The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1950
Page 7
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^ BATUKPAT, OCTOBER 7, 19W Our Boording House with Moj. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williom. , MARTHA* I'D SEA* v4rm IP I SALfe FELL TMPOliaW MY CUSTOMER WASCW.LBD1O IAPLAMD BY THe DCATH O»= AM UNCLE, AND Wilt M A\MM -OK) VEARS SBTTLIWS -tug -you BLOVIICJG ABOUT 5eLLit*s 10 BOOKS/— SIPE. BUT THW •SOPPlW WET. VET- -TX HEAT'S MADE HIM TOO DOPEV TO MV COT AMD S.TACK. VT FAOfl IE T Elf PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«»h Slock C»r*ntted Best Price* Kirbv Drup Stores FOR SALE CaMret* nlTtrta. U l»ca u 41 1Mb pjxtn •* re*nforee4 Ato Ueecralt KelMIni BUeaj else**v lka» Mnhei let tan. ahlefcea hed» We e>MTer ea fet free Mtlnut*. OSCEOLA e. CULVERT CO. Blytheviile Glass & Paint Co. 13* E. Main Phon* 6716 &CAMETOKIU L/ ' THH STOUVt •4 Pclvr Tk»rH« -Imm troat Nrw Y* • »d •••dra. wlff* «f kla b«*1M«r J««p«r. Aa l.rrMMB a:*^* •• lHf*rHi •then •< lh« k«BMifl>»U tkat r>r«rr FAAM LOANS Cites Wiggs Co. REALTORS 2751 what did YOU do with your Yom can jet an extra pair of shorn far winter at home j>st by letting yoer shoe fenrtce man "do over" yomr vacation sfaoea. Get an Estrm' Pair Through Shoe Repair. m TITISS MAGGIE w«» In complete control of the situation even (hough Peter, Jasper and Rondra Thorn* vert almost shouting at her jn their anger. T>eeana pauned in th« rfoor of her employer's room. Soixira atopped rn mid- sentence. "Oh!" «h» nid then, morkingty. M It'« the warden. I will b« banished.."Nothing at the kiod,- the mte- trest o< Thorn. HiH retorted, but her eyes flicked to L«eana enough for the frrl to see in them the fear that belted her stern words. "You may g*o when I have finished with y<m — and not minute before!" Leeana felt Sondn Thorn»'« hate-fllled «y«« on her, but ahe did not turn her £aze from Peter, who : had gone to stand by the window. His back wac poker-stiff, hts hand* ground deep into hU pockets, but there WM abowt him the alertnecs at a cornered anhnai. "Tveeana. M Misa Maggie put out her thin, (mwled hand in a gesture that was almovt a plea. "Lee; ietch me my briefcase." Ignoring the enmity that seemed to reach out for her, Leetna went into Misa Ma«gie's study. The brief CM* was ia the bottom drawer at the massive oH ralltop desk unlocked now becauae M»ai Ma(- (ie had been lasin( tt. "You'v* don* all rifnt far your- >lf, cousin mine," Peter Thorne said softly as she passed him to land the briefcase to her employer, f Miss Maggie heard, she gave DO sign. "Now!" she crowed, ai though ivoring the mental pain she was causing. "Now, my dear nephews, you shall hear how my new will it going to read." "You're changing your will?" The startled yelp was Jasper's, although Leeana was sure the question was on the tip of Peter's tongue, too. And Sondra'i. "Surprised, areot you?" the old lady asked brightly. "I thought you'd be." Her fingers rumbled with the catch and she lifted the Hap, extricating a folded paper from the briefcase without taking her eyes from the tight facea at her kin. "You thought, I «uppo»e, that I would die without making things right. Didn't you. Peter?" She smiled, maliciously. "Now, DOW, Auntie.s,Yo«j know I meant no harm. Why, Tm —" "You're Brother Pete's boy—1_ -ttyr Mis* Maggie spoke sharply. "So is Jasper, but Jasper mad* his biggest mistake when he married Soodra. I're often wondered Jasper, how many times you've regretted your marriage." • « • T EXANA nanembered Jaaper's bitterness toward Sondra, but none o( it wa« visible now in his face. Or in hta voice as he BMd "I love my wife. Aunt Maggie. 1 -J wonder," WM MIsc Ma wry comment. She looked at Sondra. "My dear," she said in anything but an endearing tone, "do you remember the time you offered to leave Thorne Hili if ! would give you $50,000?" Soodra sUred at net eyed. "Would vou again? Now?" "You're r»In«1" Soodra hiaeed "You ait there, tefe in the know! ad«e that you're eoina" to die. end have your ghoulish fun sticking iins Into ua! 1 bop* yoei do diel You're too m«en to go on living!" Leeana heard herself cry out, jut th« shacked recognition ot 50 . much bitter hatred hi one woman ; linded her to the real truth—that iondra Thorne was afraid of Miw Maggie. Afraid of something else hat she could—and probably would—tell. Leeana recognized that fear a noment Inter, as Sondra sought her husband's eyes. 'Jasper." she pleaded. "Dont believe her, Jasper I She's crazy 1" Miss Maggie smiled, her thin old lips drawing down into a eour- persimmon pucker that mad* L*e- una shudder. It wu almost as though the old woman's heart had shriveled along with her wasted xxJy, until human kindness no longer remained. 'If 1 were, my will would not valid. Is that the point you're Tying to make. Sondra?" Mis* Maggie's laugh wu a thin, mirthless cackle. "How wrong you have been to ail tbew years— all of you. Leeana, read it" She handed the girl the folded sheets she had taken from the briefcase that lay now acroca her bony kneel. (\BEDICNTLY, Leema unfolded the paper and begin reading After trie preliminary statements that she .knew Mis* Maggie had copied from •ome previous will, she stooped. Mis* Maggie," BeeiUlingJy, 1 don't think—" "Nonsense! Read on." Leeana snot a swift (lance around the room. AU eyes were as one pair, boring eokUy into her. She read: "Setting aside all previous wills made by me, Margaret Annabel!*. Thorne. I hereby leev* to my nlece-in-law, Sondra Pearson Thome, the sum of MOW. this on the condition that she regain poe- session of my mother's sapphire- and-diajnood lavalier* which 1 have reason to believe she stole and pewned. Said Icvaliere aust then be prevented to ray ns1«r Agitha, who is its rightful owner under the terra* at our mother's wilL- <T. Be H-RLTCRS JQJBLITY SHOC SHOP! I III W MflIN ST. I Concrete Culvert Tile Btm up to 16 In. Corrugated Metal Culvert* Siiw ap to SI In. Aalorrutlc Flood Gates Concrete Septic Tanks Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Dcllrer A. H. WEBB fllrhwar 61 st Stile Une Phone lit HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fall Planting Re, ... Blytheviil* Soybean Corp. 1S»« West M»ln BlythtTille p hent For /mprooed KIPNEY FUNCTION h • ntojorify W ram InveeK- ••ted In iwerol .hotprtols end cllnka, lubfMrmal Kidney function .we» improved, Madder pain ond diewmfort reduced erftw tne ute o* Mountain Valley Water. * your doctor Km diagnosed your condition « functional Kidney frnpoirmenf hSTi natural, urt- Teoted mineral water may be very beneficial. Try ft lot e lew weeki. > • delicious, pure-tailing, end •wy be consumed freely. C rots town Whiskey Shop Main & Division In general, the U.S. needs to Import only special purpose oils such as coconut, palm, castor «nd olive oils. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp YOUR FRItNDLV ARGUS CAMERAS We>« *•( been appoint** yeur •ichnlr* acency in BlythevlUe for Arr»i Caeaera*. «*e «er complete selection Inchiduii tha famed ArrM CJ ao4 Arroftes. COOM ks today. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main NU-WA Laundry Dry Cleaning Service with a Smile If TO« driva a Chrysler or a riy- moulli, then jou'H be W!M ta brlni your car home for serrlce . . . nr •tn know your ear. 121 E. Main Phone 2122 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. (ARK.) OOUHTB* FRECKLES AND HJg FHIKNDg BY MERRILL BLO§M« Very Touching kIDS ALL OVER TUB e HAVI PARTIES t-tOW OM E«STi4 DID YOU HAPPEM 'Ib Meet A FCMALE WHES71-EB., LIVEWMOfle ? I WEMT "& SEE DUOAN AT M(S TATTOO PARlOlt AND FICKLE FIMSUR OF FATG, we wese STAH- CSOS5EO la/eos Keren MG A RErJDCWOUS WITH DESTiMV / HOW RO- , MftNTIC COM. H»O W MA «»V«CC. MC. T, M. Pro. U. t. PAT. Off. "Our nam«'« Both! Do you suppose the Clan Cameron might object to hit wearing their pattern of plaid?" RISCLLA'S POP Lonesome Journcj 1 \L VI5HMBER f[aosn, POP! SHOULD HAVE SEEN ME CARRY THE BALL TODAY! I RAN TO FOUR TOUCHDOWNS WOWI I'LL BET THE OTHER TEAM WAS SURE 5ORE! OTHER TEAM? , rVM,U,T,rcYanrl RAU'H LANE THAWKS FOB R&MOVINe THE 6*a, WgLP M£ [Tie /WAV SOME Of- THESE CASES AMO WE'LL FIN(7 HITHER 5ECMOW AMP HEPI THEHE XXI ARE, 1M5PEC7DH- WITH THE PtOPt/ CAPTAJN EASY On Easy's Neck liY LESLIE TURNER HIM, ANOTHER SnUNBEK. HI TOWM-.WtTH A KJWD HEAK.T PKOMN.V AMI WOU» VOILA. CH^Itl'. 1 DON'T GET \TltW MH7 TV MOW smi(*f.\ rr u»«s unt UEE SAW M5 d LOW) Off BUGS RUNN\ I WISH COACHIE'O PUT MB IN.' I BEEN ON TH' 96NCH 6O LONS NO.' I VANT VOU TO KEfP WANT IN ACCTJPLS MEM.S. EH? DA-SdED TF>J^S AU. YWULCN'T. EH? AV/^GHT. rr; SING ON SOUS I iMN'T HSA.KP IM' EW K=£Ny MiNEY, . FEENY, FIS LIKELY FOO. 'EM HOLDIH' OOP. »< S€ARCM OF THE IMPRISONED KING RKHARO. TOUC3 THE *T*X»«GHOU» Phone 3647 Phone 4474 RED SPOT PAINTS— GLASS— WALLPAPER MIRRORS— GLASS FOR FURNITUM Awningi — Venetian Blind* — Auto Glau AUSTIN & WICKER Phnn« 6207 — 112 8. First — "\ Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONI 20t9 PHONI Offie* ind Balk Ptant — PromisH Lu>d BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Feeling Low HY EDGAR MARTIN

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