaj;, A'.'illam Sinclair, llaiiio! '.','. North;i. pUANKLtlN SAi'iTir;ivSl - i' CO.W PaKY, j MO.NTAUUE ST. CORNER CLIN ION. PERFECT SEOURITY IN VAULTS OK ilOST 3IO!). KRN CONSTRUCTION. ABSOLUTELY l - - iRKPR001r AND IN A PROPERLY i UUARDED riREPROOl - RUILUINU. INSHRCTION INVITED, ! Gr.O. I!.R0I;THAKD. Prmld - nl ; MARTIN JOOST, Vi.:e President. ! JAS. R. (JOWLNP. Treas - jror. ! HKXKy CAMP. Scr.tary and Mans; .BROOKLYN . . ROARLi Ot TK iirii:i ii. i,yoa. Juium i). (Jaryentfr, t''ptt V. iletin. Willmm H. If. childs. Hnry N. Whitnoy. Calf!;. Pii'.ersttn.. I(.'hu Iittiia. - , ,Ir , Ciidrti (', Hike, WiliiMn liciit - r, Jf'urj II. Adam, tluliti i Jin. - , Wi,lji:n c, Wtliaci. :t;:k.s: Ai.'r - l .1. Vtt - .ch. i'A II, Outchnr, W i! ian ,::ri, Tini(;thr L. WoodrnlT, H' - ::ry Uutch.r.aon, Jiariiiii I Halnuj, V;n. V II. .Srnitfl, Ho - lnoy A. Ward, li ird I . Smith, L!o:i.ird Moo'iy, IvtKfiut t". O'Connor. Yor! eariu House. IXTEKKST ALLOW KI ON DAILY BALANCES, Sp(riii! and hip.'i - - r - fx of into - . - - ' pair! rhm CorH - h. - ajr - n f lnporut crt - :n;id, payabtu oa uo days' uotio Tl: : com pan t - .r.Tr Htf,...; i - A a thf.ri" i iriiiiii. :ni d - i'f. - iior:.' for Cotirt and Trnal d t. 2' - . nn A(liuinirtfator, Kioca - ai;d Kpsitrarof Btokfl and bonda. KINGS COUNTY TRUST CO.,: i - ti.tox sr. oim - osi ti: city siall. CAPITAL .. - .ou.ono. SU3PI.USS4jO.0Oa JO - - - .'' '"I! '. 1IKNUHIX. Presiilo - .it. ,!. S. T. KTP.ANAHAK.) I) V. V. ll.I.'.AMS. IH'ii.M'i.N MORHLS. K., - - r - tarr. TKUSTi::;;.: ir - AiVi. l is. Viu - e l'resi:lenta. A. A! - .1. . l:r" - 7 - r, - liutl. H. - ,'h '.,', i.lrii una:! V K - m - ;'' I.ieli.i.n - ,,' i - nient I.okitt. W M. - '.Vi'l.ims. mi ,. Mclliotra. - - i May, V - N' rt.n - j;.. 'i - on nor, Laiuviy, 1 T. M r.icatian, I'. Sc':arii!3Tin. i.ia::i V. P.. .smith, .' - !. Van Atiden. I' . - Sit ' rLCt - iv,..! :til,j..(. S"KcAI. IIATCS THIS f 'DilP.ANV U IJ. ITS OWN llUIi.iltS! - I n.ul.N STKKKT. OPPDSrriC HALL "!' RECORDS. mom:y to loan - on kirt class krooklyjt riiniTWv. nf - 'ic. - K at fi'zhi and interest :" TI.VK D:"I"0SITS. !.. Aiv::u ;,iav I. occupy AT COURT SQUARE AND rjlHR NASSAU TRUST CO., 101 MOAIH'.",y. l.i'.OOKLYN, N. T. CAPITAL. S.'i'JO.OUO. I the SEW Kir ht - ce: opened with an upward turn in American tohacoo followed by ft Ivoliuc. .Suifur was nuiot fot snnip' time, but iu the last hour Mr. White snuevzeil tht's shorts atfaia sou liutf the prices up three points cay. Comparing tlie sales of stocks at the oDeninc on Monday with the close to - day, the following i JtVp":iT., AHVANCE. t.:t Per cent. Amr Rpfininir Co 4M Delaware tt Hudson... JV Dftl Lack A srr:i... ly Hockiiie V - li i LouisTiLl A Nashville. 9ft I Amcr Rofininar Co pf 1 Amer cotton un At . h Top A Kant a Fa . . Canada fio;;tlitrn Central Pacini; Ches at Ohio... Cnicao Bur J; (Jtiincr. UKCM.Vt - . Per cent , . Per cent . N at Cord&co Co H York Cntra. Ittchmond Terminal. .. H St PaaJ NtDnluth Mi Union Pacilic J . Per rent MiEBoan Paciiic f N at Cordato Co nfd.. . . J Nat Lead a i X (;hA St L rid Md t N y .Sub !l Western.... f NortUweitern 9 DEALS IX'STOCK li'oiaiOul leader. Io n.r ..n,,t ... Oti:u - i;i'ltistrials wii! fnlli, st.i. s n'e !o.v .tn - i i". il! havo their inni cnt!.!i - t;..: - s ..ti nrst sutn ot activity. Several i;. . j iih. - i l hi, - i , il I'tiy s'"o 1 lT'pt . :i. - :i - . 'i i re si;i'i:i. - i - .i,.:ri. - ini:. - r tor .'tjii. srni - - , ,in .with v - .iiie m. - .re - n lor advan. e.' li ,,IOt 1::i - ea - lr. - , in boti; wini - l;.., a..,! m.L.. .. s.i'iiii ira .uiu iiiart - is , - ..,. rn - 1. Soniifor.iur "Daily .Market Revia ." and "Ural - ter," mm. o.l tree. Mrif:iis, :i to .". iitTtBiit.: commi - sinn, 1 - 1(1; t yean' experiftice : iliscre' .onary or.lere receive.1. HAltiliT A 1 RKKs; - , Ilaiik - liriikeraAliBroidway. Neiv Vorli JAMES B. SKE11AN. RUSSKLL MARyl ANuT A.C. BERNIIEIJl. MAEQUAND, SKEHAN & CO BANKERS AND BROKERS, INVESTMENT BONDS AND STOCKS. Members of JJesr York Stock Exchanse. lti BROAD ST. NEW YORK. Lei - e::ty CITY SAFE DEPOSIT COMPANY. Charlsr. - d 1S7C. safj? DKPfisrr nfir.DiNCr. t'ONTAtiUE KT. CORNER Or' CLINTON. SAIi:s i'lidll FIVE TO ONE HUNDRED AN! FIFTY DOLLAI1S I'l.K '. l.Alt. Trunks nntl packa - c - .s "iiiiliiitiiut; valu.iblos t:il;ii on storaK'' for any !en;;(h of time at low rates. 1'resldtfuv t.iry. n.pi - ,fts ro. - clrsd J 1 - ALU) ' - hie - to rheclc at li.i,t snfl r. IM I r,:i til. r., ,'i;n. ,,,! i l,.1.nH. t i L, , - .',,. ,' ."'."T'' 'J' tone ilL - pCMits, oa whii - h Sl'LL'IAL K.'.Ti - .s til be allowed POITUI:ST LOM'll - s':E;i ''Roil li.ATE OP DB -, by law tosct as i'ljri'ot. Administrator, lomra.ite.,, i , t:ar.!i :i, TmM", l'.".:.ner. r'iscal and Transier A(...: - .t an . a - - t - . - r ..f SfK - ks ana Honds; ! - , . l.M.Al. I)!.l'(iiTi.'RY I - 'UR TRUST FUNJ ona lr mo - .mys ; co:irt Loans maO - ,:, ,i :.:,ro , - .iiiatora!s. ( .ie. - ka o.. 'inupauy are fajiOls thronzh the Nw or ceariu llo ivu. u - w r!V '.'5i;r:I'.OCK' Rresideai. WILLIAM Dlciy. I O. I - . RlCHAnuso.N. Soieiiry. HENRY .V. Hit US! I. Pr - : STEPHEN II. u;:l(KIMA.N 1'ilO iiAS E. Li..'.U .., P.rooltlyn. N. Y.. niVIDKMIV. I'liOl'i.,' - : ,s TKL'SI' lanusry IS, IS .COMPANY, fwf!nt - ulJ,!!!i,!,!,J' declared a gcart'r'r iliridend Jit s . ' - reiT tary t, to STO. ahei - ti - t - i 31 record at the close o. buH!:i. - ss January L IS1I.I transfer boolts will he clud at nooi;. January 111 aid reopened at 0 A. M. K - iirtiary 1. ISO!!. aa IllW.lkhJUli.VSOS, Secretary. AMILTON TRl'ST COMPANY, lyi Montaarae St, Brooklyn, ,'anaary 1 7. 1 SfJIJ A anar - diviHn.1 f (l'P .VI, ltV; - .lt A UU - D .C - v - e .ui uay neon asciareu ou bus capital Ktoca or this epmpauy, payable February I. Stock transfer books will '? Jannarj yy, at :i I. M. and open on Eebraary 1, at 10 A.M. JOSEPH B. WHITE. Secretary. ' Wm. Dirk, A. 1). P.air.I, ' Daru - ri If. Jamoi. 1 . H. Tut tie. John Truslow. Jiitiuas .lexrll, K W. W.:r - t - r. Urnard Poti.rn, iu. r.. nor.vii,, JudaUU. Voorhees, lienrr Se T.tUaTEES: . . II. Wh.nWli Wni. K. (.arrison. John T. Wdlets, llflrle;! 11. R - tssell. v 'n t.o - iffnran, rd IV Hulsl Jv, . McLouchli O. 1 - t trhlin. Suydatn, l. hsoioak. Uichardson. LAW CASKS, URTKI PAMPHLETS. HILL HKAOS. CIRCULARS. CARDS. Eta. PRIMED IN THE 11 EST MANNER AT THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. EAGLE BUiLDINC, WASHINGTON AND JOHNSON STREETS.

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