The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1950
Page 8
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER T, I960 BLTTHIVILLI <AHK.). COURIER MKWI BKUR 47 Are Invited To Attend Weil Child Clinic Here Orthopedic Surgeon To B« in Charge; Other Activities Set l*orly-B«ven children have been Invited to attend the Crippled Chil- dren'i Clinic to be held at the County Health Unit In Blythcvillc Monday, Mrs. Annabel Fill, county health nurse, stated this morning. Dr. John T. Gray, of Jonesboro, orthopedic surgeon of the Crippled Children Division, will be In charge. Other Unit activities for Ihe week Include the weekly maternity clinic on Tuesday, the bi-monthly Well Child's Conference on Wednesday •nd a typhoid immunization clinic il pell Thursday morning. Wednesday's Well Child Conference will be conducted by the women of the First Christian Church as a part of the program sponsored by the Blytheville Council of Church Women. Wednesday's clinic will be for Negroes. A similar clinic for while children will be conducted two weeks from Wednesday with the First Christian women again the spon- Dr. J. E. Beasley, Blytheville physician, will be in charge of botl\ cllnlci. Sam Dickey, county sanitarian will go to Luxora next week to complete an Inspection tour of county cafes. • With the completion of the Lu.x- ora inspections all cafes In the county mill have undergone their aecond Inspection. All county cafes who are not living up to state sanitary regulations by Jan. 1 will not be Issued permits to operate. Hollywood OonttDMd from P»g« * dio'« re-raali« of Edna Fetber's "So Big." Colleen Moore and Barbara Stanwyck played the role in past TOTstoru o< the novel. . . . Discount the talk of an any-day-nov.' wedding for Virginia Field and Willard Parker. Th« estranged wife of the •etor tacit in any hurry to. go to ttw dtvorel court. Very Logical ••../. Scofct Smart, who tips the scales a4 160. win do a balloon version o: Tan Johnson In UI's "The Fat Man.' ' Smart . almost hit movie fame n, Jack Smart' when he - was under eonttact to old Universal In 1936 "I played the stage doorman in 100 Men and a Girl' and I got a round of applause at the sneak pre view. The next day my scenes wen cut out. One of the executive' wives said that the audience ap $25,000,000 Loan f o Iran Reported Near WASHINGTON. Oct. T. «V-The Export-Import Bank was reported oday to be putting the final ouches on a {25.000.000 loan to Iran. Oltldals looked for a formal an- louncement within a few days to wat Russia to the punch In a cold car diplomatic struggle that has become steadily tighter since the start ot the Korean conflict. Russia is negotiating a new trade agreement with Its oil-rich southern iclghbor which also Is due for completion shortly. If the long pending American loan is announced first liplomats hope Moscow's recent ef- brl.s to woo the Iranians will sur- plauded becauw me." they didn't like Corizme Calvet is playing . Dann Kaye's French sweetie in "On thi .Riviera" at Fox. "Yeree »exj," she said, "Ever: mbffitaf I (el up, ?e( dressed am (« t* the* studio. Thee wirdroh girts undreM me and zcn. I go to work." The French pastry still has her (roubles with English, she greeted a male friend with, "You look very diaper." The word, he assured the blushing Corinne, was "dapper." er a setback. The Russians began suing for Tanian favor almost simultnneous- y with (tie Korean crisis, the formation of a new reform government imder General All Razmara, and :lie arrival in Tehran of a New United States ambassador, Henry F. Grady. Moscow toned down Its iropaganda attacks on the Iranian government and agreed to rctuvn to ran some $21,000.000 In Iranian gold held In Moscow since World War II. Stale Department reports Indl- ate that at the moment American >restlge In Iran Is at a recent low egtvrdless of tho military aid and other support snptllecl by this conn- 'ry in an effort to help the conn- ry hold firm against Communism. The prospective Export-Import Sank loan is for Improving agrlcul- .ure, irrigation ami road construc- .lon. On 3 sounder economic basis iftcr recovering from a crop shortage, Iran also is hopeful o( getting an additional $10.000.000 from the World Bank. This would be for im- jrovemenLs at the port of Khorram shflhj and Industrial construction, fcrp Peace Treaty Negotiations Still in Exploratory Stage in UN Entries Received In Cooter Contest Two more candidates have entered the queen contest which will be a part of "the Cooter. Mo.. Cotton Pick- Ing Contest to be held next Satur day, J. E. Godwin, superintendent of schools who Is helping sponsor the contest, announced this morn- Ing. New candidates Include Miss Jane Ann Poyner of New Madrid. Mo. and an unannounced candidate to be sponsored by the Hnytl. Mo., Ltons Club. The two new entries bring to a total of 12 the number of candidates entered in the contest. The rjueen will be named by a group o( three Judges at a program and bail at the high school auditorium next Saturday night. Mr. Godwin said this morning that New Madrid and the Hay I Lions Club would also enter floats in the parade to be held late Sat urday afternoon. Prizes are being offered for the tiiree best floats. leave Blytheville Men Enlist in Navy Two Blytheville men tomorrow for Little Rock to take physical examinations prepatory to enlistment in the U. S. Navy. George Xenos, Blytheville "High School graduate and son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Xenos, and Jack Saliba, son of Mrs. Jack Saliba and Kemper Military Institute graduate. were enlisted today at the Navy recruiting office, city Hall. From Little Rock the men will go to San Diego, calif., for recruit training. Negro in Jail After Shooting A Luxorn Negro. Identified onl^ as "Hero" Williams, is In the county jail at Osceoia, today after a brush with Luxora nlghtwatchman J. A. Wilcox last night during which Williams suffered a minor bulle wound. Joe McDaniel, Luxora city mar shal, said this morning that Wil cox. who is hired by Luxora nler chants as a niKhtwatchman. firci once at, Williams when the Negr 1 threatened to attack him with blackjack. The bullet grazed In Negro's head. McDanlel stated that William was drinking and that Wilcox trie to get him to go home. The Negr then grabbed a blackjack Iroi Wilcox and started to attack him It was then that Wilcox fired Ofllcer McDanlel said. Marriage Licenses The following couple obtained marriage license yesterday at tl Voluntary Pay Hikes Goal of Phone Union WASHINGTON. Oct. T. f/D— The OIO-Communlc»tlons Workers Union began spnde work today on > move It hopes will brltiK voluntary wage Increases for 2M.OOO telephone workers. SWA President Joseph A. Beirut sent word to his 33 divisions to propose that Bell system companies using the American Telephone and Telegraph Company facilities. offer a wage hike— whether contracts allow them or not. The vclll begin on Monday. movement EDSON With tto Courts r DINNER WILL BE SERVED AL FRESCO—Almost—but not quite—all the comforts of hom« are enjoyed by these G.l.'s having a peaceful meal in front ot Duk Soo Palace in Seoul. But note that they keep their guns right handy. They are, left to right, Pfc. Albert Luminais of Reserve, La.; Sgt. Dayton M. Rhodes of Farminglon, Mo.; Pfc. Dominao Corner o( Montpeliei, Vt.; and Pic. Matt Mesi of Angola, N. Y. Photo by NEA-Acme Staff Photographer Stanley Tretick. NEW YORK, Oct. 7. CAP)—Ne-» citations for Japanese peace trea- y are still In an exploratory stage fter nearly a month of behind the cenes activity by diplomats at the United Nations. Republican Advisor John Foster Dulles has taken the lead here to mplemcnt President Truman's Sept. 14 .order to the State Department to get such talks under way. Between sessions of the General Assembly he has been meeting with representatives of such Pacific lowers as Australia, New Zealand nd the Philippines. Dulles said, jowever, that these talks are incre- y an exchange ot views and actual \eeotiatlons will be carried on at a governmental level. The problem which IE slowing progress Is the necessity of reconciling American desires for an 'easy" treaty, which would permit apan to rearm and Impose few commercial restrictions, with the lews of those countries which [eat a revival of apanese military aggression and commercial competi- >n. Diilles said it was too early to say when the discussions would progress to the point where a formal CAPONE KOREA Belrne said it was prompted bv a union desire to offset—In the "Interest of Its membership"—increases In the cost of living since the Korean Invasion In June. Bell companies with contracts which may be opened now for wage Increases and those which have not yet settled on contracts for 1950 already have considered new union wage demands. The union's weekly newspaper reported that these companies have offered wage Increases of six to 12 cents an hour. As yet,' however these offers have not been passed up-w by the CWA's erecutlve board A wave of negotiation was begun Sept. 15 following a conference between Beirne and AT&T Vice President W. c. Bolenhis. The union's principal argument tor the new wage move Is that the economic picture has changed drastically since the last wage talks be- (Continued from page 1) mittee will return later. He is the only committee member present. The group, which is holding hearings i nthe nation's major cities, is to begin sessions in New York next Wednesday. Kefauver said the hearings will deal with New York and New jerse yand the committee will investigate dealings that "Interlock in the Iwo states." Jailed For Conspiracy Ricca, one ol the seven men who went to prison In 1944 for conspiracy to extort $1,000.000 from the movie Industry, spent more than an hour before the committee yesterday. He was followed by Hugo Bennett, and auditor for Sportsman's Park Race Trace in suburban Cicero and Miami Beach (Pin.) Kennel Club. He told the committee he had lent 580,000 to Ricca since 1948. To make the loans. Bennett said he borrowed $20,000 from William Continued Irom pagt 1 Tongchon Friday night after bmsh- Ing aside Red resistance near there. They Jumped off at dawn Saturday and quickly occupied the town of Kojo five miles north. Then patrols pushed on another five miles to the inland village of Kangdon, air observers reoorled. jeace conference could be conven-. Johnston, one of the , owners of ed. He said he had heard nothing Sportsman's Park, and $15,000 from of reporst. current, here, that such a conference is tentayvely planned for San Francisco iti anuary. Carlos r. Ronnslo, Philippines foreign secretary, said he tiad had discussions about the proposed treaty both with Dulles and Secretary of State Acheson. Re said he reported the gist of the conversations to President Quirino in Manila wh.ere they are now being studied. •'BLqniulo said he was not at liberty .to .'disclose the exact views which were exchanged. It is understood, however, that the Philippines are anxious for some form oi compensations for the tremendous damage Japan inflicted on that country and a firm guarantee against future apanese aggression. New Zealand's Sir Carl Berendsen said his foreign minuter. Fred W. Doidgem, will arrive here Monday to take over conduct of the talks for that country. Max Silverberg. who operates concessions at Sportsman's Park and other race tracks. He said he did not tell them what he planned to do with the money. Kefauver, said Bennett, who is to be questioned later, told the committee the loans were secured by a mortgage on Ricca'js $300,000 farm in Kendall. 111.—near Chicago—and a mortgage on one of his homes in Long Beach, Ind. Philip D'Andrea. another former member of the Capone mob and also on federal parole in connection with the conspiracy conviction, testified at last night's session. Ke- fallver said the committee questioned him on the background of the Capone gang in an effort to learn the parts played'by each member. Draft Boards Can Defer U.S. Merchant Seamen WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. OT — Senator Magnuson (D-Washl said today that Ma). Gen. Lewis B. . , ... .. Hershey, Selective Service director office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, has assured him that local draft county clerk: " boards have authority to defer Linwood H. Eimore of Greenwood, merchant seamen. Miss., and Miss Neely Perry of Magnuson got this response. tv: Btythevllte. said, alter he had^relayed to Her- shey a complaint trom the Sailors Union of the Pacific that ale seamen were "being pulled off ships' by Selective Service boards in the State ot Washington. Reds Hnrt North Intelligence officers said Red tween companies. the union divisions and the orces were retreating northward. "It. became increasingly obvious he South Koreans might be able o march unopposed right up to the outskirts of Won.san." reported AP Correspondent William Jorden, with he Third Division. "The Reds were not expected to give up that strategic city, however, without a bitter fight." American planes and United Nations warships supported the push. The republic's • Capital Division, on the Third's left flank, pursued 1.000 North Koreans near Sough- yon, 35 miles inland from the east coast and 15 miles north of 38. Fifty miles inland, the Republic's lixth Division entered the hydroelectric center of Hwaehon. It Is seven miles north of the border. Fifteen miles north of Hwnction, a Red group of 10 tanks. 24 artillery pieces and 30 trucks was observed retreating north. Bids Are Opened On Semo Airport The J. w. Githens Company of Poplar Bluff, Mo., was the successful bidder on the Hornorsville. Mo., airport improvement, project, Charles C. Redman, Jr.. Kennett engineer in charge of the project, announced this morning. The Githens Company bid was one of five received by the deadline Sept. 27. Before the lowest bidder could be announced the companv had to be approved by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Mr. Redman received a wire from the CAA yesterday okaying the Ciithens Company and now only the formality of signing a contract remains. Work on the project will begin in about 10 days, included will be the construction of a drainage system, new fencing, an access road and the paving of a 20 by 2.000 feet runway. The Githens Company bid was not announced, but the estimated cost of the entire project is about $30.000. The job Is expected to be completed in about 60 days. . OonUnuM from p&f* M administrator and the ehilrmui of another tripartite public-manage- m«nl-l»bor w»g« board. ThaM Are Thinklw Job* These will be the home front heroes in probably the most thankless Jobs in th« country. They will be the Chester Bowles, the Leon Henderson and the William H. Davis of the new defens« elfoil, and on their headc will be heaped ill the abase and hatred those official* got In Ihe last war. The new defense production act says pricej can't be frown In any Industry unless wage* in that Industry are frozen too. That' puts a new twist to the buslnet. Walt till the first test cases arise. In spile of rising living costs, the Truman administration U not yet ready to move all-out on the antl- Inflationary front, congress authorized no expenditure* for subsidies, and prices can't be rolled back without subsidies. Hent controls expire Dec. 31, and the cost of living line can't be held without rent controls. These may be two main items of business when Congress returns after Thanskgiving. Also, there Is no machinery to Issue the regulations and enforce price controls. Even if the staff were now assembled, it would take time to get out the orders. In the last war, it took from Dec. 7, 1M1. to March 15. IM2, to get out the first price Ireeze order. And In the next four years there were over 80,000 federal court cases over OPA orders. This time, there seems to be an idea that many of the troubles ot Inflation can be soaked up merely by raising taxes and curbing credit. Here we go again. Buford Martin, «t »l, ft. ROM, elux, suit to foreeloM (age for |37S. Air Conditioned By Rcfrigtration NEW "Your Community CtnUr* MANILA, ARK.* Matin*** Sat. A Sua. Ph. SS Last Time* Today "Doolins of Oklahoma" RANDOLPH SCOTT Saturday Hills of Oklahoma with Rex Allen Negroes Plan Meeting Of Eastern Star Order The Negro Order of the Eastern Star will meet at the Bethel A.M.E. Church in Blytheville Sunday for the annual get together of all chapters of this sect'ion. The meeting will begin at 2 p.m. at the church, which is located at First and coldridge St. Roerta Knowlcs is worthy Mat- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday Owl Show Bashful Bachelor » N with Lum & Abner rr Salurday GUN FIRE' with Don Barry Also Cartoon & Serial Burning Wiring Sends City Firemen Out Burning electrical wiring on a pole in the 300 lock on South Division? Street, was the cause ol a fire alarm this morning. A short circuit in the wiring Is believed to have caused the insulation to become ignited. Negro Scouters Plan Meeting A meeting of Negro Boy Scout leaders of Mississippi County hns been scheduled for tomorrow at Pilgrim's Rest Church in Blythevine. At- the meeting, to which the county's most prominent Negro citizens have been invited. Uvo scoutmasters will receive training certificates from Oral Smith. Eastern Arkansas Council Scout executive. The two men who will get the certificates are George O'Rear and Will Mess. The meeting will be directed by Alexander Duncan, Negro field executive of Eastern Arkansas Council, Saturdaj' Owl Show "Dead Man's Eyes" with F.on Chaney & Jean Parker Sunday & Monday 'Cheaper by the Dozen" with Clifton Webb Sunday, Monday & Tuesday Wabash Avenue with Hetty Orable & Victor Mature Also Warner News A; Shorts For IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Firestone Car & Truck TIRES ' A Complete Range of Sizes Phon* 2088—Armor*I, Ark. Armorel Planting Co SKYLINE EVERY 3RD CAR FREE TONITB w ^fcaJte A U, VEHICLES r \ S SI Saturday Only Double Feature Program —ALSO— DOUI11.E FEATURE John Carroll Ruth Hussey Bedside Manner PLUS JOYOUSLY REUNITED IN M G M'» I MUSICAL FRID .aura ASUIK UGflB " I BAR WITS BROADWAY ~VILL« ONLY S.LL WHITt THEATPr Open Week Days 6:45; Show Starls 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 Always a Double F SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. $ Saturday is Buck Nile $ All Cars, Trucks, Buses—ONE BUCK! Bring all your friends and neighbors. Let's have a good time. You're invited. ilul iTABB RANDOLPH SCOTT GENE TIEHNEY t2O»c»«-.f'»' fc~~ '*^L FROMIFR MARSHAL SCOTT- KEILY, CJSA* HOMEHO BARNES CA*MOINI> All Kids 11 or under ad- milted free. Free Playground for the Kiddies. 2 COLOR CARTOONS SUNDAY & MONDAY W-ft ip*ct»cutjr lun-M-SunVilfeT Mu ~~ ESTHER WILLIAMS VAN JOHNSON JOHN LUND TECHNICOLOR 3 Color Cartoons A Latest News Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE "PHANTOM VALLEY" with Charles Slarrett & Smiley Burnett —i'LUS— • Carloon & "Rocket Man" Serial Saturday Owl Sho Cartoon & "Congo Bill" Serial Sunday & Monday DOUBLE FKATUKE Citrtmm Mrt Lttwt .***• ..

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