The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 14, 1887 · Page 16
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 16

Brooklyn, New York
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Sunday, August 14, 1887
Page 16
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16 RED AND BLUE IN FEONT. The Dwyers Capture the Two Richest Stakes. Hanover Himself iuain Kingflsh Wins the Hiehest Prize Ever Itnn for in America The Brooklyn Stable Adas Over $25,000 to Its Winnings. Yesterday was champion's day atMonmonth Park aod the Inauguration of the second Summer meeting, and fully 16,000 people turned out to flt. ting celebrate the coming together of tho equine kings and queens, The day was pe rfoct, the sun tempering a cool wind that prored a little chilly in the evening. The track ns a little bit lumpy and holding, but In fair coadftion. Tho second race, tho Junior Champion Stakes, was hold back until 3:30 o'clock, so as to give tho lato comora by railroad and boat a chance to see the groat strugglo between tho two year olds, and as thero woro seven races rim It was qulto lato when tho sport ended." Tho contests woro tho most sensational of the meeting, and the star of tho colobratod Brooklyn stable must again bo In the ascendant, as the famous rod and blue flashed under tho wire first in tho two principal events, the erratic colt Kingflsh winning with ease the Junior Champagne Btakcs, worth about $10,000, and the unapproachable Hindoo colt fittingly rostorlng his prestige by winning tho Champion stakes, wortli $3,000, In grand form. Volanto, the last winner of tho stake, was badly boaten, while the great filly Fironz could not got any wlioro near tho wonderful chestnut. This is the second timo tho Dwyors have won the Junior Champion, Fremont capturing it last year, its first running, after boing changed from tho Champion Stallion stanos. It Is the fourth time they havo won the Champion Stakes, Luke Blackburu capturing it In 1880, Hindoo Jn the following year and Miss Woodford iu 1881. . This groat luck In capturing thoso two rich stakes places tho Brooklyn Stable far In advance of all others In tho total amount won. and llanovor is rapidly Increasing to hl3 already Immonso earn - ' lngs, and his winnings as a two year old aud a throo year old bid fair to oxceod the total amount won by Miss Woodford during hor career, about $121,000. The first raco, a dash of ouo mile, brought nine horses to the post. Lady Primrose and Flngoolotta being about even favorites. Connomara, E?mi - man and Strideaway wore quoted at from G to 15 to 1 against. After considerable dolu they were sent off with Couuomara In tho load followed by Stride - away, Glonmound and Lady Primrose, Millin was sent out In front on the upper turn and showed tho way Dy tho quarter polo a neck in front of Strideaway, who was two lengths before Glenmound and Lady Primroso. C'or. - nomara aud Flagoolotta woro ou ovon terms In the roar. Millin lod down tho stretch and iround the lowor turn whoro Stridoaway cnllurnd lira and took the load. After turning into the itretch .McCarthy brought Couuomara up with a iibIi, and after a hard lighi, which only ouded at ;ho wire rope by a head from Strideaway, who was oadly rlddou by Anderson, with Esquimaux third, thon Flagoolotta, who was very dangorous, Lady Primroso, Hornpipe, (ilnumouml, .Millin and Wilfred iu tho order named. Timo 1:41?.,'. Tho second raco was for tho Junior Champion stakes for two year olds at throe - quartcri of a mile. Tho greatest interest was foil in this eront, not only becauso it would settle tho claims as to tho best two yor.r old of tho yoar, but becauso it was tho richost slako that has ovor boon offorod iu tho United States, it boing wortli about $21,000, of which J2.000 to tno second and $1,000 to tho third hoi so. Sixteen youngsters, the pick of tho turf, camo to the flag. Thoy woro Maguotizor, Belinda, Chestnut Colt, Torchlight, Satan, Now or Never, Orras, I f'looln, Darlinglou, Kiugfisu, Sir Dixon, Gallitac, Los Angeles, Fit, James, Satisfaction and Onlaha. Tho hotting was enormous in this race, Los Augoljs being a groat favor!'.) at 8 to 5, whilj Fltz James was second choico at 2 to 1, tho others ranging from (i to GO to 1 Kingflsh was quoted at 15 and li .straight and place with vory low friends, owing to ills por allowing of lato. Mr. Philip Dwyor, who camo down from Saratoga with Hanover and Kingflsh and who lias beon training Kingflsh for tho past ton days, thought woll of his colt, but hardly bolioved ho could win, novoriholess he plunged heavily on h'un to win. Mr. Michael Dwyor did not think much of his chances, and beyond a few dollars on KlugUsh for a placo, ho rested his hopo3 on Los Anglos. There was uotiiing in tho raco but Kingflsh from the start, he running by three open leugtli3 from J the great California crack Los Angeles. Tho start I was beautiful considering tho largo Hold. KiuglisU with McLaughlin up being in front of Torchlight, Satisfaction, Now or Novor, Magnotizer and Omaha. In tho stretch thoy all closed up and racod by tho half mile polo head and head, Los Augolos moving up into fourthplaco. Sir Dixon crept into second placo at tho lowor turn, with Los Angolos lapping htm, Kingflsh loaning by half a length. Tho order at tho threo - quarter polo wa3 Kingflsh half a longth, Sir Dixon half a lougth, Los Angelos, Torchlight, Fits! James. In tho last furlong McLaughlin cut loose with Kingflsh who rosponded nobly and won easily by throo lengths from Los Angoles, four longths in front of Sir Dixon, thon Satisfaction, Torchlight, Sultan, Now or Novor, Owas. (ialllfut, Fitz Jarres, Omaha, Chestnut Colt, Belinda, Magnotlzer, Darlington and Cheola, in the order named. Thero was considerable chooriug by the crowd but a largo majority seomod to bo stupe fied by tho unoxpectod victory of tho red and blue colors. Both the Dwyora wero heartily congratulated. Thoy held a lovy In front of tho timing taud, smiling and happy. Tho Champion Stakos, for three - year - olds and upward, at one mile and a half, brought throe horses to the post tho Dwyor Brothers' great colt Hanover, with McLaughlin up, Volante, J. Baldwin's crack horse, with lit,? Murphy iu tho pig skin, and J. B. Haggtn's bay fllly Fironzl, with Church up' Barnum and Prociosa, when It was found that Hanover would really start, woro scratched. Hanover, who was to carry weight for age, 105 pounds, carried 109 pounds, McLaughlin beiug unablo to rlda at lowor weight. Thus tho great colt had to concode four pounds to Volante, who carried 121 pounds. The groat colt was the first out on tho track, and looked wondorfully well, moving with that freodom which has mado hiB strido famous. Volante also looked vory fit, as did that sterling good fllly Fironzl. Philip Dwyer before the raco startod that ho was a little bit afraid of Hanover being beaten, as ho could not toll whothor or no his raco on Thursday at Saratoga had done him good or harm. He said he was looking and acting woll, and whothor beaten or not would make the others raco hard. And ho did make them raco in grand stylo. Tho botting was even money against Hanover; 2 to 1 against the othors. Hanover Jumped out In the load at tho fall of tho flag, and with head high In the air sot a groat pace. Volanto held second placo two lengths away, lapped by Frleuzl. until tho stand Iras reached, whon ho drew bacv. a longtt, Murphy hoping that llanovor would tire and it really seemod the colt coul 1 not koep up tho paco, but McLaughlin had all ho could do to hold him In, the woudor shaking his head with disgust at being held back. Volanto moved up in tho back stretch and took second place. At this McLaughlin let out a peg In Hanover's gait and Volanto aftor holding on for a quarter of a mile dropped back beaton. Fironzl then went up to feel of Hanover but Boon droppod back until In tho strotch when Church mado a dosperote ride on Fironzl, but tho eon of Hindoo went along easily, and won In a slow gallop by throo longths from Fironzl, with Volante ten lengths away. Time, 2:38, of which tho quarters wero run as follows: First quarter, 26; the half In 51tf; the throo - qunrlera in 1:19; the mile in 1:44?; the mile and a quarter in 2:11 J: tho mile and a half, 2:38. Thero was tromendous cheering as Hanover went under the wire, and it was renewed when ho returned to the paddock. The colt is himself again and his Saratoga raco soems to have greatly benefitted htm. In his present condition it would be interesting to boo how far behind he would lcavo Laggard, who recontly boat him in the K&rltan stakos. The fourth race was a free handicap, at one mile and a furlong, for which the Iron horse Barnum was tho favorite, Pontlco, a cost off of tho Dwyer Stable, being third choice, Elgin being much liked as second choice. Barnsm was first away, but Threo Cheers soon took tho load, which ho hold until tho half mile post was roachod, whon Pontlco went to the foro and, despite a groat rush by Barnum and Easter Sunday in the strotch, Pontlco won by a length and a half from Barnum, who got the place by half a, longth from Easter Sunday; then Elgin and Lute Arnold. Elgin was pocketod in tho stretch and could not got out until too late to make arum Time, 1:59). Tho flfth race wa for tho Beacon slakes, a freo wolior handicap at seven furlongs. In which ten horses started, Young Duke and Banner Bearer being equal favorites. Tho start was a good one with Jennie B. leading, Attorney falling to his knees atlor coming out of the chute and finishing last. Cambysos went out in the lead in the first half mile whon Headland took tho load which lie hold until woll in tho strotch, when Cambyos camo ogam and securing the lead won, despite depcrato riding by Garrison on Banner Bearer, by a nock from Mr. Cassatt's gelding, who was a half length before Jennie B., then Headland, Pomona, Young Duke, Tarbouche, J. W. White and ioroua cioso together. Attorney boing last. Timo, 1 :32. Shauer, the Jeckey of Headland mado a claim of foul on tho part of Jennio B., But It wa not entertained by the judges. The sixth raco, at three - quarters of a mile, furnished another surprise in that Miss Mouse won from start to finish. Eight horses started and Re lax was heavily backed, tho odds going down from 8 to 1 at tho start to 8 to 5 on him before the flag foil. Tho start was miserable, Luna Brown hav ing tho best of it by two longths from Miss Mouse who collared tho loader at the half mile polo and assumed the load, novor being headod, and winning with groat ease by a longth from Luna Brown who was a length and a half from Editor, thon S'raths - poy, Rolax, Lutestring, Sister Mario, Roundsman aud Col. Hayes in tho ordor named. Time, l;xbx The stoeplo ehaso, which ondod tho days' grand sport, was an oxcellent raco, though marrod by Llt - tlefollow falling after passing tho last hurdle, when he looked like a winner. Jim McGowan won aftor a hard fight with Mystle and Sam Emery, the latter gottlng tho placo. SUMMARY OF KVBNT3. tvq. TJ tv Tr.nn ItnnriinAn HWAOnAtakcs for 3 voar olds, of $'J5 each, if not doclured out, with $150 added, of which SLID second; onumiJo. Ai..n .A KtnhU'j It t flon.mmara. hv Stratford Tnr. - v. lUU..." r (McCarthy) 1 Mrs. Ci. L. Ltirtllarcl'fl cu. c. ninaeawav, uy v,imimoi Spinaway, 'JO (Anderson) Second Hand, 107i (Hamilton) 3 Lsdy' Primrose, 105 lbs. OV. Douohuo): Milton, 102 IDS. I Ull 111011) ; riBKUUiciu, i i . ......... ry, 108 lbs (Ourlis); Glenmond, 103 lba (Chappul), and Wil - 11V? Ilia fSllunnrl. Un mil. Th'i, l,nf t ii'iir ' to 1 Larlv Priuirose. 4 to 5 nlaco, S to 1 Milton, ;l to 1 placo, il to 1 Fiageoletta, 0 to 5 jilaeo, J;t to 1 Hornpipe, (5 to 1 placo, 0 to 1 Connemnra, S to 5 placo, H to 1 Esquimau, :) to 1 place, 15 to 1 Strideaway, 4 to 1 plat - o, 20 to 1 Glonmond, 8 to 1 placo, 8 to 1 Wilfrod, J to l - .ocnud raco Junior Champion Stakofl, for two yoar olds, of $'250 oach, li.f , it only $10 ii declared Jy lot January, irni, or i hbji. u f . , v, S.'iO if d - clarad liv 25th Jury, IVw, with $H),0nt) added, n which .$2,000 to tho second and $1,0(i;i to tho third. 1 ,r,i hundred and four noiuiuiitiono. Tliroe - iianrters of a Silver lirotuers b. o. Kini; Fish, by Virgil Keith, 115 us (McLaughlin) 1 !Sanl Ani'ta Stables ell. f. Loa Angola by Olem - lir - La Pelki, 11 - aioa ;:; ; w7' 2 G H Morris" b. c. Sir Dixon, by ISillet JaconoT, 11a (Shauer) 3 MacneiiVor! 115 lbs. (W. Donohuo); Belinda, 112 lbs. (Iv lb - slop); (JheMtrmt Colt. 11: lbs. (M. Dnnohne); Torchlight, lift lbs. (Godfrey): Satan. 115 lbs (Loivia): No.v or Navor, 115 Iub. (Onurco); Owas. 115 Ilia, (liarljeo); Clooli, 112 l''S. (t''iUpatrie!0: Darlington, lln lbs. (Itoer - mnn): liallilit, 115 h'S. (McCarthy); Fitzj.nues, 1 15 los. (liarriaon); Satisfaction, ill lbs. (Huyivard), and Omaha, 112 lbs. (Channel), aim run. Tho bettmir - ti to 1 Masnotuer, 'Mi to 1 placo; (I to t llelimia, 25 to 1 piaco; 51) t.i 1 Chestnut Cult. 20 Ml place; :t0 to I TorcnliL'ht, lil f 1 placo; - 10 M 1 Satan. l - '..lulaco; 15 to 1 Now or Never, 10 1 pluo ; 40 t. . 1 Owas. 15 to 1 place: 25 to ) C'Jeoln, 10 to 1 placo; I'D to ) Kinclish. t" 1 place; 12 to 1 SirDixon, !i to 1 place: S to 1 Callifit. 2 to 1 place: X to 5 Los Angoles, 4 to b plan. - ; 2'j to 1 Fiujanies, ovou money placo: 40 to 1 Omaha, 15 to 1 place. , IVi eui'ist won tho Junior Champion stakes last yoar, carrying 117 lbs., in 1:17'.;. Tulim ItAi'l: l'he Champion Stakos, of $2 i0 oltull. il. ft , or only $J5 il ujiaie.t bv July J.. r,r :?50 il do dam! y; August 1. with .$2.51)1 added, the second to 45 '0 out of the st ikes and tno third to save his stake. One mile and a half. Dwyer Ui - other i' oh. o. Hanover, 3, by Hindoo ISor.r - bon li'ille. 10!l (J. McLaughlin) 1 J H Ilaggin's b. I. Fironzi. 3, by lilonel.' Morula, 1(1(1 (Church) 2 Santa Anita Stablo'a b. U. VoJa. - ito, 5, by (irinsiou - sistei A nt'.o, 121 (J - Murphy) 'I'll' - bettinz Kven money llanovor. 2 to 1 each Firenti and Volanto. Te fallowing Is tho record of tho Champion Stakes : No. of Year. Ownor. Horse. starters. Time. 1S71I..J. It. Keeno Spendthrift 102 f, 2:4l;., I - iHO Diryor Druthers. .Luke ltlacKburnlll2 5 o.;1.t IHSL - Owyerlirothera.. Hindoo I5 3 2:3!) IS.S2..F. Cobh.ird; K ilo llo 5 2:4:iit 181. .G L. Lorillard. . .Moui'"r 11S 3 '':3l' - , I. N84..Dwver Hrothora..Mis8 Woodford.. 113 5 2:41) , lH - io .K. Oorrigim I'reeland 118 3 2:3i: lWi..K. J. Htldwins... Volanto 118 2 M:4:i 13n7. .Dwyer Brothers .llanovor In!) 3 2:3H FoUHTtl Uai'K Freo handicap S'.ve.iphtake of $25 each, if not declared not. witn $7"0 added, of winch .Jl.'i'I to tho second. One milo and a t - .irlong. Treinout Sfble's b. c. Pontico, 1 years, by Moctemor Agoncria. l'.'l lbs (McCarty) 1 II. .1. Wo dt rd : b. (f - ll.'irniiin, ngnd, by Bonnie Scotland - Chartotto Thompson, 121 lbs ( Fit qiatriclv) 2 F. Carter's n. h Faster Sunday, 5 years, by King Kili' - st. - Cvcloiio, I'll lbs (W. Donohuo) 3 Tune, 1 :;,'.):. Lule Arm id. 4 yonrs, 102 11) (Martin); Tut eo Cheers, 5 yoars. '.10 lt:s. (Uarnesi, and Klgin, 5 years, 103 lbs. (Lewis) also ran. Tin; betting 21 to 1 Barnum. 4 rn 5 placo; 3 to 1 El - gin. e - on money place; 4 to I Politico. 7 to 5 p'aco; 5 to i Master S inday. ; to 5 pi ico: fi to 1 Llllo Arnold, 2 to 1 placo: 15 to 1 Throo Cheers. 5 to 1 place. Flr'lil ItAt K 'l'ho Boacon Stakes, a freo welter handicap s veonslakes of .$25 each, if not declared out, wif .i .$C()M - 1. hie,!, ol wh'i h $100 fo tile Sfcowi : ilofHJ'S m.i.v be ent" oi bypersuf; not their owuors; Kontleuan riders allowed 7 Ibc. Seen furlotics. 1. L ri'.hird, .Jr's, cr. c. Caiobyses, 3 yoira. by Morli - m - i l,lz.7.i Lucas, 120 lba (Fit - .nati iel, ) 2 A. .1. Ca. salt's li. p. Banner Heaver, 4 yo:irs, by Kmiuiier iiamlaiia. Sis ills (Carns - oi ) 2 John A. Morris' li. f. Jennio It., 4 years, by Longfellow brocade 122 lbs (SI. Uonohl.e) 3 Time, 1:32. Ic! oua. I yearo, 120 His,, (McLiughlin); Younc Duke, fiye.'itw. J52 ll;.i.. (l. - ovis); 'lVirbvueJie, 3 year, 127 Jbs., (V. Deniiuo) ; leadlatl,4 years, 121) lba.. (Shauer) ; At - tornv, 4 years, 120 lbs., (V. Maynoirdl: Pomonn. three veirs.' Il.t lbs . (.lodfrey): .). W. Whit , 0 years, 130 lba , (M Daly) also ran. Attorney fell on the uppos torn after coming "out d the chute, but recoi ered and tinisbed last. The betting 10 to 1 Ferona, 2 to 1 place; Htotol Jamie It.. 3 to 1 place; s to 1 llanner Bearer, b" t , 5 place; 4 to 1 Young Duke, 8 to 5 place; 5 to 1 Tarboucile, 2 to I place; 5 to 1 Ho;dbld, 2 to 1 place; 8 to I Attoruoy. 3 to 1 place; 10 to 1 Pomona. 4 to l placo; lotjlJ.W. Wliito, (i to 1 place; 8 to J Cunbyses, 3 to I place. Sixth Race Pursu $500 for 3 years old and upward; the winnor tobo sold atauction ler $2,500: if entered to be sold for loss, 2 llm. allowed for each $250 down to $2,001); then 3 lbs. for each glial) down to $1,500; then 2 los. toreach $125 down to $1.01)1) : then 3 lbs. for oaoli $125 down to 3500. Three - quarters of a mile. P" Wober's eh. f. Miss Mouse, 3 years; by Sunaation Idalia.HS los.; $1,000 (Weber) 1 J. I). Nicholeon.s eh. in. Lena Itroivu, 4 years, by Hy - ber AH - Lidy Walker. 05 lbs.: $1,000 (Ilinos) 2 R. Tucker's gr. g. Editor, 5 years, by Rtl((iltror Alice V irphy. Ill lba.; $2,000 (Ooilifey) 3 Timo llt'iji. Kuln. 3 yeiir.i. 102 lbs. (Wont): Lutestring, god,!)4 lbs. (R. Hyslop); Colonel Hayes, G yoars. 85 lbs. (Klkie); Sister .Mane. 3yoars, i i l:is. (L)o Lon); stratlispey. aged, 10S ibd. (Coodftle); Koundsninn. 3 years, 00 lbs, (Moonoy), also ran. The betting: 8 to 5 Rolax, 4 to 5 place; 10 to 1 Luna Brown, 3 to I placo: 12 to 1 Colonol Hayes. D to 1 place: 8 to 1 Sist.T Marie, 3 to 1 place; 2'j to 1 ICditor, even money to I Strathspey, 8 fo 5 placo: 3 to 1 Roundsman, 10 t.o 1 place ; 4 to 1 Miss Mouse, 8 to 5 place. Seventh Race Handicap stoeploohase. Purso $(i(K), of which $100 to tho second. Tho full steeplechase course. IV. i.. Daly's b. it, Jim McGowan, 0 years, by Volti'Kuer - Kate Orndiili, 153 lbs (M. Daly) 1 James McAdams b. g. Sam Kiuory, 6 years, by Glenoig La Itiove, 145 lbs (Undyko) 2 Hempitettd Stablo's ch, m. Mystic, a.ed, by Orion - Mystery (Scanlan) 3 Time: 5:05M. Retribution. 5 yean, 126 lbs. (Callahan) : Value, 5 years, 120 lbs. (Alhnack); Okalona. aged, 120 lbs. (Harivood); Major Pickett, agod, HYl lbs. (M. Lynch) and Littlefollow n. - Ovears, 139 lbs. (Dickons), also ran. Littlefollow II. foil. The betting: (i to 5 Major Pickett, no placo 3 to 1 ; Jim McCJowan and Rotribution winninic nlace : 4 to 1 Sam Kmory, 8 to 5 place; 5 to I Littlolellow, 2 to 1 place; b to 1 Mystic, 2 to l placo; lu to l vatuo, , 4 to 1 placo; 16 to 1 Okalona, 0 to 1 place. GOOD PRICES REALIZED. Sovcntoon Horse of tbe Fairfax Stable Brine Over 2r,000. There was a large crowd of buyers at tho sale of the Fairfax Stable by Mr. Easton in tho paddock, at Monmouth Park yesterday, although tho promlnont horeo owners woro not largely ropro - sontod. A slight hitch took placo beforo tho sale, which throntenod at one timo to make a postponement inevitable. It vfo tho presenco of tho shorlft and a posse of naou, who lovied an attachment of $S0D, hold by Ilarboo, the Jockey, agalnut tho stable. Tho sliorlff finally nccoptod Jl,500 an eoeurlty to await tho result of tho trial of tho claim, and tho aale was allowed to tako place. Tba most oplrltod bidding waa on Orl - llamino, who was socoud in tho Suburban. Ho was startod at $2,000, but was run up to $4,100, nt which price Jamos Rowo securod him. The salo was a ouccosi, tho average price for tho seven toon horsos sold being ovor $1,000, tho total realizod being $27,350. Tho followlnc are tho horses Bold, tho buyors and tho price paid: Houuatonic, 4 yeara, by imp. Mortoraor Vandal - ite (David Pulsifor) $'2,050 Cyclops, 4 yoars, by imp. Mortemer Lizzio Lu - can (Kd Garrison) 3,000 Gardey, 4 years, by Klood Sallio Gardinor. (W. Olttmon) 2,401) Roftal, 4 yoars, by Shannon Riffiin ( W. Mulkoy) 400 Heruulea, 4 yoars, by imp. Mortemer Outaria (J. Harris) GOO Rowland, 4 yearo, by Shannon Riglin (George. Forbes) 2,150 Oriflnmmo, 3 years, by Flood Frolic. (James Itowo) 4,100 Shaivneo, 3 years, by imp. Mortemor Sly Boots,... (Jamos Mara) 350 Shasta. 3 years, by Flood Dornirap. . .W. Mnikoy) GOO Hypasia, 3 yoars, by imp. Mortemer - Ontarlo (A. G. McCoiiiDbell) 3,600 Slumber, 2 years, by Monday Fannie Lewis. (J. V. Smith) 1,000 Full Sail, 2 years, by Flood Floronco Anderson. (W.D.Scott) 800 Chancellor, 2 years, by Monday Righn. (J. Ferguson) 700 Joe Clark, 2 years, by Monday Bottio Bishop. (Mohawk Sl.ibu ) S00 Sea Mew, Q years, by Imp. Roasifer Shamrock. (J. S. McOainubull) 850 Pine Tree, 2 years, by Flood Piney Lewis. (W. Mulkoy) 1,505 Guardsman, 2 years, by Monday Glendow. (G. B. Morris) 2,000 Idleness, Mulllns,Ci!ar and Calallno wero not old because Chief of Pollco Mclvane,of Gravosend,hoida thom under an attachment for $3,000 for Bupplie furnished to the jfalrfax stable. TCBHEB I1KAT8 HAKLON. Toronto, Ont., August 13. The Hanlon - Teemer boat rac was won by Teem - er by threo lengths. BALTIMOEE IS BEATEN. The Brooklyn Base Ball Nine Again Victorious. New York Lowers Its Colors to Boston The Detroits Go Down Before the Chicago Team. Louisville Conquers St. Louis and the Athletics Suffer Another Defeat. At Baltimore yesterday the Brooklyn boys waxed Barnlo's men In fine shape. Knouff pitched a miserable game and was wretchedly supported, while tho Brooklyn men fielded beautifully and brilliantly, ran bases remarkably well and won a gamo that was too ono sldod to be interesting. Porter pitched in fine form, holding tho home team down to seven safo hits, including Davis' homo run drlvo ovor right field fonce. PInkney and Mc - Clollan carrlod off tho Holding honors, while Swart - wood and Smith captured the laurels at the bat. Attendance, 2,500. Scores: BALTIMORE. ' i DHOOELTJf. " I, tnun i r Greenwood. 2b. 0 'l 1 3 llPlnknov, 3b.....l 12 7 1 lrillin,C. I u o u u oi .iieieiinii . . ' ...,,,, if .i - ii. ii oi. , l 01, 1 1 1 r. 1 BornH, s. s 0 1 2 Davis, 31) 2 1 2 Timber, lh 0 li 12 2 McTnmuny, c. V.i 3 2 0 0 3 2iS'vurtvvood, r. f,3 3 0 1 0 0 lll'hillips, lb 1 1 10 1 0 I, II i.i,h u a 1 1 (1 4 O Pnrcell. r. f 1 1 5 Sommor, I. f....O 12 1) l),(ircr, 1. f 1 3 10 0 D.miols, e 0 12 3 1 1 Peebles, c 1 2 3 3 0 IwinnH'. n 0 115 0 Porter. D 0 010 3 0 Total.. 73 7 27 111 7lTotal 1215 27 25 2 SCOUE BY LNNING8. 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 8 9 Baltimore 0 Brooklyn 3 1000100 13 0 2 0 0 2 4 1 0 - 12 Earned rung - Raltiinoro, 2: Brooklyn, 7. Two base liirq Peebles. .McTumanv. Threo ba - o hit Smith. Homo run Diivls. Double plays Knontf, (iriionivooG and Tucker: Pinknoy anil I'iullips. I'ir. - it inse on oans Sommor, Pinknoy, iMcT.mruiy. Hiv irrwoo l, Ureer 3, Peoiiles Hit bv pitched 1 aM Purc'Il. First baso by ..rroM - Rrooklvn. 3. Slruck'.iiit - By KnnulT, 2: Porter, 2. Passed balls Daniolt - , 2. V jld pitches - Knoutl, 2, limo of yiimo 2 hours. Umniio - Mr illctjoado. TnK .MSTltOrOIJTAN - ATIH.ETIC (SAME, Tim Mnts. won with ease iu thoir atno with tho Athletics yesterday, at St. George, Stutou Islimd. iimw and frnnuiiiit liittiurr was a feature, umniro Sullivau was jeered occasionally, Radford wus first clans in ovory way. Tho homo team hit Atkinson froely. The Athletics woro in poorsliapa Score. ATlll.r.'llCS. METROPOLITAN. l:. lh.P.O. A.F.. lt.Jll.l'.O.A.E. llnnlmm r. f...'J 1 II Hi.Unr.1. 3 - 1 Lyons. 3b 0 Mann. c. 1 1 Ilratan, r.f 1 .! 0 1 2 3 II 0 2 0 0 0 1 II 0 1 U iinon. ), I.. isa - .ier. o i. - " e.'"' i" Larkln. 1. f 1 2 f 0 0 HanKlnson.,io..2 lla - .ier. 2b 2 3 II lb. ..2 0 I 1 1 2 1 Morey, ltj 2 3 13 (llR - iseiirm, c. f. ..2 1 2 2 3 0 3 3 Al. (,arr. fi. s 1 1 1 3 1 2 0 !ilolbert. e 1 llterlrirdt, 2b 2 f.Mays, p J i t'ow nsend, I. f . .1 Kobili.i in. c 1 1 Atkinson, p. ..,.) 2 (I 0 2 0 0 Totals,,. ...112124 1!) f Totals. .13 23 27 10 ! 7 8 9 2 1 3 - 11 4 1 .. - 13 4 5 3 0 I) - 1 li Athletic II 1 Metropolitan.. 2 2 Karned riins - Ath'.otie, 2: Metropolitan. 5. Two bjiso Ints - R binso.i, 1: Po 1 : .Mann. 1; Mrkm, 1 : H ' - .., 1 . II nik - inn in. 1. T.ireo base h.r BilIOC. 1. Hello rnn - li in ,iiisnn, 1 Houbl" pl.iy.H - Miy, tierhardr ami Itv;in; Jliltord and liaiiKinsiin. , - n:oie no i,t.ii. - MoCivn, l.mkii:. liadfor.l, 3; llorin, 1: O lirien. 1 : Ryan, ! ILiokinson, 1. lilt by ino nol n.tli nauioru, i: J'Bnnn. 1. First base on i - rre i - Motropolitan, 0; Al li e io. 7. Struck oct May. 2. Wnd - Atjiiii - on. .i. Tunc 2 hours ana ro minutes, umiine ion. uliivan. TIIK HOSrON' - NKW YOKK RAME. HOftTOX, AURUSt 13. Kiht thousiuid uooijIo frt - ee' - ed the reiippenrnnco of tho Athenians aftor ilinir disaAtrous Westorn riii. TIio fxanio waa short, sliurp and decifitve. im lioriin iilno Dlnvcil with vim and determination. Welch pitcliod a strong game aftor tho third Inning, ono of tho homo team reaching seuonu. ji.ti - bounw n - n.s in )ii best form, no Gotliamito muklng hit aftor the fourth Inuin IlOBTOX. it.ln.r.o.A.i:. NEW YORK. H.l II.r.O.A.E. lornunL'. 1. f...l 1 1 0 II Horo f.... . 0 12 0 0 Mitton, a. s II 0 2 i) T ei - irm. 1. f . I) II 2 0 0 Kelly, 2u 2 1 l'W.inl. s 0 1 1 1 :isli, :ib i orril'. Hi 0 ihn.,nn. c. t...O ...ll.rmrm, Tl II ;( 2 0 1 Connor,' lb 1 1 10 0 0 Kiviht;. 3b 1 1 3 (l O'Kooro. e. ... 0 1 14 tl 1 3 3 1 2 1 10 0 i:i)orc... r.f.... II 1 1 U 0 heel - ek,r. f..O 0 ailoy, c 0 0 1 0 pi icicnai - oson, u o i u 2 OlWelsh, v 0 0 0 3 4 Dtal. 0 27 14 .Vf - otai 2 0 27 14 8 RCOttK INNINCfl. Boston Now York. II 0 - Karnod runs Boston, 2; Now York. 1. Two base hits - ,rn. ll.nfi.r. D'oiblo nlavs Sutton. Kelly, .Morrill, Bise ou balls Keily. .N'nsh 2. Itadbourn, IViird. Base on error., - . lohnBton, KwinB, Welch (;to. P.ts - ied tialls O'Rourko. Time, 1 In. in - 50 minutes. Umpire, Sullivan, T11H (.miCAIiO - DKTItOIT OAMli. Ckicaoo, ill., August 13. Flftoon thousand pooplo watched Chicago trounce Detroit to - day iu ouo of tho host games of the year. L'larkson won tlio game. Bosldo holding tho visit ors down to six bits he struck out six men, played a sharp aud brilliant Holding gumo and mado two homo runs. Aftor Broiuhera had Btruclc out In tho eighth inning Cinpiro Powers callod tho gamo on account of darkuess. cmcuid. DKTHOtT." ll.ln.P.O.A.E.1 II. In TO. A. T. Sunday, r. f 0 0 Ryan, e. f (I 0 1 0 ( Richardson, 2b. 1 0 1 0 1 0 It Brouthers. lb.. 0 0 10 I 0 II 0 I) 0 4 1 .Sullivan, 1. f.... 1 o Anson, lb 2 0 1 0 lUi.ovo. h. s 0 0 1 0 0 Thompson, r. f. 0 0 1 1 fetier. 2b 1 1 0 2 tl v into. ob 1 0 0 Williamson. s. 8. 2 2 (1 1 O.Twitchull, 1. f.. 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 llHaulon.c. f.... 0 0 0 0 1) Burns, 3b 0 U int. c 0 (I 7 0 0 Bennett, o 0 0 12 o'Oonway, I. f. ... 0 0 0 Clarkson, p 2 0 0 1 Total 8 3 21 15 llTotal ECOHK liV ISNIMiH. 1 2 3 0 2" t) 0 21 15 1 4 B 0 0 1 0 Chicago t 5 - 3 0 - 2 Detroit 0 0 Earned runs - Chicapo, S; Detroit, 1. Two base hits Anson 2. Burns, Brouthors. i tn - eo base nils w nliam - soti. tlomo runs Ulirkson 2, White. First baso on balls Sullivau 2, Anson. Williamson. First base on er rors - Chicago." 1 : Detroit, 1. Struck out, - Burns 2, Tf..ll.,r O.. Williamson. Flint. Bonnott 2. Uowe. Twitoh - oil, Gotzoiu, Thompson. Passed ball Flint. Tme, 1 hour and 55 minutes. Umpire, Powers. At Cincinnati: BOOIfE 11Y INNINGS. 1 2 3 4 5 G I 8 0 Cincinnati 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 - 5 Cleyeland... 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 Karned runs Cincinnati, 3: Olovoland, 1. Two baso bitslletalini:, Cappell. First base on balls Daily. 4; Serad, 2. Struck ont By Daily, 2. Passed balls - Baldwin, 2: Roip, 1. Timo 2 hours and 25 minutes. Umpire Air. Curry. At Philadelphia: SCOnE BY INNINGS. 1 2 8 Philadelphia... .2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 - 5 Washington. 1..0200 0 0 0 0 0 - 2 Karned runs Philadelphia. 4. Two baso hits Forarty, Mulvoy (2). llomo run Wood. Doublo play Donolly and O'Brien. First base on balls lnvin nd Mack. Hit by pitcliod ball Foizarty. First base on errors Philadelphia, 2; WasliinKton. 2. Struck one Androws, Clements, Carroll (2), Whitney (3), Daily, Oealy, Myers. Passed balls Mack, 2. Wild pilch Bullint on 1. 'f imelf 1 hour and 45 minutos. Umpire Sam Crano. At St. Louis. 1 2 3 4 5 C 7 8 3 St. Louis 2 0 0 Louisville G 2 0 1 I) 0 - 3 .. - 13 Hits St. Louis, 15; Louisville, 14. Errors St. Louis, 5; Louisville, 2. Batteries Kin and Boyle, Chamberlain Und Cross. Umpire Ferguson. THE 11KC0HI). In tho league, tho Now York Club has fallon from third placo to fourth placo. Tho Chicagos are creeping up on the Dotroils. Boslon'6 wostorn trip was a series of flunks. The Philndolphlas, on the other hand, did well on thoir Journoy toward the sotting sun. In tho association, tho St. Louis havo a lead that it is hardly possible any combinatlous can shako. The Louisville are simply holding their own, and the Baltlmorea nrekooping the third seat from the front warm in a quite Indifferent lashiou. That eccontrla collodion of Indians, othorwiso known as tho Metropolitan Club, huvo distinguished thomselvos by a wook of good playing. Thoro Is no chango since last Sunday In tho rolatlvo positions of tho clubs. lioro ore tho figures: r I t) League. Association. Detroit j 51 1 31 Chicago ! 49 . 32 Now York 'ill 33 Boston I 45 I 30 82,St Louis 06 81iLouisvilo 1 53 H4 KlUlmnro I 4'.) 81Uinoinnati i 51 24 ' 00 3'J 112 38 87 42 ( 03 44 ' 89 49 i 911 5G I 87 GO 81) Philndo nhia 44 j 39 i 83. Brooklyn ; 45 Pittsburg 1 33 ! 48 I Ol LIUIULIC ........ J 91 80IIMotropolitan... 31 8201eveland I 23 Washington. .. 32 48 lndianapoli... 25 I 57 I LOCAL GAMES. Plonoers, 3; Crickets, 0. Borgon Point, 8; Princeton, 0. Hiltons. B; Gorhams, 8. Suffolks, 12; Acmes, 0. Decalurs, 13; Matchless, 10. Mutuals, 16; Eagles, 8. Glendales, 14; Stuyvosants, 8. Phenlx.fl; Amity, 16. Madlsons, 17, Eclipao, 3. WlnBors, 0; Superiors, 2. Sidney. 12, Alerts 4. Wlnonas 20, Wasbingtons 17. Second Wlnonas 8, Onaidas 4. RoBolutos 5, Arcades 12. BodfordsO, Commercials?. Stars 4, Vornons 15. F. Loser, Jrs. 17, Hoyt 4. Yonker 7, WilsonB 0 AVhito Plains 14, Invlnclbloa 11. Wayerloys 15, Crescents 2. 3 r s O P CRICKET IN PROSPECT PARK. Brooklyn Cose One Game, Bat Easily Wins Another. On an almost perfect wicket the strong second eleven of tho Manhattan Cricket Club yesterday defeated tho Claremont Cricket Club olevon, of Bergen, N. J. Tho homo team wore first to the wickets and made a score of 71, out of which ITarry Coyno ployed a splendid inning for 37 not out M. Cobb, with 18, and Frank Smith, 15, wero next best scorers. The Claremont team proved to be good fielders, not an extra being scored against them Thoy failed to tally the score of tho home team, only making 41. W. P. Allen wa3 the highest scorer, with 11 not out, and H. Landell made a ubo - f ul 10. II. Clevorley carrlod off the bowling honors for the Manhattan, taking Ave wlokots for 12 runs. The following 1b the score of tho match: MANHATTAN. CLAIUtJIONT. Runs. Runs. H. Cleverly, b. Allen 0 H. J. Pltoher, b. Cobb. .. . 1 W. Fowler, b. Noils on.... 2 G. Bailey, run ont 0 M. Cobb, o. Hitchins, b. C. Hitohins, 1. b. w. b. Allan 18 Clevorly 3 H. Coyno, not out 27 W. P. Allen, not out 11 F. Smith, b. HitohinB 15 J. T. Morgan, c. and b. Oobb 5 H. Jones, o. Morgan, b. J. H. Neilson, 1. b. w. b Hitchins 2 Cloverly 1 W.Draycott.b. Hitchins 0 H. Sandell, b. Cleverly.. .10 I. Monroe, b. Hitchins... 3 J. Akors, b. Clovorly 0 F. Stevens, b. Neilson 0 J. D. Boyd, b. Cobb 3 H. Tucker, c. Sandell, "b. F. P. Smith, run out. 0 Noilson 4 G. Williams, b. Clovorly.. (i H. Mitoholl, b. Neilson... 0 Extras 1 Total 71 Total 41 RONS AT TIIF. IT ALT. OF EACHH WICKET. 12345 0 780 10 Manhattan... 1 7 21 48 52 62 60 Gl 71 71 Claremont...! 3 5 15 17 32 32 35 35 41 Umpires Messrs. H. Hall and W. ff.Nowton. Tho ltivorakle Cricket Club paid a visit to Prospect Park yostorday and played a match with tho Brooklyn Cricket Club olovon, dofoating thom by tho tcoro of 51 run3 to 32. Tho Itivorstdos won tho toss, and ont of thoir total Dr. Ontorbridge made a scoro of 25. Ho also bowlod seven of the Brooklyn olovon'a wickots at a cost of only five runs. The wlckot was a vory poor one, which accounts for tho email scores on each side. Thu scoro of tho match is as follows: lUVEltsIDE. DIIOOKI,, Rnns. Runs. Dr. Outorbrdire, c. Hum - F. Oroon, c. F. Savage, b. bei t. It. Tuttlo 25 Outerbridfto 3 G. Weoch. c. Wolferd, b. O. ( ireen, b. Outerbridgo.. (1 C. Green 4 .1. Smith, b. Ilalfendoi,.. . 4 11. B.r.o.'nnn. b. C. Green. 0 J. McDonald, b. Ooter - M. lluirenden.c. F.Ureon, bridge 8 b. C. Green 0 G. Tutt le, b. llalTenden .. . 5 F. Savage, c. F. Green, b. G. Loader, b. Ontortirid. - o 0 O. (ircen 1 J Humbert, b. Outer - T. Snvaiie, b. C. Green t bridge '. 0 A. rimodley, b. G. (ireen. .10 .7. Duncan, not out 1 K. Hobfon, run ont 3 K Flaherty, b. Outer - C. Dellar, b. T ittle 1 bridge 1 G. Savage, net out 0 F. Wolford. b. Hatienrien. 2 T. Ayres, b. Tuttlo 3 .T. Adams, b. Outerbridgo 0 Byes 3 Byos 2 Total 51 Total Ittrs - S AT THE FALL OF EACH WICKET. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 ...32 10 Riverside H 14 Brooklyn 4 14 11 21 22 13 43 18 14 20 21 28 28 2!) 48 32 51 32 Umpires Dr. Boocock and Mr. H. B. Whoatcroft. YACHTING AT SHELTER ISLAND. Fifty CiracelHl Critlt Compote for Handsome Prizes. SnELTEit Island, X. Y, August 13. Forty yachts wore outored for tho second annual regatta of tlio Shelter Island Yacht Club, tills af - ernoon. For first class sloops thoro wero throo onirics; for socoud class sloops, two; far third class stoops, four; for first class cat boats, three; for second class cat boats, six; for third class oat boats, t - ovon, and for fourth class cat boats, fourteen. 'l'he start was from an imaginary Hue botwoon tho stakoboat and tho Prospoct Ilouso Dock. Tho fourth class cat boats courso was twonty miles long. Tho lfoamor won in tho flr?t class sloops, aho crossing the line ono and throo - quartor minutos ahead of tho Fanita. Tho Daisy won tho prize for second class sloops, with tho Wayward socond. Iu the third class sloops tho Yolande, an Btigli?h cutter. recently importod, won, with tho Wanda socoud. The prize for first class cat boats was won by tho Minnio Itogera, tho othor boats of tho class failing to I'mish. iu tho second class cat rigs, tho Jenty finished first, with tlio Gypsy Queon second. Ia tho third class cat rig, tho Jilla flbiflhod first, with tho Lady Elgin socoud. In tlio fourth class cat rigs tho Jossio crosaod tho liuo a wiuuor, Lcda taking second honors. The officers of tho day woro: Judgos W. H. I.ongley, of tlio yacht Comet, Hon. Georgo B. Abbott and Hon. Henry A. Hoovos. Regatta Commil - teo D. P. Hathaway, William B. Hill and J. Bassott Keep. Tho prize to tho first class sloop winner was a silver sot, including an ico pitcher, goblet aud tray ; for the second class wnnor a ailvor smoking sot of four pioce.i, and for tho third class winnor a ailvor wine cooler. Money prlzos completod tho list of awards - Tho nautical festivitios were supplemented by a hop at the Prospect Houso, which proved to be one of tho most brilliant affairs of tho season. Among the visitors hero are Mayor and Mrs. Wbituoy, of Brooklyn, and Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wil cox. THE ETHURIA'S FAST TMP. Only One Hour ItciiiiKl tlio Uuabria's Fanioni Journey. Considerable surprise was created in ship ping circles yostorday afternoon when the steamer litruria was reported off the bar, and whon she sleamod up the bay she was grootod with ctieors from docks and vessels which sho passod. Evory - ouo know sho had made a phenomoually quick pas - sago aud bets woro frcoly mado that she had beatou tho Umbria's record. Whon she warped into tho dock lu Now York an oagor crowd was on hand to learn hor timo. According to tho log sho made tho irip from Llvorpoo) to the bar lu six days, five hours and flvo minutes aud landed at her does: at 4:30 P. M., making no stop except at Quarantine. Tho L'mbna's champion trip wits only made ill a little loss than an hour hotter timo, and then sho had to lay at aucbor outside waiting for tho tldo, so that tho Etrurta's actual timo from tho Llvorpool dock to hor dock in Now York was tho shortest by several hours. Among tho passengers ou tho Etruria was tho Itov. B. B. Dayton, a Baptist minister, ond wife. Mr. Dayton was in ill health and had beon abroad In search of roliof. When two days out ho died and his romains woro consigned to tho deop. Everything possible to express their sympathy with tho boroaved widow was done by tlio passongors. A purso of $028 was collected and prosoutod to hor. Among tho paesongoi.s on board wore United Statos Mlnlstor to Spain J. L. M. Curry, Sir Arthur Blackwood, William Laird and Chang You Uoon, tho Chlnoso Minister to Spain, Peru and tho United Statos. He travolod in company with Mlnlstor Curry, whom ho had mot in Madrid and bocomo very much attached to. Commodoro Cook expressed himself as dollghtod with tho voyage and said, with tho excoption of tho death of the Kov. Mr. Daytou, it was ono of tho moBtlenJoyablo ho had ovor oxporioucod during hia many years of Transatlantic service. ASSEMBLYMAN FltO.ST KESOHINATED. Jamkstown, N. Y, August 13. Tho Republicans of tho Second Assombly District of Chautauqua this aftornoon oloctod delegates to tho State Convention aud renominated Assemblyman Goorgo H. Frost. Thero has boon considerable opposition to Frost on account of hia chauglug his vote from Miller to Hiecock on tho last ballot last Wintor and a motion to make his nomination unanimous was vigorously objoctod to. Tho vote stood 5!) for Frost to 46 tor C. M. Griswold. Tho convention adjournod without furthor action. BBS. I'OTTKU TRIED AG AIM. London - , August 13. Mrs. Jamos Brown Potter mado hor first appoar - anco in her now play, " Loyal Love," at tho Galoty Thoater to - night. The play Is woale In plot, but bright in dialoguo and waa woll received. Mrs. Potter appeared as Inez to good advantago and ro - colvod a largo sharo of tho applause that was frooly bestowod throughout tho play by a largo and Interested audlouco, bosldos boing sovoral tiraos callod beforo the curtain. Mr. Kyrlo Bellow was also heartily applauded. CHICAGO SiTlTCHMKK'S STRIKE. Chicago, August 13. The discharge of two awlUhinen in tho Wostorn Indiana yards yesterday was tho cause of a strike and an incipient riot among the remaining switchmen. Early this morning a squad of polleo was sent from Harrison stroot station to preyout trouble. A frolght train duo to loaro tho depot at 2 A. M. was detained by tho switchmen. At 3:30 A. M. the situ - tlon was unchangod. KEY WEST YELLOW FEVER. Key West, Fla., August 13. Ono now caao of yellow fevor was reported by tho Board of Health to - day, and no deaths. AH of the sick now are apparontly out of dangor and the un - accllmated adults who woro attacked thia wook exhibited very light oases, showing a complete modification of the disease. MoGLYM AND CUKEAN. The Latter Makes an Ample Apology to the Archbishop. Fall Explanation of the Former's Excommunication Made. From the Palace Those Who Aid Him as Gnilty as lie. At last Archbishop Oorrigan has beon induced to talk on the subject of Dr. McGlynn's excommunication and give the view of tho case hold by tho palace, Propaganda and Popo as opposoa to that published by the doctor and his defenders. Tho archbishop was impelled to spoak because of tho statement mado that an attempt to discipline tho Hov. Dr. Curran, of Saugertios, for appearing as chairman at the picnic of tho United Labor Party of tho Eighteenth Assembly District, and introducing Dr. McGlynn a3 tho orator of tho occasion, bad failed utterly. It was stated that Dr. Curran had beon summoned to tho archloplscopal palace aud was there prosontod with a written apology for his action which ho was diroctod to sign, but rof used, claiming that there was nothing iu his action that roquirod an apology, it was claimed by the frleuda of Dr. Curran and Dr. McGlynn that this action on tho part of tho former was intontioual and with tho idea of making tho Church pass on tho land thoorles of George or olse provo, by tho fact that one priestly advoeato of George's doctrines was not puulshod that Dr. 31c - Glyuu was singled out as a special mark for puu - iahmeut, aud that In fact tho oxoommuuicatod doctor is a porsocutod man. Tho archbishop himself did not speak, but Fathor Lavolle, of tho Cathedral, was his mouthpieco. At tho pnlaco tho visitor was told that neither tho archbishop nor his f ecretary, Dr. McDonnell, was at homo, but that Father Lavolle had something to say on tho McGlynn - Curran mattor. Tho rovorond fathor was found at dinner, and, after i weary wait, tho reporter was pormitted to food on his beaming countonanco. Father Lavello did not need to bo told what was wanted, but procoedod to tell tho atory from tho palaco standpoint. "Dr. Curran was summonod," he said, "to ox - plain his conduct and callod and mado tho antenrie honorable, and a paragraph to that offect will bo publlshod in tho Catholic Itevicio to - morrow. Inasmuch as tho excommunication of Dr. McGlynn has boon brought into this matter of Dr. Curran'B fault, and It has boon Buggostod that tlio latter has bcou lust as guilty as tho formor and should bo excommunicated for tho samo reason that Dr. McGlynn was, it would bo well to briolly view tho fnctB which lod to Dr. McGlynn's excommunication. He was first callod to ordor lost November for dolivoriug a political speech in Chick - erlng Hall, at a timo whon ho know that tho Propaganda had frequently aakod that he bo prohibited from taking part In political mootings. At tho same time tho doctrine which he was advocating was profossodly revolutionary; condemned by tho press, most thinking people and tho Church. It was little to be wondered, therefore, that the Holy Soo callod him to Rome to explain his action, as ho was giving that doctrine tho prestige which his position as a prioat might lond it, and through that prestige the apparent support and sympathy of tho Catholic Church. ".Meanwhile Romo had submitted tho George doctrinosto a numbor of competent thoologiaus, and thoir Judgment was not favorable; in fact, it was tho Judgment of tho press and the boat ond wieost part of tho world. Tho Roman authorities did not pronounce on tho George doctrines, but called on Dr. McGlynn to como to Home aud defend himself and his theories in any way he could. The ponnlty of excommunication waa attached in case ho dlsoboyed the command to como to Romo. Ho refused to obey and excommunication resulted, ipse facto. It Is uonsonse to say that Dr. McGlynu was oxcommunlcatod because ho Is a frlbnd of tho Unltod Labor party, tho friend of the maBses or tho priost of tho poor. Evory prioat Is tho priest of the poor, and all, moro or loss, according to tho length of time thoy have boon in tho priethood,haTe given with as liberal hand to tho poor as did Dr.McGlynn. Nor van It bo said that ho was excommunicated for dofondlug tho Henry Goorgo thoorlea, but for his contumacious disobedience of tho order of the Holy Soo. "From this oxeommunicatlon of Dr. McGlynn tbore follows a consoquouco, and that is that those who aid and abot him In his contumacy also incur excommunication. This Is not a new law, but Is the old canon law and is still in offout, notwithstanding the changes made by Popo Plus, IX., with regard to thoso who com - munlcato with eicommunlcatod persons. And tho object of this provision of tho law la to uphold tho authority of tho Pope. If it woro othorwiae tho mombors of the Church could make a laughing tock of tho Popo by making one a scapegoat, while all woro oqually guilty and promulgating tho ovil sought to bo suppressed by upholding tho oxcommunlcatod person. "In tho caso of Dr. Curran it is not porfectly clear that ho has Incurred this excommunicalion, but whethor ho has or not hit conduct has boon very offenslvo and out of placo, and ho has recoguizod that fact and has mado amends for his fault to tho archbishop, and thore tho mattor will ond." INDIGNANT PHOTOGRAPHER. Dissatisfied With the Award of Prizes at tbe Chicago Exhibition. Chicago, 111., August 13. About eevonty - flvo photographers, delogatos to the National Convention from all parts of tho country, hold an Indignation mooting last night to protest againit tho award of priios at tho exhibition JustclOBecL The Judges who awardod tho prlzos woroDr, Nlchol. of Chicago; Dr. Eliott, ef Now York, and Mossrs. Goobol Long, of Qulncy, and Jamos Iugalls, of Koeuestor, N. Y. The speakers charged that thoso gentlemen did not know their business and that tho awards woro notoriously unfair. Resolutions woro adopted oppressive of the Indignation of thojo present and doplorlng tho Injustice done to the young mon of the profosslon, wIiobo work had rocoived tho admiration and approval of all tho loading critics, and protesting against the unfalrnoss aud partiality displayed as being calculated to work serious dotrlmont to tho IntoroBta et tho profession." ONE MOUE ILLINOIS SHASIIUP. CHICAGO, 111., August 13. A Timet' Aurora, III., special says: A serious railroad accidout occurod noar hero yesterday. Whoro the Fox River brancb leavos tlio main line of tho Chicago, Burlington and Quincy. A main line freight train going south ran Into tlio roar eud of a freight train going to tho Fox Rivor branch. A man named William Brood was seriously, and it is thought, fatally crushod. Another mall named Watklns was also brulsod up a groat deal. Two mon in a bos car of tho second train woro somewhat Injured. Tho ougluos and many cars woro wrecked. MILL WEAVIiBS STRIKE. Waterville, Mo., August 13. About one - third of tho weavers in tho Lockwood mills struck for a furthor advance In waos tills morning and aro now out. Tho dissatisfaction sooms to ariso trom the boliof that wag03 aro not equally and properly adjusted. Tho back boys aud spoolors aro still out. Thoro sooms to bo a f eoling among oporatlvos that thoro should bo a gehoral advance In wages. Tho claim that wagos havo boon unequally advanced is denied by tho manager of tho corporation. Ho says all plcco work lias boon advanced 7X per cont. without distinction. ONCE SHERIFF, NOW A THIEF. New Haven, Conn., August 13. Inspoctors Clark aud Barrio, of tho Post OfUco Department, woro lu this city to - day, aud proforred charges against William 11. ltocmor, a clorfe In tho Waterbury Post Office, tor abstracting a number of lotters from tho malls. Tho proof agolnst him Is said to be conclusive. Roomer was uppointsd throe months ago. Ho was at one timo Sheriff of Vest - chestor County, N. Y., and is said to havo lost from $30,000 to $100,000 In Wall street. Ho was prominent In church circles In Watorbury, and has previously borno a good reputation. Uo is in Jail. TO EXTRADITE 1I00PLEU M'OARIGLE. CniCAao, III., August 13. An application for extradition papers for tho ro - turn of Boodler McGarigle are in procoss of preparation by Statos Attorney Grlnnoll, and will be completed within a few days. Tho documont will bo very voluminous, containing a comploto narrative of the escape and subsequent investigations boforo tho Grand Jury, also numorous depositions. It will bo sent to the Governor of the Stato and by him to the ProBideut at Washington. FUNEUAIi OF JAMES H. BENNET. An Incident Which Uecallo Old Times in Fnrltville. Parkville ia remarkable for its beauty, its pleasant cottage homes and Its road houses, from the porches of which the visitor can gnzo on tho flying trottors that go up and down tho Boulevard. But in somothlng olso it Is moro remarkablo, and that is In once containing an inventor who was oxcontrlc but honest. Twonty - olght yoars ugo, whon Potor Havenball first eottlod In Pnrkville, the hero of this story was on tho shady side of 50 years of age. His nnrao was James Arlington Bonnet, and ho was always proud of tho fact that thero was only ouo "t" iu his name, sayiug that all thoso with two of thoso consonants at the end of their name were Irish and informers. Ho was singular in this rospoct, for ho always did his own think - ing.and gouorallygave f roo uttoranco to hls:thoughts. Ho owned nearly the whole territory stretching along Culver's Railroad from whoro tho Villa Do Sales Convent now stands dowa to tho Washington Cemetery. The convent ho built for a private rost - donco, ana in the grounds a walnut troo stood which was ninety feet high. Ho buiit a winding stairs to tho top of ttio troo, whoro thoro was a balcony to sit on and from which to viow tho surrounding country. Mr. Bennot always had an Idea that he was an Invontor, and to prove that his idea was correct he Invontod and made a pair of wings which, he said, if placed upon any one's shoulders would onablo him to fly whon and whoro ho ploased. Tho villagors did not seem to havo faith in tlio wing business, for none of them gave any signs of boing willing to tost tho invontlon, so tho old man becamo angry and went ovor to Castlo Gardon whoro he employod n nativo of Erin, ostensibly to work on a farm, but lu reality to bocomo famous by proving that tho invontiou was a succoss. Tho stranger was not long enough In the village to become acquainted or got acclimatized boforo Mr. Bonnet took him to tho top of tho comotory office, where he fixed the wings to the shouldors of tho now farm hand and said, " Fly or dlo," nt tho samo timo pointing a musket at the hoad of tho Irish immigrant Under such a condition of things tho stranger thought it best to attompt to fly and ho did so. but unfortunatoly la so doing ho broke his nock. Mr. Bonnet next Invontod an aerial wagon, which ho proposed should bo propelled by wind on tho anmo plan aa a windmill worka, with a similar wheel, but it uevor provod a succobs, as tho old man died boforo completing tho work before hlra. Aftor he was buriod In the Washington Cemetery which bo ownod and his will was opened, it waa discovered that all of his roal aud personal property waa loft to hia Bon, Jamos Henry Bonnet, and his daughter, Mrs. Crlswold. Tho younger Bennot marriod and raised a family, all of whom outlived him. Ills eldest son ia named Henry Bonnet. Ho ia superintendent of tho Washington Comotory, onco owned by hia fathor and grandfather, but now only owned In part by their doscondants, us a part of It has boon sold to Jowlah lodgos for burial pur poses. Henry Bonnet, bosldo boing tho comotory superintendent, Is also a florist and tho proprietor of a marblo yard. Some years ago ho married a Miss Malouoy, of Parkvillo, who, with her mother, was strong in tho Roman Catholic faith, and it iB said that thoir InUuonco was so great in tho Bennot family that the mothor of tho younger lira. Bonnet's husband died a Catholic ond was buriod in tho Comotory of Holy Cross, at Flatbush. but in elx months aftor hor remains woro removed from thore to tho Washington Comotory, at Parkvillo, where she now rests, Mr. James II. Bonnet, tho son of tho flying machine inventor, died ou Auguit 6, agod 56. Ho loft eight children, all of whom except tho son Harry are Protostants, and it is not known that ho has tnrnod Catholic yot, though ho married a member of that church, as above stated. A wako was hold in honor of tho dead Bonnot, and on tho morning of tho funeral, August 9, a Protestant mlnlstor was asked to offlclato, which ho roadlly consented to do, but upon arriving at the houso ono of tho Catholics present requested tho clergyman to abstain from performing the funeral services, saying thoy did not want to havo any ceremonies of that naturo in tho house. Tho sister of the decoasod, Mrs. Crlswold, and aov - eral of Bonnet's children opposed any auch proceeding, and thon a war commenced that will bo long remembered by tho neighbors who congregated to pay their last rospects to thoir dead frlond, James H. Bennot. The affair was finally compromised by tho Catholics permitting tho services to be road at the grave. The cometery being so near tho lato residence of tho decoasod, a hoarse was not called into Tequiaition, though Undertaker Martin, of Tillary street, this city, was engaged to tako charge of tho funoraL Tho casket was placod on a stretcher and carried on tho shoulders of a number of old friends to Washington Cometory, whoro the remains of Jame3 nonry Burnet woro Interred alongsido thoso of his wife. By a singular coincidence thoro was buriod In tho same gravo yard at tho same time and on tho aamo day an old timer namod Richard Pllkortou, who was once proprietor of tho hotol In Parkvillo now ownod by Potor Ravonhall. Pllkorton was in days gone by a noted character who was well known by the old residents of Brooklyn. Although a hotol koepor hlmsolf ho would never drink anything strong except in Tunlson's, on tho Conoy Island road, but with all of his temporato qualities misfortune caught tho old mon, who of late yoars had to drive an express wagon for a living. FRISCO'S DAMAUEI KXCIIAFGB. San FitANCisco, Cal., August 13. Max Brooks, a promlnont morabor of the Exchange said yostorday that ho did not think tho Board would roopon for two weeks to come. "Thoro are moro serious complications botween tho mombors than tho outeido public nro awaro," said he, "and, until accounts aro Bquarod off ud differences mado good, to opon for busiuoss would launch a panic In whoat on the market. This mattor has got to bo handled carefully and tondorly, and it would bo tho hoight of folly to reopon until ovory dollar of lndobtednoss botwoon mombora has beon made good." Thero wero no changes In tho market yosterd ay. A moderato quantity of wheat is soiling to regular trado at 125 and M0 porcontal. HA SECURE NEW TRIALS. CntCAQO, III., August 13. Thore Is reason to bellovo that several of the convicted boodlers will cot a now trial any way, even though the State declines to stand tho exponae. Thoso of thom who are Froo Masons havo committed offouBos ovor which tho Stato has no Jurisdiction, but for which thoy will bo undoubtedly trlod nevertheless. Grand Socrotary Gilbert Barnard said In reference to tho mattor yesterday, that tho Grand Lodgo would tako no action in trials of thoso mon for uumasonlo conduct. Those trials, ho eaid, would bo condtistod by tho loilgos of which tho guilty persons were members. It waa not possiblo to say iu advance what would no tho result of masonic trials in those easos. REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. AuuuuN. N. Y., August 13. Tho Cayuga County Republican Convention today nomlnatod Hornco T. Cook for County Treasurer, boing his fourteenth conseeutlvo nomination. Ho was first oloctod In 1S4S. Morris M. Olmetead was nominated for Suporlntondont of tho Poor. Ho lias already sorvod tliirty - threo yoars. A. 1. men wao nomlnatod tor District Attorney. 1IA91U AIIKAI) OF BUBKAR. SYKACUaK, N. Y., August 13. Unmm won tho race, on Onondaga Lake, to - day. over Bubear, with Courtuoy third. THE WKATHUIS. INUICATIONS. Washington, D. C, August 13. For Eastern New York, warmor, fair weathor, southeasterly winds. RECOUP OF THE TUEHMOMKTKlt. Tho following Is tho record of tho thormomstor a kept nt tho Brooklyn Daii.v ICai.xe ofllco: 2 A. M 6!) 3 P. M 75 4A.M 07 5 P. M 7 - 1 6 A. M Of, 7 P. M 73 8 A. M 71! !) P. M 10 A. M 11! M 2 P. M 7", 11 P. M. 7. - )l 1 A. M. 70 1 HIGH WATEIC Tho following is tho oilieial nimonucomont of tho timo and duration of hlsli water at iiv YocK and Sandy Hook for to - morrow, August 15: , A. M. .! P. M. .11 - llura'n of - , Tinie.llitnght. llhu. I FalL li. M. I Kent. II n. m. 1 li. M. Tiinn.llolitht. li. I I'Vit. Now York.. I dVoitl S.Ci SsndyHookl 4:"7I 4.1 4:. II I 4;'27 I i.r 4.8 0:D4 I 0:31 0:08 I 6:17 MOVr.HKSTS OF O0KAK YKSSKLS. AnntVED SATURDAY, ADtitJST 13. Ss Ohigwiok. Havana and C'ardnnas, Now York, Ss Catalan, Moxican ports, New York. Bs Lotimbro, Moditorranean ports. New York, Ss La Brotnfjne, Havre, New York, SAILED FHOM rOREltiM PORTS, Ss LaChsmoagac, Havre. Hew York, IS EVA WHITE IN TOWN? Seeking to Find Surgeon Crawford's Alleged Victim. Hor Aunt, a Brooklyn Woman, Testifies that She Wus Here Two Weeks Ago, bat She Doesn't Know Where She is Now. Washington, D. C, August 18. Surgeon Crawford, of tho Navy, Is boing prosa - cttted hore under tho Utah law for tho abduction of Eva White, a 11 yoar old girl who Is suspected of boing conconled lu Brooklyn. So far no evidence has boon produced showing improper relations botwoon tho two parties. Tho council ;for tho defense aro C. S. Mooro and C. M. Smith, and tho Government Is represented by United Statos District Attorney Androw Lipscomb. The chief evont of today's revelations In tho court room was the test!, mony of Mrs. Harriot It. Nowoll Of Brooklyn. Mrs. Nowoll soomcd to bo surprised and agitatod. 8ho was glvon a chair and soomod to mako a great effort to calm herself. Sho is a middle agod woman of good face and figure, and was neatly and becomingly dressod in black. Sho lived, sho said, 1 Brooklyn, and was the aunt of Eva White. " Whoro is Eva White now 7 " asked Mr. Moore. " I don't know," said tho witnoss. " Whon did you hoar from hor last 1" asked Mr. Moore. Mr. Lipscomb objocted to hearsay testimony. "I want to know," said Mooro, " when she heard from her last, and whothor she is alive. When d!4 you see hor last? " " Two weeks ago yostorday," said the witness. "Where?" " In my homo in Brooklyn." Tho witnoss having boon nskod again where Er was, turned to Mr. Moore and said, " Have you any right to know ?" "Idout want to be examined by you "said Mr Mooro. "But if you want to know, Justice demands that wo should know whore she la." Tho witness said that sho had talked with Bva about tho case. Mr. Moore framed a question as to whether Eva had not donlod to hor that there had been anything Improper in Dr. Crawford's conduct to her. But that was rulod out and Mrs. Nowellloft tho stand. Tho caso will bo arguod on Monday. WILL APPRAISE IXD1AX LAKDS. WASHINGTON, D. C, AngUSt 13. Tho President to - day appointed Eor. W. J, Clovoland and Honry T. Stanton, of Kentucky, a commission to appraise and allot cortatn lands in the Umatilla reservation, belonging to confederate bands ot Cayuse, Walla Walla and Umatilla Indians. CLEVELAND WASTED IN CALIFORNIA. San Francisco, Cal., August 18. The State Democratic Club of California haB ap. pointed a committee of seven to consult with the State and city authorities with a view to extending to President Cleveland a formal invitation to visit California. FOUND UU1LTT OF HUBDKR. SALElf, 111., August 13. John Pbolps was yesterday found guilty of the murder of Grant Pool by a Jury after a Ave hours' deliberation, and his sentence was fixed at 30 years in tho ponltonttery. If You Want a Good Chow Try Virgin Leaf. SPECIAL ADVERTISEMENTS. J. DEXNING & CO., SUOOB8SOKS TO A. T. STEWART & CO. (RETAIL.) TO CLOSE OUT PROMPTLY THE R1SMAINDES OF THEIR SUMMER STOCK THEY HAVE MADE LARGE REDUCTIONS IN PRICES. THEY INVITE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO 2,000 PIECES WHITE COTTON DRESS GOODS IN WHITE SHEER INDIA LAWN, WHITE PLAITS DRESS LAWNS AND ECRU LENA PLAIDS. AT FROM 80. TO 15c. PER YARD; REDUCED FROM 14C TO 22C. 250 FINE WHITE SWISS EMBROIDERBD ROBES AT 31.85 AND 32.00 EACH; REDUCED FROM 33.50 AND 54.00. 000 PIECES (VINE CHALLIS. HANDSOME DESIGNS, AND BOURKTTK ET AM INKS, AT 10O. PER YARD I REDUCED FROM 16c. AND 250. 250 PIECES DOUBLE WIDTH ALL WOOL SBROH AT 2f.c. PER YARD: REDUCED FROM 50o. 000 FINE SILK UMBRELLAS, 20 INCH, NATURAL STICKS, PARAGON FRAME, BLACK, BROWN, BLUE AND GREEN, AT $2.00 EACH; REDUCED FROM 83.00. 23 INCH DO., AT $2.50 EACH; REDUCED FROK 83.75. THU REMAINDER OF THEIR STOCK OF PARASOLS AT ONE - FOURTH FORMER PRICES. 600 DOZEN FANCY TURKISH BATH TOWELS AT 50c, 65c. AND 750. EACH; REDUCED FROM 75o LOO, AND $1,00. D3Y GOODS SOLD AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN THIS CITY AND DELIVERED AT ALL ACCESSIBLE POINTS OUT OF TOWN FREE OF MAIL OB EXPRESS CHARGES. SAMPLES AND INFORMATION SENT FREE OH APPLICATION. a BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AUD TENTH STREETS, NEW YORK. A. A r, L it I. L L LLLLL . SSSS ft H A R SH H AA www w w w w w w w w WW WW ww ww w w . S H H A A SSSS HHHH A A SH H AAA S S II HA A SSSS U HA A w . w , SKELETON BANG. (Patent applied for.) Health, comfort nnd boivuty combined. Will not riD or tear (no foundatieu) with my improved elastic apnoff frum S'J.OO upward. Feather light wigs, toupoes, coiffures. ,to. . . L.idic8' old piocps renovated, the spring attaohoa and mude oquiil tonoir; nlse ladies' old gray hair uwitches restored with my now pntont process. LONG HAIR SWITCHES. Short stem from $1.50 upward. All loin: Convent liuir, our own make, nattirally vy oratraiu'ht, fitatlitr built, S5.00 eaoh: oqual to thoso ooat - inj; $10.00 elowhoro. BABY BANGS. Slili the rasn, at reducod ratox, from S1.50. MY GRAY HAIR DEPOT lo known as tho Inrpost. finest and moot roliablo, and as to pricos I cannot bo undersold. Gray hair warranted Senuino or innnuy rotuttdoti. HAIR CUTTING AND UIU.ING on the promisi - s by best French artists. Hair dyoin ami shampooing a Hpocially. Front piocea dressed wuile you wait; 25 conts each. WORLD RENOWNED EUGENIE'S SECRET OF BEAUTY, OR "O. B.," f'Olt THEOOMri.EXION; TRANSPARENT ENAMEL RECOMMENDED BY PHVSIC1ANS, WARRANTED PUKKEOTLY HARMLESS: SUPERIOR TO ALL OTIIKR PREPARATIONS. TESTED AND APPLIED FREE OF CHARGE: 81.00 PER BOX. THE GENUINE AUIJUKINU (IMPROVED). The wonderful preparation for coloring any ahado of hnir Goidon Auburn. Prico $2.UJ. THE MONTE OR1STO MEDICATED GLOVES, For beautifying tho hands; suporior to all othors, 81.50 rubber bIotos, $1.25 per pair. Gonuine importod gloroa, 82.00. C4 WEST FOURTEENTH ST., NEW YOBJ&

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